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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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what can be done to make it safer to drive here? this is the freeway -- well, not the exact spot -- where a shooting took jasper wu's life over the weekend. we spoke with city leaders to see what other east bay cities have done >> the line i keep hearing is if a 23-month-old boy is not safe driving home with his family on our freeways at 2:00 p.m., then who is? i spoke with county leaders about the measures made throughout the year to combat highway shootings. during the first press conference by chp after 23-month-old jasper wu was shot and killed by a stray bullet, officers revealed a shocking data point. >> over the past 12 months, there have than 76 freeway
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shootings within alameda county. >> on the challenge of how safe freeways are, the city responded. >> the c c c c are not high. >> we have passed many polities that must be implemented, and that includes gun tracing, truly getting illegal guns off the streets. >> in 2015, contra costa county faced about 115 shootings in a 13-month time-lapse. dan merrow was the first city leader of contra costa county to search for solutions. >> with go to the state and get help. >> with report $5 million over a three-year period, the county installed highway counties over interstate 80 and highway four that have helped decrease shootings, but to him, this is
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not a victory. >> it has happened again. it has happened again. who would have -- you would have thought that when we started building freeway cameras, that the state would have done the whole area, so here we are again. >> councilmemb councilmemb counc is asking for the rest of the bay area to unite like contra costa county did six years ago. the da says these cameras have been key in prosecution. >> when we have all of the systems working together, they shotspotter alerting law enforcement immediately that shots have been fired in a certain location, and the cameras capturing and the license plate readers that are actually capturing that information in real time, is it's going to be a great tool
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for law enforcement. -- it is goinga eatolor law enft even with camas, shootings continue to take place, but that's a 68% decrease from 2015. chp has not released any new updates regarding the shooting of jasper wu. >> what about the issue of privacy concerns with these cameras? they have been very effective in many parts of the country but controversial, too. >> privacy was one of the main concerns, but according to the county and district attorney, the images they are actively capturing are not going to be used by any governmental agencies. the former da in 2017 law enforcement would be granted access only on a need to know basis in criminal investigations. >> thank you. gofundme to support the family has been established. it was set up last night.
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in 18 hours, nearly $130,000 was donated. just a short time ago, organizers close the account to new donations because their nations have far surpassed the initial goal. organizers say they will reopen the account if the family wishes. >> the storm that was just beginning at this time yesterday has finished. skies are cloudy, as you can see in this picture. people started their day with windshield wipers, running, and raincoats on for themselves and their strollers, as you see there. in lafayette, a fallen tree took down the morning commute, causing a big detour for morning commuters. the wind also brought down a wire on the road, which is one of the main routes in and out of the city. spencer, how much rain did we get? >> many locations received quite a bit of rain from this storm. you can see up on the north bay, quite a drenching.
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nearly three inches of rain fell at canfield. one inch at napa. san francisco received .09 of an inch -- beg your pardon, .9. almost an inch. on we go to look at live doppler 7. you can see, as we look at our fogcast forecast, we will see quite a few areas of fog developing, occasionally dense, so more commuters may find in some pockets reduced visibility, but a quick clearing in the morning hours, so we have some bright skies coming our way in the afternoon. >> thank you. you can keep an eye on the weather any time. you will find it on the abc 7 bay area app. >> let's turn your attention ata covid-19. pfizer has asked the fda to amend its booster authorization
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to include everyone 18 years of age and older. this comes as the daily case average in the u.s. is up 12.6% -- up to 12.6% in the last two weeks. california's test positivity rate is at 2.3%, up from 2.1% two months ago. sadly, another surge is likely to hit the u.s. this winter. what do local health experts think? we asked part of the abc 7 news vaccine team. >> unlike last winter when there are not as many restrictions and people are still going out, we have opened up to many countries , there's more traveling happening within our country as well, so i am concerned about
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that. >> alameda county first responders are facing a covid vaccine mandate. vaccinated when you are exposed to thousands of people, it makes everybody safer. it makes first responders safer. >> the sheriff says he respects those who choose not to get vaccinated. county employees have until december 21 for vaccination. today, contra costa county kicked off its school vaccine clinics for five to 11-year-olds in richmond and san pablo. leslie brinkley visited one of the sites where families were grateful that vaccines remain so accessible.
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>> i told my mom about it, and d then she said, ok, let's go and get it. >> this six-year-old said it was a piece of cake to get the vaccine, especially in a school library with disney music playing and plenty of cookies. >> you are here to tell other kids it was ok? >> yeah. >> what should they do? >> they should listen. >> and go get their shot? >> yeah. >> others needed some persuasion on day one pop up vaccine clinic for five to 11-year-olds. >> he was excited about coming. he just got a little nervous when it was time to actually have the needle go into his arm. >> i got my first shot. in two weeks, i'm going to get my second shot here. >> we really wanted to focus on schools since we wanted to bring the vaccination effort to community and meet kids and
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families where they are at. >> clinics will continue on wednesday at tr hills elementary in san pablo and here at eastern and highland elementary schools in richmond. friday and saturday, the school clinics will extend all the way out to pittsburgh. some clinics are open only by appointment just for students and their immediate families. others are open for anyone in the community to walk in. each clinic is different, so you have to check it out online or talk to your school. >> for inf for inf for inf for f vaccines for children five to 11 throughout the bay area, just had to, and we have a list of vaccination sites. if you have questions about vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. they are dedicated to giving answers. >> we are, believe it or not,
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two weeks and two days from thanksgiving and you can already hear christmas music playing stores, and you may find that what you want is already out of stock. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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our medicare advantage coverage comes with the benefits that matter most to you. whether it's saving for a little something extra... or enjoying movie night to the fullest... or staying fit for occasional heavy lifting... we have the coverage and support to keep you moving forward, with benefits such as low maximum out-of-pocket costs, comprehensive dental coverage, and so much more. for the benefits that matter most to you, call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan. >> two people suffered major injuries in this crash involving five vehicles in pacifica this afternoon. sky 7 was over the scene in highway one and rockaway beach avenue. police say one of the victims taken to the hospital is in critical condition. the crash caused major backup, as you can see, and traffic is
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still moving slowly in that area. so, where was governor gavin newsom the last couple of weeks? he disappeared from public view for nearly two weeks, and today, he reappeared. we are hearing that the governor put family first. >> governor newsom says staying away from public appearances and working quietly in sacramento turned out to be one of the most productive weeks since being governor. he spoke today in monterey at the economic summit. >> you were not abducted by aliens? >> no, there were some twitter accounts that i think we would all do well taking some time away from social media. [applause] just a thought. >> some speculated the governor had a bad reaction to the covid booster shot, something his stfie two days later, california's first couple abruptly canceled their trip to scotland where they were scheduled to attend the climate change summit.
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it was numeral for individuals ages five to 12, who forced the governor to have an intervention at the table just days before. >> i'm defending myself, i got to go, this and that, and my wife was going to go. and mom and dad missing halloween, for them, was worse than missing christmas. i woke up that next morning with something that is probably familiar to a lot of parents, that not in your stomach, that i had no dang choice, that i had to cancel that trip. >> with joe biden now in the white house rather than donald trump, jerry browns and gavin newsoms and arnold schwarzeneggers of the world really are not needed there, and it turns out gavin newsom was needed at home. >> newsom has space crisis after crisis, including a recall effort that took his time away from his family.
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the fact that governor newsom made news without having a single media appearance for days seems to show that he is still very much a rising star in his party. >> of the democrats would not be getting this kind of attention, so he has to be considered as a serious possible candidate next time they have a presidential run. >> it is official francisco district attorney will they say recall election next june. the department of elections announced that recall organizers collected more than enough valid signatures. he is not commenting, but a group supporting him says the announcement was not surprising and they are confident voters will reject what they call a "republican-funded and endorsed effort." >> the san francisco supervisor wants to make it easier for veterans to access affordable housing. the proposed bill would prioritize veterans who qualify
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for the city's affordable housing lottery. he talked about it in front of the metropolitan fresh start house, a program designed to help homeless veterans. he says with veterans day coming up, we should reckon -- recognize the sacrifices military members have made. >> meeting a really urgent need that our veterans community is facing is an important way to do that. >> he says san francisco has 24,000 veteran residents. >> if you are shopping early for the holidays, you're not alone. spending online last month saw an increase of 8% over a year ago, but many are also facing an inventory shortage. a surprising look at what is already out of stock. >> even with christmas over six weeks away, online shoppers are encountering big disappointment. over 2 billion out of stock notices over the past month. >> it is not surprising at all, and i think it will continue through the holiday season and
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beyond. >> the director of adobe digital insights, which tracks tens of thousands of online retail sites and trillions of transactions, says the most frequent out of stock cattery -- categories are jewelry, electronics, apparel, and pet products. it is all tied to backups. even items in stock are in limited supply. toy sales shot up 50% compared to a year ago. >> now i'm worried about it. i think i'm going to try to figure out what i can get, but i think we have to get creative this year. >> there is probably nothing worse than an empty shopping cart at the store or online, so experts are saying a lot of people may end up having to buy gift cards instead. gift cards will give recipients the option to get a scarce item later when stock is replenished or choose something else. retailers may not be as generous with discounts. >> they will be cutting
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discounts back, so it will be material in terms of how big it could get in crisis as a consumer. >> that does not mean there will not be black friday or cyber monday deals, but retailers will need to make up lost profits from a lack of inventory. >> look for the things you want to buy right now and get them if you can because i cannot guarantee they will be available to you later. >> holiday shopping is a bit of a mess this year, but what about holiday travel? we will
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>> this year, thanksgiving travel expected to look like it did before the pandemic. aaa says more than 53 million people are expected to travel for the holiday. more than 4 than 4 than 4 than n expected to fly, and more than 48 million people are hitting the roads. the total number of travelers is predicted to be a 13% increase from last year and only 5% below the 2013 level. >> let's talk about hitting the roads a little more -- sticker shock at the pump. here's a glance at how much we are paying for gasoline these days. aaa says the average cost for a gallon of regular in california is now four dollars 62 cents.
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keep in mind, this time last year, it was $3.17. nationwide, gas is we dollars $.41 a gallon compared to $2.11 last year. patrick de haan from gasbuddy tells us when prices will likely drop. >> relief will probably not come until early 2022. by that time, the increase in oil production that is happening will be enough. >> he says prices should dip a few cents by thanksgiving. >> any sense -- any cents centss make it make cents. quick things are looking up. we had our storm. as you can see on our looping radar composite image, it was an intense storm, but it moved out quickly. we had to literally calm conditions around the bay area. we are looking at a few clouds over the san francisco skyline.
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currently 60 degrees in the city and in oakland. 63 at san jose, upper 50's at morgan hill. nice view from emeryville. you can see partly cloudy skies right now. 57 in santa rosa. here's a we see lingering clouds but little breaks in the clouds as well. these are our forecast features. there will be some foggy areas. sunnier and milder, and the morning commute will continue right on into the weekend. notice the passage of high clouds and low clouds as well. maybe some reduced visibility in some spots where the morning commute is, but the afternoon will bring us mainly sunny skies and skies will remain clear on into the evening hours tomorrow. rainfall estimates for tonight because there is the possibility of some spotty sprinkles -- i
6:24 pm
mean, really like. -- really liked -- really light low temperatures may be in the upper 40's in our inland valleys. tomorrow down in the south bay, look for mostly sunny skies by afternoon. highs of 68, san jose. 70 in morgan hill. up on the peninsula, look for highs early in the mid to upper 60's, about 68. francisco, a high of 65. here in the city and along the coastline, there will be some lingering morning fog but by afternoon, we will go with mostly sunny skies. 65 downtown san francisco. in the north bay, we will see highs of 68. 66 in napa. oakland, 66. union city, 66. a popular number tomorrow. we will see highs in the upper 60's to near 70.
6:25 pm
here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. thursday, veterans day, we see a little bit of a warm up under sunny skies, and that milder pattern will continue through the weekend. high temperatures inland. low to mid 70's during that period of time. highs up to about 70 degrees. cloutier skies develop monday with a slight drop in temperatures, could be a little bit cooler, though, tuesday of next week. basically, we've got a dry seven days ahead. we enjoy having the rain, but we will enjoy this dry break as well. >> thank you. what started out as complaints about class pass have become a full-blown lawsuit. tonight, here from businesses who say they have been taken advantage of. >> plus, protecting san francisco. did a discussion today involving sheriff's officers and supervisors make any progress? >> country's biggest night coming up. the cma awards are tomorrow hosted by luke bryant. you can watch live.
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>> tonight we want to update you on a story we first brought you last month. a hair salon in los altos who was confused why booking app class pass was scheduling appointments for them without their knowledge or consent. >> we are learning other other r across the country have had similar problems. >> the owner of a salon in los altos recently told us about an unusual encounter they had with a client. a woman came into their salon and said she had an appointment, but they had no record of it. the client explained she booked her apartment on a program that allows users to book beauty services at local salons. the problem for the pursuit salon owners? >> i told her we did not have
6:30 pm
class pass. >> they had never heard of class pass concierge and had no idea they were being featured on the platform. they said their profile on the site also showed they had several openings that were not actually available. >> they took some lingo from our website and some photos from our website and uploaded some stock images that we did not even do the hair for, so it was kind of alarming. >> it turns out pursuit salon is not alone. since our story aired, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against them for this very reason. -- a class-action lawsuit has been filed against class pass for this very reason. quick they are stepping essentially into my business. quick the plaintiff in this case is brian jackson, owner of a salon in new jersey. he says his first encounter happened in september when a client said she had prepaid for her service using class pass. brian had no record of that payment and also no affiliation
6:31 pm
with the company. >> after that, i found they were using our name and likeness and even offering our services on their website as part of their packages. >> jackson said when he later tried to contact the client to help remedy the situation, he could not because the number on her account was not her number but one for class pass. >> they are actually controlling the data and information of the clients who come into our business. >> according to the complaint, the client described the same encounter online, where she gave class pass this one-star review, saying she was "scammed out of $70." the claim says she was -- the company is not only misrepresenting their business but also misrepresenting their network. >> businesses being listed without their consent and also the end harm of consumers being duped or tricked based on false
6:32 pm
expectations of this wide network of services. >> with class pass, you can try something you've never done before. >> class pass began in 2013 is a membership program to try different gyms and workout programs. recently, the company expanded into booking beauty and wellness appointment. a spokesperson did not respond to our request for comment about the lawsuit but previously told us they do list businesses that have not explicitly agreed to partner with them. the spokesperson said the company does not make any revenue off concierge services and that this is a way for them to offer additional services to their members and help those members discover local businesses. >> it is great that the client who did find us found us through class pass, but at the same time, class pass accepted money on my business' behalf without my consent, and they are also advertising that we are partnered with them in an effort to generate memberships on their behalf that only they collect money for.
6:33 pm
>> jackson told us he tried to contact class pass but never heard back. his business was still featured on the platform at the time of our interview but has since been taken down. pursuit salon was able to reach a class pass representative and is no longer listed on the site. those owners shared their story hoping to raise awareness and protect other small bay area businesses. >> it is like doordash signing a restaurant up asking for food delivery that is not available. it does not make sense to us. >> ultimately, he says the lawsuit comes down to this -- >> these are businesses. they get to choose how they market and advertise their services. >> houston rapper travis scott is giving full refunds to anyone with tickets to last weekend's astroworld festival. eight people died friday night at the event. people were crushed as the crowd of 50,000 surged forward when scott took the stage. >> nobody was listening. nobody was following directions.
6:34 pm
at 1.i told my friend, i literally cannot breathe. i just want to go. i know we paid a lot of money to see this, but it's not worth it if i cannot breathe. >> multiple lawsuits have been filed as the fbi continues to look into what more could have done to prevent this. meantime, scott has promised to pay the funeral costs for the eight victims. he has canceled his upcoming performance at saturday's day in vegas festival. >> a restaurant that has been a staple of the area for years is mourning the loss of its matriarch. she died -- the owner of jones barbecue died of covid. the family recently made the news public. >> sharing and loving and doingg the best we can for our community in the best way we can with what little we have, but we are going to do as much as we can. that is what my mom and stilled
6:35 pm
in myself. >> fans will be happy to hear mary's family plans to continue her favorite annual event, a christmas toy drive. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will hold off on considering a proposal that allows sheriff's deputies to provide private security in stores battling retail theft. that comes after the san francisco police officers association expressed concerns about deputies stepping in and doing those jobs. melanie woodrow has the story. >> these viral videos highlight the retail theft problems in san francisco, from 10 bags at neiman marcus to toiletries at walgreens. this video shot by abc >> for about a year, i have been ringing the alarm. >>'s supervisor recently proposed sheriff's deputies provide private security for san francisco stores, similar to the private security san francisco
6:36 pm
police officers sometimes provide. >> many retailers were saying they wanted to hire more law enforcement, but they just -- there just were not enough officers available. >> the board of supervisors was supposed to take up the proposal today, but yesterday, the san francisco police officers association requested a meet and confer to discuss their concerns, thereby postponing the board's plans. >> before anyone else joins the party, we just want to make sure all the rules are met. >> the poa supervisor says it includes their training and ability to investigate. >> it is obvious by saying that they are not familiar with the training we have. we have what we call crisis intervention technique training. we have a system that manages our arrests and follow-up investigations. >> to meet and confer will happen tomorrow with the board
6:37 pm
of supervisors potentially taking up the proposal next week instead. >> we believe it will suppress this retail act that happening in our city. >> i'm looking forward to making sure we can reassure everybody as to our skill set and ability. >> the rampant theft as it is now, we need to come in and be at every store . >> millions of people suffer traumatic brain injuries. tonight, a possible breakthrough on how to treat and heal those wounds. >> plus, meet local entrepreneurs getting a shot at a low ship that could make their dreams of helping other people come true. >> and friday is disney+ day, a celebration of the disney+ community. we are giving away 10 free annual subscriptions to new customers. just go to our website to enter. we
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and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive >> researchers in the bay area have made a discovery bay ho can possibly change millions of lives. it is a potential way of treating patients with severe brain injuries. >> from the battlefield explosions to violent sports injuries, millions of patients suffer the lifetime effects of
6:41 pm
traumatic brain injuries, and treating the symptoms is often a frustrating challenge, but now there's hope for a possible breakthrough. >> this is a pretty big deal. >> in her lap, this recharger -- this researcher studies the neurons that relay messages in the brain. using animal models, her team again recording signals and ultimately identified a disruption in a key area of the brain, possibly linked to a host of symptoms from sleeplessness to seizures, and along with it, a possible suspect. >> after the dramatic -- the traumatic brain injuries, there is an molecule in the thalamus, and when we blocked it, we were able to prevent the chronic memory loss. >> in other words, major symptoms of tbi, the blocker they used was an antibody, being developed by san francisco-based
6:42 pm
annex and biosciences. >> what is interesting about the study is that even 24 hours after the injury, she found she could use our treatment to block this process. >> the company is already conducting clinical trials of the inhibitor for treating als and other conditions and could potentially expand to tbi in the future, and with causes ranging from car crashes to civil falls, some 69 million people around the world are believed to suffer from traumatic brain injury every year. stephanie, who worked on the gladstone team, believes a treatment could be life-changing. >> the hope for the treatment for the symptoms they experience would be really, really powerful. >> researchers say the antibody being tested has already been shown to be safe in humans.
6:43 pm
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and a 5g phone on us. get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. >> tech for good is the focus of
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a big pitch competition happening right now. two bay area entrepreneurs are competing to make their startups come to life. one would make emergency calls more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. the other empowers black and brown youth to engage in areas of social justice. our race and culture reporter spoke with the bay area changemakers helping build a better bay area. >> my father was home alone, and he had to call. he was not able to call 911 for help. he ended up texting me to call 911 for him. >> in a moment when seconds save lives, that's when gabriella knew she had to do something. both of her parents are deaf. >> about 70% of 911 call centers throughout the united states do not have text 911. >> she developed the xs sos
6:47 pm
to connect people who are speech impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing a way to contact emergency services. long is one of two bay area entrepreneurs receiving $40,000 in seed funding and the chance to pitch to investors as a part of kayla mac ventures' annual changemakers. >> those who have the proximity to the challenges they are trying to solve have the most proximity to solutions that will solve those challenges. that is part of why we invest in the entrepreneurs that we invest in. >> the cohort takes on youth from across the country. >> being a community with like-minded social entrepreneurs who are not just wrong to make a lot of money but really trying to use entrepreneurship to get
6:48 pm
at a lot of the social ills we have in the world. >> the founder and ceo of local justice, now working with 30 teachers in 15 states. >> there are people who are not just realizing their own power but also sharing their perspectives with other people which in turn inspires soba and the other people to think about issues in ways they would not have before. >> both long and jackson are hoping to secure the funding to transform their hopes for a better tomorrow into reality. >> remember, julian is our ration -- race and social justice reporter, and you can get in touch with him easily online. he would love to hear from you. >> he certainly would. we want to hear from spencer about the rain. >> and the brake it sounds like we are going to have. >> and it's going to be a nice little break. don't misunderstand, we are happy to have received the rain we did, but we are looking
6:49 pm
forward to a break from it. cloudy during the overnight hours. low 50's just just just tomorrow. look for highs in the low 60's at the coast. mid to upper 60's just about everywhere else. ahead, mild also be getting thursday, which is veterans day, all the way through the weekend. early next week, we've got a clouds in the sky. >> thanks, spencer. >> schedule larry with the latest in sports. >> the covid controversy at cal continues. last week, players were upset at not being allowed to play. not being allowed to play. now, want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement.
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>> good evening. despite 99% of the team reportedly being vaccinated, cal's ballgame which was scheduled for saturday has been postponed. it was the first major college game in the country to be called off due to covid. the outbreak has apparently spread since last saturday because the bears say they are unable to field a team. several teammates have taken to social media. they have been critical of school and berkeley healthpolicd
6:53 pm
for december 4. no football in berkeley, but basketball season tipping off today against uc san diego. call-up out to the early lead off the turnover. jordan shepard to joel brown for the flush. cal is up 4 at the break. nice move. he had 27. stanford tipping off against tarleton state in a few minutes, a school i had never heard of until tonight. for the second consecutive week, a bay area sports legend is calling it a career. chris wanda lasky held his retirement press conference today in the south. he hosted a major league soccer best 171 career goals in seasons. 14 of those seasons with the hometown >>. he will now move into a role as a special assistant to the >>'
6:54 pm
g.m.. >> it is slowly sinking in, but i think it will really sink in the preseason when the guys are starting off, but enjoying the ride home. >> what are you going to remember the most? >> having fun out there on the field, being with my teammates. the practices. i love the banter. the battles out there, the blood, sweat, and tears you leave out there on the field. >> so good for so long. he's got so many records, it is hard for steph curry to find new ones to break, but he did it last night with a 50-point outburst against atlanta, became just the third player in warriors history along with mick barry and wilt chamberlain to score at least 50 along with 10 assists. if you want to just throw another hall of famer in there, curry's 10th de-point game tied him with kareem. -- curry's 1 1 1 1 1
6:55 pm
tied him with kareem. >> i have never seen anything like it, but i have been watching him for seven years, so i have. >> it is always nice. i never come out with, like, a certain number in mind. just when you get it going, you keep going. >> he had it going. aaron rodgers says he is an athlete, not an activist, and he is trying to put his covid controversy in the past. he admitted he misled people by saying he was immunized against covid-19 when he had not been vaccinated. he's not allowed to practice or be around the packers squad until he passes several tests. it is unclear if he will be able to play this week. he addressed the situation in his weekly appearance on the pat mag at the show. >> look, i shared an opinion that is polarizing. i get it. i misled some people about my status, for which i take full responsibility, but in the end,
6:56 pm
i have to stay true to who i am and what i'm about. >> there it is. i saw a headline today that said aaron rodgers is now the starting quarterback for the unvaccinated, which is a role he does not want, and i think even he was surprised at the reaction he got for his comments. quick season icon. huge influence. thanks. -- >> he is an icon. huge influence. >> you can watch all our newscasts live and on-demand using the abc 7 connected app. download the app now so you can start streaming. that will do it for this edition of the abc 7 news. >> we appreciate your time.ime. have a great rest of the evening and we will see you tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> i'm now hearing from victims all across the country. their bank accounts were drained in seconds, but the banks will not refund their money until -- >> you don't know how excited i got. >> i just could not be any more thankful to 7 on your side. >> featuring good instead of
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