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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 17, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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planet. a trip to the ends of the earth, abc's ramey robach visiting antarctica, reporting on climate change, having a very rare encounter with two reclusive emperor penguins. then it was her turn to become one with nature. diving out in minus 28-degree weather. way to go, amy. that's "nightline." you can catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here, same time tomorrow. thanks for
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>> california health officials pushing hard for boosters and pediatric vaccines but with appointments running out, is there enough capacity in the system? >> tonight, focus on the future of coyote valley. leaders deciding between protecting wildlife and potential development. >> a push being made to allow safe and indoor drug using spots in san francisco. what officials are saying about this. >> showers are heading our way. the timeline, coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starting now. >> moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> californians 18 and older all encouraged tonight to get a covid-19 booster shot before the holidays. governor newsom and local health officials pushing people to book an appointment but that may be easier said than done. good evening. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. kate larsen, a key member of our vaccine, found people lining up tonight, hoping to get their shot. kate: this cvs has become a
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popular spot with people lining up at the end of the day for a chance at a booster. >> i have been waiting for a long time to get a booster. i wanted to do it before i was traveling. i cannot get an appointment until december. kate: linda has come to this cvs three nights in a row to wait for an extra booster dose. people who did have appointments said they made them a week ago. how many hours have you waited? >> not that many hours. when i get here, they tell me there's no more shots. kate: linda's experience seems contrary to what governor newsom said on tuesday. governor newsom: if you have been vaccinated and it has been six months, now, you can get a booster shot, 18 and over. california is the first state to say get a booster shot. they are in abundance. kate: the san franciscan resident has been to this cvs six times. >> i hope that the state actually opens up some of the large centers. i got my original two at the
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city college which was wonderful and easy. i do not understand why they cannot be doing something like that this time. kate: california's department of public health announced tuesday that a statewide week of action ashley started monday to encourage entire families from young kids to grandparents to get tobit shots. i asked california health officials where and how they expect entire families to get vaccinated and boosted before thanksgiving when it is hard to even get just one shot right now. i have yet to hear back. a bit of anecdotal advice. try mixing up your pharmacy location. this walgreens and the richmond district had much less evening vaccine traffic. an 11-year-old just got his first dose. >> it went ok. it did not hurt too much. >>'s mom has a booster appointment on friday. as for making those family appointments, was it difficult? >> difficult, yes. kate: it's possible on friday,
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the cdc and fda could advance booster eligibility for people across the u.s. dan: the state website will for booster appointments at some pharmacies and clinics on thursday. if you want information on that or you have russians about covid-19 vaccines, that information is all on our website. just had to vaccine. >> give me money. give me money. give me money. dan: you at 11:00, an elderly man is sharing his story about a violent robbery. and 84 yelled man called mark tells -- and 84-year-old man man in laurel heights. mark was reaching for the cash pair the robber hit him twice with a bottle. >> it happened and then my thing that came to my mind was to pray because i believe in
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prayer. >> it hits home when it happens to you or your family member. when i picked up my dad from the hospital, i really got tearful. dan: you can understand. people rushed into help mark. he was badly bruised but thankfully not seriously hurt. the robber is still out there somewhere on the loose tonight. new video released today shows a smash and grab robbery at sun valley mall in concord. watch this. the robbery happened last night. you can see the thieves run up and smash the display cases with hammers. the suspects got away with a number of jewels before police were able to arrive. police believe as many as nine people were involved in this robbery you are watching and that the suspects had everything planned beforehand. new developments tonight. san jose city leaders made a landmark land-use incision for the future of coyote valley. despite potential plans for massive warehouses, the city voted to protect the areas wildlife, open space, and more.
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amanda del castillo has more now on the reaction from the community. amanda: the official decision to save hundreds of acres across south bay's vast coyote valley came down tuesday night. originally zoned for commercial industrial loose, city leaders voted to protect the landscape, rezoning to protect an additional 314 acres as open space and agriculture. the move means that potential development of two warehouses, each planned to span the length of more than six football fields, will not replace farmland. the main focus is for residents tuesday. wildlife, flood mitigation, and future experiences for the generations to come. >> it is there space to step off of a concrete jungle and get into the very earth and climate that we claim we are trying to teach the next generation to preserve. >> if you put in any kind of a structure in that area, you are going to have a tremendous traffic problem everywhere from
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the 101 to monterey road and on. >> is built, huge warehouse complexes would like that view forever and there would be no way to camouflage it. amanda: before the vote, the acres had longtime plans to be transformed into an employment center with massive warehouses. instead of rezoning, lawyers and landowners pushed back, encouraging the city to purchase the land, fearing removal of existing developmental rights will impact property values. >> you will be engaging in a form of inverse condemnation, devaluing our land. >> i'm not here to speak about profit, to bribe you toward justice. i am here to remind and warn you , this land has nothing to prove to you. this land owes us nothing and we owe it our very lives. amanda: the city will consider the cost of purchasing the properties to permanently protect coyote valley. in san jose, i am amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. dan: oakland took a significant
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step forward tonight in redeveloping the oakland coliseum site with or without the a's. after hours of public comment and debate, the council unanimously voted to enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with the african-american sports and entertainment group. the council passed on a competing bid led by dave stewart. the council president says now is the time to act. >> i understand the staff's concerns. i also feel like this is a moment in time where the federal bill was just move forward. there is more opportunity to really push forward and seek funding for oakland. dan: there is still a lot of work to be done plus the stadium saga still needs to be worked out. what will the team ultimately do? it has been talked about for an awful long time and now action behind all of that talk to open a supervised drug use site in san francisco. the mayor today introduced legislation that could be an
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initial step towards making that happen. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone spoke with some city and state leaders. >> this building in the tenderloin might be boarded up and covered in graffiti now but the mayor would like the city to buy it so it could possibly be used as a supervised drug use site. >> i live one block from the site. there are people who are using and shooting up all over this neighborhood and they are dying on our streets. j.r.: matt haney is in favor of the plan, one that addresses last year's 700 deaths on sfs streets due to drug -- sf streets due to drug overdoses. >> families seeing folks injecting out in public and then folks are dying out on our streets. we have got to get them inside and we have got to get them help. j.r.: this is a controversial move because technically, a supervised drug use or safe injection site is illegal. >>
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administration, they made it clear up your you open up, we will shut you down and you could be criminally liable because injecting drugs is against the law and if the city helps with that, they are breaking the law. j.r.: scott weiner authored a bill that would make safe injection sites legal on a state level in san francisco, oakland, and los angeles. he is in support of making this a safe drug use site. >> i would be surprised if joe biden took the same right wing position as donald trump. no kid should have to see that and have to step over people who are shooting up or potentially a syringe. we do not want that in our neighborhoods. j.r.: but will it work? >> i'm not sure the people shooting up drugs on the streets are going to say i want to go over to this safe site. they will do it when they get it. j.r.: as for the next step, there is still a long way to go and a decision may not be made until well into next year. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: after four decades in
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politics, jackie spears says she will not run for congress again. reaction tonight from her can chew winds and her peers. two lake tahoe ski resorts delaying their openings now. their plea to mother nature. an oakland teenager takes her first steps by herself despite being told by doctors she never would. her inspiring story is next. sandhya: i am meteorologist sandhya patel. we have wet weather on the way. when you will need the rain gear, coming up. dan: here is a look at what is up ahead on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: thank you. tonight's show could save your life. you are telling me aaron paul and your husband hang out together? >> yes. i'm trying to remember if we have been out, out. jimmy: right in the trump
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dan: deliberations resumed tomorrow in the kyle rittenhouse trial. durer's began deliberating today and asked for extra copies of the jury instructions. rittenhouse faces five felonies for shooting three people, killing two of the victims during protest unrest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. prosecutors say he provoked the shootings by pointing his ar-15's isle weapon at one of the victims. rittenhouse claimed he fired in self-defense after the men attacked him. >> today, i am announcing that i
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will not be a candidate for reelection to congress in 2022. it is time for me to come home. dan: seven term bay area congresswoman jackie speier is calling it a career in congress, ending nearly four decades in politics. we were the first to interview congresswoman spear after the announcement today on abc 7 mornings. leslie brinkley has more from that interview and spoke with constituents and other leaders for their reaction. >> after 39 years, it is probably time for the torch to be passed yet another generation. leslie: for congresswoman jackie spear, the voice for voters on the peninsula, the accolades for her years of public service rolled in. >> such an iconic figure. i mean, when you think about san mateo county, you have to think about jackie speier, congresswoman's beer. i mean, think about what she has done around consumer protection, think about what she has done around woman's rights.
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she is truly beloved by her constituents. >> i have always thought highly of her. >> i was rather impressed that they came down here. i thought that was really nice. leslie: congresswoman spear said what she was most proud of during her time in sacramento was changing child support enforcement laws. >> the baby bullet, which we got from san francisco to san jose that cut the commute trip in about half and then here in congress, it has been a labor of love around issues around sexual assault in the military, on college campuses. >> jackie gave voice to survivors who had been voiceless. people couldn't really understand the pain and retaliation they were facing while serving our country. jackie is one in a million. she is a shero to many of us.
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she is a true epitome of a leader, what we all hope for when we elect someone to go to congress and speak for us. quite hard shoes to fill. leslie: i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. dan: we have much more on congresswoman spear's legacy in congress on our website, you can also see an archived interview with her about surviving being shot during the jonestown massacre back in 1978. she was shot five times and many others killed. most of us are not doing enough to conserve water in california, sadly. state the to six show californians reduced their water use by 3.9% in september, down from 5.1% in august. water agencies say previous conservation efforts during prior droughts make cutting now much harder. statewide, the bay area had the biggest conservation rate in september at 7.6%. the governor asked californians to reduce water use by 15% so we all have more to do, or most of
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us do anyway. you will have more time to >> your skis. warm weather is forcing two tahoe ski resort del theiropheae gondola and tamarack lodge will open on friday but they will have no skiing or snowboarding. they will have updates next week. highs in south lake tahoe have been in the 50's to lower 60's for much of november so it is not what they were looking for. the average november high is 51 degrees. new at 11:00, an oakland high school student is doing something that doctors said she would never be able to do on her own. >> which one? dan: she is walking. she spends most of her time in a wheelchair and usually needs help keeping her balance. that changed during the pandemic and she is now walking periodically with oakland tech staff.
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oakland unified provided this video. jordan cannot walk but given this development, her mom is hopefuler mir way t g jdan. mang gd progres'itlet's go to sh more on the forecast. sandhya: our forecast is looking good as well. we have some rain coming our way but not immediately. i want to show you a timelapse of the waxing gibbous. the moon, 95% of full tonight. this was from earlier when we had the fog get blown out by a cold front that came through earlier in the day. it was so foggy but it ended up being a nice day with sunshine and high clouds so where do we stand for november? four days of measurable rain. since october 1, this is the water we are talking about. over eight inches of rain has fallen, making it the fifth wettest on record while we have a long ways to go and we know we need a lot more rain, at least we have some in the forecast so take a look here on the first to
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the fourth, to the aid, and the ninth. our next opportunity is on thursday night going into friday on the 19th so we will take every raindrop we can get. here is the system on live doppler 7 that is going to bring us the wet weather and it's going to be light amounts of rain. in case you are traveling next wednesday, since we are talking about rain, there could be some issues across the southern states with the rain and some snow showers across the northeast. otherwise, i think were good to go for travel. we have high clouds and fog down below. this ability to three quarters of a mile in santa rosa, four miles in fairfield. watch out. it despite the -- watch out. down sloping offshore winds. 39 miles per hour. the good news here is with the recent rain, there is enough moisture in the vegetation that we are not looking at fire danger with those offshore winds. it is chilly outside despite the winds. 40's and 50's tonight he had a
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live look from our kgo roof camera and visibility is good from thiseather for the weekend. fog is what you will need to look out for tomorrow morning and definitely bundle up. mostly 30's and 40's. a few low 50's around the water. afternoon highs in the low 60's to the upper 60's. a little smidge cooler in our inland valleys. it is a level 1 system late thursday night into friday that we have the storm coming in. scattered light showers, less than 1507 inch. breezy conditions get up and :00 thursday night could see a couple of sprinkles but it's for[-- friday morning that we see scattered showers moving through between 5:00 and 10:00 a.m. and isolated in the afternoon hours. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. a chance of light showers thursday night. it is a level 1 for your friday. cooler weather, and just in time for your weekend, we will go
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>> i should have written something down because at my age, i tend to forget names. dan: george seifert had a little fun tonight as he was inducted into the san jose sports hall of fame. he was enshrined along with summer sanders, james jones, and a sports columnist. he was part of the 49ers dynasty that won five super voles. he was the head coach for two of those victories and also an san francisco native, growing up in the shadows of the stadium. congratulations to all the inductees. teammates turned into opponents. steph curry versus kevin durant tonight. larry beil is here. larry: curry and wanted to make
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a statement tonight. mission accomplished.
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: steph curry is used to hearing m.v.p. chants, but not in kevin durant's house. all smiles before the game. let's run. draymond green to gary payton. with authority, throwing it down. k.d. would answer with the nba's -- but he had only 19 points and did not play in the fourth because the game was a blowout. you think you got him covered. shooter. jonathan coming by getting more playing time. james harden learning to live with rejection. final seconds of the half, wiggins free to beat the buzzer. and then another buzzer beater to end the third.
1:36 am
andrea dahle over durant. it turns into a blowout with the nets fans chanting m.v.p. for steph curry. the warriors win 117-99. hugs for durant. >> it is an intensity that you know you have to show up if you are going to beat a team like that so you lock in and get focused and thrive off that competitive atmosphere, knowing that there is a lot of talent on the floor. larry: skipper gabe kapler named national league manager of the year. no surprise after all. the best part of the ceremony, bruce bochy making the announcement. >> that was really awesome. i did not know he would be presenting the award on mlb network and he just sort of appeared on my screen. i was like there he is. that is probably a good sign. larry: a very good sign. to the ice, sharks and wild.
1:37 am
you want some? i will take on all of you. the sharks get on the board first. perfect pass. got to see that again. nicely done. the sharks up2-1, sharks. missile. the sharks beat the wild. women's hoops. portland visiting number seven, stanford. hayley jones had a huge night, driving inside here and then hits the reverse layout. second half, jones meeting and assist for the triple-double and finds cameron brink inside. 17 points, 12 boards, 10 assists as stanford winds it -- wins
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dan: that is our report. for sandhya patel, larry beil, i am dan ashley. on jimmy kimmel live, kirsten dunst.
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