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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 15, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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us. today we covered covid-19 surges possibly for the winter, graduation r tonight, the dramatic moments in the kyle rittenhouse trial now about to go to the jury. in closing arguments, prosecutors describing kyle rittenhouse as an active shooter, pointing to drone video the night of the shooting that they say shows rittenhouse putting down a fire extinguisher and raising his ar-15. arguing rittenhouse provoked the shootings by raising his gun and threatening others, saying there's no self-defense against a danger you create. but the defense tonight arguing it was self-defense, claiming rittenhouse feared for his life. and the judge in the case making news again today when he suddenly asks jurors to leave the room. terry more ran is there. a hard fought victory for president biden, signing his $1 trillion bipartisan inf infrastructure bill. hundreds of thousands of jobs building bridges, roads, bringing internet broadband to
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the rest of america. the republicans who joined him today. a much-needed victory amid dismal new approval numbers for the president. news on the pandemic tonight. what dr. fauci said today about thanksgiving and your family gathering. and new york's governor new york city's mayor tonight now joining authorities from new mexico, colorado and california, all now calling on adults 18 and older to get the booster shot. even before official word from the fda and the cdc. also tonight, the major news involving the flu. the pocket of new cases, hundreds of them. the sudden spike that has authorities concerned tonight. breaking late today, the shooting near a high school in aurora, colorado. six teens shot and wounded. the victims between 14 and 18. steve bannon surrendering to authorities today, for refusing to comply with a subpoena investigating the january 6th capitol riot. bannon saying on his podcast the day before those attacks, "all hell is going to break loose tomorrow." in the uk at this hour, they
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have just raised the terror alert to severe. the second highest level, after a car explosion outside a hospital. warning another attack is highly likely. the images coming in now. the control ded explosion elsewhere. back here at home tonight, the small plane crash in tampa. the escape as the plane goes under water. and we've learned tonight, astronauts on board the international space station suddenly in lifeboats, concerned about debris hurtling their way. good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. the president and that bipartisan victory in a moment. inf infrastructure, building bridges, roads, internet, hundreds of thousands of jobs. but we are going to begin tonight with the breaking news. closing arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the jury will soon get this
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case. rittenhouse accused in the killing of two people and wounding a third during police protests in kenosha, after the police shooting of jacob blake. rittenhouse facing five charges including reckless homicide and intentional homicide. today, the prosecutor attacking rittenhouse's claim of self-defense, pointing to that drone video from the night of the shooting, arguing rittenhouse put down a fire extinguisher and raised his ar-15, saying rittenhouse was creating a provocation, arguing there is no self-defense against a danger you create. the defense attorney doubling down, though, arguing this was self-defense, saying, quote, every person who was shot was attacking kyle. the jury is about to get this case. the judge reading them instructions today when he suddenly asked jurors to leave the courtroom. abc senior national correspondent terry moran leading us off from kenosha tonight. >> reporter: in his closing argument, prosecutor thomas binger using drone video from the night of the shootings to highlight what he says was the critical moment on that fatal night. kyle rittenhouse, out in the
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crowd of protesters, putting down a fire extinguisher and raising his ar-15 rifle. >> your not allowed to run around and point your gun at people. this is what starts this incident. you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> reporter: it was rittenhouse who was the real threat, binger argued, mocking the defense claim that the teenager was acting in self-defense. >> the crowd has the right to try and stop an active shooter. they have a right to protect themselves. the defendant is not the only one in the world who has the right to self-defense. >> reporter: defense lawyer, mark richards, firing back, showing how the crowd chased rittenhouse and attacked him after the first shooting. >> kyle was not an active shooter. that is a buzz word that the state wants to lash onto. whenever kyle was there, he reacted to people attacking him. >> reporter: and rittenhouse's lawyer also went off the
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protesters, showing how downdown kenosha was engulfed in flames, and saying his client had a right to protect himself. >> they had to charge the white supremacist who isn't a white supremacist. every person who is shot was attacking kyle. >> terry moran joins us tonight from kenosha and terry, the judge making news today while giving those instructions to the jury earlier in the day? >> reporter: that's right, david. he sent the jurors out of the room in the middle of jury instructions. he thought he might have confused them with something he said. he cleaned it up, but then he dealt the prosecutors a blow, dismissing the gun charge in ths case, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor. the prosecutors went on. the jury is going to get this case tomorrow morning. they are not sequestered and this city bracing for the verdict. david? >> terry moran leading us off tonight. terry, thank you. we turn now to american jobs and a very rare sight in washington today, a bipartisan bill signed into law, republicans joining the
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president at the white house as he signed that $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. what economists say is the most significant investment in roads, airports, power lines, high speed internet in a generation. and the president said because of this infrastructure investment, in the next year, the u.s. will finally be spending more on infrastructure than china. here's abc's cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: at the white house today, surrounded by lawmakers from both parties, president biden signing that massive infrastructure bill, a key piece of his economic agenda and now a campaign promise fulfilled. >> my message to the american people is this -- america is moving again and your life is going to change for the better. >> reporter: it is a much needed win in the face of polls that show his approval sinking. today, the president saying he's focused on what americans are talking about at the dinner table and showing the country is catching up to other nations.
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>> now, according to the world economic forum, we rank 13th in the world. well, that's about to change. things are going to turn around in a big way. because of this law, next year will be the first year in 20 years american infrastructure investment will grow faster than china's. we'll once again have the best roads, bridges, ports and airports over the next decade. >> reporter: the massive $1.2 trillion plan sets aside $110 billion to repair aging highways and bridges, $39 billion for public transportation, $65 billion for high speed internet. the president describing families struggling to find access. >> no parent should have to sit in a parking lot in a fast food restaurant again, just so a child can use the internet to do their homework. that's over. >> reporter: 32 republicans voted for the plan. ohio senator rob portman, a lead negotiator. >> this is what can happen when republicans and democrats decide we're going to work together to get something done.
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>> reporter: on the other side, moderate kyrsten sinema of arizona. >> this is what it looks like when elected leaders set aside differences, shut out the noise and focus on delivering results on the issues that matter most to every day americans. >> reporter: for some americans, the impact will be felt immediately. new yorkers won't see a subway fare increase or service cuts. kentucky and ohio hoping for much needed repairs on the brent spence bridge. and in louisiana, this bridge in desperate need of a fix. but the white house acknowledging many projects will take time. when will americans start to see this in their communities in a very real way? >> well, there are some onents see rather quickly and some that will take a little bit more time. this is not designed to be a stimulus bill. this is designed to be something that is spent out over time. >> that is the key question, cecilia. how soon do we see it? cecilia with us live from the white house. we were on the air this afternoon for this bill signing into law and you were saying the
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president knows this, the white house knows this, this victory was needed, especially given these new poll numbers this dismal approval rating for the president. >> reporter: david, 42%, he is currently under water as we speak. the president, the white house, democrats all know that he needs to now get out there and convince americans that this inf infrastructure plan will dire directly benefit them and their families. so, he is going to take this sales pitch on the road, he starts in new hampshire tomorrow, where he will be visiting a crumbling bridge. he will later in the week go to michigan, where he will be talking about electric vehicles. two key battleground states. >> cecilia vega with us tonight. thank you, cecilia. and we should note you heard the president there compare our inf infrastructure spending to china's. well, president biden tonight holding a virtual meeting with chine esesidt xi jinping. the two leaders planning to talk about managing the growing competition between the two countries. now, to the pandemic tonight and to the surge in cases, with the colder weather now here.
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more americans, of course, inside and just as the holidays approach. tonight, new cases are up 23% across the country. today, what dr. anthony fauci said about thanksgiving and upcoming family gatherings. and we are tracking something else here. a pocket of flu cases, hundreds of them, that authorities are now tracking with growing concern tonight. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: despite signs of a winter covid surge, health experts say vaccinated americans can gather for traditional holidays. >> if you get vaccinated and your family's vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving, christmas with your family and close friends. >> reporter: since the end of october, new covid cases are up 23% across the country and up 22% among children. and there's now a growing push to expand booster shots to all adults ahead of an official decision from the fda. new yorku
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othestr ates in aowlling booster shots for all adtsul. eth governo arnday mor of new yo urkrging aonnye who wants a osboter to get one. >>e wgoto tstay ahead of vicod. so whae ve a too al,nd it wos,rk anthd at's booerst shots. >>ep rorter: oicffials at a conntieccut nursg inhome susctpe wangni immunitply ayed a re olin oanutbreak atth infected 79 residtsen, killing eight. eyth say allut b two residents and stf afwere ful vlyaccinated, d annone of e thresintdes had gotten aoo bster yet. >>ea rlly stephaeni with us nitoght. d steph, dr. jhaas hai sd right here onhi ts brocaadst that weav heo t bere ppared for a tepontially severe flu seonas, as well,ec bause so many of us ha bveeen wearing masks, siaocl distanci angnd many haven't built up immunity. know autrihotiyies arera tcking about outeabrk in chmiigan? >> rorepter: yes, the ccd right nows i on the ound at e thuniversi otyf chmiigan,tu sdying a sudnde flu outbre takhat has infectedor me an 300 peoepl inus jthe t last ek. fewer peleop are getngti the flu vacce inthis year and health
3:42 pm
ofcifials wanteo pple to owkn, it is okay to get bothhe tlu f dan covid vaccisne at the same time. dad?vi >> sphteanie ramos toghnit. ank you, sthaepnie. we tnur nexthi ts evening to evste bannon a, longtim aeide to form perresident trump, rrsuenderingo t autrihoties to faceri cminal cteonmpt of ngcoress chaesrg today,ft aer baonnn's refulsa tooo cperate with the house commieett inveigstating th jeanuary 6th riot. toy,da aef diantan bnon and what hesaid a,fter telling his nners th deay before the nuary 6th attac tkhat all hell going to break loose tomorrow. here'sur o chief washington correspondent jonathan klar tonight. reporte ar:s he turned himself in datoy, svete bnoann was as diaenl as ever. >>e' wre tired ofla pying fense. we'rgoe ing too g on theff oense onhi ts and sndta by. r>>eporter:an b nonis charged thwi two cntous ofon ctempt of congssre and fesac up to two yes arbehind bars if found ilgu ftyor refungsi to comply thwi a subpoena iuessd by the house cmiomttee investigangti e thjanuary 6th riot. e commitete saysan bnon is key tots i instveigation, pointing to wtha heai sd on his podcast
3:43 pm
thdae y before the riot. >>ll a hell is going to break osloe tomorrow. >> reporr:te bannonol td trump pportersqu, ote, this is your ti imen histy.or a>>ll i canay s is, stpra in. you veha made this hpeapn and tomorrowit, 's game day. >>ep rorter: b butannon has refud seto testify because, he sa, ysthat forrme psiredent trump ldto himot n .to mocrats ysa his prosecuonti ould be aar wning to everyone seel who fureses to coopatere, but bannon today was full of uster, vinowg toig fht back. >> i'mev ner going toac bkow dn anthd ey -- they took othn e onwrg guy this th teyook on t wherong guy. r>>eporter:th oer former trump des whoav he been subpoaeend the comttmiee are dounubtedly watcnghi very cseloly what is happineng with bann.on form cerhief of staff mark meadow iss leliky to be held in contptem by the juaanry 6th committeine the cinomg weeks, puinttg himn ieg lal jpaeordy d,an david,t i would also put him in a pitosion of being the first rmfoer membeofr the house toe b held inon ctempt of congress. >> a llright, jatonhan karl wahitcng it a fllor us again
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tonight. jon, tnkha you. an ndow to the igemas cinomg ainfter a shootgin near a high scho ioln roaura, colorado, that left six teens wounded. lice tonhtig searchi fngor veral suspects, one witness sayi tnghe stshoam ce from a vehiecl passing by a pkar near auraro centralig hh school thah fire fm rothat park. the scho oolnoc lkdownor f a authorieits say the wouednd teenars e betwe tenhe ages of 14 and 18. the poli ccehief jusa t short time a.go >> wnhe i got the call, my heart dropped. i tnkhi as many as you felt the exactam se way and i tnkhi ough isno eugh and i think we need toom ce tetogher as a counmmity. is is aub plic hlteah thiss i not all on law enforcement. we needo t get out through to our ki adsndig fure out a way to op this. all of the injured are expectedo t sviurve. >>no> w to the trial of teehr men in theho soting death of ahmaud aerrby. eth defense clialng for a mistri aalfter theev rerend jesse jksacon appeadre inou crt to sub port arbe'sry falymi. here's svete osunsami. >> repteorr: this wishat
3:45 pm
defense wylaers were so upset abou tt,hat had emth calling for the whe oltrial toe bthrown out. they nicoted that rojurs were reacngti after seeing reverend sse jacknso in onef o the limitesed ats in the courtroom, withis h armsro aund the victim m'sother ashe s was crying. >> howan my pastordos es the arbe fryamily ha?ve we had t rheeverend salharpton re er earlr,ie last we.ek r>>eporter:hi ts same denefse wyer haslr aeady beecan lled a racistft aer the way he colampined jus ltast wee akbout hothw e filamy of 25-yr-eaold ahmaudrb aery contueins to geiv sea at to blk acpastors. >>ou yr honor,he t seats ithn e public glealry of thcoe urtroom are not li ckeourtsideea sts at a kelars game. r>>eporter:t iwas duri ang neighbor t'sestimonyhe wn ndwaa cooperro bke dn,ow as prosecutors shared a photo of her son. e thjudge di'tdn agree ta o strial and thero psecution of e ththree wtehi men accused of murd cerontinues. rors tod gayot to see the otgun us iedn the kiinllg. >> ithf e wood we erthe t-sht ir atth you've scdeberid, can y ou sh towhe jury w hoclose th gatun
3:46 pm
uld be ttho at t-shi?rt i>>t's justn aapproximioatn. t it's gngoi to be cselo to e wood, oscle to thehi srt. >>ep rorter: t thehree menav he pld eanot guil,ty sayinghe ty were makgin a cizetin's arrest under enth geoiarg law. t buat the neighborhood construconti site wrehe their spsuicions started,ol pice say atth the victim is never seen ts wainlkarg ound. tside the courthseou, reverend jacksoprn omised t toake up a se iatn crtou as long as he's ofrefed one, calngli it a moral obgalition. prosecuts orcould wi dndown their ca isen the next cploue of da.ys ifhe t defenseak tesea nrly as longth, is trial couldus ph well intohe t week of thanksgivgin and sspoibly beyond. david? >> all right, svete osunsami , outhr anks to u yoagain tonhtig. awereol flowing a velopingit suation overseas the uk has just raidse the rror alert to atth is the cosend-highest leve al,fter a c earxplosion in aanttack osiutde a hostapil in liverpool. re are the images. atth explosi ionnside a ta,xi killing the passeerng and
3:47 pm
injuringhe t dverir just ashe t vehicleas wul pling up tohe t hospital. thoritietos night whit that new alert, warning another tacks i hsihly here's our foreign creorspondent mes >>ep rorter: tigonht, this plosion tsouide a ukos hpital declared t aerrorist incident. watch tashis xita drir vepulls up outsi ldeiverolpo's women's hospital. momes ntlater, t rhef oois blown off. the driv jerumps out, another man rushg into his aid, t bua passenr geis stillns iide that now burng incar. police s tayt haperson w as 32-yeaolr-d terrorus spect emad al easwlmeen, kleild by his homema bdeomb. detailars e still clunear, but the driver, namebyd local miaed as david pryer, is being praised for his quicthk the yomar of liverpo solaying he may veha locked e thcar doorass hesc eaped, sos ato stop alwe salme fenrom continui angn acatk. aminazgly, per eryscaped wh it lyon minor iurnjies. d tonight, picole carryi ongut coa ntrolledxp elosion aant dress liednk to the spsuect.
3:48 pm
the pritt britisheo pple will never be cow bedy >>ep rorter: n cotowed, but alert. the uk'ser tror thre hatas now en raisetod "severe t,"he cond higsthe level, anmeing an attack iqus ote, "hilygh likely." d david, tonit,gh the police y theou fr men aesrrted have nobew en lereased after questiong,in butnv iestigato rs y they'rpae ying parcutilar attentn ioto a deviceha tt would ve been conrustcted atne o of e thaddresses srceahed. david? all right, jesam longman on e breaki dngevelopmesnt tonight. and one moreot ne oveearss night. e thamerican jrnoualist ntenced stla week to 11 years of hdar labor is onis h way back homeo tmichiganon tight. foerrm u.s. ambassado brill richards honelped win danny nsfeter's ca. se >>wh> en we ceom back on a ndmoay nit,gh the small plane ascrhing in tampa and the escape tashat plane was gog inunder water. feelg insluggish or weigdhe down? citould be a si tgnhat your digeivste system isn't working iatt's best taking mametucil evedaryy can help.
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fillnay, a lig shtntce that la sts all y!da new downliy ght, avaabille in urfo natural-ilynspid rescents. finally, a son pyilang for mom. night, the movgin tribute from a nso to his thmoer. 18ea-yr-old alex owbrn, numrbe 8, vsiarty quaerrtback at red bankat cholic hi sghchool inew n rsjeey. alex's mheotr micheell hadee bn ttbaling bretas cance fror more than a decade. shwoe uld cheer him on at all of his games, joingni him on the eld wit hherus hband,ay rnd a unyogest n,so rcmaus. chelle pseasd away just days
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ago. alexha sring this otpho, writin g,"today i lost my best frie,nd my tcheaer and my moerth. mmyom had bnee batintlg breast ance their hadpr sead rothughout her body for 14 years. she wasev nerup sposed t moake it tshi nglo. but thugroh love and her insean streng,th she ugfoht. loi ve you, stre in acpee." e thnext day, alex wasac bk on the fiel hd,e said, plangyi for his mother. yocou uld hear the crowd chanti hngis >> a.b.! >> and then this. alex scoring an unlibeevable eit ghuctohdowns, rothw, x siin of them and rniunng for two, making the snig of the cross in thene d zone. and toghnit, alex right here. >> heyda, vid. on h misother and his hope. >> even enwh you strgluge with somethg inas hard as atth, it might be tough, it mhtig be hard -- youan c always fight. >> a son l'sove. od night.
3:59 pm
know from cab 7, love breaki nngews. >> thankfos r joini ungs. e thbreaking news datoy out of the et asbay where we are hearing veseral childn rehave been givenhe t wrong de osof covid ccvaine. t>>he childn regot the uladt sadoge and j. .rstone isiv le in e newsroom with atwh we learned. bokone o of the familsie fected rcheaed out tmeo late last have an eit-ghyear-oldnd a 11ea-yr-old ani d am tolbod th receediv incorrect amounts of e thvaccine. their thmoer tells me they received doublthe e amounthe ty oushld have and are skic today. the osfrom sutr tehealth cfionrm 14at pients at theirnt aioch pediriatc vaccincle inic on sardtuay reiecved vaccesin with incoecrrt amounts. this happened at the sutter geurnt care facility on lonetree way. the mother i talked with said r kids weer the first two to t getheir pzefir shots on turday. the chair of sutter alheth vicod-19 vaccine task for acend pea diatrician says as soon as
4:00 pm
we leaedrn of this, we contacdte th pearents a anddvised theofm cdc guincdae in this siattuion. heen wt on to say the safety of oupar tients is our top priotyri. we immediate rlyeviewedur o processes toel hp make sure this es not hpeapn he said accordingo t the cdc patitsen who received incorrect amounts may receive arm soressne, fatigu heeadache or thieveryn iresponseo t the goat -- the de osgiven. it is alex with p aeter fro--m doa ctor from pet--e from ucsf. they did say theo t theid ks haveee bnes tted withig hher amounts in the long-term effects rewe found ican se studies. just some sideff eects. >> headache, musecl ach,es fever. fever sinome secas. they should go awainy a day or o. i would say holtid ght. d annot worrtoy o much. >> i d rideach out to sutter to ask howuc mh these 14


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