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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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icoridin. now in sugar free liqd.ui nitoght, sevaler major the exunpected me ovfrom the defee nsin the aauhmd arbery case. so, we'rexe pecting rdwo at time onoo bsters foalr l uladts. and ththe anksgiving week storm now comi ingnto clear refocus. fit,rs the arby ercase, the osprecution datoy grilli ng avtris mcmicelha, who sh aotnd lled mcmichl aeacknowleindgg arbery was unmeard and ner veverbally threenated him, llteing the court,uo qte, he w jasust nning. > >>tonight,he t fda panel expect tedo green ghlit boosters r adults8 1and oldeinr the coming hrsou. maacsshusetts d anutah nowmo ang least 1st4 ates movg inahead with those boosters even before the fda, given what they're seeing. >>wi> th tens mofillions t seto trelav thanksginivg week, toghnit, wree' trackinthg e stsyem that ulcod now develir
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two storms. the rsfit beginng insunday. chagico to detitro, new yo trko bost.on anrod b marcia tnoiming th is out. moreha tn 23 hou orsf jury debelitiraons now tinhe kyle rittenhoe ustrial. and e thjudge toghnit bannina g news network from the building. laokhoma's goverr no mmcoutinthg e death sentence of julius jones jt ushourbes fore s schedud leexecution. joneals ways maiaintning his o twof the m cenonvictedf o kiinllg malcolx m exonerat ed here in w neyork city. the manhattan d.a. apologingzi datoy and wh hatsae id. erthe's lateor wd comingn i athi ts hour fm rocapitol llhi, thbie g move othn e secondar pt of psiredent bid'sen domestic enagda. e thbacklashon tight near ffbualo, newor yk. the judgfae cing outgera after a ung man eaplds guilttoy sexual alyssaultinfog ur teenage girls. e thjudge seenntcing himo t probation, saying prison time ulwod be inaropppriate. toghnit, alarmro gwing for the teisnn star missing afr te heacr cusationofs sexual assault.
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and nothw e new tu.rn d anwith thasgnkiving alstmo he, rethe 105-arye-old runngni the 100-temer. rendmiing us a tllo give thanks. > >>good evengni and it'grs eat have yowiu th us he oren a ursday nhtig. e thfda at a mnyoment exctpeed to maknee ws on boteosrs for all uladts. d that tnkhasgiving ekwe storm w notaking speha. t we areoi gng to ben gi toghnit with tt haunexpect ed vemo from thdee fense inhe t maud arby ercase. the defee nstonight streing its case ithn e trial tofhree gegiora men inhe t shooting deatofh ahmaud bearry. thpre osecutiohan d already finiedsh. outse idthe courootrm, a prar ye vil giby suppoerrts of arby'ers mifaly led bhuy ndreds oblf ack paorsts. insideth, at move tbyhe defense tout p one of e thdefendan, ts trisav mcmicha, elon the sndta. today, cross examination from the prosecution. mcmichael acknowledging arbery
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never pulled out any wpoean and that arbery never said anything to him. mcmichael said of arbery at one poin ht,e was ju rstunning. thine cident einndg in the rifing of the osfatal shs.ot tonigh tt,he jury s hanow been sentom he before clongsi argumes ntand abc's ste ev ossaunmi leadi ungs ofnof w from georgia. j>>ustice f aorhmaud! r>>eporr:te outsidehe t ynn coun ctyourthousine orgegia toda hy,undreds boflack stors anped oplelo csely watching thicas se ce amto pray thwi theam fily of aauhmd arbery and eithr legal amte. >> god, awere looki fngor a miracle. >> rorepter: inse idthe urcotroom, wrehe the famy ilis ping forus jtice, precosutors contueind to queiostn one ofhe t the remen accud seof murdeanr d heotr chargeins this raalcily explose ivcase. >> how my antimes ha yveou lled up sontrangersha tt you n'dot know, xtne to themit wh a piupck truck, atosk them atwh eyth're doing inou yr neighborodho? >> i don t'think i he,av in that situatn,io but i he avpulled up on ppleoe that a rreunning behindco, ming up hibend them.
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>> repteorr: travimcs michael, who refid the fal tashots th at llkied arberiny febarruy of last year, had to admit that fore theho soting, h visictim posed hinom physicaorl verbal threat. n>>ever thrteeaned you aatll? no, ma'.am yeahhe, did nothr teaten me verblyal, no, mam.'a >>ll a right. didn'tra bndish anwey apons? >> no, mama'. >> didtn' pull ouant y guns? >> no, mama'. >> didt n'pull outny a knife? >> no,a' mam. >>ev ner reach fedor anythg,in d dihe? no. >>e hjust ran. >> y, eshe was jt usrunning. >> rorepter: mcmhaicel, his fathergr, egory mcchmiael and a neighbor, willm ia"roddie" brn,ya have all pleaded not ilty. th seyay they rewe trying to make a citeniz's arrest unr de then geoiarg law, but prosecuts orsay the vict im wasn't the thief they rewe inthking. and snwa't the oy nlperson sn ee wanderg inthis home th watas unr deconstruconti in the ighborho.od toda wy,e heard omfr other neighbs,or at leastwt o of them womeofn color, o whwere witnessefos r the densfee.
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eyth testifi tedhat the suise s wacrime anthd at they ltfe arsced seeinstg rangers on neighborodho securitcay meras. >> violad.te set thaty mkids wer'ten gettintog groupw in the fesa nehbigorhood ire gw up in. >> repteorr: jurortos night have be denismissednt uil monday. tomoowrr, thjue dge willan hdle chgears and otr hemotions. what thimes ans is tt haclosing argumes ntcould begin as elyar as mony damorning,nd a then the ju wryould be ndhaed this seca. vidad? a>>ll rightst, eve osunmisa adleing us o tffonight. ste,ev thank y. ou and w noto the uompcing liday anthd is pandec,mi with falimies set tgao ther acrs os th cisountry. toghnit, the f idas now exctpeed atouthorizeot bh pfizernd a demorna boosrste for alldu alts 18 andld oer at antiy me. motorrow, cdadc visers wl ilthen et on this and this ulcod all ppen verquy ickly. d here'she t map tonhtig. more tn haa dozen atstes have vemod forwarwid th boosts erfor l adultslr aeady, gin vethe se in cas sethey're eiseng,
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withor me peoplend ioors. in fact,ew n cases a urep 35% ross thicos untry ju sstince late octerob. here's whit johnn sotonight. >>ep rorter: tigonht, the a fd exctpeed tauo thorize osboter otshs for aladl ults at y an memont, vipang t wheay for a robustol rutlo of third dos se is weeke.nd >>he t rate of diseases i rkedly lerow for those who ceived tirhe boosterho st, monstratg inour boosrste are woinrkg. r>>eporter:ut b today, ssachuses ttand utahoi jning a dozen otr hestates igen tting ahead ofhe t cdc, alwilong izer andod merna booersts for eryone 1an8 d older. >> what 'rwee seeing is atth withmm iunity waningnd a cases imclbing, the'ers a recoitgnion at aonnye ov 1er8 wi tthhe ght amou ontf ti smehould be eligleib for a bstooer. >>ep rorter: t bheooster blduiup micong amid owgring fearofs anotr hewinter sgeur. secas acrosshe t countryre a up % since tela october. s18tates sengei an incrseea in spital aisdmsions. in new micexo, docto rs stggruling to reca for s atream of covid patnties. >> ourit suation rhtig now is
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dire. mostf othespae tien atsre vaunccinated. this iovs erwhelmi ongur health careys stem. reporte ir:n maine, bettinlea rman wasnv uaccinated d anended upn oa ventilorat thwi covid. i love u.yo >> repteorr: in a maco for more than m aonth, her falymi was already anplning a ferunal when they g aot call fr tomhe doctor. i need u yoto come tupo the hospitalig rht away. i'm li, kewhat? sisomethingro wng? anhed goes, "llwe, your mheotr st woke ."up literalldry opped thphe one. i s walike, wh?at i mean, beuscae, we were suospped to be ternamiting life suppt orthat day. >> rorepter: lov oednes callg in it a medalic miracle, saying ttina pls anto get vciacnated en she'set bter. >> ihi tnk the rhtig thing tdoo tiso get vainccated, sof ione our famy ilmembers tsge it agai in,t won't tbehat bad. >> repteorr: and didav, a cdc visory pelan will me et torrmoow to diusscs booster shotans d is expteecd to make coremmendatis.on
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the cdc redictor wou tldhen give the fil nagreen lit,gh which could anme a new we avof boteosrs goingnt io arms ts hi weenekd. dad?vi a>>ll rightwh, it, thanyok u so ch. > and wi tthens of mliilons t seto travethl anksgivi wngeek, night, wree' trackinthg e stem thacot uld now lidever o storms. e thfirst benngiing sund, ay chagico to detitro, new yo trko boonst. let's getot senior temeorologisrot b marcia no ming it t oufor us tigonht. hi, rob. >> repteorr: hi, didav. a ve dryynamic pteatrn setti ng upor f the easrnte half ofhe t uncotry. we'lbel gin withhe t big temperate urswing, 2 30,0 grdeees the'ers that fntro. s,20 30s and0s 4. hibend it, tt hasets the stage r foa quiet ekweend untithl is xt systedrm ops intohe t great lakes anbyd monday rnmoing, i think 'lwel see prleobms at o'reha and detitro, cleveld,an ncciinnati, maybe so smenow, somein wd. all rainlo ang the east ascot bu tthenha tt low di, gskind of develo apsnother cstoaal low and it ss itoff the ascot of new engld,an on tuesy daand wednesda y,wind, some snow across ptsar of new glenand. how longt isits the, restill a questi monark, butoo lks to be a bit aof mess, alet ast throh ug weesdnday. vid? >> allig rht, we'lbel tracking this the next few ds aywith you,
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rob. thank u.yo we tn urto the oerth news this thudarsy night d ankenosha, wisconn,si at the iatrl of kyle at jury w nodeliberangti more than 23 urhos. antod day, theud jge calli ng lawys erand ritthoenuse intohe t courootrm for wh hate calls a very sioerus matter. the dgjue then reaevling he s wa nnbaing a cae blnews netrkwo fr tomhe here'ser try moran. >> rorepter:on tight, a irthd nglo day of lideberations has come to cla ose. jurorsti sll worki tngrying to deteinrme the fa otef kyle rittenhseou, chargewid th lling two meann d injuri ang irthd with aarn -15 rifldue ring olent presotts last arye. ttrienhouse yssa he acteind t buoutside e thpresencef othe ryju tod, aya shocki mngoment in court. i have stinructed tt hano one from mbcsn news wi blle permitteind this budiilng for e durati oonf this talri. r>>eporter:he t judge bs an msc nbfrom theri tal aerft nosha policeay s they puedll erov a man ailffiated wi tthhe twork. he ran aed r light nr eathe bus designedat for jurs orand said
5:40 pm
he'dee bn told tfoo llow it. that is a very -- that'sn a extremy elserious ttmaer. >> reporr:te nbc newiss sued a statemen st,aying, "e th frlaeencer nev cerontactedr o inndteed to coacntt the jursro ridung delibaterions andev ner otograph oedr intend tedo photraogph them." adding, e "wregret t he indecint." this jury w'sorking hard, cleay.rl since e thbeginnin ogf debelirations,he ty've asked for a cyopf o the juryns itructions for chea of the rojurs. one tofhe jurortas king it meho totu sdy they've soal revieweasd a group of a l ootf the vio deevidence, but datoy, no qutiesons, no reques ftsor th'reye hashinitg out. vid? a>>ll rhtig, terry ramon from kenosha again toghnit. thk anyou, ter. ry >>no> w to the breaking heliadne tela today fm rooklamaho, where the gornveor there hald tethe executn ioof julius jones just hourbes fore he s waset to suorppters thebrn eaking io nt cheers ithn e capitorol tunda the mome tnthey hearthd e news. the gornveor reducg inthe ntseence to feli in pris.on jos nealways mntaiaining h is incenonce. marcusoo mre tonig fhtrom lahoma.
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>> repteorr: tonig, htjubilation afr teoklahoma g'sovernor grand teclemencyo tdeath row inma jteulius jos,ne sparingis h li nfeearly fo hurours befe or hiexs ecution. gornveor kevinti stt choosg in li wfeithout polare for jos,ne despite llcas from spouprters and falymi, sayingn ia atement,af "ter prayfuerl nscoideratioann d reviewg in mariteals presteend by allid ses tofhis casei , have detmierned commuteul jius jone s' senten tceo life imprinmsoent witht outhe possibily itof role." nes alsoot nli egible foa r tufure pardon. a♪mazing gcera ♪ r>>eporter:ti sll, outse idthe ison, crdsow breakinoug t in song. hisis ster telngli me, shend a nejos spoke teafr the hifis rst wordtos her, "iov le you." as best you n,ca describwhe at that menomt was like. >> it'a s blessingo tbe able to arhe his voice and to know that he will ilstl be >> reporr:te jones w aas college stenudt in 199wh9 en he was chard gewith murrideng paul howl elduring aar cjacking tsidofe oklomaha ci.ty instveigators finding gua n apwrped in a red bandannina jones' house after they interviewed two otr hesuspects.
5:42 pm
heas w conctvied a sndentenced dtoeathn i2002. for more than 20ea yrs, jones and his lawyers have maintained his incenonce, clainimg he was amfred. david, uernd the govnoerr's cision, nejos is notli egible for paro, lenor can sheeek any heotr commutatio.ns deitspe that, s hisister td olme eithr fight for his eefrm dois t over. david? >> marcus moore veli from oklahomaor f us. marc, usthank yo u. > we repteord last nhtig here on the eecxpted newsnd a nitoght, theea hdline he iren w neyork city. e thexoneratn ioof two m en coicnvted moreha tn 50 years ago in the aassssination of lcmaolm x. the manhattan district attorney cyruvas nce requteesd the mo ve afr tea netflidox cuseriesnd a a nglethy inveigstation unvecored w eviden.ce thd.e a. todaypo alogizing. muhaadmm aziz, w whoas exonerat, edin courtod tay. and alkhil islamwh, o died in 2009bo, th serveded cades in pris.on az aizddressing the cot.ur theve ents thatro bught us to courtot day sulhod never veha
5:43 pm
occuedrr. those evtsen were anard e the surelt of a ocpress thatas w corruptot its core. one thats iall too mifaliar to bl a>>fter theea hring, khilal islam,ho w, of coue,rs did not liveo tsee thisay d, his so ns said they did not thk inthey would erev see this. izaz celebrangti with his falymi. inps utate newor yk tonight, a judge arne buffaloac fing balacksh afteren stencing a younmag n, an adttmied rapis t, to probaonti in knagniara coun.y e 20-yeaolr-d defendt an pldieang guilty to sexually assatiulng four enteage girls. e thjudge said prisotin me would have been apinpropriate. he'sre elwyn lezop. >> repteorr: tonight, trouage in new york, afr tea judge ruled a man who pleaded guilty to sex cresim againstou fr teenage girl is,ncludingap re and sealxu assault,ho suld not rvsee a ngsile day iprn ison. >> a igonized, - i- i'm not ashamed stoay that aci tually
5:44 pm
prayed over atwh is the appropriate sentceen in this case. >> repteorr: chrisphtoer belter assauld tetwo 15-yr-eaolds and two -y16ear-oldsn ihis fami'sly meho in westn ernew york. he was 17 tathe time and tried aasn adult. >> i've meco to feel deeshp ame d anregret f mory actions. nonef oyou desee rvto be in thisit suation. reporte or:ne of beerlt's ctviims beggg inthe judgtoe , otque, not l tethis rapi wstalk away, diadng, you have the ability stoave futu greirls. he facedp uto eightea yrs behindar bs, but jgeud matthew murphy deretmined eit ghyears probatiowan s punishntme enough. >>he tre was gatre pain, trehe wagrs eat harmth, ere were multleip crimes mmcoitted inhe t casend a it seemtos me that a ntence tt hainvolves incarcerioatn or paralti cainrceration is inaropppriate. r>>orepter: an attorneyor f one of beltes r'victims amslming the
5:45 pm
decisi.on >>e his privigeled, he cos me fr momoney, hes iwhite anfod r aandult to t geaway with these crimesit whout doi jngail time uisnjust. >> repteorr: and didav, that lawy seraying hicls ient was physalicly sick teafr that sentenngci. d i shou nldote thatha tt dge is nrieang mandaryto retireme.nt is is onofe his lascat ses on the bench. david? elwyn lezop tonight. elwyn,ha tnk you. >>an> d now to wsne from catopil llhi tonight. e house t seto take bia mog ve w noon the sonecd part of presidt enbiden's medostic agenda. let'ges t right stotephanie ramowis th late porerting fr om wainshgton tonhtig. epsthanie? reporte dr:avid, thhoe use is moving fwaorrd tonig thto vote onhi ts sweepi bngill, which comes aat $1. t75rillion price tag. the bi dlledicates r aecord half iltrlion dolrsla to fighngti imclate iitncludes nemoy for unerivsal pre-k,ld eer care d ana one-year extensioofn the chi tldax edcrit. would ao lsexpand micedare to vecor hearinang d bring wndo the st of prcresiption dgsru. also iluncded, paifad mily
5:46 pm
leave. but thats ilikely othn e opchping blo wckhen this heads over to thsee nate, anthd at's becausmoe derate j moeanchin ys he's opposed to it. said he's also rrwoied about e cost othf e bill ad mirising inflation. the whithoe use sayshe t bill pays forts ielf. d tonigh tt,he congrsiesonal budg oetffice aparpeing to agree. still,ho tugh, the ires a long adro e bill finacg major adhewinds over in e thsenate, erwhe esident debin cannotff aord to lose s aingle decrmoatic vote. vid? all rig, htstephanirae mos in washingt.on stepnihae, thankou y. > and weon ctinue tool flow this gbalol headli, nethe growg inalarm ov terhe fate of e chinestee nnis stanor t seen pinublic sie ncaccusing a rmer chisene officiaofl xuseally assltauing her. and toghnit, fellochw ampion resena willis amamong thlae test w to spe oakut. re's abc k'saylee haunrtg. >> reporr:te she's t lheatest major teisnn star tooi vce trage ancod ncern over the dippsaearance of chine tseennis play pereng shuai. sere wnailliams eetwting, "im a vadestated a sndhocked theo ar
5:47 pm
abt outhe newsf omy peer, peng saihu. hoi pe she isas fe and fndou as on as poibssle. isth must benv iestigateand d we st not sy tasilent. sending lo tveo her anhed r mifaly durinthg is incredibly diffict ulmeti." the angrd slam dbloues champn io hanos t been sn eepubliclyn i o weeks. her soalci miaed going dark ter alleggin she was sexually saasulted there years ago b ay form erhigh-ranngki chinese govemernnt officl.ia the adhe of the mewon's tennis association now questiinong uashi's safety aerft receivi ng wh hate consids erto be a frauduntle email, ppsuosedly from t ahethlete, winhich she lled thell aegation sofexual saasult ot"n true." adding"i, 'm not msiisng, nor am uni safe. i've jt usbeenes rting at meho d everytnghi is fine. thank yoagu ain for ricang about me." as t mheystery dpeeens, the white hoe uspressed ouabt it today. we havef ocourse sn eethe porerts. unfortutenaly just n'dot have y anaddition ialnfortimaon on it. reporte ar:nd david, toy daat a wsne conferee,nc beijing 's foigren minist srypokespern so brusd heoff quesontis about r he wheaerbouts anthd en any mtienon her namwae s scrubb fedrom the fiofcial tracrnsipt of tt ha ne cwsonference, didav. >> kaylehae rtung toghnit. kayl, eethank you.
5:48 pm
'll stayn othis. wh wene come bk actonight, the rmfoer nfl pyelar on theun r fr pomolice toghnit after horricif images rfsuaced. > >>and the jomar event in the sky ovnierght -- wt hato look r. ♪ ♪ rememberhe wn no dre am was tobio g? and u yocoulfed arlelyss cefa the unkwnno. yostu ill can. ♪ ♪
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both of thees n caleado tdeat tell yr oudoctor if yohau ve neorw worseni cnghestai pn, cough,r otrouble eabrthing. befote yllour doct or if youav he fever, chillsor, other signs of iecnftion, lir veor kneidy prleobms, are or pn lato bemeco pregnan or are for morenf iormation about si edeffects ta tlko your dtoocr. ♪ ben iyour moment. ask your docrto about ibranc
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> >>finally nitoght here, finay lltonight rehe, eramica let's peho we're a lllike this 1at05. tonight, she's de onit again. lijua hainwkiss americatr song. om batonou rge, louisiana. you t meher herehr tee yrsea ckba then, jt us102 aryes old, she set e thworld rerdco in the -m60eteras dh. then, at 103 yearsld o, a record inhe t 50-temer dash. so qckui thecay ll h herurrineca hawkins. >>he t hurcarine is inhe t ushoe. g>>raduatinfrg om lsu i19n 38, isth great-grandthmoer didn't en startun rning unt silhe was 100. >> at 0,10 i start redunning. i thoughitt would bnee at to run at 100 a dndo the 10ya0-rd a>>nd tonig?ht >> goolud ck. >>ha tnk you. s>>he'st ait again. >> a rllight, here wgoe , here we go!
5:58 pm
>> n 1ow05 -- d>>oing great! runngni the00 1-meter dash at the losiuiana seni gorames. finishg inat 1:03, n aew wldor record. and aftearrwd, h dowid it feel? w>>onderful! i'm so hpyap. >>ul jia and h meressage. >> jusstt ay healt ahynd keep nning. >> and wwie ll neveror fget what she once td olus. >> hi, didav. it's been woerndful btoe here racing. it's awe-inspiring to me to be able to tdohis. >> juliama azes us. at 105sh, e's donet iagain. rricane wkhains. i'll s yeeou good night. >> strayul blet buys through a
5:59 pm
parking tlo and the wdoinw of a tarbox, it did n hotit anyone but othersid d. >>he tim teline ofho swers proachinthg e bay ar.ea >>eo pple are rustggling whit hodow i show tupo work and things gngoi on. >> copg inwith work and life, how bay eaar business seare helping peoepl do bh.ot >> why findi ang booster shot stju got cover. --ou tgher. >> buildg ina betteray b area, moving fwaorrd, finding lutions. this iabs c 7 news. >> put in my infmaortion to be toldhe tre are n toime slots avlaaible so is frustrangti. >> getngti a booerst shot might be one of the hdearst things to find rightow n or you mightin fd it ank youor f joinings, u i am aam daetz.
6:00 pm
>> covid boost serhots in ghhi demandro aund the y baarea. nowha tt califoiarn h oaspened vaccine appoimentnts to all adul wtsith no rtresictions, fiinndang appointntme before the holidays ulwod not beas ey. feli in somvierlle withhe t sty.or >> finding thacot vid boosrte sh jotust g aot little remo chlealnging. very dfiifcult befe orthe lidays. >> we were coacmplish. that's'why feel. >> she got a covid'' are st hoat isth public ccvaine cnilic in nnyvale. otrshe not so ckluy. >> -- in nsa rapelha. others noto slucky. dema fndor boosts eris through the ofro


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