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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 19, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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afrte the verdict, twof othe men found guiylt in eth murrde of mallmco x have enbe onexerated. 83ea-yr-old mohammad azzi and khalil islam,ho w died in 2009, thbo served decades in ispron. e mantthaan d.a.po alogized on behalff o l awfoenrcement. the jgeud threw out their convtiicons, theou crtroom erupted in [ plapause ] th'sat "" u yocan watch all of our full episesod on 'lwel see you right back rehe at e same te imtomorrow. goodig nht.
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another falat intersteat shooti ingnak oland. wiill tell you atwh me know.
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the racist acsacutions about ad in a san fraisncco society pages. what the publisher has to say about eth lanaggue. >> san joswae ter cusmetors, cut back and conservbee cause n iowt will ctos you. the late-ghnit approval by state gulators a,nd what ts himeans for yourat wer bill. >>am dp areas for your comtemu. abc 7 news1: 100 startnos w. nouncer:ui blding a ttbeer bay area, vimong forwa, rdfinding sotiluons. is is ab7 c news. >> a magazine fador real in pieondmt has mbeemrs of the commituny hurt and ntwaing swers. the ad drinawg attentn ioto the commituny's demraogphics and comparinitg to neigorhbing ties. od evening a tndhank youor f joining us. >> abc 7ew ns reporter kate larsen has reaction from eth commituny and thpue blisher. >> for 43 years, they heav served as san francio scsociety it is a monthly spltae on city doorsts.ep but the re ealstate
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advertising sectionam ce with prleobmatic lauangge. shock.ed i wasik le, is this is this really real that this uld be hpeapning in 2020 when after alwel have be tenhrough? >> the pdmieont seconti post was on sociamel dia. it sd,ai t cheity is surround bedy olaaknd, but is rlds apa.rt amgon its 11,2 00hundred 70 resides,nt 74.5% are white. the magaze'i's publisher confirmethd ose rdwos were publheisd. a rertpoer who raised her ildren in piedmonwat s ocshked. >> for me, ts hiis coded nguage. its i a dog whist tleo keep heotr people out. peleopha tt are not wtehi. >> porteisr childhood fenrids with ve icpresidenkat mala rris. they grew up winest berkeley, wheer the dyesegregad teschools together i tnhe 1970's' this is so rinemiscent othf e challeesng that weav he been
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through in the 19'0's and 7019's, me personallwiy th my family growing up in an inteacrrial famy,il and learning as i g ootlder h howard it was for my parents to find housing as an interracial couple. >> directly undethr e pimoednt write up is a halfpage awid th piedntmo realtors. thmae gazine confiedrm neither the women or the company had anytnghi to do wh itthe in a stametent, the amte told abc 7, we ear appleald. we had nothi tngo do with creangti the copy. as longtimpee ople residtsen, we e deeply cmiomtted to lal meermbs of ourom cmunity. isth newspaper has srdiespectedhe t citizenofs piedmontnd a oakland. >> i spoke to e thpublisheonr thphe one. he apolozegid and confessed the piece wanos t edited propriaty.el the onli vneersion h nasow been changed. i>> grew upn ithe stea bay and ink it is very unfornatute atth wording appeared inhe t publication. it is inapproprie atand wrong.
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it does n roteflect t vhealues of the getazte or mywn o family. heai sd the pimoednt adverritoal swa wttrieny b f areelance contra wctriter whwio ll not be hire adgain. i'm kate larsen for abc 7 news. >> developing news in the east bay, a woman is dead after being shot while in a carn o inrstetate 80 isth morning. th sishootingap hpened ea ostf e thtoll plazaea nr the west grd anavenue orpveass. instveigatorsay she tre were also cldhiren in the victim's r. j. sr.tone hasor me on the investatigion. trage adynd gunshsot fired on anheotr bay ar heaighway. is time in the webostund lanes of i0,-8 just east of west grand aven nueear the y babrid tgeoll plaza. a woman died in this suv thursdayor mning arodun:1 95 after th veehicle she w iasn was struck bguy nfire. sadly, it is just the latest highy washootinge whave seen in the reongi. last week, a chp capta sinaid is. over the pas12t mons,th
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theer have bn ee76 freeway shootingwis thin aladame county, d anmost ofho tse freeway ooshtings intersta 5te80 and ierntstate 880. >> on thursday sothoing, lipoce say the vtiicm was in the sspaenger's seat, along with a driv aernd two they are ok, b nuto shteoor has been caught. no shoot heras been ugcaht in a 23-mon-othld jasper wu'' case. wesek ago, wwau s shot and kill aeds his moerthro dve southbndou on i-8 .80 caa ndlelight vil giwas heldor f .wu >>ma igine if thisas w your byba. howou wld youee fl? >>ti sll, not even a suspect descptriion of the persowhn o fid rethe shots, andot n one in this i0-8 case. >> it is dangerous out here. you never know if someone will dre ivup next ytoou and do
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whaterev. >> chp say tshis is aacn tive inveigstation and theyre a hopefusol meone cos meforward with iornfmation ttha helps tmhe cah tcthe shoor.te rertpoing in the east bay, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> anyone with information about today's shooting or the jasper wu case is asked to please call the chp investigation tip line. atth number is on your screen. 707-917-9144. >> rain sha returdne to the bay area, soet l's getot meorteologist dyan pat felor the telast. >> it habes en isoladte all day datoy. let me show you live doppler 7 whe erwe are seeing some of that t weather in the nthor bay. ghlit rain being repteord in nta rosa. also seeing meso wet weather around montrl,ea the cause of their hhwigay. not all of this i hseavy. some of hitas beenod byit wh -- has enbe spoytt witthh e sysm.te what can you eecxpt asou y head into tomroorw morning?
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the commute at 5:0a.0 m. will clinude spot styhowers continui ingnto 8:0a.0 m. if you' dreriving, eus caution. there wi blle a few showers. if you are walking,he tre wlil some icslk spo.ts i will let you know if there are rain cnchaes in th feorecast. >> tnkhas very much. despitree cent rain, ware e in the depths of a very serious drought. take a look at tod'a's california drought conditions compared to three mont ahsgo. things have improved, but barely. most of the state is still in ceptionaorl extremero dught. toghnit in t sheouth bay, eon llion redesints wille bhit th the tghouest water restctriions of y anmajor urnba area in cifalornia. late yesterd, aythe state puc gavein fal approl vato san jeos watecor mpany' pslan. amanda del castillo plexains at anyonwhe o fails to meet their specified mark will have to pay. >> cutckba and conservbee cause
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now itil wl cost y.ou wedndaesy's appvarol by atste gulatorsea mns the clal to cut ter use is no lgeonr voluntyar fosor uth bayes ridents. san jose water taking tiacon after cuomsters faidle to meet a 15% durectiogon al by >> tt hais when we filed the ability to start charginthg e oudrght surcharges. atwh we received approval on is tiacvation oouf r schede.ul this means the company is setting water budgets tailored to each customer. they have to cut back 15% omfr the amount of watethr ey used in 2019. if peoepl overu,se the company has thabe ility toha crge them. customs erwill face seven llars surchgears for eryve un oitf water ovabeha tt amount. each utni is 748 gallons. some we spoke withai sd fees may considereo pple to csionder ought coitndions. > people have notee bn as rious abt ouit as th heyave en in yes arpast, yet it has still been a obprlem.
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mitay be ti fmeor us to put guidelines to help ppleoe do their rtpa. >> sanos je water sayths e most recent rain orstm raised a reservroiro fm0% 1 to 12%no, t enough tmao ke a difrefence. now redesintsre a trying mtoake nse of t nheew penalty. >> everythinisg goingn. o everhiytng in thbae y area is crazy. iits getting very difficulfot r l alof us to live. >> we are notry ting to be the g bad company here, but at eth end of the y,da cseonrvation, there is a vyer serious drohtug and oppele need ttoake it seriously. >>re gat osak werat cpaomny gaben similarur les inul jy. san jo wseater sayths ey are weeks away from ilempmentation. meanti,me t cheompanys itaking the teim to meak se urtheir llbiing systs emare in pcela. in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> taking a live look asft o as americans are expected to avtrel at near pre-pandemic lelsve.
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tomorr mowarks theta srt of the trav peleriod. thesa tay ss i wtill scre 2en0 million sspaengers. the busstie dsay will likely be tuesday and wednesday. their advice, be prepared, wear a mask, get yr ouquestions answered before you head to the airport. isthea yr, it is ok to inbrg the hand saniziter. he t moreat pienceou y brin tg,he betteyor u will be. >> it will be ssle strsfesul if youom ce early enou tghhat you are not strseesd out if mething esgo wrong. st give uryoself ext traime. sfo is recommending you book parking in advance. >> one of cafolirnia's top dots personally vciacnated kids today. ethus pho t get me orshots over theol hidays. >> cvsla pns to cle oshundreds of stores over the next three years. hothw ey s iayt is ptar of a bigger change for e thcompany. >> and aan s francisco's union uasqre christmas tree is litp u thr e season. why mayor edre says it is more
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spiaecl than >> firsta , look awht at is micong up ne oxtn jimmy mmkiel veli. >> thanks. tcwah or i wiltel ll everyeon ou srecret. as of today, every adu cltan get a vacce inboosterho st. i got u yoknow whe ire got mine? d diyou get your yset? not yet. >> i got iact ross thetr seet at veda and boosters.
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>> tomorro aw, cdc panel will
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discuss osboter shots and is expeedct to get streroom and dacian--s to give recommdaentions. that could mean a new wave of boostersnd a charms isth weenekd. abc news reportemor rgan norodwo isn ilos angesel. >> millison of americans are now e step closer to having an exa trshot of otprection aths e fda is expecdte to auorthize booste frsor everye on18 and up any momt.en days before the thanksginivg lihoday andra tvel rushma, ny e arcraving e thextra immunity. >>s asoon asos psible, especial alyround thhoe lidays. >> the demancod mes as new vicod casears e up 35% in the past three weeks. in missouri, uenrgt care faciliesti swaedrm with patients. ne mwexico hospitals push tedo eth brink. >> we are y waabove capacity, both o tnhe floorans d in the icu. >> lookingo tavoid a ntwier surge, alet ast 14 stetas are already loalwing booersts for all >>ed mically,ho tugh stat aesre mangki a corre dctecision.
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i thinkit wh thedc c a fndda, e original decisiocon uld be justifdie in giving some reristctions,ut b more da athas come in and the staste have been a lilett more nuermb. >> with meti running out for the millnsio of uacnvcinatedo t be fully otprected byhr cistmas, health oicffials areou snding the armla, urging bhot adults and chilendr toet g the firirst doses this weeke.nd this virus is real. >> he rreegts not kidding vaccinatedoo sner afterpe snding 41 days aon he is now encouranggith oers to takehi ts virus sioerusly. >> i was lazy. go get vciacnated. it is tno a pitolics thing anyme.or >> the biden aindmistrioatn planngni a rollout for the late wsteapon in e thfight against covi19d-, pfiz'r's anvitiral pill. the cpaomny iass king fdaor f emgeery ncuse autrihozation. w,no preside jntoe biden announngci his suprtpo. >> while it ists ill undefdr a prapoval, i aanm nouncing
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toyda that we have pchurased 10 milliotrn eatmt encourses, with develiry starting latehi ts year and l alacro 2ss022. >> morgan norodwo, abc ne, wslos angeles. >>ak oland uniedfi school distri bctegan a moraj effort tonighint hopes oavf oiding a post thankivsging covid surge. they wlil hold 21 p uopp ccvaination inclics at dierffent hools. tonight'' was at markham elemtaenry, wher cehildren and their pares ntshowed up ready to ro ullp their eeslves. a state epidemiolisogt was trehe htoelp admistnier shots. >> i was really -- it was really impoanrtt that aesccs not be a barrr ietoet gting our kids ccvainated, so we reallyoc fused communiesti that h badeen hit the hardestnd aav hehe tea lst resourcetos bring vciacnes to the kids. >> the plan is to get stuntdes and families vaccinated and stteedef bore, during,nd a after the thangiksving bre.ak udstents wepo ske to we ernot sitant autbo gettinghe t shot. >> itef dinitelyak mese mee fl a lot morcoe mfortablbee ing able to go around owkning that iav he
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some storf oextra leray of otectionor f myself. >> t dheistrict llwi alsoos ht all day stteing clins icnext ek. d anthey are making 20,000 home sts avaibllae for stenudts to take home. ifou y have qutiesons about covi19d- vaccines,ou y can ask yourac vcine team. go to abc7news.m/covaccine dan clk icon the b biglue box. >> in whiasngton, t hheouse has pushed back a vo oten presidten biden's expansi sveocial and envinmroent bill. theou hse has pnnlaed a veot tonigh bt,ut houseop gea lder vincc marthy's speech stretcd heinto thear ely morning hours ofrn iday morning. if the hou dseecides to pass the leslgiation, iwit ll likely face amendmen itsn the satene. >> cifalornians who were denied emunploymenten befits mahay ve a chcean to claisom me othf at nemoy. deunr newed feral rul,es about 100,0 00people will qualify if they werdee nied for one of the following three reasons. first, if you refused to work for an employer who violated covid-19af sety standards.
1:26 am
second, you were laiofd f or had your hours c butecause of covid. third, you were a school employeeho wse work schedule was feafcted by the pandemic. starngti tomorrow, edd will send out the malls and text messages for those who qualify. >> cvs health plans tolo cse ouabt 900 stesor over thnee xt three aryes. atth decisiocon mes as the retail giant justso tchanging cuomster -- adjusts to changing cuomster needs and density, too ny storeans d proximyit. the storels ao plans toem rodel some sretos to inudcle more health sviercesuc sh as pmariry reca into n vewersions iofts alheth hub louayt. theen pding closures represten nelyar 1/10 ofhe t chai''s 1000 retail latocions. >> aed faler grand jury sha inctdied aor fmer colleeg ofessor r foalledlgey startgin four wildfir nesear the xidie refi zone. ryga maynard faces 20 years of in prison an ad fine for eachou cnt of aonrs. he renectly worked at sonoma state and saa ntclara ivunersity.
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acrdcoing to court docenumts, the algeled soarn spree incledud fires ijun ly and august that thatreenedo t aptrir fefighter wsho btlated e dixie refi nearby. >> weal tkedbo authe tev sere ought a w feminutes weee nd aot l more rain, b autt aslet we areet gting some. >> f aew drops. thi ink i cod ulcount tm.he >> 2,1, 3, 4. i wanto tshow youom sething really asoweme rightow n. isths ifrom theri gffith observaty orin los aelnges. th iiss our partialun lar liecpse, underway ritghow n. it is absoteluly :2110 is theta srt time. maximum eipclse will keta place at 13:0 andnd eats around 2:47 inhe t morning. if you g tethe cnchae, the mnoo will be at 97% coreved by the eah'r's shaw doat its pk.ea the longt eseclipse 6in00 years. the nt extime we heav a total lunaecr lipse isn imay of02 22.
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in case, i he ava feeling we will n sotee it fr tomhe bay area, i had to show y touhe full moon risg infrom ourgo k roof cameraev seral hou arsgo. it was anma azing sight, but nothin ign comparonis to whats i haenpping now. the doppler swihong a few showerris ght arou tndhe north bays awe get youn icloser to stre letevel. steasideoa rd, winds, orold dwood highway, some wet adroways. temperaturesro fmhe t 50'so t e upper 40's. it islo cudy. otty showers and fog in eth morning. it is looking fothr anksviging. attered showersun, der 1/10f o annc ih. we areot n expecti ang lot out of torrmoow morni, ngthere wi blle some wet roadws,ay especially in the rtnoh bay at:0 50 a.m., and a w fespotty showe irsn the east bay dan visibilityil wl be lowue d to gfo and showers going touhrgh.
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at noo an, couepl shongwi up, en it bemeco more isolated in nature in the early afternoon. morning temperatures will not fall much because of the clouds so we are going with 40's, 50's. grab your umbrella before you go because some of you will need those umbrellas. afternoon highs, 50's, 60's. here's a quick preview of your thanksgiving. fog and clouds at 7:00 a.m. 10:00, partly cloudy in the 50's. it comes up into the 50's and 60's by 1:00. mild for the 4:00 hour, low to mid 60's. looking fantastic. the accuweather day forecast, spotty morning showers, then we will go with brighter skies, minor cooling. there will be a possibility of some showers on tuesday, not in complete agreement right now. it is looking nice for the holidays. once again, one more life picture from the griffith observatory -- one more live
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picture from the griffith observatory. >> i could watch that all night. >> -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on your whole meal
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with deals like 14 dollars off your turkey.
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>> 3, 2, 1. [applause] >> isn't that nice? the holiday season officially kicked off in union square tonight with the lighting of the macy's great tree. mayor london breed was in attendance. >> although it was a private event, the mayor spoke to all of san francisco as she celebrated the ceremony. >> today, what we want to do in lighting this tree is to remember that we have lived through a global pandemic and we were not at one point able to come together and shop in going to stores and spend time with family and friends and loved ones. we can never forget that. >> the community can view macy's great tree from november 19 t
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by r ck>> once upon a time, it was steph versus lebron. lebron off to he basically saved them tonight. steph and dre booed the the cavs fans. still victor. -- still bitter. they were up 13 after three. to the fourth, curry starts cooking. it is a 10 point game. the worriers had almost nothing working, but they did have curry, and that is plenty. the cavs, they did not score in the corner. let him stay on a run to start the fourth. he hits a three. 20 points in the fourth, finishes with party. the dubs win it, 13-2.
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>> he is always capable of catching fire like that. asasasasas shock me because this is what he does. >> that wishat he ds.oe l cahosting utsohern utah. litooked li akellhu tnderbirds teafr john kghnit the trdhi stlsea andla sms. 10 and the secd onhalf. cacal me all the way bkac to force othe" . andre llkey, a carreeig nht. the bears double ot. st. louisn othe poweplr ay in thfie rst. james reerim on one desi to andon saad. 1-0 blues. 2-0 wh tenhe sharkbrs eak the ice. timo meier to jatonhan dahlin. sharksan fs, joyous.
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o twminutes later, two on one for st l.ouis. saad, hisec sond of the game. 4-1 final. thursday night football, patrio atsnd falco.ns isth game was preytt dull. max jones to lsneon i galore rfo th teouchdown. 22 of 26n ithis game. the picdke off foupar sses. e thpatriots reol sports on abc
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>>om torrow, dneiaaw syer with a first looatk n aintervie ywou haveee bn waiti ang most for year fsor, and amazing escape fromel hl to hope on gma motorrow. then watch the extraordinary special event torrmoow night on abc. >> tha ynkou so much for tching. >>
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