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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 14, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> good morning. sunday november 14. live here on abc 7 hulu live and wrr you stream. let's start with a quick look at the weather. a foggy start to the morning. >> still in our north and east bay valleys dealing with the dense fog advisory. you can see all the fog from the central valley. it is drifting into our east bay with a half mile visibility. concord is a mile and look at the north bay socked in down to a quarter mile. so it will take several hours to burn off. not a problem.
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it's been clear through freemont and hayward this morning. it is 58 in san jose. our east hills camera hazy there and where the sun has been shining temperatures a little milder upper 40's to mid 50s. we will see above average temperatures again today with a faw high clouds and we'll talk rain chances. there is some coming up in the week ahead. >> thank you. developing news, police and animal control officers have cornered a black bear who has crawled up a tree in a residential neighborhood. this is new video just in showing the scene. we were just showing you which this is not too far from downtown pet lumea. that bear has been there for hours up in the tree. police overnight issued a shelter in place warning residents in the area that is after a homeowner spotted the bear wandering around the neighborhood. officers have asked residents and people in the area to keep their pets indoors. a big crowd has formed to watch
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this scene unfold. this is a developing story and we will keep an eye on it and bring you any updates we get as they happen. with that bear right now stuck up in that tree. kaiser permanente and the union representing its pharmacists in northern california will return to the bargaining table today one day before that potential strike. here's a quick breakdown of what's happened so far this weekend. yesterday kaiser reached a tentative agreement to avert strikes in southern california oregon and hawaii. the four-year contract covers nearly 50,000 health care employees in 22 unions, but bay area pharmacists still say they have no deal and all of this is already impacting people just trying to get their prescriptions filled. more on the developments. >> with the clock running down before 3:00 monday pharmacists say they're ready to go on strike if a deal isn't reached. >> we want a fair contract.
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>> john lee is the ppt of the guild 4 the labor group leading the negotiations. is he thezz while kaiser said active talks have been taking place he hasn't heard from them in weeks. >> bargaining, a bold faced lie. that didn't happen. >> the potential strike could impact patients all over the bay area. at the kaiser pharmacy in oak land kevin said he waited in line for hours to get his prescription filled. >> gt here about 2 deln 30 today. almost maybe a couple hours now. just was a nightmare. >> he tells me while the staff was working as fast as they could they couldn't keep up with the demand with many members getting the prescriptions in case the strike happens. >> everybody's frustrated. and i don't blame them. what kind of bothered me most of all you have elderly people in line. >> the guild for professional pharmacists say their patients
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are their top priority. they tell me many of their members will work without pay throughout the strike in order to help meet their needs. >> we have always cared for the patients. we're going to do everything we can for the patients. >> the guild says the next round of talks is set to take place on sunday afternoon. but in case things don't get resolved kaiser says it has contingency plans in place and its mail pharmacy will still be available. >> also without a deal is a group of kaiser engineers. they went on strike on september 18th, 58 days ago now. they want better working conditions and higher pay. >> i've been an employee with kaiser since 1995. hopefully we can get this resolved because i still want to be a proud worker for kaiser because they have made my life possible and i just want to make sure we keep that going. >> the labor union that represents the striking
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engineers says even though discussions to get a deal done have been moving slowly, lately there has been some movement. so we'll see. this is the last day of business for two san francisco wall greenes stores in san francisco. the store on clement street in the inner richmond and the store on goff street in heys valley are closing for good starting tomorrow. prescriptions are being moved to other nearby locations. rampant shop lifting has been cited for why the stores are closing. earlier this year, the viral video of a shop lifter clearing out shelves. another location on caesar chavez street will close on wednesday the fifth wall greens to shut down in the city just this month. this morning there is new video showing the moments a three-year-old child was abductd in sacramento sparking an amber alert here in the bay area. a warning some might find the video disturbing. you can see here a man tustling
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with a woman over the child. the frightening moments capture bid a security camera. it happened friday night the man you see there manages to rip the child out of the arms and runs away. police do say the child was located in hayward yesterday morning, is in good health and will be reunited with family. the suspect joshua yageo is accused of shooting two people and then taking the child. investigators believe he knew the shooting victims and the child though their relationship is unclear. the shooting victims are expected to survive. he has been arrested. covid cases have risen to record levels among inmates at santa clara jails. the number of active infections hit 140 on friday. that figure has surpassed the total recorded during the worst outbreak of the jails in january. vaccinations are available upon request and masks are distributed regularly to inmates. a spokes person for the
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sheriff's office says the spike is because of increased covid testing. turning to the pandemic, right now florida currently has a much lower covid case and death rate per capita compared to california according to data from the c.d.c. but local health experts say we need to start looking tat data a little differently. more on what they want to see changed. >> the new covid case rate map from the c.d.c. shows a big difference twean two ends of the country. california still in the orange substantial transmission group and florida now in the yellow moderate level. >> this snap shot comparison to me florida versus california is completely not surprising. it has to do with who gets recently hit hard. >> the doctor says the covid case rates fluctuated throughout the pandemic. each state saw surges at one point. >> we focus on infections. of course it's always going to look weird with spikes here
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spikes there. >> however what's interesting is the way both states reacted to the pandemic. california has implemented many restrictions while florida did not. thinking one reason why is because a lot of their population already contract it had virus and is also vaccinated. she says having a mixed population like that can lead to a certain level of herd immunity. >> there is no question that natural immunity is playing a role here and it's not just the pieces that they had before but what's happened since they got the vaccine. >> however both doctors say we need to change the way we look at the virus. with vaccines now available they say the most important metric is hospitalizations. that tells them how serious the pandemic is and how well the vaccines are working. >> we are not going to be able to eradicate pieces of this virus. when you go to the end phase what's important is to track what impacts public health and
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impacts people's lives just getting sick. >> both doctors pointed out the overall impact covid had on california and florida particularly in deaths florida ranked eighth, 54% higherer than california. on the 27th anniversary of officer james geeff's death they held a mem roll service. ♪ >> on november 13, 1994, the officer was killed in the line of duty when he was shot by a car jacking suspect. he was the first to respond. a upon his arrival he was confront bid the suspect to open fire with a semi automatic rifle. his older brother said he loved his job. >> he would lf nothing more than to be here with his fellow officers working for the city.
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he loved being a san francisco police officer. it was one of the joys of his life. >> officer served the san francisco police department for ten years. he is survived by two children. let's get a check outside this morning. >> the fog has been not a big deal here in the city. we had a little bit earlier in the morning temperatures were about 8 degrees above average yesterday it looks like we're going to do that again today. a few clouds around but the mild days, in the rear view mirror after today. >> also ahead safety concerns in wisconsin ahead of a verdict in the murder trial of kyle riten house. the national guard now standing by. and the world's most famous container ship set sail. the massive vessel once trapped is finally back in bu
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and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. without talking to your doctor. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> we have an agreement from nearly 200 nation that is took part in the u.n. climate summit
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they reached a global commitment to act fast on climate change but still critics say it's not enough. >> the cop 26 climate summit in scottland is a wrap nearly 200 nations adopted the climate pact aimed at keeping a key target alive. limiting warming to 1.5 degrees celsius or 2.7 degrees farenheit. >> this is a fragile win. >> tensions rose on the final day as india proposed watering down language about the use of coal from phasing out to phasing down. >> 11 countries have the right to their fair share of the global carbon budget and are entitled to the responsible use of fossil fuels. >> but for heaven's sake don't kill this moment by asking for more text different text deleting this deleting that.
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>> the president apologizing for the controversial last minute change. >> i also understand the deep disappointment. but i think as you have noted it's also viting that we protect this package. >> the ten-page document lays out how the world will attempt to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. there are still deep divisions including reluctance on the part of wealthier nations to provide financial support to countries more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. >> responsible for over 80% of global emillingses. >> people are now reacting. >> there is so much more that still needs to be done but what we do have now is a viable roadmap. >> but climate activists aren't convinced. >> it doesn't meet the moment of the climate emergency. it keeps 1.5 barely alive. >> climate activist criticizing the conference on twitter saying the word continues.
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>> remember that gigantic container ship that blocked the suez canal for nearly a week in march? well, it's been sea. ven is on shanghai after spending a month undergoing repairs. containers were already being loaded on to its dock soon after it was declared sea worthy. at more than 1300 feet long it is one of the largest container ships in the world. after shanghai it heads to malaysia and then to europe on its first voirge after the repairs. former trump ally steve bannon is expected to surrender to authorities tomorrow. he faces possible fines and prison time accused of defying the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. a federal grand jury indicted bannon for contempt of congress. >> steve bannon is now facing federal charges for contempt of
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congress after defying a congressional subpoena from the select committee investigating the january 6 seige at the capitol. once a top advisor to former president trump he is facing one charge for failing to testify and another for refusing to hand over documents. >> no one in this country no matter how wealthy or how powerful is above the law. >> bannon is a central figure in the investigation into teevepbts of that day. house investigators pointing to his own words the day before the attack. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. you have made this happen and tomorrow it's gameday. >> bannon has said that he's refused to cooperate at the direction of former president trump citing executive privilege, a president's right to have confidential communications but the justice department in its announcement made specific reference to the fact that bapen had been a private citizen since leaving the white house arguing that there was no reason he should be able to ignore kling. the select committee saying
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this should be a warning writing no one is above the law. we will not hesitate to use the tools at our disposal to get the information wes not the onl currently defying congress. the committee now says it's also considering holding former white house chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress after he failed to show up to testify before the committee friday. meadow's lawyer said he would not parts a pate until questions around former president trump's privilege claims were answered in court. bannon is expected to surrender and has his first court appearance on monday. if found guilty he could face up to two years in prison plus fines. >> wisconsin's governor has placed 500 national guard troops on stand by outsigh the city daysber closing arguments in the trial of kyle riten house. troops have been activated as the country waits for a decision in the trial. he faces a life sentence after
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fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during unrest. following the police shooting of blake. some community members believe any upcoming protests will remain peaceful. >> the community believes that we've done a really good job over this past year of maintaining the peace here in spite of verdicts we've received in the case of jacob blake. >> closing arguments in the trial are expected tomorrow. the weather right now here in california is hard to keep track you said almost 90 in the central coast. >> 87, and upper 80s los angeles. mid 80s san diego. we have that jaw shore flow but we get the fog being transported into the bay from the central valley. morning hours feeling typical afternoon hours feeling like spring as we look at our satellite loop going into the
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pacific northwest and looking at that light offshore flow bringing in that valley fog. visibility about a mile. getting better in livermore but only 49 degrees that's how chilly. you have the sun in the 60s. san francisco's been fine as well as mountain view and hayward. looking at some high clouds there. 55 downtown, 58 in oakland. no problems there. 63 half moon bay. you can see the fog there. and looking at another unseasonably warm day across the bay area. 50 santa rosa looking at low 50s. despite the fog still mild 64 yesterday in concord but without the fog in liver more it was well into the 70s. so depending on how long it silingts that's going to impact the afternoon highs. so there's a look at our north and east wind that is
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responsible for that fog. you can see pretty picture there allowing for the high clouds to bring us a partly cloudy afternoon. then we'll be looking at temperatures coming down as that nesk system will bring increasing clouds. as it brings increasing clouds we'll miss out on the first rain maker to the north of us on tuesday and then we'll see the next rain-maker trying to bring us a few tenths as we gel into late thursday and friday. so that system could move as far south as the golding gate bridge and then kind of wash out. so we're not expecting a whole lot. into the next two to three weeks it looks drier than average but we're doing ok obviously from our big storm in october and the rain we had just last week. so as we enjoy an afternoon with temperatures well above average, may take time to get into the sun. but once you do low 70s and 73
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in livermore, 76 in san jose and the seven day forecast upper 60s mild. mid 70s in the livermore valley. and then clouds increase for slightly cooler weather monday but it's midweek like we should be, late thursday and friday our next chance of showers and we could get into an offshore flow of cooler weather into next weekend. >> trips to the beach in november. thanks. >> it takes a special kind of person to go into a burning house to save animals. >> just ahead, ring camera rescue. a hero jumps into action to save a stranger's beloved pets from a
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>> e commerce which sult nt the estimate the percent of returns. >> you might call matt a frequent amazon shopper. he says he has enough stuff from amazon to last a lifetime. >> went on a spree for sure the past few years. so got everything i need i think at this point. >> he bought a pair of ear buds like these but says they didn't fit his ear quite right. they kept popping out so he returned them via ups along with two other items he purchased. amazon accepted his two other items but declined to refund him for the ear buds saying the return was incomplete. >> i felt guilty like i did something wrong. and they're saying send us the right product. so i don't know it was confusing. >> he appealed the decision
9:26 am
saying he didn't know what he supposedly failed to send back. they say its goal is to make shopping from start to finish pleasant for everyone. >> that includes the return process which we know can be a headache sometimes. >> the easiest way to return an item such as this mug, is to use the box-free label-free option. >> all i know is my phone and on the app you get a qr code that matches the item and then you can make the return at one of thousands of locations. >> the amazon employee will verify everything is right with your return. >> make sure the item is all there and then they tell you you're good to go and then you just leave. >> he says he chose the option to have ups pick up his returns because he found the drop off locations to be inconvenient. when amazon denied his appeal he felt at a loss until he
9:27 am
turned to 7 on your side. you see, we reached out to amwhich agreed to refund his money. >> i told everybody i'm real proud of you for helping us out. >> amazon tells us you can return gifts the same way using your gift receipt or gift order number. a family in the santa cruz mountains is on the look out for the humble hero who saved the lives of their pets and home from burning to the ground. >> there's smoke coming out of the top of your house. >> that is the jog who are rang the ring door bell of the home to say that her house was on fire. she wasn't home but remotely she was able to open the door to let the good samaritan in to rescue their two dogs, rabbit, and cat. the fire department was called and they managed to contain the blaze to the garage. she never got a chance to thank the jogger who warned her of
9:28 am
danger. >> i want to give him a hug, i'll buy him lunch, dinner, i want to thank him so much and let him know how thankful we are. my kids, myself, my husband we would be de stated if we lost our pets let alone our home. >> the fire department says this is the first time they've heard of a ring camera being used to alert of a fire. >> still to come, state health officials are pushing adults to receive their covid booster shots but it appears some sites just didn't get the memo. plus the strategy of one bay area school to fight the nationwide teacher shortage. how they're empowering their staff and students at the same time. how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign.
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stream. we start with another look at the weather with lisa. lisa: good morning. it has been sunny in the south bay. you had fog yesterday morning but this morning as you look at the shark tank blue sky. temperatures in the upper 50's. 58 oakland, 55 san francisco, look at all the fog in san rafael. from marin to napa and sonoma it has been foggy and cool. better visibility inland in the east bay. livermore, concord, santa rosa and napa very foggy the next several hours. by about 10:00 we are in the 60's due to the sun around the bayshore and peninsula. sunshine in the north bay and unseasonably warm again today. we will talk about the cool down and chance of rain coming up in the next few minutes. liz: thanks. let's bring you back to that developing news where police and
9:32 am
animal control have cornered a black bear who crawled up a tree in a residential neighborhood. police are now waiting for fish and wildlife officers to respond to the scene to deal with this bear. i remember when there was a bear in san anselmo. they try to keep it up in the tree with noise as they wait for fish and wildlife and then they will try to keep it quiet so the bear can come down and they can get it into open space. this is happening on raymond street, not far from downtown petaluma. this began overnight when a resident spotted the bear wandering around the neighborhood. that neighbor called police. police issued a shelter-in-place warning which is still in effect. residents are being asked to keep pets indoors. it is not safe for animals and people to be out and about right now. we will keep you posted.
9:33 am
more developing news out of the east bay, a fremont police officer was injured after being involved in a major crash with another vehicle. this happened around 6:40 yesterday evening on niles canyon road. the officer was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the passenger from the second vehicle involved took themselves to the emergency room with complaints of pain. the crash is under investigation. vaccine clinics in the bay area are busy this weekend. many giving booster shots. california health officials are encouraging any adult who wants a covid-19 booster to get one. but there is still confusion. reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> getting the booster is good for our health and to be with family and friends. it is a good thing. cornell: jaclyn rivera just got her booster at the san rafael clinic along with her mom and husband.
9:34 am
this family looking ahead to the holidays. >> you want to stay safe, you want to be with family also and it is a good thing. it is something we all need to do. cornell: kids are not eligible to roll up their sleeves. >> we are going to travel for the holidays and christmas time and we were feeling more comfortable with the booster. cornell: a possible winter surge has health officials concerned, urging booster shots and first and second shots for those unvaccinated. >> it is especially important as we see more cases. in marin county the past two weeks we started seeing increasing numbers of cases. if the winter surge is going to happen, it has begun. cornell: state health officials urging any adult who wants a booster to get one. >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot, i encourage you to go out and get it. supplies is available. cornell: but we found online
9:35 am
booking portals have not caught up with messaging. still asking if you meet certain eligibility. confusing? yes, says dr. willis, who wants one thing to be clear. >> anyone who has been six months after pfizer or moderna or two months after j&j should seek the booster. it is important now as we start seeing more cases. cornell: in marin county, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. liz: a vaccine clinic was held at the chinatown ymca. they partnered with the san francisco chinese hospital and department of public health to get more young children the shot. officials say the community has not gotten fully on board with vaccinations. >> there is a lot of families who want kids to be safe. i think they just need a little more pushing, a little more hearing from professionals and doctors and whatnot to be able to say, this is safe. i think if they hear that message more people will come
9:36 am
out and get the vaccines. liz: officials said the turnout was not as high as they had hoped. state data shows nearly 150,00 children ages five to 11 received the first docents next week. that is 4.2% of all california children in that age range. europe is once again facing an alarming surge in infections. countries are implementing new lock downs and calling in the military to support mass vaccination efforts. the dutch prime minister ordered a three week partial lockdown in the netherlands. restaurants and bars are being asked to close early and spectators have been banned for major sporting events. case counts are rising in germany, france, and parts of eastern europe. the german army is mobilizing 12,000 soldiers to staff mass vaccination clinics. education as part of building a better bay area. one of the biggest challenges facing school districts across the area and state is hiring new teachers.
9:37 am
a middle school on the peninsula is a rare exception. reporter david louis shows us how this particular school has escaped the teacher shortage. david: the students at cesar chavez school are fortunate. there is no teacher shortage. gabby is one of nine at the school recruited through teach for america bay area which looks for college graduates who may not have plan to be teachers. >> teaching is a rewarding career. even if you are not what to do it the rest of your life. david: originally a public policy major she's in the second year of teaching sixth grade english and social studies. her passion was to focus on educational reform. being in the classroom will give her more insight into what is needed. >> a lot of the change starts in the classroom and then the districts and then we can move it to bigger scales. ensuring students are cared for, there is equity within our schools. david: teach for america bay area has been working with oakland, san francisco and
9:38 am
others where teacher vacancies are a challenge. it provide support in teacher coach ray mayes. he was also a teach for america recruit. >> having educators of color really allows for students to educate and thrive in classrooms. we see students demonstrate more learning and boost confidence when they see teachers who look like them. david: in the bay area close to half the programs' teachers stay on. gabby expects to stay on. she feeds on the energy of her students. >> they really are the future and i think having someone that tells them they are the future, that they are possible of creating change for us, it is something most of these kids needs. >> when you see a teacher this passionate and kids engaged you know it is a win-win situation. david: david louis, abc 7 news. liz: still ahead, a bay area county trying to help food pantries keep up with high demand.
9:39 am
what they are doing to make sure families are fed as the pandemic continues on. and here is a live look from the santa cruz camera this morning. beautiful start to our sunday. beautiful blue water in santa cruz and we will check in with lisa and what we can expect on this warm november day coming up. ♪ what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at liz: whale watchers were delighted when they were greeted by a pod of killer whales off the coast of monterey. these images just some of the sights captured. somewhere between 80 and 100 offshore killer whales stretched over a few miles. this is a rare sight to see as killer whales are typically seen in monterey in smaller pods between april through may in late august through october. there was a special ceremony for a new boat dock in san francisco. the ribbon-cutting was at lake merced and joined by the
9:42 am
california dragon boat association yesterday. the 130 foot dock was updated and brought into compliance with standards to better serve visitors with disabilities. the $1.68 million project was funded through advocacy for community supporters. lisa, we saw how pretty it was in santa cruz but it is chilly this morning. lisa: 58 right here. this is the south bay to 80 in san jose. more of that in-store today but a cooldown is on the way. for some of you some showers. i will track it next. liz: thanks. also, stanford struggles continue. the cardinal with another tough loss as morgan state makes a big play. ♪
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. liz: gree green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is expected to play today. the reigning m.v.p. touched off
9:45 am
a controversy after it was revealed he was not vaccinated. rogers tested positive for the virus and missed last week's game against the chiefs. he says he is allergic to an ingredient in the moderna and pfizer vaccines. the nfl fined the packers $3000 for violating protocol and rogers had to pay over $14,000. the war are back in action. this is the start of a four game road trip. tipoff is at 4:00 p.m. against the hornets. yesterday stanford hoped to rebound. sports anchor chris alvarez has the highlights in sports. chris: we start with stanford football. looking to bounce back from last week's embarrassing loss to utah. visiting oregon state saturday. wow, i'm hungry. stanford with the fourth starting quarterback. opening possession and watch
9:46 am
out. beeves in the red zone. this was easy for him. 7-0 oregon state. the beavers led 14-0 at the break. they open with the ball in the third. love the fan. nolan get that out of his hands. bradford breaks the tackle and uh oh. how about 67 yards to the house. 21-0 beavers. yikes. cardinal get on the board. benjamin turns the corner, stanford down 14. isaiah sanders in as the quarterback and a bad pitch to austin jones. stanford falls 35-14. the struggles continue for david shaw's squad. 3 and 7 and will host next week. >> we can play much better. i don't care who is hurt, not hurt, up or down. we are going to try to win these games. our short focus shifts.
9:47 am
cal did not play this past week. we have guys out on covid. hopefully we get some guys back off injury and go and play a healthy game next weekend. chris: congrats to san jose state. kenyon read zips down the sideline. 58 yards to the house. spartans in the lead. the strip,tyrevins wod ke it 140 spartans. the aggies go on a 48 run. the spartans fall 48-17. san jose needs to be fresno state thanksgiving day to become eligible. after dealing with covid issues the past weeks the san jose
9:48 am
sharks back at full strength in colorado saturday. welcome back the head coach on the bench. sharks score first. this is a tough angle and rocket top shelf. 1-0 but all downhill from there after a bad change. 2-1, havs take the lead. second logan o'connor beats the shorthand breakaway. 4-1, havs will win 6-2. back to you. liz: let's get a check on the forecast. warmer than average sunday in november. lisa: that's right. we disrupt this pattern as soon as tomorrow morning. more on that in a moment. high-pressure overhead allowing for that stable environment and that fog from the valley to be transported into the bay area. there is that moisture that has missed us into the pacific northwest.
9:49 am
we are left with a ridge of high pressure for above average temperatures and trapping that inversion, allowing for that light wind to bring in the fog. quarter of a mile santa rosa and the south end of the bay, the peninsula has been fine. as you look out from pier 15 you can see the haze, fog and clouds. 55 in the city, 58 oakland, sunny in mountain view with low 60's, 58 san jose and morgan hill with half moon bay 63. there is a look at emeryville between high clouds and some fog with 50 santa rosa, 55 novato. i expect this will look the same today. fog did not lift until noon yesterday. concord and livermore right now just mild the visibility. light offshore wind bringing us the fog.
9:50 am
the central coast in southern california has been really warm, well into the 80's. as we look from the tower cam you can see the view of the city. dense fog advisory with us for the north and east bay for the next few hours. high clouds in partly cloudy this afternoon but even with that those elements will be mild. possible showers for some of us the end of the week. here is the look at the satellite picture that shows the computer animation giving us the thinning out of the clouds today. not so tomorrow. the system clipping us to the north will allow us to disrupt this pattern and the chance of showers will be missing us. we get into cooler weather behind that system. much of the work week, besides tomorrow, looking at temperatures 10 degrees warmer. tuesday will be the sunniest day of the week. then there is a second system that will be arriving later on thursday into friday. with that we could get a little
9:51 am
from the northbay down through golden gate, maybe the east bay. we will see how the forecast models come into play if they come into alignment. otherwise it is going to be quiet the next several days. looking at the warmest day of the week today with 70's in santa clara, 71 san mateo, high clouds today, 68 downtown, 70 san francisco, 73 paddle luma, 70 vallejo. 73 in oakland, 71 el cerrito and inland temperatures in low to mid 70's. the accuweather 7 day forecast mild today, more clouds tomorrow, and we get back to near average by the middle of the week. with those clouds increasing we could see the chance of a shower come thursday and then it is cooler, even breezy, the end of the week. quiet this week for the most part. liz: lisa, we will take it. the county of santa clara and city of san jose allocated
9:52 am
funding to food pantries in the south bay to keep up with the unprecedented need during the pandemic. as cases and deaths have decreased the funding is set to stop the end of this year. but as news reporter dustin dorsey explains the pantries worry the loss of funding could result in food access troubles only getting worse. dustin: as a volunteer at a food pantry it pays off to have fast hands. that is because there is no time to lose. >> we saw with the start of the pandemic a problem that was already significant prior to the pandemic. something to be magnified and in our case threefold. dustin: loaves and fishes of saint martha's kitchen provided over 2 million meals throughout the pandemic. they normally operate on private funding but san jose and county of santa clara provided $1 million in american rescue plan funds to help with the pandemic burden. that funding is set to expire in
9:53 am
2022. >> we don't want to get to the place where we have to decide who we cannick cannot serve. >>. the food need is dire. -- the food need is dire. dustin: as this map created by our team indicates the issue is truly widespread. the yellow shows all areas with low food access in the south bay. if we add the filter of low income and low food income access, this is nearly 80 areas. >> the reality is while the pandemic may appear to be winding down from hospitalizations and deaths from covid our numbers are not decreasing. our numbers continue to go up. >> as much as we wish our services were not needed and these people did not need help, they do, and until things change to pull the plug and abandoned them and leave them without food resources it is just a frightening and horrible thought. dustin: the san jose city
9:54 am
council will discuss extending the grant contract until june 30, 2022. dustin dorsey, abc 7 eyewitness news. liz: coming up, fancy footwork. roller skaters take over san francisco's pier 70 wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals
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you still can. ♪ ♪ when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? liz: here are the winning numbers from last night from the powerball drawing. 8, 15, 26, 35, 45 in the powerball number 9. nobody picked all six numbers. the jackpot will go up to $180 million. and the numbers from the super lotto plus 10, 15, 25, 36, 42 and the mega number 15. that will also increases to $35 million. happening today, roller skaters can enjoy an outdoor ring in the
9:57 am
dock patchy neighborhood. it is to show off the evolving development at the historic pier 70. the first time it has been open to the public in over 100 years. once a giant producer of shipbuilding it is currently being restored to future restaurants, retail spaces and homes. >> skating is freedom, skating is fun, skating is inclusive. it is a thing that takes you away from all the problems of the world and put you in a happy place where you can dance, skate, have fun. i love it. liz: the skating rink opens today at noon. lisa, let's get a final check on the weather. lisa: looks fun. today partly cloudy skies and fog lifting in the valleys the next couple of hours. cooler in the north and east bay. otherwise 70's and a chance of showers on thursday. liz: thank you. thank you all for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i am liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great rest of your
9:58 am
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