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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advised them of cdc guidance in this situation. he went on to say the safety of our patients is our top priority. we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this does not happen again. he said according to the cdc patients who received incorrect amounts may receive arm soreness, fatigue headache or thievery in response to the goat -- the dose given. it is alex with a peter from -- a doctor from pete -- from ucsf. they did say the to the kids have been tested with higher amounts in the long-term effects were found in case studies. just some side effects. >> headache, muscle aches, fever. fever in some cases. they should go away in a day or two. i would say hold tight. and not worry too much. >> i did reach out to sutter to ask how much these 14 patients
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received if they all received a closer to adult dosage or if less then a dose. i have not heard back on those questions. i asked if the mistake was made at sutter or another location and i have not heard back to that question. i'm working the story for our 11:00 p.m. show and i will have a dates at that time -- i will have updates at that time to >> count to some booster confusion. the cdc guidelines say you must be 65 or older and increased risk to get a booster. if you have the j&j shot, you need to have gotten it at least two months ago. state and local officials say all adults can get there booster now. one bay area woman says she was turned away after trying to get one at walgreens. melanie woodrow has the clarification from health officials. >> everyone in the love family is vaccinated. mom of three says when she heard all santa clara residents can get a booster shot, she was thrilled.
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>> i'm like, we get the booster. >> covid heads close to home for her. she says more than 12 friends and family members have died from the virus. >> the personal heart rate is sometimes overwhelming. >> with officials announcing boosters were everyone, love attempted to make an appointment online at walgreens. that landed her here on a series of questions based on cdc guidelines. she is not 65 or older, does not have an underlying medical condition, does not live in a long-term care facility and is not at increased risk dirt take -- do to her work environment. >> they're like, we don't care what santa clara county says. really care with the cdc says. >> walgreens will administer a booster dose of pfizer or moderna covid-19 vaccine to patients who attest to meeting state or federal requirements. it is not just walgreens. when scheduling a booster on cbs's website, it says by scheduling you meet cdc booster
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eligibility guidelines and are confirming the guidelines apply to you. cvs spokesperson tells abc 7 we understand some states may expand the criteria for boosters but our participation in the federal pharmacy program requires us to follow recommendations from the fda and cdc. what santa clara health officials mean when they said this last week? >> nobody will we turned away -- will be turned away who wants a booster. >> nobody who once a booster will be turned away from any of the county operated sites in santa clara county. >> santa clara county has a more liberal interpretation of cdc guidelines than private retailers. love, her husband and two of her three children 18 or older are scheduled to get boosters from the county on sunday. >> i cannot wait. >> now to some other covid headlines. a small study shows people taking the antidepressant prozac with 28% less likely to die from
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covid to the drug was chosen to be studied as a potential treatment because of its anti-inflammatory properties. >> the daily case average in the u.s. has jumped 23% over the last two and a half weeks at the white house chief medical advisor says today you can feel good about gathering with family for thanksgiving and christmas if everyone is vaccinated. >> as families prepared to gather next week, there is a level of uncertainty about a potential winter surge. a look at where things stand compared to where we were one year ago. >> a guide this time, there were double the number of covid cases every single day statewide. the cdc currently writes california in the red tear meaning there is a high transmission rate. experts say we need to be cautious in the weeks to come. we are more than a week away from thanksgiving and despite vaccinations, there is still a level of uncertainty of the pandemic.
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what can happen in the weeks and months to come? >> i am concerned about whether we have enough people vaccinated to whether a winter storm. >> dr. george rutherford says the current situation in california is not as dire as it was a year ago when there was a rapid increase in cases mid-november ahead of the holidays. there are still some similar trends. cases are rising, just not as fast. >> you look at the 2020 data. by the current dates, we are right on track for what happened last year. >> this graphic from the abc 7 data team shows daily cases in the bay area going back to the beginning of the pandemic. last year around this time, you can see there was an average of 924 cases a day. last week, the bay area had an average of 753 cases. statewide, this time last year, the state reported more than 10,000 cases a day. currently that number is just over 5000. how are you feeling about the state of cases in california?
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>> not horrible. not great. we are at a balance at this point. >> dr. rutherford says more people need to get there booster shots and more young people need to get vaccinated. he says in england at is adolescents aged 12 to 15 who have been slow to vaccinate and/or leading to a surge in cases. it is a lesson he believes californians should take note of as we head into the holidays. >> this is the most important month because what happens now is going to determine what happens in december and january. >> he has one more piece of advice. >> don't cook the dressing inside the turkey. >> duly noted none of us went undercooked stuffing this thanksgiving. as for covid, dr. rutherford says the bay area is doing quite well. he is concerned about some real parts of the state and parts of southern california specifically in san bernardino and riverside counties where there are large areas with low vaccination
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rates. >> at least dr. rutherford mentioned the situation in england but other parts of europe are seeing a dramatic case -- dramatic increase in cases. there are some new lock downs in some areas. did he say if that is a sign of what could happen here? >> thankfully, dr. rutherford does not believe we should be drawing any parallels when it comes to the surge and eastern european he says those parts of europe have knocked in -- have not done a great job of vaccinating people. for now, at least in california what is happening there does not provide too much insight of what we can expect here. >> thank you. >> today, several san franciscans were recognized as the unsung heroes of the city's covid-19 response. mayor london breed and health director grant colfax led a ceremony on the steps of city hall p people who were under to help promote vaccinations and set up testing opportunities in their communities. if you have questions about
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vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. they are dedicated to getting answers. add to and click on the big box. you can click on the abc 7 vaccine tracker. >> turn developing news in colorado. six teenagers taken to the hospital after they were shot in a park near their high school in aurora. police say the injuries are not life-threatening. no arrests have been made but police say they have received several tips from neighbors and are chasing down leads. >> president biden signed a historic $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law today. the sending took place outside of the white house and front of a bipartisan gathering of lawmakers and mayors including san jose's sam liccardo and oakland's libby schaff. california will get the largest portion of the spending. billions up for grabs for bay area transportation projects like the bart silicon valley extension and electrification of caltrain. >> we are here every saturday
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and sunday cleaning up should we were here on sundays dealing with homicides. they come back the next day. >> illegal dumping like this is a quality-of-life problem that has long been an issue on the streets of oakland. in one year span from october 1 of last year until september 30 this year, open public works as a cleaned up more than 23,000 tons of illegal dumping. now as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains, the city is trying to keep up with the demand. >> i have never seen oakland at this level when it comes to the blight >> tons and tons of garbage almost everywhere you look on the streets of oakland. a problem that has only grown during an ongoing pandemic. >> it has overtaken our streets and our communities. as much as we have worked to invest as year, we know there is still more that needs to be done and having more options for our community is critical.
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>> all oakland residents can schedule no charge drop-off appointments with waste management of alameda county. apartment tenants can get free curbside bulky pickup service that was not available before. >> we are drawing a line and a the sand. every resident in the city of oakland will have the opportunity to dispose of their bulky item collections in various ways. >> there are teams of people who go out and pick up garbage in oakland on a daily basis. the big issue is almost as soon as they pick it up, it is back. >> people do their illegal dumping late at night usually after 11:00 or 12:00 midnight. >> the councilman believes will most residents want to do the right thing, the bigger challenges those who profit from illegal dumping. >> we have no enforcement in oakland. if i knew who the dumpers are, , oakland needs to be more serious about enforcing the laws and the rules that we have.
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>> next month, a city council committee will consider installing more cameras in known hotspots. >> sky seven waseven waseven wav stadium in santa clara a short time ago. you can see the parking lot filling up with fans. the 49ers face their bitter rivals, the rams, this evening with a lot on the line. they're trying to stay in the playoff hunt while a wynwood but l.a. in a tie for first in the nfc west. you can watch the game game here on abc 7 starting at 5:00 p.m. >> to fight for reparations takes a new step in san francisco as a group of african-american leaders call for a city-owned building to be donated to the community. using artificial intelligence to help detect the first sign of wildfires. the announcement from pg&e today. for the second day in a row, gas prices in california hit a new record high.
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>> kaiser pharmacies will remain open after a strike was averted. kaiser reached an agreement with a three-year contract with a union that represents 2300 pharmacy employees. the deal includes higher incentive bonus opportunities,
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operating engineers are still on strike. the california nurses association and the national union of health care workers are planning a one-day strike in solidarity this friday. a heads up about that. the california attorney general today secured what he is calling a first of its kind judgment. it requires amazon to comply with the state's right to know lowell to protect its workers against covid-19. he announced the action outside and amazon facility in san francisco claiming the company left its workers in the dark about the prevalence of covid in the work place. >> it led to workers not knowing if they had been potentially exposed to two, 20 or even 200 cases of covid-19. this left many workers understandably terrified and powerless. >> amazon will modify its covid-19 modifications, submit to notification monitoring and pay $500,000 toward further enforcement of california's
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consumer protection laws. >> san francisco is investing $2.5 million to revive the city's live movie -- live music entertainment scene. it will fund a series of live performances at parks, plazas and at local veneers. mayor london breed made the announcement in front of bottom of the hill, one of the nightclubs that suffered during the pandemic. >> w>> w supporting this industry, that we are keeping nightlife and entertainment alive in san francisco, when you think about it, the city starts to reopen and when it starts to reopen and all of a sudden you hear music, there is something about that that makes you smile. >> the money will cover paying the artists, the production costs and even city fees to make it all happen. >> the san francisco sativa -- san francisco civil rights leaders and anchored dinner glover won the city to donate the historic fillmore heritage center to the african-american community. they say it should be part of
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the reparations for discrimination against black people in the city. ♪ >> in 2007, the fillmore the fif heritage center became a musical venue for jazz and blues. for that, it had been held a cornerstone of the black community in san francisco. today, it's fate is in limbo after being closed on and off for the past six years. >> i was born there. i would come here with my dad and i would see this magic that was happening on the street down here. magic when i went up there. i so people who look like me. >> ollie would actor>> denny glover joined forces with activists and politicians demanding for this building to be given to the african-american community as part of the reparations process. >> the level of justice, fairness and inclusion for the culture, the history, and the good sense of the african-american community. >> the center is located on the
4:18 pm
fillmore district once known as the harlem of the west and a key location for civil rights. >> this site, there is a location of the san francisco block party headquarters. >> the san francisco reparations committee is requesting for city officials to prioritize this building as rumors of its potential sale are circulating to >> there are some rumors this building would be sold off to the highest bidder. >> we question the mayor about the site. she says it is a. >> there are things we are obligated to do as a city under dispositional wall that will require money and so until we have a clear understanding of what that would entail and what that would mean, we don't know if that is going to be possible. >> we asked her what she would like to see. >> i would like to see the venue become a huge success. i don't want to see the venue continue to be a financial drain on the city.
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>> the instead a peer doctorate still nice outside. her was hoping you would say wise weather. -- i -- >> i was hoping you would say wise weather. this cold front approaching us right now. any rain associated will fall well to our north. we have the clouds from the frontal system approaching today. as the skies remained mostly cloudy, a cool down by several degrees since yesterday in virtually all locations. we have some bright spots in the sky but it is mostly cloudy over san francisco. 59 degrees in the city. low to mid 60's at mountain view. here is the view from the east bay hills camera. some breaks of blue. mostly cloudy around the entire region 56 degrees in santa rosa concord, 50 seven degrees.
4:20 pm
62 in livermore. at the golden, lots of clouds. these are our forecast features. clausi overnight with cloudy overnight. -- cloudy overnight. the possibility of showers late thursday into friday. here is the forecast animation for the overnight hours. as the cold front sweeps through, it will clear out some of the clouds and behind the clouds early tomorrow morning, we will start to get some clearing. look for mainly sunny skies tomorrow until later in the day when clouds once again develop. overnight under mostly cloudy conditions, temperatures will be in the low to mid 50's. relatively mild and a lowest -- in most locations were lowes will drop into the mid to upper 40's. tomorrow under mainly sunny skies, highs will range from 63 to 67 in oakland. all around the bay shoreline, 67, 68 degrees. in south bay, highs in the upper
4:21 pm
60's. in the north bay, 69 at santa rosa. 66 at vallejo. this is our storm impact scale where we have the approaching light storm on thursday and friday ranking only one, a storm of light intensity forecasting this. we will see the light rain confined mainly to the north bay. maybe a couple showers will reach south of the golden gate later in the evening and into friday morning. elate rain event for the north bay late thursday and friday. rainfall totals will be under 2/10 of an inch. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. showers late thursday into friday. clearing out. brighter skies over the weekend but not much of a warm up. a seasonably cool pattern through most of the seven days ahead. >> new firefighting technology coming to a forest near you. how it is helping to get a jump on wildfires. >> yet another effort to prevent
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4:25 pm
$3.5 million to settle a civil lawsuit brought by district attorneys around the state including santa clara county. the suit accused the bank of engaging in unlawful and unreasonable and harassing behavior with its call centers in and outside the united states. they agreed to the settlement without admission of wrongdoing. the state attorney general is calling on the fcc to prevent robo callers from concealing their identities. there is already technology and a place that makes it harder for scammers to use fake caller ids but now they are bypassing that technology from buying or renting phone numbers. he says last year, fraudulent phone calls led to more than $500 million in losses nationwide. used car prices hit a new record in out tober. used vehicle prices rose
4:26 pm
last month at the wholesale level. the issues continue to be a lack of new-car inventory mostly because of a global microchip shortage. without new cars on the lot, buyers are forced to turn to used cars, which cause a spike in demand. sales were down 10% last year. prices of 10%. sales down 10%. >> supply and demand. a top executive for a clothing company h&m is laying out his vision for the future of fashion. the analogy officer tells bloomberg the company is pushing to make smart clothing mainstream such as jackets that can monitor your heart rate or hydration levels. he predicts more clothing will compete and eventually overtake wearable watches or health apps. >> in oakland a's>> legend makes his pitch to buy part of the coliseum site. >> but first, we are talking football with chris alvarez.
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>> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> we are just half an hour away from monday night tonight with the 49ers taking on the rams at levi's stadium. >> we have team coverage from dustin dorsey and chris alvarez. >> let's kick things off with chris live at levi's stadium. >> hello. what a night this is going to be. a half-hour until kickoff
4:30 pm
between the 49ers and rams. the players are on the field warming up. the 49ers can make some monday night history tonight. you see george kittle tonight. tying for the most all-time with the steelers peered so far, it is supporting year for san francisco. jimmy garoppolo. you're seeing right there appear the 49ers will be in the hunt for the nfc weld card spot if they win tonight. taking on a loaded rams team. all that said, san francisco has won four straight in the series against l.a.. >> that comes naturally. you never want to say this is our identity at the beginning of the year and we have to stick to it. as the season progresses, your identity changes. >> everybody is trying to find an answer. you have to fix this. you have to fix that. at the end of the day, return -- we are turning the ball over and not getting enough stops on defense.
4:31 pm
are there a billion answers everybody wents to solve -- everybody wants to solve? we want to fix the problem and win games. >> the game starts here at 5:15. it is going to be a special night. a salute to services. we will have a big flak on the field and a flyover. all the makings for a good night at levi's. > they need it. it has been a year since the 49ers have won at home. why do you think they will be able to be that street tonight? >> the rams, they beat them four times in a row. something about playing this team, they do have their number. they need to win this game. the way they are at and that you get a special sense in the air. steve young is here. it is going to be a good night for san francisco. the last time they one in front of fans was at the nfc championship when they beat the packers to go to the super bowl. docomo toepfer a great game.
4:32 pm
>> who wants it more? our team coverage continues with dustin dorsey. darker he is live without fans are feeling before monday night football. >> hank williams jr. said it best. all my rowdy friends are here on monday night. niners, rams, norcal, socal. on the bay plays l.a., you know it is a big night. these fans are feeling it. they are always confident when they are going up against that team in blue and gold. the grills are fired up. flags are flying high. it is monday night in santa clara and we only had one question for the 49er faithful. are you ready for some football? what is so special about monday night football? ? the enthusiasm people bring on a monday night game to see the 49ers hopefully beat the rams. that is what we are here for. >> here on abc 7, monday night
4:33 pm
football between the 49ers and los angeles rams. the fans want to see a victory to turn the stadium -- during this season around. is it home sweet cold for the red and gold or the house of horrors? only one win at levi's since 2019. >> play together, stay together, win together. >> october 18 2020 with the last time the faithful saw their team get it done here at home against the l.a. rams. a norcal versus socal rivalry game renews tonight and there is no love lost between these two fan bases. >> it is going to be close but five last games we have be in the rams. go niners. >> no chance. >> plenty of storylines in this one. odell beckham jr. makes his rams debut. jimmy g. looks to hold off trey lance and keep a starting spot.
4:34 pm
the 49ers aim to send their fans home happy monday night air >> if we can back this victory tonight, we are back in the show. if we go down, the season is going to slide out. showtime tonight. the win streak against the rams is going to continue. >> he said it best. when these two teams are playing, it is important but this is a really important game for the 49ers. they are right on the precipice here in week 10. they need to get things going. injuries obviously a huge issue for this team. it is happening again this year. the rams seeing their own industry -- their own entries. -- their own injuries. i think these fans being in attendance tonight is going to be a big deal. the last game last year, that was in front of an empty crowd. they want to see their team win. we saw banjo men walking around.
4:35 pm
we see panty of the faithful walking around. the flags are flying behind me. it is football weather out here. 80's over the weekend. tonight, nice crisp cool evening under cloudy skies. it should be a very exciting match up. we are taking you right up to kickoff. that is the 30 minute bill. you can hear the foghorn raining. it is going to be coming up in 30 minutes right here on abc 7. i will toss it back to the studio live in santa clara. >> we've had some fog today peered i take it as a good omen. we are winning this one. you don't need to change the channel because the 49ers on monday night football is right here on abc 7. coverage starts at five :00 followed by dancing with the stars at 8:00 and the good doctor at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the former oakland a's pitcher is leading a group that wants to revitalize the coliseum
4:36 pm
site regardless of where the a's pulled their neck stadium. today on getting answers, he shared their vision. darker we have plans for affordable housing. we have plans for affordable -- we have plans for banks. we have plans for businesses. on our property, we have for data centers. data centers are a tremendous revenue driver. >> stewart's group is offering 150 million dollars to buy oakland share of the coliseum site. they're supposed to make a formal pitch to the city tomorrow. come up, up and away. gas prices rising like crazy people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... ...with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar...
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>> time for the 44's. we are within two weeks away from thanksgiving and with coronavirus cases slowly creeping up, should people be concerned about family gatherings? today, the white house chief medical advisor anthony found she had this to say. >> if you get vaccinated and your family is vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving, christmas with your family and close friends. ? dr. fauci did weren't cases are still high and he urged vaccinated people to be careful in crowded public settings. i wonder how you feel at home about this but i suppose if
4:40 pm
everyone is vaccinated, we are all feeling better about of this year. >> that is true in my case. we are going to have a couple filling members over. everyone coming into the house has been vaccinated, has shown proof of vaccination. >> i have not gone quite that far in my house. duck i'm enforcing the rules. dark i got to bring spencer to my house. it is going to be eight of us. we are all vaccinated. it is going to be have indoors and half outdoors peered i don't feel that concerned. it depends on who you are with. for me, i don't feel concerned. >> one of the awkward things is the odd feminine per or two that are not vaccinated. how do you handle that at home? i can see people being stressed. >> i do have any members who are not invited. >> interesting. >> we need to protect the little ones. there are still a couple and a big family under five. >> is there understanding about or resentment?
4:41 pm
>> kind of both. people have to make tough choices. it is not a record most people like to see broken but today for a second day in a row, california gas prices had a new all-time high. today, the average price for a gallon of unleaded in california, 4.68. we all know that prices in the bay area are typically higher as you can see by these prices in san francisco. according to aaa, today's price broke yesterday's record by 6/10 of a cent to -- 6/10 of a cent. i paid over five for so painful. i don't want to drive anymore. >> in the city, it is close to five dollars. i go to the lowest. 87 for my car. i'm trying to keep it under five books a gallon. >> are you thinking about your trips? do i need to make this trip?
4:42 pm
>> it makes you think more about electric cars. see a lot more of them on the road. it fuels my interest no pun intended. today is a great day to grab some soap, disinfectant and a sponge because it is national clean out your refrigerator day. it may not be a widely nonholiday but it makes sense to clean out and scrub down the fridge. it is where you keep all of your food. it will get you ready and make room for thanksgiving groceries. drawers that hold meat and vegetables are usually the dirtiest parts of the kitchen. how often do you clean out your fridge? i will say fairly often actually because it is one of those things i am a little wigged out about. it bothers me if it is not clean. >> i am the opposite sadly. don't cut you are still calling -- still going to college route? dr. the fridge i have is not that big so i can't put a lot of things in there but i don't clean out that often. the drawer especially.
4:43 pm
dark i suspect says spencer -- i suspect spencer is like me. >> i refrigerator is well-stocked. we keep it really clean. my wife and i are nuts about that cleanliness in the food area. >> admix p uncomfortable. dr. who's camp you think i am in? dark i think i'm on my own. don't cut i would say more spencer and me. >> nope. >> when was the last time you cleaned your fridge? >> the carter administration. dr. we have another story to do. -- >> i have another story to do. i'm waiting for the self-cleaning fridge, ok? where is technology to help me now? > all the stuff is going to walk out on its own. >> speaking of technology, move over, pumpkin and pecan pie, there is a new desert that once a place at your thanksgiving table. reese's is releasing his largest pain at buttercup ever. it will be in the form of a
4:44 pm
full-size pie. the nine inch peanut butter and chocolate dessert weighs in at a hefty 3.4 pounds. reese's says this is a limited time holiday offer. only 3000 are available for purchase on the hershey website. they cost about $45 plus tax. >> that is a big peanut butter cup. >> it is. who wants this? >> i'm totally in this. i love it. >> but not à la mode. >> auto no. >> maybe some vanilla ice cream? >> i think that seems kind of cheap for that big of a desert. most pies you get for thanksgiving are like $40. >> where do you buy your pies? >> have you tried to buy a thanksgiving pie recently? they are pricey. you want the good stuff. >> i make my own. >> i am not a pie eater peered i am in eyes commuter. there's only one flavor i like.
4:45 pm
vanilla bean. >> not french vanilla, vanilla bean. i'm with you. >> i love vanilla bean. >> i think it is a good idea. i do like reese's peanut butter cups a lot but i don't think you can eat that much of it paid i cannot have a regular pie sized. i think you could. >> i would love to try. >> my brother could purity he is the hefty eater in our family. he is the hefty brother in our family. >> will look at you. >> will look at you. you to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems,
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4:48 pm
>> technology we have been following is expanding to help wildfires across california. pg&e is announcing it will begin testing in artificial intelligence system along with a new expanded network of fire cameras. it is a system we first told you about several months ago. >> with devastating cycles of wildfires menacing within california, pg&e is expanding its network of cameras that sit on top of matt tam in rowan county. 46 of those will have have havee capability. artificial intelligence. >> it will alert us if it spots smoke. since a text message, email messages. >> the system is made by a south korean company. earlier this summer, abc 7 profiled a pilot test of the
4:49 pm
monitoring software at the red come fire command center in sonoma county. >> a lot of alerts within moments of the actual 911 calls. >> in several cases, the director says the technology was able to send an alert slightly ahead of 911 at an even more significant advantage may be on the horizon. the company is about to launch a beta version of the nightvision technology designed to provide 24/7 surveillance. >> expanding it to nighttime because it is a whole other set of eyes at night when people are not awake call 911 for help. >> in cases of heavy winds, downed power lines and lightning strikes, experts say it can be a volatile window for fires. for now, pg&e will only test the current version but they say the program as part of a broader commitment to up the prevention capabilities. >> the sooner we can determine is this a real threat, the safer for everyone.
4:50 pm
>> with a potential head start the kind of wildfires that have caused so much damage across northern california. even with the power of ai added to the system, fire experts say 911 and the public are still of the key lines of defense in reporting fires in the minutes after they first break out. the quick response is critical and is nice this time of year when the rains begin to come. the fire danger dies down. >> we so need that. let's see what is on tap for us. >> there is a little rain coming our way later this week. any little bit is helpful. here is a look at what is going on right now. increasing clouds. we will have not only the high clouds passing over but some areas of fog as well. the frontal system will sweep those clouds away early tomorrow morning and give us a mainly sunny day after the clouds have pushed out overnight lows in the low to mid 50's except cooler in the north bay valleys. low 60's at the coast peered
4:51 pm
upper 60's just about everywhere else. after a nice sent your day tomorrow, it will cool down on wednesday. light showers expected late thursday into friday. then it will clear up for the weekend. relatively cool through the weekend -- through the week i should say. in a seasonal ranch. >> make eastern town at disneyland will be closing in a few months. the park says the area will be reimagined with an ambitious project starting in march. it will feature all experiences for families and young children including a new will or coaster, and open grassy place bears history the reimagined to town will open in early 2023. >> someone new is moving on to sesame street care >> the new character making history and why she is so important next.
4:52 pm
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4:55 pm
with the stars followed by the good doctor at 10:00. day with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> if you're looking for jeopardy and will of fortune, you can catch both of them overnight starting at 3:00 a.m. here, sesame street has a new resident and she is making history. >> she is the newest resident of sesame street. at only seven years old, she is making history as the first asian-american muppet. i am not that good at it yet. i am working on it. dark it was very important to us she was not generically pan-asian because that is something i think all asian
4:56 pm
americans have experienced. they want to lump us into those monolithic asian kid they had a korean puppeteer and so it was important she was specifically korean american. she was born here. she embraces her culture but she is also american. >> i love cooking with my grandma appeared to ago i think it was inspired unfortunately by the past year and the rise in attacks and racist incidents against asian people especially during covid. dope of the coalition for asian american children and families was not involved in her creation but has consulted on antiracism content. >> kids from a very young age have developed racial awareness and seen the people around them and kids also develop ics and associations with race and other markers from a young age. >> a unique ability in terms of the existence of the muppets is
4:57 pm
that they allow for conversations that may be more difficult to have. >> my other hope is she just normalizes seeing different kinds of kids on tv. >> is that what that is? >> yeah. ? i'm new here. >> i'm'new here. >> on semesa street -- >> comvie sit us at sesame restet soon. two eagrt chacarter to add peapared youan c get ouriv le newscast and more thwi our bay area app on ape pltv, andrdoi tv , fi trev and roku. >> did you notice atth girls name? >> a hyphenad tename. >> n rotelated b tuthat was pret ntyeat to >> what a great idea for the archacter escipeally in ghlit of what hasap hpened ov terhe last year. t>>hat is it for abc n 7ews at 4:00. topo enjoy theal blgame.
4:58 pm
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one.or me. time. feelhe t hydrow >>ll a right. ok, i pkeicd the niners. job in the end zone, he takes the helme otff like i'm back! i'm ba!ck i'bam ck! i am back! ♪ ♪ ♪ a scene out of a hollyowod blocbkuster,as ift he rasm weren a'trleady stasr-tudded noeugh. n


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