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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 9, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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dan: the bay area as the storm moves in, raining heading from the north bay to the south bay now. think you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. sandhya: forget about the raindrops, take a look at this live shirt, the rain is hitting the pavement hard now. live doppler 7, an active scene. in the north bay, .09 inches. you notice macarthur boulevard in oakland, heavy downpours. san francisco sunset district to daly city, it is coming down. from san jose to santa cruz, lighter rain. this atmospheric river is weak to moderate. it is a level 2 storm. wind gusts up to 44.
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wind advisory until 3:00 a.m. watch out for power or trees getting knocked down. wet weather going into the morning commute. a full look at the timeline is coming up. dan: people have their own umbrellas out in san rafael where they are getting a good soaking. last month they got six inches of water in 24 hours, combined with the high tide. some businesses did flood. >> something must have been blocking the sewers. in the afternoon it started building up. we got 2-3 inches inside the restaurant. dan: the current storm is expected to drop a half inch up to one inch of rain. work crews spent the last several days cleaning storm drains. ama: more than 4000 pg&e customers are without power right now. an outage started over an hour
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ago. neighborhoods along 101 are impacted. no estimate on when power will be restored. another big outage affecting comcast internet customers. this is the down detector map, showing a big cloud of red. we have heard from folks around the bay who are without internet now. we have reached out to comcast to find out when service may come back, but no answers yet. you can keep an eye on the weather anytime, you will find it on the abc 7 app. dan: in the east bay the community came together to show their support for the family of 23 month old jasper wu. his family reunited tonight, and they are able to mourn together. the toddler was struck by a stray bullet while the family was driving on 880 in oakland.
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the family is beginning the plan for jasper's funeral. reporter: 23 month old jasper wu 's family should be planning his second birthday party, instead they are planning a funeral. reuniting quietly. >> finding him, getting a and they will get underway for the time being. reporter: the chamber of commerce president spoke on behalf of the family, they say that pandemic complicated the father's return to the u.s. they chatted online regularly. jasper's mom invited our anchor to her home. she was surrounded by friends and community leaders who offer translation. >> this is such a huge loss to us.
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we cannot accept his departure. reporter: young jasper was asleep in his car seat. a bullet went through the car's front windshield in oakland. jasper was shot in the forehead, caught in the crossfire. his family returned to the scene along 880 monday, burning incense. >> wonderful child to meet. reporter: she reflected on picking out a cake for his second birthday, saying he was an incredibly good lawyer. she is calling on the community to find his killers. ama: in an update, highway patrol did not provide many details about the investigations. >> the chp will continue to tirelessly investigate this
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incident, and detectives are looking into leads as we speak. ama: no arrests have been made. oakland residents are calling for change and showing support for the wu family. >> imagine if this was your baby. imagine if this was your baby. how would you feel? reporter: anger and sadness monday night as community members in oakland remembered 23-month-old jasper wu. those here lit candles in memory of the youngster who would have soon turned two. >> our hearts and community are torn because of this. it is senseless. we do not know what to make of it. reporter: this memorial set up in the shadows of i-880 where young jasper was hit by a stray bullet. those here demand the shooter shooters turn themselves in.
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one member sending a message to those who were involved and/or out there. >> it is wrong what you did. leave innocent people alone. especially babies. >> i only have three words right now, justice for jasper. reporter: community members who attended the vigil do not know the wu family, saying they are heartbroken about what happened, and hope someone comes forward to help find the shooter. >> to the wu family, we are here for you. we are out here and we will stand here in strength with you. >> an innocent child who had done nothing to anybody, he never heard anybody. why does he deserve to die? reporter: abc 7 news. dan: highway patrol investigators are asking anyone
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with information about the shooting to give them a call. tehe tip line is on your screen. ama: the white house is calling on private businesses to proceed with his vaccine mandate despite a legal challenge that put the requirement on pause. over the appeals court put the mandate on hold while it reviews the case. the biden administration responded with a filing saying the risks without a mandate are too great. >> we say do not wait to take actions that will keep your workplace safe. it is important and critical to do. waiting to get more people vaccinated believed to more outbreaks and sickness. ama: businesses with 100 employees or more have a january deadline to get vaccinated. dan: just as thousands of bay area kids received their first
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covid vaccine, epidemiologists are warning of a symbol winter surge. kate larsen is a member of our vaccine team, and has more on the push to keep up the pace of kids' vaccinations. reporter: the immediate demand for pediatric vaccines has appointments filling up fast. santa clara county clinics vaccinated 10,850 kids. contra costa, 933. san francisco's public health department does not have data yet, but one pediatrician vaccinated 500 patients alone. in marin, 2673 their shots, none at pharmacies, likely making the actual count much higher. >> 4000 more doses today. reporter: one will go to the 11-year-old son of dr. matt willis. >> he will get vaccinated
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tonight. i'm a physician, i can vaccinate him. uptake exceeded his expectations. >> if we really want protection for the winter holidays, the window is this week, next week come the week after. the second dose is three weeks later, and then it takes two weeks for full protection. reporter: the department of health warned of a possible winter surge, urging californians to get boosters, and 5-11-year-olds to quickly get their shot. >> i do not think it will be enough to prevent a surge. cases will continue going up and down. reporter: if it will not stop a surge in its tracks, a reminder that everyone that the vaccine prevents bad outcomes.
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>> upcoming surges should be less impactful on society. reporter: abc 7 news. dan: if you have questions about covid vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team, they are dedicated to get answers for you. just go to, and click on the big blue box. ama: two couples had to trade babies after a mixup. dan: today marks free years since the camp fire tore through paradise, california. the road to rebuild has not been easy. ama: families are checking out the return of the
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most deadly fire in-state history marked three years since the camp wildfire. the people in paradise are reflecting on the past and the progress made. flags were placed along the street for each person who died in the fire. a couple moved back after losing their home, and say construction crews are everywhere. >> it is the sound of progress, this town coming back. >> i'm so glad to be back. ama: the mayor says a couple of hundred multi family units have been rebuilt, and permit are being processed. he said the new era dice will be
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a fire safe community with each building with fire resistant elements. dan: governor newsom is set to attend a fireside chat at the california economic summit tomorrow in monterey. governor newsom has been conspicuously absent the last few days after he canceled a trip to the u.n. climate conference in glasgow, scotland. there was speculation he had a reaction from his booster shot. there is an explanation for his absence. >> what basically happened, when he decided not to go to glasgow, it created a week of unplanned time off. he did not have any events planned. he is going to change that. dan: the governor did attend a wedding at san francisco city hall saturday. ama: the cruiseship that captured attention in the early days of the pandemic made a stop in san francisco today, returning to the city for the first time since the cruise
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industry restarted sailings. the ship was off was off was ofw days as authority scrambled to come up with a quarantine plan for the thousands of passengers aboard. dan: a couple in southern california say their joy after giving birth via in vitro fertilization turned into worry and concern -- the baby looked nothing like them. from our sister station in los angeles reports they were given the wrong embryo. >> we had no idea the greatest potential for joy would bring us such enduring pain and trauma. reporter: they were overjoyed giving birth to a baby girl through in vitro fertilization. the couple taking their bundle of joy home to bond their five-year-old daughter. however, the couple noticed unlike the rest of the family, the baby had a much darker
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complexion, jet black hair. the couple learned through genetic testing that the baby they took home, nurturing and loving, was not genetically related to them. >> having to push through my denial of what happened, i was overwhelmed. we know how important it is to share our story so this can never happen again. >> this ordeal has been a nightmare. reporter: the devastated couple coming to grips with the troop, the baby they had come to accept and love was the child of a complete stranger. they are filing suit against the center for reproductive health. elder children were forced to give up the baby who was carried to term, and the whole family
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had bonded. reporter: the couple contacted the woman who gave birth to their biological child. they switched babies. now they are working to make up for lost time with their biological lost girl. >> i was robbed of the ability to carry my own child. i never had an opportunity to grow on bond with her during pregnancy. >> our entire family has suffered in countless ways, but my wife is gone through is beyond words. reporter: seeking damages and a wide range of financial costs, the suit demands a jury trial. dan: we will continue to follow that story. in the meantime, let's focus on a rainy night and morning. sandhya: this is a moderate strength storm.
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it is definitely going to be slow going for the morning commute because of the wet weather. live doppler 7 is active. east bay, berkeley, claremont avenue heading into piedmont, we are getting downpours. in the north bay from san rafael , moderate to heavy rain. the mission district, downpours. the sunset district tracking that moisture going into alameda. from our golden gate bridge brie camera, you can see the rain coming down. this is concerning, the biggest concerns, ponding on roadways. tree limbs falling. debris flows. we have already seen power outages. if you are in san jose, you are saying, what storm? santa rosa, san rafael, that rain is making its way in.
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the highest totals were the heaviest rain is concentrated was the north bay. temperatures now in the 40's and 50's. in the sierra snow is mixing with rain. chain controls on 80 and 88. 88. winter advisory until tomorrow, expect up to two feet of snow at 8000 feet. difficult travel tonight. tonight and tomorrow, moderate strength storm, areas of downpours, gusty winds. as we time this out, at 2:00 a.m., moderate pockets to heavy pockets of rain. by 5:00, most of that heaviest stuff has passed. we will have moderate pockets of showers going into 8:00 a.m., scattered showers through noon, isolated for the latter part of the afternoon. rainfall totals, additional rain
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, up to temperatures will range from the 30's to the 50's. the chilly spots at the northern end of our viewing area. tomorrow, in the 60's with pop-up showers. a level 2 for the morning, 1 for the afternoon, wet and breezy. it dries out midweek. veterans day will be more sunny and mild, and that pattern will hold for the weekend before we cool off monday. ama:
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sonic runway is turning up the energy at night in front of san
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jose city hall. the illuminated sound art installation was a hit when it debuted in 2017-2018. now it has gone through major upgrades for this encore performance. >> this is pretty dope. it gives the city a chill vibe. people can come here. it attracts attention. dan: it sure does, the display visualizes the speed of sound. the arches are sink denies to the beat of the music. -- the arches are synchronized to the beat of the music. chris: coming up, the on a four game winning streak. stephen curry starts out hot and
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get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. river rock casino. chris: stephen curry has not
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scored more than 20 points in the four game winning streak, but early in the first quarter, on defense, hard to see what happens here -- his left shoulder, instant pain. stayed in the game. loose bulk, and in the bottom of the net. -- loose ball, and in the bottom of the net. poole, 16 points. curry, dribble, drive, the foul. the fans are getting a show. moments later steph buries another three, he had 18 in the third. anderson, splash. warriors cruising. fourth quarter, crazy. curry from deep, finishes with a season-high 50. fastbreak, the lob to lee. curry had 50 points, 10 assists. the warriors in rica by 14. they are 9-1 overall.
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49ers host the rams. the right tackle out for the season with a quad tear. turnovers costly in the loss arizona. >> playing football is fun, losing is not. i think we had good energy coming out. when i have a fumble, and then we have another fumble, it kills the team. >> run game, pass game, he brought the energy. we all make mistakes. we have to minimize those or it will not be good for us. >> i have to carry the ball more. chris: monday night football, steelers hosting the bears. steelers up 3. ben roethlisberger sacked, but marsh goes to the pittsburgh sideline and will get a tom aunting penalty.
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justin fields, 16 yards. the bears up 1. under 30 seconds to go, boswell from 40 yards out. the steelers win 29-17. the giants gabe kapler a nominee for manager of the year.
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>> you shall not pass! that would be mona. >> i would go full. coming up, what you need to know about the growing wine shortage. but first, south african athlete, oscar pistorias now up for parole, but what he must do first with the parents of his victim. plus, the family that's suing a per tilt clinic after the mother says she gave birth to someone else's baby. you're watching "world news now."
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