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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 18, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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♪ in the jungle ♪ ♪ the mighty jungle ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight ♪ one of the voices in that iconic pop song has fallen silent. phillip margo, of the tokens, has died at the age of 79. "the lion sleeps tonight" became one of the most recognizable songs ever.
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he once revealed that the group was once embarrassed by the song and tried to convince the producers not to release it. little did they know. alec baldwin is among those facing a new lawsuit from the film "rust." mamie mitchell was the movie script supervisor and was on set when police say baldwin fired a live round from the gun killing halyna hutchins and wounding a director. mitchell's suit claims failure to follow safety protocols meant an injury or death was a likely result. >> i relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over again. i'm depressed. i don't feel safe. i feel like at any moment, anything could happen to me. >> her suit requests unspecified damages. there's been no comment from baldwin or his attorney. new mexico authorities, meanwhile, are still investigating last month's incident. two men convicted of assassinating malcolm x are set to be exonerated today. linsey davis has more.
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>> reporter: nearly 57 years after the assassination of malcolm x in a case that has long been shrouded in controversy, two of the men convicurr mohammad aziz and kahlil islam were sentenced to life in 1966 even though the confessed killer denied their involvement for decades. nearly 57 years to get to this point. what took so long? >> there's no doubt that this is the right decision for the d.a. to make at this point in time. but it's just as clear it should have happened a long time ago. it never should have happened in the first place. >> reporter: malcolm x, an icon and one of the most influential leaders in the nation of islam and african-american community, 21st 1965 in a ballroom. the case was reopened at the
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insistence of the innocence project and others. >> asking who's guilty is a dangerous question to ask. >> reporter: the docuseries raised new questions about key information that was withheld in the case. both men always maintained their innocence. aziz spent 20 years in prison before being paroled in 1985. the 83-year-old saying in a statement, the events that led to my conviction and wrongful imprisonment should never have happened. those events were the result of a process that was corrupt to its core. one that is all too familiar, even in 2021. islam was granted parole two years later but died in 2009. >> our thanks to linsey davis there. and coming up, the most surprising finds of amy robach's mission to antarctica. plus, why this cow ended up on a water slide. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ ♪ you're as cold as ice ♪ ♪ cold as ice i know ♪ ooh, the days of being cold as ice, amy robach and her team are finally coming home after braving the elements of antarctica. >> i get cold just watching her, but not without one last look at the breathtaking beauty. >> reporter: across antarctica towering tabular icebergs broken off from ice sheets float on the southern ocean, the planet's largest moving objects. but below the surface, other gentle giants move gracefully through the water and right off our bow, they surface. blue whales. the largest animals to ever inhabit the earth. even bigger than the dinosaurs,
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averaging 90 feet long, they can weigh in at 270,000 pounds. >> these two, a mother and calf, navigate the frigid waters. the massive mammals have been on the endangered species list for more than 50 years. and were once a prime target for explorers and hunters looking for new hunting grounds. the history of the exploration is buried in ice on paulette island. the remnants of an early 20th century swedish expedition. the foundation of a crude shelter. >> the ship landed and they managed to survive here for 16 months. >> wow. >> before they were finally picked up. >> this hut is now considered prime real estate for the penguins, keeping them above the snow and melt water. now we follow in their footsteps. encountering the largest gathering of penguins we've seen yet, 108,000 pairs. this region is home to several other bird species, including the southern giant petrel and
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arctic tern. paulette is also home to weddell seals. and the antarctic fur seal, considered extinct for 15 to 20 years. rediscovered in the beginning of the last century, the population has gone from just a few thousand to more than 3.5 million. earlier in our journey, we captured footage of one leopard seal, ferocious penguin hunters, its only natural predator is the killer whale. nearby crab-eater seals. >> these have a canine-looking snout to them. i refer to them as the golden retrievers of the seals. >> reporter: this whole region has a long history of exploration but now its future is at risk. throughout our time here it's clear that if we don't protect these animals' homes, it's likely we won't be able to protect ours. >> do you know where penguins keep their money? >> where?
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time now for "this happened." starting with a cow stuck in the last place you might expect. >> ah, this is actually kind of a sad story. this heifer. this cow escaped from a cattle ranch in brazil and apparently couldn't wait to make a splash at a nearby resort but got stuck on the water slide. that slide, believe it or not, is rated for 450 pounds but managed to hold the cow's 700-pound girth. >> she's just trying to slide into the weekend. she's since been granted a second chance at life as a pet at the cattle ranch. they're going to a farm upstate. >> sounds like something the mafia would say, too.
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next to a russian car enthusiast channeling james bond for real. >> the man named vaga showing off his latest invention, an actual flame-throwing car. >> it shoots flames out of the headlights as far as several car lengths. he likes to convert cars into the most unusual projects. >> okay, but imagine you need to turn your headlights on, and you accidently reach for the flamethrower switch. and you just eviscerate the car in front of you? >> you clear traffic. >> i don't think that car's going to pass dmv inspection. >> no. next proof positive that it's never too late to do just about anything. >> that includes getting a tattoo. this grandmother's wish has turned into a series of viral tiktok videos. she's earned the nickname tat granny. >> judy deed stunned her granddaughter when she decided to get the tattoo. amid the excitement, other family members were inspired to join in on the fun. >> her session was cut short by bruising and swelling. she says she's ready to go back
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and finish. she said she may get another one for her birthday. they say it's addicting.hat's te say, aren't you worried about how it's going to look when you're old? how about when you're old flipping the script and getting a tattoo. >> exactly. and finally to a prank with real horsepower. >> for his senior prank, austin mcgill from just outside newport news, virginia rode his mom's horse into his school wearing a cowboy hat and mask. >> but there was just one problem. his school didn't see it as a laughing matter. he was promptly suspended. i was just going to ask about his school status. yes, senior pranks are funny, but it may stop you from moving on from your senior year. >> okay, but this is one of the more harmless senior pranks that you could -- like, nobody's
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hurt, right? >> my senior year they glued the locks to the doors.
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