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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 11, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. second anchor: tonight we are monitoring a tent situation near the golden gate bridge were dozens of people are gathering to rally against vaccine mandates. law enforcement is closely watching to make sure the group does not impact traffic. thank you for joining us. anchor: you're watching abc 7 news at five, who the live, and wherever you stream. this is the scene from sky seven. the group as gathered at the visitor center. cornell barnard is there enjoins us live with the very latest. reporter: about 200 to 300 making their presence known on the san francisco sidet
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3:00 p.m. they say they are here to protest federal vaccine man mann for schools and essential workers. the valley -- rally organized on veterans day by a group that includes many first responders. there appear to protest vaccine mandates that they say is not fair. advocates believe mandates are a violation of their rights. >> we are talking about children and adults. adults have no choice know if they want to work, they have to get up jab. >> the fact is that pharma and big tech and politicians are taking away our right to refuse, and our right to refuse is the essence of liberty, the essence
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of freedom. reporter: earlier sky caught the scene of detaining a man near where shuttle buses were being lit up. officers say the man was trying to stop officers -- traffic. he was taken away. police say as a precaution exits to the visitor center are now closed. it is unclear what these demonstrators plan to do, but we are told that there are barricades up on the bridge on the pedestrian walkway to prevent people from crossing at this hour. second anchor: thank you for the latest as we continue to monitor that. we want to tell you about what happened in brentwood, a man died and another was injured in an apartment fire this afternoon. you see one man trying to put out the flames with two garden
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hoses. firefighters arrived and were able to revive the injured man and transport him to a hospital. firefighters say a dog also died in the fire. anchor: tonight we are learning more about the san francisco teacher who was hit and killed sadly by a car yesterday just outside the school. katie larson spoke with students and family who remember him as smart, helpful, and kind. reporter: andrew went back to his childhood alma mater to teach, but on wednesday morning right at school was about to begin the 30-year-old peer educator was hit and killed on the sidewalk across from school. school teachers. >> he always helped me when i got frustrated. reporter: school is out for veterans day but logan wanted to
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stop by and pay respects. his mom witnessed the crash minutes before she dropped logan off at school. >> it was really shocking to see. reporter: jessica klein hopes the make the intersection safer. >> this could have been a kid easily and parents and staff are extremely relieved that it was not a kid but it is still heartbreaking that it was integer. reporter: sf the accident is under investigation and charges could be filed. >> it is distressing that people run red lights. my mother was hit in a car. reporter: peterson was his cousin. >> andrew was a wonderful person, smart, all you want to do was help people, and that is what makes it hurtful. reporter: i spoke to andrew's
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parents today. andrew was their only son. his father said what happened to his son makes him angry, and they want everyone to know how comforting it has been to cure all of the kind words from the school principal, family, and committees. andrew's girlfriend should this photo with us and said they met five years ago. she said what drew me to him was his gentle and patient teaching style. he was eager to contribute to the school community. i feel lucky to have witnessed him at his best every day. supervisors plan to inspect the intersection on friday. second anchor: students and faculty at a center was a school learned a valuable lesson about the potential dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. a strong order -- voter -- forced evacuation of the church. 14 people at the academy were
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treated for exposure to carbon monoxide. someone had covered a heating and air conditioning unit with a tarp on the roof because it was leaking. >> in the process of covering the unit with a tarp, the co recirculated in the hvac unit and conversely distributed throughout the building. reporter: all 14 people were treated at the scene at a release. anchor: a san jose midwest arrested for sex crimes against a minor. the 42-year-old is charged with 10 counts of felony sex crimes including rape by force and lewd acts with a minor. he posed as a spiritual healer through august of this year. he has been booked into the santa clara county jail.
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anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police department and many -- immediately. second anchor: catalytic converter tester being caught on camera. why one repair shop is calling it an epidemic. >> excuse me, i am recording you and i am calling the cops. reporter: you are watching a woman -- in union city a woman who a who does not want to be identified captured this video jacking up a woman's car in the parking lot and shimmy underneath to steal a catalytic converter. >> i thought it would have been at work in broad daylight. reporter: this woman's hundred it was targeted as well. security guards intervened before the job was done.
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>> you will see the catalytic converter hanging from the car. reporter: insurance companies estimate thefts are up 175% in a 12 month period during the pandemic. police formed a test scores which recently busted a catalytic converter theft ring identifying 30 suspects. why are they so valuable to thieves? we came to a downtown shop to find out. >> within the last 1.5 years two years, it is epidemic. reporter: nicholson has been in the buffalo business and explains the purpose. semi precious metals are what thieves are after. >> they are stealing them for the recycle value of these units. reporter: the cost to the driver
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sometimes as much as a car. >> anywhere from $2000 up $3000, $4000 depending upon the area he was shopping in. reporter: nicholson installs these metal plates which can deter thieves, something this man is thinking about after his car was it -- hit days earlier. >> i cannot believe it. anchor: no numbers on inf num suggest the economy is seeing the biggest increase in prices in more than 30 years. it is being traced back to supply chain disruption keeping goods from arriving at ports along with truck driver and other work shortages slowing down delivery of the things that we need in stores. >> labor shortages tied up with logistic challenges are the approximate causes for most
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price increases we are seeing. anchor: president biden plans to sign his bipartisan infrastructure bill on monday. he hopes the house will pass his larger social spending bill next week, which he argues will reduce inflation. second anchor: how prices are up around the nation. the priciest of all are in the bay area. the median home was $2 the california association of realtors estimate a buyer needs to make $ home. >> it is amazing, it is a great experience to be here and see everyone come out from all walks of life and we appreciate the chance and commitment people have to keep this going. anchor: honoring the brave men and women who serve our country. we will show you veterans day celebrations held across the bay area today. second anchor: could there be a
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date for clay thompson's
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anchor: veterans day pedantry in petaluma locals quoted the roadside for the annual parade and pay tribute to the generations of those who observe this country. this year's theme, welcome home vietnam veterans. include a special tribute to the 15 petaluma men who died in vietnam. second anchor: the council honor those who served during a war memorial. the new president had some advice for his fellow vets on this day. >> get involved with your committee, other brothers and sisters in arms so you guys can support one another, help each other understand, because that is part of the therapy and
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healing processft a deployment or integrating. second anchor: it is important to recognize the sacrifice during those who served during peacetime, understanding they work -- missed holidays, and other events to keep her family safe. anchor: north's -- dustin dorsey was there as the annual tradition returned after the pandemic. reporter: on veterans day there are not enough words to show appreciation for those who served. in san jose we say thank you with the annual veterans day parade. >> freedom is not free, and in one way or another will serve. the fact that everyone has the support gives us a very powerful and good message to all. reporter: cheers rang out for servicemen and women from many eras.
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world war ii vet said this day is always special. >> is the greatest thing there is. lifestyle is different that it was when i got out of the service. reporter: remembering the events was on the mind of this gregg marshall. while he is always thankful for support on november 11 he hopes he continues around. >> every day two veterans commit suicide. that says a lot about how america is taking care of its veterans. there are homeless veterans out there and there are people who need a lot of help with drugs and alcohol abuse, and that is what we are working on. reporter: the parade looks the same this year, but in a way it is different. the tradition returns after a year off due to the pandemic, a welcome sight for everyone here. >> i was sad last year. i went online, i was so happy i
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can hardly wait to get here. >> it is a great experience to be here and see everyone come out from all walks of life. we appreciate the chance and commitment that people have to keep this going. reporter: to all who served, thank you and happy veterans day. second anchor: a marine honor guard kicked off the annual veterans day ceremony today. speakers included a coast guard member who urged americans to get to know someone who served in order to understand what they experienced. >> my charge is to with active-duty, reserve, auxiliary veterans, military members in our midst. second anchor: the rear admiral stressed the importance of
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service not only in the military but to mankind and to our country. anchor: next at 5:00, up cycling. we will tell you about the company turning nonrecyclable plastics into things that could be used every day, like ranges. >> we ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪
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second anchor: as the two week long global climate summit comes to an end in glasgow we are turning to -- anchor: the claimant and environment are key pillars to abc 7's pillars to build a better area. we take you inside a tech company that is developed a process. reporter: many of us recycle paper, plastic, bottles, and cans, it is a commitment many of us make. you may be surprised to hear this. >> most of the time it is not getting recycled, it is going to
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landfills where it ends up being buried. reporter: miranda is a cofounder , she is referring to plastic, specific examples of nonrecyclable plastic include shampoo bottles, shipping mailers, bubblewrap, and tarps. the company has developed technology that can turn them into something better, she calls it up cycling. >> we put the plastic into a sequence of chemical reactions that break on the plastic into chemical building blocks. these building blocks look like a white powder. reporter: from that it creates a proprietary material, a thermoplastic polyurethane stronger than the original plastic. it can be used for the souls -- soles of running shoes and other components. it addresses the dumping of plastics that miranda says can take tens of thousands of years to decompose. >> we are living in an era where society can look at ways and say
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that is not waste, that can become issue, that can become a car and come up with different ways we can use this material. reporter: over 330 million tons of plastics are produced each year i'm a less than 9% of it is recycle. it could take decades or processes developed to scale up. venture capitalists are betting on these advances in recycling. novaloop has raised to continue with research. anchor: that is impressive. second anchor: a lot of people making good efforts. anchor: our meteorologist is tracking it for us. meteorologist: it is gorgeous outside and we weekend will be just as nice. i want to show you all of the different shades of the setting sun as we look toward the tower, absolutely gorgeous. we have got a haze in the air.
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it was a mild day, got up to 74 in fairfield. oakland, 72. san francisco, 69. as we check out the temperature change many areas where five degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago in palo alto in santa rosa. look at this view from our santa cruz camera. san jose morgan hill, upper 60's right now. a live look from our kgo camera, we do not have wind out there. 64, livermore. we would love to see some rain here, do not have any in the near future, but perhaps something better on -- later on. blue skies out there, mild to warm to the weekend and we have cooler and cloudy weather coming
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your way next week. tonight, a few high clouds beginning to develop. beginning to develop. there will be fog around we typically experience around this time of year, then it clears out nicely for friday afternoon and it is going to be a mild to warm one. mid 40's to 50's. there will be reduced visibility at commute time. in the afternoon you can get away with short sleeve weather. look at the south bay. on the peninsula, at mid-60's right along the coastline. northbay, 73. 74, sonoma. occasional high clouds in the east. inland areas, it will be mild. 72, concorde. let's fast-forward to the
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weekend. it is still very pleasant, 60's, 70's. temperatures come down slightly on sunday, it will still be nice. warm fall weather. temperatures will be in that similar range for the weekend, increasing clouds early next week, breezy and cool between tuesday night and early wednesday. one model at once to bring in a few sprinkles in the other one, the classic hollywood story.
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second anchor: let's take a live look outside right now, sky seven is where you were looking from on the right inside, the golden gate bridge, you do see cars moving freely on the left-hand side. there are demonstrators in the vista point parking lot. all of these people are protesting covid vaccine mandates. we have seen the crowd size increase over the past couple of hours. it looks as if the protesters are preparing to walk across the bridge. traffic is impacted as you can see, but on the left inside traffic is still moving -- left and side -- left hand
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side -- we will keep you updated and have more at 6:00. anchor: union city men is dreaming of immortality. every year a hot wheels searches for a custom vehicle where the good being pulled into a -- turned into a toy. he turned up beat up nissan 350 z into what you see here. this is one of 10 made it into the hot wheel's legend finale. >> to know forever people can appreciate something i made with my own hands, was not trying to do this at all, it was just having fun, and now it will be in stores everywhere and across the world, it is supercool. anchor: the winner will be announced this weekend at jay leno's garage. second anchor: we are curing of
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a possible return date for klay thompson. anchor: fans may be able to
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tonight, the dramatic moments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. tonight, the dramatic moments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. just one day after rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense. the jury now seeing new images of the moments before rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters and wounded a third. those images from a witness for the defense. tonight, the defense now resting its case and how soon could this be in the hands of the jury? tonight, the alarming news on covid. for the first time in many months, covid cases now on the rise overall in this country. 22 states seeing spikes tonight, from colorado to new mexico to michigan. what they're seeing in the icu. and where they're now seeing the number of vaccinated patients in the hospital ticking up, too. some calling for boosters for 18 and older immediately. the first blizzard warnings of the season tonight.


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