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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> for decades, jackie speier spoke on behalf of the bay area. tonight after announcing she will not seek reelection, she will join us live to talk about it. i'm liz kreutz. dan: i'm dan ashley. jackie speier's life and politic began in the late 1970's as an aide to congressman leo ryan. 43 years ago, she survived an ambush in jointnestown where she joined ryan to help people from a cult. ryan and another were killed. speier badly wounded. >> i pretended to be dead but they came and shot us at point blank range. the congressman was shot over 40 times and i was shot five times. liz: after that, she vowed to dedicate her life to public service if she survived.
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she quickly fulfilled that promise and won a seat on the san mateo county board of supervisors. six years later, off to sacramento serving for terms in the assembly and two in the senate. the biggest step came into thousand eight when voters on the peninsula elected her to the first of her seven terms in the house of representatives. dan: jackie speier will join us live to talk about this decision in a moment, but let's first go to our newsroom and filament tear. -- phil. this will bring a big gap in terms of the power vacuum that will be created for california and washington. phil: just getting things done gap. jackie speier had those rare combinations where she was both a voice and a vote for the constituents. not just of san mateo county but of the state. she also delivered on big issues like women in the military, the rights of the oppressed, but
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also the bread-and-butter issues like getting money to speed up the bullet trains between san jose and san francisco. it is that combination that made her such a force and that is going to be a difficult role for people to step into. no one is going to take jackie speier's place but somebody is going to replace her in congress. already, there are people lighting the seat and questions about who are going to jump in or not. draw the romanticism of going to washington, it is a tough job. you are there five does week and then you fly home for the weekend. then, you've got to go back and forth. it is not an easy job. liz: who do you think is going to throw their hat into the ring? phil: it remains to be seen who is going to go. i will tell you most eyes are on state assemblyman kevin mullin. her formally worked with jackie speier. he is very well known in the district and a rising star with solid democratic credentials.
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also state senator josh becker. because the district might shift south. the wildcard might be someone like susan manheim, former san mateo police chief. also, policing in the nation. it is wide open. it depends on how the seat is drawn, but it also depends on the ability to go out there and do this job which can be very tiring. also, the prospect that looms is there's a chance the democrats could -- even talking about it privately -- likely will lose control of the house. the person replacing jackie speier is not going to have near the clout that she had. dan: let's turn to jackie speier who joins us live. thank you for coming on. >> great to be with you. having phil say something nice
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about me is really phenomenal. dan: well, you are retiring. rep. speier: it is easier. dan: let me start with the timing of this. you've had a hall of fame career in public service, clearly. but, it must be, despite your desire to spend time with your family and be at home more, very difficult to leave the arena and leave so much work still unfinished. rep. speier: there's no question it is. i was on the house floor this afternoon talking with my colleagues and i felt like i was living through my funeral live. having them say such nice things. you don't expect to hear from your colleagues from time to time. certainly, but i will say -- i am not done with my voice being heard. i have a lot to say and contribute locally. i am just coming home. that is what this message is about. liz: you have been such an
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inspiration to women in particular. i'm thinking of your work with metoo and combating sexual assault in the military. when you think back on your decades in public service, what legislation are you most proud of? what do you hope your legacy is? rep. speier: that is hard to answer. i would say certainly the work i have done around women's issues are a key component. the state legislature, i had a series of bills that focused on child support enforcement and making sure court ordered child support was actually being paid. we went after the noncustodial parent who was a deadbeat. billions of dollars were returned to families because of that. phil had mentioned the high-speed, the baby bullet we were able to get $127 million and the financial privacy law that took four years to get passed in the state legislator but finally got passed and
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provided more protection to consumers relative to their financial information. along the way, that was how i learned to be able to never give up. because in congress, it has taken me 10 years, count it, 10 years to get the military sexual assault issue addressed. we are addressing in the national defense authorization act this year. phil: you are not the only person in washington who decided this is the time to move on and there's no secret things could be changing with the midterm elections. how did that play into your decision and to you see other possible members of the congressional delegation in california making the same decision? rep. speier: it had zero impact on my decision-making because i have actually served the majority of my time in congress under republican control. that didn't play a role.
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and, i would say to the other colleagues who may be considering retiring, it is a very personal decision. and i cannot begin to think how they are going to come to a conclusion about that. it took me four years to make this decision with a lot of prodding from my husband in particular who said it is time for you to be more than a weekend wife. he was right. 20 years of marriage and he spent 20 years with me home on the weekends. it was time for us to spend more time together, with our children, and all of my friends. it was a very personal decision. dan: we congratulate you on a tough decision and phenomenal career. we wish you all the best. rep. speier: oh, how nice of you. thank you all. dan: thank you for coming on with us. congresswoman jackie speier announcing her retirement today. we used the abc 7 news apt to break the news this morning. to get alerts like this, download the abc 7 news app for
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your phone. you can customize alerts to topics and places you are interested in. liz: moving onto to the latest coronavirus headlines. california's test positivity rate is at 2% right now, down slightly from two weeks ago. pfizer has requested emergency use authorization of a pill to treat covid-19. the company said the risk of hospitalization was dramatically reduced. the fda is expected to authorize pfizer vaccine booster shots for all adults as soon as thursday. the cdc will meet friday to talk about the efficacy and safety. several days ago, california health officials announced any adult who qualifies to get a booster as long as it has been six months since their last shot can get one, but it has been challenging for many to get appointments. abc 7 news reporter is part of our vaccine team and reached out to bay area counties to see where they stand regarding boosters. she joins us live. what did you find?
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luz: we are seeing high demand for booster shots and making an appointment has been challenging for many people. the cdc has a list of requirements you need to meet. and we have california saying anyone 18 and older who got their shots six months ago can get a booster. today, governor newsom made it clear once again. gov. newsom: if you have been vaccinated and it has been six months, now you can get a booster shot 18 and over. california is the first state to say get a booster shot. luz: the vaccines may be in abundance, but making an appointment to get a booster shot has been difficult for many. california has a more generous booster policy than the cdc, but the my turn website was not even ready. today, they announced brutish -- booster shot appointments will be available starting thursday. >> this was a decision without much notice. therefore, the wonderful people that help maintain these
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websites are not able to quickly -- be as quick as we want. luz: to get a booster shot, the cdc says the person has to meet one of these requirements. to be 65 or older. have an underlying medical condition. lvive in a long-term care facility or be at high risk at work. pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are following what the cdc recommends. creating a disconnect for californians, which means counties across the bay area are now having to explain where they stand. >> we are acknowledging this wider eligibility. luz: san francisco's department of public health said no one should be turned away if they feel they are at risk of covid-19. contra costa county's health officer says the cdc's guidelines were too complex. they are following the state. >> especially if we are going into the holidays, concerned about a winter surge, get a booster. we will not turn anyone away. luz: santa clara county is
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following california's guidelines. >> anybody who wants a booster will not be turned away from the county operated sites. luz: you can expect more booster eligibility expansions nationwide. government officials confirmed the fda may issue a guidance on both pfizer and moderna boosters for anyone 18 and older as soon as friday. liz: good to know, luz. i'm curious, what are the other setbacks bay area counties are potentially identifying as reasons for the lack of booster appointments before the holidays? luz: on april 15, california expended vaccine eligibility for everyone 16 and older. it has been over six months so there are millions of californians who are qualified to get a booster. at the same time, there are 3.5 million children ages five to 11 years old in california who can now get vaccinated. we are seeing two massive vaccine demands colliding. the staff for both groups are the same so we have to be patient. dan: good insight.
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it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. liz: breaking news out of concord.
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you can see this live video from sky 7. firefighters have knocked down a fire at an auto repair shop off monument boulevard. they reported some minor explosions and a lot of flammable materials at all tech auto care. the area of westbound monument at walters way is shut down. you can see the crews mopping this up. fire officials will be on scene for some time tonight to deal with this. dan: let's move on. the pandemic has drastically changed the future of workplaces across the country, especially in california. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, we are launching the kgo sequoia return to work project. our team has partnered with sequoia consulting group, that surveyed 500 companies across the u.s. to see how workplaces will look different this year. stephanie sierra is live with a closer look at some interesting
6:16 pm
results. stephanie: a majority of those companies surveyed are based in california and while we keep hearing californians are leaving the state in droves, this report suggests otherwise. going to work is and what it used to be. 300 montgomery street in san francisco. on the third floor, you will find the headquarters for a startup that helps people transition from renters to homeowners. while business is bustling, their home office is eerily empty. wendy went to submit this office will actually be filled with employees again? >> i don't know if we do. we find our employees love the flexibility. they only really want to come into the office once or twice a week. stephanie: she's the head of people. she said earlier in the pandemic, the company already downsized to an office space three times smaller because nobody was coming in.>> we havef
6:17 pm
our goals and doing great as a company. stephanie: promising results even though most days, the conference room sits empty. employees even moving out of the bay area. >> we have about 10% to 20% of our employee base relocating on an annual basis. stephanie: a survey of 500 companies across the u.s. found 42% are allowing employees to permanently relocate to any state, but are they really leaving? the majority, around 59%, indicated 1% to 10% of employees have actually moved to another state or country. >> that is not actually as many employees permanently relocating as i would have thought. stephanie: kyle works at sequoia as a vice president, overseeing changes in the workforce. 20% of companies relocating from the bay area say they will reduce or adjust salaries for employees moving to a lower cost of living area. whereas, 44% indicated salaries were warming the same. -- will remain the same.
6:18 pm
>> a pretty strong commitment from a large group of companies straight out of the gate. stephanie: the study also found only 27% indicated they would raise salaries for those moving to areas with a higher cost of living, with 37% saying they will pay the same, raising questions about employee turnover. >> there's a question as to whether or not employees will be sort of looking around. in some ways, employees probably have leverage the way they didn't have before. stephanie: leverage, especially when it comes to adapting to a hybrid work environment. sequoia's director of software solutions says the majority of the companies surveyed indicated that would be the norm. of the future . >> lesson unless companies are staying with the five days a week strategy and moving towards a hybrid mix once they returned their employees. stephanie: less than 5% of the company surveyed are making five days a week the standard for coming back to the office. the focus is on allowing more flexibility. that has been tony's mission.
6:19 pm
>> a lot of flexibly. gives you an opportunity to go for a walk instead of the commute they used to have. stephanie: his entire company is fully remote, which he says has helped attract quality candidates. >> we have been able to bring on teammates from all over the world who are confined to a single location. stephanie: other companies like a health care startup, good rx, says there is no subsidy for collaboration. all san francisco employees are expected back in the office by march. >> is a certain sense of fomo where they want to be part of it. stephanie: 75% of companies, a majority of which in california, are looking at a hybrid work model with no immediate plans to be 100% back in the office, even if it means for some -- >> they never want to come into the office again, we support that. stephanie: the office stays empty. most of the companies have indicated zoom and other similar
6:20 pm
apps will be used for the foreseeable future. several companies are even starting to implement programs that would help employees limit screen time to avoid zoom fatigue. it's really interesting to see these day-to-day changes but also what policies may look different moving forward. dan: absolutely fascinating, stephanie, to see where we are after this year and a half of covid. tonight's report you put together is the first of several you have done based on this survey. look ahead for us. stephanie: tomorrow, we will be focusing on whether companies are adhering to covid policies like vaccination requirements and what happens if employees are not complying. we dig into how companies are responding. more to come. dan: that is an interesting challenge. thank you. you would be able to see all of the stories we are doing this week online. check them out and share them with your friends. you will find them on liz: whether you are back in the office or still working from
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home, you will want to know the weather.
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liz: let's get a check of the weather. it sounds like we have some good news. dan: i really love the pattern. some rain, sun, more rain. spencer: i wish we could speed up the pattern a little bit and get a shorter distance between the rain events. let's look at live doppler 7.
6:24 pm
calm conditions and dry at the moment. it is a beautiful evening. this is looking back at the portion of the san francisco skyline where it is 57 right now. upper 50's in oakland. mid 50's at morgan hill and half moon bay. the view from east bay hills, a clear evening. the temperature readings, 58 at santa rosa. mid 50's in napa. 58 at concord. the view unobstructed by anyby a clouds, although we may get more clouds later tonight. gusty in the hills overnight with some patchy morning fog developing. a chance of showers into friday. that is the rain event we have been talking about and would like to have more than a little rain event but it looks dry and mild. overnight, we will see lots of high clouds and a few areas of
6:25 pm
fog developing. we will begin to see some clearing already and then through most of the day, bright skies even with the presence of high clouds. we will see low temperatures dropping mainly into the mid to upper 40's except for oakland and san francisco which will bottom out at 50 degrees. the coldest area will be the far north bay with lowe's in the low 40's. tomorrow, highs will be at 63 and half moon bay. around the bay shoreline, 67 degrees. inland areas will not get much above 68 so it will not be a very mild day but a pleasant one. late thursday night into friday, scattered showers starting first in north bay and late thursday night. less than 1/10 of an inch is expected in most areas. it will be breezy at times. starting at 8:00, between 8:00
6:26 pm
and 11:00 p.m., showers will become more widespread mainly north of the golden gate. overnight into friday, showers expand to other regions. this will not be a very heavy rain event at all. it will be over by friday afternoon. rainfall totals by late friday will probably under 1/10 of an inch for most locations but nearly a quarter of an inch in the wetter north bay locations. the seven day forecast, we get clearing on saturday and sunday. the mild and dry pattern will continue into the middle of next week. rain on thursday and friday and another dry spell coming our way. it will be beautiful. dan: thanks. criminal court is not the only option when you have been wronged. see how a san francisco business used a civil court to reach a resolution. liz: you will hear from a worker who witnessed this robbery at the mall. the thieves pulled off
6:27 pm
i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us
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through glass and steel jewelry. it happened less then 24 hours ago and the culprits have not been caught. for the first time, we are hearing from a witness who saw the whole thing happen. liz: it to just seconds. ryan curry has the story. >> new surveillance video shows an armed robbery in concord. >> a bunch of people coming in, six or seven people. >> edwin garcia was working across the hallway when it happened. >> we were just standing here stacking, and i was walking here and heard a noise. that is when i watched everything happen. i came out here, and i sat there and watched everything else. >> police say the incident was organized. they believe as many as nine people were involved in the robbery. and the suspects had everything planned out before. >> garcia said it happened fast. no more than a minute. they grabbed what they needed and once they did, they fled down that way. >> i think one of the workers
6:31 pm
was trying to grab somebody, but he chose not to. because you never know what can happen. and they ran away superquick. >> garcia had been working at the mall for seven months. it is common to see petty theft, but a robbery that planned out is surprising. he said if it happens again, he will not go anywhere near it. >> me personally, staying out of it. >> the robbers stole nearly everything in the store. the estimated worth of the stolen jewelry has not been determined, but police say it is substantial. the are treating this crime as grand theft. in concord, ryan curry. liz: that video truly dramatic. fed up with retail theft and the city's lack of response, a san francisco business taking a customer who they say stole from them to small claims court. the action is getting the business some money back i'm about costing them in the process. melanie woodrow has the story. >> it is a boutique with
6:32 pm
locations on fillmore, union, and valencia street. the co-owners say theft is a constant. >> in the past, every single police report we have ever filed for any kind of shoplifter or break an entry has never had any resolution. >> the blatant theft they experienced recently on fillmore street is not the norm. the co-owners says some repeat customers will take one or two items without paying for them. >> it is disheartening, because these are actual customers that come in. >> frustrated and fed up, they decided to approach one customer differently with a say stole from them in may and june. rather than filing a police report, they reached out to the customer. unable to agree on a settlement amount, they took the customer to small claims court. abc 7 news attended the hearing, but was not allowed to video it. the customers ultimately agreed to a 1120 one dollars settlement, covering the costs of two items, $800 for the timee
6:33 pm
the co-owners spent researching, and $65 in court fees. it did not cover the attorney fees though the co-owners would like it to. >> when there is a theft in our stores, this is what people don't understand. we have to halt our operations, we want to interview our staff, find out if this person has been in before, then we start the process of digging through tapes. >> the customer's attorney disagrees. >> there is no legal basis for the award of money for owners time getting ready to go to small claims court. the owners of this business have another agenda that they are working on here, making a political statement, an example of my client. >> as for what they learned going to small claims court to handle what has become a big problem in san francisco. >> for bigger companies, it is probably not worth their time. but we felt really strongly we had to take a stance on this. >> in san francisco, melanie woodrow.
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liz: there's a possible ban on chokeholds in the east bay. the alameda county board of supervisors is set to take up an important vote on whether they should end the use of chokeholds and pepper spray on youth taken into custody. abc 7 news reporter julian glover has the story. >> using chokeholds, known as a prone restraint and chemical sprays, like pepper spray, en in-custody death comes before the alameda county board of supervisors. the board of supervisors is expected to vote as the county works to establish a plan to meet the requirements of sba 23. it shifts responsibility for managing committed youth, how is that the state run division of juvenile justice, for serious crimes from the state to local county jurisdictions. a subcommittee created by the board has voted in favor of ending these tactics. county documents show the
6:38 pm
alameda county probation department is against the elimination of chemical and prone restraint. >> we saw that happen with the murder of george floyd. that was a prone restraint. it is shocking to many community members that we are still using those kinds of holds against children. >> county organizers with the free our kids coalition are urging the board to end the use of these tactics. >> we are the most "progressive," yet we are each traumatizing them in an environment that is supposed to be rehabilitating to them. >> we reached out to the county probation department for comment. a spokesperson was not available prior to the airing of this story. julian glover, abc 7 news. >> at last check, a decision is yet to be made by the board of supervisors. we will keep you updated on that decision. it comes out of the meeting. >> oakland teachers worried about a possible surge in covid cases. the union is asking the district to up its commitment to safety.
6:39 pm
a video taken of the cafeteria is pretty clear that there is not a lot of social distancing going on. there are fans to help circulate the air, but the union wants hepa scrubbers. the district says what it now has exceeds state recommendations. >> i think it makes sense to get as much outdoor equipment as possible so more students can be outdoors. >> all of this stuff put in place is protecting our kids. you see it because we haven't had any cases of covid at reach, using one example, since august. >> since the start of the school year, the school district has had hepa filters in every classroom. >> we don't have a lot of sunny days left in the forecast. that is good news. spencer is tracking rain before the weekend. seven-day forecast coming up. >> how are you saving for retirement? shark tank's mr. wonderful, kevin o'leary, says consider investing in watches.
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>> on wall street, a retail sales and a surprisingly
6:43 pm
strong consumer spending report gave markets a boost. the dow closed up nearly 55 points, ending at 36,001 42. nasdaq gained 100 when he points. s&p 500 was up 18. making a buck at the stock market is getting harder. stocks are richly priced. they don't pay very much. you should look for new places to stash your money. a different asset class, perhaps michael finney is here to suggest a wearable asset. >> investing is always a gamble. trying to stay in fashion is hardly easy. so it might seem like an odd idea to mix them together and call it an investment. that is exactly what one of the stars of the abc show shark tank is suggesting. the sharks, investors on shark tank, are certainly straight shooters. >> 20%. >> kevin o'leary, who bills himself as mr. wonderful, can be
6:44 pm
a tough investor. when he suggested putting money in a hard asset, it is worth checking out. he believes high-end watch brands can be a great investment. he is not alone. headlines about luxury watches have been shifting from focusing on fashion to highlighting investment potential. rolex daytonas outperformed stock market. five rolex watches to invest in during the second half of 2021. can you really make money buying a nice watch? >> it is a phenomenon right now. >> he keeps a close eye on watch prices. he owns san francisco bay's a andy watches. he says watches concentrating on preowned rolexes. this particular watch received a lot of attention when it sold at auction for $17.8 million. once owned by paul newman, all rolexes this style and vintage are called paul newmans. >> my last paul newman, i bought
6:45 pm
it about 20 years ago. cost me $15,000. the same watch today is about $450,000. >> that is exceptional, but not out of the ordinary. erik says he bought a preowned rolex divers watch, wore it for two years, and sold it again. >> the one i had went up significantly. i was able to sell it at a substantial profit. so it worked out well for me. >> so how do you get into this? buy preowned. if you have the money, buy a daytona like this. if you can't afford that, look for one of the divers watches. >> buy stainless steel, stop wearing it today, in 10 years, it is going to be way more expensive than what you spent today. buy a watch, but when you buy, buy a watch in good condition
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and with a warranty. >> before investing in anything, you need to know what you are doing. if investing in watches seems like a good idea, learn now, invest later. mr. wonderful has a great many youtube videos. if you want his take, he is into watches. dan: good stuff. thanks. liz: all of our recent rain and more to come is not going to quench the severe drought. in santa clara county, reservoirs are at historic lows. as abc 7 reported dustin dorsey explains, there's a new program to conserve water and save money. >> everyone claims they have the nicest yard on the block. but bob wells says it is not even a competition. >> as far as i'm concerned, our front yard is much more beautiful than the lawn. >> you look at the blue, that is beautiful. >> an engineer by trade, he saw
6:47 pm
a problem in his yard and stopped to fix it. he transformed his front yard into this drought friendly yard and added a solar synchronized irrigation system to control the amount of water he used on his nearly $200 off of his water bill annually. thanks to a rebate program, he also saved on the entire cost of his solar system and about half of his landscaping. >> that is the nice thing about it. not only are you conserving water, you're saving your own money. >> valley water wants to see more of these yards and are willing to pay for it. up to $3000 to do what he did, reduce the amount of water in your irrigation helps our drought conditions. about half of a home's use is landscaping. >> much of it is wasted. plants that are not suited to our climate. >> t residen tedo
6:48 pm
wely seen about a 7% reduction in water usage in santa clara county, despite the call for 15% water use reduction. more water from the homes can help combat the drought. >> although we have received rain in the last month or so, and the green foothills around us, people might think we are approaching the point to say we are no longer in a drought. we are in a severe drought. >> they are doing their part to help, and it looks good. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >> we can all make a difference. it looks fantastic. and you don't have to mow it. >> it looks great. we do have some rain on the the but not enough to end the drought. >> just enough to be a tease. clouds increasing. mainly high clouds with patches of low clouds forming. by midmorning, partial clearing with the bright skies for most of the day. overnight low temperatures will
6:49 pm
be cooler than last night. mainly the mid to upper 40's. the values will be chillier, in the low 40's. tomorrow's highs under bright skies from the low 60's at the coast to mid and upper 60's everywhere else. not like vc many seven degree readings. -- not likely to see many 70 degree ratings. friday will be the day when we see more widespread showers and a storm. storm of light intensity. then we start another dry spell over the weekend. it will be beautiful, sunny, and dry. >> at least we got that little bit of rain. thanks. liz: talking sports. >> this is spicy. early-season. warriors invading brooklyn. a possible nba finals preview?
6:50 pm
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>> abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> warriors took the best record into the game tonight. the blockbuster matchup. does not get much better than steph curry against kevin durant. given all of their history. all smiles before the game. gary payton the second had something else on his mind. draymond green with authority. what a find this kid has been. answers right away. the corner three. he has only 19 points thus far.
6:53 pm
the step back. you think you are guarding him. no. 37 an accounting. jonathan coming up. james harden said get out. final seconds of the half. andrew wiggins beating the buzzer. warriors up 63-58. tilting on the lead in the third. running the other way. jordan poole has thrown it down. looking at his defense going can we get back? andre goodall at over kevin durant. the warriors have just about blown this apart late in the fourth. 113-87. nationally manager of the year award going out. gabe kapler the runaway winner. we could ever in that script a month ago. maybe we did. after a giants record 107th -- 20 of the third place votes by the baseball writers of america. who did not vote for him i want
6:54 pm
their names. shattering all expectations. we thought they would be building. d him with an extension through 2024. cool to have the legend making the presentation. >> it was really awesome. i did not know he was going to be presenting the award on mlb network. he just sort of appeared on my screen. i was like there he is, that is probably a good sign. >> he led his team to a franchise victory, 107 wins. >> one of the greatest if not, the greatest manager in giants history. just kind of honored to be associated. he has been excellent with me. >> that is a fantastic moment. rays manager won the award in the american league. the 49ers saved their season last night. pounding the rams into submission. reminiscent of the super bowl
6:55 pm
run in 2019. ground and pound. they did that to the tune of 31-10. so good, he earned this new team chain they gave out to guys for the big play. he had 133 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns. beating them for the fifth straight time. squarely back in the nfc playoff picture. >> the necklace came from jv. he kind of got it for the team. whenever you make a play, you put it on. kind of felt good to go out here and get the win. the physicality he plays with every single snap. he can't score every single play. with a guy like that is amazing. >> his talent, the durability of the guy, route running ability. the mental capacity to keep everything in his head he has to do. it is really impressive. he has earned everything he's gotten. >> this is so cool. just before the game, george caddell signs a ball and jersey for this young fan.
6:56 pm
this little boy is going to arrive or this moment for the rest of his life -- going to remember this moment for the rest of his life. telling the whole story here. he is ready to explode. this is the best of what sports has to offer. what a moment. the kid will -- it made his life. 117-99 warriors. dan: christmas will be a letdown for that kid. thanks a lot. liz: thank you. coming up tonight starting at 8:00 p.m., the bachelorette, then queens at 10:00, and abc news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm liz kreutz. dan: i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your evening. we will see you tonight.
6:57 pm
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