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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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> rhtig now on "america this morning," the invtiesgation into the concert disaster in texas and the security concerns befeor the crowd surge ttha left ehtig ople wh wate're leainrng about the victims inclungdi a 9-year-o ld nowig fhting for his life and the big question, what took so longo t stop the show? devopeling from washinongt, e ngcoressman under fire for itquing a veoid depicti hngim attacking representative alexaniadr ocasio-cort.ez babies stcwihed befeor rtbih. the repants who say they gave bihrt to the wrong baby. the shocking in vitro mix cup and lawyer who claims it hapnspe more than you thin k. >> g>as prices hitngti new cords in ptsar of the country. the states hit the hardest.
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caut ghon camera, two dramatic rescues,ne o a driver trapped in floodwaters, the other, a school bus careening ofthf e rdoa and into a crk.r,ho mushr coffee the next big thing? good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with the investigation into that concert tragedy in houston. >> eight people were killed as the crowd surged towards the stage. we're learning new details about security concerns before the concert. houston's police chief saying he even met with rapper travis scott before the show. >> meanwhile, more witnesses are describing the terrifying moments when people were trampled. as investigators in houston piece together a time line of the tragedy at the travis scott concert, abc news has obtained a detailed operations plan for
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the music festival. the 56-page document show key concerns including the potential for multiple alcohol/drug related incidents, possible evacuation needs and the ever present threat of a mass casualty situation. and based on the site's layout and numerous past experiences, a security plan has been established to help mitigate potential negative issues. under rules and responsibilities, the document reveals only the executive producer and the festival director had the power to stop the show. on monday houston's fire chief said travis scott shares responsibility for the safety of the crowd. >> if the lights would have been turned on, the promoter or artist would have called for that, it would have chilled the crowd and who knows what the outcome would have been. >> reporter: the crowd at scott's performance friday surged towards the stage leaving fans knocked down and trampled. eight people died. the youngest, 14-year-old john hilgert. dozens injured including 9-year-old ezra blount. his falymi says he's
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fightingor f his lifafe ter ing tramedpl. >>he wn we go ctooncerts d an differenevt ents we peexct safety and security, and didn't see any secitury. een i - >> reporter: multiple devios show the crowd pleading with otsct to stop thshe ow afas ns re in direstss. it's unclear if scott could hear them. the raerpp at one point stopped e thperformance but then continued. a 2019 netflix documentary show cedhaotic cwdros at scott's prioevus cceonrts. and isth video of a 2015on ccert now ingog viral enwh scott stpeopd the sh aowfter he idsa a n fatried tote sal his se.ho scott hiseard ordinerg the crowd gtoo after e thman. . [ blee]p him up. [ blee] p him up. >> reporr:te scott issued a statement saying he's devastat.ed 's now offinerg to pay for victs'im funalers. meanwhil me,ore peop wleho say th beyarelesy caped the chs ao ardee scribinghe tir ordeal. famati said nomuz saidhe s had
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to bite someons e'leg to escape. >> ppleoe started falling onop t ofe mand that's wn hei was like terally in the bottom of the dog pile screaming for help. i bit somebody's leg doing -- likery ting to get attention, you knowto, help like to help us. itas w a horrie blexperien.ce >>oz dens of lsuawits haveee bn filebud t none othf e people sted in archge of sericuty and erationsas h issued y an mmcoent. > >>the commteite investatiging nujaary's atckta on the s.u. pitol hasus bpoenaedix s more trump alesli. they include his former campgnai managerfo, rmer spokesman and ex-natnaiol curity aisdver micha fellynn who caedll on trumtop impose martial w laand seizvoe ting mainches. al oson the li, stformer n ew yorkol pice commsiisoner berrdna rik. > formerre psident tmpru is taking credifot r republanic ns on eltiecon nightas lt week. during aun frad-iser forou hse repuicblans lastig nht he claimed pureblicans nncaot win witht ouhis suppt.or his mmcoents folw lonew porting from abc j'sonathan karl.
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ursoces tellon jathan th oatn trump'fis nal day oinffice he threaten tedo quit t gheop and starhit s own pay rtbut he cked dowwhn en the r nc rethatened tsto op paying his legal fe. es izarona congressn mapaul gosaisr under fe irover a veoid he tetweed depicngti a carto on rsveion of hseimlf killing congrewossman alexdrania asocio-cortethz en chargg inat pridesent bidewin th two srdwos. twteitr flaggethd e tweet yisang vitiolates s itrules budit d notak te the video down. tniurng tohe t ndpaemic, erthe is n aew push to supply booster otshs for aladl ults. pfizer iexs pected treo quest authorizioatn soon. meanwhil we,ith the sybu holayid travelea sson apprchoaing, there's nccoern aboutht e number of tsage ants who e ar unvainccated. c's ike ioejchi is he ernow with me oron that. e,ik good moinrng. >> reporter: gd oomorning,on ma. the nuermb of ameranics eligible foa r third cod vivaccine shot ulcod increase dmaratically. this rnmoing, milonlis more americancos uld onso be eligleib foanr added layerf o protecti fonrom covid. izpfer is exctpeed to se ek authorizatn iofor its booster
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ot for aonnye 18 andld oer as soons athisee wk. ds as yog unas 5re a now ttgeing theifir rst vaccine sedo but won b'te fully ccinatedor f thanksgiving. the mosimt portant thing people can do isak me sure all thr eifamily members, yoanne visitingur ding the holidays are vaccinated a andnybody who n't vaccinated including young kids areti sll wearing aas mk. >> repteorr: it cos meas the justice departmentes rponds to an applsea court, which teormpary blocked enfoemrcent of the bin deadministtiraon's rule requirg invaccinesr oweekly testing for plemoyees atar lge mpanies. the juicste departntme claims thcoe urt decionsi would leliky st dozenors ve en hundre odsf lives pedar y. deral woerrks have uilnt venomber 22ntod get vaccinad.te a recentep rort show 4ed0% of tsa rkwoers haveet y to receive eir firssht ot, but soa urce says thasgnkiving trelav will not be aecffted by penottial firings because tsa empleeoys ll not btee rminatedn othe deliadne date,ns itead thelly' first gecot unselingnd a a rning. meanwhe ilstate farm insurcean
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is standing by its pitchn ma aaron that steta fmarge ant said esh hel psoppele. what doou y do? >> i py lafootball. >> tt'has not a >> well. >> rorepter: thefl n star recentlyes tted posiveti for covid anacd knowledg hede had t nobeen vacnacited and idsa ck in austgu that heas w muimnized. statfae rm sayining a statement, we don't suorppt some tofhe statentmes that hhae s made b wute respechit s right to have his own personal point of view. nba legend kaemre abl-dujabbar ss ayhe has dagamed professional srtpos. his lacofk responsilibity for s hifriends,am fily, staff, tmea andan fs that he lied t aond expedos to covid-19 shows a lack of malorha cracter th catan't be noigred. >> reporr:te now, onofe the strictesvat ccine maatndes in the couny tris now iefn fect in los geanles requinirg proof of llfu vaccinaonti to enter restauras,nt gyms anbad rs. na. >>ke i, thank you. the proseticuon couldes rt today at the kyle ritteounhse iatrl. chelaims se-dlfefense f or ooshting thr meeen durinpog lice protes itsn kenosh wa,isconsin.
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thloe ne survir votook theta snd yesterday admitti hnge was armed busat ying he d hano tention kofilling rteitnhouse th natight. gaige osgrskreutz scderibed seeing ritthoenuse's rifle poteind at him. >> what s wagoing thugroh your mi andt this ptiarcular montme? >> thai t was gointog die. did youee fl that hwae s ingog to poi tnthe gun a sndhoot atou y again? >>es y. >> theef dense gotro gsskreutz to admit that rittenhseou did not enop fire until gssroe inpoted a guatn him. > >>the pentagon sayst iis awe arthat china has built mock-u opsf u.s. wsharips ich may ubesed for rgtaet actice. satellitime ages shothw em in a chesine desert. a pentagon spokespern sosaid e u.s. icos ncerned ouabt beijing'ins timidati bngehavior in theeg rion. fo aurstronautars e back on rth aftespr ending 2 d00ays on the inteatrnional space station. theicar psule atchtaed to fo ur pachrautes splheasd down o tffhe florid caoast overnight. they weer picd keup by a recoveryhi sp.
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urfo new astnarouts coulbed launcheds asoon as motorrow. time now for a look at yr ou tuesday weather. more snow iisn the focarest toy dafor the unmotains ofhe t pacific rtnohwest. tupo 20 incs hecoulfad ll berefo the storm mesov into the rockies tonight. while all that sw nois coming down in the motaunins, it will be raininglo ang the pacific coast from wasnghiton state down to the s fanranciscoay b area. checngki today'sig hh temperurates, warm terhan usual for muchf othe arly 60 grdeees in ksaans city and mid-s 60in the nthoreast. ldmi along t gheulf coast as well, 75 in new comi ungp, walma mrtakes a bichg ange wheitn comes to online shopping. > also aadhe, a w neprediction about gaprs ices andhe t states seei tnghe sharpt esincrease in prices. d anparents scderibing a nightmare sangyi they ga bveirth to thero wng baby. e thin vitroix m-up and w hothey t gotheir ba bbyack.
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a breahrktough eczaem treatment. walmart'ses lf-drivi ng uctrks are hitti tnghe road l al onhe tir own. the mpcoany saysum han safety drerivs are noon lger beinusg ed inside t vwoehics leon the streets bofentoilnvle, arnskaas. ey're the reilta industrs y' first truly ivdrerless trucks being used on a commeralci route l alin hesop of lealviating e th shorgeta of uctrk drivers. > >>drivers ulcod soon s seeome reefli from soinarg gas presic after hitting a tinaonal average of $3.42 a gallon. analys stsay pricecos uld drop 10 to 15en cts in thcoe ming wes ekif oil priceres main steady. now, theta stes seei tnghe biggesprt ice incrseeas in recent dayins clude maine,hi oo, india, naillinois, ariza,on new mexo icand liforniamo ang others. > two pantres in calorifnia
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are deriscbing the oirrdeal after eyth say the biraby was switchedef bore birtduh ring a mix-up aa t fertilitcly inic d are demdianng more regulaonti to prevt enmistakes li tkehis fromap hpening ainga. here a'sbc's meg tanevrizian. reporte tr:his morng ina los anges lefamily isus ing a rtility inclic aerft a mother syshe gave rtbih to somneeo seb >> i wasbeof the abityli mowy child. i never had the opportunity to grow and bond with her during pregnancy, to feel her kick or to watch her in ultrasounds. >> reporter: in 2018 daphna and alexander cardinale entrusted the california center for reproduction and dr. eliran mor to help conceive their second child through in vitro fertilization. but when daphna gave birth in september 2019, her baby did not look anything like her or her husband. >> the moment our second daughter was born
4:14 am
should have been among the happiest of my life, but i immediately felt shaken and confused as to why i didn't recognize her. >> reporter: they say subsequent dna tests confirmed their baby was the biological child of complete strangers. both couples say they unknowingly raised each other's babies for months before the mistake was uncovered. the couple is now suing the california center for reproductive health, their doctor and the lab involved. according to their attorney, mistakes like this are more common than people think because he says fertility centers are almost entirely unregulated. >> barber shops and nail salons are subject to far tighter state and federal regulation. it's time to demand accountability from big fertility. >> i hope our story will help others. god forbid anyone else is going through a similar situation, but
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i hope that we're able to give other families out there a voice. if something doesn't seem right, ask questions. >> reporter: the lab has not returned our request for comment on the lawsuit. the cardinales and the other family say they legally obtained their biological children who are now 2 years old and are committed to staying connected. andrew, mona. >> megan, thank you. and coming up, oscar pistorius, the olympic runner who killed his girlfriend, now up for parole. what he has to do first to win his freedom. also ahead, the school bus crash caught on camera. the rescue effort that followed. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed
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talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. back, now, with dramatic moments from central florida. three officers rescuing a woman from her sinking car, breaking her windows to get her out. the car was trapped in a canal during flash floods on friday. the woman is okay. another rescue to tell you about this morning. this one in pennsylvania, involving a school bus. this morning, police in easton, pennsylvania, investigating this terrifying crash. dash cam video shows when a bus drove off the road into a creek. the bus loses control in this curve. the back of the bus goes offroad, as the vehicle barrels left and through the barrier, into the creek below. nine people were injured, including eight students and the bus driver, but none with
4:19 am
life-threatening injuries. two students had to be lifted off the embankment inside baskets. the bus coming to a stop in two feet of water. had it flipped, things could have been much worse. >> that bus rolls on its side or its roof, it's in the water fully, we're talking about a bigger problem than what we had. >> reporter: concerned family members rushing to the scene. >> i heard one mother screaming, which hospital is he at? >> people were crying and that. i found out that my grandson was all right. i called him on the phone. he was fine. he hit his head hard. >> reporter: charles said his grandson suffered bruises and a sprained ankle. all of the kids have been reunited with their families. the bus driver will be tested for drug and alcohol impairment as part of the investigation. oscar pistorius convicted of killing his girlfriend is now eligible for parole. pistorius is serving 13 years for the murder of rieeva
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steenka steenkamp. it's unclear if he will meet with steenkamp's parents. it was a star-studded night for america's wounded warriors. the annual stand up for heroes, for the bob woodruff foundation. jon stewart, bruce springsteen and many others participated. bob woodward spoke about the marines last in afghanistan. >> they lost in total 13 service members were killed that day as a result of the explosion. sacrificing their lives so that thousands could be evacuated to safety. >> this year's event supported veterans affected by the withdrawal of afghanistan and covid. is mushroom coffee the next thing? bad news for elf on
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♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with the next big thing for us, coffee lovers. >> how much room do you leave in your coffee? enough for mushrooms? it's rising in popularity across the country. coffee drinkers are getting hooked on the wellness that mushrooms bring. >> and the mushrooms counteract the jitter that you get with caffeine. it's a win-win situation. ketchup for mars. >> the tomatoes were grown on earth but in a environment similar to mars. it's been taste-tested tomorrow. it won't be sold to the public,
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at least not yet. next, dodge is looking for a doughnutmaker. not for breakfast but to show off its muscle cars. >> dodgean wts to pa syomeone to drive a muscle caror f a whole year. onmue scle reqreuiment, dviring cirescl to make doughns.ut a way outor far pents who need a break from elf on the shelf tshi year. >> a judge has your back. aud jge in georgia hasan bned e holiday tradition. elf onhe t slfhe mesov to a dierffent locatnio every day duri tnghe weeks befeor christsma andep rorts bkac to saa.nt and the judge issued a tguone in check order, clialng his ban gift toir ted repants. finay,ll a marathorun nner who hadve eryoneua qcking up. >> lkooow h ceut she was pounngdi theav pement in new rkyo. inwrkle theuc dk joined runners. her owner had shoesor f her. fans cerheing her every step. i think she came in at rorecd
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>>ch> ecking the top stories -- an operations plan set up for the deadly music festival details conrncesnc iluding the reat of a mass casuaylt siattuion. ght peoepl were killed when thero cwd surg.ed drakeho w was also at the festival releedas a statentme yisang he wants to help victims' famiesli any way he robinoo hd was hit by a data eech that exsepod infortimaon mliilons of custeroms. eth hackers dendmaed a rsoanm payment. but it ssay nooc sial secutyri mbers, bank accntou numbers or debi ctard numbers were exposed. aaa is pdirecting more than 54 million americans willra tvel r thanksgivgin this year, a 13% crinease from last th'sat the highest crinease since 2005. a new study links the teyp of fat in your diet, not the
4:28 am
amount, to h aigher risk of consuminprg ocesse eed meat eve day increased stroke by %.12 tbu the risk wased ruced when the fat came fmro vegabetles. >> r>ain onalg the west coast. sn iown the mouaintns of the northwest. to 20 inches possible. dry and warm acssro much of the restf ohe t country. and nafilly, trehe's someinthg to whine about. that a's srthoage of wine. >> will gasns reports. >> reporter: there's plenttoy whine about rfo tnviers esthe days. the demand for wine hheigr in the pandicem. tbu winemakers across theon pd are dealing with a lot. >> there was a frost in europe. anfod llowed ttha with floods. so, ion d't know wtha would be xtne. maybe a lostcu. r>>eporter:he t plagues of pino oportions ainddg up. rothughout the eopurean iounn, this wldou be thehi trd year in a row of lagnggi ouuttp, apprchoaing one of theow lest
4:29 am
yesar in recten history, acrdcoing to the intertinaonal organization of vine and newi. combine that with ppsuly chain issu,es namyel a shortage of ass wine ttboles, and bkac here in the united states,e' wre alreyadee sing the paimct. >> in theni uted stat,es $7 to 1 range, the price increased autbo 5%, on ait ler price. >> rorepter: wha dtoes it mean we head into high sipping season? it'sot n leik we'reoi gng to be walkin ignto the local liqr uo ste orand all of t wheine wil l beis msing off ofhe t shelves bauds of the iuesss wree' lktaing about today? >> no. uryo $7 to $11 pceri point will always be available. hower,ve your mo breoutiequ wines may be in short splupy gogin into the lihodays. if there's something you keli, i would t geit beforthe anksgiving rush. >> even though the issues mhtig deyla the wine gtietng to the shelsve in the liqruo orste, the fact they are inar brels longer will give the wine a nicemo s
4:30 am
right now on "america this morning," the investitigaon into the concert disaster in texas and the securityon ccerns before the crowd surge that left eight peleop dead. what wree' learnin agbout the victims iluncding a ye9-ar-old now figinhtg for his life and the big question, what took so nglo to stop the sh?ow developgin fmro washington , the congssreman uernd feir for quitg ina videoep dicting him attackingep rresentative exandriaca osio-cortez. > baesbi switcdhe before birth. the paresnt who say they gave birth to the wrong baby. ethho scking in vitro mix cup and lawyer who claims it happens remo than you think. gas prices hitting new recordins parts of the country. the states hit the


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