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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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natalie. ayala was arrested for kidnapping and car theft and is now in jail and martinez according to pittsburgh police the drama started at 5:45 pm at this auto detail shop on bliss avenue in pittsburgh the business across the street was stunned to see what their surve. video showed a woman in white pants jumping in a vehicle and speeding away and she came up and asked me for some cigarettes. i told her i have any this man was a witness to the kidnapping and theft he said a friend a dad pulled in to say hello and stepped out of his car for only 15 or 20 seconds when? woman jumped in the driver's seat pittsburgh police say he left the engine running his daughter in the backseat. he tried to get back in but couldn't she put it on driving less she spit out fast. they abandoned vehicle with the baby was found on army straight two hours later by midnight. the suspect was arrested walking on harbor street. i'm here for my kids.
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i told my wife you know what go anywhere bring the kids. i don't care. she's 16 just take her out of the vehicle at ten o'clock thursday night conquered police responded to a stolen vehicle on ignacio valley road with a four month old inside within 30 minutes though the car was found and the infant was not injured no arrests so far in the case earlier this week in oakland a dad stopped for a coffee on his way to school with his eight-year-old. literally the time it took to park in the seconds to walk over to the sidewalk already heard the glass. his laptop and passport were taken. his daughter was okay. i just think that with a number of incidents that happened clear that there's there's really something going on. so it was just important for me to know this this was something new to me was fairly bold there was of people around police always warn of leaving packages purses or phones inside vehicles during the holiday season, but it appears even cars with people pets or children inside them are
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being targeted this year. in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. new push today in the effort to find those respons before last saturday's shooting that killed a 23 month old boy on interstate 880 in oakland today the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who fired the shot that killed jasper wu of fremont the toddler was hit by a stray bullet during a running gun battle as his mother was driving home a member of the chamber read a statement for jasper's parents. we are pleading for the shooters or anyone with information to come forward so that a tragedy like this will never happen again. the woo family also expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the community for the outpouring of support that they have received a gofundme account now stands at more than $200,000. san francisco police have identified the driver accused of running a red and killing a
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sherman elementary school educator police. say 70 year old susan vanarucci is charged with vehicular manslaughter according to investigators vanarucci was heading westbound on union street when she drove through the intersection at franklin killing andrew zeman the 30 year old san francisco native worked as a para-educator at sherman elementary his alma mater a friend and fellow musician. talk to us about zeman today at a memorial outside the school. andrew was deeply loved by everybody. i know for 15 years. we make music together. we're in a group called city zoo. grief counselors were at sherman elementary as students return for the first time since wednesday's accident new details involving the protests that took place on the golden gate bridge last night abc 7 news is learning. group did not have a permit to protest a week earlier officials learned of the protest over social media. they made attempts to reach out to the group, but never got a response officials say even if that group did have a permit.
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they would not have been allowed to protest during rush hour on the bridge for safety reasons. golden gate bridge district workers and two chp officers were injured in a crash on the bridge last night as an suv tried to get around on that traffic congestion caused by the protests. all of those injured are recovering. britney spears independence day has arrived after 13 years a los angeles judge ruled this afternoon that our conservatorship should be terminated effective today abc news reporter morgan norwood was there for the ruling wait for britney spears has finally arrived. controversial conservatorship that is dominated her life in money for nearly 14 years. it comes just weeks after her father jamie spears who had been in control of estimated 60 million dollar estate was ousted a judge suspending. her conservator and appointing a temporary one brittany writing
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an and now deleted instagram posts this week is going to be very interesting for me the free brittany movement intensifying after the 40 year old for the first time spoke out in court in june passionately detailing the restrictions and circumstances of her conservatorship. she described as abusive claiming. i was scared of my dad one thing that everybody has lost sight of is what is in the best interest of britney spears. her in late october heard lawyer filed a motion to in the conservatorship saying she has endured for so long and has pleaded with the court to let her have her life back her father. jamie spears had fought to remain as conservator but in a recent change of heart he agreed to the motion his lawyer saying jamie will do everything he can to protect and care for her jamie believes that the conservatorship should end immediately. and even though this conservatorship is over the legal fallout could still remain we know britney's attorney is looking into allegations of
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illegal surveillance her father. jamie spears has denied any wrongdoing morgan norwood abc news, los angeles. covid-19 related supply chain issues quickly creating a nightmare scenario for many aspects of our bay area economy, including winemaking a worldwide shortage of glass bottles has given napa valley wineries challenges. they never could have imagined and honestly patience is wearing thin abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story from wine country. it's really hard to find a glass right now one el faro spent all day trying to find something which used to be plentiful in the napa valley glass bottles. he needs them for his winery and his brothers olive oil company. luckily. he just scored 10 cases of small bottles at this supply store. you cleaned him out. yes, i did. so yeah, we got lucky and this is what they have and that's what i'm taking. oh my goodness bottles are darn issue this year. napa fermentation supplies manager ben james has never seen
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anything like it glass bottles becoming almost impossible to find due to covid-19 related supply chain issues shipments of traditional 750 milliliter wine bottles mostly manufactured in china now delayed for months. we have had an increase in phone calls from commercial wineries who normally don't buy bottles from us needing to buy bottles from us because well, they can't get bottles anywhere else new bottle inventory is sold before it even ar and so i have a stack of people that need want glass when i get it in. it's been a challenge to obtain this glass at visa 2. we in saint helena production on a new brandy line has been halted because the bottles are lost in transit. we were told and it'll be here. i'll be here in september. october here, we are november now. they're saying january. there's 2021 chardonnay for mening in these oak barrels. all this wine needs to be bottled by may treble is the bottles may not arrive until
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june or july. so you just have to be flexible you do the best you can? at wineries have seasonal schedules and need to make room for the next harvest most will pivot like they did with wildfires and covid but it could be a very long wait for those bottles to arrive and i've heard that could be a couple years before the supply chain issue gets fixed in the napa valley cornell barnard abc 7 news now despite the global supply chain mess. there is some positive news coming from the us postal service leaders are expressing confidence that mail will be delivered on time this year. despite last year's abysmal performance. in fact the chair of the postal service is board of governors says, they expect a process an 4.5 million packages every day. to new sorting machines and additional staffing up next a new era in music education. just began. francisco ushered in by the world's top cellist still ahead
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the teacher who was bringing amazing passion into the classroom helping students fill their self-esteem as they adjust back to in-class learning and how do you feel about the economy? why so many are saying it's not where it should be. i'm spencer christian our mild spring like weather will through the weekend meanwhile. we're still waiting for rain. i'll have the accuweather a
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california has only one music conservatory and it's located in san francisco today a new venue was. added to that conservatory which will offer a lot of free concerts for the public celebrating the completion of the building was a renowned musician abc 7 news reporter liam melendez has the story. it's as if as if as if as if asf that steinway floated majestically through the air pianist garrick olson's performance demonstrated the quality of one of two holes at the conservatory's new bose center. the building is surrounded by other performing arts venues in the heart of hayes valley besides the two concert halls. it has a recording studio teaching spaces and housing for 422 students the conservatory's president is david stull. it is able to house all the students from the ballet as well as from the conservatory. pardon the cliche, but that's music to jordan.
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avelino's ears. she's a vocal student at the conservatory and it's definitely cheaper than living in an apartment in this area and it's great because you get to build a community with the rest of students this concert hall is located on the 11th floor overlooking the very busy and noisy van, ness avenue. so listen. do you hear that? silence making thisssss location for any performance. so imagine having someone like yo-yo ma perform here will be open to the public next february unfortunately without yo-yo ma in san francisco lee
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ann melendez abc 7 news no, i wanted to hear the rest of that rather than us talking you think people would rather hear that. that's what i would choose. no, actually we do have important news because the stock market is up and there are a lot of job postings but a lot of americans are still uneasy about the economy 7 on your side's michael finney has more on exactly what is going on michael. what is going on the latest report on consumer sentiment from the university of michigan shows consumers are feeling more pessimistic about the economy than they have in the past decade the consumer sentiment index dropped 6.8% from last month mostly due to rising inflation the prices of just about everything are higher from housing to appliances or groceries in addition stud. show consumer complaints are at an all-time high. the better business bureau has issued a warning at a two-pronged government impersonation scam scammers are
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sending official looking documents from data breaches. here is what you should do if you get one carefully examine the letter and make sure it is legitimate also contact the official government agency if you have any suspicions do not engage with scammers hang up immediately. you can even take the extra step by blocking their number and finally report scammers to the fbi. this will help the federal bureau of investigation catch these scammers. check your refrigerators everyone, especially your freezer nearly 100,000 pounds of frozen raw. ground chicken. patty products are being recalled for contamination with foreign objects. some of these products were sold at trader joe's frozen chicken patties sold between august 16th through september 29th as chicken lime chicken burgers and spinach feta chicken sliders were distributed throughout the country consumers have ordered
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finding bone fragments inside the patties. you should either throw the products away or return them to your local trader joe's treasure is pretty good about taking things back. oh absolutely. just taken back go do it like that. thank you michael every weekend. thank you. all right. all right if you're headed to the warriors game tonight, the team wants you to download the clear app to prevent delays at vaccine checkpoints after you download the app. so like health pass and then upload your vaccination information. you have to be 18 or older to use the app warriors fans. just 12 and up are required to show full proof of vaccination to enter chase center kids 2 to 11 must show a negative covid test and it's probably a good idea go a little bit earlier than you might ordinarily show up just to make sure you can get in without i was going to say i thought you were gonna say enjoy the area because it's so nice. well that too, but i just mean the lines, you know for showing the clear app and all that. sometimes you can get backed up and then people get frustrated because they can't get into the game so quickly enough so you don't want to miss tip off right and the weather is in fact, very
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nice spencer. yeah, right and you don't want to miss this weather. guess if you like spring-like weather in november, this is your time. let's take a look at what's giving us this a pattern that we have have right now looking at the satellite. are composite image the looping image? you can see an expanded area of high pressure the dominant feature in our weather for the last couple of days that will continue this pattern through the weekend notice. the storm track is being lifted well to our north so the atmospheric river is flowing right into the pacific northwest producing lots of rainfall there. meanwhile here in the bay area. we have a dry pattern that's going to last for a while and just general breezes blowing around the bay area right now. it's not really very breezy at all. except right along the coastline most locations at the moment have surface wind speeds under 10 miles per hour and we've got this great blue sky over the bay as you can see from mount tam. these are some of our current temperature reading 66 degrees here in san francisco oakland 68. we have low seventies and mountain view and san jose 70 degrees and morgan hill and a
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cool 59 at half moon bay. here's the view from emeryville. looking westward toward the golden. skies are mainly clear, but there's a little misty layer developer here near the coastline. we may have some fog some areas of fog overnight, but right now skies are blue 73 degrees in santa rosa 66 in novato, napa 65 61 at fairfield 64 concord livermore 68 degrees. and here's the view at the golden gate. well that has a little misty layer i was talking about so it's not exactly a blue sky over the golden gate at the moment at least not of this vantage point. these are our forecast features areas of fog will develop overnight and in the early morning hours. it'll be mild to warm through the weekend and we expect cooler and cloudy or weather next week. it's still a dry pattern overnight. this will be the pattern. we'll see passing high clouds and some areas of patchy fog developing seven o'clock in the morning. we'll see the high clouds disappearing the low fog the low fog the clouds low clouds and fog will begin burning. by mid-morning giving us a mainly sunny day again tomorrow much like today overnight with
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the clouds expanding just a bit low temperatures will drop into the mid to upper 40s in our inland valleys. so those will be the chile areas closer to the bay and the coastline we're looking at highs in the low 50s eyes tomorrow that's lows in the low 50s highs tomorrow will be in the mid-70s down in the south bay 76 at san jose 74 morgan hill on the peninsula. low to mid 70 74 in redwood city 72 palo alto on the coast tomorrow. hi temperatures will reach mid to upper 60s at pacifica and half moon bay downtown san francisco. will top out at 69 degrees tomorrow up at the north bay 73 petaluma 75, santa rosa, sonoma 74 napa a high of 71 tomorrow over in the east baylor for highs of 71 at oakland 73 in hayward. 73 at castro valley in the inlet east bay will see highs in the low to mid 70s as well up to about 74 at pleasanton and livermore. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast and how much change on sunday almost identical to tomorrow? perhaps maybe a few more high clouds on sunday.
4:20 pm
there are monday the cooling begins by just a few degrees a sharper cooldown will occur on tuesday and wednesday and by the end of next week, we'll be looking at temperatures actually slightly below average for this sandwich of the year, so we'll from spring like to actually folic christian. all right. thank you spencer. it's disney plus day and there are more reasons than ever to check it out. we'll be right back.
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out the blue carpet for its
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inaugural disney plus day at disney's hollywood studios and disneyland park subscrib. others were invited to special photo locations throughout the parks several disney castles are also glowing blue including cinderella castle at walt disney world and sleeping beauty castle at disneyland it's years since the launch of disney plus and that has caused for celebration, sam champion in orlando with a look at how the streaming service is celebrating. it's been two years since the launch of disney plus and that's reason enough for a celebration. not just a celebration of disney plus itself but a celebration of what makes this service truly magical. it's the global community that community now includes over a hundred and fifteen million subscribers spanning more than 60 countries, so he plus day is really a way to say thank you to that growing global community subscribers are being treated to a treasure trove of new content hitting the platform today for starters the family friendly
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adventure film jungle cruise is now available to all subscribers. the most curious among us will enjoy the first five episodes from season 2 of the world according to jeff goldblum from national geographic. billie eilish fans will get to pete behind the curtain of her cinematic concert experience with documentary the making of happier than ever a love letter to los angeles or how about a docu special about the making of 2021's biggest blockbuster marvel studios chong chi and the legend of the ten rings. the film itself is also making it streaming debut today to commemorate the two years of service and all this new content disney plus has a special offer for fans who want to join the community new and eligible returning subscribers can now get one month of disney. for just $1.99 and that offer only lasts through sunday, and there'll be a lot more information that comes out for disney plus day to get it all in
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one place where it's easy to find. all you got to do is really follow them on twitter. it's at disney plus and we'll see at home guys. alright. thank you sam in celebration of disney plus day disney is building on his commitment to children's hospitals by offering disney plus service inside nearly 100 children's hospitals around the world beginning next year. in fact four local hospitals have already been selected ucsf benioff children's hospitals in san francisco and oakland lucile packard children's hospital in palo alto and george mark children's house in san leandro. the goal is to help ease fear and anxiety in young patients. disney is the parent company of abc 7. all right health officials sounding the alarm tonight over the rise in covid cases in many us states what they to
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it building a better bay area ae moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. 10 weeks tuesdays are reporting a surge in infections california's test positivity rate is up, but not nearly as high as some of these other places hospitalizations are up in 14 states from colorado to michigan to vermont low on icu beds. some hospitals are rationing care now health officials blame the unvaccinated along with waning immunity from the vaccine and changing seasons saying more americans are heading indoors and near one another and obviously the timing could not be worse. you got the holidays thanksgiving is coming up. right around the corner. then christmas colorado is joining, california now encouraging every adult to get a covid booster shot this despite us health officials not yet
4:29 pm
giving official widespread adult boosters the okay dr. alok patel is a member of the abc 7 vaccine team. he talked about what parents think should think and how they should think about the question right when weighing the potential risk between getting the shot versus getting covid and if you're not vaccinated your risk of infection is six times greater. here is the reality the reality. is that the very rare self-limiting cases of myocarditis or pericarditis that's inflammation of the heart muscle or the tissue around the heart from the vaccine. they have made headlines. and they've made the rounds on social media and they've scared a lot of people but the reality is that they're way more rare. the actual conditions that kids can get from covid-19 itself and there self-limiting meaning these kids are be hospitalized maybe not it's self self-resolves. maybe they're giving a little bit of treatment, but it's not a serious case. whereas either that's the case because i've talked to the heart disease. they're seeing from covid-19. it's all it's horrifying and
4:30 pm
it's not just limited lard as you mentioned with multisystem inflammatory condition. these kids have organ failure. it's affecting your brains their kidneys their gi system and it's way more severe causing systemic inflammation. and so you people here have to really understand that the myocarditis repair credit is from the covid-19 vaccine is not only extremely rare, but it's less severe than from the actual covid-19 vaccine. up, and guess what? i see cases of myocarditis and pericarditis all the time not even related to covid-19 or the vaccine. austria is taking a really dramatic stand dealing with its surge in covid cases starting monday unvaccinated people in the regions of upper australia of austria. i should say and salzburg will only be allowed to leave their home from specific necessary reasons like you have to go get groceries or go to the doctor. otherwise, that's it. the country's also implementing a vaccine mandate for people working in the healthcare industry austria reported about 12,000 new cases today in a country of only in people by
4:31 pm
comparison, california recorded 4,700 cases with a population of 40 million. personal injury attorneys ben crump and alex hilliard have announced the filing of over 100 lawsuits representing more than 200 victims who attended the astroworld festival this morning. they held a news conference outside houston's harris county civil courthouse where witnesses shared their experiences at the festival last weekend. before the event could have even happened. the announcement comes one day after a ninth person died from their injuries sustained at that festival and today travis scott. attorney told good morning america. the rapper was unaware of what was happening in the crowd while he was performing on stage. but according to report. god performed for 30 minutes after officials declare the concert a mass casualty event less than one month after joining after william shatner on a successful trip to space blue
4:32 pm
origin astronaut. glenn. devries was killed in a small plane crash in sussex county, new jersey yesterday. the 49 year old was flying alongside flight instructor thomas fisher who was also killed in that crash in 1999 devries co-founded new york-based metadata solutions. the most used clinical research platform in the world. the faa is investigating the crash. one of the biggest challenges facing school districts across the bay area and the state right now teacher vacancies a middle school on the peninsula is the rare exception education as you know, an important part of building a better bay area abc 7 news reported david louie shows us how this particular school has. escaped the teacher shortage. the students at cesar chavez ravenswood middle school are fortunate unlike others. there's teacher shortage here. gabby gentile is one of nine at this school recruited through teach for america bay area which looks for college grads who may not have planned to be classroom teachers teaching is a very
4:33 pm
rewarding career. even if you're not going to do it for the rest of your life originally a public policy major at michigan state. she is in the second year of teaching sixth grade english and social studies her passion was to focus on educational reform being in the classroom will give her more insight into what's needed a lot of the change. within the classroom and starts within districts and then can move it to bigger scale federally hopefully one day of ensuring that our students are cared for that. there's equity within our schools teach for america bay area has been working with school districts in oakland richmond and san francisco too. we're teacher vacancies are also a challenge it also provides support in the form of teacher coach ray mays who monitors their progress to ensure success. he too was a teach for america classroom. fruit having educators of color really allows for students to thrive on our classrooms. we see students demonstrate more learning and also grow their confidence when they see teachers look like them in the bay area close to half of the programs teachers stay on after
4:34 pm
their two-year commitment easing the teacher gabby gentile expects to stay on she feeds on the energy of her students. they really are the future and i think having someone that tells them that they're the future that they are possible of creating change for us is something that most of these kids need when you see a teacher this passionate and kids so engaged, you know, it's a win-win situation all around in these palo alto david louie abc 7 news. we'll talk about a new court case next involving john gruden versus the nfl that's
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switch to geico for more ways to save. now for the ford. as dan and spencer joined the conversation and the number of americans. just walking away from their jobs hit a record high yet again, the department says 4.4 million workers or 3% of the workforce. quit in september. that is the highest number since the government started tracking this data the record high numbers coincide with soaring job openings more than 10.4 million in september. that's the second highest figure ever recorded the situation. several major companies to struggle to find workers as the economy reopens so, you know part of this you could see coming because covid reset the job market for a lot of people and if you have a low-paying paying job that's stressful that you don't boy, you know, you say, all right, i'm gonna go on unemployment and i'll make even more money perhaps than than the bad job. the question i guess is do we
4:38 pm
see this continuing in the future at some point the stimulus money is going to run out and then the rubber really hits the road where people have to make decisions about. okay. what do i what do i want to do? so dan what are your thoughts about that? well, you make great points larry. this is a seller's market for the moment if you're a worker and you're selling a service, i hear people from people all the time you say they just can't find employees. he wants to to come do these different jobs. it will not last forever the pendulum always swings back and forth things will tighten up once again as the economy changes and it did reset priorities. a lot of people just decided. you know what i don't want to spend my life's energy and my time doing this particular job and we'll find something. but it's causing some real challenges for businesses and our economy as a whole. yeah. well spencer, i mean the restaurant business has been hit so hard. it's probably people don't think about how hard it is, you know to be a cook in the back, you know or a waiter or waitress stressful and if you're cooking,
4:39 pm
it's hot it's just you know, and you're not making a fortune back there. so it's like i'll go find something else right and making a lot unless you're the chef so to speak at one of the restaurants but dan's right. i mean these when the jobless benefits run out this can't go on forever. i mean people need to have income they need to work. so i'm just surprised that such a large percentage. i mean 3% doesn't sound like a lot but that's a significant chuck of our workforce. walking away from from jobs. yeah, i mean at first it's like covid fears right and then after that it became fears of unruly clients right facing people who are hostile, so i will say the one thing that's come out of this is that it's a lot easier for teenagers like my son to get a job. you know, that's probably true. yeah. all right a big day for taylor swift fans today the grammy winner unveiled red, which is a re-recording of her acclaim 2012 album read the release is part of her ongoing mission to regain ownership of her early music back in 2019 superstar managers
4:40 pm
scooter braun acquired the master recordings of swift's first six albums after buying her former. global red marks the second relay swift has put out in april. she re-released fearless and plans to release taylor's version of her other albums as well. i hear this generally does well for the artists when they re-released. i mean you already had a built-in fan base and it did well the first time right dan. yeah. i think it's absolutely right and you know, these kinds of stories have been going on the music industry since it began artists who signed those initial deals losing the rights to their recordings and they don't even really realize what they've signed. it's a good strategy and and to get out from under what was really kind of a from her perspective and owner is an unfair agreement. yeah, dan, you know the music business better than most of us. can you just i mean if somebody owns the rights to a you performed you could just redo it and then you're okay. i mean, there's no copyright infringement or anything like
4:41 pm
that. well, the laws are complicated. i don't understand them fully but you can under certain circumstances do that because you are you may not have the that you have the writers credit. so as a writer or they may have the producer credit, but you have the writers credit and you can release the album interesting with those with with that ownership think of what spencer could do with some old weather forecast. you just re how could we monetize i mean, yeah, how do you thinking about that? yeah, i want the forecast from five years ago. yes. i'll make it we'll make it an nft former raiders coach john gruden suing the nfl and commissioner roger goodell over the homophobic and racist email scandal that prompted gruden's resignation from the raiders last month the suit claims the league and goodell sought to destroy gruden's career and reputation through a malicious and orchestrated campaign. these are gruden's charges saying the nfl leaked the else to try and distract from its handling of the sexual harassment allegations against the washington football team and
4:42 pm
derogatory comments gruden made in those emails about goodell a league's both spokesperson called the allegations meritless. i don't know exactly outside of just getting some sort of a financial settlement what john gruden's goal is here, but i can imagine that you know if you're going to file this lawsuit, that means that you're going to open up the discovery process. 650,000 emails that are out there and there's probably a lot of people around the nfl. they're like, we do not want any of that out there. what do you want to make this go away, but he's not going to get another coaching job. he's not going to be on tv. i mean he's active at this point no and speaking of trying to distract which is what he's accusing the nfl of doing he's doing a little of that himself by filing this lawsuit. you know, he apologized and still did say some pretty objectionable things your email and you know, what's the what's the point? i don't know if he can rehabilitate his reputation. yeah might be tough at this point. yeah, i mean orchestrated campaign. i mean that's like you said that's he's not trying to prove that. he's trying to get some money. all right. this will no doubt frustrate some of you out there today
4:43 pm
santa arrived at stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton and the stanford shopping mall two weeks before thanksgiving. it seems the start of the christmas season comes earlier and earlier. we saw holiday commercials before halloween this year some don't mind this at all, seeing santa and all the holiday fair makes them feel excited and happy for others. the holidays can be a time of sadness and stress. so not sure what you think but know i tend to like christmas spencer, so i don't mind, you know, i think the earlier the better. i feel the same way and after what we've all been through the last couple of years that you know, i'll take a little early christmas cheer. meanwhile santa's out there doing a little self-promotion. well, the elves are left back there doing all the work what's going on here? no shortage of jobs up in the north pole. well, you know, i i agree with both of you. although i'm a bit of a purist i don't i love the holiday season. i don't tend to turn to christmas until after thanksgiving in terms of watching christmas movies. that kind of stuff but we've already started doing a little bit of shopping.
4:44 pm
so being out in the shopping centers and stuff. you know, it's nice to see santa it doesn't i think it's fine. i think it's great. i just i i kind of focus on thanksgiving first. i'll tell you what though if you're a parent and you want a photo of your kid with santa now's the time because if you wait a few weeks that they know the line just backs up. it's a good point get get santa before thanksgiving. that's the time. i'm gonna get in line. saturday all right down. see you there calendar distancing. that's what they're doing. i'll be santa by the way. just you know that yeah, that probably is too scary kids.
4:45 pm
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un climate summit in glasgow scotland negotiators blew past. today's deadline failing to reach an agreement after two weeks of talks participants are still trying to find common ground on the phasing out of coal and fossil fuel subsidies as well as greenhouse gas emissions as well as financial help for poor countries leaders, though are optimistic that an agreement on a final draft report will come by tomorrow as that summit puts more attention on those greenhouse gases. there's a need to see exactly where those gas is coming from. yeah a program that started here in california can detect one of the most damaging pollutants and it consumed be going global spencer is back with details spencer okay christian, this is actually a way of seeing greenhouse gases that are escaping from sites on the ground. and mapping where they are coming from and the potentially stopping the worst releases. if you're trying to track
4:48 pm
destructive climate pollution from the skies above california first, you need to be able to see it and with technology developed at the nasa jet propulsion lab in pasadena. the images are the closest thing to environmental technicolor plumes of escaping methane gas captured during aerial surveys done in partnership with the california air resources board. so that was called a california methane survey that we conducted with nasa aircraft back in 2016 and 2017. and in that program is since expanded to track methane release riley duren and his colleagues at jpl employed a device called an airborne visible infrared imaging spectrometer. it detects signatures in the atmosphere associated with methane that are invisible to the naked eye including major releases from so-called super emitters. it's not limited the oil and gas you see it full mines. we see it with agriculture landfills wastewater treatment plants refineries. recently state regulators up to the ante letting industries know
4:49 pm
they were launching a new aerial survey with the help of collaborators from arizona state and asking them to follow up from the ground and about 60% of all the plumes was something that they could they could fix right there on the spot when they went out and found it the flights were a groundbreaking turn in the fight against greenhouse gases, but the work of keeping them going is challenging so researchers have now begun an equally ambitious project. called carbon mapper to expand the system into space the project includes plans for a satellite launch in roughly two years. the goal is a space-based imaging system that would track methane and co2 similar to the way nasa jpl uses satellites like sentin. 6 to track sea surface height and ocean temperatures riley duran is leading carbon mapper as a non-profit to fund the first satellites. so the idea behind carbon mappers to take this nasative develop technology and to scale it up and fly on a constellation satellites now bloomberg
4:50 pm
philanthropies has added a 25 million dollar grant to help accelerate carbon mappers work, ultimately the data it generates would be available on a new open. was platform helping governments like california and nations around the world tackle greenhouse gases. so you really are going to need all these different methods and we really do live in a very exciting time. and exciting indeed an experts say the mapping is very effective because if you can spot and fix the worst super emitters, you can make a significant dent in the overall percentage of methane releases. now, let's take a look at what's going on here at the earth's surface weather-wise overnight. we'll see some high clouds passing through and and a few areas of low clouds. i will develop as well. but tomorrow will be another bright sunny and mild today much like today overnight low temperatures as clouds increase a bit will be mainly in the upper 40s and the inland valleys right around the bayshore. and on the coast lows will drop into the low 50s highs tomorrow much like today. we'll see mid-60s maybe even higher than that on the coast
4:51 pm
low 70s near the bay and low to mid 70s in most inland communities. and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow and sunday will both be sunny and mild certainly milder than average for this time of the year. we'll see a little bit of a drop in temperatures on monday as clouds increase a bit then a sharper drop as we go into midweek and late week next week kristin. hi. thank you for the forecast and for that awesome greenhouse gas technology story. all right, the chabot space and science center in the oakland hills is reopening now after being closed for a whole year and a half during the closure. chabot has been undergoing some renovations abc 7 news was there when officials cut the ribbon debuting the new nasa ames visitor center invited guest we're able to check out items from space research including spacesuits and experimental heat shield technology. the exhibition is part of a larger. ownership between nasa's ames research center in silicon valley and chabot space and science center to re-envision
4:52 pm
stem learning in oakland. our kids are going to be able to really see what it means to be out out in space. i'm super excited that chabot is not only here and nasa is here to stay here in chabot, but that we are able to bring nasa to the city of oakland to where they are. the center will officially reopen its doors to the public tonight at 5. that's in eight minutes. larry better get over there right now up next. we're all set to help. you have a better weekend and if you love coffee, this will be the place to be what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8. it's shark tank followed by 2020 at 9:00 then don't miss abc 7 news at 11. why settle for a good weekend when you can have? better one it's possible because the bay area is doing an excellent job following pandemic protocols. so get outside and have some safe fun. abc 7 news. anchor. jobina fortson. we'll show you some options. we love seeing new restaurants come to town and this weekend soul slice in oakland is hosting its grand opening saturday. is not exactly pizza think of it as more like an open face biscuit with some good contemporary soul food on top. oh --, right black eyed peas like this this staples people in california. they can't get down with the ham hog, so we don't.
4:56 pm
founder and ceo carter lewis, but he's of louisville, kentucky roots to the west coast and hopes you enjoy it sort of going my inspiration to do something connected to african american heritage that the contributions of americans have had to the landscape of the american culinary landscape if we will and but also about doing it more equitable like making sure that employees can you know live today's grand opening will feature a dj free drinks food and a good time while you're out how washing down that soul slice with coffee the san francisco coffee festival will return for its fifth year at the fort mason center for arts and culture. you can enjoy the best specialty roasters and coffee shops with unique beans snacks and live entertainment coffee combos are returning this year and so is the latte art contest if you
4:57 pm
want to start your weekend right away check out $5 fridays at san francisco circus center. it's opening its doors for demos and plate spinning balancing acts handstands and stretching plus you can try out some moves if you want. and yes, this is me in the video and trust me if i can do it you can do it, too. of course. those are just a few events that are happening around the bay area this weekend if you head over to our website on our front page, we have a whole list of available events for you your family friends. anyone that's abc 7 news com. jobina fortson abc 7 news. all right, you can get our live newscast breaking news weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv android tv fired tv and roku just search abc 7. area and download it now that's going to do it for abc 7 news at 4 abc 7 news at 5 with dan and 4 abc 7 news at 5 with dan and alma is coming. 4 abc 7 news at 5 with dan and alma is coming. ♪ ♪ ♪
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dc7 news, we all as a community needs to say that this is not tolerable. this is unacceptable and we should be willing to bring forth information to help get the people off the streets who are responsible for this for at least the third time in less than a week and innocent bystander is shot by a stray bullet in oakland. evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream the first incident was saturday. afternoon when 23 month old jasper wu was shot and killed by a stray bullet while riding in a car on 880 then on wednesday afternoon a woman who was just waiting in line outside the fox theater on telegraph avenue was hit by a stray bullet the most recent shooting happened around 4 yesterday afternoon in east oakland a man was shot while installing security equipment outside a home on 76th avenue according to the bay area news group. the victim is a 61 year old man.
5:01 pm
he was reportedly shot in the back by


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