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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it's pretty bizarre. i heard about a from a neighbor and i thought she was kidding. >> i would probably think the same. a neighborhood put on alert. people warned to stay away and keep their pets inside as a bear makes its way to a northbay neighborhood. it's been more than 14 hours since the bear was first spotted. you see it perched in the tree. thank you for joining us. all of this is happening right now in the area of ramen heights in petaluma one mile from downtown. our abc 7 news reporter is there now. they have been there all day. this is a waiting game. >> it really is, and that bears
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in the same place it has been since 2:00 a.m. at the very top of that redwood tree. hard to see from this angle, but that bear is definitely still there in the middle of this neighborhood. the hope is the bear will come down and retreat back to open space after sunset. sheila cap started -- spotted this large lack bear passing through her neighborhood sunday. >> i got home and got out of my car and looked out of the driveway and saw a bear. i hesitated to call 911 because i don't want any harm to come to it. >> police sent alert to neighbors warning them to stay inside. the bear was spotted in several backyards. he believes it will likely split his back fence into. i'm pretty sure, you could see. i don't know what else would've done that.
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>> the bear estimated to be 300 to 400 pounds choses redwood tree to hang out in the shadow of his house. >> he was going nuts and we thought it was a person annually saw them climbing of the tree. >> it did not take long for the crowd together, hoping for a glimpse of the bear. >> i did not think they came down here. >> officials from the california department of fish and wildlife and northbay animal services have been watching the bear. they believe it stressed and scared. >> right now we will wait for him to come to a safer position, or tonight he will come down and go back on his own. >> last may a large bear was in trees for hours before coming down on its own, retreating to open space. bear sightings in the northbay are rare, but the drought may be one reason this bear wound up
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here. >> i think each level more than he would've had to because of the drought. we have been doing this for a long time, many years, and you don't normally see this. collect state officials local animal services are monitoring the situation hour-by-hour, they say tranquilizing the bear is not an option in this case because the bear is about 80 feet up and might fall. police are asking folks to stay inside their homes tonight if and when the bear comes down. the hope is it will retreat back the same way it came in. open spaces about a quarter-mile tower west. we will let you know what happens. i am cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> we are all waiting with aided breath. cornell with us on bear watch. the abc 7 news at first alerted people to the bear setting this morning with this alert. you can receive news updates sent directly to your mobile
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device by signing up for the app and enabling notifications. moving on to developing news, contract negotiations between kaiser permanente and its northern california pharmacists are ongoing. as the deadline to reach a new deal is tomorrow at 3:00 a.m.. bay area pharmacists are ready to go on strike if a deal is reached. john lee is the president of the labor group leading the negotiations. he says that while pharmacists are eager to get to work, kaiser has left them no other choice. >> our goal is to take care of patients. we are not interested in leaving them high and dry. but there was no resolution. >> kaiser is continuing to work with pharmacists to try to reach a deal before the deadline. also without a deal is repairing and maintaining medical equipment. they went on strike on september 18, which is 58 days ago. they want better working
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conditions and higher pay. two walgreens stores in san francisco are set to close tomorrow. one at 7:45, the other at 300 got street in hayes valley will close tomorrow. both will transfer prescriptions to other walgreens pharmacies nearby. walgreens say it's due to rampant shoplifting. earlier this year you may remember that video that went viral of a shoplifter clearing out shelves at the store. walgreens are shutting down in the city this month. cases of covid-19 are authorizing nearly half the country. abc news reporter elwyn lopez reports that the case rise has led to one college, changing its policy on holiday gatherings. >> at least 21 states are seeing an uptick in cases of covid-19. saturday marking the fifth consecutive day that hospitalizations have risen across the u.s.. they are now concerned cases
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could rise further as temperatures drop people gather fidelity's. they have suspended social gatherings after a spike in cases tied to halloween parties. >> we have been predicting that there would be another wave of covid-19 over the winter. we have about half the population vaccinated, arguably 58% fully vaccinated. that means we have almost half the population not vaccinated. >> for states allowing booster shots for all adults even though federal health officials recommend limiting doses to people 65 years and older in any adult whose job puts them at higher risk. >> the data is clear that more than six months after the second shot there is a decline in protection against infection. not against hospitalizations, if you want to avoid that, people should get the booster. >> the world champion milwaukee bucks offered an in -- offered an incentive for fancy gearbox
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-- fence to give vaccinated and get a photo with the larry o'brien trophy. >> we saw this on facebook last night and thought, he's a big box fan, that will be awesome for him. >> a man is dead. luis was contracted with a company. this spokesperson confirmed the death of 10:30 p.m. at the facility on east 2nd street. an investigation is underway to confirm the cause of death and whether it was work related. new details now on a traffic collision that injured the fremont police officer. the officer was released from the hospital and is improving. the crash happened yesterday evening while police responded to a call. a passenger from the second vehicle complained of pain and was able to drive to the hospital. no word on what caused the crash.
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officials of the islamic center of san francisco are reaching out to an unknown vandalism suspect after a glass bottle was thrown inside the mosque. friday night, members say they were inside when they heard the sound of glass shattering. they saw the shattered window along with the broken bottle. mosque leaders believe this was an act of hate and they are asking the suspect to come forward so they can educate the person about who they are and what the religion represents. >> out feel scared in the community feels scared and we would love to have dialogue with any individuals, especially the one who committed this act of vandalism. >> a donation page has been set up to pay for damages. way. when the child tax credit payments are going out and why parents can't count on it for much longer. >> i want to thank him so much and let him know how think for
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we are. >> plus an act of kindness. the search is on for a man captured on video by a home security system, but the story has a twist. he's wanted for helping save a home and a families pets. >> i hope you enjoyed the weekend because we have more clouds on the way in fuller weather with a chance people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> president joe biden is set to sign the bill into law tomorrow. the biggest infrastructure investment in u.s. history. the biden white house says the package will deliver for american families.
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the legislation includes five hundred 50 billion for roads, bridges, ports, airports and mass transit. >> it's the most significant step we will have taken in decades to actually invest in the arteries that help move goods more quickly through our economy, more cheaply through our economy. >> as the bill approaches the finish line, the white house is focusing on its build back better 1.8 $5 trillion domestic spending package. parents can expect their next child tax credit payments soon. the latest round is scheduled to go out tomorrow. parents who fall under the income maximums will get a credit of up to $300 for each child up to six years old and $250 for each one ages six through 17. it will be the second to last child tax payment unless congress acts. aecysteenompwauld t expect h baytakes a stamessages of uni.
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>> is a gorgeous shot to the end of the weekend. we have rain all the way. i will let you know when and we will get you
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>> hundreds of marchers made their way from fisher middle school to the civic center and carried signs with messages. a conclusion from an racism to stop asian hate. more than 40 community groups were represented in the united walk urging tolerance and understanding. last month, a new city ordinance called for tolerance and it banned protests outside a person's home. the mayor was targeted with -- when angry protesters showed up trying to disrupt a virtual meeting.
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a family in the santa cruz mountains is searching for a humble hero who saved the lives of their pets in their homes from burning to the ground. >> there is smoke coming out of the top of your house. >> that is the jogger that ring the ring doorbell at the home of courtney to say that her house was on fire. she wasn't home but remotely opened the door to let the man in to rescue their to dotson's, rabbit and their cat. she never got it that -- chance to think the jogger. >> i want to give him a hug, buy him lunch or dinner, i don't know, i just want to thank him to let him know how thankful we are. my kids, myself, my husband, we would be devastated if we lost our pets, let alone our home. >> the fire department said this is the first time they heard of a ring camera being used to alert homeowners and 911 of a fire. crews were able to keep the flames contained to the garage.
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>> things are changes. you notice the change tomorrow. you might have felt cooler weather move-in as high clouds come into the bay area. you could see them here on live doppler 7. the system will move to the north. look at the gorgeous room looking at downtown san francisco. it was just a beautiful weekend and i hope you got to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. san francisco is 60 degrees. mountain view, 62, san jose, 65. 67, half moon bay at 66. we are looking at the beautiful sunset that set about 4:50 this evening, now we can see some clearing. in santa rosa, 61. elsewhere we have 50's. 55 in napa and fairfield. things are going to cool down. here's another preview from the east bay hills looking at the
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gorgeous orange in the sky right now. what you need to knows that we will possibly see dense fog once again in the north bay and east bay valleys. it will be cloudy and cooler tomorrow. temperatures will be closer to average, then we have possible showers we are keeping an eye on thursday into friday. it's looking more and more likely with light rain. overnight lows with the thick fog will drop into the 50's, even upper 40's through parts of the north bay and east bay valley. concord, 49, low 50's through san francisco and oakland. san jose, 51. tomorrow, most of the 70's are gone. 60's for everyone, except for livermore, san jose and cloverdale. san francisco is 64 as well as oakland. mid to upper 60's all around the bay. here's a look at the forecast animation. tomorrow, there's a system to the north and that's why we get cloudy and cooler weather.
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we have a stronger system heading mainly to the north. we will get the tail end of thursday night into early friday morning and then it clears out. this system is late-breaking a one out of five on storm impact scale. very light rain that should not affect soccer practices that you have on thursday and friday. possibly up to a quarter for parts of the north bay and the higher elevation. we are starting up tomorrow morning with dense fog, it will be cloudy and cooler. cooling continues into tuesday and it feels like november on wednesday. thursday, mostly gile day. no umbrella until the evening. chance of showers will look light. friday, lingering chance of the early morning. you won't need your umbrellas. mix of sun and clouds on the sunshine returns next weekend by sunday. get ready for all the changes in the weather coming up.
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>> maybe with the forecast, finally i will be -- believe thanksgiving is around the corner. getting to sports with chris alvarez. chris: busy sunday, niners close out the week right here on abc 7. we will set -- we will tell you what they are doing to make ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief.
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♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. chris: it has been 13 months since they won a home game. jimmy garoppolo connecting for a
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big touchdown over the rams. niners hoping for more of the same. prime time right here on abc 7 kickoff. they have been carrying around a football everywhere this week after this costly fumble in last week's loss to arizona niners. a win would go a long way in staying in the wildcard race. he is doing everything he can to take care of that precious pete -- precious pigskin. >> it led to a fumble, so how do i change that? area football around. you always have a choice to how you react and respond to situations, so i tried to get ahead. you have to look yourself in the mirror and say, this is how i'm doing wrong. i will fix it. >> this packers fan is the frozen tundra. aaron rodgers and russell wilson back in action. this is the first red zone period since 2019. 3-0, green bay into the fourth.
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the running back, here's the forests -- first of his two scores. 10-0, packers. picked off twice in the end zone. packers win 17-0. they are looking for their first win of the year in pittsburgh, straight to ot. ben roethlisberger out. the quarterback finds deonte johnson, gets it into field goal range and it's a fumble in the lines recover. the trick with a game-winning field goal attempt, his kick is blocked, missed and tied at 16. rudolph to pat. the liens recover. this ends in a technically the lions 12 game losing streak is over. after a 7-1 home stand, the warriors begin a road trip in
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charlotte tonight. homecoming for stephen curry. six assists at the half, 57-57 out halftime. women's hoops. haley jones is the defending champion. stanford up for. a steel, then a nice move in the hoop. carnal up six. she scored a team-high 16. giving texas the lead. it's a little dribble drive. this looks like steph curry. high off the window. longhorns of four. the coaches searching for answers, but they could not be contained. scoring all 17 of her points in the final seven minutes in the carnal whole
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>> let's get you back up to north bay where that large lack bear we told you about earlier is still up in the tree. lots of people looking on, pointing. officers are at the scene waiting for the bear to move to a safer position. they are hoping it will come down on its own tonight. stay inside and keep your pets away if you are in the facility. beloved peanuts character snoopy is headed to the moon. nasa will send a stuffed toy called astronaut snoopy into space part of artemis once moon
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schedule. thanks for joining us for this edition for abc 7 news at 5:00. we will tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. fears of a possible covid-19 winter surge. cold weather and the holidays quickly approaching. cases and hospitalizations on the rise. some medical professionals urging all adults to get boosters. four states are already rolling them out for adults ahead of a cdc recommendation. and tonight, aaron rodgers back in action after battling covid-19. kenosha, wisconsin, on edge tonight, bracing for that highly anticipated verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, accused of killing two men and injuring a third. 500 national guard troops on standby. tonight, how residents are preparing ahead of closing arguments. a major week ahead in washington on the eve of president biden signing his historic bipartisan infrastructure bill.


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