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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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people warned to stay away and keep their pets inside as a wandering bear makes its way into a north bay neighborhood. it's been more than 14 hours since the bear was first spotted. there just perched in a tree. thanks junior joining us and good evening. all of this is hang in the area of raymond heights in pet loupea about an hour or so from downtown. cornell bern northward is there and has been there all day. we continue to wait. reporter: yeah, and it's been a very long wait too. that bear still in the very same place it's been since about 2:00 a.m., at the very top of that redwood tree. we're going to try to show it to you without shining a bright lights on it to scare the animal. it's been there since 2:00 a.m. in the middle of this pet loupea neighborhood. the hope is the bear will come
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down on its own and retreat back a its natural happen -- habitat now that the sun has gone down. sheepa spotted in large black bear passing through her neighborhood early surged. >> i got home at 1:00 this morning and i got out of my car, looked down by driveway and saw a bear running, lumbering by and i he hasitated calling 911 because i don't want nip harm to come to it. >> police sent alerts to the neighborhood warning them to stay inside. hainey reports the animal likely split his fence in two. >> that was know. like that yesterday. i don't know what else would have done that. reporter: the bear estimated tock 300 to 400 pounds chose this all the redwood tree to hide out in the shadow of tom lambert's house. >> my dogs started going kind of nuts. we thought it was a person.
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we went out to the back yard and she was barking up a tree. reporter: it didn't take long for a crowd to gather hoping to camp a glimpse of the bear. >> we get deer down leer but bear is a new one. >> the department of fish and wild life and north bay animal services have been watching the bear. they believe it's stressed and scared. >> right now we're going to either wait for him to come to a safer position or hopefully tonight we'll come down and go back on his own. >> last may a large wear -- bear was up a tree for hours before coming down on its own retreating to open space. experts say bear sightings in the north bay are rare but the drought may be one reason he wound up here. >> i definitely think he's traveled more than he normally would have had to because of the drought. you don't normally see this. reporter: animal care enormous
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are monitoring the situation and keeping an eye on the quing t animal is not an option at this point because it's about 80 feet up and it might fall. residents have been asked to stay inside tonight. if and when the bear does come down, the hope is it will retreat back to the same area it came from, open space and that's about a quarter mile from where we're standing tonight. we're keeping our fingers crossed. we wish that bear a lot of goods luck. live in pet loupea tonight. >> not to mention, we hope it happens sooner than later that he decides to come down. many thanks. good job out there. the abc 7 news a.m. first alerred people to the bear sight this morning. with this push alert, you can receive news updates sent directly to your mobile device by signing up for the a.m. move moving on to developing betw, contract negotiations
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phmasts a ongoing as the coleen too reach a new deal is tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. bay area farm cysts they -- say they're ready to go on strike if a deal is reached. the president of the labor group leading the negotiations said that while pharmacists are eager to get back to work, kaiser has left them no over choice. >> our goal is to take care of patients. but the employer has given them no resolution. >> kieger says they were continuing to work with farm cysts to try to reach a deal. before the deadline. also without a deal is a group of kaiser engineer who repair and meanwhile medical equipment. they went on strike on september 18th, 58 days ago. they want better working conditions and higher pay. two wall greens stores in vamp are set to close tomorrow. one at 75 clement street and the
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over at hayes valley will close tomorrow. both will transfer prescriptions to other wall greens pharmacies nearby. wall greens says the color are dupe to ram fant shoplifting. earlier in year, our own reporter shot video of a shop limiting -- shop lifter clearing at shelves. cases of covid-19 on the rise in nearly half the country. the case rise has led to at least one college changing its policy on hole dame gatherings. >> at least 21 states are currently seeing an uptick in occasions of covid-19. saturday marking the fifth consecutive day that hospitalizations have hissen across the u.s. there are now concerns cases could rise even further as temperatures drop and people gather for the high school days. st. michael's college in involvement has suspended social gatherings after tracking cases
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tied to halloween parties. >> we've pricking that there's going to be another wave of covid-19 over the winter. we have about hatch the population vaccinated. arguably 58% fully vaccinated. what that means is we have almost half the population not vaccinated. >> four statements now allowing booster spot for all documents, even though health officials recommend it willing those who people 5 or older or any health risks. >> more than six months out from your second shot, there is a decline in protection against infection. not necessarily against hospitalization and is depths but if you want to avoid that, get your booster. >> meanwhile, the worlds champion milwaukee bucks offered up a little incentive for fans to get vaccinated, get a shot and a photo with the larry o'brien trophy. >> we saw this on facebook last
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night% and he was big bucs fan, this would be awesome. and, the oakland chintown chamber of commerce is erasing racist bra feety. they noticed these phrases skoleed on the side of new tin's market. the messages were so. verne: we've blurred them out. they immediately informed the chinatown perspective who urged the market's owners to report the incident to police. something chan says is crucial to uniting the community during this time of hate. >> weft things are very, very much better and when we see this in gray feety specifically in our community we're very concerned. that's the reason while i myself and our entire community, we always wants to support the naacp and the jewish community. >> the chamber issued a statement as well staying in part they will not tolerate this
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ignorant and disrespectful behavior that leads to senseless violence. the islamic center of san francisco is reaching out to an unknown vandalism suspect after a glass bottle was thrown inside the nothing. late friday night me, were inside when they heard the sound of glass shattering. going to inspect the noise is when they saw the shattered window along with the broken bottle. they believe this was an act of hate and are asking the suspect to come forward so they can educate them. >> i feel scared and the community teams scared and we would love to have a sit-down and dialogue with any individuals interested, especially can the one who committed this act of vandalism. >> a donation page has been set up to help pay for the damages. ten of millions of americans have some none coming their way. when the next wave of chimed tax
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celts is coming out and why as of now, parents can't down on it much longer. >> i want to thank him so much. >> plus, an acts of kindness. the search is on for a man chap -- can which you wered on video by a home security system but this story has a twist. he's wanted for helping save a home and a family's else. >> and rain arelieves on thursday. what time it ♪ ♪
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dion: president joe biden is set to sign the $1.2 trillionrillion infrastructure bill into law tomorrow. the biden white house says the package will deliver for american families. the legislation includes $550 billion for roads, bridges and ports along with airports and mass trance it. >> it's the most significant step we will have taken in decades to actually invest in the arteries that help goods for quickly and cheap lip through our academy. >> as the bill approaches the finish line, the white house is focusing on its build back better $1.85 trillion domestic spending package. parents can expect their next
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child tax credit payments soon. the latest round is scheduled to go out tomorrow. parents who fall under the income max mums will automatically get a credit of up to $300 for each child up to 6. it will be the second to last chimed tax credit payment unless congress acts. a security system ends up protecting a home in a way you wouldn't expect and a south bay city takes a stand for equity and exclusion. the messages expressed today. and heading outside, a live look at the bay bridge. another check of your weather, cooler temperatures and possibly rain heading our way. our meteorologist with your accuweather forecast. >> coming up in sports, the 49ers close out the week tomorrow night here on abc 7. we'll tell what you george kitten
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dion: the town of los garros took its campaign united against hate to the streets. hundreds made their way from the high school to the civics center carrying signs with everything
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from end racism to stop asian hate. they urged tolerance and understanding. last week the new city ordinance called for tolerance when it banned. rick: outside a family's home. a family in the santa cruz mountains is searching for a humble hero who saved the lives of their penalties and their home from burning to the ground. >> there's smoke coming out of the top of your house. >> that is the jogger who range the ring doorbell at the home to say the house is on fire. she wasn't home but remotely let the man in to rescue their two dax sundays, arab bit and cat. she never got her jogger. >> i want to give him a hug, thank him.
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we'd be devastated if we lost our penalties, let alone our home. dion: hope he is found. the fire department says this is the first time they've heard of a ring camera being used to alert home owners and 911 of a fire. crews were able to keep the fire contained to the garage. we have a check of the weather and we'll need our umbrellas at least for part of the week. >> yeah, part of the week heading our week but it shouldn't impact a lot of amp scoop activities. live domler 7 and the isn't radar in. clouds moving in throughout the day and partly cloudyskies around the became area. temperatures have dropped mainly into the 50's for many spots. san jose union city at 50 degrees. and the cooling started a little bit ahead of time so compared to where we were 24 hours ago, most areas are a few degrees cooler and we'll see cooler temps this
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week as well. here's a live shot from the east bay hills. it's gorgeous. you can see clear across the bay into san francisco. once again, dealing with dense fog, mainly in the north bay and east bay valleys but then also fog at the coast. cloudy and seasonal tomorrow, so temperatures will be closer to average. and possible showers thursday into friday. overnight lows will be in the low 50's around the bay. we'll see some upper 40's through parts of the north bay like santa rosa, napa. and even to concord. coleen: joint and tomorrow morning, temperatures are in the mid 60's around the bay. san francisco and oakland, 64 but low 70's in a few spots. san jose and livermore, concord, 70. not a wide range of temperatures for tomorrow with all that cloud cover so we're going to see increasing clouds because of the
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system passing to our north. this will not bring us wet weather but it will bring cooler temperatures throughout the week and in in system arriving thursday night through parts of the north bay. then it sweeps through thursday overall into friday morning. in storm is ranked one out of five on our storm impact scale. so less than .1 inches for most areas. and with the timing you'll realize it's not going to affects nip daytime activities or maybe evening plans at least until about 7:00 on thursday night. here's the seven-day forecast. dense fog possible tomorrow morning once again. cooling continues into wednesday and get right side for that light shower thursday evening into friday morning. >> abc 7 sports with chrisal reelings. >> it has been nearly 13 emergencies since the 49ers won a home game. october 189, 2020. garoppolo connected with kittle
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with a big win. kittle has been carrying around a football everywhere in week aftera costly fumble in last week's game to arizona led to a loss. not just that play put one of the big plays. niners are 3-5 and a win would go a long way of staying in the n.f.c. wiped card race and a loss, really can't have it and kittle is doing everything he can. >> it's my choice to hurtle a guy and lax ball security, led to a fumble. how do i change that? carrying a football so i try to hold on to it for. you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say this is what i'm doing wrong and how am i going to fix it? i'm going to fix it doing this. >> green bay hosting seattle. aaron rodgers, russell wilson back in action. here's rodgers. this is his first red zone pick since 2019. 3-0 green bay going into the
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fourth. a.j. dillon, how about the first of his two touchdowns? fighting his way in the end zone and a lambeau leap. 10-0 pack. russell wilson struggled in his return, picked off twice in the end zone. first time in his career he's been shut out. packers win 17-0. jared goff and the lions looking for their first win of the year over pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger out with covid issues so mason rudolph is the quarterback. it's a full ifable and the minus lover. david: with a chance to win but backup kicker ryan santos' kick is off the mark. final seconds. steelers driving. rudolph to pat fire movement and the ball is knocked out again. the lions cover so this ends in a tie, technically ending the lions' losing streak.
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homecoming game for stefan occury. dad adam still working those hornets forecast. hot and 15 points in the first quarter for the hornets. warriors rookie co-menga, some early minutes. a dunk off a great pass from statue and how about this? curry. this is ridiculous. great pass to jordan pavel. 57-57 all at recess. final seconds of the third. third quarter winding down. the bank is open in charlotte. at last check the warriors are trailing 104-102 late in the fourth. women's hoops, hugeman-up on the far. haley jones and the cardinal taking on texas. third quarter. stanford up. defense to offense. lexie hull, steam and a nice move for two. she scored a team hype 16. for the longhorns. aleiah woke up in the last seven minutes, scoring seven straight
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ebbs, giving texas the lead. here she goes again, dribble, drive. coh ndearchi b cldot be 4-4 from downtown and the cardinal fall 61-56.
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that black bear we told you about earlier. from what we understand from people on the ground, it is still up a tree in a pet loupe -- pet luna neighborhood. animal control officers at the scene are still waiting for the bear to move to a safer position. they're hoping it will come down on its own. police have warned navy base to stay inside and please deep your pets away from the area just in case. tonight at 11:00, we are also following a possible strike at kaiser permanente. we'll keep a close eye on the negotiations throughout the night. and a report says one of the
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biggest racial gaps in california can be found right here in the bay area. hat and more at abc news at 11:00. the peanuts character snoopy is heading to the moon. nasa will be sending this stumped toy into space to serve as a zero gravity indicator. part of the art -- art moon landing next year. this will be the fifth year snoopy will be helping
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