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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>>ov cidoo bster sho itsn high madend arounthd e bay ar.ea now that licafornia has opedne vainccepp aointmenttos all ults with no restricontis, finding an aoippntment borefe eth holayids would t nobe easy. life in somervillwie th the story. >>in fding that covibod oster shot just got a ltlite more challenggin. very difficu bltefore the holiysda. >> weer we accompshli. atth's whfey el. sheot g a cidov's are shot at this pliubc vaccine clinic in sunnalyve. others n soto lucky. >> -- in san raphael. othe nrsot so demand foroo bsters ishr tough e roof.
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>> demanhad snc ireased or vethe st couplofe ay ds since elibigility creritia has oneped .up >> that mes anlong after cifalornia's online vaccatinion appotminent system liedft restricontis. >> cos, corite aid, cvs, safeywa anthd en i giv uep. >> we look for booerst apinpotments throu pghharmacies likevs c but cou nldot fd inone arby. rite aid td olus we do not quifaly for thvae ccine bedasn o relagutions. new rus leabout wh uatpdated. myur tn give us
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but not unt ntracting- - >> people have a sense of urgey ncbecause the holids ayare ming. there will bape pointments openinupg nexcot uple wee.ks >> from ase chas inare so followingug idelinesut b they will updated pmbluing formatiofon r calorifnia cations onso. dan: with eth holayids around the corner, there is some anetxiy and conce arnnd a sense of urgen tcyo fina d booster sh.ot what is the best advice omfr hethalff oicials? >> a lot of peleop loongki for at shot nitoght. the bottom line omfr health officisal is thesay y go to the stesat website,yt your point is open daily andf i yocau n't find sha ot, keep trying.
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dan: thankou y. ifou y have anyue qstions autbo ccines, as our vacci tneeam. go to rou website. ama: picole investatiging a shooti tnghat may veha injured to threpee ople. w jasust off ierntstate 80. maa nas w shotul mtiple times near aes tla whichol pice later towed. police are invesgatiting it to other -- -- ootingic vtims. multiple bullet holes were found in a car in one through a window at starbucks. dan:et dails emeinrgg in aat fal shootingn o ierntstate 80. auorthities conrmfied a womann i e right onfrt passenr geseat an suv was shot dan killed as e thvehicle prapoached t bheay idbrge toll plaza at about 9:30 thisor mning. a male driver d antwo childnre in t bheackseat rewe not hurt.
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it is uneaclr who fedir the shotans d whetheitr was rgtaeted oa r random aacttk. e rh asof violeenc in oaankld streets is tangki a tolln oa lot of ppleoe. >> there is a looft angst out therrie ght now. it has been ongoing anden pt up nce the ndpaemic staedrt. it catrees a lotf oanger. i don't likeri dving. every day you go tou there you are puttg inyourselft arisk. dan:od tay'sho soting comes most twoee wks afterhi ts ungoy b, 23 mohnt old jas jas j wu was kleild. lease libeeve the -- believe thfae mily wasau cght gang crossifire. >> s achool droppinmeg rit-based policy toward lottery based but today that changed. details onhi ts controrsveial issulie ve in t nheewsroom.
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>> toiv geou y ande ia, iot g heren i1994 andac bk then eyth were challennggi thedm aissions policy of 1983 and this ntcoroversy sha ctionnued. but let mexe plain. when any pubcli entity,an s francisconi ufiedan wts to change a pnyolicy, itus mt condtuc opeann d public etings. that iwhs at the brown a octf californiaay ss. the dgjuegr aeed the hoscol distri fctailed tfoo llow that law. san francisco superiocor urt judge ruledha tthe tyid d not followta ste law when tyhe vedot stla februaryo tchange the admiiossns policy. >> i'm ttseing asidthe is sorelution, ndfiing it to have been -- to be null and void. >> one of the attorysne who brought a wslauit against >th> e hoscol distrt.ic >>--ga ainst thech sool
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strict. >> becau osef the court order, we are best to -- back to met-ribased. >> thediy d notol flow policy thateq ruires th temo conduct publ miceetings regdiarnghe t acontis a pndrovide proper information wh ient came to discussion regarngdi academic admiiossns. >> we areir ted of reivceing agdaens on a suratday nighfot r a moaynd meeting. we are tiredf o not receiving oper note.ic >>he t judgeid d not ord terhem read days --ei rnstate the merit-bad seadmissio pnsolicy, they opednehe t door forhe tmo t nofow llow thero bwn act. >> properly- -av he a propeyrl entered eyes toub plic meeting at mightav he them take the same actioagn ain. >>he t disictrt said t shechool board will need to review the court's decision in thnee xt few days.
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we will have more informati oonn eth impt acof the disecion in that time. they havvoe ted to changtoe the lotteryas be systemo tnc irease versity,it cing pervavesi systemic risacm. in recent aryes, riafcan-ameranic studentmas de up 2% of the student body and iaasn stenudts in the majority. e thrmfoer presintde ofhe t lacl stenudt union latowell. >> iist noticeae,bl but versity dan the higher mbnuers of black and legend -- latinx studen.ts >> the cirha of eth naacp. it is not priva,te iist a public high hoscol for all udstents whoes ride in san francisccio ty andou cnty. lyanne: e thschool brdoa wlil vireew the crtou decisioinn the next 30 daysut b the queiostn is how quicklyan c they getht is matter prorlpey resolv.ed
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there are threeoa brd members faci ang recall ectleion in februa,ry soot n too muctih me. is anyo'n's gssue what the final outcome wlil be with regard to the admissnsio policy. leah melenzde -- lyanne meleeznd, abc ne7 ws. n:dan aissue unrdeeb date at ywhaard schos olcould be assign fedor the sveury area. dozens or hundredras lliedn i presott of pla tnso shut dnow several mpcauses in eth hayward vide schl oodistrict. the hoscol board met last nitgh and eithr propos oalf which schools to closeas h changed. tim johns expinlas with things that n.ow tim: aerft a four d ana half hour meeting oe nca night, the school boardot ved to close both boanwmnd a strawbrgeid elemenryta schlsoo. >> none of us got in ttohis to cle osdown schlsoo. iits the oosppite of atwh we nt to do.
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tim:he t closures come amid years of e thcunning mofoment acrosshe t strict. a spokespern sofor the district sayshe ty have lost 25of% their studentsin sce the00 24 2005 academicea yr. these are iuesss knock on the way willmp iact us. >> the impact has met a bgeudt shortfall. nemoy this will srdiupt doesot n veha. >> the funngdi formeres bt forma ulwe have cinaliforniisa that the district receiveson mey depeinndg on howny a students are roenlled. with declini engnrollmentur o incomels ao m:ti mix fedeelings among pantres and stenudts. s son attends the elementary schoolnd a while he understdsan thdee cision h weorries autbo thime pact itil wl have ohin s ilchd. >> use a different faculty and staff, it will be tough. tim: this decision is partf o a
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prapoach thawit ll alsoxa emine other schoo hlsave to oscle vimong forwa.rd cha oice theoa brdil wtrl y to oid whenever posblsie and takewin th commutyni input. >> being able to slow downhe t proceswes could he avdeeper conversaonti with all stakeholde trso maksue re that we are tlyru hearingro fm the community. tim: tim jnsoh, abc 7 ns.ew ama: the sysmte ranks storimm pact scale. canee s a lot -- yocau n see a lot of cudlos. spceenr cishrtian is actrking e storm. ishi ts rain wideseaprd? enspcer: not yet and i don't exctpe it to bthe at way. there is an intensy itnkraing of e,on producing lhtig showersnd a drzlize. he ires the focarest anitimaon. starting at 7:0th0 is eveni,ng weil wl see clouds ntcoaining
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moistureve or the noh rtbay but don'ext pect anyai rn to art hitngti uilnt midnight. between ghnit and 5:00 a.m. we llwi see widpresead scattered showser moving down,he t golden ga tteo the et asbay. but not wispderead at l aland it llwi start wdiinng down bthy e rnmoing tomoowrr. i will be back tsho ow you the estimated full talots and the foreca istn a few numites. n: bktacracking for papeorrwk. sodsun boring,ut b millions of californiansre a being told they may haveo tpay ckba their unemoyplment benefits as a surelt. chael fieynn is is asking ywh >> the thi wnge are seeingee sig givingmp eloyees me orchoice. ama: more chceoi at workas h bemeco valuablate the panmidec. bemeco valuablate the panmidec. what a difference that
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n:pp ale has a new ddleaine for emoyplees to ruretn to the fice, feuabrry 1. many will rip -- comg infor ree days w aeek but some for vefi. e thcompany will ofrfe some teams weeks of remo wteork pre-are. vaccinations are not mantodary but unvciacnated wkeorrs will have to testve ery day. one ofur oey k pillars to buildi ang better yba area is trkiacng our cnghaing rkplaces. the pandicem hasro pmpted coanmpies to porriitize mealnt hethal in ways we have never seen beforale ong with other incentesiv tott aract qliuaty caidndates. as part of rou cmiomtment, our team h pasartnered with suoeqia nscoulting guprobo aut00 5
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company -- they sueyrved about 500om cpanies aoscrs the u.s. to nd out h bowusinessears e imprinovg work ctuulre sincehe t paemndic. sthaepnie sier iras hereit wh the report. sthaepnie: experts say it is an employ meearket. its igiving elompyees choice,e, ttpuing presresu on employe trso mpcoete for thees bt peopley b ofrife pngerks. for both, untilea hlth resources ist athe top tofhe wrist- - most, ment halealth resouesrc is at the top of the list. >> we t leour lease though. >>he s works for a rk isand complian pcelatform company that went reme otearly in the pandem.ic shpae ckeder h bags and tradde herit cy views for lake le.if >> did youve er think atth would pphaen? not even a ltlite. >> work from home is conniveent
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but mecos with cllhaenges. >> people a sretruggling with how ido show ufop r work and deal with gisoing on, whether they wereir dectly imctpaed or >>he s works for aof stware develiry managementom cpany oking at ainddg mental heahlt ograms to elompyees with access to therapy alo wngith time o.ff >> thr weeeeks iths e bare minimum. t buif you wt anto te akfive, takeiv fe. >> a trend snee with companies roacss the u.,.s especiayll cafolirnia. >> the pandec mishiftedow h they approach supportg intheir employeewes ll-being. >> the vicpre esident of well-being with sequoia nsultingro gup. they survedyero gups in california and found many added des ckplan to add mtaenl health resourcetos supportmp eloyee
6:17 pm % 50added plans to add stindpes and inpot dutch parealnt support in t fheorm of flexleib work arraemngents. >>he t most surprinisg thi ings giving elompyees morche oice en it cos metohe t programs they havave ailable. stephanie: take this roct kemany ctoring mpcoany. how ha yveou expanddehi cldcare resoceurs? >> we have add aed benefit called uanrb sitrte that allows alofl our empyeloes to apypl for pet stiitng, eldearrce or chdcilare. ephanie:he t sury vefound it is and unmmcoon perk. lyon 18% add dutchla pn to these suidbsies for repants of school-age children, 36% plan to add tapeinff o, 54% plnianng to add lexil cawork arrgeanments.
6:18 pm
otanher 31% e arundecided. >> i do''t thi cnkhildcare is nothe t priorit iy,hi tnk it is but we have t nofound thrie ght watoy manageha tt through covid. stephanie: he works for and says ihat s bnee cllhaenging to provi cdehildcareor f emoyplees. >> it is tough to pridove childcear when people are alreadiny vested whit se omone oas h been takincag re of their ilchdren. but he says mostom cpanies surveyedre a hoping to te aka it and see approach, cinitg uncertntaiy, tyhe wlil adhertoe cod vipoliciesov ming exrtpes tell uths at uncerintaty gnsials thercoe uld be issues downhe t line if empyelors do''t d admorehi cldcare rouesrces. they sayhi ts is espiaeclly teru givehon w many wenom he avthe rkwoforce dungri covid t coare r their mifalies. dan: so nyma. the pandicem hasha cnged so much thinngki about what workif le is
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going btoe like goingor fward. thanks. n casee all of our reporngti this week, sharehe tm with yrou frndies by going to a:am ahot me covid test could be a great w tayo ensure we are lal hethaly but th aeyre getting hardo tfind. at thevs c, a signas w up saying covides tts sold t.ou it dependshe wre you go. >> imagine this, familsie back togeerth aga einnjoying a thangiksving meal. you ask uncle mkar to sspa the turkey and a jndulieo tpass the covid test. >> when we gont io the hodaliys, gathering together, ensu wree ardoe ingdog stteing to checkhe t normal people. >> at home --
6:20 pm
people. >> at home ttses. >> theyre a not necessarily gog into say y aoure going to develosyp mptom at aov cid-19, become ill oinr everyonine the but its i telngli you the ires meso virus inou yr no asend it is a psiosbility. >> abc 7 spealcior crespondent dr. patel sayst i is great anpl to have a ricadally b tuthe problem fisine speha strategy but fdiinng -- a strategy, finding tests is a chlealnge. there arsee t amoun ctsustomers can buy. employertos ld us they ear available when we arrive bdut people a breuyinthg em fast. >>he ty are asking what is the safest w tayo gather around eth holiy datable with my falymi and ke sure onone is geinttg infected. thats i driving the demd anfor these tests. >> t chealiforni daepartment of publ hicealth rertpos numberofs
6:21 pm
cod vicasesnd a hospitazalitions e arnot increasing and dr. moni gcaandhsai ys wcae n keep hiorm slow and avo aid holiday surge. >>e wnot only had l aot ccinatio dnsuring thsue rge, t -- high levels of immunity. dan: areou y rea fdyor another round rofain? speernc is tracking tonight storm across the bay area.
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ama: a lite tlrain is better an ne.on dan: weil wl teak it. spencer: a live vw iefrom the ldgoen geat brie,dg the pavement do nesot appea wret and ware e not ttgeing anyep rorts yet. tempaterures are 57, upper 50's in san jose, 54 santa rosa. the view from our rooftop camera shows some clouds in the sky but no rain falling right here right now. spotty showers will develop tonight and continue touhrgh
6:25 pm
tomorrow morning. we expect dry and warm overhe t weendke and s alight chancef oshowers. ghlit shower asnd drizz drizz di expect oedvernight i,t will be bree azyt times. forest animation serving at 7:00 p.m.. we expect some rain to start hitting the ground in the north bay before midnight, before the morning commute we will see some showers pushing southward and eastward. some parts of the area make it some wet weather but not widespread. there may be spots not a major event. our rainfall estimates are under a six hundredths of an inch.nch. about 3/10 of an inch at ukiah. highs tomorrow m m m m m m m m
6:26 pm
and mid 60's inland. here is the seven-day forecast of the weekend. sunny and mild there over the weekend, clouds will increase tuesday with a slight chance of showers and a pleasant day for thanksgiving. a partial eclipse tonight. almost total as the partial eclipse begins at 11:20 here, h, 97% coverage of the moon by the earth's shadow and it will be over by after 2:00 a.m. dan: santa can store his presence at the north pole but santas in the bay area don't have that. you could be part of the solution. >> edd tells workers to prove you
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as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan:
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government stopped providing special unemployment benefits to gig workers, independent contractors and the self-employed. those benefits were meant to give a lifeline to those who lost income because of the pandemic but did not qualify for traditional unemployment. ama: the benefits began almost two years ago but now the edd are requiring workers to prove they were eligible or they have to pay them back. michael finney is here with the latest upset. michael: this is coming as a shot dutch shock as folks are getting back on their feet as the holidays approach. nearly one million californians are receiving these notices. edd saying it is a federal rul l they must prove they were self-employed or pay back the money. they could get hit with a 30% penalty. >> whether you are in the gig economy, an independent contractor, everybody who is now
6:31 pm
out of work is eligible for unemployment. michael: pandemic relief are all as covid-19 swept the nation, shutting down the economy and throwing millions out of work. the government would pay benefits even to the self-employed. >> it was really tough for us to survive, pay rent, pay bills. >> that money helped all of us stay afloat. >> it was great to have the government help us out. >> heather mendoza is a hairstylist in san jose. both had to stop working in the pandemic and receive unemployment. now they are requiring them to prove they deserved it, sending each of them this startling text message. >> it was really intimidating, like what do i have to do now? >> it is a pull and tug,
6:32 pm
giving me money for now you don't think i deserve it. >> the text reads edd alert, al, provide documents or risk losing benefits. einstein thought it was a fishing -- phishing scam. thousands more of this email reading if you do not provide the required documents you may have to repay benefits and we will add a 30% penalty if you intentionally give false information. >> i don't know why a year later you're asking for this information. >> is nerve-racking to sit on pins and needles wondering if you will have to pay back. >> they gave him an appointment benefits to nearly 3 million californians. but only one million signed their claims under penalty of perjury or lack of documents.
6:33 pm
last december, congress extended pandemic benefits but required proof of eligibility to stop rampant fraud, skimmers advocating stories to collect benefits. -- scammers fabrica f to collect benefits. >> we provided that information already. >> it sucks for us. >> it makes the feeling we are being lied to. >> folks are asking why they did not require everyone to provide documents first, instead of giving out money and asking for proof later. edd said they wanted to get payments out faster. i have posted a link on information on what documents you need to prove you are eligible. get all that information at dan: that is nerve-racking. ama: in kenosha,
6:34 pm
third day of deliberation in the kyle rittenhouse trial. he is charged with killing two people in the protest last year. he says he fired in salt defense after the men attacked him. today there were new warnings from the county sheriff to remain peaceful. >> don't be part of the circus. don't add to the animals in the act. just watch on tv and see what happens and let what we are trying to do. most of the people here are being respectful. ama: the sheriff headed out coffee and cookies to people who gathered. in georgia, three white men accused of chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery. travis mcmichael who fired the shots admitted that the dumb
6:35 pm
posed no physical or verbal -- the victim posed no physical or verbal threat. >> he did not pull out a gun, a knife. >> no. >> he just ran. >> he was just running. >> mcmichael, his father and a neighbor said they were trying to make a citizens arrest. dan: a report was a prank. his -- a teen boyfriend and his friends pretended to kidnap girlfriend. the girl returned to her home this morning. police don't plan to pursue charges. ama: it is dangerous, risky and thousands attempt every year. only abc 7 news takes you into the jungle of guatemala to
6:36 pm
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ama: immigration from central america was a topic discussed at the summit between president biden and his counterparts in mexico and canada. a bay area humanitarian group to guatemala.
6:39 pm
dan: their goal is to understand why so many people make a dangerous journey and how to solve the crisis. lyanne melendez has a story you will see only on seven. lyanne: these are the western highlands of guatemala, a place with lush mountains and for dial soil. an area dutch for dial -- fertile soil. it has the highest migration rates from guatemala to the united states. is dangerous, so people risk it? a team from roots of peace, a humanitarian organization based in san rafael, traveled there to look for answers. >> we traveled to the highlands and did assessments to find out
6:40 pm
that 45% of the migration comes from this area. the root cause of the migration to the u.s. borders is that there are no jobs. for young people. they make very little pay. lyanne: one area they visited. othe roots of peace founder met with them to look for ways to bring them earnings. it is a model that they have used in other countries. the organization was founded in 1997 by her and her husband. they raise money in northern california's wine country so that they could help remove landmines and transform fields into vineyards around the world. >> aerft we removed the minds, we realidze that was onlhay lf the problem. we ndeeed to train the farmers how to grow the grapes.
6:41 pm
it was w aay to heal wounds of war, heal the earth a bndecame a siness model for peace. lyanne: anpp aroach th aeyre trying igun her son tucker moved to atguemala the reyears ago and created an actnio plan to reduce povey rtin the rioegn, with the ultitema gloao tdiminish migration. >> we havese ud th misodel in afghanisn taand vieamtn, we ansformedhe tir inceomoi gng omfr low value crops to high-value cpsro, connecngti them to supply aichns of get emth in markset and taking tradersnc ientivizetod pay better. these areys stems we devepelod andt ihas shown an impact. anne: theary eee sking $50 million inid a tempemerant its progm rain t rheegion. itou wlden befit 100,000ar fmers and workers. >> peoe plthey are -- wharo e
6:42 pm
leavgin areot n theeo pple with steady jobs. eyth are the young men who are stuck with nopp oortunities. th aeyre basically ford ceto go rth. this will crteea jobs for the rmers, jsob whiitn their counmmities ase wdevelop ppsuly chains. lynean: when they have -- >> when they haveop he forhe t furetu, yo sueehe t community beinlig fted up. doi n'thi tnk there wou hldave opentysi to leave their commitunies, loongki for jsob. >> nobody was ntto leave. they do it bauecse there is no econicom opportuni otyver here. ey want ama sll ptlo or they n cabuildp uyou for ushoe for e thfamily. orhe ty can cultiteva coffee. with bicas invesentmt, we can prove idthose things here. lyanne: abc 7 news. ama: for a more -dinepthoo lk at
6:43 pm
e causes of migtiraon from guematala, check out theto sry on our app, available to download for free on apple tv, android to become a fire tv and roku. roku. dan: rain arrives tonig rain ari ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in cread setransportati onbenefits. one morehi tng y couan rely on. onofe many cost-saving mecadire advangeta benefit from sn cahealth pn lafor 2022 scan plans can inclu ldeow mamuxioum t-of-poct kecosts, compherensive dealnt coverag e, ansod much for thbee nefits atth matter stmo to you, ca ll scan 1at-877-21222-76.
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or askou yr agent ouabt scan.
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dan: for more than 70 years, disney has supported the u.s. green court toys for tots -- marine corps toys for tots foundation. they had a $500,000 datonion, remo than $20,000 going to the california chapters. but as ournc ahorxp elains, the maris neneed morthe an toys. >> this time ofea yr, we ese festive imagesik le this wnhe me report on the toys for tots foefrt in thbae y area. but instead omef etin agt the event ceernt like last year to sehoe w the drive is going, we are at the.s u. marine ccenterae ituns are tangki the pla ocef a falicity. >> we are kimang do.
6:47 pm
there are loa t of kids. we have to. >> in addionti to the 40 to 0,000 toys, they alsneo ed rewahouse scepa t ooffer items. joining me -- llte me ouabt why you needhi ts. >> we are one of the larstge toys for ts otfoundati aonreas the unid testates. >> yousk aed about 2fa5 cilities r a plac teo put th teoys and whato dthey telyol u? >> the arere no weharouses to ve orhe tre is a boomn ithe businessnd a industrs ieso trehe is n eotnough rm.oo t iis aig b ask butt' 's mpteorary. >> we finish colleinctg toys ound decbeemr 14 athnd then we do stiorng. we are looking for0, 5000 square feet. hopefuy.ll if not we can get something
6:48 pm
smlealr and adapt and erovcome. >> onehe tn there niso shortage of is the spirit of the holidays. >> i love every sonecd. a great peexrien.ce you get to lphe a lot of chilendr. >> if anyone hasps ace to donate, go to our wsiebte with infoatrmion on h yowou can volunteer. pphay holidays, dion news. dan: are you able to help out? to find toy drop-off locations near you, vitis they would leov help. what a gatre way to hp.el a:am' 'm surehe ty would apprecteia it. we apprecie atany raine wcan t. enspcer: jusa t few drops. theer is aat pchy dzzrile
6:49 pm
tthiing t gheround n iown some spots. it is dewily scatteder as you can s oeen the focarest animatiobun t it wilbel between dnmiight and:0 50 a.m. that eth rain in the shorswe become remo widespre, admainly a north bay event atth there ias transfer stray swehors t ohether par otsf e thbay area. wepat vementor f the morngni commut te,he greattes challenge stm orposes. lows in the upper 50s. here is theev sen-day fecorast, we eecxpt the stmor to e bndy e thend of e thday tomoowrr. we will tge some partial cleangri lat iern the d tayhat llwi lead uso ta sunny and cold weekend. a mainly d wryeek eaahd with possible showersay m next tuesday. a:am thank y.ou dan:ar lry beil is he erto talk basketball. larry: the wriarors visingti cleveld,an a layupri dll on
6:50 pm
paper rntued into something else on the
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withea dls like 14 dolrsla off youtur rkey. [cwdro cheering] i'm not coa ach, but i invested iinn vescqqo q. icwhh gis veme acces toex nt-gestn atiscatil an alysis software. beco amen agent iofnnovatio n withnv iescoqq q >> abc 7 sports. larry: warriors iermmsesav cs was -- versus cavs was see. booed by fans, bitter.
6:53 pm
several plerays out but aasre garland ce amon fire whit 22-9. 14ff o the bchen in the first lf. cuyrr h 1ad5 at the halbuf t the warriors were down threet a the break. about 100ea y orsld, but chean stilscl ore fromhe tre. ckba up doleub digits. cuy rrstarts ckioong. a 22-5 n ruto break tshi cuy rrhad 20 in theou frth quarter. fheinishesit wh 40. the waiorrrs oscutore cveleland 36.-8 inhe t final qrtuaer, 1049 -8the nal. they jaguars. the bacpku qrtuaerback jinokg
6:54 pm
that he can do everytnghi except throat. teammatefrs om colgele in iowa llwi excnghae jerseys after. george knows there is not much argent -ma- rgin for error. >> we lost already. we d'o't want to lose meor and we are ia n good position. wweant to be inon ctrol of rou seonas so we d'o't wantot lose again. iee fl great n, owexcited to contuein the sean somoving forward. iif can bri tnghe energevy ery ek andat mchre fd, wd,ar our offensise going t koeep that engyer. rrlay: i lovhie s energy. theig b games isaturday at. enwh they pleday in 2019, chase gaerrb score the game winngni toucowhdn tona sp a losing streak. he says he still gets regncoized campus as the hero and
6:55 pm
remembers a well-known former quarterback viging him aha sdow s--hout out. >> aonar rodgersay m have tweeteabd out it, but you get it lkwaing arou cndampus. you got to go out therend a win games. are ju hstappy to be on that stage. stage. rrlay: m.p.v. race isve or aerft he proved he could pitch well and hit better, the fit rsplay iern babasell histo tryo hit 30 horsme and mak10e pitching aparpeances. heas w named the unamonius m.v.p., e thfifth ti tmehis is pphaened since 2000. marcus semien came third. would haveov led to see brandon crawford, eth shortst gopetor me
6:56 pm
cognition. he ce amin fourth and he did tno getht e love that -- at the ants wou nldot have one all of their gesam witho hutim havgin annc iredible asseon. dan: suctoh ugh compitetion. thanks, larry. ama: tonight at 8:00, station 19: by raising anato, my-- followedy bgrey's anatomy, we have news at1: 100. yocau nat wch our nsew leiv and rough our as.pp downlo tadhe app syoo u can start screami -ng- streaming. atth will do us. i mama -- i'm ama daetz. dan: we hopeo tsee you nitoght 11:00. 'w'll see you later. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, pn laand pay wi ethasy toolfrs om chase. simpcility feelsoo gd. asche. make morofe what's yours.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a development finance manager originally from mansfield, texas... a city planner from atlanta, georgia... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. yesterday, amy schneider, the only player to come up with the correct response in final jeopardy! and that's how she beat a 5-day winner. that's how she took home over $30,000,
7:00 pm
and she's our new returning champion. we also welcome bonnie and taylor. let's put you to work in the jeopardy! round, shall we? good luck to all three of you. here are your categories. first... then... we've changed one word of the constitution. you need to fix it. all these responses will be made up of the letters in the words "the cradle." amy, what do you like? let's do in all the lon-- in all the wrong places for $200. - taylor. - what is jail? - that's it. - wrong places, $400, please.


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