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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on "america this morning," historic day. president biden signing his infrastructure bill into law as his approval rating sinks to a new low. the impact of $1 trillion in new spending. breaking overnight, the 9-year-old trampled during the houston concert tragedy dies from his injuries. what his family is now saying. on alert. national guard troops prepare for potential violence as the kyle rittenhouse trial wraps up today. what his mother is now saying about the rifle he brought to kenosha during the protests that night. school lunch dilemma. the supply chain crisis, and impact on school cafeterias. plus, the new law limiting
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how often your boss can email you. and the historic new character, the macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons and adele's historic new performance. ♪ hello from the other side ♪ >> and her cannon conversation with oprah. it's monday, november 15th. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with history being made in washington today. president biden will sign his bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. >> but the rest of his agenda hangs in the balance with growing concern about inflation which has americans paying more at the grocery store and gas station. >> as a result, the president's poll numbers are suffering. a large majority of americans now say they disapprove of how he's handling the economy. abc's faith abubey is here to break it all down from washington. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, andrew. the white house is acknowledging the inflation problem while
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insisting passing president biden's spending package and rolling out that bipartisan infrastructure bill will help address the issue. this morning, the white house preparing for a historic moment. hours away from president biden inking his landmark bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. governors, mayors and lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle set to join the celebration. white house officials touting the $1.2 trillion bill as a vehicle for creating millions of new jobs and growing the economy. >> we're going to work without delay to get that money working for the american people. >> reporter: the plan includes $110 billion to build and upgrade highways and bridges, $65 billion for high speed internet and $39 billion for public transportation. the president has named former new orleans mayor mitch andrew to oversee the bipartisan bill. building airports and roads starting right away. saying in a statement, he'll work with government officials
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and business owners to, quote, create good-paying jobs and rebuild american america for the middle class. a much needed victory as his poll numbers tote toll a new low, and americans feel the pinch of rising grocery prices. >> i would never believe that in just ten months of the presidency could bring us to a 30-year high of inflation. >> reporter: 70% of americans say the economy is in bad shape. more than half, 55% disapproving of biden's handling of the economy, but the white house pushing back saying passing the reconciliation package to go along with the infrastructure bill will actually make things better. >> that will get a vote. it will pass. >> reporter: also on the president's agenda, today a high stakes meeting with china's president. the two are expected to discuss how to responsibly manage competition between china and the u.s. andrew? >> all right, faith. thank you. a tenth person has now died
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in the wake of that concert tragedy in houston this month. according to his family, 9-year-old ezra blount has died from his injuries. ezra fell off his father's shoulders and was trampled when the crowd surged during travis scott's performance. the boy spent several days on life support. the family has filed a $1 million lawsuit against scott and the concert organizers. kenosha, wisconsin is on edge this morning as the kyle rittenhouse murder trial draws to a close. closing arguments are set for today, following hours of drama in the courtroom. >> reporter: this morning, preparations under way in wisconsin for potential unrest in the streets as closing arguments get under way in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the governor deploying about 500 national guard troops to kenosha. rittenhouse is on trial for shooting three people, killing two during protests in the city last year after the police shooting of jacob blake. during emotional testimony, rittenhouse claimed self-defense saying he was in kenosha to protect businesses.
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in a new interview, rittenhouse's mother defended her son carrying an ar-15 style rifle. >> he bought that gun for protection, and to this day if he didn't have that gun, my son would have been dead. >> reporter: prosecutors have portrayed rittenhouse as a violent vigilante who instigated the deadly chain of events that night. on friday, they asked if they could submit lesser charges against him, something the judge indicated he'll allow. some say that's a sign prosecutors are not confident of a conviction on the more serious charges, including intentional homicide which could carry a life sentence. rittenhouse's mother saying her son is regretful. >> knowing that it was that chaotic, the situation, do you think he should have -- or do you think he would have gone down there again? >> probably not. >> each side will have 2 1/2 hours for closing arguments today, and jury deliberations could begin as early as this afternoon. former president trump adviser steve bannon is expected
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to surrender on contempt charges. bannon claims he's covered under former president trump's assertion of executive privilege, but president biden has rejected that claim. the former president is selling his washington, d.c. hotel down the street from the white house. the miami investment firm is requiring the lease for $375 million. the trump name will be removed and it will be managed by the hilton. the trump organization investigated $200 million to renovate the hotel. covid cases are soaring in rural areas with low vaccination rates. these 21 states you see here on your map are reporting a surge of infections. doctors warn the southwest along with colorado, the great lakes region and parts of the northeast could see things get worse before they get better. some states including california are urging vaccinated people to get their booster shots even without fda authorization. experts say the rising number of covid cases in europe is a
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warning sign for the u.s. austria is placing unvaccinated people under lockdown. daily cases in neighboring germany have hit a new high. some blame unvaccinated people from eastern europe. aaron rodgers returned to the field sunday after testing for covid and missing one game. he failed to throw a touchdown in the 17-0 win against the seahawks, but said he felt pretty good after the game. he also said he was emotional. >> most emotions from the night was probably walking off the field after the game. definitely got me a little misty, and so that was good to feel those type of emotions, and good to be back with the guys. >> steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger remains out after his positive covid test. big ben is vaccinated, so he could return next sunday. a southwest airlines passenger is facing assault charges for allegedly punching an airline worker in the head. ariel jackson is held on bond.
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she hit the agent after asking to leave a flight she just boarded. she was asked to leave, and the agent was treated at the hospital. the crisis along the border between poland and belarus is escalating. polish police are blocking the flow of migrants into their country, and belarus is refusing to take the migrants back leaving thousands of people in limbo. many of them are from syria and iraq, and are now stranded in the freezig temperatures. poland wants nato to help resolve the standoff. and time now for a look at your monday weather. officials have confirmed the storms across southern new england and long island, new york this weekend were the first november tornadoes on record in those regions. trees were down, but no injuries reported. clear skies are expected across the midwest today after these bands of snow and rain this weekend. meanwhile, the northwest will get another round of heavy rain and mountain snow today. winds could hit 65 miles per hour. checking today's high
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emperatures, warmer tha in the plains and still warm across the desert southwest. coming up, "sesame street" making history with a new character. but first, what we're learning about a plane crash in michigan. an 11-year-old girl is the sole survivor. and one of the most wanted fugitives in america is finally identified. identified. how investigators cracked the people tod
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new details about a small plane crash in northern michigan. an 11-year-old girl is the only survivor. her father was killed when the plane went down on beaver island. among the dead, a couple that just moved to the island to build a vineyard. her mother says her last memory of the crash is her dad
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protecting her. authorities have finally tracked down a notorious fugitive who evaded law enforcement for decades and was featured on "america's most wanted" and "unsolved mysteries." >> reporter: this morning, one of america's most-wanted fugitives has been identified five decades later. the same. and conrad are one in- >> reporter: theodore conrad, a cleveland bank teller, pulled off one of the biggest bank heists in state history. his obsession with the movie "the thomas crowne proved his plot. they said conrad stole $215,000 from the vault in the bank he worked. equivalent to $2 million in today's money. he moved to boston, got a new social security number and with it a new life. living near where "the thomas crowne affair" was filmed.
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>> everything doesn't end like the movies. theodore j. conrad died of lung cancer. >> reporter: the mystery unraveled last week, when u.s. marshals identified the man as conrad. he had been living under the name of thomas randall. investigators were able to match his signature on documents from the 1960s to his signature on documents in 2014 when he filed for bankruptcy. >> what i learned, he was a great family man. he was friends with the police this those areas. and from my understanding, even friends with federal agents in that area. >> reporter: they said can ronr worked at a car dealership and never told his wife and daughter about his true identity until just before his death earlier this year. >> i want to see him apprehended. >> reporter: the case hitting close to home for u.s. marshal peter elliot, whose father, john, also a deputy u.s.
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marshal, worked on the case from 1969 until his retirement. peter said his dad never lost sight of the case, often discussing it around the dinner table. >> pass the mashed potatoes and where the heck is conrad? >> reporter: there is one lingering mystery. investigators say he left behind a huge pile of bills, raising the question -- where did all that money go? andrew? moan th mona? >> still some questions. coming up, the macy's thanksgiving parade getting new faces. how the supply chain crisis is affecting the clothes
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rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. all right. take a look at the middle of your screen there. back now with some scary moments during this powerboat race in the florida keys. two of the vessels collided. one of them ended up flipping over, but thankfully the drivers were not hurt. in maryland, meanwhile, a driver was rescued from this sinking car. an ems crew on the scene filming a video at the time got the man out, and he is now recovering. >> wow. we turn now to the supply chain crisis and inflation impacting nearly every corner of the u.s. economy, from discount stores to school lunch lines. >> reporter: this morning, the supply chain crisis now impacting schools. according to the minneapolis star tribune, 57 districts in minnesota are scrambling to find food for students after their provider unexpectedly ended
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their contract due to the supply chain and labor shortage issues. one superintendent saying, quote, it's kind of every district for itself right now. experts blame the supply chain crisis on several factors, including stimulus checks boosting demand while the pandemic restricts production of certain products overseas. a shortage of truck drivers has led to a record number of cargo ships waiting off the country's ports to unload. meaning some gifts will be in short supply for the holidays. not only are some of my presidents purchased, but wrapped. i have five grandchildren and it's super important that those presents are under the tree and wr wrapped. >> reporter: now some brands have announced they'v leaving discount chain outlets like t.j. maxx due to supply. this business owner was shocked to tee a 4% surcharge at a paint store. >> obviously if it was a bigger job, it asktffects you a lot mo you know,?
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but 4% on a million dollar job is $40,000. >> reporter: experts say that percentage will likely rise further as the cost of cow food increases and the labor shortage hits slaughterhouses. meanwhile, people who run food banks say it's becoming even harder to serve their communities. >> previously i would put an order in that can get here within six weeks, but having some visibility on the trends that were happening with shipping and backup at the ports, i extended that lead time to maybe eight or nine weeks. >> reporter: a federal reserve official warns the cost of everything could keep going up for months. >> the math suggests we're probably going to see somewhat higher readings over the next few months before they likely start to taper off. >> and the supply chain crisis is impacting businesses you might not expect. dry cleaners are asking customers to return wire hangers because of the shortage. a blowout for the chiefs. patrick mahomes looked like his
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olay body wash hydrates to improve skin 3x better, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. ♪ time to check "the pulse", and we begin with adele's prime time concert special. >> we should make adele the pulse music every day. she returned to the stage for the first time in four years last night. she also sat down with a pro. she said she stopped drinking and started losing weight. she still eats mcdonnell's, and she discussed the moment she knew she wanted a divorce. >> we were answering these questions in this very bougie
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magazine, and it was -- it was something, like, what's something that no one would ever know about you and i just said it in front of three of my friends. i was, like, i'm really not happy. i'm not living. i'm just plodding along. >> she seems happy now. adele performed four songs from her new album. she even helped a fan pull off a marriage proposal during the concert and she did say yes, by the way. next, an up close look at the toll the climate crisis is taking on one of the most extreme places on earth. >> abc's amy robach arrived in antarctica after a grueling two-week journey to see first hand the effect of climate change on the bottom of the earth. she learned what it takes for a penguin to survive as the ice melts. she also learned about their sex life. >> they mate for life and they mate by the sound of their call. >> they can recognize the call, yes. we like to romanticize that they
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mate for life. it's like they mate for life as long as this is going well. if one of them doesn't show up this year, they might split up and find a better partner. >> not showing up is a deal breaker. amy will have more on the penguins and the impact of climate change later on "good morning america." next, a new law limiting the number of work emails you can receive. >> portugal has just made it illegal for employers to text, call or email their workers after hours. the law says the privacy of workers must be respected and the offense could carry a fine. "sesame street" has a new character. the first asian-american puppet. >> she's korean-american. she was created to counter the anti-asian sentiment making headlines since the pandemic. finally, speaking of new characters, macy's has unveiled new maroballoons for this year' thanksgiving parade. >> baby yoda will make an appearance. appearance. >> from ronald mcdonald
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area, this is abc7 news. >> strike averted, more than 1000 pharmacists have reached a tentative deal with kaiser. >> the president said to sign his landmark legislation to improve our nation' infrastructure. s>> beware of the black bear, residents stay inside for safety. an update on the bear's whereabouts. >> what a pastor in chicago is spending the night on top of shipping containers all winter long. >> oh, in chicago. >> all winter. >> it's cold inside of chicago sun-times. good morning. you are watching abc7 live. mike: when you see the fog made me want to go back inside also.


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