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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 16, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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socks. jobina: i am not even wearing socks right now. mike: the dryer good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this tuesday morning, the flash flooding emergency overnight. state of emergency. dangerous flash flooding in the northwest. hundreds of people displaced. the coast guard airlifting a baby to safety. a greyhound bus with 30 on board carried into a ditch of floodwaters. winds at more than 90 miles per hour nearly blasting this 18-wheeler off a bridge. mudslides shutting down roads. ginger tracking the latest and the rescue efforts under way right now. judgment day. kyle rittenhouse's fate in the hands of a jury. deliberations set to begin this morning for the 18-year-old who killed two people, wounded a third as wisconsin braces for a verdict. boosters for all?
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with fears of a holiday covid surge now where all adults can get another shot. this as at least 17 states are seeing hospitalizations climb. plus, what dr. fauci is saying about family gatherings with thanksgiving just nine days away. tense standoff. with clashes at the border of belarus and poland, thousands of migrants stranded trying to cross. we are there live on the scene this morning. president biden signs his trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law. >> america's moving again and your life is going to change for the better. >> when will it get better for americans? this as president biden meets with china's president overnight. bracing for thanksgiving travel. gas prices still rising hitting an all-time high in california. will they keep climbing? and when you should reserve a rental car if you need one for the holidays. sole survivor. our abc news exclusive with the mother of the 11-year-old girl recovering from the plane crash that killed her dad. what he did that may have saved the little girl's life and how she's doing this morning.
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only on "gma." countdown to black friday. "gma" with an early look at the biggest deals from some of the biggest retailers, and the new warning about holiday scams. ♪ who's going to save the world ♪ and polar plunge. amy robach diving in to expedition antarctica with the coolest jump of all time and, listen up -- "gma" is taking you up close and personal with royalty. the emperor penguins are saying good morning, we think. ♪ we're gonna save the world tonight ♪ t.j., i didn't know you could speak penguin. >> yes, i learned that. part of my training here at abc. >> good morning, america. of course, amy is down in antarctica this morning. >> yeah, and there is the ship that's been taking them on their journey. there she is, fresh off a swim
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that she took not too long ago. yeah, you see polar plunges people do back here in the states. this was a real polar plunge. we'll see that and more from our "gma" expedition team coming up. first, we're going to begin with the flash flooding emergency in washington. hundreds of residents displaced. ginger, of course, tracking the historic flooding for us and the new threats, ginger, good morning. >> the atmospheric river turned into that concentrated fire hose right into the pacific northwest specifically northwestern washington state. so you had more than 16 inches of rain in just five days. record levels at rivers and approaching some records and still rising right now. overnight a flash flood emergency in the pacific northwest. more than 8 inches of rain in just 48 hours triggering rivers and then homes to flood. >> anybody wants to come pick us up and save us. >> reporter: this family north of seattle pleading for help on facebook climbing their furniture as water rages outside their home and another family and their dog saved by a front end loader.
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>> the water just came in fast, way faster than we were expecting so our house is in about four feet of water. >> reporter: a baby airlifted from the flood with four children and six adults plucked out of the flood by the coast guard. first responders say at least 500 people in that county alone displaced from their homes. winds gusting to 82 miles per hour nearly knocking this 18-wheeler off a 180-foot bridge. luckily the guardrail holding and the driver was able to escape. parts of interstate 5 shut down due to flooding and fear of mudslides and just across the canadian border hundreds of people including 50 children had to be rescued after two mudslides left them trapped on a highway between two debris fields. here's the good news, skies have dried a bit so they will see continued drying. however, you still have windy conditions and flood warnings because those rivers still have to rise after all that water falls in and they start to go downstream.
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we have winter weather advisories in parts of the cascades. that wind will head east into the rockies, so if you are driving 80, 90 up there, you can see denver, 24-mile-per-hour gust, rapid city could see a 30-mile-per-hour gust. >> okay, ginger, thanks. we're now going to get to the latest on the kyle rittenhouse trial. jury deliberations set to begin this morning and rittenhouse is facing possible life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges for killing two men, injuring a third during police shooting protests last summer. terry moran is tracking it in kenosha. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. the evidence is in, the arguments are over, and now the jury must decide, is kyle rittenhouse a killer? a young man, a teenager who brought a gun to protests in this city but who lost his nerve and just started shooting people, or did he act in self-defense against a mob? this morning, 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse's fate is in the hands of a jury as deliberations are set to begin. >> i charge you to keep your duties steadfastly in mind and as upright citizens to return just and true verdicts.
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>> reporter: in closing arguments the prosecution argued that it was kyle rittenhouse who was the real threat on the streets of kenosha that night, an active shooter who killed joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber and injured gaige grosskreutz. prosecutors point to this drone footage where ris tttenhouse pu down a fire extinguisher and raises his rifle. >> you're not allowed to run around and point your gun at people. this is the provocation. this is what starts this incident. you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> reporter: rittenhouse could be seen at times taking notes and in moments when graphic evidence was shown and reshown, some in the courtroom looked away. >> it's hard to look at, but this is what we're dealing with. when you fire an ar-15 at someone from close range, this is what it looks like. >> reporter: the defense taking their final opportunity to drive home its case that the then 17-year-old was not an active shooter but instead acting in
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self-defense pointing to an image of rittenhouse being kicked in the head. >> kyle was not an active shooter. that is a buzzword that the state wants to latch on to. whenever kyle was there, he reacted to people attacking him. >> reporter: earlier in a blow to the prosecution the judge dropped the misdemeanor weapons possession charge, but the now 18-year-old still faces five charges in total with a possible life sentence behind bars. the jury in this case has their work cut out for them. three separate shooting incidents to consider, lots of video evidence and witness testimony on each one, and lots of law. 36 pages of jury instructions. hard to predict juries but they could be a while. while many expect victory for one side or the other we could get a mixed verdict in this case. t.j.? >> terry moran for us, thank you so much. we want to turn to the latest on the fight against coronavirus. seven states now allowing boosters for all adults over the age of 18. they're doing this ahead of
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guidance from the federal government. our trevor ault is at a vaccination center in brooklyn. trevor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. as we head toward winter, several areas are starting to see alarming covid numbers specifically with hospitalizations and now more and more states simply don't want to wait for the official authorization to start getting all adults a booster shot. this morning, as a potential surge looms over the upcoming holidays, more states are making the push to get all vaccinated adults a booster shot. >> if you're in doubt, get the darn booster. thanksgiving is bearing down on us here. this is something, you know, getting as many people boosted between now and the holidays is really important. >> reporter: new york, new jersey and arkansas joining the four other states now offering widespread booster access no longer waiting for the fda or cdc to sign off. >> we want more people to get their booster shot. >> reporter: the decisions come
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in the midst of some already alarming numbers. 17 states seeing hospitalizations climb 10% or more in the past week. crowded travel and indoor gatherings could further fan the flames in the weeks ahead though dr. anthony fauci says vaccinated families can celebrate safely. >> if you get vaccinated and your family is vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving, christmas with your family and close friends. >> reporter: but in many areas vaccination efforts are still lagging behind and could hinder containment efforts in places like los angeles county where doctors there are worried they are not on track to hit the goal of 80% of people 12 and up fully vaccinated by the end of december. and remember pfizer has already requested authorization to get a booster shot to all fully vaccinated adults and that authorization could come soon, but it would only apply to people who have received the pfizer shots. george? >> okay, trevor, thanks.
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we'll go overseas to the tense standoff at the border of belarus and poland. thousands of migrants are stranded as belarus milit milit forces are there. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is there with the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. that's right. there have been ongoing clashes at the border in the last couple of hours with some migrants throwing stones and bricks as well over the border fence towards the polish authorities. polish security forces returning fire with water cannons. we've seen stun grenades and tear gas used but it's unclear by whom. hundreds of migrants many from the middle east have been trapped here for weeks after being flown into belarus and deliberately misled about being allowed to cross over here into the eu. the eu authorities accuse the leader of belarus of using them as pawns in his own dispute over sanctions to try to create this crisis on europe's doorstep but with the weather here dropping to below zero, many of
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them are freezing without enough food, without enough shelter and some migrants are telling us they're being incited to violence by the belarusian authorities to foment this sense of crisis. there have been a handful of deaths here. europe is refusing to let them cross and as winter is starting to set in, the situation is looking bleak. george? >> what a cynical and sad situation. ian, thanks very much. robin? back here at home president biden signing that bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill saying the message is america is moving again. let's go to our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega. cecilia, when will communities start to see the impact of the bill that was just signed? good morning. >> reporter: hi, robin. that is the big question right now. officials say some money will go immediately out to ports and airports and roads to start projects. this is a big one. the governor of new york says residents in that state won't have to see increases in fare hikes on the subway or cuts in services because they're expecting such a big windfall in this infrastructure cash. let me give you a sense of where the white house is focused.
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president biden is traveling to new hampshire today. he will be visiting a bridge that's been on a red list because it's in such horrible condition. you can see it there. tomorrow he's headed to detroit visiting gm's electric vehicle assembly plant. look, no coincidence these are in two battleground states given the president's sinking approval ratings. the strategy for him is to got out there and convince americans that they will benefit directly from this new law. you ask that question, robin, i pushed the white house, when are most americans going to see the impacts? they say this plan isn't meant to be like the short-term stimulus plans that we've seen in the past, that we are talking about a long game here and you know this, many of these projects, robin, like clean water and widespread internet access, that's going to take a long time for communities to see. >> it will, and overnight president biden had that meeting with china's president. it went longer than expected, cecilia. >> reporter: yeah, it sure did. 3 1/2 hours on both sides. look, these are two leaders who have known each other a long
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time and covered afghanistan to north korea, iran, these tensions with taiwan, climate change, of course. interestingly the white house says that trade wasn't a major topic but, robin, one senior administration official says it was respectful, straightforward and open. there was some progress made in terms of the conversation and the number of issues that they covered but no major breakthroughs here, robin. >> no major breakthroughs. all right, cecelia, covering the white house for us, as always, thank you. t.j.? we turn to the uk raising its terrorism warning to its second highest level following that cab explosion you're seeing there in liverpool. the explosion captured on video. the driver being hailed as a hero for quick actions. james longman live in liverpool with the latest. james, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, t.j. britain is now at its second highest terror alert level after that attack that played out in liverpool women's hospital. the images are extraordinary. all caught on cctv. you can see the car, the taxi pull up. moments later it explodes and the roof rips off, debris flying all over the car park. the driver manages to jump out, a security guard rushes to his
7:14 am
aid but all attention on the passenger of that car. he is thought to have brought the homemade bomb to this hospital. 32-year-old emad al swealmeen is understood to be an asylum seeker with a history of mental illness. no idea why he brought the bomb here or when it exploded when it did. police are searching a number of addresses in the area and have let off a controlled explosion at one of those addresses. the driver is being hailed as a hero because he may even have locked the back doors of the car thereby locking him in and stopping the attack from getting any worse. his wife has been on social media. she's dismissed him as a hero saying he's just lucky to be alive saying guardian angels are certainly looking over him and i can tell you what, guardian angels were looking over this place. this is a mother and baby unit, the bomb went off right outside. this could have been a lot, lot
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worse. robin? >> it certainly could have, james, thank you. now to gas prices soaring. just ahead of what's expected to be a busy travel season on the roads, california hitting an all-time record high. kaylee hartung joins us now from a gas station there in west hollywood. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. can you see that or maybe i should ask can you believe that? right here in the middle of l.a. a regular gallon of gas will cost you $5.09. californians are really feeling the pain at the pump getting worse. it's already the most expensive gas in the country and now prices here are breaking new records hitting an average of $4.68 per gallon. gas prices have been climbing across the country as global demand grows, crude oil prices are higher and suppliers can't keep up. the national average for a gallon is now $3.41. that's up $1.29 from a year ago and experts warn prices could continue to rise especially with thanksgiving ahead. aaa forecasts more than 53 million people will travel for
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the holiday, about 90% of them will drive. that's more than 48 million people on the road. we are looking at travel volumes hitting prepandemic levels and a big increase from last year, the highest single year increase in travel since 2005. >> we've been hearing about people failing to rent cars. what is the supply and how high will those prices go? >> reporter: yeah, robin, the prices are high. the travel website kayak says the average rental car price is now up 66% over last year and 75% from pre-pandemic days. aaa reports the average daily rate is close to $100. with the most expensive places to rent cars being new york and hawaii. and as far as supply goes, shortages are still a problem so if you need to make that expensive reservation do it sooner rather than later. >> okay, kaylee, sooner rather
7:17 am
than later. thank you. george? it's time for our black friday countdown. retail giants are announcing deals for the holidays. rebecca jarvis is here with the details. hey, rebecca. >> hey, george. nice to see you. those supply chain issues are showing up everywhere. labor shortages as well. many retailers have already kicked off holiday sales because of that but expect to see some of the deepest discounts of the season starting next week and running through cyber monday, november 29th. amazon, target and walmart just announced some of their doorbuster deals for black friday favorites including small appliances, tvs and laptops. target has the xl air fryer for $99, $100 off. walmart has a 70-inch tv for $398, a savings of $255 and amazon is promising up to 30% off laptops. plus with the chip shortage squeezing gadgetmakers the most there should be lots of nonelectronic deals like clothing, furniture and shoes. keep in mind with price inflation and those supply squeezes hitting many areas the discounts this year may not be as deep as in years past.
7:18 am
>> some are still significant right there. what about small retailers? >> that's always a good idea. shop your local retailer and this year especially if you're struggling to find what you want don't forget that shopping small is a good idea. i've been speaking to a number of small retailers. while it's true they are facing many of the same challenges being small means they can be more nimble and get what you need. >> thank you. you'll be back in our next hour with more deals dropping right now. we have a lot more coming up on "gma," including our exclusive interview with the mother of the 11-year-old girl, the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her father. expedition "gma," yes, amy meeting royalty. yes, the penguins known as the email poor emperors of antarctica. first let's go back to ginger. >> we'll get that tuesday trivia sponsored by jcpenney.
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antarctica. it's a long trip. >> we're not surprising t.j. at all. >> we'll be right back.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. a major announcement from jackie spear. she will not be seeking reelection in the u.s. house. we broke that news to you at 6:00. she currently serves on the peninsula and part of san francisco. her career stretches from the jonestown massacre to the january 6 insurrection. she spoke to us about that decision. the interview is available at how is traffic doing? jobina: we have a very foggy look. traffic on 600 80 is crawling.
7:24 am
this is the standard now when we hit around 7:00. heads up to anyone who has been to walnut creek. we have standstill traffic on the san mateo bridge. no reason why, just traffic. kumasi:
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10.
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through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. advisory for the north bay, this goes until 11:00. this ability could be dangerously low, especially at high speeds. it could be a quarter-mile or even less than that. here's a look at our current. other than that, we've got some marine layer clouds. that is going to fade away quicker than yesterday. there is a chance of rain thursday into friday. reggie: common up, the mother of the 11-year-old girl who
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this black friday, do you want a tv? or do you want. the place on the tv? ♪ fresh flavors... classic dishes... ♪ and a new seat at the table. ♪
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♪ i want your loving ♪ ♪ i want your loving ♪ ♪ you and me could write a bad romance ♪ of course, that is lady gaga and "bad romance." this morning she's talking "house of gucci." oscar buzz. plus, she tells us the best thing that's happened to her this year. that is coming up in our next hour. >> we are looking forward to that. following a lot of headlines this morning, including the state of emergency in washington state. there are dangerous flash floods displacing hundreds. winds at more than 90 miles an hour and this 18-wheeler nearly taken off a bridge there. also, fears of a holiday covid surge. new york, new jersey, arkansas
7:31 am
joining four other states now offering widespread booster access. they're no longer wait for the fda or cdc to sign off. overseas austria is taking the most extreme measure placing a lockdown on people who aren't vaccinated with covid cases surging in many european countries. tensions are rising in the ahmaud arbery trial. a judge rejected the defense lawyer's request for a mistrial. this came after reverend jesse jackson was there in court with arbery's family. the defense is taking some issue with his presence, saying it might sway the jury. a scare for the international space station. you don't want a story to start like that russia carried out a missile test firing an anti-satellite missile into space, obliterating one of its own satellites and that created a crass debris field that is now orbiting earth. some of that debris coming dangerously close to the international space station which is currently carrying four u.s. astronauts. the crew had to shelter for nearly two hours until they were given the green light. >> can you imagine? >> having to shelter in the
7:32 am
space station because of debris? everybody is okay. we got a lot more ahead including expedition "gma" and expedition robach introducing us to the rulers of antarctica, the emperor penguins that is. that's coming up. also, before you go shopping, we'll reveal the top three of the better business bureau's top scams of christmas. that's coming up. robin? right now, t.j., we have that abc news exclusive. 11-year-old laney perdue was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her dad. this morning, we're hearing from her mother about how her husband may have saved their daughter. she spoke with our gio benitez. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. this is a mother who's mourning the loss of her husband while celebrating her daughter's survival and believes what saved her life was a father's hug. she's a woman caught between a tragedy and a miracle. christie perdue opening up from outside the hospital where her 11-year-old daughter laney is recovering. the sole survivor of a plane crash that claimed the life of
7:33 am
her father and three others. >> christie, first tell us how the laney doing. >> she has a long road ahead of her. she has five broken bones in random places but she is amazing and she's inspiring us all. >> reporter: with that smile, there are tears. saturday afternoon laney and her father mike were on a commuter plane which takes people on and off beaver island in michigan when it crashed. christie believes her husband who was known for his warm hugs may have saved their daughter's life. >> laney told me in the hospital that her last memory is that dad just grabbed her and held her really, really tight and in my heart i know that it protected her. >> reporter: christie says laney has injuries only on one side of her body. >> i belvehat it would make sense to me if her injuries were on the one side her other side
7:34 am
was with her dad and he was holding her. >> reporter: a coast guard helicopter was in the air for training around the time of the crash. they heard the alert and spotted the debris. the helicopter airlifted laney to the hospital. >> what was that like, that moment when you were able to hold your daughter after all of this? >> i ran into the hospital because you don't know. they don't tell you anything, you know, and i didn't know if there was burns or if she hit her head or she was going to walk and she just said, hi, mom. hi, mom. so i just knew at that moment that that part was going to be okay. >> reporter: and overnight the beaver island community holding a candlelight vigil for those who did not survive. despite the crash, christie says she and laney will get on those commuter planes again. >> we will fly again and we will be there and we will be home again. he would want us all to just share his memory but make sure his babies were good. >> reporter: just an incredibly strong woman and we should tell
7:35 am
you a close family friend has launched a gofundme page for the perdue family. i just checked and so far this morning they've already raised $76,000 for the family. christie told me she's just overwhelmed by all of the love and support. guys? >> it is so overwhelming. gio, thank you for your sensitivity in bringing that to us and, of course, our thoughts are with laney and with the families who lost loved ones in that crash. >> certainly are. want to turn here now on "gma" to our expedition, expedition antarctica. part of the abc news "saving tomorrow series" and, of course, our amy robach there to show us how the continent keeps the rest of the world afloat and the wondrous creatures you are meeting. so you meet some folks down there, robes. >> reporter: oh, yeah, just a few. we're on the way to paulette island. it's our last stop before heading back into the drake
7:36 am
passage and home. remember yesterday when i was so excited to bring you that rare sighting of a cluster of 20 emperor penguins. what i didn't know then is that it was just the beginning of what veteran naturalists have described as a truly miraculous experience on ice. take a look. along the coast of antarctica sea ice blankets the open water. it's so thick that it can be a resting place or home for the continent's majestic animals. wow, walking on the frozen ocean. we stepped on to the ice to get a closer look and off in the distance we can see and hear emperor penguins. >> we have now seen scores of emperor penguins throughout the day. we're lucky to see one. maybe one in five trips we might see one emperor penguin. >> reporter: the largest of all penguin species they are rarely spotted because they mate early in the season migrating before conditions suit
7:37 am
human travel. as our team walked back to the ship, something incredible happened. two emperors approached coming r te takg care to stay 15 er. feet away.waddled up. it seemed like they were checking us out. shaking its head, this just the latest incredible encounter we've had here with lindblad expeditions. earlier we were visited by a pod of 17 killer whales. the orcas swimming alongside our ship, the national geographic "endurance." >> there's the baby. >> reporter: including two calfs that are less than a year old. photos taken from the deck show their distinct markings and are now being placed into a citizens science database to help identify them should they be spotted again. but warming temperatures are a canary in a coal mine. >> antarctica is the air conditioner of the world. >> reporter: professor of earth
7:38 am
science joe holiday says seasonal sea ice, essential to maintain these animals habitats has reduced by 30% just in his lifetime. not only that rising temperatures have accelerated the pace of icebergs breaking off from glaciers and as they melt, sea levels rise impacting everyone back home. >> if all the ice in antarctica melted the sea level would rise about 200 feet and that -- >> it could wipe out many cities. >> and states, florida, louisiana, entire states. >> reporter: it was truly an emotional day to experience something that majestic up close and personal and by the way we stayed 15 feet distance from them and they just came right up to us. but i'm very excited, guys, to show you next what i did yesterday. as promised, i jumped into the southern ocean. it was 28 degrees. it was cold but i did it. can't wait to share that with
7:39 am
you coming up in just a bit. >> she looks cold this morning. >> i know. i know, i know. >> thanks, amy. coming up next the top holiday scams from santa. we'll tell you what you need to know. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... ...with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar... in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away
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get under armour shoes - just $59.99. the more you need aarp. silver jewelry for $19.99. and sweaters for $29.99! plus, take an extra 15% off or even more with a kohl's card. kohl's. back now with "gma's" holiday scam alert. the better business bureau released its naughty list the 12 scams of christmas, detailing all the ways consumers
7:43 am
can get duped during the holiday season. rebecca jarvis is back with the top three scams to watch out for. talk about the most common threat right now. >> george, the most common threat is a year round threat but it's especially a problem now. social media scams, george, they can cost you in many different occurrences and 20% of people who get involved in these social media scams lose money. that is one in five people who get involved in a social media scam end up losing money, george. >> let's run through the roll day scams. the third most common. >> so the most common scam is -- or excuse me -- the third most common scams are these holiday app scams. children chatting live with santa claus, doing things like feeding a reindeer, lighting a menorah. the issue here is the privacy issues, ads that collect personal data. they put children's safety at risk and in turn the things that you can do to make sure you're safe on these is check the privacy policies. be cautious of free apps and think before you download.
7:44 am
when you download these apps, there should be a privacy policy on the page when downloading them. if it doesn't exist don't download it. >> number two, social media gift exchanges. >> these gift exchanges can be anything from a wine gift exchange, there's one giving santa's secret dog a gift. these are not gift exchanges among your friends. these are gift exchanges on social media among people you don't know. red flags are that they ask for personal information, they ask for money. gifts are sent to strangers, not to people you know. here's what you need to do. ignore it in the first place. if you see it, you can report it to the better business bureau and ftc. be wary you could put your credit card information out there because you think you're dealing with someone friendly. truth is, it is a con artist. >> the top danger of social media? >> the top danger of social media are these companies misrepresenting themselves on social media everything from charities to items that you
7:45 am
might purchase. it shows up in your feed. it says things like we're offering you a free trial. it isn't really free. you have to do your research. search for previous complaints and use good judgment, george. if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. >> always good advice, thanks very much. we're on alert for holiday scams. we'll have more that you need to watch out for later this week. t.j.? our "play of the day" is up next. that water is 28 degrees so, of course, robach wants to go for a swim. stay with us.
7:46 am
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♪ who's gonna save the world ♪ ♪ who's gonna save the world ♪ we are back now with our "play of the day" and something no one on this set would dare do but amy robach would do it. she took a polar plunge. >> t.j., have you done it? >> no, i have not. i have no desire to do it. not at all. i am not criticizing you all for it. amy robach, please, how was your swim? >> reporter: okay, so i'll set it up for you. before we took the plunge we got the readings. the air temperature with windchill was negative 9 degrees fahrenheit and the water temperature was 28 degrees fahrenheit which in some ways defies logic because, yes, it was below freezing but because it's salt water and it was moving i had the opportunity to jump into subfreezing temperature of water. and so, yes, i was very, very nervous. i think we have the video of me and the good news is because it was so cold, i got in there
7:50 am
pretty quick and then i got out real quick. take a look. see how fast i got out of there. okay, so here's the deal, here's what i wasn't expecting. you guys are laughing. my lungs constricted and i started hyperventilating when i got out of there. it took me a couple minutes to be able to breathe normally again. it literally took my breath away. they give you hot chocolate when you get out. my hand was shaking so hard the hot chocolate was spilling all over me. they say that you're supposed to feel better afterwards. i just felt total relief and i guess i have bragging rights if you can call them that. >> yes, she does have bragging rights. you can have those, robes. good stuff as always. we'll see you. >> reporter: all right. we're counting down to thanksgiving. becky worley showing us some turkey day meal kits. plus chef patty will show us how to give traditional sides a
7:51 am
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7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> i am reggie. here is to be no with the traffic. -- here is jobina with the traffic. >> the 608 has been our problem spot with stop and go traffic. it has been foggy. traffic finally moving on the san mateo bridge westbound. we were looking at standstill traffic. a couple of delays. >> thank you. fog is the big issue again. dense fog advisory for north bay valleys, east bay valleys until 10:00. the most dangerous is petaluma, three quarters at that station. sunshine and high clouds through the afternoon. mid to upper 60's. chance of rain thursday and friday. >> coming up on gma, black
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. dangerous flash floods in the pacific northwest. hundreds of people displaced. the coast guard airlifts a baby to safety. winds at more than 90 miles an hour nearly blast this 18-wheeler off a bridge. ginger tracking the latest. black friday countdown. a sneak peek at some of the doorbuster deals from top stores plus one exclusive bargain only on "gma" this morning. ♪ one-on-one with lady gaga. the superstar getting all the applause for "house of gucci." >> bravo. >> now what she's saying is the best thing that happened to her this year. ♪ shut up and dance ♪ reaching for the stars. "dancing" reaching new heights as we roll into the final four with a stunning double elimination. who will be carrying on to make
8:01 am
their move for the mirror ball trophy? ♪ looking for some hot stuff ♪ thanksgiving meal kit. first we tried it for you. how they work and when to buy. plus, chef pati jinich is here. she's showing us simple tricks to spice up your turkey day. a slam dunk tuesday. dwyane wade is live in times square and he is saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ get the party going on the dance floor ♪ >> thank you. poor fonsi. we're doing this and he's trying to get our attention. we hear you, fonsi. we're here. good morning, america. good to have dwyane wade here live. his new memoir shows another side of the nba great and we have a big question for you, my man, how did he score those tickets to the adele concert? we want to know. >> hey, this is d-wade and gabrielle union, we'll take row one, seats seven and eight
8:02 am
please. thank you. counting down to thanksgiving, nine days away. we have chef pati jinich here to show us how to pump up your side dishes. all right. >> that is all coming up. we begin with ginger and that flash flood emergency. hundreds have been displaced and ginger checking new threats. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, george. you know, how do you get to the point where you're being with your family, rescued with a front loader and your dog on there too? you get 16 inches of rain in just five days. that's how you do it. those record levels of rivers are just still cg the pacific . there were rescues by the coast guard of this family including a baby out of the floodwater out of their car there and then this one, this was terrifying, a facebook live where a family is inside their home watching the water rise so rapidly, first responders, huge hugs for them because they got them out. the debris flow, parts of i-5 were shut down thanks to the mud that came in and in parts of canada as well so rivers near record or still rising so we still have flood warnings around but have those winter weather advisories up in the mountains.
8:03 am
>> okay, ginger, thank you. now more on those black friday deals. retailers are days away from dropping some of their biggest bargains of the season. becky worley will join us with some of the doorbuster we can expect to see. good morning, becky. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we've been waiting to see those doorbuster deals in this weird supply chain vortex and they are out. this is important. these are the deals that go live on or around thanksgiving. so we want to get started with tvs, a staple of the historical doorbuster deals. target with a 65-inch tv for $299, $350 off. side note, usually we talk about small off brand tvs, 30, 40 inches but this year so far it's about really big tvs, 65 inches and up. that's where we're seeing the discounts. amazon offering tech deals amazon offering tech deals
8:04 am
promising up to 50% off their fire hd tablets and streaming tv sticks. walmart with the apple airpod pro air pods for $159, a $38 discount, robin. we are seeing the savings. >> good, good, good and you have an exclusive announcement for our wonderful viewers, becky. >> reporter: yeah, this comes from the fact that best buy has not yet dropped their doorbuster info for thanksgiving and black friday but will announce them soon. the kicker they really want you to shop early and as a result, their deals will go live this friday, november 19th. one exclusive deal they offered us friday you can score a chromebook with four gigs of memory for just 99 bucks, 120 off the suggested price, 20 bucks cheaper than anywhere else that's listed online. i have to tell you there are a lot of good deals available right now so poke around, do your research. go forth and save, robin. >> go forth and save. if they really want us to shop early, who are we? we'll do that. thank you, becky, as always. all right, coming up here
8:05 am
"dancing with the stars," the final is set. who is going home? who is the favorite now to take on that mirror ball trophy. michael sat down with lady gaga talking about the oscar buzz for her new movie, "house of gucci." she'll also reveal the best thing that happened to her this year. and lara is upstairs, 'tis the season for holiday fashion, right, lara? >> it sure s it is already that time of year here with the wonderful melissa garcia with great ideas to add glam, sparkle you can work into any kind of holiday celebration. we'll have all that for you and so much more coming up on "good morning america." ♪ hanging on a moment with you i'm on the edge with you ♪
8:06 am
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8:10 am
i oo. how about a little "pop news," lara. >> you got it. how about we start with "dancing with the stars." an incredibly emotional night. not only did the stars get a chance to redo their most difficult dances of the season, they also had to perform very challenging contemporary pieces then it happened. a dramatic double elimination that had everyone in shock.
8:11 am
let's take a look >> that was the best contemporary dance we've ever seen on the show. >> reporter: a record-making night in the ballroom followed by a shocking semifinal surprise, a double elimination. votes leaving melora and artem out of the competition. the judges saying good to suni and saving amanda kloots. >> hard to choose. i have to go with amanda. >> all right. we have a majority. three for amanda and alan who are safe. >> reporter: jojo, cody and amanda making the final cut, competing for the mirror ball before the big reveal. a night of heated competition and redemption. >> i tell you what, that was bloody brilliant. >> reporter: the stars saying good-bye sharing thoughts on their journey. >> "dancing with the stars" is going to be something i remember forever. i mean it's helped me come out of my shell and be able to perform and just be comfortable in my own skin and happy with who i am. >> it's been incredible. i wouldn't take back one minute, one bruise, one, you know, one whatever. every minute has been
8:12 am
incredible. >> reporter: just one week left before the final four give everything they have to win it all and take home that coveted mirror ball trophy. ooh, it's heating up. next monday is the big "dancing with the stars" finale. don't miss it 8:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 central on abc and then right afterwards all the finalists plus a fan favorite will fly all night long to be right here for our "dancing with the stars" after party. get on your dance shoes, everybody. >> whoo! >> poor george. you always pick on him about that. >> i just love him so much. all right, also in "pop news" this morning, we're seeing red this morning thanks to taylor swift's rerecorded version of her album "red." she rereleased the album friday and early this morning she gave fans even more. a brand-new video for the song "i bet you think about me," taylor's version, which did not appear on the original album. even better, the new video was
8:13 am
directed by taylor's best friend, none other than actress blake lively. it also co-stars her friend actor miles teller. take a little peek. ♪ i bet you think about me ♪ ♪ ♪ i bet you think about me ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ >> she's sounding country there. i love that. so good. swift praises blake's directorial debut and she got in on the directing as well. taylor at the helm of the short film that she did for her ten-minute version of "all too well" that's gotten 30 million views on youtube. she is magic. guys, it's "red (taylor's version)" streaming everywhere right now and it is a good listen. finally serena williams hit the red carpet with her mini-me for the "king richard" premiere
8:14 am
in los angeles where she called will smith playing her father and coach incredible and now will is turning the tables. smith taking over his wife jada's show "red table talk" to sit down with the williams family and serena opening up about how her mom handled their very intense childhood. >> my dad at one point was working and then he stopped. he's like this is what we're going to do. i'm not going to have a job. >> whoa. >> and i'm going to go with venus and serena and train them every day. she had to support seven people, as a family of seven. so to have that faith and to have that back end support, we wouldn't have survived without that. >> that's the truth. she is an amazing woman. will smith's "red table talk" takeover streams tomorrow on facebook and "king richard" getting a lot of buzz hits theaters friday. we have two of the stars of the movie joining us later this week. looking forward to talking to them. cannot wait to see this movie.
8:15 am
>> i saw it. i saw it. it's so good. >> kelly said it was fantastic. >> i'm in. >> glad they gave the momma so love. >> she's worked so hard and is a lovely woman as you know. >> i do. now our "gma" cover story. lady gaga telling us about one of the most anticipated performances of the season starring in "house of gucci." se sat down with michael to talk about the past year, preparing for the role to performing at the inauguration to love. >> it was a name that sounded so sweet. >> reporter: lady gaga is stunning audiences once again. >> they had it. style, power. who wouldn't kill for that? >> reporter: in the highly anticipated "house of gucci" starring as patrizia reggiani. >> i subscribe to unconventional punishment. >> reporter: the then heiress to the fashion empire. >> at least it's my name on the mug, not yours. >> our name, sweetie. >> the movie is not even out yet, but you're getting best
8:16 am
actress oscar buzz. how does that feel? >> it's wonderful to be in the oscars conversation and also by nature i'm more competitive with myself than i am with other people but i feel really blessed and very honored to be in this movie. >> reporter: the electric love story between maurizio gucci and patrizia turns into a tale of jealousy, revenge and even murder. >> there was a lot in the media that was sensationalized about how she was this gold digger and about how she killed for greed and money. i believe it was love and i believe it was survival. >> this is not an imitation, it's a becoming. >> i spent six months working on her accent. >> father, son and house of gucci. >> i spent a lot of time talking myself.y just as stephanie, - then i did all the research into who she was as a person. i didn't want to meet her because i could tell very quickly that this woman wanted to be glorified for this murder
8:17 am
and she wanted to be remembered as this criminal. >> so you never met her? >> no, i didn't want to co-collude with something that i don't believe in. you know, she did have her husband murdered. >> reporter: this proud italian american hopes this role makes her family and italians proud. >> it's time to talk out the trash. they're poison. they're an embarrassment to this company and everybody knows it. >> i was in milan doing a television show. when he told me he was so impressed with my accent and that italian people were impressed with my accent, yui couldn't think of a higher honor. >> reporter: lady gaga is an incredible force and has had an incredible year, starting with president biden's inauguration. >> that was a real honor. i have a lot of complicated feelings about this country.
8:18 am
i think the whole country felt complicated. we have to figure out how to do this together. >> is it true you wore a bullet proof dress. >> yeah. in some ways it was the safest place in the world. in other ways it seemed the most dangerous. i just wanted to be prepared. ♪ at least i'm alive ♪ >> you released your sixth studio album last year. you said you wrote it while you were going through a very hard time physically and emotionally. >> when i made it i was pushing myself to write music. i was really sad. i didn't even want to create. i think that that as a performer is a real signal that something is off. the album for me was a way i danced through all my pain. >> i know you had the incident with your dog. >> we're back with the investigation of the shooting of
8:19 am
lady gaga's dog walker. >> i'm curious, coming through that, did that change the way you look at life? >> in addition to being so grateful that my dogs are alive, i'm so grateful that my friend ryan fisher is alive. the fact that he was shot was so outrageous and painful and i pray for his healing all the time. it also reminds me in a lot of ways i have it really, really good. i need to stay grounded in that gratitude. >> reporter: before we ended a lightning round. >> what's your biggest strength? >> my heart. >> what's the best thing that happened to you this year? >> love. >> i love love. >> i love love too. >> you're smiling. >> i think relationships are really important. realness is one of the best things that happened to me this year. >> find the one and be who you are. >> reporter: for what's next on her bucket list, well, what's left?
8:20 am
change the world of course. >> i would like to spend the next decades of my life learning how to vocalize myself and those who are watching to build a kinder and braver world. >> you can see more of michael's interview with lady gaga tonight on nightline. ginger? >> robin, thank you. indiana flirting with winter. that was the end of the weekend. that cold air has rushed in. we're about to go on a ride. 10 to 15 degrees below average. windchills this morning hanging around freezing from since to washington, d.c. don't worry, you're about to bubble up with the temps
8:21 am
we have three-time nba champion and a crew member who just escaped getting on camera. >> that was a good move. >> that was. dwyane wade is here talking about his new memoir, "dwyane." welcome back to "gma." i know this memoir has been a passion project. tell us about it. >> it has. it has. you know, i've been working on it for the last three years but, you know, this is something that's probably been in the making since i was, you know, 9 years old, since i was a kid. and, you know, thinking about coming out with this book, you know, what i wanted to do was show the human side of the athlete. you know, we're on tv and looked
8:22 am
at as super heros, but there's a human side to it. for me being an image for someone for little dwyane that's 6, 7, 8 years old is important. michael jordan was an image for me when i was young. he came out with the book "rare air." i remember being a kid and flipping through it and was like jordan actually plays with his kids. he actually plays -- having an image is very important for a kid like myself coming from the inner city chicago. so i wanted to be an image. >> i'm glad you did. how did you get into the adele theory? t.j. has one theory. >> one theory, you called and said this is dwyane and gabrielle union. we'll take seven or eight on row 1. >> that would have been a boss move right there. i'm going to go with that story. >> we have this picture. could this have something to do with it? well, no. >> we got a close up? >> no, there. >> ah, yes. >> dressed up as adele. >> so my wife actually told rich paul who's a good friend, she told him at the concert, she was
8:23 am
like, listen, something is coming on halloween. just letting you know something is coming. be prepared. they were great sports about it. they reached out to us and had a great laugh. we wanted to pay some respect to an iconic duo who are friends of ours as well. >> well, you did that. you did that. can i just say how beautiful the book is? it really is. how it's laid out and love the photo of your last game and your little one. you're holding her. and can i also say -- i do follow her on social. she's 3 now. that side eye. she's got that side eye look down. >> listen, i am in trouble. you know like you hear it. you hear her, you get a little girl and it's to the point where she be like -- i think the other day i went in her room and kissed her and said, bye, baby, i'm going to work and had to come back in the house and she
8:24 am
seen me and gave me that eye, daddy, go to work and i was like, i'm getting it already. >> at 3. >> to be able to have these photos, that was something that was important for me as my career was going so fast and i was able to, you know, find a friend who became a photographer and biographer who shot over 200 photos in that book and for him to be able to get these moments that you see in snapshots but it'snt gi arant moments m fe. >> how is it you -- how can being a ball player -- how did that help you become a better father? >> hmm. well, i think, you know, trying to understand the game of basketball is understanding the -- learning how to work with others very well. learning different personalities, you know, to be a leader. to win a championship, you have to -- it's all about the sacrifice of, you know, players,
8:25 am
it's all about everyone playing their role. you know, there's so many different things to be able to be successful in a sport and so i take that same mentality, i take it home. we're a team. you know what i mean? me and my wife are leaders, are partners. i take that same mentality home and sometimes as a leader you got to stand back and allow others to lead. sometimes as a leader you have to lead. i take that into my household and my wife and i lead at ers otrses ght . >> what about your son, zaire? he's following in your footsteps playing in salt lake city in the g league. >> he got drafted in the g league. people like to say that zaire is following in my footsteps. zaire is following his dreams to be 19 years old, to be able to have the opportunity to be able to do that. to be able to go play pro. turn pro. to have the confidence to take that step. i'm so proud of him and i'm just
8:26 am
thankful that my wife and i as a family, our whole goal for our kids is just give them opportunities that we did not have, for them to be able to do the things they want to do, to be able to follow their own dream. so to be able to help him get that opportunity and to see him go off and become this young man that i get to watch, i'm the proudest father in the world. >> we can tell you've done a great job with it as well. thank you for coming in. the new memoir "dwyane" is out today and coming up we'll try out some holiday meal kits. why thanksgiving in a box might be right for your family.
8:27 am
this is going to be southbound past marina boulevard. they are improving it, around 32 miles per hour in the area. we have a heads up to that core and walnut creek. this is been a problem smart throughout the morning. it's a very foggy start. i know mike will talk more about that. the viewing lights came on. kumasi:
8:28 am
8:29 am
join us. 9:00 on abc 7. mike: the fog is thickest in the inland valleys. around the bay and the coast, you can see that low marine layer. that is going to be an issue for those inland areas through the morning commute. i'm expecting more sunshine this afternoon and rain with more showers thursday and friday.
8:30 am
kumasi: we will have another news date -- update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest at ♪ when you call me ♪ ♪ when you call me ♪ hope your tuesday is off to a good start. thanksgiving over a week away and this morning we're taking a look at meal kits. becky worley back with details on how they this help. hey, becky. >> reporter: george, good morning. cooking thanksgiving dinner with your family can be a heartwarming tradition but grocery shopping for thanksgiving dinner is a nightmare. so the idea of everything you need for the meal delivered to your door, this we had to try. what can save you from those grocery store crowds gearing up for turkey day? tah-dah, the thanksgiving meal kit. delivering everything needed for the entire family dinner. we recruited two families to
8:31 am
chop, stuff and cook these holiday meal kits. >> all: we're the stevens family. >> reporter: a family of five trying the hello fresh traditional thanksgiving dinner. and these brave parents including four young kids in their preparation of blue apron's vegetarian thanksgiving meal. >> all right. so we are getting ready to make our meal. >> reporter: the family off to a good start cooking a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and apple crisp. >> i'm straining the potatoes. right now we are making the stuffing. >> reporter: everyone involved even stuffing the turkey. it seems like it's easier to cook as a whole family when you have these meal kits somehow. did you find that to be true? >> i could be like grating something and she could be mixing something. so it made it a lot faster. >> reporter: the family taking a shot at blue apron's vegetarian option with butternut squash, spinach risotto, mushroom kale
8:32 am
flatbread, sweet potatoes and a flourless chocolate cake. >> you went with sidesgiving, all vegetarian. >> yeah, we did. >> is that a normal everyday practice going plant based? >> yeah, we are plant based and love the meal. so delicious. >> raise your hand if you cooked. >> we cook, yeah, everyone cooked. >> now did everyone who cooked clean up? raise your hands. >> i think only mom cleaned up. >> reporter: so what did the families like best about these kits? >> there was no planning. it was just -- it arrived. the recipes were picked for us. all the food was picked for us so it was there to go which made it great. >> reporter: now, there are so many companies that offer these meal kits from whole foods to williams-sonoma to your local grocer to a company called dinnerly and prices vary dramatically. it's based on which company you choose. but one thing that's consistent, it's time to order if you want one of these.
8:33 am
the deadline for blue apron's vegetarian meal is today. their traditional meal tomorrow. hello fresh is on thursday. so, george, it's go time if you want thanksgiving in a box. >> and, becky, can you scale these kits up and down? >> reporter: yeah, kind of depends on the company. there are about 10 or 12 different companies. some for as few as two, some as many as ten. you really need to pay attention to portion sizes. you can order a la carte, just getting sides, just getting pies and the turducken. i've never done that, seems kind of weird. >> lara agrees with you. >> not into that. let's go to robin.ery much.- >> make that three of us, george. yeah. we are joined by the best-selling author under "untamed" which took the world by storm. now glennon doyle is out with a new interactive journal based on that book called "get untamed: the journal." so good to see you again.
8:34 am
i've got to say something here. you know, i love you, love abby. she ran in the new york city marathon recently and you followed her in her -- let's say in your glennon way. so just tell us about that experience. >> yes, she did. she ran with a few of her national team friends. she was amazing. she did it in 3 hours and 40 minutes and i, robin, i was an incredible cheerleader. i screamed so loud for so long i lost my voice. my first sports injury. it was amazing. it was one of the best days of my life. it was so inspiring. >> good for you. i know your one and only sports injury probably. your memoir "untamed," it's beloved. let's just say that. it sold over 2 million copies so we want to know about the new hais "unlehing untamed in a new way." let usnow about it. >> yeah, i mean after the wave,
8:35 am
after nted" pet asking, okay, that's great that you got yourself untamed, but how do we do it? i don't have any answers for people because every life is just a complete unprecedented experiment, right? but the more i thought about it, the more i thought i do know the questions that i asked myself to kind of excavate this self that i was before the world told me to me who to be so i could live with some sort of freedom. so i just started putting together all of the exercises and questions that i asked myself during that time and put them all into this book and it's sort of, robin, like an adventure you can take but you don't have to leave the house. >> ooh. >> a way of finding yourself from the couch. that's really my whole jam, how can i do life without leaving the couch? that's my adventure. >> oh, my gosh. i'm in. i'm literally leaning in listening to you. there is something, glennon, about, you know, writing,
8:36 am
writing, journaling, something emotionally and mentally when you put pen to paper. don't you think? >> yes, i mean, i've always felt the power of that. you know, we have these selves and they're the parts that people can see that we send out into the world but we have this other self inside of us, our real wild untamed tender selves and we so -- we don't get to see that self unless we pull it out and put it on paper and i've seen -- we have imaginations that have great plans for us, but if we don't put that down on paper we don't see it come to fruition. it's like an architect. they don't jump from dream to building. our truest most beautiful lives tend to have to come to life one dimension at a time. i think there's real power in getting it out on paper. >> yeah, because a dream is a dream but when you write it down it becomes a goal and seems more attainable. >> yes. >> i'm going to write that. that's good. that's gold, baby, what i just said. >> excellent, robin. >> on one page of the journal
8:37 am
you write, grief is a cocoon from which we emerge new. i love that. because so many people as you know have experienced grief and countless ways over the last couple of years. how can we move forward when it feels like we can't break free, glennon? >> well, i love that. we do move forward but we never move on, you know. grief changes us. when we lose -- so many of us have lost people we love over this last couple years and it's so painful to lose, and we have gained this sort of deep humanity and softness, right, and connection and tenderness to each other during this time and i think that that is something that as we move into post-covid life, i hope we keep that softness and tenderness. so there are gifts from it we have to hold tight to. >> i hope we're able to do that. any thanksgiving plans with the kids and abby? what's going on?
8:38 am
look at you. what's with that sigh? >> i spent my whole life terrified that i would have a family that runs freaking turkey trots. that's what i have. so i have to get up at 5:00 a.m. and run a turkey trot which i'm so thankful for and then after that i will watch the parade which is my favorite tradition of all time and then right after thanksgiving i'm allowed to start my christmas extravaganza. so we'll start christmas movies the second thanksgiving is over. >> good for you. well, thank you for sharing. and just thank you for being you. so excited about this new work. all the best to you and abby and the kids. >> thank you. >> be well. >> all our love to you, robin. >> "get untamed: the journal" is out now. melissa garcia is bringing us the ultimate fashion guide for the holidays. come on back.
8:39 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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back now with a closer look at an all-time great, the new espn plus series "man in the arena: tom brady" does a deep dive into the life and career of the seven-time super bowl winner. take a look at this moment from the very beginning when brady learned he was going to step in for patriots quarterback drew bledsoe. ♪ >> i think there was a press
8:42 am
conference where i was learning as much as anyone else. i remember listening to what his medical update was. once i realized he was good i thought i just got to fill in and do my job because certainly didn't think i would take over and be the quarterback of the patriots. >> we all know what happened next. "man in the arena: tom brady" is now streaming on espn plus. with the holiday season fast approaching an in-person party is back on the calendar. we're tiurning to our closets fr
8:43 am
a fresh, festive look, and we could use a little help. this is sponsored by tanger outlets. we' we're go we're joined by their spokesperson, melissa garcia, stylist extraordinaire who will show us how to take a few key pieces and add instant glam to the holidays. i love that idea. >> yes. >> so what are some easy tips, some staples that we should just have at the ready? >> yeah, so this table is a great example. it's all about adding texture and shine. something a little glitzy, statement necklace, faux fur is great and all of these pieces and all of the models' outfits will be styled from tanger outlets. they have incredible things from fashion to home. >> you do not need to pay full price. >> you do not need to pay full price. i was there this weekend. so nice to shop in an open air environment, to touch and feel things before you buy them and not have to worry about -- >> a variety of different shops to find different looks. i think you've done a good job with the models. grace who is so stunning and love this look, i was convincing grace she should wear color more often because she likes to wear black but this is such a great cornucopia of color.
8:44 am
>> it is. >> classic combo. love a blazer, love jeans. how will you doll it up? >> what i love about this, again, a pop of color is always a great idea so we started with a base of color. this jacket is actually from sacks on fifth. i wanted to add texture and look how short i am. they're so kind to me. some texture and some -- a little bit of a pattern. >> unique color. not traditional colors. >> of course, a little glitz. this isn't too shine new but a little fun statement bag. >> cute bag. love that. great. all right, wonderful. thank you, grace. next up we have rachel. rachel, get on over here. you look very cozy and this is an outfit i think we can all relate to. the big comfy sweater and nice sleek pair of trousers. now what do we do? >> we want to show you how you can take an outfit and go from work to dinner or drinks for the
8:45 am
holiday. so a great way is a pin. we often forget about pins and broaches but this is something you can pop on, keep in your bag and -- >> there is a new sheriff in town, everybody. >> hair accessories are another great statement piece. if this is much for you you can use a smaller barrett. fun way to add instant glam and, of course, all from tanger outlets. >> you look great. you have all these other broaches. you and i agree more is more. >> more is more. >> if you wanted to fill up the whole front of your sweater it is a fun, easy look and i bet in your jewelry box you have old broaches. we all do. last up, just this dress alone is such a great find. you found it at tanger. >> bloomingdale's outlet. a classic beautiful dress and, of course, karen looks stunning in this. >> i mean honestly, go home. you look perfect already. >> yes. >> but we'll take it to the next level. statement jewelry is really beautiful and really fun that you can easily add on. i love the statement necklace. this one we found at tanger as well. >> you look oscar worthy.
8:46 am
>> i love the idea of a layering piece. hard to find in the fall or winter that you can put on over a beautiful gown. i love a sequin blazer. the fact that it's black makes it feel more modern and not too over the top. you can repurpose it and wear with jeans or leggings and a statement shoe you can always pop on. >> i love the way the blazer is draped and not worn. always a fun look. melissa said even a little hat action can go a long way. >> yes, a long way. >> i'm ready for indiana jones part 12. tanger outlets and melissa, we thank you. always great finds. i'm feeling so inspired. thank you, melissa. coming up on "gma," pati serving up thanksgiving side dishes with a twist. we love having her here on "gma." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:47 am
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8:49 am
all right, time to do some cooking back now counting down to thanksgiving with chef pati jinich, host of a pbs prime time special and author of "treasures of the mexican table." now, look, it's thanksgiving. you could put macaroni and cheese and green beans on the side but you say we need to level up the side dishes. >> we are. we're making each one of these special. >> green beans first. this is how we're going to level it up with what here? >> so we have fresh corn and pumpkin seeds, so different from -- i mean people want to have their green beans be special, not like a boring soggy thing there. so we have the corn which is going to make the green beans be velvety sweet. >> elevated green beans. never had that before. >> it is. so you have the green beans which we quickly sear so t keep the beautiful color and the
8:50 am
crunch. they'll keep the crunch and the beautiful color and then they cook in the corn sauce and it's going to make it so sweet and then you finish it off by topping these with a chunky tomato so you have -- think about it, t.j. you have the crunchy green, you have the velvety sweet, then you have the tangy chunky red tomato sauce. i know. okay, sold. they already brought it and we haven't added the pumpkin seeds which are nutty and rustic. >> doesn't take long. >> these take ten minutes. >> you told me you love cooking. >> i love cooking. i'll try this one. >> i mean look at the beauty. >> that's gorgeous but now you got potatoes here, not just potatoes. what do we have here? what are we putting in these potatoes? >> not just any mashed potatoes, cheesy mashed potato in a royal crown. >> whoa. >> so we're upping it. not only what goes in the mashed potatoes but how we're presenting it so we have the mashed potatoes which i can't resist mashed potatoes but adding a little bit of flour and baking powder and we're adding some eggs and the cheese and it's going to give it kind of a
8:51 am
souffle texture. so it's puffy and then you had bread crumbs to your bundt. you can do bundt, ring, loaf, instead of serving mashed potatoes like that you're slicing it. look at the beauty. >> all: ah! >> i love you guys. you're all invited to my house for thanksgiving. what i was going to say, wait. you have leftovers. you cut a slice the next morning, you sear it and sunny side of egg on top. >> this is too much. >> i mean -- >> now she's taking care of breakfast as well. you didn't tell me about this lady. >> of course. >> that will throw people off. that looks like dessert but those are your potatoes. >> and you can play with your cheeses. this is a winner. >> this is a winner. all right.
8:52 am
our last dish here, what are we making? >> this is chorizo cashew stuffing for your turkey. >> stuffing. so, yes, you gave away what the secret dish is. here we have chorizo, nuts, cashews and -- >> so, we have mexican chorizo, which is spicy. then we have the cashews, crunchy, nutty. anise seeds, fragrant, perfumed. i go for stuffing much more than turkey. i'm using
8:53 am
celery, onions. you have sweet, sour, spicy, savory, everything mixed together. >> i get that to here. and put it all together. >> i know. i'm so entertained just talking to you. i'm not cooking. >> this is our final result here. y'all, look at this. stuffing or dressing? which do we call it? stuffing or dressing? we'll have that debris later. >> stuffing, stuffing. >> that's for another day. chef, so good to have you here and have us level up. thanksgiving dinner and even breakfast and the book out soon. get the recipes on "gma." "treasures of the mexican table" comes out next tuesday, the 23rd. thank you, pati. thank you, pati. we're right - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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watch "gma3" with t.j. and george. "house of gucci" cast tomorrow. >> have a good day.
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>> we are following the crash in oakland, this is on a southbound 880 past market street. have injuries involved and a couple of lanes blocked. this is our oakland at the coliseum camera, a crawling traffic in the opposite direction. you are going to get it both ways. the fog in walnut creek, we will talk more about that. >> we have the dense fog advisory until 11:00. you can see our reporting stations, they are improving rather rapidly. temperatures are in the mid to upper 60's. then we have a chance of showers
9:00 am
thursday and friday. >> it is time for live with kelly and ryan. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "belfast," jamie dornan. also, basketball legend and author, dwyane wade. plus, gifts that give back as we continue "live's holiday gift guide wee "live's holiday gift guide week. " all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: morning, everyone. it's tuesday,


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