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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 18, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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watching. >> >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- nick offerman. aunjanue ellis. and music from alessia cara. and now -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. hi, everyone. thanks. gentlemen. guillermo. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for joining us on a night when things are literally looking up. if you are watching this show on tv right now, you might be missing a once-in-a-lifetime event. the lengthiest partial lunar eclipse in almost 600 years
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is happening at this moment. but you don't have to run out immediately, because it's three hours and 28 minutes long. longer than the movie "dune." by an hour. [ laughter ] so you can go out, and take a bunch of blurry pictures you'll never look at after the show. when the sun, the earth, and a full moon line up, it's called, i learned this today, a syzygy. which is a term that was first coined when a cat walked across an astronomer's keyboard. [ laughter ] i tell you something, if jfk doesn't come back tonight, he's not coming ever, right? [ cheers and applause ] somebody tell those qanoners in dallas to go home. it's not a full eclipse. the earth's shadow is only partially blocking the moon's disc. in non-scientific terms, the moon is showing some underboob. [ laughter ] doesn't it feel like the moon is pulling a lot of publicity stunts lately? "i'm blood red!" "i'm passing in front of venus!" "i'm a wolf moon!" ooh! [ laughter ] it's going to be on "the masks singer," dressed up as pac-man or something. [ laughter ] but i do like this stuff.
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a big celestial event like this is a good opportunity to step back and think about how small your problems are. and that, really, in the grand scheme of the universe, going back 600 years to the last eclipse, your life means nothing. [ laughter and applause ] here in california, as of today every adult can get a vaccine booster shot. i got mine. you know where i got it? did you get yours yet? >> guillermo: no, not yet. >> jimmy: i got it right across the street at dave and bewster's. [ rim shot ] thanks. thanks, everybody. [ applause ] meanwhile, aaron rodgers isn't the only nfl quarterback who's been holding out. joe flacco, of the new york jets, revealed that he, too, is unvaccinated. flacco told the media he doesn't want to get into his reasoning because it would be a distraction to the team, and the most important thing is to focus on going out there and losing football games right now. [ laughter ] [ applause ] of course, the main difference
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between this and the aaron rodgers story is aaron rodgers led everyone to believe he was vaccinated, and also, no one cares about joe flacco. [ laughter ] next week, the jets host the dolphins in new york. flacco, who wears number 19, made a slight adjustment to his uniform. [ laughter ] speaking of gang green, marjorie taylor greene, america's top congressional karen, has now racked up $63,000 in fines for not wearing a mask. and not only isn't she protected on the outside, she's unprotected on the inside too. >> i'm not vaccinated. and i have been quiet about my vaccine status. but i've opened up and i'm like, i'm going to let people know, i'm not vaccinated as well. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank the team at lucasfilm for the special effects there. [ laughter ] i bet she's lying. i bet she is vaccinated, and says she isn't to get stupid people street cred. [ laughter ] we'll never know, i guess.
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of course, the latest thing the anti-cancel culture crowd wants to cancel is "sesme street." after big bird endorsed vaccinations for kids, the conservative political action conference, cpac, announced via twitter, "elmo is not invited to the festivities next year." [ laughter ] elmo is out. and so are big bird, bert, and ernie. i love that they think this is clever. but it did get me thinking about which muppet is the most likely to be a conservative, and i narrowed it down to three. it's either sam the eagle, or one of these two. [ laughter ] i mean, tell me they're not senators from oklahoma. so the gang from "sesame street" is not welcome at cpac in florida this year. but don't worry. miss piggy is still invited, especially after her great work at last year's event. [ laughter and plaus ] the truth is sister me street
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wouldn't have been allowed to be there anyway, because by next year seems likely matt gaits will be a convicted sex offender. [ laughter ] the annual list of the most common passwords of 2021 is out, and turns out, we have learned nothing at all. the top password in the world is? still -- 1-2-3-4-5-6. followed by "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9" and "1-2-3-4-5." "qwerty" and "password." number four and five. this was published by a tech company in lithuania. why does a tech company in lithuania know what the most common passwords are? [ laughter ] they broke it down by country too. there were some interesting findings among the top hundred in america. coming in at 85, "trustno1." number 63 is convertyuiop. that's the whole top row of your keyboard. and another really common one is the word "dolphin." which i think might be the
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weirdest thing you could learn about a person. an adult whose password is dolphin. anyway ,the russians are very thankful that we've made things so easy for them. [ cheers and applause ] most of these passwords take the hackers less than a second to crack. and we wanted to see just how freely folks are willing to share their information in person. so we went on the street, and asked people if their password was on the list of most commonly used and this is how that went. >> we're talking to people about passwords. we have a list of the top ten passwords in the united states. are your passwords on this list? >> no. >> what's your password? >> we do our name, we do the big ones usually, the passwords, maybe a number. >> my favorite password would be -- >> do you use that for something? >> yes. >> why? >> what's your password? >> steph1234. >> 824kobe!
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>> milk chocolate, a brand from norway. it's called freia. >> what's your password? >> 123456. >> why is that your password? >> it's a terrible password. it's the easiest one. it's the most -- >> it's number one. it's the most convenient. >> why are you telling me your password on national tv? >> it -- i don't know. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's all very confusing. president biden got the international band of neighbors back together. grampotus had the leaders of canada and mexico at the white house today for what they call "the three amigos" summit. [ laughter ] this is a traditional thing. it hasn't been held since 2016 because -- guess why? [ laughter ] i wish i could have seen trump's face when he found out biden met with the president of mexico at the white house. you know he was like "impossible! how'd he get through my wall?
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this doesn't make any sense!" [ applause ] i think it's nice that we're friendly with our neighbors again. it's like america's abusive ex-boyfriend moved out, and we're finally getting invited back to the barbecues in the neighborhood. [ laughter ] thanksgiving is less than a week away. and there's a major storm threatening to make travel even worse than usual. the storm could cancel hundreds of flights. but in a way, wouldn't canceling flights on thanksgiving be the perfect symbolism? turkeys can't fly, and now neither can we. [ laughter and applause ] between the weather and the pandemic, there have never been more plausible excuses to bail on your family at thanksgiving. if you are headed home, donald trump jr. wants to sell you something. he's offering some special new merchandise on his website. he wrote -- "want a perfect surprise for your favorite lib relative this thanksgiving? check these out. make a statement without saying a word." he's selling shirts that say, "let's get biden to quit." "fauci kills puppies." and "censor deez." i guess the idea is you wear
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these to annoy your liberal relatives. from the mind of donald junior. [ laughter ] you know what? nald jr.,us jtecau dsnikyo d mi? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] last night, i watched "ghostbusters" with my son, he'd never seen it before, for the first time, he loved it. and starting tonight, we have "ghostbusters: afterlife," starring paul rudd. it's expected to make a lot of money at the box office this weekend. whenever a major motion picture hits theaters, who are we gonna call to review it? none other than our in-house movie critic, yehya. here he is now. this is talkin' about the new movie, "ghostbusters: afterlife." [ cheers and applause ] >> it's me, yehya. i talk about the new movie "ghostbuster." the movie called "ghostbuster" -- after, you know?
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"ghostbuster" is like action movie, you know ghost, you know ghost, he make problem for everyone. >> have you missed us? >> is the guy, the man guy in that movie, is named ball roof. [ laughter ] in the movie with michael douglas, "the big ant, the small ant." like tv news guy with some actor. with who? >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> i watch the first "ghostbuster" with electrical power. and the ghostbuster come in the box and he throws the box. the first ghostbuster is the bill murray who's in the movie also. "he play golf with the rat." [ laughter ] he in the movie, "he teach the young boy how smoke, how drink, alcohol." real good. to star, ron ruckert -- he in "ghostbuster"? god bless him, he pass away.
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he not pass away? don ruckert is still alive. he in the movie "the head look like ice cream like banana." in the movie "mafia, black suit, black hat, black glasses because no one see him." then she do the movie "the ghost coming" with battick swayze. he say, i love you, i want to make sex with you, honey, yes, i can. >> we're ready to believe you! >> who is called ghostbuster? go watch it! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, yehya, for that insight into this new film. and one more thing before we forge ahead. it's thursday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week, pwh. pit's "this week in unnecessary censorship." [ cheers and applause ]
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>> joe biden ordered merrick garland to [ bleep ] me from the white house lawn when he got off marine one. >> how do i [ bleep ], [ bleep ] in a snowstorm? what happened? no, think about it. >> please welcome senate majority leader chuck schumer! >> [ bleep ] you. >> how many turkeys. [ bleep ]ing this year? >> scorpions invading villages near the nile river, the species nicknamed [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> me at the stadium of michelle. >> this song to me was the beginning of me trying to [ bleep ] myself, and i hadn't for exampled out what i had to do for that. >> this is the one i've been waiting for, national [ bleep ] butt day. >> [ bleep ] me is sometime is not easy, but most of time it's fun. ♪ i'm thankful for trees i'm thankful for the birds way up in
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the sky ♪ ♪ and i'm thankful for [ bleep ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think we all are. we've got a good show for you tonight. from the new movie "king richard," aunjanue ellis is here. [ cheers and applause ] we have music from alessia cara. and we'll be back with nick offerman.
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>> jimmy: tonight, from the new movie "king richard," starring will smith, aunjanue ellis is with us. [ cheers and applause ] then later, one of america's finest imports from canada, she is part of the "blade runner: black lotus" soundtrack. music from alessia cara from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ]
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next week, we've got new shows with sandra bullock, jon bernthal, bill burr, and michelle young, the bachelorette. with music from lizzie mcalpine and parker mccollum. and i have a very exciting announcement to make. in fact -- i might stand for this announcement. no, i'm going to sit. [ laughter ] i'm worried i might get bowled over by your reaction to this. i'm going to stay seated. on tuesday, december 7th, i am teaming up once again with the great norman lear and kerry washington for our third installment of "live in front of a studio audience." we did "all in the family" with woody harrelson and marisa tomei. we did "good times" with andre braugher and viola davis. we did "the jeffersons" with wanda sykes and jamie foxx, and now we bring you two more american television classics. next month, we will be in prime time live with an episode of "diff'rent strokes" starring an all-star cast! [ applause ] i will announce the cast now.
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the part of willis will be played by damon wayans. [ laughter ] the part of mr. drummond will be played by john lithgow. [ applause ] ann dowd will be mrs. garrett. you want to guess who's playing the gary coleman part? guillermo? >> guillermo: uh -- >> jimmy: who would be the greatest person on the planet earth to play the part of arnold? >> kevin hart! >> jimmy: that's exactly right. none other than kevin hart will be playing arnold. [ cheers and applause ] that's what willis is talkin' about! so book a spot on your couch now. tuesday, december 7th at 8:00 p.m., live, here on abc. "diff'rent strokes" and "the facts of life." we'll be announcing the cast for that show very soon, and it is equally spectacular. [ cheers and applause ] this is one i've been working on for a while. i don't know that i've ever been more excited about anything. [ laughter ]
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all right. our first guest is a man of many skills. he's an exceedingly funny actor, crafty craftsman, and best-selling author, too. his fifth book is called "where the deer and the antelope play." please welcome nick offerman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. look at you, all clean-shaven and everything. >> well, i'm in author mode. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i see, i understand. the cover of your book, which i love by the way, is very -- very brawny paper towel, i'd say. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: it's very rugged looking. i like it. it reminds me of a national park poster or something. [ laughter ] >> that was my aim. and my wife has accused me of being the quicker picker-upper
11:56 pm
around the house as well. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she has. this is your fifth book. the other four were about how to get rich selling timeshares, something like that? [ laughter ] >> they were pretty much the same subject matter, i just kept trying to get it right. i think finally i nailed it in this one. >> jimmy: you got some incredible endorsements on the back of the books. a blurb from henry david theroux, mother nature, a badger, even. [ laughter and applause ] this is remarkable. the people you've wrangled. >> you've got to be persistent. >> jimmy: is that right? is that how you do it? >> if they don't return your dms, knock on the door. [ applause ] >> jimmy: what or who inspired you to write this book? >> oh, boy. i mean, first and foremost, this agrarian writer from kentucky named wendell berry. but so many other writers of his ilk. aldo leopold. john muir. thereau. emerson. all the writers that talk about having common sense when it
11:57 pm
comes to understanding a relationship with nature, specifically where our food comes from, you know, and the health of our ecosystem and how that applies to the health of our food systems and how we take care of our farmers, or not. >> jimmy: this book is split into three parts. the first part -- tell us what the first part is. >> the first part is hiking in glacier national park with my friends jeff tweedy and george saunders. >> jimmy: okay, great. great singer, great writer. >> classic bromance. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes. and there's a shepherd friend of yours, right? >> the second third is me spending a lot of time in the lake district of england with my friend james rebanks, a shepherd, and his family in this incredibly picturesque storybook setting where they raise sheep, now they're developing a herd of belted galloway cattle as well. >> jimmy: and you got yourself one of these cows?
11:58 pm
>> i fell in love. i wanted to get adopted into the family. and they refused to have me. so i did the next best thing. and i threw him at their local auction, i bought the prize heifer cow that year. >> jimmy: oh, at the auction, oh, wow. [ cheers ] >> yep, there she is. her name is eye bright. that's with her second calf this year, a bull calf named tommy 3. for "parks and rec" fans, when he was born, we thought it was a girl. and so i said, let's name her tammy 3, that will be funny. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> jimmy: and they're beautiful animals. you get to keep -- how does it work, when you own the mother, do you own the children as well? >> yeah, i mean -- it's sort of a sliding scale. but yeah. we both -- i basically am an investor. so as the herd grows, i also went in to buy a new bull called the colonel.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: oh, yeah, i think we have a picture of the colonel too, let's take a look. [ cheers ] wow. wow. >> he gets the job done. [ laughter ] i stand at attention when the colonel's around. >> jimmy: the colonel has a nose ring, it looks like. >> yeah, you know, that's a common thing with bulls. i've seen my friend james, a couple of times -- one time a cow had to be artificially inseminated. and they usually have a big brace that they gently hold the cow in when they have to do something like that. and their brace was broken. and so he said, no problem. he did this old-fashioned thing where he put his arm around, just squeezed the septum of the nose. and the cow was totally docile. and that -- that's what the ring does with a bull. if you lead it by the ring in the nose, it will stay docile and not toss you over the fence. >> jimmy: wow. i figured it was like, i don't know, for keys or something. [ laughter ]
12:00 am
>> no, it's also a goth neighborhood. [ laughter ] the colonel listens to a lot of the smiths. >> jimmy: so you visit these people regularly? or it was just a one-time thing? >> no, i happened to -- i never thought i would get to go see them. we became friends over twitter. he's up in the northwest corner of england. and i said, sure -- he said, come see the farm sometime. next thing i knew, i got cast in which was just a train ride from his farm. so i ended up spending a bunch of time across 2019 and then we had plans -- i got involved in the cowherd, i was going to go back for lambing in april. >> jimmy: what is lambing? >> lambing, that's their main thing. they have this beautiful flock of herdwick sheep. that's their main business is they very carefully take their rams, which they call tups, and
12:01 am
they keep a big chart. they say, okay, tup number 7, we want him to impregnate these 40 ewes. because they're very careful about the pedigrees and the breeding. >> jimmy: like "the bachelor." [ laughter ] >> very much like "the bachelor." [ applause ] i tell you what, some of those tups are not there for the right reason. [ laughter ] but they keep very careful track of who the father and the mother of each of the sheep are. >> jimmy: how do they know for sure? >> well, they're tagged. but they have about 240 ewes right now, or mother sheep. and they kind of know them all. they're pretty amazing. >> jimmy: they do? >> yeah, they keep them sorted out depending on age and whatnot. and that way they can maintain their pedigree and demand a higher price for them. and they do this crazy thing. let's say they have eight rams that they want to get all the sheep pregnant. say one of them, paint the chest of the ram with what's called
12:02 am
raddle. let's say they paint it red. so then they can go out in the flock, and all the ewes that have red on their rear-ends -- [ laughter and applause ] they're like, oh, all right. >> jimmy: what is him! >> number 47, oh, she's got two of them. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. this is very interesting. >> and so lambing, they get them pregnant at the same time, then usually the first couple of weeks of april is when all the lambs arrive. so it's a very intense time all over the hills, these mother ewes are dropping their lambs. [ laughter ] most of them are rugged. they can do it on their own, just out in the wild. but they keep an eye on them, they just kind of patrol the flock, so that if anybody needs help or if there's any complications, then the farmer can jump in and lend a hand. so i want to go be a part of that, just to get the full experience. >> jimmy: yeah, sure. i mean, you're there at the beginning, you should be there at the end. [ laughter ] >> yeah, exactly. >> jimmy: you could be a doula
12:03 am
for lambs. when we come back, nick offerman is with us. the book "where the deer and the antelope play." we'll be right back. (vo) subaru and our retailers believe in giving back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. this is what it means to be more than a car company. this is what it means to be subaru. ♪ [hall & oates "you make my dreams" plays] ♪ new gifts arriving at a store near you for way less than you expect. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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12:08 am
in atsetle, with patrick laur,ie a gottish farmer, raises gaowllay cows. i'm bettsoed with old-fasonhied farmer asnd i'm trygin to bring attention back. th aeyre doing it right in the old-shfaioned w wayhere they rm suaistnably. ife wcan paytt aentiono tthe y they do it, then we ncaee kp viha cngheeseburrsge. la[ ughter ] [ chee arsnd applae us] >> jmyim: yeah, ghrit, the mt os imrtpoant thinthg ere is. >> and onha tt i'm aounnncing my run foofr fice. [ chrsee and appuslae ] j>>immy: you should. i feel lik wee're going toos le yo tuo theou cntrysidene o of esthe days. >> i he opso. jimmy: ahye. part othf e book is an rv tpri yound a your fewi, megan, took. youou bght an airrestam aitrler? we did. >> jimmy w:hich is n.fu was it fun? >> so fun. jimmy:id d youav he a plan gogin into the trip or play it by ear? >> we had a plan. megan mullayll doesot n wing thgsin. e shis an aminazg racutor. amazgin at picking things. but wels ao then learne od,nce
12:09 am
we set out othn e road, erthe e arcertain inthgs you c'tan arlen online. likeny a sorert or any specliiaze the locati,on lie disney la,nd you d'ton lea hrnow tout c in line, you have to go danig fure out the tricks. >> jimmy r:ight, yeah. >> there were some rules. >> jmyim: rv life, yes. >> to rv li,fe yeah. the first one we got , toyou ow -- we lazyod mern ameranics, you d'ton pay attentnio to reading the rules eyth sendou y and stuff. >> jmyim: of coseur not. >>hi tngs like, make seur you get in befeor 10:00 p.m., becaeus quiet hours start. >> jmyim: oh. >> of cour,se ayok, mom. la[ ughter ] then we got there. footrg we losen ahour goi ng in atorizona. th seyaid, we,ll no, it's after qutie hours, you hav teo go orve to thatar pking lot in the eefrzing col dand, no, uyo can't plug iont anything. di'tdn you reathd e thing we se yntou? laughter ] so the very first night we spent
12:10 am
iting osiutde the rv park, freezi ongur butts off. jimmy: ahye, you kn,ow it's funny. thede ia of having an rv i wse go where we want. then you reazeli you're kimang e same pnsla you wou ildfou y were staying in a tehol. you would. butnc oe you figeur that out -- atth was a heug lesson. enth megan, she immedialyte called every single one and was li,ke okay, we don'tan wt to veha tt happenga ain. jimmy: yeah. >> from then on,t i went very smthooly. jimmy:al so, iaw s this traile trhat ceam out last nhtig of this minisersie that'soi gng to be on hulu, "pam a tndommy." >> that'ris ght. cheers a andpplause ] >>im jmy: you are not pam. u'yore not mmtoy. u and seth rogen play -- who ydoou guys play? a couple of ne'er dweo lls who ndfi the tape? >>et shla pys aar cpenter who mes up whit this sex peta. and i'mis h friendun, cle miendn pnor imesprario.
12:11 am
laughter ] heom ces to me to try to find a stdiributoror fhi ts property. >> jim:my peoplere a vyer taken by your look, really, people are very eitxced about this duo. cheers a andpplause ] includin gme. >> yeah. >> jmyim: have y eouver rnwo uryo hair li tkehat? i never have. i work otouc mh as an toacr, everyim te i think i'm going to get to grow mhay ir out and be a proper hiiepp, i getas ct as some soroft doheucbag, and i have to tge a irhacut. [ lahtuger ] >> jmyim: "good news, honey, i got anoerth doheucbag role." >> seeing th,at i feel that ulcod be the new "lethal weapon." la[ ught ]er >>im jmy: yeah, you have to take itp u witthh e direct oorf that film. >> no,ha tnk you. j>>immy: nkicff oerman. here theee dr and the aelntope play." thanksor f being here, [ chrsee and appuslae ] 'll be right back with aunjuean ellis! facingxp eensive vitamin c crea wmsith dull results? olay brightens iupt witneh w olay vitam cin.
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>> jim:my still to come, simuc omfr alessiaar ca. r ounext gue ists a two-meti em nmyominatedct aressho w plays mom to t lheegendaryil wliams stsiers alongside thfre esh prince i"kn ing" >> you're nothe t only damreer hi ts mifaly. uldn't be no dream if it wasn't fore. m i rrcaied themns iide me and on my back, and i criared you too. workingwo t shiftsos i could putoo fd onou yr table. that open stance, you got ttha
12:18 am
from me. o>>h, you did tt?ha ohok, ay. >> and iix fed resena's serve beuscae you messed that up. you did what? >> i ficontied thatos ts bauecse you messed it up. m here, i been here, dreamin g and beliinevg, just like you. you juston d't want stoee me. [ cheersnd a applaus]e >> jimmy :"king richard" onspe in theaters d anon hbo m ax sttiarng plea wseelcome ajaunnue ellis. cheers a andpplause ] ♪ >> jim:my you look fantastic. i me, anthat is spa ectacular esdrs. ch[ eers andpp alause ] really is like a piece of art. thank u,yo ian wted to look ceni. [ plapause ] >> jimmy y:ou t>>hank yo u. >>im jmy: howre a you doi?ng >>'m i all j>>immy: you are so eagrt this
12:19 am
this movie. w homany peanut butter ndsawiches d yidou mak ien that sce?en [ uglahter ] >> a lota , lot. i saw that clip ani d was inthking, th atday, peatnu -bread, eabrd. butter, bread, j>>immy:he t way youpe orated kn aad m mom, u yoknow? >> exactly. >> jmyim: it rlleay did. how much did you kno awbout rena and venus andhe tir upbrinnggi befeor you got involved in this? >> well, just le ikeverodyby. u know. seeing emth. you owkn, i saw tshi gatre "60 nutes"pi esode years and years ago. >> jim:my i rememrbe that, yeah. rembeemr atth? ahye, and tyhe intvierewed them. i saw these two glsir with beads in tirhe irha,nt ierviewedhe tir father. ius jt remember thinki,ng you know,ha wt's going to hpeapn to esthe rlgis? u yoknow? and th,en years later, i see emth at wimbledon. >> jim:my yeah, right. >> extlacy. everythi tnghatr. mil wliams said would happe tno those rls, haenpped. jimmy:t' is reall -y- i mean, it seems kefa. itee sms like a sto sryomeone
12:20 am
wrot e. >>ye s. jimmy:he wn youee s how he suvialized tshi fmro theer vy gibenning, hsae id befor tehey were born, even. >> j>>immy: wtha i didn't know, outhgh, is that their mheotr -- obviouysl k inew their mother was involved in their upbrinnggi. dii dn'tno kw their m womas invoedlv in their tensni esh actuall wyas out the,er escipeally with serena, spending a lot of time teaching her to play tenn. is >> yes, acextly. mean,he wn i was preparingor f eth role, io dha wt all actors do when ty heare preripang for the role. they go to wikipedia. laughter ] [ chrsee and appuslae ] jimmy:id d you really? >> and,ou y know, i got my -- to my resechar. dan they said she was a accoh. anid had a total cynical respseon, you kn,ow you're a ting mheotr in theta snds clappingor f your tbu that does not make a >> jmyim: a>>nd then i srttaedor wking on the film, and iou fnd out that she was as much their coach as mr. wliilams was their coach. wldou be on one side of the
12:21 am
court,nd a she would be on th e otrhe side ofhe t court. >> jim:my you pyla tennisn ithe lksoo likeou y're prey tt good. wereou y a tennis plarye before isth? >>no, no, no. [ laugerht ] j>>immy: y louearned f torhis? iav he to say, this is the biggtes job i've ever had in my life, yoknu ow. cheers a andpplause ] u yoknow, worngki wh itthis big moviste ar, you owkn. big stuodi vimoe. giot to y,sa you kn,ow i thoughtha tt i would veha, you ow, like a body double,ou y know,om seone come on and do all th sattuff for m e. >>im jmy: rit,gh ahye. >> because it's a big stuodi vie. >> jimmyri: ght, sure. la[ ughter ] b>>ut no. >> jimmy: ?no yoasu ked for atth? no, i dn'idt. u yoknow? but i was hoping. >> jmyimye: ah, righ t. >> w ias hongpi. tbu that didn't happ.en i had to doll a ttha mylfse. j>>immy: d yidou fl alin love thwi the game in a wnyay while you rewe training? it's okay ifhe t ansrwe is no. >>he t answer is no. [ uglahter and applaus ]e i'm not a tennis n.fa but i am a vusen and seraen fan.
12:22 am
[ eechrs and alappuse ] >> jimmyi: see, that makes nse. speaking of big movie arst, will itsmh, who besides bngei a nic e gu aynd aer vyal tented guy ems likee hou wld be a fun person to wkor withve ery day. yeah, he is. i mean, heom ces on, heom ces on set and he jtusak mes eryveone relax. you know? andou y think, big movie arst, g superstar, that he would ,be you know, a little apunproachab.le bu hte ishe t oppotesi. he's a big kid. anhed made those girls flee like they weer so welcome. and we -- a big icere cam truck cameow dn thetr seet one day. wee'r li,ke wean wt ice cream. xt thinge w foknow, will smhit is changsi the ice cream truck d we get ice cream. eth most genouers person. one day he gave us uglahter ] i'm and i got isth --
12:23 am
>>im jmy: iphones? >> yes, jtus gave out iphones on [ laught ]er real,ly it's like wkiorng with santa claus, a little bit. lahtuger andpp alause ] >> jimmy :yeah, wnhe hse' he er onur o show,ur ding the commcierals he takes the microphone,e' hs rapping, goofin wgithhe t diauence, an d i'm stiitng like alu sg aty m desk. [ uglahter ] >> he can make you look bad. jimmy:e hcan make youoo lk bad. i aedsk serena when she was rehe, there a's snece in the moevi where riarchd, you r huansbd in the film,re baks wind ridung a business meinetg. >> yes. >> jimmy a:nd then -- in an obxinoous way. >> resu. j>>immy: i asked if that happen,ed shele paded the fifth, i can't ysa if it happeneord not,hi wch led me to believ iet happen.ed doou y know if it pphaened? [ laught ]er >> luckily, i'm not uernd that falymi agreenemt. jimmy:ha tt's righ yt,ou are not. >> so c ian say, yes. [ laughter and applause ] >> jmyim: it did happen? >> it did happen.
12:24 am
d ani loved it. i mean, i love it. itas w his way of saying,he t etmeing is [ uglahter ] >>im jmy: youno kw the movie comesut o tomorrow, aealrdy u're saitod be an oarsc contender. [ chrsee and appuslae ] d i tnkhi you -- i mean, i ll be sckhoed if you a nreot minonated for an oarsc for this vimoe. uyo rlleay seem like -- i think when serena was here i saido t her during the cmeomrcial, w as th rateally yo murom? laughter ] no, buthe s said it was weird to see her mom on carame. and how iormptant is it to get theet dails of someone neon of usno kw right, as an acr?to >> particular wlyith miss orisene, atmohespre i ftel she was someoneve eryone saw in the standst a wimbdolen, at the u.s. open, with thoseea butiful
12:25 am
shad oesn. kind of a mystery figeur tt ha wa tsherela cpping for vusen and but no one alrely kwsno her story. you know? and i justov le that all these filmkemars came together, our direorct, will, andhe ty want, we want toel tl theru tth about this woman. d i just lovehe t ideaha tt -- 's the story ofin kg chriard, right? butt' is alsohe t story of this fami alynd tshi woman who did everythi fngor her falymi. so i'm really excedit about at. u don't see those storiesll a the meti. ch[ eers andpp alause ] >> jim:my you did a fabouuls b,jo alrely, whit the movie. "kgin richar"d. seite in theater osr at home on oax m starting motorrow. auannjue ellis, everydybo. cheers a andpplause ] we'll beac bk with assleia cara! th iiss antonei'l's cheese shop, and w''re the aonntellis! th iiss antonei'l's cheese shop, dooo gd. eat good. th'a's our mission. we cho oseur new sp ark shca plus card fromap citalne o, be causite gives uuns limidte two percencat bshack on evethrying we
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>> dickyth: e "jimmyim kmel live" nccoert seri iess presend teby merces-debenz. the stbe or [ cheersnd a applaus]e jimmy:hi ts is the "blade nnruer: blaclok tus" soutrndack. re with e thtitlsee quen ce ng, "feeyol u now," alessia raca! [ chee arsnd alappuse ]
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♪ ♪ t♪his litt lleight i've found take it in and breath it out lia ttle drum that's ♪ ♪ea bting louind my chest i hear the sound lia ttle druthm at's ♪ ♪ btieang loud in my chest i arhe theou snd can feel♪ a lilett drum th'sat ♪ ♪ beati lngoud in mchy est i hear t sheound a littleru dm that's ♪ ♪ i canee fl you now i can feel i can feel you now ♪
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>> jimmyi : want to anthk ckni offerma an,unjanue liels, and alsiesa cara. ologies mtoatt damon. rwean out otif me for h im toghnit. "nightline" is next. thksan for watching. now, go look at the moon! odgonight.
12:37 am
♪ thiss i"nightline." >> tonight, clencmey grteand. in the execution of julius jones, haldte hours before he wasch sedul tedo die. >> w ceontinue to fhtig for his tatol freedom. >> the high-profile murderas ce attracti nngational attention andel cebrity spouprt. 're withis h familys a his life is spared. i>>t's ale bssing to be able to hear his voice and to know that wheill sti blle alive. plus water woes. the real cost of crumbling frinastructu. re >>s i the water at this school safe for students to indrk? no, it is not. >> the city in mississpiip badly in ndee of federal help. >> the biggest investment in infrtrasucture in a generaonti. >> but wlil it be enou


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