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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 9, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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ggie: this is when an annoygin rson at paa rty sa♪ good moinrng, amicera, for our vierswe in thees wt on this tuesday morning, the new detlsai that concert tragedy. deadly dasister investigation. new video ofal flen fans from that alarming event. is morning, w nequestionovs er ushoton's poceli chief'see mting thwi travis otsct and hihes ad of secury itbefore t he performae,nc as police now investigate why titook almo st 40 minutes to stop the sw ho after it was declared a mass caalsuty event. weea hr from o 1ne8-year-old who pleaded with the crew to stop e show. and thisor mning we arlen about the yogeunst victi am, 9-year-old fighting for his life. we're live in houston thwi the latest. alsohi ts morning, wn he
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everneyo 18 and erov could be eligible for the pfizer booster shot. inrrsuection investigaonti. x more aides to former presenidt trump, including former national cuserity adveris michael ynfln, calletod testify d ansubmit dumocents abo ut efforts otoverturn e th election. > holiday travel chaos? withir a travel t seto soar d an vaccinmae ndates ft as apprchoaing, wilail rports and airlin bese ready r fothe surge? and what will happeno tthe tsa works erwho didn g'tet the shot? deep freeze. with soari hngome heatg incosts t seto put ahi cll on falimies l across theou cntry this winter, e thinexpense,iv quick fixes u yocan do now tsao ve you cold, hard cash. allegations of a majorvf i mix- aupnd two mheotrs giving birth to babies who were not theirs. is morning one of the coleups speaking about whatht ey say haun ttsheir family. > >>celeatbring deanto sckwell. the "quantum leap" star passing away overnight. this morning, tribesut pouring in f torhe oscarom ninated
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actor. > and fr womest phileladphia htoollywood. >> tt'has the moe vistar walk. >>s ithat whatht at is? w>>ill smitpuh lling ba tckhe cuairtn on whoe wthink wi ll smh itreally is. >> and you s caylearly, atth's not me. isth book is about me, and u'yove bnee foongli us for 30 years. >> t ghelobal surspetar liftg in e veil. >>e' wd never lktaed aboutve er fobere. on his ilchdhood trmaau. >> ts hiwas the rsfit time imyn life where i felt like i had suffered enough to be able to have something vuaalble to s.ay hisar mriage. >> don't try this at he,om children. >> a tndhat oscabur zz for h is nemow vie “ngki richar”," as he says -- >> good morning, amecari. > good mniorng, amera.ic nodybo like wi sllmith and i cannotai wt to seehi ts terview. >> sous ndlike he'pus tting it l out ishe tre. >> hisoo bk, he relyal goes there ant.d j. has aev realing
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nversati wonith him. >> tt hais going to come up. we bineg with theea ddly concert in texasnd a the vestigatn iointo thero cwd surge atth left eit ghdead and hunddsrenj iured as tadeils come in oveigrnht. >>he t houstonol pice chiemef t wi tthravis sct otand his adhe sofecurity fobere the sw ho ben gaover conrnces about blpuic safety. mausrc moore ilis ve now in housn towith theat lest. od morni, ngmarcus. >> reporr:te robin, odgo rnmoing. famiesli here ardee manding answers d anaccountalibity after is trage.dy ere's a lot weon d't know this moinrng, but ware eet gting some clarity about what happeden in the momesnt before the cceonrt d also somef othe plans in ace, but something clearly went terribly wrong. cr[ owd chanting ] >> reporter: new video shows those chaotic moments that had fans pleading for travis scott to end his astroworld muc si festival aits turned deadly. ese wne images taken under a crhiusng, tanedgl pilef o falnle fans showing conrtce goers
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crying out for help. one seen dialing 911 as the concerrat ged on around them. eight peop wleere killed and dozens of others seriouslyur ht as the crowd surged at friday's hip-hop stfeival in houston with ene teafr scene fofans eading f horelp. d even tinryg to takmae tters to theirwn o hands tsto op the owsh. -y18ear-old deayn cruz c bane seener he climbi ang camera plfoatrm pleadg inwith there cw stotop the owsh. >> e inded up ttgeing on tt ha stagane d tryingo tlike get avtris' atteiontn and otr he people a'sttentionnd a then he's like telling us toet g down and erythingnd a we justet g down. e thsecurityin fallyom ces. aftei r realizedha tt's not working. >> rorepter: ayd senpeaking to c news says he wasop hing to save lesiv aerftlm aost linosg his own ithn eru cshing horror down below. >> i jusret member jt ushaving so mucweh ight on bmyody and i
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was pushing. wai s fitighng. i was fhtiging andhe tn i stopped because i was getting wind.wausalg e thenergy iere wa ath. >> reporter: hstou p'solic e t wi tthravis scott d anhis headf osecurity prior to the performance to exprescos ncerns or vepublic fety. "the new york times" reporting that houston officials were rrwoied aboucrt owd contl ro showg inconcertgrsoe rushing pastec surity eaierlr in theay d and ticing previs ouastrowor ld festivals th batecame daerngous. the irthd annualol sd-out evt en the first since the pandicem drawing a crowofd 50,000 fans. they goclt oser to e thtime for headnelir travisco stt to ta tkeo the stage,he t crowd started swaying and shpuing foarrwd knocki pngeople to the grou andnd crushg inothers agait nsthe barradices. 9-year-old ezra blountn ithe spital suffengri critical injuesri. was sitngti on his d'das shoulderwhs en the cwdro got out of conoltr and tralempd the boy. lipoce now iesnvgatiting whyt i took 40 numites to sp tothe show ter poli dceeclared the
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concert a massas cualty evt.en coacrding toew n documen ts obtaedin by abc wsne the operatnsio plan di'tdn account ople hhority to stop the tlywo concert, the executive producer and festival director. some fans tried desperately to alert the staff of what was happening in the crowd. memorials now honoring the victims at nrg stadium. all eight people between the ages of 14 and 27. >> i'm honestly just devastated and i could never imagine anything like this happening. >> reporter: scott says he'll cover all funeral costs, refund admission to all attendees and offer counseling sessions to anyone affected by the tragedy. in a statement scott's team says this is just the first of many steps he plans to take, quote, as part of his personal vow to assist those who have been affected throughout their grieving and the recovery process as people across the
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country pray for those fighting for their lives in the hospital. >> it is heartbreaking. thank you so much, marcus. now we turn to the coronavirus emergency, pfizer will likely seek authorization for boosters for everyone over the age of 18. stephanie ramos is live outside pfizer headquarters here in new york with more. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: michael, good morning. that government official says the request from pfizer to the fda could come as early as this week. pfizer so far says they don't plan to announce anything to do with vaccine boosters but if it does happen, it could damatically increase the number of americans eligible to receive that third shot. take a look at these numbers. according to the cdc, so far 24.8 million americans have gotten boosters. right now pfizer and moderna boosters are only available to people over the age of 65 and people over 18 who have certain medical conditions or work or live in an environment that puts them at a high risk of exposure. boosters are already approved for those 18 or older if they
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initially received the johnson & johnson one-shot vaccine. now, pfizer says its booster trials showed people who received a third shot had a vaccine efficacy of nearly 96% which restored the protection against covid they had after receiving the initial two shots. now, these trials, michael, included participants as young as 16 years old. >> do we have a timeline on when the fda might announce the decision? >> reporter: not yet, but there's usually a lag of a couple of weeks between the request and the fda examining that data then making the recommendation and also keep in mind the cdc has to weigh in. so we could be several weeks away before everyone over the age of 18 can receive those boosters. michael? >> stephanie ramos, thank you. george? >> michael, thanks. we go to washington now and the latest on the congressional investigation into the january 6th capitol insurrection. the house committee issued a new round of subpoenas to top trump campaign officials and other advisers. our congressional correspondent rachel scott is tracking this on
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capitol hill. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning and the committee is now expanding its investigation focusing on a broader orchestrated effort to try and overturn the results of the 2020 election issuing a new round of six subpoenas to former trump campaign advisers and officials. on this list, former national security adviser michael flynn who publicly called on trump to take drastic actions to overturn his loss. attorney general john eastman who reportedly wrote a memo outlining ways the vice president mike pence could deny joe biden's victory. former trump campaign spokesman jason miller, bill stepien who lawmakers say oversaw the effort to challenge results and former new york city police commissioner bernie kerik who led efforts to investigate false claims about voting fraud in key states. >> there's a lot of interest what was going on at the willard hotel in washington. >> reporter: that's right, george. lawmakers say that some of these officials attended meetings at the willard hotel. that was said to be the command center in order to strategize how to overturn the election
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results. lawmakers are on this committee say they want to know every single detail about those efforts including who these advisers may have been talking to at the white house or in congress, what rallies they were connected to, who was funding it all and they are demanding that they testify behind closed doors and turn over documents in the coming weeks, george. >> rachel scott, thanks very much. robin? now to that new testimony in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the only person who survived being shot by rittenhouse during the protests last year taking the stand and describing the moment he confronted the defendant. alex perez is at the courthouse there in wisconsin with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. on the witness stand gaige grosskreutz described the chaos telling jurors he did not think he would make it out alive. jurors for the first time hearing from the man who was shot by kyle rittenhouse and survived. gaige grosskreutz testifying about when he initially saw rittenhouse armed with a semiautomatic rifle during protests back in august of 2020.
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>> i thought that the defendant was an active shooter. >> reporter: thinking rittenhouse had shot people grosskreutz started to follow him that night as the teenager appeared to be running away. prosecutors playing video grosskreutz recorded where you can hear him questioning rittenhouse. >> hey, what are you doing? you shot somebody. who's shot? >> reporter: rittenhouse is charged with shooting and killing joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber. grosskreutz telling jurors he witnessed rittenhouse shoot huber and admitting he pointed his own glock pistol in rittenhouse's direction. >> what was going through your mind at this particular moment? >> that i was going to die. >> reporter: rittenhouse shot grosskreutz in the arm. grosskreutz said he never intended to shoot the teen, but the defense pushing back. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him that he fired, right? >> correct. >> reporter: grosskreutz's attorney insisting rittenhouse was the aggressor. >> he was the one that caused
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that carnage. he's the one that put people in harm's way. >> reporter: and the prosecution could rest their case later today. rittenhouse, if convicted, could face life in prison. michael? >> all right, thank you so much, alex. we turn to the other high-profile case making headlines right now. the three georgia men facing murder charges in the killing of ahmaud arbery who was unarmed and shot to death while out jogging. the first officer on the scene testified about what he says the defendant told him when he arrived. steve osunsami is covering the case for us this morning. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, michael. through police body camera videos prosecutors are describing a hunt that they say happened because the victim was black. it is difficult for jurors to watch crime scene photos and more police body camera from the day that 25-year-old ahmaud arbery was killed on this south georgia street. many of the images we can't show here. a former police officer whose camera was recording was the
7:13 am
first on the scene and told jurors the three white men accused of murder were comforting each other after the shooting. >> greg mcmichael said he had no choice. >> reporter: travis mcmichael is the one who fired the fatal shots and you hear his father, a former police officer who was also armed telling his son that the shooting was justified. >> roddie has it on film. >> reporter: william "roddie" bryan, the neighbor who recorded the cell phone video now seen around the world is also charged with murder. on the witness stand the responding officer read aloud what this third defendant told him at the scene. all three men have pled not guilty. >> after going back and reviewing the transcribed body camera, it appeared to be approximately five times. >> five times he said he blocked ahmaud. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: even though he was a witness for the prosecution arbery's mother was upset with this former police officer. saying he could have done more to help her son. >> very disturbing. he arrived on the scene and he saw a man in the middle of the
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road and he also saw people, two other guys that were standing there. >> reporter: defense lawyers say the shooting was self-defense and justified under an old civil arrest law that was active at the time. they say the three men thought the victim was a neighborhood prowler or burglar, even though he is not seen on any of the many surveillance videos taking anything. the last witness on the stand was a glynn county police officer who testified that he didn't respond to this neighborhood for any burglary or theft calls. that's an important piece of testimony given the suspicions that these three men had about this victim. another police officer will take the stand today. he was one of the first to arrive on the scene after the shooting and we will get to see his police body camera video as well. back to you guys. >> a lot of eyes will be on that. steve, thank you. george? we turn to that news breaking overnight, the passing of "quantum leap" star dean stockwell.
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erielle reshef is here with the tributes for the oscar nominated actor. good morning, erielle. >> good morning, america, george. noh hollywwas born in 1936 in as y aou b, auhed a career as a child actor that career would span seven decades and sop of the most memorable roles in tv and film. this morning, hollywood remembering dean stockwell whose career in film and tv spanned more than 70 years. the actor passed away at the age of 85. best known for his starring role in the sci-fi series "quantum leap." >> i think you're right. >> of course, i'm right. >> reporter: playing admiral al calavicci opposite scott bakula landing him four emmy nominations over five years from 1989 to 1993. his film career began in 1945. ♪ farewell ♪ >> reporter: stockwell in three movies that year including the frank sinatra and gene kelly hit
7:16 am
"anchors away." two years later in "gentleman's agreement" starring with gregory peck which went on to win the oscar for best picture. he was nominated for an oscar for his supporting role in the late '90s hit "married to the mob." >> miami. >> reporter: later in life he again found success in the sci-fi world with a recurring role on "battle star gallactica." >> i saw a star explode and send out the building blocks of the universe. >> reporter: according to a family spokesperson, he died saturday of natural causes and stockwell played more than 200 onscreen roles, guys, i was doing research and he apparently resigned from his acting career in 2015 but became an artist showing his work all around the u.s. under his real name robert dean stockwell. he is survived by his two children. very talented. >> so versatile. >> what a career he had. >> i was a big "quantum leap" fan. >> oh, were you? >> yeah. >> thank you, erielle. "gma"nc iding concesrn over en
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hodaliyra tvel chaos whit ncerns orve vaccinean mdates. we'll te yllou what meso rrcaiers areoi dng. making se urthey're afstfed for the hodaliy crush. wi sllmith talngki about his lifeik le never fobere. n't waito tsee whate htold t.j.ol hmes. yoknu ow they d haa good >>bu> t first,in gger has nego on ainn credibleri tp to icaneld. odgo morninggi, nger. >> reporr:te good moinrng to you,ob rin. ok at thbee autiful ndlascape thats iiceland. yocau n see thgee othermal ener tgyhey are owknn for. a natnio perowed by renabewles. other fit ghin the cmalite crisis. what looks binehd me lika e viailln's lairn ia "bond"il fm, 'sit vacuumi tnghe sky ocof 2. how it a wllorks comg inup. we have souc mh to get to inhe t weather. so much going onac bk in the cascades up to a foot and a half of snow. cidents there. enic wasnghiton, thasat me orstm isoi gng tblo ow across e thcouny trand means severe orm sspoibilities for texas by tomorrowft aernoon a endveni ng d then imot ves throh ugand could behe t first sw noof the season f morany in t ghereat
7:18 am
lakeths at didn'get t that le ak they'll gesome wraparound and it will end up being really heavy rain by the end of the week and start of the weekend for the east coast. i'll have more on iceland in a moment. first the tuesday trivia sponsored by verizon.
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>> reporter: you are looking at the world's largest direct air carbon capture machine. it's a series of fans that sucks in that carbon, heats it up, puts it into water and then injects it into the stone here beneath us about a half a mile beneath the surface of the earth. this stone, all those white parts is the co2 from the air. guys, i can't wait to explain it. >> wow. >> that's amazing. >> ginger in a hard hat. she loves it. >> that's amazing also. >> reporter: third time this week. >> that's right. >> third time this week. stay right there. we'll be right back. the magic is calling you to stay at a disney resort hotel where you're surrounded by the world's most magical celebration.
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answers on a widespread comcast outage in the area. we have heard from people all over the area saying they have been without internet overnight. the outages are back and much more widespread and in major cities aside from the bay area. clicks good morning, everyone. we are following a wet commute. you can see those rain droplets hitting the camera right now. and advisories have been issued for much of the bay area bridges. the camera on southbound is going to be very slow for you. we have an alert in effect.
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we have an alert in effect. reggie: we have an alert in effect. reggie: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good.
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chase. make more of what's yours. >> caution on the roads this morning. the puddles are becoming less, but there will still be dampness through the morning hours. there will be showers at lunch and they will start to taper through the evening. on future radar, you can see how the coverage shrinks. the seven day. reggie: coming up, but home heating costs soaring over the winter, the big fixes that could save you on your bill. you can catch us on our news app and online.
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪ this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down ♪ ♪ i'd like to take a minute just sit right there ♪ ♪ tell you how we became the prince of a town called bel-air ♪ back here on "gma." that's will smith performing last night, singing the song we all know so well from the hit show that made him a star. coming up in just a few minutes t.j.'s revealing interview with mr. smith. opening up -- i know we say this a lot, like never before. you have never heard will smith talking like this, and it's all about his candid memoir. >> that's all coming up with t.j. we're following a lot of
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headlines including the latest on the travis scott concert tragedy. eight killed. dozens other seriously injured at the concert in houston. officials were worried about crowd control and scott saying he'll cover all funeral costs and refund ticket prices to attendees and offering counseling sessions. pfizer will likely seek authorization for boosters for everyone over the age of 18. the authorization from the fda could come as early as this week. the 15th annual stand up for heroes benefit in new york city, bruce springsteen, jon stewart, so many others took the stage to help raise money for our friend and colleague bob woodruff and his foundation. >> bob and lee, what they have been able to do through the years. >> incredible. >> making a big difference. >> really makes a big difference. now to potential holiday travel chaos. the deadline for tsa agents to be fully vaccinated combined with staffing shortages at many airlines could spell disaster for getting to your holiday destinations. trevor ault is live at newark airport with more. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the holiday travel crowds are coming. delta says the sunday after thanksgiving they're expecting 550,000 passengers. that is the most of any day
7:32 am
since the start of the pandemic. but the airline industry has already seen several operational meltdowns this year and a lot of people are wondering if the system can handle this coming rush. this morning, with aaa predicting 4.2 million travelers will take to the sky this thanksgiving, almost twice as many as last year, questions are looming about vaccine mandates and if airports will have enough employees to handle that crush of passengers. tsa employees have now passed the date where they could get the shot in order to be immunized by the government's november 22nd deadline for federal employees. the tsa won't tell us how many of its workers are still not vaccinated, but as of three weeks ago, 40% had not received a shot. a source telling abc they don't expect thanksgiving travel to be impacted by potential terminations saying after the 22nd tsa workers who remain unvaccinated will be called to meet with supervisors to be
7:33 am
counseled and educated on getting vaccinated. if they still don't get the shot they'll receive a warning and after that they'd be subject to s rmination.s uing byan juary 4thut b it's not shinarg how ma onyf its employees veha gotten the otsh. the unn iowhich reesprents the compans y'pilots telling a tbcwo weeks o agthey wertoe ld 27% of american pilots were sti nllot vaccinedat and they have not ->> i don k'tnow how nyma will chseoo to get e when tyhe do, they nncaot fly o days after that. ifhe ty have a reaconti, ttha goes further thehay ve to come off thech sedule. that puta s strain othn e scheledu alreadyhi wch is but il right tohe t maximum. >> rorepter: hopg into smooth out avtrel most jomar airlin es in the.s u. are loinokg to fill positions byhe t end of e thyear om pilots to maienntance techs, some even offering tronomic ialncentivetos plemoyees aladrey on the
7:34 am
payrl.ol erican aliirnes flig ht atndteants uni lonobbying r foa pay incrseea and wilbel paid 0% for fghlits throu gh nombveer 23rd and 29th and cember 22nd toan juary 2nd. those wi ntho absenc wesill be id 300% rothugh the akpe holiy dastretches. yesterdainy texas aed feral dge rejeedct the argenumt of some utenid airlinwoe rkers who id the cpaomny's vacneci ndate putht em in an poimssible pitosion. e judge lerud uniteds iwithin eithr rightso tput all eithr unccvainated elompyees whoon d't veha a medic oalr religis ou exemptn ioon unpailed ave. w, many oppele are wchating to see whathe tse mandas tedo to airline afstfing. ysgu? o>>kay, trer,vo thanks ryve chmu. > >>we turn ttohe latesont the llout ov aeraron rodrsge' mmcoents abo hutis vaccitinaon atstus. ate farmhi wch used m hiin eithr tv comrcmeials is standing tbyhe embatedtl packersta sr. willee rve is heer with more.
7:35 am
odgo moinrng, will. >> good moinrng, gegeor. teofn when a pliubc gufire is inhe t midst oa f scdaanl often e thcompany s hato make a choice. theyta sylo cse or run away? aaron dgroers is uqubiitous as a statfae rm pitchn maand it appeartos stay th watay. >> jakero fm state fa,rm man. thksan again for the rodgers' tera. r>>eporr:te standing by their esokman. th misorning, aaroron dger os,ne tofhe facesf othe nfl,il wl rema oinne of thfae ces of steta fa armmid the ckbalash to dgercos nfirminge his vaunccinatedft aer testing positive for cidov-19 lastee wk. >> our little secret. >>h. o >>ep rorter: t ihensuranceia gnt reasleing a statement ndmoay cainllg rodgera s great baamssador f oorur compa fnyor much of e thlast dece adsaying it ds oenot suppt orsome of e th stematents he s hamade but respectsis h right to have h is n person paloint of ewvi. dgers' steta farm coermmcials ara e constantre psencone tv. n>>o rodger rs'ate, huh? >> reporter: especially nonfl ndays. accordg into apex rkmaeting 25% of a slltate faradm s on
7:36 am
telesivion the lt astwo sunds ay oinctober ftueared but last sunday, that number plunged to 1.5%. state fa trmelling aagd e friday it woulde binappropatrie for us to comntme on aaros n' ccinatiostn atus addg inits marketg infor thatee wkend includ fedocusing uonnveiling a w necommerci walith l nflege nd tey rrbradshaw. >> wt haaboutht at? bradshaw budget. >> reporr:te prevea heal wthhich sponsored rodgers since 2012 parted ways whitim h after his aparpeance on he"t pat mcae fe sh" owwhere heoo tk issue thwi e thprotocolfos r unvaccatined ayers li tkehemselves. >> uacnvcinated e arthe safe st inhe t buildinbeg cause wee 'r teinstg every ngsile day a nd weinarg masks e thentire te im t insteawed 're being made to thk inwe're thdae ngerous eson. r>>eporter:cc aording ttho e c, unvacnacited ameranics are roughly n tetimes asik lely to be hospilitazed and t11imes as lilyke to die omfr covid-19. the hethal care company sangyi eitncouragehes lping peleop to
7:37 am
get vaccatined again cstovid-19. it's alyswa a toughpo st for a brand atth has a cebelrity spokpeesrson parcutilarly wh en corontversy aresis like there'ser sious money on the line here. rodgs'er endorsentme deal is worth rea ported $mi2 llion to m$3illion auannlly, ands ione tofhe best d anbest-kno wn plerays in thefl n he has heotr lucrivate deals thwi adidas, bosend a taylor dema golf cls.ub noew ns yet onhe t status of ose prossfeional relaontiships, okay, wl,il thank y. ou comi ungp, will itsmh, t.j. holm, is one y roueally ne tedo see. come on ckba.
7:38 am
♪what theol hidays give, lk is meant to be srehad.s ♪ it t'she new tradiontis that lift us up, and the way our celebratnsio are prepared. it's making room forll a... tsohat our rlwod doesn' celebt fe selo small.ared. it'she wn moments ofig lht bring us closethr an before... and luilmina ttehose we do itor f. wh at we value stmo, oushldn't costor me. [ muc siends ] on the outdesi, i looked i t goreally gdoo at masngki my deprsieson. buint side was a different story. even tughoh i'd be oenn annt aidepresst anfor ntmohs, i was stl ilfeeling prdeessed. ishe tre athnying remo i can d ye as,dding reltxui mahey lp.
7:39 am
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7:41 am
now tto.j.'s on now to.j t.'s one--oonne with wl ilsmith. the gamestar shongwi us a si de himselfe' wve neveree sn fore dissscuing his rleay life his upcoming memoir. you hungut o in phil wlyith him. i>> did, anrod bin, in stwe iladelph biaorn and israed on the playougrnd is whe eri spent mo ostf my day s. chilling out ximang, relaxing all co.ol i t gomy butt beat andul blied everday y outside ofch sool. at's howe hsays theon sg should he avgone andit wh that, he is verealinthg at the wl il smh itwe know jisust a fantasy thatas w created- - >>ol hd on oneec sond. w about e thbest livine tro er.
7:42 am
[ laught ]er >>el wl, thankou y, george. at means l aot cominfrg om you but i hoedok you in,ee rled had you in. that h'sow he do, esthe guy u yo ink you owkn is a faasnty born out ofea fr and trmaau in his ilchdhood. withou yew n movie and new bkoo he is finally, will smith, ready to introduce himlfse. supersta drson't get anyig bger than wl ilsmith. ♪ in west phidelalphia born and raised ♪ >> reporte tr:he fresh prince, the boofx fice record eabrker. >> iak me this lk oogood. reporte tr:he grammwiy nner. ♪ na, n na,a gettin' jiggy t wi it ♪ r>>eporter: the global phenomen,on will sthmi is now in shi new memoir ready toev real who wilrel ally is. >> that's the movie star i>>s that wt hathat is? r>>eporter:ac bk where aitll arted, plahidelphia. >> w ias born d anraised he er and phlyil is amstped on my heart. y>>ou talk ouabt in thibos ok thatou y were cafurelly crafd te wi sllmith thiths g inand you say eaclrly that's not me. is book aisutbo me. have you beefon oling usor f 30 yes?ar >>he tre's a ctaerin amounoft
7:43 am
otprection tt haeveryboddoy es. we have cha ildhood autrma and we decidthe at's nev geroing to haenpp to me ainga and in deorr ntoot expernciee that, it madends thate wbe a cerinta y.wa sohi ts was thfie rst timen imy feli where iel ft like iad h sufferedno eugh to babe le to ha sveomethingal vuabltoe say. is therane ything ithn is book y wouanted toak me sure you ran abynybody? >> iid d a two-wk eebook caminp ami wheri e called eryvebody at i menonti in the okbo and i read eveborydy everyin sgle word. myot mher and hai d never enev discussemyd father,ou y know, being usabive wither h. had nev teralked abt ouit. >>ve er? >> befor--e and their fst time atth we actulyal sat dowann d knacowledgedhe t realityas w en i reahed r the chteapr, so it w -as- it was- -it was hd ar co, reman.
7:44 am
y>>ou are sadtefast andtr song anythincag lling yoseurlf a coward ithn is book. still tohi ts day? do youon csider yourself ttha or are you pastha tt? i>> always d hathe nssee of being a wacord becau ise watched father atbe up my mheotr and i didn'to danything. for a 9-year-old it's rdha to eak thatro pgramming. >>ou y mention t aime i thk in you we 1re3 that y souaid he hit her fothr e last >>ea yh. >> andhe s lefist what you wrote th yatou actuay llthought ouabt suicid e. >>y mmind hadwi tsted it toin being myau flt that pmyarents weren' yt,ou know,ta sying getother andom sehow i h ad failed. that's t ahing thayot u ju st ner veknow whas t'going onn i thmie nd of chdrilen. w>>ere you erev worriedha tt what y souaw cominupg in the hous ye,ou wouldec bome that? i alwaykns ew i wou nldever behy psically olvient but there's soa rt of cortve emiootnal violceen that can
7:45 am
cloak itlfse in joke ss,tabs and i had gtoet aholdf oin that nela that was even hiding itself from me sometimes. >>hy w is everodyby so fascatined with atwh's goingn o with yound a jada? we are rspuuing thein kd of love that everybody dreams about d anwe just owkn that throe ad don'lot ok like erevybody thk in 'sit supposetod look buast you ow, n'dot try th aist home, childr.en >> youon d't give laretionship advi nceesecsarily. >> i don f'teel like'm i cenessarily uieqpped yeto tgive relatishonip advice. >> nt exbook. >> yea nh,ext bookor f sure. i>> wasea rding the booknd a th ien watedch the the t movie, i cried. oklo, man, i cried. the moe viis "kingic rhard" ouabt the mawhn o coached his daughters, ven ausnd serena williams to superstardom. richard discovers something ecspial. chriard had dia fferent ctta and i waals ways amad zeby how mh uc
7:46 am
they le ovtheir father. >> these people we abouto tsee, you sh towhem how dangouers you are? >> yes, day.dd >> l mete seyoe ur dangerous face. that y'sour ngdaerous face? there yogou . atth's your ngdaerous fa. ce >> w ias very ciexted to ptroray that kd inof fatheoorhd on screen. >> man, isth is a he ollf a tch. >> tha ynkou. >> it alrely is. ngcorats on atth. ngcorats on inbeg back in phil. ly >>ha tnks for etmeing me in philly. than fksor comintog hang in illy. >>f ocourse, man. let meno kw when the relaontiship booisk out. >> that'ths e next this iths e foundation. we'llal y the grndouwork. we tal tko a lot of authors. recently tyhe say it'as pandemic book. nohe, 's been inthking abo ut th fisor yearsan, d this w tashe ghrit time a sndaid in t ahege social dimea we cle uanp, ght. filter e thtruth soft oen it can beco dmeisingenus.ou this is s hieffort tpoo ssibly helpy bjust bei hngonest, sito
7:47 am
is a00 4-page pa tgeurner, i assure y. ou bu"kt ing chriard" ope ns nombveer 19th aiavlable to stre oamn hbo maasx well. >> thi ink can get thacot py? by all anmes. i'll seeou y in a coleup of eks. >>t' is worth .it great j, obt.j. t.j., gatre job. ank you. comi ungp next whae ve our "play of t dheay." u don't want to ssmi it. 'll rbeight back. on ucepon a ti tmehere was a reinerde nam tediptoe who s wascared tflo y. fly? ahhh, maybe next year. so herri fends gave her th e greatest gift of all.
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nn aouncer: ilbuding a bteetr baary ea, movi fngorwa,rd nding sotiluons, thiiss abc7 news. >> weav he aew nra cshom cingn i rightt athe toll plaza, so this llwi impact commurste, and that is auactlly touhrgh the rnai you n see the towru tck arrivgin nownd a movingve oro t q auick liveoo lk on 80, we have watched a couple of spinouts and the newest one iner bkeley. kemi: still tcwahing drizzle and ghlit rain ctionnuing malyin ouidtse of theou sthay b, and thisen wt lhtig othn e srmto imctpa scale. it wl ilstart to taper after the morng incommute. you can still see some scaertted owshers arod,un sadtey up in eth his.ll the evengni commuteil wl be much drr ieand hefopully easrieor f yotou get arod.un
7:57 am
thsee ven day forecas wt,atch out for gfoor f theex nt sevaler morngsin and warmi ingn the afteoornn. ggreie: we will havane other news update in about 30. you c aanlways fd inus on our newspp a and on abc 7 ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪red rosetos o ♪ ♪ sei e them bomlo for mend a you♪ (m usic) ♪ so i thi tnko myse♪ ♪oh what a ndwoerful wodrl ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
ma mkeore of wt'h's yos.ur odgo morningam, erica. it's 8:00 a.m. the veinstigation into t he hotousn music stfeival tragedy. new video during thera tvis scotcot ncert. we hear from one 18-year-old who pleaded thwi the cretow stop the owsh. lealgations aofn ivf mix-up. two mothers gingvi birth to babi wesho were t notheirs. this morngni, we heafrr om one of t cheouples as th feyile a wslauit overhe t allegedis mtake th seyay haunts their mifaly. > >>deep free.ez thwi soaring home heinatg costs, the inexnspeive quicfik xes you can do now to save you cold, hard cash this wteinr. ♪ > >>"gma" isiv le from iceland. ginger in the land of fi arend e.ic 'rwee takingou y to a volcano is morni tngo get a clos er look on the front nelis of the
8:01 am
fight against the climate emergency. > escapa iden the barollom. theue qen ofhy rthm nation takingve or "dancing." su lniee flippg inout for a perft ecscore onan jet jacks on ght. jojo and jnaen's salsaea lving derrk o did thnie ght take n aasty turn for? and get ready to be dazzled by dneisy's th60 animated film nc"eanto." john legzauimo ilis ve on the groundbreaking new movie, and he's sayg in-- g>>ood morning, amecari. >>di> d you sejoe hn's face? h>>e makes u yosmile. >> eve tryime. glad y'roue starti yngour day th us on th tisuesday mniorng. george,ou y have a big interview this morning with the king of the chess board. >> that'ris ght. 11 yrsea old, the erhe is rit gh chess chpiamon. made su treo give ma e dose
8:02 am
hofumble pibye beatinge m prtyet badly acht ess. he's out withew n bookig rht t gosome newhe css moves. he'soi gng to prenest a probm le toe. m >>ol hd on. when youla py each oerth, is it en close? >> no. really? the lasyet ar we played i was able to stla almost m20inutes. >> heyhe tre. >> what d diyou do, stju take a long te imbetween vemos? o>>h! laughter ] >> snap. miaechl straha n. >>or sry, geor. ge very rarely y couan find somedybo betrte than geoerg at mething. that's tr.ue alofl that ishe aad. hweave a looft news in thisou hr that wwae nt to stt ar concert sadister in xates. veinstigatioinn to the cwdro rgsue that lt efeight peleop dead. hunddsre injured. we'lgol back toar mcus moorine ushoton. good mniorng, marc. us r>>eporter:oo gd mornin g, bin. thisas w the thi ardnnual coernct. e first ncsie the paemndic.
8:03 am
hitad a solutdo crowd. 50,000 fs ancame here. we'rhee aring nefiw rsthand accounts from the peopleho w tried desperately to stop the sh.ow this morning n vewideo sho twshe chaotic moments that had fans pleading for travis scott to end s astroworld music festival as itur tned deadly. eseew n images takennd uer a crushing pilef o tangled fans, owshing conrtce goers calling oufot r help. one se denialing 911 as the concert raged on around them. eight people were killed as the zens oth werere seriously hurt, and the crowd surged at frid'say hip-hop ftiesval in hotousn. -y18ear-old deayn cruz can be seenli cmbing a mecara platfm or eading wh itthe crewo tstop thshe ow. >> i'm tinryg to getra tvis' tention d another peleop's he's like telling us to get wndo d aneverhiytng.
8:04 am
weus jget t down. curity falinly comes. afr tei realizthe at's not woinrkg. >>ep rorter: sttco saying 'lhel vecor alful neral costs and rendfu admsiison to all tendees,s awell as offer counseling sessions to anye on afctfeed by thtre agedy. scott's amte says the osare the fit rsof many epsts he pla tnso take as part of his personal vow to assist the osaffected throhouguthe tirri geving and soal the recovery process. ysgu? >> marcus, thank you. comi ungp, allegioatns of a major ivmif x-up as a coleup claims tirhe embryo s waswitched fore birth. they're speaki ongut aboutt i th misorning. uspl, wi htheating blsil set to soa wr,e have eerxpt tips to ve cold,ar hd cash wlehi keepinyog ur home warm this ntwier. and geor?ge >> "encanto" star john leguamizo josins ulive. >> he wapls aying chs,es people. i was. >> youer we tryingo tget ready. .
8:05 am
8:06 am
♪ ♪ ♪i put in the work all day i put in the work all day♪ ♪them man are doing this thingar pt time♪ ♪ no i'm dngoi thishi tng all day♪ i ♪put tinhe work all day i put in theor wk all da♪y ♪look, no i don't care what you think or say♪ ♪ i puint the woralk l day♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i put inhe t work aldal y♪ pb[ueat pop simuc throughout ♪ [upbt eapop musithc roughout] ♪ ♪
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8:09 am
♪ welce omback to ma"g." 'rwee glad y'roue with uths is rning. tomoowrr we're le ivin nashvleil fothr e cma awdsar. >> youe 'rheading erthe soon, lara. fter t >> that is always such a fun morning. >> i'm excited. the weather is supposed to be warm which is rare. it's usually really chilly this time of year. old dominion will be giving us a concert. hope you all will join. >> jimmy allen. >> yes. we'll talk about jimmy allen right now. >> let's do it. "pop news." "dancing with the stars" joining rhythm nation last night. the show about janet jackson and surprise dance-offs, and a shocking double elimination.
8:10 am
take a look. ♪ my first name ain't baby ♪ ♪ miss jackson ♪ it was janet jackson night on "dancing with the stars" and the superstar joining from london. >> tonight is all for you. >> that's so sweet. i'm so honored. >> each dancing duo performing two routines fighting for spots in the semi-finals. on double elimination night, two couples didn't make the cut. olivia jade and val were the first to go. >> iret ally wasuc sh a specl ia exripeence, ani'd m just or ve thmoe on i eveman de it th is far. >> rorepter: alsnoo longer in e runnin jg,immie aln leand ma slater. >> w ianted toak me peoplemi sle d anlaugh anmad ke them cry to rememberom sething ty hehad or someone eyth lost. i fe lelike we d tidhat. >> jimmi ye,ou did jt usthat. the six mareining coleups ading tohe t semi-filsna. that's ts hicoming mdaony night. an"dcing witthh e stars" 8:00
8:11 am
p.m. eastern,:0 70 central. veryap hpy to anunnoce this arye ou"dr ancing wh itthe star s" afr teparty isac bk, georg e. >>h, o boy. >> yes! >> wt haday is tt?ha >>on d't tell m hithe date. it's the morningft aer the finale. don'dot the matheh re. 's novemr be22nd is e th filena. we'll veha the finisalts and nnwiers liveer he on "gm"a. be a massivean dce ptyar. mmjiie alleni', ll see y ioun shnaville. he'll beos hting there pshow and also "gm fa"or the excitedo thave youan, d grt eajob. > >>adele byhe t way is iatt aiagn releasg ina secondon sg fromer h upcominalg bum in a surpsiring way. here'sde ale's "ho oldn" in a new ador f amazon. ke a look. ♪ i truly hate being me ♪ ♪ everyay d it's li tkehe road i'm on mhtig just op uenp and allow me who le♪
8:12 am
allow me who le♪ ♪ just hold on ♪ >> that mmcoercial hhligightg in the prsuesre of anetxiy and how a little kinesdns can ma ake gehu "holond " is theec sond ngso lereased from hener w alm.bu that's called 0."3" e thdebusit ngleea "sy on meso" sy on the ears blowing up the charts. thale bum drops everyerwhe venomber 19th. >> c'tan get herfae st enough. h>>er musics iamazing. >> s khenows howo troll outn a alm.bu r>>eally do. es >>we> need yotou meet dug. that's the nameol cin andre gg owbrn gave ts.hi it a's giant patoto. itam ce out ofhe tir new elangnd gaenrd. colin wa'tsn sure wh iatt was tiunl he scrchated the sn kiand, ote, tooa k taste. ye, ahhe did tt,ha and he realediz it's ju ystukon gol d, evyberody.
8:13 am
thbre owns areai wting forhe t guinnessoo bk of wor rldecords to cfionrm. it appea trsheir 17-unpod udst -- spud. ius jt said stud spud. mash holds the curntre world record. that a'sppetizin g. >>he tre are oerth ways to figu oreut what iits. >> thawat s brave,r. m brown. thank y, oulara. we> 'll moven oto a cla im th tatwo babiewes re switcd he t noat birthbu, t beforeir bth ain fertili ctylinic mix-up. one tofhe coupl fesiled a lawsuiovt er a mistakehe ty say should n hotave happeden. hreen sh iahs in losng aeles with theto sry. od morni, ngzohreen. >> repteorr: good rnmoing, orge. therhae ve been loa t of stoesri abt ouembryo mtaiskes, buthi ts is aar re claim. two msmo alleged glyetting t he wrong emyobr and swainppg the babi teshey rais aedfter finlyal meetinthg eir own. this morngni a shocking wslauit algileng a maj iorvf mix up. >>hi ts other mifaly has yr ou
8:14 am
genetic ugdahter andou y have theirs. we were keli, okay, w nowhat? >> repteorr: now sngui the californ ciaenter for reprucodtive heah ltafter aiming s ahend anoth merother vega birth tbao bies that alledlgey were n totheirs. they wentht rough ivwif th their cond chi tldwo yearsgo a, and got egprnant wita h baby girl. >> y wouere real elyxcited autbo th?is y>>eah. w>>e sort of ensivioned the fami blyeing cometple now. >>ep rorter: aorccding to e th lawsuit teafr she ga bveirth alexanr dewas confedus and dismayed that the baby didn't rembsele eithepar rent. i>> didn't coregnize he r. >> s lheooked prabobly asianr o at least in pa.rt u yocouldn'tea rlly tell. >> rorepter: theaw lsuit stangti two mohsnt after t bheirth a dna st confiedrm their wstor fears. e child s wanot relad teto the rdcainales, icwhh they s layeft th uemncertainf itheir biologic calhildve en existed.
8:15 am
>> ias w hoping e thembryo w as siinttg in theab l. we had ts hibaby andhe s was rfect anwed were inov le with r. i wajus st so scedar that we wereoi gng to lo hseer. reporte tr:hey say eyth entuallyet m theio blogical repants of t chehild thewey re israing, thafat mily wasai rsing e thbaby thawat s theirsan, d withinon mths, thewo t children were back withhe tir biolocagil milies. e thlawsuit aiclming theon lg rm conseenquces contuein to haunt eithr entiream fily. w>>ith my bthir daughte ir, knewer h. i carrd ieher. nursed her olwhe life, t buzoe i di'tdn know. i didn k'tnow whathe s felt like. i dndi't kw nowhathe s smeedll keli. wai s just tinryg to learn h er quilyck as i cod,ul and she wa'tsn familiar. reporte tr:he lab h nasot rerntued our rueeqst for cmeomnt ouabt the lauiwst, but t he coup alend theiraw lyer now cainllg for relagution. we're ithn e wild wt esdays tofhe amerin cafertility duinstry.
8:16 am
there e arvirtuallnoy gurelations. there armoe re regulioatns that rtain to barr beshops annad il losans than rtfeility clicins. r>>eporter:s afor thisam fily, they wanott her famiesli to ask ugtoh questis,on but thesay y they he avdone the birest to forga e larger filamy with t he her pares ntand theibir rth ughter. robin? z>>ohreen, anthk you souc mh. w noto home atheing bills. ltmuiple utitilies warni ng heating stcos are exctpeed to soarhi ts winter. w hoyou warmou yr home cldou feafct how mh ucyou pay. najai normanas h all thafot r us home iner jsey. od morni, ngjanai. >> reporr:te robin, odgo rnmoing. get to do a live otsh rebafoot. with temrapetures gog indown and rnwaingsbo aut higrhe bills, we talkedit wh experts autbo ways to kpee your housear wm witutho burng inaol he in youpor cket.
8:17 am
heating stcos are exctpeed to hit our llwaets hardnd a some li mkearisa anhed r husbanard e tcwahing anyik hes close. ly >> i anem rvous abt oumy bill. run a sml albusinessut o of my house d analso work fu tllime mote so e thcost of any llbi goinupg is alarngmi. >> repteorr: the vernas say thr eigas bills iroughly 40$2, but thwi project iedncreasest i could abes high a$3s 60. experts like andy anfrk, presenidt of sead,le a new yk or sebad compan hy,elping cenlits ke theirom hes more erengy ficient yssa it depes ndon ur sourcofe heat. >> pronepa is expeedct to have the ggbiest incrseeas. iits not thmoe st common heating elfu in the s.u. but for those that use it, primari ly mes in t mheidwest a indn rarul ars,ea it can jumpuc mh higher thathn e other elfu. >> rorepter: thene ergy inrmfoation adminirasttion putting t ouwinter 21 02numbers foher ating sangyi propaneou cld ju pmpossibly % 54to 94%. that's nrleay doublehe t amount it was lt asyear. natural s gacould beee sing a 30to% 50% incasree and heinatg
8:18 am
oil roughly 43% 5to9% more. butht ere are loa t of facrsto atth will pl iaynto how chmu uryo bill cod ulgo up. >> so if is t'a colr dethan expected winter, we expect bills tois re more dramaticlyal. at's because yr oulocal utility mpcoanies ofn tebuy ergy in vaadnce in bk ulbased wonhat theyxp eect the atweher be. >> reporter: so atwh can youo d toet g ready f corolder weheatr? r expertres commend r ai sealinang d upgradg ininsulation to preve wntarm air omfr caesping theou hse and instalngli a smarthe trmometer cut dowonn your bi.ll d anso exper stsay one w tayo sa ives find and sl eaany cracks wsoe ha tvehis erthmal agiming carame here. u casen e it on your screen. it swshohe wre there is athe escaping, erwhe the eris t he coldnd a heat soou y can see erthe is abo aut sev-denegree ffdierence or so by the ndwiows. theyay s you can caulk or atweher strip those eaars.
8:19 am
that will help save money. bin? great tsip erthe. shor ctommute to your living room. thanks, najai. n>>ot bad aalt l. notow that hoe usof horrors casen icaliforn tiahat shocd ke thwoe rld in 28.01 ildren othf e turpinam fily arspe eaking o wutith diane sawy rerecountina g life of brutitaly at thean hds of thr ei pantres until o twsisters escapeand d got th remescued. diane' nsew spealci shows picole body cam ftaoogero fm inside the use. >> 13 siblings held caivpte by eithr parent s. >>he t chillindig scovery siinde a mifaly home. >> for their fst time, a suivrval storyik le you'veev ner ense. hello. >> thiiss 911. do youav he an emeenrgcy? >> j iust ran ayaw from ho me becausi e live in faa mily of , 15and we he avabusing repants. n>>ow finally hear from eth mifaly. my wholboe dy was skihang. i coul'tdn really aldi 911 cabeuse -- i s'morry.
8:20 am
>> d ion't knohow w you hathd e urcoage. >> ihi tnk it walis ke us congmi solo cse tdeo ath so my antimes. witas literlyal a now oner ver. if sometnghi happenetod me at least i di tedrying. >>ev ner before ense. m>>y two lilett sisters rig ht w are chneaid up. >> wrehe are thechy ained upt? a >> on the >> what e aryour partsen going to do enwh they fod unout you left? >>o nweapons tinhe house? >> i do have guns. it's locked up. >> how many kids do you have? >> 13. >>ar sge, they have another room in the frontit wh two kiosdd in e bed. >> stopped me dead in my tracks. >> srvtaed, beat, entied up. >> what ydoou know ouabt why these two oppele did ts hito eir chilendr? >> 13 tis meover. >> therere a cases tt hastick thwi you thahat unt you d an at's whawet 're lookg inat re. >> eryve day didou y wake upn i terror?
8:21 am
somemetis peopleer we chained fo wr,hat, mons?th y>>eah. >> mons?th >> yeah. >> unbraeable. yeah. >>ot mher,he s choked amend i outhght i wagos ing to >>he t only wo ird know toal cl is hell. >> and what hasap hpened sie?nc >>eo pple coul'tdn believe this. >> t pheublic dervsees to kn.ow staggering strength, courage d the wi tllo survive. he"t esceap from hroorr." my parents tooky mwhole life frome, m but now'm i taking my li bfeack. >> oh, my go, shthis is fsoree likehi ts is life. ian wt peoepl to thk,in w,wo eyth're stro mngent ey're nobrt oken. they've t gothis. >> "escape from a house of rrhoor," a dneia syeawr special ent fdariy night,ov nember 19th on abc and strmea on hulu.
8:22 am
>> complelety unimagabinle ory. >> iem rember --e wall remeermb thste ory but stoee it agn ai li tkehis and e thaccess tt ha th heyad, the otfoage, knongwi what ty hewent thrghou. t>>o see thste rength othf ose rls. >> wow. relyalom sething. "eapsce from hseou of horr"or die'ans event rsai friday, november 19tath 9:00 eaerstn right he oreabn c. let's go to ginger in iceland. >> rorepr:te george, scientisst haveiv gen us a carbon budget if we want to curb the wmiarng
8:23 am
gierng has beelin ve fro gierng has beelin ve from iceland r fous all mniorng long. the uncotry is othn e front lis neof the fhtig against imate chgean and sheas h an insi ldeook at the massi ve chine workintog clean t he atspmohere. at it cod ulmean forhe t rest of the wldor. hey, ggeinr. >> repteorr: hey, michael. what you're seei fngrom r ou ondre there eisssential aly vacu fumor the s skyucking in problematic co2 atth warms o ur moatsphere a indnjectingt iinto e ground. rbon capretu, it's n aot new idea. wee 'vknowhon w to do fitor decades. we jt ushaven't enbe able to do it efficient elynough or to scaltoe make a ntde or they're pihong that isth chtenology, l althose fa ynsou sebee hind me,hi ts could be scaled ubyp 2050 toak te out gigatonsf oco2. atwh's a gigonat? india reasleed more anth 3 gigato jnsust thisea yr so this ulcod enupd being aam ge
8:24 am
anchger. icelan nd, ootnly a wondrous nation wh itso much otoffer but alsolm aost 100%ow pered by rewanebles. d in a roteme area jt us20 les soutashet of theap cital reykjavik, you'lfil nd hellisidhei, the lgearst geotherm palower pla intn >> ware e standi hngere in t he lavaie flds whicish actualla y volco,an and so awere harnessi tnghe heat omfr underground to produce electricity. >> reporr:te part ofha tt emissis-onfree elerictcity now wepors another nearbcly imate chgean fighting machine. meet oa.rc iceldianc for engyer. it'she t larstge direct r ai carbon captureac fility inhe t rlwod and itus jt opened in september. itgis ant fansnd a filtersan c moreve 400,0 tons ofo2 c every arye. it's allar pt of a jntoi project
8:25 am
with icendla's carb e two workintog gether to clean e thatmosphe brey taking 2 cofrom their a andur tning it intoto sne. the larstge quantits ieof carbonn oearth arale ready stored ithn e bedrocunk derneath us in miranels and sfoo rth so what wdie d was fi and way to sortf oimitate and speed up th pisrocess ungsi sciencend a noinvation. w>>e humansut p out neay rl40 billion nsto of co2 stju this year so kitang out 400,0 tons is reallyus jt a dropn ithe cket. th deyo want tsco ale thisp u fast. here's h iowt works. ceon it is ctuapred see e thgray pelines,t iis mixedit wh tewar that tverals throu tghhe pipes d aninto the isegloo-like rustctures. once iidnse the igo loit is injeedct a half mia le beneath e thrteah's >>hi ts is morore less an oversid zesoda strm eamachine. it makes carbonadte water. isth is whate w iecnjt into the bedrk.oc >>ep rorter: t wheater is mppued
8:26 am
into the ground. there 'sit releaseind to the volcan bicasalt itin meralizesn iless thatwn o ars. th compaesni say what haenpps in icelandoe ds not ha tveo stay iinceland. we're gtietng more d anmore terest a wnde are speaking of scaling it up to millis onand ndre odsf millions and evtuenally bilonlis of tonovs er the next0 3years. >> repteorr: at th satcale it coulmad ke a hugdee nt in the rapid rmwaing of o purlanet. >>ec thnolieogs that whae ve to bring to scale rapidlyut b the nodews is tt hathose techlonogies exi ssto we havtoe get wtoork and idot. >> thetey mlle the baltsa is seesntially militless anwad ter intense.iv 25on ts ofat wer for eryve one toofn co2. this igos ing to he avto come in conct erwith a rucedtion in carbon dxiiode overa.ll stay wh itus righter he on "gma." carbo carbon d carbo carbo carb carbon dioxeid o ll. oscled lp ooand has to come with a big t cuin it ovalerl. >> i s'mo happy u'yore bringg in this to light. these are things.
8:27 am
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eth news coinntues wit"gh ood rning ameri."ca ♪ ♪ dweo welcomyoe u back a nd you are finor a tre batecause our ne gxtuest is toa ny and em wmyinning aorct who has playedve or 100 fi, lmtv roles. >> n aotll of th gemreat, though. >> hey! i just tdolou y i saw "chef" again. >> that was a odgo one. i did makeom se good ones, don't get me wngro. j>>ohn leguamizo, ladieans d ntgelemen. yes. he's paroft disney'ans imated film wh it"encanto." you we jreust tellg inus you used to wo hrkere in tesim sqreua. >> ise ud to woratk kentucky frd iechicken wndo the corner of 42nd -40- deuce. >> lk ooat you n, owbaby. >>'v ie made i t. >>ou y have ma idet and yocau n do it l aland you even goto t ve out bngei a rappe r.
8:31 am
>> i a'm closet ppraer. i p rain the swehor. brotherars e ridinge mlike a pony'm i no phon♪y i'm tno good obviously. obvislouy i can't rap. mo s gdla i got the callro fm lin-maelnu saying i wrota e rap for u yoin this animedat movie. i'm likei', m down. to wk orwith linho w wrote t he maerstpiece ofur o century, "hamtoiln," i walis ke -- i s wa ov terhe moon. >>ou y're in athnoer mastpierece, "enntcao," disn'sey 60th amanited filmnd a it is set in colombia erwhe you we breorn. yeah, yh.ea h>>ow does fiteel to bpae rt a film atth represes ntyour lture? >>h, o man. isth is the ghhilight ofy mlife to s aee whole linatx cast in disney 6's0th movie. it'she t baromet oerf culture ound theor wld. if y'roue in a dneisy movie your peopleav he made iant d we have keli all theit ltle east eerggs. [ easpking forgnei lanaggue ]
8:32 am
carlos didhe t music thast' our cultalur music. it's jt usincredib.le let's sw hoeverybody. >> yeah, let's see. >> help me. >> you're ve sryweaty. >>aa agh! >> >>n othe day teafr it com oesut as a whole famyil we're going en masse. >> do eyth give yofeu edback on youror wk, your dski? y>>ou know,id ks are thmoe st honesteo pple in t wheorld and th geyive lotsf ofeedbackik le, you kn, owdad, thajot ke wasn't fasunny or,ou y know, y couould ve been lia ttle morame using. theyl'l ctiricize me for tshi somehow. miade some mistake. it's all good. my kids- - >> humblpie e you'real tking
8:33 am
about. a icsle every y.da >>ou y've beenn i"moulin rouge,25" years scein "romeo and juetli." they can c'triticizeho tse. at's youfor ndest merimoes the bestay w toay s it, i guess, of osthe movies? >> bideses makinitg , i meani , was with poa sse that was so n. o ledicaiopr, he lov teso party, were payirtng all over mexi, cothe wildest timei's ve ever h oadn a icflk. pheartied hdearr than iid d at s age. [ laught ]er >> you we ertalking ouabt the latinx cmuomnity andou yr dicationo t aitnd tryintog take it ato new pla.ce tell us about this new comic phen xom. we're t lheargest ethnic grp ouin ameri, cathe olde astnd the astros, e's cr
8:34 am
canelo, aoc. we have great super heros in the world. where is our superhero in movies? so black and latin communities, they dump a lot of toxins there and they put pollutants in our communities and i was wondering instead of it making us sick what if it gave us a super power. what if it made us immune to everything? so i created phenom x, this guy growing up in jackson heights and he's got all these toxins and now he's getting all this power. the fbi wants him. >> he's immune to everything. >> he's immune to everything. nothing can destroy him because he grew up in america in a poor community where they dump all the toxins. >> wow. >> i flipped it. i flipped it. that's ghetto nerd power right there, yeah. [ laughter ] >> never heard it put that way. john, thank you. thank you for always keeping it real. >> oh, thank you. thank you for having me. >> oh, my gosh and "encanto" hits theaters november 24th. coming up, lucy hale is going to tell us about her
8:35 am
thriller series "ragdoll." she's here live as well. come on back.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are back now on "gma" we are back now on "gma" with actress lucy hale. you know her from "pretty little liars" but now she's taking a darker turn in the new series "ragdoll" on amc plus. good morning, lucy. great to see you. >> good morning. it's so nice to see you. it's been a while.
8:38 am
>> it's been a long while and i want to talk about the new role. for most of your fans out there, this is a departure from what they're used to seeing you in. you consider yourself a true crime junkie. >> i do. i'm totally on the true crime bandwagon. my mom, sister and i have a text thread talking about our new favorite true crime podcasts. i've been preparing for it without knowing. grew up loving "forensic files" but the show is different. it's dark. pretty disturbing. but i'm into that. >> you just gave us the disclaimer so we'll see you in action. let's check it out. >> oh, anything from the prison? >> a possible intruder last week specifically this silhouette. >> yes. take the rest of the day off. >> will that be all? >> just a check. >> i know that there are a lot of unknowns right now and i'm only telling you this because i want to succeed but i do not respond to that tone.
8:39 am
>> she does not respond to that tone. >> you made me sit back in my seat just looking at that. >> know your place. >> yes. i know you finished filming a rom-com "the hating game" right before you shot this. so how -- what was it like switching gears like that? >> it's so funny because i -- i mean i clearly don't set rules for the types of projects i do because i love both ends of the spectrum but i was telling you i shot "the hating game" this time last year in upstate new york and did "ragdoll" in london and finished a couple of months ago, and as life would have it, they're both coming out at the same time, which is great. you can have balance, a little bit of both. yeah. >> we can't get enough watching you on film. >> you're kind. >> i'm a truth teller. one of your biggest roles is in "pretty little liars." we know you from there but they are talking about a reboot. >> yeah. >> are we possibly going to see you make an appearance? >> you know, they're filming it right now, i believe, and it sounds interesting. i don't know.
8:40 am
i mean like i said i don't set rules for myself. keep the options open but i think they're doing the whole concept with a new group of lovely girls and i wish them the best of luck and i'm equally as curious to see what they do with it. >> what you just said has a lot of fans of the show going, she's coming back. >> i'll never tell. we'll see. we'll see. i don't know. call me. will you guys book me for that? as of now i'm not but i am on the sidelines. >> you got your start in entertainment singing, and you have been posting some, like, amazing throwback stage performances from when you were a teenager. what's that about? what's the story? >> it's right here. so this is actually -- wow, i just laugh because i'm probably 13 or 14 here. this is in memphis, tennessee, and i somehow had the confidence to sing like mariah and whitney and need to bring back that energy. i would never have the guts to do that these days. i grew up loving music and that sort of is what led to the love of acting so i kind of always
8:41 am
hoped i would have a job in entertainment and i've been riding the wave ever since singing in memphis, tennessee. >> it's working out well for you. >> thank you 6789. >> great to see you again. >> you too. >> don't make it such a long time to see you. >> if it's up to me you guys won't get rid of me so -- >> the door is always open here at "gma." let's tell you that and tell everybody at home "ragdoll" premieres this thursday on amc plus. make sure you check out lucy hale, everybody. stay right -- oh, now. we're not going anywhere. stay right there. we're going back to ginger. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, michael. the drone that you've been seeing throughout the morning has also been capturing that steam coming up from the plant. that is steam, not a bunch of emissions like you usually see from industry because iceland is run on geothermal energy. they're almost 100% renewables here because they have the ability to do so. it's such a leader and now we've got this amazing carbon capture happening. so so glad we were able to bring you that story.
8:42 am
so much more to get to including an eight-part television series to talk about. this one called "great escapes" with morgan freeman. true stories about legendary jail breaks using recreation, cutting edge visual effects with morgan freeman premieres tonight on the history channel. the holidays are coming up the holidays are coming up fast and for many of us the search is on for great gifts for the whole family. this segment is sponsored by dick's sporting goods. they're committed to your finding the ideal presents from sports products to exercise equipment to stylish apparel with a little help from a familiar face from bachelor nation. >> will you marry me? >> oh, my gosh, yes.
8:43 am
>> reporter: ali found her way out into hearts on "the bachelorette." now the wife and mom of two is teaming up as a spokesperson for our sponsor dick's sporting goods to help you find the perfect gifts for the whole family this holiday season. >> for the first time in such a long time, families are coming back together for the holidays and here you're going to find so many gifts that not only get families moving, laughing but having a lot of fun too. >> reporter: starting with the gift of fun. >> i love the table tennis table. one of those gifts you open up and are like, oh, we have to get this set up right now. i feel like any gift that gets the family outside is such a win and i love the lifetime portable basketball hoop because not only does it get the family moving but you get to have a lot of fun doing it. i'm open. ♪ i did it. >> reporter: on top of the gear to help you play your best it's always important to look good too. so ali is helping us pick out two outfits that stand above the
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rest. >> jackson is wearing this super versatile look by nike. i love this. the material is so soft and he can really wear anywhere from hanging out with friends to playing sports to just lounging on the couch and then reagan is wearing this ensemble by adidas. i love this look. it's got a flattering cut that's on trend and check out her adidas ultra sneakers. this print is so fun, so fashion forward and they're super comfortable. >> reporter: sometimes self-care is the most important gift on your list. >> i'm a busy mom of two so if i'm not working out in my home i'm not working out at all. so to have the convenience to use workout equipment at home like the nordictrack treadmill is so amazing. it comes with a free 30-day ifit family membership that gives you access to thousands of live and on demand workouts. after that your legs are going to be sore so i highly recommend the theragun mini.
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and the fact it's portable, you can bring it with you anywhere. dick's makes my holiday shopping easy. i can order stuff online from my phone or computer and have it shipped to my house or curbside pickup. they make it super easy. i love that. >> you can go to "gma's" instagram for more gift ideas. coming up here, chess prodigy oliver boydell is here live. he'll teach george a thing or two. stay with us. >> announcer: "gma" holiday haul is sponsored by dick's sporting goods. every season starts
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what other morning show brings you to the furthest reaches of the world? amy robach live from the icy sheets of antarctica. come see the earth you don't know starting tomorrow. only on "good morning america." we are back now with the chess prodigy oliver boydell. we first met him last year when he was 11 and wrote his first book on the game and we played a quick match and here's a look at how it went. >> it looks like a good move but i think it's a slightly losing move. >> it's a good move for a loser. hit a rough patch when i moved a pawn to open up the board for the rook. in the end, all i can do is go down here. >> yep, and i go up here and i'm going to bring my other rook to that other square. >> reporter: oliver was unstoppable. >> and that's checkmate. >> wasn't even very close, was it, oliver? thank you for coming back. he is out with his second book called "how a king plays: 64 chess tips from a kid
8:49 am
champion." two books in two years. you write fast. >> i started writing this book in january of this year, a month after the release of my first book. so i guess i'm a pretty fast writer. i really like chess and chess is my passion and i love writing about my passions and i love sharing my thoughts and ideas about chess and want to help chess grow and i'm happy and proud my second book is being published today. >> you should be. tell us why 64 tips. >> i chose the number 64 because there are 64 chess squares on the board and i can never think about that number without thinking about chess and 64 is a very special number to me. >> so this is everything you've learned in 11 years playing chess. when did you actually start? >> i started when i was 5 years old. >> and when did you win your first tournament? >> i think i won my first tournament when i was 5 years old, maybe a month after i started playing.
8:50 am
>> not bad. >> i'm not exactly sure on the exact date. >> we'll go to the board right now and this is a board that was set up from the time when you were 8. tell us about it. >> yeah, so i played this game when i was black and i was 8 years old and i was playing at the famous marshall chess club and there's a brilliant move for me here. so it was black to play. >> so i'm supposed to see if i can come up with a brilliant move. there is a bit of a tip-off. you said it's a brilliant move. it's not something obvious but a little bit bold. i'm going to sacrifice the queen. go there. >> here? >> yeah. >> okay. that is the correct move. >> explain why, though. >> okay, so now in this position white is completely doomed and
8:51 am
so the first option is to take the queen back with the king and now that bishop. it moves here and now it's ch checkmate. the king has nowhere to go. >> did he have any other move? >> he could have played this king to the corner. so what do you think i should do now? there are several ways to win from here. >> this? >> that is one of the ways to win. because here now -- >> he's going to take him. >> he's going to capture this and now there's a very strong move for black. that move is correct again. here white only has one move to sacrifice the bishop. that is checkmate.
8:52 am
>> see. you taut me well. >> there was another checkmate but that is is one of the way. >> what is the other one? >> here, if you move this back and we can go move this bishop back and move the bishop here. >> but the big move is being willing to sacrifice the queen. >> the big -- that's the big move and another move here is to move this bishop, the dark square bishop to any square on the board. we can just move it here. >> it creates a trap. >> and now the king is completely trapped and bishop g2, the next move is a double-checkmate or a down check
8:53 am
and a mate. >> you have to go to school after all this this morning? >> yeah. >> so 11 years old, oliver boydell, thank you for coming back. his book "how a king plays" is out today and we'll be right back. -i love this brand. whoa! am i floating? -not exactly. that's bargain bliss setting in. you're basking in the glow of premium wines at deep discount prices. -feel so tall right now! -i know, right? could you just. while you're up there? -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ [announcer] our amazing 20 percent off wine sale is going on now through november 9th at your local grocery outlet.
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let's take another loo >> yeah, let's take another look. >> brilliant. you taught that young man a thing or two. >> he kept going, correct. correct. >> have a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
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i look at traffic. >> we are looking at wet roads.. things have been improving. this is a live look off 101. southbound traffic is slow. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a packed situation. roadway flooding around the barria, northbound 101 to east 80. mike: it is going to rain lately for the next several hours. look for a locked of fog the
9:00 am
next couple of mornings. >> >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, nba champion and author, scottie pippin. plus, it's all about the water as we continue "live"'s "fall into wellness week." and one of our favorite podcaster's, ali wentworth, joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: there you go. >> ali: thank you. >> ryan: morning, deja. hello, guys. it's tuesday, november 9th.


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