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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 13, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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it's all aboutirin ts.wa rmy let me down. let my son down. then they lied about it. >> "3212 unredacted" streaming now on hulu. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time next week. thanks for the company, america. have a good and safe weekend. good night.
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news. >> an amber alert for a child taken in sacramento. chp is on the lookout and alameda and contra costa counties. let's get right to our reporter. >> she's live where officers are on the lookout. luz? >> we are here live outside the chp offices in castro valley. officers confirmed they are searching for the suspect, who is believed to be armed and dangerous. the child is three-year-old leo norvell. the suspect is 30-year-old joshua yago. yago is believed to be in a dark gray 2011 bmw 328i. the license plate number is on your screen. police say the child was taken after a double shooting in sacramento this afternoon. a man and a woman suffered
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non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect took the woman's three-year-old child. it's unclear what the relationship is between the suspect and the people who he shot. if you see the suspect or the child, you are asked to call 911. officers believe he may be driving to san jose at this time. live in castro valley, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will bring you any updates on this story here on abc 7 and on our news app as well. >> somehow, we as a united community have to do something to get a handle on this violent situation. >> a toddler, a concertgoer and a man in the middle of his workday all hit by stray bullets, all happening in oakland just this week. the latest case, a worker installing security equipment is now in critical condition after he was shot yesterday. our reporter has more on how the community and elected leaders
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are pushing for change. >> in a matter of just days, three incidents involving stray bullets in the city of oakland. the first involved a 23 month old killed in his mother's car, then a concertgoer wounded. the third happened thursday afternoon when an installer for a security services company was shot on the job in east oakland. >> i wish i knew the answer, but it is heartbreaking to see so much ramp violence in the city of oakland -- rampant violence in the city of oakland this year. >> he is the founder of a group that works to stop violence in the city. he says the current situation is the worst it has been in years. >> you have to be on guard and be aware of your surroundings at all times, and that's for anybody. and i've never felt like that in my city that i love. >> it is a view shared by the oakland police chief, who spoke at an event friday held for one of the victims.
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>> we continue to say that this violence must stop, that we needed to see the firearms removed from our streets and we are doing everything we can to address violence in the city of oakland. >> the upswing in violence is also of major concern for city leaders. oakland councilmember loren taylor represents the district where the security installer was shot. taylor says he's working on a plan to stem the violence. >> this takes a toll on everybody and it is time that we step up to bring the resources that are necessary. >> taylor says his plan will focus on crime prevention, deterrence and response simultaneously. while those may be long-term solutions, some things need to be done to help the community right now. >> we do need to look at increasing our police force so that they are available, ready to respond and on hand to deter in those areas where we know there is consistently high crime.
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>> if you have information about any shootings in oakland, called crime stoppers. -- call crime stoppers. the number is on your screen. highway patrol has a template for information about the jasper wu shooting. there is a $10,000 reward reward offered to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the shooter. >> knew at 11:00 tonight, allegations of violent and racist bullying at gun high school in palo alto. according to claims filed by a group of students and parents, one result -- attack resulted in a trip to the emergency room. the family feels school leaders are not doing enough to stop it. >> attacked on campus, called the n-word and bullied even beyond school grounds. this personal injury claim described the harassment suffered by students. one is black and others of european or middle eastern descent. the claim chronicles incidents
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since the start of the school year and has been sent to the school district. on campus friday, we asked a senior if bullying is an issue at the school. >> i think any amount is a problem, but how significant of a problem that is, and like what to do about it, i cannot really say. >> santa clara university psychology professor dr. thomas plant says we are seeing an uptick in bullying across the board. >> there's a lot of things that kids are frustrated about. their life has been turned upside down over the last couple of years, and we are seeing models of frustration, aggression all around us. >> according to the claim, following an attack inside a bathroom, one victim went to the emergency room with a bleeding ear, another to the school nurse after being hit in the neck. 4 to 5 students are said to have ambushed another boy in a locker room. they not only pummeled with fists and kicks, but recorded it
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on video and shared it on social media. among his injuries, a hematoma. >> we did not expect this to happen in this community, in this school. yet, it happens. >> the aggressors were suspended for a short time, then sought retribution. in a statement, the principal said pau bullying and harassment seriously. the group of students and parents maintain administrators have failed to protect them. >> if anyone in your family is struggling with bullying or mental health, we have resources on our website. go to to find your ally. >> san francisco police have identified the driver accused of killing a sherman elementary school educator. 70-year-old susan vennarucci is charged with vehicular manslaughter. she ran a red light on union street at franklin on wednesday,
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killing a man. grief counselors were at school today as students returned to class for the first time since his death. >> to tonight's covid headlines. two bay area health departments are opening up booster shots to all adults 18 years and older. san francisco and sonoma county announced that policy change yesterday, before federal and state guidelines recommended boosters only for high-risk individuals. a judge has sided with governor newsom, allowing the state to require teachers and students to wear masks indoors at school. two groups had challenged that mandate in court. the biting administration is still blocked from -- biden administration is still blocked from forcing large workplaces to mandate vaccines or testing for all employees. >> pharmacists at kaiser permanente are planning a weeklong strike in northern california beginning monday. the pharmacy guild has been in contract negotiations.
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and accuses the company of unfair labor practices. kaiser says other services may be affected by a one-day sympathy strike by several other unions on november 18 and 19. the company is asking patients to so prescriptions in advance or order refills online or by phone. and a statement, kaiser said they are disappointed the guild would ask members to walk away from the patients that depend on them every day and rib italy -- deliberately disrupt care. >> governor newsom has announced the date when voters in san francisco will pick a new member of the assembly. keep in mind, with that and two recalls, you may be voting quite a bit next year. the primary to fill david to's assembly seat -- david chu's assembly seat will be held on february 15. if no assembly candidate receives a majority to win outright in february, voters will decide between the top two
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finishers on april 19. on june 7, in the statewide primary, voters will start the process of voting on that assembly seat again, because all assembly seats will be up at that time. with that date, san francisco will choose whether to recall the district attorney. the election year will wrap up in november with the statewide general election, which will be on november 8. >> the oakland zoo's popular light exhibit is back. the towering lit up animal lanterns attracted thousands to the zoo tonight. luz pena was there earlier. >> that's the song these siblings have been singing the whole night. they've been looking forward to this day. >> we are just about to go to the elephants. >> jamie was on a mission, like many other kids who came ready to see large displays of their favorite animals up close. >> i do like dinosaurs. >> it is mind blowing.
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it is just, like, we never get to be disclosed to animals because they will run away or probably hurt us. >> the elephant, it will move the trunk up and down. >> we hopped on a golf cart to get a quick tour of the safari. this year, the oakland zoo has five themes, from winter wonderland to african savanna. >> i am excited for the rides and the lights. >> there are over 100 animal lanterns throughout the zoo. real animals, those are asleep right now. >> it is really dark. i am kind of sad. >> though zoo has a limit of 2300 gas a night, which means you have to purchase your tickets in advance. it opens from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., which means no bedtime for many. no bedtime for you either? >> like around 11:00. >> 12:00 tops. >> wow! are your parents listening to this? >> they are right there.
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>> california could become the first state in the nation to institute a ranking system for heat waves. we will explain how that would work. >> i am sandhya patel. dense fog prompting and advisory tonight. >> disneyland is decked out for the holidays. hey at&t customers... there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve, for only $19.99 a month for 12 months. and, for the first time ever, we'll give you 12 times the speed
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for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and you'll save hundreds over at&t. switch now to xfinity internet to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, for a limited time, get $300 back and a 5g phone on us. get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. >> more now on that breaking news, an amber alert for a three-year-old child taken from sacramento.
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the child is three-year-old leo norvell. the suspect is 30-year-old joshua yago. it is believed yago's headed for san jose and is believed to be in a dark gray or black 2011 bmw 328i. the license plate is on your screen. it is a black 2011 bmw. the chp has put out an alert in contra costa and alameda county. the suspect it coul -- is considered armed and dangerous. this stems from a double shooting. if you see the child or the suspect, the car we are talking about, please call 911 immediately. [cheers] >> youhear all those fans cheering. this was in downtown los angeles after they learned a judge has overturned the conservatorship of britney spears. her dad stepped down from the
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conservatorship. the popstar could have a fight ahead of her. she said she wants to see her father in jail. >> in the north bay, the sonoma county sheriffs office is searching for the person who shot and killed a 26-year-old american quarter horse. the horse was shot in his pasture near a roadway, about 15 miles from sonoma coast line. anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office. the shooting is being investigated as animal cruelty. >> most of us have seen a ranking system for natural weather phenomena like hurricanes, but what about creating a ranking system for heat waves? california officials are working to propose on assembly bill to create an early warning system for extreme heat conditions. california would be the first state to use this kind of ranking system. heat waves are known as the silent killer. they are responsible for more deaths and injuries than any other natural weather event.
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>> account for a number -- the majority of what we see in the er. they are very unpredictable. >> the heat ranking system will have three levels, from most to least threatening. the system is intended to protect seniors, low income populations and those without insurance. the bill will be introduced to state legislators s&s january. >> disney rolled out the blue carpet for its inaugural disney plus day. fans at disneyland in anaheim got some special surprises at the park, which is also kicking off holiday festivities. tony cabrera, with our sister station in l.a., was at disneyland today for all the fun. >> 4, 3, 2, 1! [cheers] tony: disneyland rolled out the blue carpet to celebrate disney plus day on its second anniversary today, celebrating more than 118 million subscribers. >> it looks amazing here, all the blue carpet, all the special
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character meet-and-greets that are here. i'm super excited about it. >> there's like so many releases today and i just can' to ep looking at my phone every five minutes to see if there's a trailer, if there's any new content, anything i should be looking out for. tony subscribers were let into : the park 30 minutes early today. >> i watched beauty and the beast before i came because i had to get pumped and ready for disneyland. that is a must. that'll i love. i love everything on disney plus. i have two kids, so they are all on disney plus. >> pay in elizabeth lee showed up to celebrate -- peyton elizabeth lee showed up to celebrate her new show. >> i have had the privilege of being on disney plus for three shows. it is such an amazing platform with such a huge library of content. >> it's a big day at the disneyland resort, because on top of disney plus day, is also in the park kicks off his holiday season. >> i am so excited. we have mickey in holiday
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attire. they are dressed for the season. >> including a new parade down main street, the first daytime parade at the resort and more than a year and a half. >> you can sit in one spot and how th -- have all the characters come to you. mickey, minnie, pluto, donald, daisy. >> you can celebrate the holidays through january 9 right here at the disneyland resort. in anaheim, tony cabrera, abc 7 news. >> fun stuff. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> it was hot down there today. sandhya: it was in the 90's in southern california, really crazy down there. in the bay area, if you are out of the fog, you felt the warmth today. i want to show you what it looks like tonight. that fog captured from one of our cameras, central valley. you can see just how foggy it was tonight. this was just the beginning of the tule fog beginning to form and it is definitely impacting not just the central valley, but the down sloping winds pushing
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that fog into parts of the bay area. dense fog advisory has now expanded to include not just solano county, but inland areas of the east bay until 11:00 tomorrow. hazardous driving conditions, so allow that extra time to get to where you need to go. quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. vacaville. down to zero in concord. the problem is it's going to keep fluctuating. areas of dense fog, use your low beams. here is the hour-by-hour forecast. 5:00 tomorrow morning, it's not just near the bay shoreline, but the fog in parts of the north and inland east bay, along the coast as well. it :00 a.m., it is still hanging on. by the time we go into the afternoon, just about everyone will see the sun, and those temperatures will respond. today, they certainly responded where it was sunny. you will notice low 70's along the coast from san francisco, half moon bay into oakland. san jose, mid-seventies.
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71 in santa rosa. ton 60's, live look from our east bay ho's camera, a stunning view. areas of dense fog again tomorrow morning, mild to warm days through the weekend. noticeably cooler weather is coming your way next week. morning temperatures in the 40's and 50's. fog is what you need to watch out for. afternoon highs in the south bay, 74 morgan hill, 76 gilroy, san jose, 72 in sunnyvale. mid-seventies from mountain view to redwood city. 67 in half moon bay. sun will be shining in downtown san francisco. 72 in san rafael, 75 in santa rosa, mid-60's bodega bay, stinson beach in the 70's. for oakland, hayward, temperatures above average. inland areas, pleasanton,
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livermore, 74. a foggy morning, mild in the afternoon. the warmth is going to continue through the weekend. early next week, clouds will increase, but the noticeable drop in temperatures mid to latter part of next week. wish i could tell you we've got storms on the horizon. as of right now, i don't have that. we cannot change itself enjoy the nice weather. dan:
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♪ >> if you missed it or just wans to watch it all again, you can watch country music's biggest night and see your favorite country artists come together for the cma awards. the show features performances and collaborations you cannot see anywhere else. cma awards was hosted by luke bryan and it's now streaming only on hulu. the warriors are going for their seventh straight win. >> larry beil is here with highlights. larry: the warriors feeling
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bullish as they close out this homestand against the bulls. h
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>> good evening. the warriors got off to a 10-1 start, honesty taking advantage of a pretty easy schedule. tougher test against the chicago bulls. steph's coach from college,olle, mckillop. get off me, splash! who wants some? lonzo ball, you want some? curry finishes with the right. warriors were down 10 early. this gave them the lead. g.p., three steals, eight points and steph pretty much did the rest. 15 in the third, 9-17 from deep
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and finished with 40, like a pinball avoiding the bumpers here all the way to the cup. that's my guy. warriors roll 119-93. they go 7-1 on this homestand. college hoops, santa clara hosting stanford. stanford scored the first five points, the broncos the next 21. early christmas present for the broncos. pipes had 24 points. all santa clara. they took down stanford. justice served. broncos, a surprise winner 88-72 . how about saint mary's hosting texas southern? he's got the moves. spin, baseline, plus the giving them the lead for good. the key we from new zealand, career-high 19 off the bench as the gales would pull away late. baseball news, the giants rewarding gabe kapler with a two -year extension that will keep
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him managing the giants through the 2024 season. he guided the giants to a nlcs title, feeling at home in the bay area. gabe: i was given an opportunity to show our organization and some people in the city and abate that i can do -- and the bait that i can do it -- the bay that i can do a really good job in this role. i don't take that opportunity lightly. this feels like an endorsement of what i already felt. >> team usa and mexico, the world cup qualifier. team usa wins it 2-0.
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much for watching. i am am a dates. dan: i am dan ashley. we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, dwayn right now on jimmy kimmel, dwayn ♪ >> hey, bay area! it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪
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on today's show, celebrating diwali, festival of lights. >> lots of memories, friends, families, and definitely, the good food. >> foodies unite at outside lands. >> you get different cultures, different styles, different everything. >> but first, an interactive experience that will delight all of your senses. ♪ >> art has a wonderful power of healing. ♪ i would consider art as the highest form of human expression. you can relate with the art in so many ways, verbal and non-verbal ways, and then feel a sense of peace and come to healing. and i think this nation, our society, needs a lot of healing. last year, we had pandemic -- really disrupted so many people's life. and the crisis of our society -- the racist legacy of this nation that we need to reckon with.
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so i think art could do a lot of good. ♪ >> i think the pandemic really forced this museum to reimagine its role as a place for healing, as a place for fighting back, and as a place for bringing people together. ♪ >> the asian museum is the place where asian art and culture comes to life for you. from ancient masterpieces to the cutting-edge expression of contemporary artists, all the experience you get will be very engaging and relevant to you. >> i think asian art museum really centers around this idea of connection -- connecting ancient with the present and the future, but also connecting here and there. for many of us as the first-generation immigrant, or people who come to this country
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second-generation, third-generation, whether they're asian or not, this idea of being here and there is constant. ♪ >> we started with an institution primarily featuring traditional asian art, to now we are really expanding to 21st centuries. i think the contemporary is our mindset, as well as our methodology. well, when visitors come to the museum to see the inaugural exhibition in our special exhibition pavilion, and that's teamlab: continuity. and that is a cutting-edge expression of digital art in the world. >> in a typical museum exhibition, you see sort of different rooms with, like, one work, painting here, and sculpture here, but in our exhibition, that space is loosely defined into smaller areas, and then all the elements that appear from each area move between each area, and then intermingle together, and you
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will be completely immersed in the relationship that those elements, such as crows, butterflies, or fish, form with each other. ♪ >> we hope that will draw a large crowd, and then at the same time, that this large crowd could also benefit those other artists who are lesser-known, and then we introduce them to the public, and this is equally. they can just get lost in the museum, whether they would like to start with our boutique or that they can stop by the cafe, or they can just randomly wander through our different spaces to get themselves transported to 3,000 years ago in the museum, that you can navigate without any judgement, and to come to this place to feel free, to encounter artists not only who are alive and creating, but also artists who, you know, existed
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a thousand years ago. ♪


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