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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 14, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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down, but now it is running loose in the neighborhood abc 7 news at 11 begins in 60 seconds. news at 11 begins in 60 seconds. ♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. ♪ ♪
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tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a north bay neighborhood gets an unexpected guest a bear perched high up in a tree for most of the day. it's now on the loose again with that. we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream well, that bear was perched high up in a tree on raymond heights near in petaluma, people were told to grab their pets and stay inside while officials hoped the animal would climb down and head back into the wild. now it finally did come down and abc 7 news reporter ryan curry joins us live tonight from petaluma. he has been tracking this story for us all night long and ryan.
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is it finally over? indeed it is dion. good evening to you. the bear came down from the tree around 9:30 this evening. they they found it in front of a residence home. it had been up in that tree since around 2 am but now it is safely on its way out of this area. this neighborhood in petaluma was on high alert sunday and we were all just kind of in shock that there's a giant bear and they said it's really big and i said, yeah, it's really big so i called 911 a large 400 pound bear made its way up a redwood tree in the middle of a populated residential area. we saw it moving a little bit this morning, but it's been pretty much in the same spot. tom lindbergh lives near the home where the bear climb the tree. he says he woke up in the middle of the night to his dog barking and that's when they realized an animal was close by we a person we went out to the backyard and um, she barking up a tree. and then eventually a animal control person came in the backyard and said there was an animal to keep the dog inside
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north bay animal services spent most of the day trying to keep the bear up the tree authorities say it came from the neighborhood due to recent climate issues like wildfires and drought. he's traveled more than he normally would have had to because of the drought we've been doing this for a long time many years and you just don't normally see this so something must have changed it they say the animal was scared. they hope that once it turned dark the bear would comfortable come down from the tree and go back to its habitat wait for him to come to a more safer position or hopefully tonight. just he'll come down and go back on his own. and thank goodness. that is what happened this evening that bear coming down on its own back to its habitat the roads that were blocked off are now reopened and the shelter in place that was around has now been lifted. so everyone here is safe and sound they use some food to try and lure the bear down from the tree and officials then helped guide it back to its habitat to where they think it came from. we're live in petaluma tonight
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ryan curry abc 7 news, ah a sigh of relief for everybody in that neighborhood ryan curry good stuff out there many. thanks to you now. we have been sending out alerts about this story throughout the day through the abc 7 news app. it is one way to stay on top of breaking news when you download it for your mobile device. just enable the push alert feature. well moving on to developing news right now. we are just hours away from a possible strike at kaiser permanente involving 1200 pharmacist. if a deal can't be reached they will walk out for a week abc 7 news reporter jr. stone has been in touch with both sides and found patients scrambling to get their prescriptions filled. patients going in and out of this kaiser permanente in san francisco in an effort to get medicine before the possible pharmacist strike on monday. i've made a point to come here before five. i'm just here to pick up medicine from my parents. because of the strike tomorrow kaiser says they are bargaining in good faith with both the
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guild for professional pharmacists and local 39 that includes the kaiser engineers who have already been on strike for at least 58 days and who are outside of kaiser on sunday kaisers pushing everybody to take less than other people doing the same job, but those with kaiser say the strikes are being used despite excellent proposals put forth by kaiser permanente. i would keep pharmacists and engineers among the highest paid in the nation while everything went smoothly for patients getting. medicine when we talked with them kaiser contracted employee tells us that is not always the case. we have things that are falling apart throughout kaiser due to the fact that the engineers are not here. i think tomorrow is going to be a very scary day a kaiser pharmacy strike could last for seven days mail delivery for the pharmacy will still be in operation, but many patients.
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talk with say they're just glad they're prepared when i called i heard about the strike and you just told me that it's gonna be the next i mean, he's gonna start tomorrow, right and now he said so i won't be able to get my prescriptions until god knows when so i'm glad i came today. i should be fine if the work stoppage is only a week jr. stone abc 7 news. now kaiser did avert a major strikes set for tomorrow. it reached a tentative agreement saturday with the alliance of healthcare unions that kept about 60,000 workers from walking out close to half of them are in california. it is a four-year deal that includes annual wage increases. there will be no reduction in health and retirement benefits either voting on the new contract will take place over the next several weeks. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is condemning racist graffiti found. of its businesses the blue
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angels volunteer safety patrol group was out sunday when they noticed these phrases scrawled on the side of new tins market. the messages are so vile. we've had to blur them out. they immediately informed chinatown chamber president karl chan who urged the market's owners to report the incident to police something chan says is crucial to uniting the community during this time of hate. so we thought you know, things are getting much much better and when we see this in a graffit, specifically a specifically you know our community. is very concerning. that's the reason why i myself along with our entire community and you know, you know, we always wanted support like the nwacp and then the jewish community. the chamber issued a statement as well saying in part, they won't tolerate this ignorant and disrespectful behavior that leads to senseless violence. well meantime the islamic center of san francisco is reaching out to an unknown vandalism suspect after a glass bottle was thrown
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inside the mosque late friday night members say they were inside when they heard the sound of glass shattering after going to inspect the noise that is when they saw the shattered window along with with the broken bottle mosque leaders believe. wasn't active hate and are asking the sus. come forward so they can educate them about who they are and what the islamic region represents. i feel scared and the community feels scared and we would love to have you know have a sit down and have some dialogue with any individuals interested. especially the one who, you know committed. this is active vandalism. a donation page has been set up to help. for the damages hundreds of marchers took to the streets of los gatos today to end hate they made their way from fisher middle school to the civic center as part of the town's campaign united against hate they carried signs with messages of inclusion from and racism to stop asian hate more than 40 groups from across the community were represented last month a
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new city ordinance banned protests outside a person's home in a bid for tolerance. oakland's a's legend dave ste is making his pitch to buy the city of oakland's share of the coliseum site for 115 million dollars tomorrow. he and his group will make a presentation to a city council member and then to the city on tuesday. he says his group has a revitalization plan that will work whether the a's decide to stay at the site or move to howard. terminal stewart says he has backing from ricky henderson, damian lillard and cece sabathia among others abc 7 news. jr. stone spoke with dave and his wife lonnie who say the money and ideas are there and ready to be implemented? we're not talking about a hundred and fifteen million dollars over eight or nine year period of time when sight is is given to our group we plan to pay that $115 million on
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approval. we are backed by true oaklanders people that have grown up in it and have been in it and continue to give to the area. now all of this comes as the a's continue to explore sites outside of the bay area for a new ballpark. coming up another week and more closures the walgreens stores in san francisco that are going to shut down for good tomorrow because of continuing problems with shoplifting and a big day tomorrow for president biden's infrastructure deal. but what does the future hold for another key piece of his agenda, and we're already dealing with some thick fog and napa in santa rosa less than a mild visibility. you see some fog here developing in san rafael. so we start off the morning with some dense fog. i'm also tracking some rain in
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san francisco are set to close tomorrow one at 7:45 clement street in the inner richmond the other at 300 gough street in hayes valley both. transfer prescriptions to other walgreens pharmacies nearby walgreens as the closures are due to rampant shoplifting earlier this year. you may remember this our leanne melendez shot viral video of a shoplifter clearing out shelves at the gulf street store five walgreens are shutting down in the city this month. to the north bay now where marin county is one of the wealthiest in the bay area and it also has one of the largest gaps in racial disparity in california. that is according to a new report in the marin independent journal the advancement project, california has the county ranked second out of the state's 58 counties mono county is number one the report looked at a number of categories and health insurance stood out as well.
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marin county has the highest disparity when it comes to res. who are insured? well, the 1.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill will soon become law president. joe biden will hold a signing ceremony tomorrow and later in the week. he'll travel to new hampshire and detroit to tout the new law, but the president is also seeing some dismal poll numbers. here's abc's mona kosar abdi with more president joe biden is set to sign the 1.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill into law on monday. he will be joined by members of congress who helped write the historic bill and a diverse group of leaders. who fought for its passage governors and mayors of both parties and labor and business leaders the white house announcing sunday night that former new orleans mayor michel andrew will oversee the implementation of the bill 19 senate republicans and 13 in the house back the for structure bill, but no republicans support biden separate larger social spending and climate change bill. every republican is united in our efforts to try to drive a
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stake through the heart of this of effort, which the democrats are pushing because they are so addicted to taxing and spending according to a new abc news washington post poll 58% of american support the 1.75 trillion dollar plan, but the poll also finds president biden's overall job. approval at a new low 41% and 70% of americans say the economy is in bad shape more than half. 5% disapprove of biden's handling of the economy the white house acknowledged inflation is high and said the social spending plan will help americans if passed will caught the cost of child care by more than half for most working families. it'll build new housing all around the country to let people find new opportunities to find jobs and live in an affordable way. democratic leaders are committed to revisiting the bill before the thanksgiving break, but several moderates have said they are waiting for confirmation from the national budget office that the bill has written is paid or monaco sarabdi abc news,
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new york parents can expect their next child tax credit payments soon. the latest round is scheduled to go out tomorrow parents who fall under the income maximums will automatically get a credit of up to $300 for each child up to six and $250 for each one ages 6 through 17. it will be the second to last child tax credit payment. unless congress acts. all right shifting gears to the weather now and francis finally feeling like fall out there. yeah, definitely. on we noticed the cool down this afternoon. we'll continue to notice some temperatures coming down tomorrow. here's a look at live doppler 7 the satellite radar image and this time i have it looping so you can see the pattern there's a system to our north and that's bringing us the increasing cloud. so tomorrow a much cloudier day, but no wet weather yet a live shot from sut are those shows you beautiful and to our weekend you can still see across the bay here. so we have some high clouds over the bay, but we also have some
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thick fog developing in some spots in san francisco is currently 56 oakland 52 mountain view 51, san jose 57 and morgan hill 53 with half moon bay at 55 degrees. check out this shot. this is san rafael. so the fog is already getting thick here and it's down to less than a mile visibility in santa in napa in santa rosa right now. it's 5 app is 53 livermore in concord. also in the low 50s and will end with a shot from the east bay so we can enjoy this view while we have it because it's going to look very different tomorrow morning. so dense fog is what we need to look out for a special in the north and east bay valleys as some of the thule fog spills in from the central central part of california, and then tomorrow be cloudier. you saw that system turned north more seasonal temperatures tomorrow so less of the 70s more of the 60s and then possible showers. it's looking more and more likely but it's not much thursday into friday and i'll show you that coming up. here's a look at lowe's tonight temperatures mainly in the low
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50s around the bay we'll see some upper 40s and again fog can be very very thick. so be careful if you're driving during the early morning hours, especially we'll even see some fog at the coast half. a 51 and also tomorrow's high's more 60s mid-60s around the bay san francisco and oakland at 64, but there will be a few 70s out there 71 and livermore in san jose and even in cloverdale and 67 in santa rosa and san rafael now, here's a look at the forecast animation. so for tomorrow this system will bring us extra clouds, but not too much rain. we'll see temperatures cool through the week. and then on thursday the stronger system will get the south end of this so not too much rain, but that will sweep through the bay area thursday night into friday morning starting from the north bay and then sliding southeast as it moves through on our storm impact scale. it's a one out of five. so it's a light storm light rain less than a tenth of an inch for
11:20 pm
most areas. and then the timing is rain will be falling while we're asleep. so not too bad at all for us. we could still use the reign of course, but it shouldn't affect any outdoor plants too much. here's a look at live doppler 7. so very dense morning fog tomorrow cloudier conditions temperatures a little bit cooler the cooling continues tuesday, wednesday, definitely. feeling like fall with the chance of showers late thursday evening into friday morning that lingering chance and then the sunshine returns into our forecast by next weekend. i hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather and beautiful sunshine. we had this weekend dion. alright gotta love it francis. thanks. well, just ahead want to take a guess where this snoopy is headed and it is definitely not another duel with his nemesis the red baron and before we had to break we do have an important schedule change for because of monday night football the la rams play the san francisco 49ers at levi's stadium and covered starts at 5 pm right here on abc
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peanuts characters snoopy is headed to the moon. nasa will be sending a stuffed toy. they are calling astronaut snoopy into space to serve as a zero gravity indicator. all of this is part of the artemis 1 moon mission scheduled for early next year under artemis. nasa is working to land the first woman and first person of color on the moon. this will be the year that snoopy will be helping out nasa with their missions. well, chris alvarez now joins us with the preview of sports chris. dion coming up in sports. why is george cattle carrying a football everywhere? he goes we've got your answer and stephan curry returns home with not help take the buzz out of the hor
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sponsored by river rock casino after a seven and one home stand the warriors begin a four-game road trip in charlotte tonight, and it's a homecoming game for stephan curry hasn't lost in charlotte since 2013 though. he did miss the last two visits. dad dell still working the hornets broadcast raining rookie of the year. lomelo ball came out hot 4 threes and 15 points in the first quarter for charlotte. steph didn't shoot it. great, but check out these passes ahead that jonathan kamingo the rookie had nine off the bench and then curry, this is just crazy. no, look behind the back to jordan pool. splash slam steph had 10 assists game tied at 57 at the break final seconds of third curry and the bank opened on sunday in charlotte. steph had 24, but just three of 13 from downtown terry rogier has the name scary terry. look at this scored all 20 of
11:29 pm
his points in the second half hoop and the foul hornets of four. and under a minute game tied miles bridges had a team-high 22. this gives charlotte the lead for good warriors lose 106 102 snapping these seven game win streak, you know you go out on the road for the first time in a while. maybe you have a little false sense of security after. know seven straight home wins and got to learn from it winning games on a roll. a different level of intensity of different level of focus. we never really put our imprint on the game. and when you don't the game can go either way that's tonight this women's hoops huge matchup down the farm haley jones the defending national champion cardinal hosting, texas third quarter stanford up for defense to offense. look at lexie hull steele a nice move cardinal up six. she scored a teen high 16, but the longhorns alia matharu woke up in the final seven minutes. she scored seven straight giving texas the leads splash and then about a little dribble.
11:30 pm
metharu circus shot up and in longhorns up four coach vandever coach searching for answers. four from deep. scoring all 17 of her big touchdown and a win. niners host the rams right here on abc7. monday night football kick avenue. kittle has been carry ago football everywhere he goes after a costly fumble after last week's loss. a win for the niners would nuclear weapon a.f.c. wild card spot. and he will do whatever it taken. >> it was my chance to hurl a guy. lax ball security. it led to a fumble. how do i change that? carry a football around. hold on to it more. you always have a choice of how you respond to situations. i always try to get ahead of the thing. you is to be able to say, this
11:31 pm
is how i'm going to fix it. >> abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion? >> the signs that an yup tick may already be underway we have an update on queen
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anchor: with colder weather moving in and the holidays approaching, health officials feel a winter covid surge is on the way. nationwidings cases and
11:35 pm
hospitalizations are back on the rise after weeks of decline. and tonight some health experts are urging all adults to strongly consider get ago booster shot even though the c.d.c. isn't recommending it to everyone 18 and older. but four states including california are already advising fully vaccinated adults to get that streaks shot. that's six months after their last dose. abc's elwyn lopez reports from new york city. reporter: that's 21 states are seeing an yup tick in cases in covid-19. saturday marking the fifty consecutive day that hospital zations have risen across the u.s. there are now concerns cases could rise further as temperatures drop and people gather for the holidays. st. michael's college in vermont has suspended social gathering after a spike in cases tide to halloween parties. >> we've been predicting that there's going to be another wave of covid-19 over the winter. we have a about half the
11:36 pm
population vaccinated. arguably 58% fully vaccinated. what that means we have almost half the population not vaccinated. >> four states now allowing booster shots for all adults even though federal health officials recommend limiting doses to people 65 years and older. and any doubt with's health or drop puts them at higher risk. >> the data now is very clear that more than six months out from your second shot, there is a decline in protection against protection. not necessarily against hospitalizations and if you want to avoid that, people should get the booster. >> in california, this father getting his booster. his son rolling up his live for his first shot >> we are going to travel during the holidays and christmas time. i feel much more comfortable with the booster. >> meanwhile, the world champion milwaukee bucks offered up a little incentive for foons get vaccinated, get a shot and get a photo with the larry o'brien trophy. >> we so we saw this on facebook and we thought he's he's a big
11:37 pm
bucks fan that will be awesome for him. elwyn lopez, abc news, new york. >> new developments outs of houston where the astrosworld music festival has claimed the 0th victim. est ezra blunt passed away. treston blunt had ezra on his shoulders when he was pushed over and knocked out. when he regained consciousness he could not find his son. ezra had been trampled by the crowd and was critically injured. britain's queen elizabeth delayed her return to public life today. the queen didn't attend a remembrance day service after vaping her back. buckingham palace said said said was disappointed not to be able to attend the event. prince charles laid a writhe on behalf of his mother. the queen has serve
11:38 pm
former president trump sold his washington hotel in a deal worth $3.75 missouri sources confirmed that a miami based firm has purchased the property. it will become part of the hilton hotel port portfolio. the trump flame be dropped. the hotel has come under scrutiny for accepting payments from foreign governments during the trump presidency. just ahead, can new technology change what some considered bias in technology? we put the new google pixel phone and its claims of image equity to the test. >> and the fog will be the biggest challenge. you can see some fog here in this shot. vidsibilities is very limited in santa rosa, napa and con scored having some fogful i'll let
11:39 pm
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>> for years darker skin tones have complained about the pictures they take. some say it as an issue of bias in smartphone technology. now google released what it's calling the world's most inclusive camera to fix the issue. abc7 news race and culture reporter julian glover put the new pixel 6 to test. >> we try to snap that picture picture, but it turns out all phones don't photograph all skin tones equally. there's nothing worse than posing for a pick char, taking the picture and then seeing something like this not good, right? the photo on the left is from the iphone 8. the photo on the left, samsung 9 they demonstrate the problems we've seen with photographing darker skin complex complexions. and when you try to fix it, it
11:43 pm
distorts the image quality deliver ago gray almost ashy look therefrom's bias whether there's film photography or digital photography and it's favoring beam lighter color skin . patrick everly says all smart phones have gotten better at taking pictures under most recent light settings. here's the samsung s21 ton right. and the iphone. patrick says google's latest, the pixel 6 is a major improvement. this is being built as the most inclusive camera ever in your opinion, is it? >> in short, i think it is. >> real tone technology packed inside of the googles 6 and pixel 6 pro. >> a lot of that shows up in technology when you so it in a room of very rative -- creative people. you have to wonder how much of
11:44 pm
that is affecting the things they program. >> the tech giant spent four years developing these new tools partnering with colorists known for capturing images of people of color in their perfect shade. >> the mission isic insuring that we deliver best in class camera and image experiences for people of color especially with darker skin tones. what does that mean for you? >> in a moment, i want to take some photos of you if that's ok. >> so with fa patrick playing photographer and abc7 executive producer joining me as models, we put the latest smart phones to the test under a bunch of tough lighting conditions. >> first up, how well does the camera juggle dim lighting and balancing two different complexions? here's picture from the pixel 6. few shadows. and here's from the galaxy
11:45 pm
s-121. the iphone pick has deeper shadows and a slighter darker look. we prefer the pix of. >> now we're able to see a greater diversity of faces in complex lighting situations. next up, we want wanted to see the phone. while we stood in front of the same window for a challenge to photograph backlit scenarios with have you had jog fehr jacey joining me. my face is covered in shadow. tapped iphone picture it cost a blue hue on all of us. while she's out trying to bring my darker skin tone into focus. and now we're equally lit but there's some stray light this. time we prefer different pictures. >> that's the pixel.
11:46 pm
>> this one looks truer >> none are perfect but it is a work in progress. >> this is the first expression of this mission. but our teams are already backworking on the next phone. >> it's a process centereder around machine learning software that will continue to improve. >> now, no matter what phone you have in your pocket, it's taking multiple images. as phone cameras get better, i think the distance between something like a professional camera and something like a phone camera is going to shrink. >> as you can see so michigan of this comes down to personal preference. most photographers will admit the best camera is the one that you you have on your so you're able to capture the moment. apple told us they too are learning machine learning working with photographers to make sure the pictures you snap on that iphone are as life-like as possible. we heard back from samsung they told us they're using a.i. to make sure the cameras are taking the best possible
11:47 pm
pictures. i'm juneian glover, abc7 news. >> well, the f.b.i. is addressing reports of hackers compromising the e-mails system. yesterday, that's 100,000 e-mails warning of a cyber attack went out from a legitimate e flail the agency. one of the e-mails diamond will be a warning from the department of homeland security that the recipient was the target of a sophisticated attack the agency says that it is a aware of the fake e-mails the f.b.i. is saying that the e place a result of a software misconfiguration. agents are warping people and businesses to be cautious of unknown senders and urge people to report suspicious activity. all right. nothing suspicious about the forecast this week. just a little bit cooler and more seasonable, francis. >> definitely, we'll notice a cooldown in the next few days. we felt a little bit of it early today. here's a look at the live doppler satellite radar image.
11:48 pm
we're seeing clouds and that's due to a system to our north. i want to show you the forecast animation this. will not bring us any rain. but the one we're watching is one that may hit us on thursday bringing us some very light rain thursday evening into early friday morning, and then it clears out into the weekend. overnight lows will be in low 50. redwood city and santa fe at 51. the thick fog will move in once again from the central valley spilling into the east bay valley and the north bay valley so look out for that especially on tomorrow morning's drive highs tomorrow mostly in the 60's. 64 in san francisco. and oakland. but san jose warming up to 71 and cloudier as we move to the north bay. we might get some more sunshine towards the south bay. it's 1-5. it's a light storm thursday night into friday. less than a .10 of an inch for most areas. here's the accuweather seven-day
11:49 pm
forecast. cloudier conditions, cooler weather and then some wet weather thursday night into friday. dion? >> now, to a chris with a preview of sports. chris? >> coming up in sports, the warriors hit the road. first up, stephane's first town. we catch up for
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
>> stephen curry returned to charlotte to take on his hometown hornets. his dad played for curry didn't have his best shooting night. shooting from three. he did make a couple of wow place as he usually does including an amazing pass to jordan poole that was insane and pool finished with a flush a third quarter bank shot buzzer
11:53 pm
beater. steph finished with 24-points and 10 assists. after the game, curry talked about playing in front of the hometown fans and forcing the game a little bit. >> it's always special. there's no secret about that. it's good energy in here. i saw a lot of davis in red and warrior in blue. we feed off of that the show will happen if we make the right decision. don't turn the ball over i got it roped trying to go for the taggers even though i didn't have it. a good learning lesson in the early part of the season especially out in the road. i'm familiar. but it's hard to win ton road, we know that >> steph's college coach were in the bay area this weekend they lost to u.s.f. at chase center. i caught up with coach after the game. and i had to ask about curry. he says he's one of the greats in sports mystery and thinks he could be a leader at that time highest level. >> i look at some of the greatest athletes that have been in san francisco and in the
11:54 pm
world of sports, san francisco has had a pretty good number of them. willie mays. joe dimaggio. joe montana. those guys exuded greatness but class. and stephane is right there with each one of those guys in terms of the way he demonstrates the greatness of performance. but a confidence and a humility and a grace that i think transcends the basketball court, transcends the sports world and is someone that you just -- you want kids today to say, wow, he's a hero to me. and i think that's probably the special aspect of stephane. he's a hero to so many. >> i saw some quotes and you said steph could be president. i don't disagree with you. why wouldn't he could that he feels like he can do anything. >> i really believe he's a leader. i've seen the way he has led the
11:55 pm
davidson wildcat team when he was a player for us. but his leadership at davidson college at our campus has not ended. he still has his finishing prints all over our community i see the way he's galvanized the entire bay area. i see the way he's galvan galvanized the entire community. this is a very, very special human being. why wouldn't you want him leading our country, our world that's the kind of leadership we need. >> the ultimate praise raiders hosting the chiefs on sunday night charles woodson honored right there. raiders down 10. carr connecteds with edwards. raiders within three. the pride of fresno state pumped up. raiders trying to answer. desean jackson. his first as a raider. and then it's a fumble. chiefs recover. jackson can't believe it. patrick mahomes back to doing hi buying time and wee! throws one up.
11:56 pm
darryl williams makes the catch. mahomes, 406 yards and five touchdowns they win 41-14. kansas city taken over first place in the a.f.c. west. this packer fan is the frozen tundra. green bay hosting seattle. here's roger back in action and throw as pick in the red zone. first time he's done that since 2019. 3-0, green bay. a.j. dylan, the running back, here's the first of his two touchdowns it's a lambeau lead. picked up twice in the end zone. first time he's been shutout and the packers win 17-0. abc7 sports sports sports sp our news. we will continue tomorrow morning at 5:00 for all of us here thanks so much for joining us. we live you with a live look outside. this is our emryville camera
11:57 pm
where you can see all of the lights lit up there things look looking pretty clear as we take another look at the bay bridge and taking a look back in san francisco once again. another van many thanks to you. be sure to check us out on abc7 disease news . com you can find me on facebook, instagram and twitter. have a great night. ♪ ♪ it's time to find your next chevy truck... ...and forge ahead... ...take on new challenges. ...and take it to the next level.
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