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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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shots. if you think you are not eligible yet, check again. the new message from state health officials. >> someone died today because that intersection is not getting the attention that it needs. >> a beloved educator hit and killed outside a local elementary school. the safety concerns from neighbors and parents. >> it is veterans day. the celebrations happening around the bay area, plus the museum of military members and their families can get in for free. >> let's take a look outside. tracking a stretch of nice weather coming up for us. >> welcome to thursday, november 11. you are watching abc seven mornings live. >> we want to start with a check of our forecast. mike: good morning to you. before we get to those wonderful afternoons, we have to get through those kind of soggy and soupy mornings. there is heavy dew outside and
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i am tracking heavy fog. i overlaid the winds. you can see they are barely drifting to the south so some of that may slip south into the san pablo bay. on the right side, that is san rafael. you can see how quiet it is as we look south on 101. let's talk about what's going on with today's forecast. on this veterans day, it is going to be a gorgeous afternoon. we are starting off cooler in this morning, mid 40's to mid-50's. haze and humidity hanging around. 60's at the coast. the rest of us, sunny and milder, 70 near 4:00. it's going to get even warmer this weekend. see you in a bit with that. >> thank you. a shooting investigation is underway just off the lake merritt shoreline. this was the scene near lakeshore and 1st avenue after 3:30 this morning. the video shows a number of evidence markers and crime scene tape in the area. we do have a call into oakland
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police to get more information. as soon as we get it, we will let you know. >> if you think you are not eligible for a covid vaccine y mantohiste health a enurin just ab bt oost tgo and get one, but the cdc still only outlines that certain groups are eligible. ryan curry live in walnut creek with everything we need to know. ryan: good morning. it is certainly confusing. right now, the cdc only recommending that booster shot for people who meet certain criteria. here in california, state health officials are saying that's a different story. more people than what we originally thought could actually go and get their booster shots. state health officer dr. mike galli said that more people can get the shots and the supply is there, so they should do so. he said in general, californians can get boosters if someone in their home has a medical condition, or if they work around other people. the cdc guidelines, however, only recommend people 65 and older or those in higher risk
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categories to go and get another dose. santa clara health officers echoed what the state said by saying those guidelines are not as restrictive as some think. >> i think what the public heard was, i have to be 65, otherwise i shouldn't get a booster. that's not correct. that's not correct. >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot, i encourage you to go out and get it. supply is available. ryan: now, the doctor says when you factor in underlying conditions and increased exposure, there are only a few people who don't need that eligibility criteria. pfizer also saying they are going to ask the fda for authorization to get that fully approved for people who are over 18 before thanksgiving. however, that's still a few weeks away. if the state says more people are eligible, their message, check your eligibility and if you can go get it, don't waste any time i do so. ryan curry, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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if you have any questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. go to >> grief calendars -- counselors will be on hand at an elementary school tomorrow after a beloved staffer was hit and killed in front of the building. there is no school today because of veterans day. that crash happened yesterday morning outside of sherman homme entry. kate larsen spoke with -- sherman elementary. kate larsen spoke with -- >> around the start of school, a car hit and killed a parent educator outside sherman elementary. police say two cars were involved in a collision on franklin and union streets that left a pedestrian, a man in his 30's, dead. the school identified him as a beloved staff member and alum of the school. >> when i came outside, i heard the crash, i saw the guy pinned against the wall, and then my
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neighbor, she's a nurse, she went there, out there, she checked his pulse, and she said no pulse, so they pulled him m put him on the floor. >> he says the man was on the sidewalk when he was hit. there are now flowers on that sidewalk, where allies was also walking moments before the crash. >> and could have been me. a could have been me and her. >> elias has owned the market for 33 years and says the intersection is dangerous. sherman parent mark benitez says traffic speeding down franklin and making improper turns is unsafe. he dropped his daughter off at school minutes before the crash. >> san francisco, wake up. that intersection is really not great, especially for my children. maybe i am being selfish because my daughter goes there, but like i think i have the right to. i pay my taxes and take care of my kids. someone died today because that
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intersection is not getting the attention that it needs. >> in a later to families, sherman's principle wrote we are struggling to understand this tragic loss of life, especially since he meant so much to somebody students, family and staff. andrew taught from the heart. he was patient and kind and always a positive role model. i am kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> testimony resumes today and the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. the defense is expected to call several more witnesses, including a kenosha, wisconsin police officer. kyle rittenhouse is facing charges for shooting three people, killing two of them during protests over the death of jacob blake. yesterday, rittenhouse broke down on the stand. we are hearing from legal experts who say this sort of emotion could be a problem for both sides. >> yes. day eight of the trial gets underway this morning after a day of intense courtroom drama, as you just alluded to their. rittenhouse took the stand to tell his side of what happened
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when he opened fire during gait chaotic night of protests in kenosha, wisconsin. he said he acted in self-defense. at one point during his testimony, rittenhouse broke down, appearing to have difficulty speaking. john abrams weighed in on what this could mean -- dan abrams weighed in on what is coming for the trial. kyle: there was people right there. dan: the problem with a breakdown like that is if you are inclined to believe him, you feel sorry for him. if you're inclined not to believe him, you think he's faking it. >> rittenhouse's testimony was interrupted by an angry exchange in which is defense demanded a mistrial, with prejudice over what they argue were out of bounds questions asked by the prosecutor. if the judge approves that request, rittenhouse cannot be tried for the crimes. >> thank you. a southbay veterans day tradition is returning today.
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the veterans day parade in san jose starts at noon at highway 87 and santa clara steet. it's going to travel to market street. streets in that parade area will be closed so i heads up on that. the team is heroes in motion -- theme is heroes in motion. the parade will feature more than 70 units. last year's parade had to be virtual. san jose has held a veterans day celebration since 1919. another in person veterans day tribute is returning this year, this one in the east bay. the walnut creek concert band will play a concert at the washer center for the arts. it will include the traditional salute to all armed forces. the ceremony is free and starts at 11:00 this morning. doors open at 10:30. >> veterans are invited to check out free are in san francisco. the san francisco museum of modern art is holding a free day for vets and their families. they can see the museum's newest exhibit that features more than 80 works of art. sf moma is open today from 1:00
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to 8:00. >> i am really excited about this. sequoia national park is partially reopening after a wildfire closed it in the middle of september. some of its main attractions are off-limits because of the fire that is still burning. that includes the giant forest which is home to general sherman, the largest tree in the world. but you know, mike, this is progress. mike: it is. it is good progress. the weather will be pretty nice. we will take a look at that coming up. i can guarantee you will have some sunshine after early morning fog and temperatures in. the 60's and. 70's. . they are also going to feel the warmer weather that we are going to benefit from. let's take a look at her inland, east bay neighborhoods. mid and upper 40's through the tri-valley. 50's around livermore, concorde, pleasanton, martinez, pittsburgh 51. that fog is really thick in the north bay. some of our coolest temperatures, mid to upper 40's. 49 in pacifica and also mountain
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view. everyone else,. . about 50-54 degrees. these temperatures are of two eight degrees cooler -- are up to 80 degrees cooler. 54 in the -- up to eigh cooler. low 70's this afternoon with a whole lot of sunshine. how about that? average high is 67 degrees. we will still be close to that 6:00 and nearing the 50's by 8:00. for any outdoor activities today, the artwork, there is that heavy dew in the morning. errands, grab those sunglasses, you wanted them. it will because if you are exercising this morning and mild this afternoon. a healthy warming trend starting today and especially this weekend. air quality is going to remain healthy, good to moderate. we will take a look at those numbers for your weekend activity coming up. >> we are going to start with a look at alive cameras in oakland. this is 880 at the coliseum camera.
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that traffic is moving southbound where you see those headlights. things are really looking great, no blocking issues to report. i know yesterday if you are tuning in around this time, you saw a lot of fog around san francisco and the east bay around emeryville. that does not seem to be the case. even are slow down out of tracy is looking good, so it does not exist right now. tracy to dublin is going to be about a 27 minute ride. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. >> thank you. this story is so wild. this family adopted a dog, but it was not a dog. >> ok? >> the bizarre situation. we will explain. >> addressing diversity within one local city's police force.
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click, call or visit a store today. >> two people, including a nine-year-old boy, are still in critical condition following the astroworld festival in houston. eight people died, hundreds were hurt during travis scott's
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performance last week. investigators were still at the venue yesterday. the houston police chief said they were reviewing video and talking to innocence. the governor announced the formation of the texas task force for concert safety. a bay area musician who was scheduled to play at astroworld is planning to donate all of his profits of that event to victim's families. he made the announcement on social media tonight, or last night, i should say. he was supposed to play at astroworld's secondary, which of course got canceled after the deadly incident. travis scott and other performers have made similar pledges. festival promoters are offering full refunds. >> there are no black police officers within the palo alto police department. a former officer confirmed the recent retirement of a sergeant has left the black population with no representation on the force. tackling issues of race and social justice is key to building a better bay area. we spoke with residents. >> palo alto recently celebrated
5:15 am
the retirement of a police sergeant, recognizing her longtime career in law enforcement with a special resolution at this week's city council meeting. but the development also meant the city's police department would be without any black officers. >> council needs to make sure we do our job to recruit african-americans to this department. i believe this is the first time in three or four decades that we have been without an african-american officer. that is shameful. >> abc 7 news spoke with the former palo alto police officer, who confirmed that to be the case. the former officer added, throughout the entire department currently, there are only three black employees, two dispatchers and one records specialist. >> i think this is something which i'm glad the residents spoke up about it because i think a lot of us were unaware. >> greg tanaka plans to ask about an ethnic bre t pdowolice force is reflective of the community. residents say although all alto may be a melting pot -- although
5:16 am
palo alto may be a melting pot, they don't think that's the case for -- >> we can see what type of people are wearing the police uniform, so there's definitely not diversity. >> it is important we have applicants of all types. >> palo alto pd says police recruiting has become much more challenging in recent years. with a shortage of applicants and other issues industrywide. while others say the city must do more to diversify the police department, others say safety is what matters most. >> are public safety is very good here. i think that's a higher priority than affirmative action or recruiting particular groups, per se. >> i've reached out to several city officials, the police chief and police officers association for comment, but have not heard back. >> when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc 7 is helping you take action. you can check out our list of resources at
5:17 am >> will smith is talking about his new series dropping on disney plus. >> the best modern day explorers take me to the ends of the earth. >> the series follows smith on an adventure around the world as he explores earth's greatest wonders and hidden secrets. this is a six part series by disney plus and national geographic. will: they managed to terrify me every single episode. i think that's part of the plan they had. i told them i wanted to do something and do things that people have never done before and nacchio for sure delivered -- nat geo for sure delivered. >> we are giving away 10 free annual subscriptions. we will announce the 10 winners tomorrow. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> listen to this story. a family in peru says they got a new puppy, exciting. it turns out it was really a fox. now, it is living at a zoo.
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the family named the animal ron -ron. i like that name. anyway, they got him from a vendor in lima. as the animal got older, they realized that their cute puppy was something else, because it started to attack other animals, including chickens. the fox lived up to his name and runaway. wildlife officials eventually captured run-run and brought him to the zoo, where he's is living life as a fox, not as a husky, which is with the family thought he was when they got it. >> all right, i wanted to laugh, and then i started to really think, is my dog a dog? with a name that says restrict, was someone trying to -- rooster, was someone trying to tell me something? like this is a rooster. mike: foreshadowing. dun-dun-dun. >> you would know by now.
5:19 am
>> what if he's a real sneaky. >> what if one morning, he's actually cockle-doodle-doodlingg at my window. mike: ask before you pet. >> right in the name. mike: you've been warned. hi, this is rooster, possib roob dog. possibly. 5:19 this morning, let's talk about some weather, because i'm really excited to talk about the weekend. here's a look at san jose, black-and-white. i did not realize it was black and white when i picked it. sunday afternoon, dry and mild. a weekend well warmer than average. a little bit cooler next week but no sign of rain. we are going to show you the entire pacific just to give you an idea of how active it is right in the middle.
5:20 am
huge storm pulling off of siberia, heading through the aleutians and then heading into canada. the atmospheric river is went to pound the pacific northwest with some really heavy rain the next couple of days. closer to home, high-pressure bulging, exerting this influence over our weather and pushing that storm track well to the north. here's the byproduct. temperatures today already a couple of degrees warmer than average. we will start with the coolest, which always seems to be the coast. 63 at half moon bay, 69 at santa cruz, san mateo and lakeport at 69. everybody else about 70-72 degrees. tonight, there's a possibility of fog and a little more real estate coverage. temperatures back into the mid 40's to the mid-50's. let's go through the accuweather 7 day forecast. look at tomorrow, about two degrees warmer and then look at these mid-seventies for saturday. as we head through the weekend, the clouds will increase, high
5:21 am
clouds, so it won't be quite as blue and bright but it will still be a wonderful time to be outside. temperatures start cooling down. monday, we are back to average. cooler than average wednesday with upper 50's to mid 60's. pretty dry all seven days. >> thank you, mike. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> a covid-19 outbreak among cals'football program. wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign.
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>> it's 5:23. here are the seven things to know this morning. breaking overnight, south africa's last apartheid president has died. he replaced -- placed --d --d -d he was 85. >> grief counselors will be on hand at sherman elementary in san francisco tomorrow after ebola staff member was hit and killed in front of the building. two cars were involved in the crash yesterday. >> number three, the home of former windsor mayor has been rated. it was part of an investigation into the sexual assault allegations that led to his resignation earlier this year. >> it is veterans day and there
5:24 am
are a lot of ways to celebrate around the bay area. that includes in san jose, where a parade kicks off at noon at highway 87 and santa clara street. we have a list of events at >>, number five, here's a look at of veterans day afternoon, with high temperatures around 68-72, under full on sunshine. that will be 2degrees warmer than average-5. >> we do not have any major blocking issues coming in from the chp. here's a live look for you from the san mateo bridge. >> number seven, luke combs tech home the biggest award of the night at the country music awards, winning entertainer of the year. jennifer hudson stole the show with her tribute to aretha franklin. >> the teenager and mother charged with rigging the homecoming queen election last year are talking to abc news in an exclusive interview. >> in this morning's gma first look, an abc exclusive.
5:25 am
can you try to describe what it feels like to go from being homecoming queen to not being able to trust really anyone? like that? >> it was the crowning moment of homecoming weekend 2020. emily grover named homecoming queen in florida. months later, she and her mother, laura carol, an assistant principal at a local elementary school, were arrested, accused of rigging votes to help secure the win. the duo opening up about the charges against them, all of which the women deny. how are we at the point where you are facing felony charges? >> we don't know. >> we will have more of our exclusive interview coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> berkeley's department of public health is accusing cal's program of failing to follow proper health protocols.
5:26 am
the game against u.s. he was postponed because several players tested positive for covid. cal's athletic director says players and staff were tested everyday, but when 99% have received the vaccine, they only started testing people who were symptomatic. health officials say the program did not abide by public health guidelines. >> there are people here to help us with all that on a daily basis. is everybody perfect in following every protocol? i don't know that i can say that. >> head coach justin wilcox says there will now be multiple covid-19 tests during the week. >> the future that will be just -- feature that will be disappearing on youtube. >> holiday season in san francisco's union square might look different this year. what shoppers can expect. >> a new lawsuit against alec baldwin. the reason one worker is now suing the star.
5:27 am
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♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> get it this week. get that added protection for the thanksgiving gatherings that you may attend. >> now at 5:30, if you think you are not eligible for a covid vaccine booster, think again. the encouraging message just ahead of the holidays. >> movie set shooting lawsuit. the man now suing actor alec baldwin after the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> dealing with some of the biggest price hikes in more than 30 years. everything from gas to groceries now costing you a lot more. president biden's message to americans. >> good morning to you. abc seven mornings is live right now on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. mike: good morning. good morning to you. look at this. much clearer start from our time
5:30 am
cam looking south. if it was looking north, it would see a whole lot of fog. it is starting to spill into the napa valley also and this will continue to slide east to southeast ever more slowly, losing across 37. something we will definitely keep an eye on. in the central valley, fog forming. so far, it has not moved over the ultimate pass -- altamont pass. it's definitely cooler when you step outside to address warmer. mid 40's to low 50's. as we had to noon, he can see how much sunshine. a touch of haze because the air will be stagnant. mid to upper 60's by noon. another hour or two of warming will push us into the mid 60's to the low 70's by 4:00 with a few clouds gathering along the coast. 7:00, there will be some patchy fog there and around the bay.
5:31 am
pretty comfortable evening. it gets warmer this weekend. here's reggie. reggie: we are on vaccine watch this morning and there are some confusing messages about booster shot eligibility. the cdc lists certain guidelines about who can get that extra dose of the covid vaccine. on the other hand, california health officials say now, almost anyone can get it. ryan curry life for us and one a creek this morning. ryan: good morning. very confusing. different messages coming from the cdc and the state of california. the state health officer pretty much saying that almost anyone can go and get their booster shots. his words were the supply is there, don't wait. that's obviously a little different than what the cdc has currently outlined. more people are probably eligible to get the vaccine than they currently relies. the cdc recommends booster shots for people 65 and older, or for those who follow under certain health risks.
5:32 am
other people can go and get it and they may not even know it, it's more than that. santa clara health officers are agreeing with state officials, saying that californians can get boosters if someone in their home has a medical condition, or if they work around other people. pfizer hopes to have fda authorization for those shots for anyone over 18 soon, but if the state says almost anybody is eligible, why wait? >> i think what the public heard was, i have to be 65, otherwise i shouldn't get a booster, and that's not correct. that's not correct. >> we urge people out there who have underlying medical conditions and to are over 65, but everybody pretty much is eligible for a booster. ryan: as i mentioned earlier, the state says the supply is there, why wait. now it comes a matter about finding a place to go and get an appointment. i was looking to see where i could go and get a booster shot and if i umoja will. this location in walnut creek
5:33 am
and others in the vicinity of the contra costa valley are all booked up. it's now a matter of determining what makes you eligible, then trying to figure out a place where you can go and get your booster shots. lots to unfold and confusing messages from different areas. live in walnut creek, ryan curry, abc 7 news. >> if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. go to and click on the big blue box. >> a 54-year-old man is dead after a really big oak tree fell on him. the victim has been identified. it happened shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon on country club lane. witnesses say that he was trimming tree branches when a branch high up fell and hit him in the back. he died at the scene. a shooting in front of the fox theater in oakland is under investigation this morning. it happened on telegraph avenue
5:34 am
after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman was taken to highland hospital. investigators have not released any details about what happened, or how badly that woman was hurt. last noncert hatoe canceled. >> actor alec baldwin is getting sued in connection with last month's deadly shooting on the set of his movie. this is the first known lawsuit of what could be many stemming from this incident. >>'the movies chief of is accusing baldwin, the production company and other people on the set of negligence that caused him severe emotional distress. in his lawsuit, he said the bullet narrowly missed him as it hit cinematographer halyna hutchins, killing her. he said he held her in his arms as she died. he claims there were dangerous conditions on the movie set and the weapons were not handled properly. >> it shouldn't be the chief of
5:35 am
lighting that's walking around a movie set who has his responsibility telling them to make the gunds safer, to remove the guns from being unattended in the dirt. >> attorneys for baldwin and the rest of the defendants have not commented on the lawsuit. the santa fe district attorney is to considering whether to press charges. in an exclusive interview on abc news, she said she is looking at how live ammunition got on the set. >> thank you. this is an issue affecting americans across the country, prices are rising on almost everything, from gas to groceries. new numbers suggested the economy is saying the biggest increase in prices in more than 30 years. >> president biden, speaking in baltimore, acknowledged the pain, pointing to the ongoing supply chain issues. still, americans are hurting. it is happening all over the country. >> gas prices are outrageous. >> americans alarmed that rising prices, everything from the pump
5:36 am
-- >> i was on the new jersey turnpike and it was $.14, so i decided to drive to delaware -- $4.14, so i decided to drive to delaware. >> inflation threatening to undercut america's economic recovery. the labor department releasing new numbers showing that consumer prices have surged 6.2% over the last year. prices are increasing everywhere, energy, food, even new cars are among the largest contributors. economists say it's the direct result of the pandemic coupled with supply chain issues. president biden, at the port of baltimore, touting his infrastructure package, also acknowledging the rising prices, assuring americans and will be addressed. pres. biden: we are tracking these issues and trying to figure out how to tackle them head on. >> larry summers is calling on the federal reserve to take stronger action and says the biden administration should consider removing some tariffs
5:37 am
affecting prices. >> california's dmv thinks it has come up with a way to help alleviate the global supply chain crisis. the dmv will nearly double available slots for commercial driving tests. the ideas to get more commercial truck drivers on the road to fill the current shortage. a lack of truck drivers has been cited as one reason why shipments are stalled at ports across the nation, including los angeles and long beach. >> today is veterans day. there are several events planned around the bay area. brisbane will hold a flag raising event at 9:00 a.m. marin county holding a celebration. also 9:00, the naval cemetery will host its ceremony at 10:00 a.m. the u.s. hornet will host a special event at 11:00. a parade and flyover start at 1:00. >> the holiday spirit has returned to san francisco, but things might seem a bit different this year.
5:38 am
a first look at what shoppers can expect in union square. >> instagram testing a new feature and it might improve your productivity in other areas of your life. mike: let's go to the peninsula at 5:38. we've got 47 in redwood city, menlo park, 49 in san mateo, low 50's elsewhere. until you get onto the coast side, and you can see the fog keeping temperatures up. pacifica, 56. half moon bay, about 57 degrees. 45 in san ramon, palo alto 48, same, thing in napa 46 in santa rosa. oakland, 52. san jose, about 51 degrees. so far, most of the fog is going to stay on the coast side, but a little bit of that could leak through some of the coastal gaps and valley like the san bruno gap. for the most part, we are looking at sunshine. 61 at 10:00.
5:39 am
heading out at lunch, a very comfortable 66 degrees, especially if you are in the sunshine. light breeze is today, near 70 for several hours this afternoon. average high is about 66. we are down to 60 degrees easily by 8:00. your commute, there's a lot of dew out there this morning. if your car is sitting outside, expect it to be prettied up. other than that, we have the fog in the north bay valleys. cooler this morning, but warmer this afternoon. if you are worried about things blooming, because they kind of do once in a while this time of year, if we get rain, we still have a little bit of tree pollen, but it's pretty low. we will talk about a weekend that's full of warm weather coming up next. how are we doing? >> on the roads, we are doing pretty well. bart is having an equipment problem at the daly city station right now so you experience a 20 minute delay on the san francisco line and in the antioch, dublin and pleasanton
5:40 am
direction. on the roads, with veterans a lot of people are off and the traffic is certainly reflecting it. very light at the bridge for everybody treling athe sehtflipo they are not on yet. all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes.
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put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪ rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. that's how you rolo. ♪ >> the holiday spirit has moved into san francisco's union square. the ice rink is open, the christmas tree is up. there's some noticeable change this year because some stores have closed prisma an -- have closed permanently. the economy is a key part of building a better bay area. j.r. stone has more on what holiday shoppers can expect. >> the christmas lights at macy's are up, on and lighting san francisco's union square. >> it just feels good right now. >> and while the feeling among
5:43 am
many shoppers and ice skaters is a good one, there is concern over stores that look like this, mdm closed -- empty and closed. francis came to union square with his wife to get pictures by the christmas tree, ice skate, and feel the holiday crowds. only problem is, the christmas tree is not lit up until next week, and the crowds aren't quite there. >> sometimes, i like coming out with a little people. >> near stockton, there were at least five empty storefronts within a block of each other. the nearby ds w shoe store also closed. the manager at golden gate taproom tells us that while business is coming back, it won't be anywhere close to normal for them until the sir francis drake hotel reopens. you can see that right now, it is boarded up. that is not to say that visitors aren't coming. this group of women opted to come to san francisco for their
5:44 am
college girls reunion from 1985. while they are loving the sights and the extra security is obvious, their tour guide did warn them. >> we were in a couple areas and he said that previously, he would have said it's a safe area. and he said now, there have been a couple incidents with shootings. >> vice chairman of the commercial real estate service cushman and wakefield says good things are happening here in union square. >> we know botega is under construction, they are doing an expansion. we have a few more tenants that are going to be expanding. >> san bruno bay's youtube is now keeping dislikes . you can still dislike a video but you won't be able to see how many other people have disliked it as well. video creators will still see the count. the move is meant to keep smaller creators from being targeted and to promote respectful interactions. the dislike button will still be
5:45 am
there. it will be for private feedback rather than public shaming. >> instagram is testing a new feature to remind you to take a break from scrolling. it's called take a break. users who opt in will get an alert after spending a certain amount of time on the app. what is too much time on social media? users could expect to get another after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. the future could be available to everyone on instagram as early as next month. >> so, saving you from going down that rabbit hole? >> i guess so. >> trying to come any rate -- trying to, anyway. >> i have a feeling it's going to be like the morning alarm, ignore. >> shut it down, that's what i need. >> you sound like jake tapper from that bar rescue, "shut it down!" it's 5:45 and we are going to put a halt on fall for a few
5:46 am
days. no rain in the seven day forecast. there's plenty of warm weather. look at the lack of marine layer fog as we take a look at the gorgeous golden gate bridge this morning. we do have valley fog up in the north bay. that's going to hang around for several hours after the sun rises. eventually, all of us sunny, a little haze in the air because of the humidity. cool tonight, kind of rinse and repeat with the valley fog. this weekend, we will have increasing high clouds. high temperatures will continue to climb as that upper-level moisture comes in with warmer temperatures. it's going to be steered this weight due to this area of high-pressure. it is camped. it is staying here for several days and pushing an atmospheric river all the way up into the pacific northwest, so they are getting plenty of rain and mountain snow, so congratulations for them. for us, we have 68 to 72 degrees. tonight, you could see a little
5:47 am
more fog trying to develop along the bay shoreline and down into the south bay. tule fog up temperatures will fall back into the mid-40's once again. here's a look at -- mid-40's to mid-50's. here's a look at my seven day forecast. you can see the coast will warm up into the mid-60's by sunday, but look at what are bay and inland areas do. a couple degrees, we are 72-74 tomorrow, 74-76 saturday, 72-74 sunday and then we dropped back into the 60's by tuesday and wednesday. >> one artists scored big at the cma awards but another artist won the big award of the night in an evening that was filled with music, emotion and suppressed. -- surprise. here's george for nokia. alan: mr. luke combs! george: 31-year-old luke combs
5:48 am
seemed genuinely surprised to take home the cma's top honor, entertainer of the year. after the show, he confirmed that. luke: shocked. shocked, to be honest with you. i didn't think it was going to 12 awards were hd out that night, and chris april 10 -- chris stapleton won -- them. >> holding the awards themselves is great but the actual love that is behind doing -- behind winning, that's the real win. >> female vocalist of the year honors went to carly pierce, who saw her dream come true, along with millions of viewers. you are still emotional. >> i am. this is like childhood dream since the age of five. it's crazy. >> brothers osborne won vocal duo of the year for the fourth time. >> when you hear that first syllable, you are like weight, what, is this happening? it happened. >> this was also a knight for
5:49 am
diversity in country music. jimmy allen was named new artist of the year, honored to be acknowledged by his peers. >> when you when things like this, you start to think about acceptance as an artist. this lets me go that people -- this lets me know that people respect me as an artist. >> making geithner sung. >> i just feel loved. >> another one of the evening's highlights, a performance by jennifer hudson that brought the audience to its feet. ♪ the cma awards over for another year. next up, the american music awards november 21 in los angeles. in nashville, abc news. >> that looked fun. i am still confused by jennifer hudson was there. >> don't ask me. >> and doing a tribute to aretha
5:50 am
franklin, where's the country in action? >> don't ask me. >> love them. i'm that meme. i don't know. cool. a world record just broken thousands of feet in the air. the man even had time to post a video doing it. >> a lawsuit filed against uber over fees. >> thousands of pounds of trash out in the water and now this cleanup crew i alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save.
5:51 am
are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign. >> san francisco-based uber is being accused of violating the americans with disabilities act. the justice department filed suit against the company, accusing it of charging wait time fees to passengers who because of a disability need more time to get into the car. those fees start after the driver has waited only two.
5:53 am
the suit seeks civil penalties, monetary damages uber to stop discriminating against individuals with disabilities. uber said it had been in active discussions with the doj before this surprising and disappointing lawsuit. uber says any rider who certifies that they were disabled will automatically have wait time fees waived. >> a new community youth center hoping to expand educational and employment opportunities will be opening in san francisco's richmond district. city leaders held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday. this is part of a $5 million commitment that the company made to support racial justice for marginalized communities. once completed, itilfeate educae in richmond, especially on the west side, we don't really have a place where young people are really able to congregate. this is an opportunity to invest
5:54 am
in our future, invest in our children and have a real safe place for them to go. >> the facility will serve as a resource center, giving residents a chance to find mental health services and getting information. >> scuba divers on a mission to beautify the entire circumference of lake tahoe are getting really close to meeting their goal. the nonprofit set sail in may to move thousands of pounds of litter at the bottom of the lake. . the team says it is almost to the finish line, covering more than 41 of the 72 miles around the lake. the environmental scientists have been participating in this project, pinpointing locations that accumulate more trash than others. >> the problem is, things that are out of sight are out of mind. sometimes, even when you are in certain parts of the lake, you might not see the trash but often it's there. >> cleanup the lake is planning to complete its mission by the beginning of next year. mike: that is so nice to see that. not necessarily everything they pulled out, but at least they
5:55 am
got it out. let's go down to the south bay, where the rain shadow is real with these storms. october great for all of us, november great so far for all of us, except the south bay. you are at 32% of average while the rest of us are well over 100% of average as far as rainfall up until today. all right, so let's see if it's had much of an effect on our reservoirs since the beginning of the month. we know they jumped up just a little bit thanks to that atmospheric river. i will say a little bit more. since november 1, we are still seeing that trend of at least rising a little bit. 1% for orville, shasta, trinity. pedro has not changed at all but look at san luis, it was as low as 10% of capacity, now up to 19%. that's a big jump. let's hope that rain will continue the forecast. unfortunately, it may have to be well outside the 70. >>
5:56 am
6:00, your future trip to the airport gate just got whole lot different. one country's brand-new peek into its new mode of transportation. >> to booster or not to booster? mixed messaging on whether you are eligible for the shot. we are going to break it down. >> another virus spreading right now, so much so it's been added to the current public health order. >> a live look outside at 5:56 this morning. we are coming right back. ♪
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(child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> when bay area county sank everyone is eligible. the new size you want to check out. >> someone dies. the intersection is not getting the attention it needs. >> deadly start to a school day. a tragic crash in front of a local elementary school. parents and neighbors say it
6:00 am
could have been avoided. >> honoring those who served on veterans day. parades and celebrations across the bay area. we will tell you all about it. good morning. it is thursday, november 11. we want to start with the forecast with mike. mike: good morning, everybody. i love giving you good weather news on a daily veterans day. a few issues this morning. petaluma. once you get to the golden gate bridge, absolutely gorgeous. some of this will slip slightly south but san rafael is clear right now. definitely cooler this morning. some sunshine at noon and we will stay in the 60's at the coast while the rest of us hit the 70's at 4:00.


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