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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the day but it is going to dry them out by tonight. the areas seeing the heaviest rain and the timing of the storm. >> the latest update on the overnight comcast internet outage. >> millions more could be eligible to get the covid vaccine booster. pfizer's next move that could mean shots for everyone 18 and up as soon as this week. >> governor newsom's first appearance in more than a week. why he has not been seen in the public. >> good morning. tuesday, november 9. you are watching abc seven mornings. >> we will start with a check of the forecast. mike: let's start with something positive. the worst of the storm, the heaviest of the rain, the strongest of the winds are all gone. we are still a one. i have downgraded us to a one for areas of drizzle through the morning and some scattered showers around lunch that will taper this afternoon. up to 2/10 of an inch possible. here is a look at the big
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picture. you can see the heaviest of the rain heading through the san joaquin valley. plenty of snow falling in the sierra. here at home, you can see the scattered nature of the showers, but there is definitely a lot of light rain and drizzle underneath the radar. the air is saturated from about 7000 feet lower and that is why you saw all of those wet streets at the beginning of the show. it is just another example of that as nearly three quarters of an inch of rain fell in san francisco. temperatures are definitely mild this morning, mid and upper 50's. 61 to six the four at noon. mainly dry as we head into the evening hours, dropping into the 50's after hitting the low to mid-60's. >> thank you. relief from the rain is on the way, but your commute to work could be a slick one. amy hollyfield is joining us live in oakland with what looks like out there. amy: good morning. we wanted to take a look at the roads for you. it is not too bad out here.
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we are on highway 24. we are in oakland going toward the bay bridge. we wanted to see how this commute looked. it is still raining. it is still getting a soaking out here, something to be aware of. most of that storm happened while you were asleep. it is not as heavy as the storm we saw in october. local businesses could not help but think of that storm and worry a bit about it, that they might see that damage again. clogged drains caused some flooding in areas including a restaurant in san rafael that we visited. that said he saw six inches of rain during that storm -- that city saw six inches of rain during that storm. >> business as usual. we do our best to keep the doors open, help the community, and serve the customers. until another disaster takes us out, we will be here. amy: here is a look at the rain in san rafael last night. public works crews have been clearing out storm drains ahead of the rain to get rid afforded
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-- to get ready for it. the storm gave us some much-needed rain, but nothing too heavy. on the roads, it looks ok. lots of wind overnight so you might see a lot of leaves and branches in your neighborhood streets. the roads look ok. everyone driving slowly and being very careful. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> pg&e crews working to restore power across the beer area. more than 4000 customers were in the dark and that number is down to fewer than 500 customers as you can see on this outage map, neighborhoods along highway 101 are impacted. no estimate for wind power will be restored. >> we are tracking a comcast internet outage in the bay area. we have heard from people who say they were without internet overnight. we reached out to comcast to find out what is going on and when the service might be back on for everyone. so far, no answers. do not call 911 if this is affecting you. this is a message from the
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marion county sheriff's office. the agency said it is aware of the outage and the best call would be to your internet service provider. you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7 anytime. you can find it on the abc 7 bay area news app on roku, amazon fire, and joy tv, and apple tv. >> millions more america could be -- millions more americans could be eligible for a pfizer covid booster. people 18 is up as soon as this week. jobina fortson breaking it down for us. jobina: the cdc recommending the pfizer shout for patients six month after their second dose. that includes adults 65 and older, with certain medical conditions, and adults who were in high-risk environments. pfizer said it will not seek booster authorization for people under 18. the fda has also authorized a third shot for moderna vaccine for similar groups considered to be at high risk. adults who received the johnson
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& johnson vaccine are authorized to get a second shot two months after their first number regardless of risk. more than 24 million fully vaccinated people have already received a booster. kumasi: the fbi is stepping in to help determine what went wrong at the astroworld festival in houston. eight people were killed and more than two dozen others had to be rushed to the hospital friday night. nearly 300 people retreat for injuries on the scene of the travis scott concert. officials are reviewing safety barriers at the venue and crowd control measures. one of the people in the crowd is speaking exclusively with abc news. he says he was trying to save lives after nearly losing his own. >> i just remember having so much weight on my body. i was pushing, i was fighting, and then i stopped because i was getting winded. i was using all the energy i had left and i came to the point where i was accepting my death. kumasi: travis scott says he is
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going to be paying for the funeral costs for the victims. he also plans to refund tickets to everyone at that show and to play for a mental health counselor. >> the community is coming together to show support for the family of 23-month-old jasper, the toddler struck by a stray bullet on saturday as his family drove along 880 in oakland. jasper's family is reunited and morning together. abc7 a man -- abc7's s more on the famy ilpreparing for s hifuneral. amanda: 20 31 -- 23on-mth-old spjaer shod ulbe planng ina bihdrtay party, inste, adthey are ngraing his nefural. reuninitg quietlwiy th his we.if >> they went in and ggluage and eaclred customs modera atend immigtiraon. annod w they a oren the w bayack me. amanda: olaaknd chinawnto
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chbeamr of comrcmee spoken o behalff othe boysam fily. he says the pandemic,oc lated the father's return to the u.s.. he ss aythe family video chatted gurelarly sinceha tt has bnee unleab to visit. jaspe''s mom iitnved abc 7ew ns anorch the iannldo tthe fremont home sheha sres witham fily. she wasur srounded by fenrids and cmuomnity learsde who offerea d >> thiss isuch a he ugloss to us. we cannot ceacpt his deptuarre. amanda:as jper was leasep in his caser at satury daon the way home. a bultle wt enthrough eth c'a's ont wdsinhield ashe ty trelaved throu oghakland. sourcetes ll abc7 jaersp was otsh in the forehea cd,aught in gang crossfire. hisam filyet rurned to the scene alonthg e southbound lesan of 0 on mony.da they bneurd incensere, st aivcte hofow many chisene pay rpeesct ttohe dead. >> it is
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ndwoerful chd ilto me. amanda: sheef rlect that on pickinoug t aak ce for jpeasr's birthdayex nt month, sangyi he was an incdirebly goodoy bnd a now shise calling othn e mmcounity to help find jasper's killers. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> investigators are asking anyone with information about the shooting to give them a call. the tip line number is on your screen. it is 707-9-417491. makusi: gerovnor news womill be in monretey tayod for a chat at the calirnfoia econoc mimmsuit. isil wl be his first appearcean in moreha tn a week. he h baseen abst enfor the stla few dsay aerft abrtlupy caelncing a tp ri ttohe u.n. imclate confenerce in glgoasw. there wasps eculation hmie ght ve had a reactn iofrom his osboter st hoand sevel raother eothries thatau csed newsom to trend tonwitter f horours yesterday. our siinder sayths ere is an nation. what sibacally haenpped was thathe wn he decedid noto tgo to glasg, owit created aee wk of
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unplneand timeff o. he jusdit d not heav any evesnt anned. he is goi tngo changeha tt. makusi: the govnoerr attended the wedngdi of billionae irivy lo gveetty asat n francio's's ty hall sonaturday. >> it has been rethe years since the deadliest and most instructive wdfilire in steta history. the drerivs in theow tn of parasedi are afftiecng on the pastnd a the proesgrs sienc the fire. 85 american agfls are pcelad along the street in parade,is e for ea pcherson whdio ed in the fire. oncoe uple who mov bedack after losi tngheir home says nscotructionre cws are everywhere. it isll aro pgress. it ishe t sound oprf ogress and this tow bn,ack togeerth. >> i just keli being i am so adgl to be >> parisade's maryo sayas upcole of hundred uni htsave been ruieblt and 2000er pmits are begin process.ed he says th neew paradeis will be a fireaf se comnimuty. each new building includefis re
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restsiant elemtsen. >>ha tt could be something for e threst of tuso watch let's'take a look wathat is going on. highway r fopittsbur aghnd antioch. the anoctih bridge getting weav he 24 and 680, some wet ather inal wnut creek, lafattyee, headi tngoward you can s meeore lini ungp along thcoe ast. th iiss the wavef omany that we willav he duringhe t morningf o whe itrain, drizzle. the drzlize and litgh rain steadi iern higher elevations keli the heaindles we arsee eing righ htere whilthe e rest of us will get waves of taking aoo lkt afuturead rar, we will arstt 50 minesut from now a yndou c sanee scatteder shows erand lower elevations, consta rntain and izdrzle in high eerlevationths rough the lunch urho. as we hd eainto the aftnoeron and defitenily a teraping and the n suwill tryo tbreak free fromhe t cudlos just as it arstts to seart ound 52 :0this afternn ooand it wl ilbe pretty
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cln eaall t wheay throu yghour ening rainfall amounts, t noexpecting amntou -- not exctpeing a lot. wl ilremain damp thrghou the morning mmcoute withno ather 10 of annc ih of rain possleib. for theor mning rus th,hat will be ourig bgest chaenllge with rain a tshe lightai rn ntcoinues. bridsge are prettbry eezy, escipeally ouras et west bridges. no rn aifor the eneving rush and the nsu doebrs eak outnd a more usee kp drivinong those roads anitd will be much drier this evening. hopefully not wet at all. iits wet thimos rning. jobi:na good morning. we are watching a couple of crashes at the moment starting with richmond san rafael bridge. it will be in the westbound direction, which is what you are looking at tbu it is on the stern a car has cshraed into a movable vidider there. soal, we areet gting reptsor of roadwafly ooding ithn e east bay. specifalicly, eastbndou and westboun80d on the hbasy ofraf-mp, thaist shut down
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right now because of flooding and eastbound 582 harrison lane is blocked because of water in the road. a live look at the toll plaza. that is slick right now. chp has issued when advising for the babry idge, 10at mteo idbrge, and e thdunbar bdgrie. >> thankou y. ghfiting the climateri the cityle pdging to be carbon neutral in lesths an a deadline less th aan decade. kumasi: the ruretn of the sonic ruaynw in the utsoh bay. >>wi stched borefe birth. anvf i mixup rdieang two wenom to deliver babies that were not theirs. one couple to scrub in the ment thekny ew something was wrong. kumasi: taking a live look outside at 5:12. nobody heading across the golden gate bridge people everywhere viling wi tthype 2 dietabes
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you mapay y as litetl as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider ouabt rybels®us today. makusi: a couple in soheutrn calirnfoia says eithr joy afrte gingvi birth v iian vitro feilrtization icqukly turned toin worry andon ccern. thbae by lookenod thing like them. khal siltallwortteh lls us they were geniv the wro engmbryo.
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>> th tathis greastte potenti falor joy would bngris usuch endinurg in and trauma. >> thewey re overjoy gediving birth to baa by girl rothugh in trvio fertilatizion. the couple takgin their bundle of joy home to bondit wh her five-yr-eaold daugerht, who often snglugedit wh her baby ster. however, the couple tinoced that unli tkehe rest tofheir famy,il thbae by had auc mh dkearr mpcolexion a jndet black hrai d anshock anhod rror, the couepl leard nethat theew n genetic tainstg the byab they took home rtnuuring and lovinwag s not geneticay llrelated ttohem. >> denial tdio scover t theruth of what h hadappened otour family, i waovs erwhelmed. we kw nohow impoanrtt it is to sharoue r storyo sthat thicas n vener happenga ain. >> this deoral has bn eea nightmare. reporter: t dheevastate cdouple micong to gpsri with the tru,th th beaby they had come atoccept d love dpieste doubtsas w
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indeedhe t biologil cachild of a completetr sanger. th aeyre filinsug it against licafornia cteenr for reodpructiveea hlth. beverly nssuet surgilca associesat, in vroit tech labs corporat,ed and ccrh'mes dical direct.or >> theed mical embryo kemas up, that ious t with ndxaer and thr eiolder dahtuger were rcfoed gtoive ufop rever the baby to omwh the who fleamily had bond.ed rertpoer: she gave birtho tthat won'm's baby. th eeyach swihetcd babies. now eyth a wreorking t moake up rfo ltos time thwi their biologic balaby girl. >> i was rbeobd of the abityli toar cry my own child. i vener had the oorpptunity to grow and bond. . with herur ding pregncnay. >> our enteir filamy has suffered icon untless yswa, but wh maty wife h gasone touhrgh is bendyo words. report:er aolsee sking emoontial
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dagemas,om cpensatory, and a wide rgean of cos,st the suit remindin--g demandi ang jury trial,ut pting cau asend name to the lauiwst, was issued no mment. lilo stallrtwoh, abc 7ew ns. reggie: it pisledged to carboneu ntral by 2020. the ci ctyouncil vedot in favor by that styeerday. the ideas i to reach neter zo greenhou gseas emissionsve or the xtne nine yrsea, makingt i the laesrgt u.s. cityo tset th gatoal. the city ssay heahad s already investedea nrly $1 billion in new and renewable energy and resources atth will come online by the end of next year. speaking osaf n popularem dand, the sonic rwauny oisnce agaitun rninupg the energy in front osaf n jose cyit hall. the illuminedat sound asrt insulaonti was a
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no hwe has ge onthrough jomar grades f torshi encore --ow n it has geon through moraj upadgres for ts hicoenre. it gives the wleho city hel vibe. peleop can ce omhere. ittt aracts reiegg: it visualizes thepe sed ofou snd and therc ahes are nchroniz tedo the be oatf the kusima: this is actual vlyery cool. mike:an sos je gtietng a litetl florav. makusi: it alsloo oks like a slinky. mike: you allen wt out fr tomhe ilding? makusi: w iould like to go peop-wleatch. that wldou be someoo gd entertnmaient. ke:ha tt would sbeome ntent. i wouldik le to wat bchoth of yoanu d jobina. that would be some gd oocontent so. let's'weather ntcoent. were a coming up on 5:19 on this
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tuesy damorning. two ndhureths ofn ainch in nsa sejo. redwood city, nrleay 2/10 oanf erevybody at leastne o thirdo t three arquters until you get to llmial vley a sndanta rosa. remo than annc ih of haloff rain trehe. arnely threeua qrters inan s ancisco. moreha tn a halfn rehe in walnut creek, we have had nelyar thr qeeuartser of an inch. it ists ill raingni. hweave morngni raiann d izdrzle. it will taper ts hias clouds enop just a little bit. at is enghouor fog f to form toghnit and coerol tempeturares morrow mniorng. wl ilbe dry with eravage to above eravage high tshrough the extend.ed toy,da we willta sy coolerha tn avagere. 57 in kelaport. 60 two iukn iah and napa and half mooban y and saa ntcruz, it would soal around 63 to 66 degrees. if y aoure heading out along the east baywe, have lit ghrain and drzlize and teermpatures rniunng around 5to3 bo aut 55 deeegrs.
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elseerwhe, it isil mder this 51 in saa ntrosa. s50ix in pasleanton ancod ncord appear sedamehi tng down moagntue and5 5in san je.os for e theast baya , of drizzle and a w feshowersro aund 2:00 as we hit4. 6 we are onur o way to a night nig t 4''s in rou e coast. low '0's lookt aall of ttha fog we will ha tveo deal with tomroorw morning. tomoowrr, that fogil wl kpee
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from warngmi too much. a coup olef degreears ound the bay andom se drier r aiwill start to roll in and temperatesur from the mi60d-'s at the cstoa to low mtoid-70's ound theay b friday,at surday, and suny,da our warstme days. >> aay b gettina g boost in time thanksgiving. foster hi, m i'steve ani d live ainustin, tasex.
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mike: 5:23 on a damp morning. the seven things to know on this tuesday. we still have rain study and results of the morning commute. it will taper to just showers this afternoon so the evening commute will be much easier than this morning near grab the umbrella. >> we are seeing problems on ur comgit wh a a
5:24 am
on southbound state route one between head aloma road and a crash on the richmond san rafael bridge as you travel in the westbound direction. >> millions more americans could be eligible for a covid vaccine booster. pfizer is getting ready to request fda authorization for people 18 and older is and older as soon as this week. >> and the operations plan for the astroworld music festival reveals can security concerns before the concert. that included evacuation needs and the threat of a mask how the situation. at least eight people died and dozens of lawsuits have been filed. >> a vigil was held last night for 23-month-old jasper. he was killed over the weekend after being hit by stray bullet. chp is asking anyone with information about the shooting to call them as soon as possible. >> after dienst -- actor dean stockwell has died. he passed away in his home on saturday of natural causes. dean stockwell was 85. blacks is your internet still
5:25 am
down? you are not alone. xfinity customers expressing frustration after a widespread outage. we have reached out to comcast to find out what happen and when service might come back on, but so far, no answers. >> today, the sand for cell the san jose earthquakes are going to hold. he owns nearly every is going record in now let's history, including the most goals. he also played for team usa in the 2014 world cup appeared the danville native played 17 seasons including 14 with quake's. >> four astronauts are back on earth after a six-month mission in space. these are the images from the nighttime splashdown. the spacex crew dragging capsule parachuted into the gulf of mexico off the coast of pensacola, florida. it came with one last challenge. issues with the toilet on board
5:26 am
the capsule forced the crew to rely on undergarments -- is this too much information? it might be. just imagine adult undergarments during the nine hour journey from the international space station. do we need to know? reggie: google can help you find your pet's look-alike. google pet portraits will scan tens of thousands of historical works of art to identify your pet's long-lost twin. the feature works with dogs, cats, birds, fish, whatever. it takes a few seconds to find several matches. the feature is part of google's arts and culture app. kumasi: please do this with brewster. please. i just want to see what pops up. we are really -- reggie: we are really doing a lot for our pets.
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kumasi: and that's fine. reggie: there holding a can tell you for brewster -- cut to alien -- a cotillion for brewster. still ahead 5:30, a delivery truck with no driver. kumasi: an new information about a second season of the new hit show "squid game." reggie: pay local health officer's message about not wasting anytime, especially not right now. kumasi:
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serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at nine-year-old boy fighting for his life after attending astroworld. the family explained what happened. kumasi: justice for jasper. the emotional vigil for the 23-month-old killed by a stray
5:30 am
bullet. mike: give yourself some extra time to get to school or work. it will be a wet morning commute. mike is tracking this level 1 storm. kumasi: the future is here. the trucks making deliveries with no drivers. reggie: tuesday, november 9. abc 7 is live wherever you stream. kumasi: let's start with a check of the forecast. mike: i wonder if they can do it in this type of weather or if they still need us to get through this type of weather and that will be rain and drizzle pretty steady through the morning commute. it will taper over to showers through lunch and that will taper to nothing by the evening commute. i did downgrade is from a two to a one with 2/10 of an inch of rain possible. we still have a very moist flow coming off of the ocean. patients. wet gear, you need it all. on the richmond side, it is
5:31 am
definitely rain. the richmond san rafael bridge, the bay bridge, the dunbar bridge, the san mateo bridge, gusts up to 20 to 30 miles an hour. that is still making it very dicey getting across higher elevations. as far as future radar and the temperatures, you can see pretty wet all the way through noon with temperatures warming to around 60 to 63. it is gone by 4:00 and we are hanging around 60 to 64 degrees and the cloud start to open up. cooling by 7:00, mid-50's to near 60 degrees. reggie: the roads are wet across the bay area. this is a video showing the rain coming down in antioch overnight. amy hollyfield's live near the bay bridge with a look the conditions she is seeking. amy: good morning. we just got through the toll plaza. we are getting a little bit of traffic right here. the morning commute is underway. it is wet. it is a wet commute, but it is a light drizzle right now. we are not getting a heavy
5:32 am
downpour. it does seem as if most of the rain happened while you were asleep. be aware of the aftermath. we have some wet roads this morning. we are hearing of a little bit of flooding in berkeley, eastbound 80 at ashby. that off-ramp is closed because of standing water. we have some video to show you of the rain coming down. this is in san rafael last night. they got six inches of rain during that last atmospheric river that we had back in october. this storm was nothing like that. of course, it had people remembering that, wondering if it would be that again. wondering if they would see flooding here and there from the last storm. but this one was not nearly as heavy. just some much-needed rain. this morning, it is on its way out, but we are getting the end of it and we are seeing some drizzle here this morning. just be aware that your commute is going to be a wet one, especially if you are about to head out and give yourself symmetric time. reporting live, amy hollyfield,
5:33 am
abc 7 news. reggie: keep an eye on the writer -- the weather on the abc7 bay area at available on android tv and apple tv. kumasi: now to the investigation into the tragedy in houston. we are learning about security concerns before the concert as more witnesses are coming forward. jobina has the details on the operations plan for the festival. jobina: abc news ha abc n detailed plan for the music festival. the 56 page document shows key concerns and included "the potential for multiple alcohol, drug-related incidents, possible evacuation needs, and the threat of a mass casualty situation." the document reveals only the executive producer at the festival -- and the festival director had the power to stop the show. eight people died as the crowd at travis scott's performance surge toward the stage. among the injured is a 9-year-old, ezra blount.
5:34 am
his family says he is fighting for his life after being trampled when he fell off of his families -- father's shoulders. >> my son cannot breathe because of outand whpaedssut o, e fell into the crowd. he was trampled really bad. jobina: travis scott is offering to pay for victims funerals. dozens of lawsuits have been filed. none of the people listed in charge of security and operations has issued any comments. reggie: it is horrific to hear that. thank you. the search continues this morning for the shooter responsible for the death of 23-month-old jasper. in the list update, highway patrol did not provide details about the investigation. >> chp is continuing to tirelessly investigate this incident and detectives are looking into it as we speak. reggie: no one has been
5:35 am
arrested. oakland residents are calling for change and showing support for the family. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone was at a vigil last night. >> imagine if this was youris wu baby. imagine if this was your baby. how would you feel? reporter: anger and sadness monday night as community members river 20 month -- 23-month-old jasper. they lit candles in memory of the youngster who would have soon turned two. >> our hearts are torn, our community is torn because of this. it is senseless. we do not know what to make of it. we are totally ripped apart. this memorial set up in the shadows of by a 80 are jasper was had by the stray bullet. those here are demanding that the shooters turn themselves in. at least one community members
5:36 am
sending a direct message to those individuals who were involved and who are still out there. >> the guy is out-of-pocket for that. especially babies. >> i only have three words righo t know t fheamily, b sutay eyth are heabrrtoken ovewhr at pphaened andop heful that somee oncomes foarrwd with informatn ioor videoo thelp find theho soter. to the famy,il the asian commituny is herfoe r you. we are sndtaing stro hngere rfo you. we are outer he a wnde will stand here and sentrgth with you. >> we ear talking about an incenont child who had done nothing to anybo.dy is child nev hereard anybody in his life. why does he deservtoe die? dheid not deserve this. >> highway patrol officers are
5:37 am
asking anyone with information to give them a call. the number is on your screen. kumasi: the crew ship ttha captedur internaontial attenonti dungri t ehearliest ysda of eth pandemic returned stoan anfrcisco. thgre and prinssce wasac bk in e city yteesrday for the fstir time since the cruisend iustry strearted sainilgs. e of t ehearliestaj mor covid outbres akhappenedbo aard this ship in march of 2020. the ipsh was helofd f our cotas fodar ys at t aheuthorities scralembd to comupe with a plan r fothe thoundsas of passengser bonoard. today, aou sth bay congresswoman will hold a virtual town hlal withpe scial gue dstr. dr. ucfai wl ilanswer queiostns about vaccines dan oerth health-related topics. you casun bmit youqur estions
5:38 am
ea of today's mregistration is n eventbrite and the town hall starts at 6:45 tonight. >> the white house is talking private businesses to pick -- proceed with a vaccine mandate despite a legal challenge that has put that requirement on pause. republican attorneys general from 26 states have sued to block the mandate and over the weekend, a court put the mandate on hold. the biden administration responded with a court filing last night, saying the risks without a mandate are two great.
5:39 am
>> people should not wait. we say, do not waitil wyourwork. it is itcrical too d and we need to g metore people vaccinad.te >> under this mande,at bunesisses with o hneundred employs eeor more face a jaarnuy 4 midnhtig -- deadneli to get all plemoyees vainccated. employerwhs o do noto dthis ll face b tigestingnd a mandatory masking. >>us jt as thousan odsf kids receive their firstac vcine, idepemiologis stare warng inof a possible wintesur rge. w the eris a pustoh keep up thpae ce of vainccation fokir ds ag fesive to .11 dr. llwiis says ccvaine uptake s haexceededis h expectaontis, t buhe pntois out the eris no time to stwaef imembers ntwa to beaf se for thhoe lidays. >> if we want atth protectnio
5:40 am
for e thwinter hidolays, the windows ithis week,ex nt week, and the ekwe after because it take tswo weeksft aer that to have fulprl otection. >>oc dtors remd ineverneyoha tt e thvaccinere pvents sereve cases and dba outcomes. yifou have any queiostns about vaincces, you n caask our amte. we are dicedated to ttgeing answerbys headingo t art abc7ne.cwsom/vacci pneage click on the blue box. do you recognize this man? the serious crime he is accused of in a south bay.
5:41 am
>> for thanksgiving, travel is expected to be back to pre-pandemic levels. first, a check on the weather. >> coming up on 5:40 on this tuesy.da saman teo, sarogata drive as you head towdar by,he t san mateogee to light rain and gusty crosswinds this morning. this shield of rain goes all the way from daly city to palo alto. it could touch the dumbarton bridge and traveling through the santa cruz mountains, you have a steady light rain here also. let's take a look at what is going on for the future and you can see from 6:00 all the way until we start lunch, the steady rain and drizzle will move into the higher elevations while the rest of us will have just some scattered showers. as we head into the afternoon hours, the scattered showers go away. the column of saturated air starts to become less saturated and that is why the drizzle will go away, but some clouds will cling to our mountains and that will continue as we head into the evening hours. rainfall amounts not very oppressive. maybe 2/10 of an inch of rain in our higher elevations in the north bay. your morning commute is poor. that is where you will have the puddles. as we get deeper into the commute, it will still be damp for that. whether you are on the ferry or mass transit, have your wet weather gear. temperatures in the east, mid and upper 50's except for lafayette at 52. 51 at santa rosa, oakland, san francisco, some of our warmer temperatures at 56. 53 at montague and saratoga. we will take a look at the
5:42 am
weekend. it is promising to be pretty nice. here is jobina with more on the commute. >> we are following a alert in point reyes because of downed trees and power lines as well. southbound state route one between -- before poin&e i thea. we hlooding reported on eastbound and westboreet, all lt ashby. heads up to you there. in san francisco, we have more roadway flooding. this will be on northbound to4 8 san jo asevenue. a live lk ooat the rhmicond san rafaelri bdge. have a ascrh on thees wtern an there. it igos ing to bbae cked up rfo you. just h aeads up. you n casee the droetplshe tre and busy inal wnut creek on 680. very slick contidions. very slick contidions. were a followi ang number ofdene to order with frh esbuttmierlk. bu t this month's spotlight acstk feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and mo gstram-wort hy of thealm l. new! ppkumin pecan pancakes. isth month'spo stlig shttack. see yoatu dennys hey at c&tustomers... isth month'spo stlig shttack. there's never be aen betrte ti tmeo switch to getht e fa astnd reliaebl internet y doueserve, for only $19.99 a month for 12 months. and, for the first time ever, we'll give you2 1 times the spdee for the mesa price wnhe you d adxfinity bimole. th at's morspe eed
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- i'm no.rm - m i'szasz. [nor am]nd we li iven columb, iamissouri. we do nscoulti,ng but awelso itwre. [szasz] tweake caref o ourselvecos nstantly; it 's imporntta. weal wk three to five tesim a week, a coup mleiles at tia me. we- 've thbo been tangki prevenag for a little more tn ha11 yearsow n. after about d30ays tofaking it, we notic cedlarity ttha we didt n'notice borefe. - 'sit still helpi mnge. i stilnol tice d aifference. prevagen . healiethr bter life. masi: the woman aesrrted in e thdeath of a manhe set m rothugh an offer up and is cited inou crt today. plea dseescribet ias a robrybe go wnerong. police arrteesd t 2he4-year-old in the dthea of 19-ye-oarld miaechl. veinstigators say he met hern i fafiireld last week anplning to
5:45 am
buy ase ud car foras ch. officers lerat responded to a nehbigorhood aerft gettingal cls ouabt a man wndo. she s waarrestedhe t next day. eth vicm tiis a rsoean has good graduate and hisar pents said he was working sereval jobs btouy caa r. ggreie: the santala cra ershiff's fiofce is asking rfo helpin fding m aan who tyhe say llowed and suaexllyss aaulted blind investatigors releasethd ese phot oosf a susptec from rveillan cceameras aat taetrg. eyth say he rsfit approaedch the mawon whos ilegally blind at a nearby srbtaucks parngki lot, thenol flowed heinr to the rgtaet on stenevs creek boulevard. some target, investigarsto said he followed her intano other nearby pkiarng lot wheree h sexuallyss aaulted coacrding tohe t sheriffs ofcefi, a witns eshonkedis h ho, rnstarlinkhe t suspect, and even -- startling the suspect anevd en got o outf the car and started toha cse him. >> i alappud that rspeon. regg:ie invesgatitors hope
5:46 am
soonmee recogne izthe susptec r fohis vehicle. iits a silver gnsin ono front plate. they say it appears there were toward -- toyar cs on the dasharbod. makusi: airports dan roads are goodo tbe bieusr this coming lihoday. avel is peexcted to rebndou to toan pdemic lelsve. aaa is etprty doingor me than 53 miiolln peopleil wl travebyl ane, train, or car, whhic is up 13% from last year and most people were still staying at home. here in the bay area, aaa says the worst corridor to travel is i-80 east and i-5 80 to san pablo dan road. thbue siest ti wmeill behe t wednesy dabefore tnkhasgiving before- - from 40 :0to 6:00 p.m. regg:iehe t other qstueion about travel, are airnelis and airportsea rdy to handle the surge? rertpoer: in this morning's gma rst lookit wh the holayids fastpp aroaching, will airnelis and airptsor havthe e staff eyth need to handle thsue rge in avtrel?
5:47 am
qutiesons are omloing about vaccine mandates a indf airrtpos will he avenough elompyees to halend that crh usof passeerngs. >> it is a busy time and it is not likely to ease up afos lks come o outf the hodaliy season. repoerrt:op hing to smooth out avtrel, most major aliirnes in eth u.s. ear looking to full potisions by the end othf e arye. meso even ofrifeng astronomical incentiv teso employsee alrdyea on t pheayrolls. >> theis druptions, the flight attendant assaults, it is time to ensure and reward flight atndteants going forward to cause itas hee bn a toug20h mohsnt. porerter: coming up, we will have the tip ysou needo t kwno to navige atyour holayid travel. withou yr gma fitrs look, i am evor at,ul abc news, new yk.or masi: this friday is disney pl dusay and there are aot l of deals to ta akedvangeta of. sndiey is offering eth service for o twdollarsor f a month. subsibcrers wilgel t special pes rkat the parks and there
5:48 am
wille bno merchdianse on shkoc dieysn. some theaters will be showing disn meyovies fojur st five lldoars a tietck and also, we are ginivg awa10y free analnu subsipcrtions toew n members. goo tabc7newsom.c to enter and weil wl announ tcehe 10 winners on friday. e hit nelitfx show,oo"gd ge'a' -- "uisqd ge"am is cinomg back with aec sond asseon. eth sceucss, the arsts say they are ttgeing recniogzed and the stcaing creator veha all dresam woforking ihon llywood mesoday. >> justot put it t outhere. heh, spielrgbe. >> when i camthe rough the miimgration ntceer, they rewe asking me r fomy autogphra. kuma:si [laughter] the c since season o is sean soo
5:49 am
still in thela pnninprg ocess and iist too early tsao y when and w hoeverythi ings going to happ.en reggie: have uyo watched? i w'n't say anhiytng then. kumasi: iav he not wahetcd any. reggie: thedey finitelyos le the left -- eyth definelity left a lastho st of th iiss goingo t coinntue. masi: areou y excitedbo aut ?it mi:ke i am. it is annt ieresting swho and fidenitely siaocl commenryta on onomic pvirilege. there are a lot of otr hethings too. let's talk about wt hais going on weatheris-we. hereou y go. san joselo, oking at 101 and 880 , they a breoth wet thwi little on tlywo hundrhset of an inch officilyal at the rpaiort. you heacld oser to ceruptino, aroundne o third oanf inch. yodeu finitelyit h the rain shad dowown the utsoh bay. izzle anrad in this morning.
5:50 am
sherows as weea hd to the afternoohon urs. osthe will petar to prey ttmuch thnoing aftesur nset. cooler ls owand dense fog tomorr aownd onhe t wkeeend, partlyun sny with teermpatures rmwaer than eravage. today, were a around i62n napa, ukiah, richmdon, half moon bay, santa 66 in san jose, ccoonrd, and nsa farael. ingog back to the east bay, the averaghie gh is 68. were a 57hi ts morngni, wchhi is y wawarmer tn hayesterday morning. you nca still see scaertted owers arndou during e thlunch urho and mostly oucldy most of thafe ternoon. 6''s aths e cloudspe onp uat 6:00 and8 5by 8:00. denifitely witthh at earlier sunsetyo, u will edne a jacket. e sehow the oucld cover tonight and th watill be motorrow's issue with the cmuomte and rectduion in vibisility. youil wl need your ceop with mi40d-'s toow l 50's. here is your forect aswith a oler start tomroorw.
5:51 am
weil wl warm a dege reor two away from the coa, stbut we will d another dreege or two everheywre thursy daand by friday, mid '0's at the cstoa. wlo 70's ouarnd t bheay and land andow l to mid-'7's sardtuay. ill low '7's on suaynd. nice runf o some iequt and mfortable weath aernd even lo uadpper 60'' on monday,ti sll going toe bnice. aftetwr o jeak -- after today, stilgol ing to bnie ce. ggie: a recent christmas adtrition now banned by a county dgjue. makusi: a new twist over a badete for srtho-term rentals. reggie: a delivery
5:52 am
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5:54 am
rental. a group ofrf iends reednt the me and we okupo tslashed tires and a threateninges msage teinllg them tleo ave. turnsut o, the ho dmeid not have a pmiert to operate as a ort-term rental and vrbo removed it from the site. abc 7 has learned ttha the home is back on the side and someone send us the liinstg. the only differences i iist listed as a lg-onterm renlta th a 30 ghnit memo mtaiske. ignehbors tell us thewn oers ve done isth before d anthey beevlie it could be a way to irskt the rus.le >> may tbehis will give eth unty ammitunion to nafilly do sothmeing. kumasi: homwneoers did tno respdon to our qureest for comment. a okspesperson says a 30 day nimimum steak means the htos is t in vlaiotion of calol gurelations. the sonola couy ntplanning managetor ld us he cannot dress this specific home because iits the suecbjt of an ongog incode enfceorment case. e thsheriff'des partmentay ss erthe have bnee no breaktouhrghs
5:55 am
to determine whoan vdalized atth ham one ntmoh ago. a new amazonar wehouse cldou be comi tngo san frciansco. eth comnypa plans to submit ans nextee wk to ilbud a warehouse ana d shipping center on 7 sthtreet ne oarraclpae rk. the site wlil reiecve pacgekas fromts i tracy weharouse. amazonou bght the land last yrea fo$2r 02 milli.on to 500 plemoyees cod ulwork there. consuctrtion wiltal ke alet ast reggie: walrtmas self-driving trksuc are hitngti the roaond thr eiown. human safety drivers are no longerei bng used in two vehicles onhe t streetsf o kansas. they are t rheetail indusy't's rst truldry iverless trucks being udse on a commercial route. what could go wrong? kemi: 5:55. let'' take a lookro aund the state today and you can see our moatspheric velir fallin agpart it movefrs om northo t sou,th
5:56 am
nevemar king itve or the great find and intoou sthern califoiarn. some sttcaered shorswe and snow come abo tuthe snowev lel is rising up to autbo 8400ee ft. travelinupg to taho te,hat will be theas ce. t buthere are a lot of flakes poibssle with isth winter weathe4:r 00 today. rehe is a 7-yda forasect. if wgee t any wet weath aernd meso snow tod aaynd then we wmar ckba to avere agtomorrownd a abeov avegera with mid-'0's to low '0's fridaysa, turday,nd a suaynd. makusi: newt a6:00,ha cnging up youror mngni coffee. the aitddion to yrou cup that is quickly becoming the next big thing. reggie: hopefully, your waking up with because of m aajor outage overnitgh that mahay ve liernging efftsec into your rkwoday. masi: goverr nonewsom gtietng ckba to the blpuic eye aerft a week of swirngli qstueions. the week of surprised absences finally with the explanation.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
that's are gat moment ri ght ther e thref gointog the leru book whatwa, it a mine!ut harr iiss oftof the rac!es we don't ndee any mo trerick plays. touchdn!ow! but cweould allse u more ways to save. aryoe u kiddinmeg ?? it's going to be a lg onbus deri home for the densfee. switch to geo icfor remo wayso tsave >>ui blding a better yba area, moving forwa, rdfinding solutis.on this is abc7 nsew. masi: pfiz'r's big boost, trkiacng the telimine of tshi next me,ov onipeng upho sts. r everyo 1ne8 and up. reggie: a famy ilin mniorng. community rallying around the
6:00 am
family of jasper. kumasi: we are waking up to a slippery commute. our team coverage this morning on the driving conditions, problempo sts, and h lowong the izzle isti scking arndou. ggreie: goomod rning, y aoure tcwahing abc7 mornings. we will arstt with o furorecast. mike: gdoo morning. let'' teak a look atha tt soggy start. hweave dowrangded this from a two to a one. we heav areas of inra and izzle thugroh the moinrng comme utchangingve or to atsctered sherows late tshi moinrng. that chaenc of shorswe will taper into the eniveng commu,te 2/10 oanf inch ofai rn as possible. the doperpl is pretty active ross our neighrhboood as tshi motis flow will ngha arodun for e nextev seral we have st winds out of the south -- we


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