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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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liz: this morning investigators searched a home owned by the former mayor accused of sexually assaulting multiple women over 16 years. these photos and video show the serif -- share's detectives -- >> detectives were able to obtain evidence. i do not have the information right cannot share the information of what evidence items were confiscated. liz: police say he was not home and the warrant was served. the people put up this handwritten sign telling reporters no comment, go away. >> it has come to our attention that he lives in italy currently. liz: spencer is the attorney = who alleges he sexually assaulted her. >> while they have not shared
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details of exactly what they are doing because they cannot, they were encouraged. liz: spokesperson says photos and videos cannot be used as evidence in domestic violence cases. >> we are going to be looking for electronic equipment that can either prove or disprove a crime occurred. liz: earlier this year multiple women came forward with sexual assault allegations against him. he reluctantly resigned as mayor but continue to maintain his innocence. >> i know deep in my heart i have done nothing criminally wrong and will be cleared. liz: his accusers say he is guilty. abraham will not be clothed -- >> she wants to see him behind bars. liz: she is still suffering from that assault and seeking medical
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treatment and therapy. police say foppoli is not formerly a suspect -- formerly a suspect right now but they are looking into multiple allegations against him. ama: a fallen oaktree crushed a man near ridgecrest drive. this is in the circle oaks area. the condition of the man is unknown. we will continue to bring you details. a woman is in highland hospital in oakland this evening after being shot in front of the fox theater. the shooting happened around 2:20 p.m. classes were not in session at the time. so far investigators have not revealed any details into what happened or the severity. the concert tonight has been canceled. dan: in the four days since a toddler died in oakland, there has been an outpouring of support for his family but still
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no arrests. a gofundme campaign is closing in on $200,000, with donations from nearly 4000 caring people. it has far surpassed the organizer's goal of $30,000. the 23-month-old was asleep in the backseat of his mother's car, when a shooting on the opposite side of the freeway broke out. jasper was killed. on midday lot today we spoke with the oakland mayor about what happened. >> this tragedy is heartbreaking , sickening and infuriating this level of gun violence has taken another child and no matter what your age you are someone's a baby. the toll of this violence is untenable not just in oakland but the entire country. dan: so many people have reacted to this tragedy. last we heard from the chp they were asking people with information to come forward to
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help get justice for jasper. help solve this case. anyone with information can call the chp at 707-917-4491. that's 707-917-4491. ama: an oakland jury has returned the vertex in the case of a man who died pacing after thieves who stole his laptop on new year's eve 2019 in montclair. 34-year-old shuo zeng was killed while trying to retrieve his laptop after it was stolen while he sat in a starbucks. prosecutors say wiggins grabbed the laptop and kicked zeng off the getaway car. reed was the driver and faces up to 30 years in prison and wiggins, 12 years. a third suspect pleaded no contest to robbery before the trial began. dan: let's turn to the pandemic. officials are concerned about a
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recent increase in covid cases and they are worried it could get worse heading into winter. newsom was in los angeles county today stressing the importance of getting your booster shot as well as a flu shot. >> we want to avoid the twindemic referred to by some and get that flu shot. i got my flu shot about a week prior to getting that booster shot. some people i was just talking to got the flu shot the same day they got the booster shot. dan: the governor says almost 90% of californians have received at least one covid-19 shot and about 100,000 kids between five and 11 have received their first shot since they became eligible a week ago. the state's top doctor echoed the governor's call for people to get that booster. >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot, i encourage you to go out and get it. supplies available. dan: but cdc guidelines recommend only people in certain high-risk categories get a booster.
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the doctor clarified later saying in general he urges californians to get boosters if someone in their home has a medical condition or work around other people. booster rules are even more relaxed in santa clara county where health officials today said basically any adult is eligible. >> i think what the public heard is i have to be sis defined otherwise i should not get a booster and that is not correct. that is not correct. dan: the county health director says when you factor in underlying medical conditions and those with increased exposure, there are very few people who do not meet the eligibility criteria. health officials are targeting their appeal to those 65 and older. only 39% of that population in the county has received a booster. ama: you have probably heard that cal's football game this weekend against u.s. he has been rescheduled after more than 40 players and staff tested positive for covid. cal's coach and a couple players just held a news conference to address issues brought up by the
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department of public health. reporter: last saturday when cow lost arizona, it was becausetho. a few days later another test revealed an outbreak. a total of 44 players and coaching staff had been infected. cal's athletic director said early on, players and staff were tested every day. but as the season continued and 99% received the vaccine they only tested those who were symptomatic. >> that is how we have worked our way through the season, symptomatic, any symptoms, we immediately test and we have the availability on campus. reporter: but berkeley public health reacted differently, saying cases emerged in an environment of ongoing failure to abide by public health measures. people in the program did not get tested, stayed at home, or wore a mask indoors. today the head coaches said they
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did the best they could to follow the health guidelines. >> there are people to help us with all of that on a daily basis. is everybody perfect and following every particle? i don't know that i could say that. reporter: the promised there will now be multiple testing during the week. while the game against usc has been scheduled, there were some questions regarding the team being able to play against stanford on november 20 and ucla the following week. here is what he had to say. >> i really feel good. we have tested every one of our student athletes now three times and we can see that we are at the back end of this. we are going to stay vigilant but i am very confident that when we kick it off next week and start preparing for stanford we are going to be in a great spot. reporter: the game will now be played on december 4, the last home game of the year. ama: an at-home covid test is being recalled because of the
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chance it will deliver a false positive. the tests are made by a company called ilume. two million bad tests may be out there, more than the fda originally knew about when they put out their first warning about this last month. now they have issued a class one recall. dan: throughout the pandemic we have worked tirelessly to help people get their unemployment benefits. tonight, michael finney helps a mother and her young daughter who were on the break of homelessness and told they would have to wait six months before they could even talk with the ed about getting paid. >> most people went into their savings and hopefully they have some sort of savings. ama: people behind the scenes of shows and concerts could not work because of the pandemic, but others stepped up to help when it was needed most. spencer: we have some mild, dried is coming our way.
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dan: a family who lost her 12-year-old son to a drowning accident earlier this year wants no one else to feel the kind of pain they have been forced to endure. the search for the boy lasted nearly two months before finally being called off. now, dustin dorsey explains how the child's legacy lives on. dustin: the sound of waves crashing is calming to many, but for this family, a different meeting. in january their 12-year-old son lost his life after being drug out to sea. but through tragedy the family found their purpose. >> our hope is is is is is is is
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of any unfortunate incident like that, family members, bystanders and first responders can mount a rescue. dustin: that equipment is now available thanks to the vision of the rna foundation, emergency life rings are now in place. >> i see rna's legacy dustin: 19 lives were lost along the coast this year. with these rings, others may survive too. >> it is inspiring for me to see that out of tragedy comes hope for others and i am sure that with this new tool, lives will be saved. dustin: two rings are near pillar point harbor and another
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at the famous mavericks beach. the hope is no family has to sever like they did ever again -- to suffer like they did ever again. >> i cannot imagine to watch for 15 minutes while your son is drowning and there is nothing you can do. swimming out to him was not going to work. if you save just one or two lives over the years, it will be worth it. ama: wow. dan: let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. as i said earlier, the great dry out. ama: spencer is here with that. spencer: it may mean drier longer than we would like it is pleasant weather. let's look at what is contributing to this pattern. can see a looping image that we have a big area of high pressure that will be the dominant feature for the next several days. it is deflecting the storm track to our north so that atmospheric
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river is flowing into the pacific northwest and will produce quite a bit of rainfall there the next several days. look how little rain we are going to get here in northern california. perhaps no rain at all. right now we are looking at a little bit of a warm up that developed today. temperature readings at this hour are a few degrees warmer inland than at this time yesterday. the warming is underway. mainly clear skies right now, a few high clouds later. this is a view of the skyline of san francisco from the exploratory in camera. 62 in san jn jn jn jn 57 at half moon bay. here is a lovely view from emeryville. 60 right now in santa rosa. napi 58. -- napa 58. 62 in livermore. as we look down to san
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francisco, we can see a clear view all across the city and all across the bay area. our forecast features indicate areas of morning fog will develop along with the passage of high clouds. mainly sunny and mild days through the weekend and a cooler pattern developed early next week. overnight this will be the picture. there will be showers off the te north coast. a few patchy low clouds developing and a mainly sunny day tomorrow with mild and dry conditions. overnight low temperatures will drop into the mid to upper 40's inland. right around the bay shoreline and on the coast we see low temperatures mainly in the low 50's. highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies. san francisco 66. most locations around the bay shoreline will see highs to about 70. notice how mild it will be. uniformly mild inland from northbay to east bay and
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southbay, highs generally in the low 70's. tomorrow veterans day, a lovely day. a little warmer on friday. macy's and mid 70's inland on friday and then we level off to low 70's inland again over the weekend. mid-60's on the coast over the weekend. going into next week we will see a slight increase in clouds and tuesday and wednesday, cloudier and cooler temperatures into a more seasonal range of low to mid 60's. ama: tonight is the country music awards right here on abc 7. the show will feature dozens of live performances, the kind of entertainment that ground to a halt thanks to the pandemic. laura anthony shows us how bay area restaurants stepped up to help those who lost their livelihoods. laura: for every big-name star in the country music awards there are hundreds of people behind the scenes, often called roadies.
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they encompass almost every aspect of every live show. starting with the stagehands who install all the equipment that the artists see on stage and the sound systems. we had our catering staff, our backstage hospitality team, the ushers, ticket takers, the security staff. laura: but the music and the work stopped when the pandemic hit in march 2020. >> most people went into their savings and hopefully they had some sort of savings. but with the pandemic we are looking at nat -- at a minimum 18 months of lost income and lost time. laura: and their families here and across the company -- country. these restaurants were among
6:19 pm
those who stepped up to help. >> they really had not a lot of lifeline. restaurants were getting a lot of attention at some point, but these other people were not. laura: this year, the music returned to san francisco with outside lands, which -- venues like the bill graham civic auditorium, all of those who work behind the scenes are slowly getting back on their feet, financially. laura anthony, abc 7 news. ama: a special on the red carpet at the cma's starts at 7:30 filed by the 55th annual cma awards at 8:00. and you will not see will a fortune at its usual time tonight. the rest of this week's episodes -- dan: a lifesaving breakthrough, possibly a game changer in the
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nature's bounty gives you more, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ama: a technology developed by a local company could help detect up to 50 types of cancer in the early stages with a blood test. tim johnson spoke with the biotech company about how it could impact the way we screen for cancer going forward. reporter: after years of
6:23 pm
research. >> covid is a pandemic but we have fight -- we have been fighting the cancer pandemic for years. reporter: a new technology is being heralded as a potential game changer in the fight against cancer. leading the charge is a menlo park-based company called grail which is helped develop a new flood test that can detect up to 50 different types of cancer and wants. many of which are not routinely check. >> we cannot win this war by screening one cancer at a time. reporter: the doctor works at grail and says the way gallery works is by analyzing dna in the blood to determine whether or not cancer cells are present. >> we have known for a long time that cancer cells shared -- shed dna into the blood but it has taken a lot of time for the technology to get to a point where we can do this in a specific and sensitive way. reporter: it is not just grail who is excited about the benefits. local experts say the technology could change the game for how we
6:24 pm
detect cancer. and that early detection could make a world of difference for patient outcome. >> it may be the difference between a curable cancer. -- between a curable cancer and a noncurable cancer. if they are left in the body for long enough they may start to spread. reporter: he says while technology like this is a major step forward, at this point in time it should still be treated as a supplemental tool used by doctors. >> people should definitely still be doing the screening tests recommended by their doctors to detect cancers early, like mammograms and other testing for different types of cancers. reporter: the gallery tested by prescription only and currently costs a little less than $1000. but grail is working hard to make it more universally accessible as time goes on. >> we're very committed to doing whatever we can to reduce the
6:25 pm
cost, make this accessible to populations who did not have access today so that we can have an impact in the communities where cancer is a real issue. ama: that is so fascinating. dan: it is. could save a lot of lives if it works. it has only been a week since the vaccination of five to 11-year-old children began in the bay area. tonight, a look at what could help some of the more reluctant kids overcome their fears. >> ok, get this. now thousands have to wait six months for the unemployment benefits. why? i have the
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: the edd's notorious backlol of unemployment claims has dropped to about 77,000 cases, far fewer than the one million-plus from last year. but now more delays. ama: thousands have to wait up to six months just for an interview and cannot get benefits until then.
6:29 pm
the edd director herself as calling the delay completely unacceptable. dan: it has posed a real hardship for a lot of people including a northbay mother and her little girl. they were on the verge of homelessness when they came to us for help. michael: this is the latest frustration with edd. when it was flooded with claims last year the edd stopped requiring interviews so it could get money out faster but that contributed to rapid fraud. now interviews are back, but folks have to wait as long as half a year to get one. it caused frantic moments for a single mom and her six-year-old daughter. >> tell me about the picture. >> i love you mom and dad. michael: they were doing fine during the pandemic. while millions were thrown out of work, she had a job and medical billing. until this past april. she got laid off. >> i was taken aback.
6:30 pm
i did not expect it because i had worked all through covid. michael: right away she applied for unemployment thinking benefits would arrive in a couple weeks. >> that couple weeks turned into a couple months and then my savings ran out. thank god pg&e did not turn off anything. michael: ddd told her she would have to wait for a phone interview to see if she was eligible. >> they are running behind on interviews by 46 weeks. this was in june. -- four to six weeks in june. >> these interviews are now scheduled 26 weeks out which is completely unacceptable. michael: the edd director admitted to state lawmakers the wait time for interviews is now six months. she said only 15% of claims have raised questions that require interviews. the rest are paid right away. >> that is no comfort for the people who are waiting. >> it was really scary because i was thinking oh my gosh, how my going to pay the rent?
6:31 pm
i was going to lose my home again. michael: she applied for jobs but nothing came through. she kept calling the edd. >> we are currently receiving more calls than we can answer. try again later. >> i was at my wits end. i was pretty helpless at that point. it was super scary. michael: then she saw our stories, hoping folks get their benefits. >> it gave me that glimmer of hope like, ok, there's a possibility i am not going to be homeless. michael: we got help from her state representative jim frazier, and she got an interview. then, a breakthrough. >> i got a notification there was a payment and i just said, what? michael: all of her payments came in. >> i cried and i thank god and i cried. that is all i could do. i am not going to be homeless. there is no way i can thank you guys enough. michael: you just did. it took six months for her to get paid.
6:32 pm
even the edd director is unhappy with what is going on. the wait time should ease up, at least that is what we are being told. the number of new claims is half what it was in april, and the edd has hired hundreds of workers to conduct interviews to clear up the backlog. so, maybe i will no longer report on this. dan: let's hope. you have been on it since the beginning and maybe we will see some changes. ama: another show of labor unrest by kaiser permanente employees. nurses held an informational picket across the bay area including this one in one not creek. the nurses say they are upset over a program kaiser calls medically home which provides home for -- care for a patient in their home rather than a hospital. >> it is disturbing because we know as nurses that these patients are safer with us than at home. >> they are doing it to save money. if they can send us out to contract agencies, use nonunion labor, just have someone stop by for one hour. ama: kaiser released a statement
6:33 pm
saying the program is not focused on cost savings, adding there are no plans to limit the role of nurses at any hospital or facility. the picket comes as kaiser engineers are currently on strike. pharmacists are planning a walk out as well. it can be a tough sell to get younger children vaccinated. a creative way to address that is being developed in san jose with a focus on reaching out to underserved communities. david louis tells us about how free museum tickets might overcome the fear of getting a shot. david: a visit to the children's discovery museum in san jose can be an educational and fun experience. it could also be a way to entice the five to 11-year-olds to get vaccinated. >> for parents, it is a much easier thing to tell your children you are going to get a vaccination but we are all going to the museum together. that is a much easier selling point. david: the executive director thought what a great way to overcome kids's reluctance about shots.
6:34 pm
she shared the idea with the health trust who have agreed to help underwrite the cost of free museum tickets for the entire family. those tickets for nonmembers normally cost $15 per child. >> we put low income households, undocumented residents, communities of color, those who are the most vulnerable, we put them at the center and this is what this pop-up will be doing. david: details are still being worked out, with a golden stage the pop-up event possibly in early december. it's an innovative approach to turn a potentially intimidating process to one that will lead to higher rates of immunization. >> the vaccination rates are lower among medi-cal families. so we have decided to work together to try and market this opportunity heavily to those families. david: a recent study indicated black and hispanic students 12 to 17 years old in santa clara county have a vaccination rate much lower than white and asian students. so museum pop-upa --
6:35 pm
david louis, abc 7 newsabc 7 nes ama: if you have questions, you can always ask our vaccine team. go to to to the big blue box. dan: on trial for murder, kyle rittenhouse takes the stand in his own defense today. his
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ama: two people including a nine-year-old boy are still in critical condition following the astroworld festival in houston. eight died and hundreds were hurt last week. travis scott has been criticized for not ending the concert. houston police said they told organizers to stop the show. >> detectives have been working around the clock. i want to thank, proud of the work they are doing. they have viewed hours of video from the air, from the ground, and gathered statements from numerous witnesses. ama: police also said today reports of a security guard being injected with a needle are not true. the guard says he was actually hit in the head and lost consciousness. dan: emotional and heated
6:39 pm
moments in court today in the kyle rittenhouse trial. rittenhouse himself took the stand in his own defense. he is facing multiple charges connection with shooting three people, healing two -- killing two in 2020 in the wake of george floyd's death. reena roy has a wrap up today in court. reporter: 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse taking the witness stand wednesday in his own defense, breaking down as he described shooting joseph rosenbaum during august 2020 protests in kenosha, wisconsin. the teenager has pled not guilty to shooting and killing rosenbaum and anthony huber. wooden house -- rittenhouse claims he was protecting businesses and acting in self-defense, with rosenbaum threatening him. >> you said he threatened to kill you twice. >> yes. >> and you say you were trying to get to the police. why? >> because i did not do anything wrong. reporter: prosecutors are trying
6:40 pm
to convince the jury that rittenhouse is guilty and have the intent to kill. >> i used deadly force to stop a threat that was attacking me. >> you intentionally used deadly force against joseph rosenbaum, correct? >> yes. reporter: the medical examiner who performed his autopsy says he believes the shot that killed rosenbaum hit him in the back. prosecutors argue rosenbaum fell forward because of his injuries, but the defense claims rosenbaum was lunging towards rittenhouse to grab his weapon. the court room getting heated during the prosecutor's cross-examination when the lead prosecutor started to mention a video of rittenhouse taken days before the shooting, footage the judge had ruled inadmissible before the trial. >> why would you think that that made it ok for you without any advance notice to bring this matter before the jury? reporter: the defense asked for a mistrial with prejudice over that line of questioning from prosecutors, meeting the state
6:41 pm
could not retry rittenhouse. the judge said he would take that motion under advisement and let the trial proceed, but he issued a warning to the prosecution. dan: more legal news. today in the trial of the men charged with killing ahmaud arbery in georgia, a man who lives in a neighborhood where the shooting took place testified. matthew called a police nonemergency number on february 23, 2020 to report seeing ahmaud arbery in a house under construction. he said he called because his neighbor had shown him a video of someone walking around the site before and he thought it was the same man. he says he then saw arbery running and heard gunshots minutes later. >> you told the gbi that you suspected he saw you. you felt some guilt over that. >> i did. >> because you felt like you put into motion these events that turned tragic. >> i thought maybe if he had not
6:42 pm
seen me he would not have run away. dan: gregory mcmichael, hsi son travis and their neighbor are accused of chasing and killing arbery. defense attorneys say their clients were trying to detain arbery because they believed he was a burger -- burglar. ama: we have some fine fall weather into seven-day forecast. see how long it lasts. also ahead. >> all right. dan: the cma awards are not just about recognizing today's top performers. it is also about giving a chance to the next generation. ama: and friday is disney+ day, a celebration of the disney+ global community, and we are giving away 10 free annual sub script and sue customers. just go to to
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with kisqali. dan: it is country music's biggest night. legends will come together for the 55th annual cma awards. the show this year will be jampacked with top performers, not all of them country performers. this reporter has a preview. reporter: it's called country's biggest night for a reason.
6:46 pm
the best and the brightest stars from today and tomorrow will gather in nashville for a show hosted by luke bryant. >> i always love the breakout moments, the moments where a star is born moment. i never will forget the justin timberlake and chris stapleton moment that put stapleton on the map. ♪ reporter: look for more of those moments. country music royalty performing with stars from other genres of music. >> it's a beautiful marriage where the breakout stars continue the tradition of music. reporter: stars like jimmy allen, who appeared for the first time at the cma's a long time charlie pride just before a month before the legend passed away. >> he's the one who made me feel like i could do country music, because he was a guy who looked
6:47 pm
like me and went through the same struggles. i went through a little bit but not nearly as much as what charlie did. reporter: his nomination is a sign of greater diversity here, but he is also part of a continuum. >> it makes my soul feel like il is on fire. reporter: that shared history lends an extra dimension to this award shall. >> i was from a small town so i did not get to see many concerts. now it is my chance to see my favorite artists and how they perform. ♪ at the cma's starts at 7:30 followed by the 55th annual cma awards at 8:00 right here on abc 7. so settle in a
6:48 pm
looks like a great show. ama: it is nice outside but if you want to stay cozy in front of the tv. spencer: a big high pressure system is in control of the weather right now as you can see. steering the storm track well to our north. as a result, looks like points to the north around seattle and portland will get a pretty good drenching over the next several days. not likely to get any rain here in the bay area. tonight, an increase in high clouds and low clouds. overnight low temperatures range from the upper 40's to low 50's. tomorrow, bright and sunny skies after some morning fog. highs range from the low 60's and upper 60's. here is our dry accuweather seven-day forecast. lovely day tomorrow for veterans day. some increasing clouds early next week and then a little cooler tuesday and wednesday, but no rain in sight for a while.
6:49 pm
dan: on to our sports director. >> what is he going to do for an encore? steph curry went for 50 in his last game, despite steve kerr tinkering with his rotation. so why do ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief.
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6:52 pm
9-1 hosting the timberwolves. curry coming off a 50 point, 10 e thing that has changed is steve kerr altering his minutes, playing in times he would normally be resting. steph says he's not thrilled with the changes but it has given the warriors warriors a chance to see what and who works best at different points in the game. >> we are still trying to figure out his rotation. i have talked to him about it and we are experimenting with a few things because part of it is that we are looking at a lot of different combinations overall. and i want to see him as part of some of them. so i have not really done him any favors in the early part of the season in terms of helping him get into rhythm. larry: baseball news, brandon belt had a terrific season for the giants, hit 29 home runs. the giants would like to bring him back and offered him an $18 million qualifying author.
6:53 pm
the giants met with his representatives today, discussing several possible contract formats. you have to think they would prefer a long-term deal. the story that continues, massive frustration from the cal football team and berkeley public officials. some cal players felt they should have been allowed to play last weekend. 24 players held out but the health department fired back saying the team did not follow protocols and the result was 44 positive tests within the football program. berkeley public health said those in the program did not get tested when they were sick, did not stay home, and did not wear masks. the bears say 99% of the team is vaccinated. so how did so many people test positive? we'll probably never know because of privacy rules. we do know the usc game was pushed back to december 4. stricter rules will be put in place with regard to groups and practice and meals.
6:54 pm
coach justin wilcox a short time ago trying to focus on football, following this being the only major covid postponement in all of college football. >> i have never had a meeting regarding the egregious non- compliance of our players. do we have to remind people from time to time to put their mask on? have i been told that? yeah, absolutely. i would also think maybe there are folks in the city of berkeley walking down the street or going to church or dinner or whatever and maybe students on campus that might fall into the same category. i cannot confirm that but i would think that is probably likely. larry: clearly coach did not think there were egregious non-compliance issues within his program. the sharks had a major covid issue of their own after a two week wait. they should get their head coach and five key players back by the end of the week. he said his parents were staying with him in san jose when he came up positive, so he had to stay in a hotel. the sharks went 3-1-1 in his
6:55 pm
absence. >> thank god for the vaccines, because it worked. i did not get sick, and i could still manage my day and go on fairly normal. larry: desean jackson was looking for a team and the raiders have a need for speed. the former counts star signing with the silver and black after being released by the rams. the tragic accident left a void jackson hopes to fill in vegas, a receiver who can still outrun almost everybody even at 34. jackson in a raiders jersey seems like a good fit for both at this point. >> my first nfl game i was at a raider game at the coliseum. it's crazy, the cheese replaying the raiders and i was on the sideline. i was probably like seven years old. larry: desean jackson has pretty much been the fastest player on every football field since he was in high school. and that remains true to this day in his mid-30's. going to beat 35 -- to be 35.
6:56 pm
derek carr said going out to practice today, everybody wanted to see just on jackson run, because they know how fast he is by reputation. yeah. they said he is still really fast. dan: i am sure he did not disappoint. ama: coming up tonight, at 8:00 the 55th annual cma awards, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. you can watch us live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv at available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download the app now so you can start streaming. that is it for this addition of abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. enjoy the cma awards and we will see you tonight at 11:00.
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants. a software developer from san francisco, california... a school librarian from buffalo, new york... and our returning champion-- an editor from los angeles, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. now there was a tough final jeopardy! on yesterday's show, and it left dane reighard with less money than he earned the day before,
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