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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: injured by stray bullets as the number of shootings in oakland continues to go up more and more residents feeling unsafe. city officials pushing for change and promising to stop the violence. good morning, everybody. you were watching abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m., live on abc seven and wherever you stream i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a look at the weather with lisa argen. lisa: good morning to you. some of you if you are out early will notice that dense fog. it is in the valleys of the north and east bay, out toward
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the delta, where visibility is reduced, and it will continue to be that way for the next several hours. the advisory expires at 11:00. he could get into some better visibility before that, but nothing has changed here. zero in novato. one mile in napa. it remains better out toward livermore. that fog could move around. before we get that sun coming up it is going to be a wild -- a while to we see that some. it is 48 in santa rosa. a live look outside. another 40 minutes or so, a lot of sunshine on the way with mid-60's by noon time. looking at numbers well above average today. upper 60's, low 70's. more fog coming into play tonight. will look for a cool down over the next seven days. we will track that for you next time we see you. liz: developing news.
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a three-year-old who was the subject of an amber alert has been found. the suspect, accused of objecting the boy, was 30-year-old joshua? . authorities activated the alert. they believed he was on his way for -- on his way to san jose. the child was taken after a double shooting in sacramento friday afternoon. a man and woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect took the woman's three-year-old child. it is unclear what the relationship is between the suspect and the people shot. you have reached out to authorities to see if he has also been located. a toddler, a concert attendee, and a man all hit by stray bullets, and all of this happened in oakland this week. the latest case, a worker now in critical condition after he was shot on thursday. tim johns has more on how the
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community and elected leaders are pushing for change. tim: in a matter of days, three incidents involving stray bullets in oakland. the first involved 23-month-old jasper wu. then, a concertgoer wounded outside the fox theater. the third happened thursday afternoon when an installer for a security services company was shot. >> i wish i knew the answer, but it is heartbreaking to see so much rampant violence in the city of oakland this year. tim: donald lacey is the founder of the love life foundation. he says the current situation is the worst it has been in years. >> you have to be on guard and aware of your surroundings at all times. and that is for anybody. i have never felt like that in my city that i love. tim: it is a view shared by oakland police chief laurent
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armstrong. >> we continue to say that this violence must stop. that we need to see the firearms removed from our streets. we are doing everything we can with every resource we have to address oakland. tim: violence is also of major concern to city leaders. loren taylor represents the district where the security installer was shot. taylor says he is working on an action plan. >> this takes a toll on everybody and it is time we step up to bring the resources necessary. tim: taylor says his plan will focus on crime prevention, deterrence, and response, he also acknowledges some things need to be done to help the community right now. >> we do need to look at increasing our police force so that they are available and ready to respond, and on hand to deter in those areas we know there is consistently high crime. liz: if you have information
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about any shootings, you can call crime stoppers. highway patrol also has a tip line for information about the jasper wu shooting. there is a more than $10,000 reward being offered to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the shooter. there are allegations of a and racist bullying at a high school in palo alto. according to claims filed by a group of students and their parents, one attack resulted in a trip to an emergency room. amanda del castillo ao explains that the families feel the school leaders are not doing enough. amanda: attacked on campus, and believe beyond school grounds. this injury claim describes the violent harassment suffered by a group of six gun high school
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students. the claim chronicles incidents since the start of the school year and has been sent to the school district. on campus friday we asked senior tyler lin if bullying is an issue. >> i think any amount of bullying is an issue. how significant that is and what to do about it, i can't really say. amanda: santa clara university psychology professor thomas plante says we are seeing an uptick. >> there are things kids are frustrated about. their life's been turned upside down over the last couple of years. and we are seeing models of frustration, congressional around us. amanda: according to the claim, following an attack inside a bathroom, one victim went to the emergency room. another to the school nurse after being hit in the neck. four to five students are said to have ambushed another boy in a locker room.
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they not only pummeled, but recorded it on video and share it on social media. among his injuries, a hematoma. >> we did not expect this would happen in this school, and yet it happens. amanda: the claim says the aggressors were suspended, then sot retribution for being snatched on. -- snitched on. the group of students and their parents maintain administrators have failed to protect them. in palo alto, i'm amanda del castillo or. liz: if anyone in your family is struggling with bullying, we do have resources on our website. just had to abc -- in preparation for the holiday season two bay area health departments are opening booster
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shots to all adults 18 years and older. san francisco and sonoma counties and announced a policy change. previously federal and state guidelines recommended roosters only for high-risk individuals. a judge has sided with governor newsom, allowing the state to require teachers and students to wear masks in school. the biden administration is still blocked from forcing large workplaces to require vaccines or covid testing for all employees. pretty super -- who brought the suit claimed the policy would be government overreach. today there will be vaccination clinics open for children ages five to 11. san mateo county is hosting a playland clinic and include superheroes and a red carpet. we'll be at the san mateo county events center. san mateo county is also hosting clinics at two schools. with our open from 10:00 to 1:00.
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the pharmacy contract negotiations with kaiser since july 31. it accuses the company of unfair labor practices. kaiser says other services may be affected by another sympathy strike by several other unions on november 18 and 19th. the company is asking its patients to fill their prescriptions in advance or order refills online, or by phone. kaiser said "we are disappointed that the guild would ask its members to walk away from the patients who depend upon them every and deliberately disrupt their care. we continue to bargain in good faith to reach an agreement." the oakland zoo's light exhibit is back. the animal lanterns are drawing thousands to the zoo. luz peña was there last night. ♪
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luz: that is the song siblings paul and jamie have been singing all night. they have>> we are about to go e elephants. luz: jamie was on a mission, like many other kids, came to see displays of animals up close. >> it mind blowing. we never get to be this close to animals because they run away or hurt us. >> the elephant will move the trunk up and down. luz: we hopped in a golf cart. this year the oakland zoo has five themes, from winter wonderland, to african savanna. >> i'm excited to ride rides. luz: there are over 100 animal lanterns throughout the zoo. real animals are asleep right now. >> yeah, it is really dark. i'm sad you can see the real animals. luz: zoo has a limit of about 2300 guests a night, each means you have to purchase your
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tickets in advance. no bedtime for you either? >> around 11:00. 12:00, tops. luz: wow. are your parents listening to this? in oakland, luz peña. liz: very cute. lisa, have you been? lisa: i have not, but it does look like fun. liz: i need to go. lisa: this weekend featuring mild temperatures. the sunnier day will be today. in mount tam, you can see fog, so that will take a while to burn off, so then we will talk warmer temperatures next. liz: also ahead, record-setting warmth. last month saw some of the highest temperatures, plus another record, and not a good one. williams of americans are quitting their jobs. the reason why so many people are not working ri
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liz: come back. governor newsom has announced the date when voters in san francisco will pick a new assembly member. some residents are going to be voting quite a bit next year. the primary will be held on february 15. that is the same day voters will decide on a new recorder and whether to recall three school board members. if no assembly candidate receives a majority to win outright, voters will decide between the two top finishers on april 19. then on june 7 in the statewide primary voters will start the process of voting on that assembly seat and be that is because all assembly seats will be up. also on that date san franciscan's will choose whether to recall the district attorney. election year will then wrap up with a statewide general election on november 8.
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a record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september as businesses gear up for the holidays. workers and products are in sorts -- short supply. it is contributing to the sharp rise in places -- in prices. richard scott has more on how long this could last. reporter: the white house on the defensive and made the news that four .4 million americans quit their jobs in september. jen psaki putting a rosy spin on the numbers. >> ultimately that is a good thing. many workers feel this is a time to look for a better job. reporter: still, the white house and experts say that is not the only reason so many people are quitting. there is also difficulty finding childcare a mismatch between skills and available jobs. and a large number of retirements. misses across the country are expertly searching for workers.
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could easily hire another 10 people. it is hard to get even one. reporter: susan lim owns this restaurant and maryland. she has been forced to curtail her offerings. she cannot seat as many customers. what is more, the cost of ingredients is skyrocketing. >> a case of butter increased $15 last week to this week. eggs can sometimes jump $20 week to week. reporter: marg sandy says what we are seeing is a perfect storm. >> the worker shortages are conflating with the supply chain problems and is creating this massive shortage of product. reporter: he predicts inflation will remain high for more than a year. >> i think we are seeing the worst of the inflation right now. reporter: rachel scott, abc news, washington. liz: supply chain issues are wimpaell a beloved aspect of our bay area economy. that is winemaking.
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worldwide shortage of glass bottles has given napa valley wineries challenges. and patience is wearing thin. cornell barnard has the story from the north bay. >> it is really hard to find a glass right now. cornell: he needs them for his winery and his brother's olive oil company. luckily he just scored 10 cases of bottles at this store. >> you clean them out? >> yes. [laughter] we got lucky and this is what they have. >> oh, my goodness. bottles are an issue. cornell: ben jaynes has never seen anything like it. glass bottles becoming almost impossible to find due to covid-19-related supply chain issues. shipments of 750 milliliter wine bottles now delayed for months. >> we have had an increase in
6:18 am
phone calls from commercial wineries who do not normally buy bottles from us. they can't get bottles anywhere else. cornell: new bottle inventory is sold before it arrives. >> i have a stack of people that need glass when i get it in. cornell: it has been a challenge -- >> it has been a challenge. cornell: in st. helena production on a new brandy line has been halted because the bottles are lost in transit. >> we were told it will be here in august, it will be here in september, october, and here we are, november. cornell: there is 2021 chardonnay in these oak barrels. all of this wine needs to be bottle by may. the trouble is, the bottles may not arrive until july. >>e ib inersavseon schedules and need to make ro most will pivot, like they did with wildfires and covid, it
6:19 am
could be a long wait for those bottles to arrive. >> i have heard it will be a couple of years before the supply chain issue gets fixed. cornell: in the napa valley, cornell barnard. liz: most of us have seen a ranking system for natural weather phenomena like hurricanes, but what about a ranking system for heat waves? state officials are working to propose a bill to create an early warning system. california would be the first state to use this kind of ranking system. officials say heat waves are known as the silent killer. they are responsible for more deaths and injuries than any other natural weather event. >> heat-related injuries account for a majority of what we see in the er compared to other events. liz: the heat ranking system will have three levels, from most, to least threatening. the system is intended to protect seniors and those without insurance. the bill will be introduced to
6:20 am
state legislators as early as january. last month's weather was record-setting. october's temperatures were the sixth warmest in recorded history. the average temperature was 57 degrees in the lower 48 states. it was also the ninth widest october scene nationally. for california it was the fourth widest october month we have ever recorded. lisa, that is the big concern, g that we are getting these extremes and we had a lot of rain a few weeks ago, and now it is feeling like spring this weekend. lisa: exactly. well above normal. we shouldn't see temperatures in the mid 70's in november. we'll get back to average readings next week. it is going to take a while. we have a dominant ridge of high pressure. it is certainly not our time inn the next five, possibly longer days, to see rain, as we look at
6:21 am
visibility in miles. this is why we have a ins fog advisory until 11:00. quarter-mile visibility, concord. look at san jose now, pretty foggy they are. novato has been completely fogged in. napa, their airport getting more fog, so far around open wound and haworth looking ok, throughout the next several hours it could be moving around a bit. this is a look into the east bay where you see the clear sky here. if the one in oakland. it is 52 in san jose. half moon bay yesterday it was 73 degrees. very mild. you can see the fog underneath the golden gate bridge there. parts of the north bay up toward san rafael not impacted, then you see the fog at the bottom of your screen. 48, santa rosa. it is 52 over in novato. 50 in concord.
6:22 am
low 50's here in santa cruz. it was in the 70's yesterday. could want to head to the beach today. sunnier today then sunday, so we will get rid of the fall by late morning for everyone, then mild to warm over the weekend. noticeably cooler as we get into the middle of next week. there is our fog footprint as it has expanded. i noontime it is mostly sunny. takes us through the afternoon. that said setting before 5:00. clouds increased through the overnight hours. we have partly cloudy conditions that will keep us a little cooler for your sunday. a look at the highs along the coast -- pretty mild. from 65 in pacifica. mid 70's in santa cruz once again. as we look into the future, that system to the north, then by monday and tuesday as we cool down because of a system riding over the ridge to the north of us. here is what it looks like on
6:23 am
thursday. this model shows rain to the north. we will see if it pans out, but as for now it is not really looking promising. highs today with a lot of sun after that fog lifts from the upper 60's in san francisco, low 70's in san rafael. 76 in the southbay. the seven day forecast, inland. fall-like warmth continues tomorrow, and clouds continue increasing. cooler afternoons arriving from monday to tuesday, then by the middle of the week it is going to feel like november. certainly chilly out there, and looking at highs in the mid 60's. at this point still looking drive for the next seven days. we will work on that for you, liz. liz: we will cross our fingers that we get more of it. maybe not as much is that one day, we will still ask for it. an update on the conservatorship
6:24 am
controlling whitney spears. she is free, but why she could still (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven.
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[cheering] liz: that is a celebration. fans cheering after they learned a judge had terminated the conservatorship controlling britney spears. she is officially free. her father stepped down from the conservatorship in late september. it had been controlling britney spears' life and her $68 million estate for nearly 14 years. the popstar could have a fight ahead of her. she has said she wants to see her father in jail. disney rolled out the blue carpet for its disney plus day. fans got some special surprises at the park, it is also kicking off its holiday festivities. tony cabrera with our sister station in l.a. was at
6:27 am
disneyland. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. tony: is the land rolled out the blue carpet to celebrate disney plus day, celebrating more than 118 million subscribers. >> looks amazing here. all of the special character meet and greets. i'm excited about it. >> ever so many releases coming out today, so i can't wait to see that. i keep looking up my phone to see if there is a trailer or any content, anything. tony: subscribers were let him to the park 30 minutes early. >> i watched beauty and the beast before i came because i had to get ready for disneyland. that is what i love. i love everything on disney plus. i have two kids, so they are also always on disney plus. our life is disney. tony: peyton elizabeth lee showed up to -- h h h
6:28 am
>> i have the privilege of being on disney plus on three different projects. it is such an amazing platform with a huge library of content. tony: it is a big day, because on top of disney plus day it is also when the park kicks off its holiday season. >> i am so excited. we have mickey and clara bell here. they are dressed for the season. tony: including a parade down main street, the first daytime parade in more than a year and a half. >> you can have all of the characters come to you. you have mickey, minnie, pluto, donald, chip and dale, you have all of the characters you would ever want to see. tony: you can celebrate the holidays through january 9 here at disneyland resort. liz: still to come, medicare premiums are about to see a huge increase. what the government is blaming for the spike and how much it will be.
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moorward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: thanks for joining us. we are going to start with another look at the weather. that's get over to lisa arjun. lisa: elsewhere a lot of dense fog and you can't see much at all. in san jose and the north bay interior valleys. this area highlighted here until 11:00, eight ends fog advisory. you can see there in concord, not in livermore. san jose, a quarter-mile. napa is about a half mile. zero-mile visibility in novato. if you have a flight out,
6:32 am
certainly you may be impacted. there is a look at the city they are, where there is low lying fog. if t2 in oakland. in the golden gate bridge, fog layer there at about 200 feet. we will continue to see this move around through the next several hours. upper 40's, santa rosa. we are looking at that follows beginning to dissipate, 10:00, and we are in the 60's by noontime. it is going to be a warm day today inland with mid 70's. not what you would expect from mid-november. we will talk about our weather in the week ahead, coming up. liz: a 24-year-old woman is in jail after police and pittsburgh say she stole a vehicle with a one-year-old inside. there was also a missing baby and a stolen car thursday in concord. leslie brinkley puts together the pieces of what happened and how shocked many are at the brazen crimes. leslie: here from sky seven, the
6:33 am
dramatic rescue of a one-year-old girl. she was unharmed. 24-year-old natalie was arrested for kidnapping and car theft, and is now in jail. the drama started at 5:45 p.m. at this auto detail shop on bliss avenue. the business across the street was stunned to see what their surveillance video showed. a woman jumping in a vehicle and speeding away. >> she asked me for some cigarettes. leslie: this man was a witness to the kidnapping. he said the -- a friend s out of his car for only 15 to 20 seconds and the woman jumped in the driver seat. pittsburgh police say he left the engine running. >> he tried to get back in, but he couldn't. she sped off fast. leslie: the abandoned vehicle was found on army street two hours later. by midnight the suspect was
6:34 am
arrested on harbor street. >> i told my wife, we go anywhere, ring the kids. just take her out of the vehicle. leslie: concord police responded to a stolen vehicle on ygnacio valley road with a four-month-old inside. within 30 minutes the car was found, and the infant was not injured. no arrests so far in the case. earlier this week a dad to stop for a coffee on his way to school with his eight-year-old >> and the time it took to park, i heard the glass smash. leslie: his laptop and passport were taken. his daughter was ok. >> it is clear there is something going on. it is important for me to say this was something new to me. there was a lot of people around. leslie: police always warned of leaving packages or phones inside vehicles during the holiday season, but it appears
6:35 am
even cars with people, pets, or children inside them are being targeted this year. in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley. liz: health officials are sounding the alarm over the recent rise in new covid cases. the numbers going up and half of the country. ty hernandez has the details. reporter: after weeks of declines, covid-19 places are climbing yet again. 21 states are reporting macron uptick in infections, in 17 states are seeing a rise in hospitalizations. watcher states are moving ahead with booster shots with all -- for all adults, without waiting for fda authorization. >> we know that protection fades from the original vaccine series. reporter: has cold weather is driving people together indoors, health experts say many factors are to blame for rising cases, the number of americans who
6:36 am
remain unvaccinated, and potentially waning immunity from those vaccinated months ago. >> we have been predicting that there is going to be another wave of covid-19 over the winter. i think we are seeing the beginnings of that. reporter: this as president biden's vaccine mandate deadline is taking effect in january. that mandate would make companies with more than 100 employees require the vaccine. though some workers are already pushing back. judges from the fifth circuit court issued a stay on the mandate friday, with one saying the rule could cause irreparable harm. the president also has a separate covid-19 mandate for the nation's 2 million federal employees that is due to come into effect on november 22. liz: medicare premiums are about to see their biggest increase in five years. medicare part the premiums are set to go up 14.5%.
6:37 am
that means payments will go up from $148 to 170 two dollars, on average. the government lames the pandemic for the increase. it also cites the cost of a pricey alzheimer's drug hitting the market the drug could cost patients $56,000 annually. happening tonight, an annual memorial take place to remember a fallen san francisco police officer. current and former members of the sf pd family will gather to honor james golf. golf was fatally shot a heavily-armed carjacking suspect in 1994. his death led the sf pd to change the way officers were armed. a ceremony has taken place there every year since his passing. tonight's event starts at 6:00. san francisco police have identified the driver accused of killing a sherman elementary
6:38 am
school educator. susan venter ritchie is charged with vehicle and manslaughter. she ran a red light on union street at franklin on wednesday, killing andrew zeman. grief counselors were at school yesterday as students returned to class for the first time since his death. ♪ in case you missed country music's biggest night, can still see your favorite artists come together for the cma awards. the show features performances by country's hottest stars and collaborations you cannot see anywhere else. the cma awards are now streaming, only on hulu. still ahead, san francisco has welcomed a new venue to its music conservatory. the special guest on hand to celebrate the building's completion. here is a live look outside this morning. the fog they're coming in. lisa has been talking about it. we will check in with her when we will check in with her when we ♪ ♪ ♪ we will check in with her when we
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liz: a fun run is taking place this morning to support a plan to make car-free routes in golden gate park permanent. supporters will meet at 7:45 this morning to kick exhaust. cars will be banned on jfk drive in the areas between transfers and keys are drives. the proposal included adding additional car-free streets in the park. the proposal will be voted on in february. this morning's fun run is aimed at drumming up support for the routes. dozens of new trees will be planted today at a spot in vallejo that burned a couple of years ago. 80 trees will go into the ground . volunteers with the student conservation association are teaming up with the arbor day foundation and ups to make it happen. the goal is to plant more trees than the number lost when a fire earned through part of the campus in 2019.
6:42 am
also today, the premier of an art installation showcasing the work of young people. they created art telling the stories of marin city's black shipyard workers during world war ii. there will be a musical tribute and a virtual reality experience. it runs from noon to 3:00 at the shopping center. you will have a live interview with the do -- the executive director director to talk about it. all right, lisa, pretty sunrise pretty foggy this morning too. lisa: a dense fog advisory is with us for -- actually not this area, but you can see how foggy it is. amateurs in the 50's, upper 40's. mostly sunny and warm day today. five degrees above average here. we will talk about the rest of the bay area next. liz: also next, the warriors close out their long stretch of home games against the bulls. curry put on a show with his old
6:43 am
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liz: welcome back. here is a live look from our exploratory him camera. so gorgeous this morning looking out over the bay bridge. les cal ftball game has squad.outbre bear stanford is on the road today taking on the oregon state beavers. kickoff is at two: 30 this afternoon. san jose state will battle utah state tonight at home. the warriors started this season strong. they ended their stretch of home games against the chicago bulls. here is larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. larry: warriors got off to a 10-1 start, taking advantage of a soft schedule. it tougher test last night.
6:46 am
steph's coach from college at the game. look at this former student working on alex caruso. and splash. who wants him now? -- who wants some now? curry driving what the left, finishing with the right. warriors were down to an early.. this gives them the lead. steph pretty much did the rest. 15 in the third. galloping his way back. nine of 17 from deep. look at him we've his wife his way through bull's defenders -- weave his way through bull's defenders. seven straight wins, they go seven-one on this home stand. santa clara hosting stanford students pumped. stanford scored the first five points. pj pipes, love the name.
6:47 am
early christmas present for the broncos. shockingly, all santa clara here. justice is served. keyshawn justice bringing the house down. saint mary's and texas southern. he has got his moves so does dan. spinning, baseline, scorn, plus the foul. the keyway from new zealand, career-high 19 off the bench. baseball news, the giants rewarded gabe kapler a two-year extension. kapler guided the guy -- the giants to a 107-when season. feeling very much at home in the bay area. >> i was given an opportunity to show our organization and people in the bay that i can do a really good job. i don't take that opportunity lightly.
6:48 am
this feels like an endorsement of what i already felt, it is that i belong here. larry: let's kick it. team usa, mexico, world cup qualifier. scoreless in the 74th-minute. 1-0 right there. 10 minutes later, weston mckinney adds on. 2-0, team usa. have a great weekend, everybody. liz: let's get a check of the forecast now. lisa, it's going to feel more like spring then too -- two weeks from thanksgiving. lisa: where the temperatures have swung in the other direction, storm track is well to the north, and we have an atmospheric river up in the pacific northwest. we are experiencing dense fog. in fact, getting worse as we get closer, while the sun is arriving right now. it is looking at very foggy
6:49 am
conditions. look at that, eight mile visibility in oakland. napa with a quarter of a mile. san jose has been getting worse, from a quarter to an eighth of a mile. the fog is expanding. the sun is up, and looking at the conditions with the gray sky , and right here from our east bay hills camera you can see the visibility not bad. 56 in the city. 53 in mountain view. half moon bay, 55. nice and clear with 70's today on the way. upper 40's, santa rosa. you can see richardson bay, the city they are all fogged-in. san rafael, you s novato, so noo the dense fog through 7:00. looking at noticeably cooler weather. more in line of where we should be this time of year week.
6:50 am
there is the fog. it has expanded. it will again tonight. looking at clearing through the morning hours. then look at the high clouds come back into play overnight. sunday we are partly cloudy, and is it a result we will be cooler. -- and as a result we will be cooler. temperatures well into the 70's for you in san jose. it was in the low 70' peninsula yesterday with a light wind. palo alto, about 72. a be some upper 60's along the coast here. downtown will be four degrees above average. looking at 73 in petaluma and novato. over into the east bay it is a foggy start, but rebounding well above average. how about 71 in oakland? and fremont will be in theow
6:51 am
erlog 70' hrnoon out we are doing fine now, but we are way behind due to the drought. his seven-day panel not showing any. slightly cooler tomorrow with high clouds, and this is when we get to cool down. monday, tuesday, a system misses us to the north. wednesday there is another system and it is going to bring clouds, with temperatures back into the 60's for most. could even be a beach day out there, liz. liz: going to the beach in november, we will take it. thanks. northern california has only one music conservatory, and it is located here in san francisco. new venue has been and to that which will offer a lot of free concerts for the public. a renowned musician was here to celebrate the completion of the building. leanne menendez tells us who it
6:52 am
is. ♪ reporter: it is as if each note floated majestically through the air. pianist garrick olson's performance demonstrated the quality of one of two halls in the conservatory's new center. one ♪ besides the two concert halls, it has a recording studio, teaching spaces, and housing for 422 students. the conservatory's president his david stall. >> it is able to house all of the students from the ballet, as well as the conservatory. reporter: that is music to jordan's ears. she is a student at the conservatory. >> it is definitely cheaper than living in an apartment in this area. you get to build a community with the rest of the students. reporter: this hall is located on the 11th floor, overlooking
6:53 am
the busy and noisy avenue. so, listen. do you hear that? silence. making this the perfect location for any performance. so, imagine having someone like yo-yo ma perform here. [applause] ♪ public next february. unfortunately, without yo-yo ma. in san francisco, leanne menendez. liz: i i i for hours. next, celebrating all things coffee. where you can learn more about coffee and get your caffeine fix today at a one-of-a-kind event.
6:54 am
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liz: the san mateo harvest festival continues today. for half a century the art and craft shows have it featured the work of artists. a new section includes the makers market, shoppers can browse through smaller makers' markets. the event runs today from 10:00 to 5:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00 at the matteo county art center. today you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind coffee culture experience. guest will be able to try the best specialty roasters and coffee shops, with unique dean's -- beans and snacks. there is also going to be panels that you can learn more about. and also live music. the winner will get 1000 dollars. tickets start at $25 and the festival runs today and tomorrow at fort mason pavilion. lisa, for us early risers this is our kind of festival. lisa: some pretty pianother sta,
6:57 am
bringing some sunshine for some of you, also a lot of fog. cole of hours for us to clear. we have a dense fog advisory, but how about 73 in fremont? 71, san mateo. enjoy today if you like it mild. a few degrees cooler tomorrow with more clouds. as the clouds increase, the temperatures respond with cooler days more in line with what you would expect for mid-november. notice the absence of rain. we are dry for the foreseeable future, there is hope out there for a system closer toward thanksgiving. liz: thank you. and thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. have a great day. ♪
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about rybelsus® today. good morni good morning, america. bannon indicted. a federal grand jury charging one of president trump's closest allies of contempt of congress for refusing to appear before the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot. the possible consequences and what this means for other trump advisers who are also no shows. breaking overnight, president biden's vaccine mandate blocked again as concerns are raised about a possible covid surge. >> we wouldn't be talking about this if everyone was vaccinated. >> the states now pushing for boosters for everyone 18 and older as we approach the holiday season. britney freed. the pop star now in control of her life and finances for e


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