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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. it's dangerous out here. know you never know. someone's gonna drive up next to you and do whatever you you accidentally cut someone off you're fear of your life. fear among some bay area drivers after another deadly shooting on a bay area freeway. and in just the past hour we received new information from the chp. good evening. thank you for joining us. a date and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at 5 live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream appreciate your being with us. well tonight the chp is offering you details about this morning's deadly shooting near the bay bridge. it happened just east of the toll plaza near the west grand avenue overpass abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley has the very latest from the p and she talked with concern drivers.
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four lanes of westbound interstate 80 at the bay bridge toll plaza were shut down completely at 9:30 this morning after a fatal shooting chp says they received a call of a freeway shooting on interstate 80 in oakland a man a woman and two children were traveling in a maroon suv on westbound 80 east of west grand avenue when their vehicle was struck by gunfire the woman in the right front passenger seat was killed the male driver and both children were injured it's unclear who shot at the suv and whether it was targeted or random chp could be seen talking to witnesses a massive backup and suit clogging westbound traffic heading to san francisco from the macarthur maze by 11:45 the alameda county sheriff's department coroner's van arrived at the scene and the bay bridge was reopened by noon. just a few weeks ago 23 month old jasper woo was shot in the forehead as he traveled.
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southbound 880 in a car his mother was driving police believe the family was caught in gang crossfire there have been dozens upon dozens of shootings on freeways in alamedaouy in thas year and it hasom se driverwos rried. i thinkhe tre's just a tlo of nksut o there right n.ow i mean it's been ongoing and nt up scein the panmidec arstted. creates a l ootf anger. i mean, i don' etven like iving onhe t road. honestly. it'' like evyer day tha ytou go t there. u'y're prettyuc mh putngti yourself atis rk. it's'dangerou osut here. you kn, owyou never all somee'o's gon dnarive up next to yound a do whateverou y cidental clyut someo oneff u'y're in frea of yourif le. meso peoepl wonderf i the time ofea yr is playing a role in the olvience andt' 's theol hiday ason, t.oo so, youno kw, people are peoepl ear more anxusio ppleoe are starvingnd aun hgry, you know, you' gveot to just b ceareful and not becom ae victim of circumstcean, you kw,no chp is stlil iesnvtigating this morni'g's incenidt in oakland. i'mes llie lese librinkleybc a 7 wsne a hercules cyit council
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memberay sst' 'sim te tons itall curity cameras on east bay frwaeeys. ll, it stopped the shoinotgs. , but wtha itoe ds it gesiv us that vitalnf iormationha wt cuocrred? possible license ptela backtckra we starthe t police the picole ear excellent what they do. justee nd to givthe em more informioatn. uncocilmembe rromero ssay 'e's aching out to other local official tsogetherup sport for a cameraet nwork. that would be fdeund by the state. he sayshe tre have been 76 freewa syhootings along intersta't's 580 dan 880 in the stpa 12on mths inclungdi as w''ve mentiedon theea dth ofwo t year old jasper wu who was llkied by a stray bullet earlier this month the bay aare is about to receive more than 6 mliilon doarlls from the federal government tout p moreol pice offirsce out on loc saltreets that mon ieys part 1of40 million lldoars in funding fmro theus jtice departmten that will allowaw l enforcentme agencsie naontiwideo tir he new officers and advanced community policing
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effortsom cmunity oenrited lici ings reallyri ctical to durecing vionclee in building trt usthat means what it reayll anmes is ppleoe law enforcentme officersal wking the beat becongmi a rulegar fixture in e commutyni. so the membe orsf the counmmitieshe ty get to know the peopleer sving andro ptect. d antheir counmmyit that'she t key to community polinicg deputy attorn geyeneral monaco sayshe ton mey headed is way will be enough to hire abou15t new officerars ound the eaar in all funngdi is hdeead to 183 law enforcementge ancies roacss the cntoury enough to put more than a thousand additional officers out on the streets. of kseair workers are striking in spaymthyit wh striking engiernes guysea hven wasve or kaiser medical cteenrs in san jose and oaklandhi ts morning a stkero and heart patient hsave en diverted to other licities that hadee bn alerted before thisal wkout engineers from local 39 say ty'h're cketing r fobetter compensaonti. kaiser needs to stop beinag coorrpate bully. sit at the table and notegiate a fair conactrt.
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kaiser ssay there hasn' bteen any movenemt after many hrsou of rgbaaininghi ts weeksaid quote y leaders of other unions are asking their members to walk out on on november 18th and 19th in sympathy for local 39. this will not bring us closer to an agreement and most important it is unfair to our members and patients. all right, let's move on the wet weather is back in the forecast it is let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel for details on when we can see the rain. yeah and dan and alma we are seeing you right now just really spotty in nature. so let me show you live doppler 7 as we get you into. level radar you will notice that we are seeing some pockets of showers now not all of this is hitting the ground and the radar is kind of overplaying some of this. it's not as heavy as it looks around vallejo lake herman road. we are seeing some showers at this hour as we go towards parts of milpitas across 680 alum rock, san jose area some sprinkles there. it's a level one system tonight tomorrow light showers and drizzle under a tenth of an inch
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breezy at times. so when you look at the timeline, it's going to be really the most of the focus in the north bay even at 5 am but don't be surprised if you run into a couple of drops elsewhere. i'll be back with a look at if there are any other rain chances in the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up tim. all right. thanks very much, sandia san francisco school board suffered a setback today in its attempt to permanently change lowell high school's admissions policy last february the board voted to drop the school's merit-based policy for a lottery based one instead, but today a judge. i the board's decision abc 7 senior education reporter leanne melendez has details on a very controversial issue that has been debated. hotly she's in the newsroom land. well, dan when any public entity in this case san francisco unified wants to change any policy. it must conduct open and public meetings. that's what the brown act of california says the judge in this case agreed that the school
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district failed to follow that law. san francisco superior court, judge ethan schulman ruled that the san francisco school board did not follow state law when it voted last february to change lowell's admissions policy. i'm setting aside this resolution on finding it to to have been to be no and void. jim sutton was one of the attorneys who brought the lawsuit against the school district because of the court's order we are back to the status quo for the last 20 some odd years, which is based emissions of all according to court documents the school district did not follow the brown act which requires them to conduct open and public meetings regarding the school board's actions and provide the proper information when it came to discussions regarding lowell's academic admissions. we're tired of receiving agendas on a saturday night for a monday meeting. we're tired of not receiving
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proper notice still the judge did not order the district to state the merit-based admissions policy instead the judge left the door open for the board to now follow the brown act now properly noticed. properly agendaized public meeting that might end up having them take the very same action again. here the district said the school board will meet to review the court's. decision the decision at that time the reason the board. to change the process to a lottery based system was to increase diversity citing pervasive systemic racism in recent years african-american students made up nearly 2% of the student body. asian students have been in the majority. siobhan hines foster is the former president of lowell's black student union. a lot of students told me that it's noticeable the diversity
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and the higher numbers of black and latinx students on campus. virginia marshall is the chair of the naacp education committee lowell high school is not a private. school, it is a public high school for all students who reside in san francisco city and county. so you heard the school board will review the court's decision within the next 30 days. now the question is how quickly can they get this matter properly result. now remember there are three board members who are facing a recall election in february. december january february not too much time. so it's anyone's guess what the final outcome will be with regard to lowell's admissions policy in the newsroom leanne melendez abc 7 news. alright, leanne. thank you so much. well, it was a late night decision from the hayward school board. voting to close two elementary schools. and tonight. we are hearing from district officials and parents about the decision plus cvs announces
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sheriff's office is investigating why a man died in santa rosa police custody this morning santa rosa police say they were responding to reports of gunfire and found a man matching a witness's description on peach court when they tried to take him into custody police say there was an altercation one officer fired a taser and they were able to handcuff the man but short time later police said that suffered a medical emergency. there's a life-saving measures they rendered first date to him and then he was also transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. police say a rifle and drug paraphernalia were found at the scene. there is body cam video that will be reviewed as part of the investigation the alleged abduction of a 15 year old girl in santa rosa yesterday turned
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out to be a prank police. say her boyfriend and his friends decided to quote abduct the girl as a joke and take her on a road trip to los angeles santa rosa pd sent us these images when the kidnapping was believed to be real the prank prompted an amber alert that was rescinded earlier this afternoon the girl return her home in vallejo this morning police do not plan to pursue charges. in hayward the unified school board voted to close two schools last night with several more possibly still on the chopping block abc 7 news reporter. tim johns explains. what factors were behind the board's decision and how parents are responding. after four and a half hour meeting wednesday night the hayward unified school board voted to close both bowman and strobridge elementary schools. none of us got into this to close down schools. it's it's the opposite of what of what we want to do the closures come amid years of declining enrollment across the school district as a whole. dunesya ramos a spokesperson for
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the district says they've lost2e 2004-2005 academic year. these are long issues that are not going away that will continue to impact us the impact has meant to budget short. love more than 14 million dollars money that the school district simply doesn't have in the state of california the formula that we have here is the money depends our enrolled and so with declining enrollment are funds and our income also declines. the decision has left mids feelings among both parents and students larry stoddard whose son attend strowbridge elementary tells me well, he understands the district's decision. he worries about the impact. it will have on his child you get used to different different faculty members different staff members. to be tough. wednesday's decision is a part of a multi-phased multi-year approach that will also examine if other schools have to close moving forward a choice that sarah prada says the board will try to avoid whenever possible
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and one that will be taken with community input being able to slow down the process so we could have deeper conversation with all stakeholders to make sure that we are truly hearing from the community in hayward tim johns abc 7 news. cvs health plans to 900 stores over the next three years the move comes as retail giant adjusts to changing customer needs and reduces store count density in some places the chain also plans to remodel some stores to include more health services such as primary care and new versions of its health hub layout the pending closures represent nearly a tenth of the chains roughly 10,000 retail locations. the booster shot is in high demand around the bay area, california officially began taking vaccine appointments today from anyone. teen and older on its my turn website, but some people tell us that they can't get on or couldn't get an appointment until next month. the state did not wait for fda approval to start administering
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the shots that approval could come as soon as today following followed by cdc approval tomorrow. after the break collecting toys for children in need but as an annual holiday toy drive gets underway. the organization in charge is looking for more than j
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parent company disney has supported the us marine corps toys for todd's foundation disney kicked off the disney ultimate toy drive with a $500,000 donation to toys for tots with more than 25,000 going toward buying toys for the local san mateo, san francisco and marin county chapter, but as abc 7 news anchor dion limb shows us the marine steve moore than just toys this year. at around this time of year. we usually see festive images like this when reporting on the marines toys for tots foundation effortart insadte of meengti att san mateo eventen cterik le last ar toee s howhe t drives i going. w''re at the us marine corps aining center basedar pking lot in sanru bno wrehe pods
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storageni uts are tinakghe t acple of an actual facility coach is chaedng a lot where 're minakg do we havtoe you owkn, we ha tveohe tre's l aot of kids out trehe that need toys. so we ha tveo doha wt we havtoe dohi ts year. bit dfeifrent becseau in addition to the need for 4to0 6000,0 toys ttha are also is a callor f a warouehse spaceo t hoeus all ofho tse items. so joingni me right now ista sff rgseeant josgah rza. ll me a ltlite bit autbo why you need this space. well, we facilatite so nyma toys and 'e're one of the largest toys for tots foundations areas with tinhe united states nowou y actually asked about 25 dierffentac filities for a place put all of the ysto andha wt dohe ty keep tlielng you? no, cat or they'r' eithers i nowhere hous seto geiv or there a boom in t bheusiness and eyth're i tnhend iustriesig rht so ther''s not enough rewahouses to give to us. ugrohly around and say decbeemr th14. wai nt to say would bthe e telast and thenft aer that we do all the sorngti
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'w'reoo lking for 50,000 square hofupelly if not, we can get somethgin smaller. we can always adapt and overcome is what the marine corps does one thing. ere is no bridge ofpi srit of theol hidays. i leov eryve sonecd of it. yeah. yeah. it's g areat thing. 'i's are gat expernciee. ysoou get t moeet a lot of peoplend a youet g to help a lot of childn reand ihi tnk that'' thbie ggest thg inso, ifny aone haa s space toon date you nca l cite with informaonti on how you canol vunteer that i asbc 7 newsom.c an early. happy holayids in san 'i'm dion mbli abc 7 nsew so are you able to help out to find toy drop-off locations near you visit toys for if you have a warehouse space to donate for the ntex few weeks the rimanes ask you to send them an email. the addssre is on your screen. you can see it right there sand.bruno dot ca at toys for tots dot org. such a nice time of yr eapeople and it'' going into aconti great organizationo t hp.el oh, it is aolbsutely mesak a huge difference. lal right,et l's tn urour teatntion bkac to the weather
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refocast for tomorwrond a the ekend. yeah metroeologi sstdhan pyaatel here with what'' comingur o way ye,ah dannd a alma if uyo look up in the sk iy,t looks .so threatenin bg,ut wh't's reachgin thgre ound i nsot a lot we have isolat sedhowers on live doppler 7 you can cou tnthe drops is at i can tell you. let me get you into seetrt level radar where we are seeing seom wet weaerth. 'i's around cckroettom cing skayywcr aoss benicia street level radar military way. yeah a little bit of wewet ather not all ofha tts i actually reaching the gunrod couple of sprinkles around the san mateo cotas heading into the santa cruz mountains now in case y'u'reon wdering wdeonring about thatar ptial lun earclipse tonight, into tomroorw morni,ng i know with all t cheloud cover not going to have chmu lk,uc but it begins at :2110 tonight ximamum eclipse is at 1.03 tha''s wnhe earth will ctas a shadow the ptiaral sdohaw and eth partial eclipsend es at 2:47 inhe t mniorng. at its peak mn oowill be 97% vecored by the earth'' it's the lgeonst eclipse in 600
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ars. e nt extotal larun eclipse is coming your way next yr eain may of 2022. hopellfuy y gouet luckynd a you get aha cnce to seet. i 'i'll be qteui cool temperatures right now. well cooler. that's for sure 50s and 60s. look at this stunning picture from our emeryville camera getting a little glimpse of the post sunset sky through those clouds body showers through tomorrow morning dry and wmearr over the weeke andnd our next chance of showers is on tuesday. thiss i a level one system. so tonight tomorwro morning, u'y're loongki at light showers or a ltlite drizzl uender a tehnt of annc ih at best bezrey times eecspially torrmoow, so tonight. ase wlook at the s oix'clock ur most of the aivctity is in the form of stju lightho swers in t nheorth bay parts of the east bay 10 .pm i''s going to be ait ltle drizzly wasell and tnhee w go to tomorwro mornin''s commute tinoce theor nth bay is getngti the wet weaerth and some drilezz sttsar to meov in when you look tatheai rnfall amounts. let' nsot anythgin to write home about becseauom se areasre a not
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going to measu aret all in the eastnd aou sth bayoo lking at a upcole hundrtheds of ainn ch. wish iou cld say there's'going to be a lot me orrain n'd't seet i a tthis pntoi, but lea istt's sothmeing 40s0s 5 thoseem tperatures not quite casold tomroorw thksan to thelo cud cover sulating us tomorrow afternn.oo th sekies wlil bineg to d oryut u'y're looking at mbnuers. peupr 50s to the mid-60s and here's you arccuweather 7-day foreca sstpotty mniorng shorswe. it's a level 1ys stem morngni gray and the snunshineor f sardtuay. is gngoi to be milder both satuayrd and sdauny and then our xtnepp oortunity for some showers and models are not incomple ategreement, but it oklos like on tuesday. stay we'll let you kwno if that actual mlyaterialisze as wgee t oscler. 'm all right, sousnd good. ank you, sandia m aillion. uth bay siredents arabe out hit with the touesght water restctriions of any major urban ea in california late yestdaery the state puc geav filna approval for san jose water company to implentme the
5:24 pm
stri nctew rules reqriuing customerso t cutsa uge by 15% of eth01 29 levels. now anyo wneho fails toit h that mark will face ate sep surchgear th aeuactl srtta date for the rules haset y to be announced. the city of s janose is being ordered toay p hundreds of thoundsas of dlaolrs to victims fected by the 2017 coyote crkee flood hvyeatm aospheric rirve storms forced 14,000 peopleo tva ecuate and cause an estimadte 100 million dollars in totalam dage residents sued the city cimlaing. didn'' adequatyel warnhe tm of themp iending flood although san joseff oicials oedpt to settle the casehe t cyit denies all allegations of negligence and wrongdoing federal grand jury today indicted a former santa clara university instructor. on arson charges related to a risees of wildfesir lastum smer northern california7 4 year oldar gy stenve mayrdna of san joseac fes four counts aofrson federalro ppert. city and account of setting mbtier on fire procusetors say maynarstd arted thcae scade
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erett fesir in jyulol flowed by the rchan and carondir fes in guaust when mayrdna came under suspioicn iesnvtigators began tracking his banking and put a tracrke on his cardnt uil he was arrested. plans arend uerway for a atgreful dead biocpi directedy b martin scorsesafe ter the break will tell you w hhoas bnee tapped to pla to be a thrivewir th metastatic basret cancer mes anasking for wtha we wan at.nd need. an d we need more
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it's being reported that famed director. martin scorsese is making a music biopic about legendary bay area rock act the grateful dead have a film will star hill as the band's front. this will be the first time the two have worked together since 2013's the wolf of wall street the film being developed for apple reportedly does not have a title yet and it's not clear what period of the band's history will be dramatized also no word on when production will actually begin but martin scorsese a huge rock and roll buff. he's done so much in that area. so this is not too big a surprise and actually jonah hill i can see him playing that maybe too right? that makes sense right world news tonight with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. and i'm on a dates for sandhya patel all of us here. thank you so much for joining us
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without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. tonight, several major headlines. the unexpected move from the defense in the ahmaud arbery case. also, we're expecting word at ay time on boosters for all adults. and the thanksgiving week storm now coming into clearer focus. first, the arbery case, the prosecution today grilling travis mcmichael, who shot and killed arbery. mcmichael acknowledging arbery was unarmed and never verbally threatened him, telling the court, quote, he was just running. tonight, the fda panel expected to green light boosters for adults 18 and older in the coming hours. massachusetts and utah now among at least 14 states moving ahead with those boosters even before the fda, given what they're seeing. with tens of millions set to travel thanksgiving week, tonight, we're tracking the


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