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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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on the wet pavement and now to a live look in san francisco where the rain arrived less than ago, this is the view from the roof of our abc 7 news studio farther south. here's 101 going through san jose southbound. is that traffic on the right hand side 880 over the top south i won't see much rain from the system, but it won't be completely spared either and we have live coverage for you tonight in out in the elements and tracking what's to come we're going to abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian spencer the storm ranks two on the storm impact scale, right? it does then that means the storm. moderate intensity although sometimes it's going to feel even heavier than moderate. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the heaviest of the storm heaviest elements are still offshore, but it's beginning to push inland over the north bay right now, and it's raining in other parts of the bay area as well lightly at the moment. so it's a level two storm for tonight and tomorrow morning and we can expect rain heavy at times strong gusty winds isolated thunder is possible and the most intense part of the storm is yet to come. here's the forecast animation
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starting at 7 pm notice by ten o'clock. we'll see fairly substantial rainfall heavy at times reaching virtually all of the bay area and continuing with that kind of intensity across the entire region until just after midnight, then it starts to weaken just a little bit but it'll still be raining as the morning commute gets underway. the heaviest rain will be to our east but there were pockets of rain behind the heaviest part of the rain of the storm. and of course, they'll be wet pavement for morning commuters and mentioned the wind a wind advisory is in effect until three o'clock tomorrow morning when gus may reach 45 miles per hour. their peak and we have snow falling in the sierra winter weather advisors in effect there a closer look at all of this a little bit later ama. alright spencer. thank you. and this storm isn't as strong as the one that came through a few weeks ago, but people are still worried about a repeat of prior damage abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in san rafael laura business owners or the feeling a little nervous. little nervous, but not the preparation. we saw before that last storm.
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it's been raining here for about twot. this is the same intersection that two weeks ago had water. that was knee deep causing some businesses some damage and now another storm is taking a and it was going all the way inside this hole about two inches deep the general manager of soul food in downtown. san rafael doesn't want to repeat of this the sudden storm surge from last month's atmospheric river that came directly at her business and throughout the afternoon. it just started building up going inside of the restaurant there. so, you know, we took as many towels and he you know all the material that we had to kind of block in keep it out on the sidewalk. but unfortunately got it, you know two or three inches inside the restaurant last time san rafael got about 12 inches of water and 24 hours combined with high tide this time the expectations for rain are about
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a quarter of that or less still the owner of this store where the flooring and thousands of dollars and merchandise were destroyed. last time is hoping for no repeat performance. how was it for you to have your store flooded gladys stressful anxiety, right thinking. a lot of loss to avoid scenes like these san rafael public works crews have spent the last several days cleaning out storm drains and doing other preventative work just in case too much water comes down too fast. it's the kind of work being done all over the bay area including in contra costa county. just lessons learned from the last storm there is some areas that popped up that became problem areas. so we we are making a concerted effort today to to those areas at soul food the manager told us they've survived and mo thriurhe panmi getting through another storm should be relatively easy wr ben
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help the community serve the customer so until another natural disaster takes us out. we'll be here. and we're back live here at this intersection. third and lincoln. this is the same intersection that was flooded during the last atmospheric river in terms of preparation so far. we've seen exactly one sandbag. we're showing you that want to cross the street, but that is not to say that sandbags are not available if people decide that they need them the city told me that they've spent the last couple of days going around to their three different sandbag locations and restocking the sand so people it. it will be here. profile laurie anthony abc 7 news. alright laura. thank you so much. the chp spoke within the last 90 minutes or so about saturday's killing of a toddler by a stray bullet 23 month old jasper wu was shot as his family drove southbound on interstate 880 in oakland. the chp says it appears the gunshots came from a vehicle driving northbound. that the public should feel safe on the freeways.
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that's part of the california highway patrol's mission is to make sure that the public the motoring public is safe when they're when they're traveling in. ways so i'll leave you with this that we take these seriously, we investigate the full extent. no arrests have been made in this case and authorities want to talk to anyone who is driving in the area who may have perhaps dash cam video. that could be helpful. there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county in the last year this one with horrible results and tonight the family of that little boy is grappling to deal with his death as his mother pleads for help from the community to help find his killers abc news anchor dion lim with her message from sky 7 family of 23 month old jasper woo gathered at a makeshift memorial along the southbound lanes of 880 in oakland this burning of incense and jaws paper is how many chinese pay respects to the deceased ensuring a comfortable afterlife the baby on instruction little
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jasper was in a car with his mother aunt and cousins on the way home to fremont when a bullet went through front windshield sources tell me jasper was shot in the forehead caught in gang crossfire jasper's mother cherry on invited us to the fremont home. she shares with family monday afternoon surrounded by friends and community leaders who offered translation cherry reflected on picking out a cake for jasper's second birthday next month, and that was an incredibly good boy told me unless i do sure he's always us and just wonderful child to me compounding her heartbreak. sherry's husband is flying to san francisco from shanghai tonight. he has never even seen his son in real life only via video chat unable to visit an unfortunate circumstance of the covid pandemic finalistic young woman having a full-time. mom, even when i was pregnant i wasicor
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yang xiao andayor lis and suppos strong message. we will not tolerate this in terms of the violence and the outcome for our families. we need to be in solidarity together and sarah show our sincere support and heartfelt. empathy sympathy for the families at this time cherry made a plea of her own doctoralian. this is such a sudden such a huge loss to us, and we we cannot accept his his departure. i do want to call on the community for your help if you were on highway 880 during that time, please give us any information that you have the family asks for privacy as jasper's father processes this tragedy in fremont dion lim. 7 news beautiful sweet boy as you can tell well, topry on abcm since it happened. we're going to continue to post
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updates online including any progress on the search for who did this and we want you to know you won't find a link to gofundme account because the family has not set one up at least not yet scammers if you can believe this have set up fake accounts of the boy's name that money is not going to the family. so please do not donate to those accounts of this time. there seems to be an uprising among some high school students who have complained about sexual harassment and assault at their schools students have organized rallies and walkouts and protests stating that school officials aren't taking their complaints seriously tonight to abc 7 news senior education reporter liam melendez has more on this growing movement. students from oakland tech have rallied in front of district headquarters to voice their outrage over incidents of intimidation and sexual assault. we need them to be active in supporting students who are victims of these kinds of crimes and we need them to take this issue more seriously than they do.
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collins posted students have consistently. said that policies addressing sexual harassment and assault are inadequate in making students. feel safe. they're not going to put up with the sexual harassment that's happening at the schools all over the district in general anymore students at lincoln and high schools are now also complaining the situation is so concerning that the school board president. this weekend with student leaders and district staff to address the situation immediately the school district told us while they actively investigate these incidents that happen on campus. they are limited in what they can do. and something occurs outside of the school. the issue has been brought up before at a school board meeting 10 months ago again commissioner collins students don't have language in order to know how to report it. we confirmed that with students who said they lacked the tools to address these incidents the
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girls and guys aren't learning how to not have it happen and how to know when to say no and when someone says no to stop in response atu-lro dot allies has been formed to help support those who have gone through this trauma in san francisco. lyanne melendez abc 7 news. getting scammed out of your money is bad enough one victim was scared of death threats, too. he turned to 7 on your side's michael finney for some help. seeing governor newsom lately a lot of people haven't next we are live talking with abc 7 news insider film a tear about what's going on with the governor. silicon on abc 7 news. i'm david louie join me aboard this going alaska airlines flight which is doing some significant research on the significant research on the environment and welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. lots of new introductions. ...4 ounces... so many new toys. it's not going to be easy.
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coronavirus headlines tonight the us has lifted its pandemic travel ban for international visitors from dozens of countries after more than a year and a half travelers must be fully vaccinated and some will also need to show a recent negative covid test today the city of los angeles begins requiring proof of vaccination of places like restaurants bars gyms museums malls salons and more that's more extensive list than in certain parts of the bay area. a month ago. we told you about a nightmare vacation rental a group of friends visiting the bay area woke up to a threatening message telling them to get out of their rental home now turns out the home didn't have a permit to be a short-term rental vrbo took the listing off its site, but as abc 7 news anchor liz learned
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today. it's now back up with a slight change. it's a story that's hard to forget a group of friends visiting the bay area last month woke up to find their vacation rental home in fairfield vandalize the garage door painted with a threatening message telling them to leave this place or else all four tires of their rental van. also slashed i can't even believe that it's real honestly the friends. realize they were caught in the middle of a contentious neighborhood debate over short-term rentals. despite how disturbed they were by the vandalism though. they were even more disturbed that unbeknownst to them this seven bedroom home should never have even been listed on vrbo where they booked it solano county put a moratorium on short-term rentals earlier this year and this home does not have a permit the most wrong to me would be the homeowners because they're just like, let's keep ranting after the incident came to light vrbo removed the property from their site. eheenters seems done and done right? well not so fast today a tipster sent is this here is the same
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home back listed on vrbo. the only difference this time the home is listed with a 30-night minimum, which essentially means it's no longer a short-term rental, but neighbors here tell us these homeowners have done this before and that they believe it's away for them to skirt the rules. this is consistent with with their past. years cliff neal lives on the same cul-de-s he says for over a year. it's been a similar pattern the county shuts down the rental home and then the homeowners find a way to keep renting. it's also advertised for like 850 dollars a night which is 25-27,000 a month. so no one's going to rent it for that. so it just basically solicits people to call and ask hey it's not rented. is it available for this week kind of thing the minimum state means the host is not in violation of local regulations. the solano county planning manager told us heouaddres the e
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because it is o an ongoing code enforcement case the solano county sheriff's department says that there have been no breakthroughs to determine who vandalized the home one month ago. so for now the neighborhood saga continues neil expects, its only a matter of time before new renters show up. maybe this will give the county ammunition. into to finally do something in fairfield liz kreutz's abc 7 news right turning to the weather. we see a lot of green behind spencer dan. yeah and more is coming spencer. it sounds like that's true. the storm has arrived and continues to arrive getting stronger and stronger as time goes by here's a look at live doppler. we have light rain falling right now at parts of the north bay over in the east bay on a peninsula. so it's spreading right now, but the as you can see the most intense elements of the storm are yet to arrive. here's the view from the emeryville camera looking back across the bay bridge. it is 59 degrees in san francisco, oakland 57 low 60smoe thedetehere'sig ready
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heavier rain will follow current readings and other locations right now cool 53 degrees at santa rosa we have mid 50s at novato napa fairfield and concord and 60 degrees in livermore and here's a view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco where there are some areas of wet pavement right now, but not very widespread yet. so the forecast features are these level 2 storm arriving right now. rain and wind will follow overnight and into tomorrow morning and we can expect sunday or milder days beginning on thursday right now. we're looking at the storm impact scale this storm tonight's storm ranks level 2 on the impact skele storm of moderate intensity. it'll produce rain that will be heavy at times with strong gusty winds that won't taper off until early tomorrow morning. we may even hear isolated thunder with this storm. so here's the forecast anim. you notice between 7pm and midnight the storm spreads quickly eastward and southward covering all parts of the bay area with a periods of heavy rainfall that pattern continues until about the beginning of the morning commute around 5 am or so, and then the storm tart starts to taper. a little bit, but the most
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intense elemental elements of it will be over in the sierra by that time. so we move along to the wind pattern wind advisory will be in effect from seven o'clock tonight to 3 am tomorrow. this covers virtually all of the bay area the strongest gusts will be around 45 miles per hour be on the lookout for blowing debris. maybe even some tree limbs. there's a possibility of a few power out. and rainfall totals will range from just over three-tenths of an inch in san jose to over half an inch in most locations right around the bay shoreline oakland will probably get over an inch and a half of rain out of this and maybe one point three seven one point seven seven inches and santa rosa when gus will be at their strongest around mid. or so 35 to 45 miles per hour and there will be snow falling in the sierra a winter weather advisory is an effect there tomorrow afternoon here in the bay. area will make it some breaks of sunshine just a few with high temperatures mainly in the 60s. and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast start drying out a little bit on wednesday where we get sunnier and dryer days beginning on thursday in milder days as well taking us all the
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way into the beginning of next week, dan. right spencer. thanks very much. well, you may have noticed a familiar face has not been seen during our television news broadcasts and elsewhere for a week or so. governor newsom hasn't made a public appearance in more than a week. in fact certainly an unusually quiet period so we asked abc 7 news insider film material to look into it figure out what's going on. he is live with the story of phil. what's the deal? what are you hearing? you know, it's interesting dan most politicians you and i know and have worked with they make news by getting on television and saying something but right now california's governor kevin newsom after the recall and amid, the covid pandemic is making news because he hasn't been on tv and he hasn't been seen for about 11 days and that sort of gives you an idea of the scrutiny the guys under it all started when he abruptly canceled his trip to the climate summit in glasgow, scotland.
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and society unspecified family obligations. well that raised a few eyebrows because people saying well what's going on with the family? why would you cancel something that big the fact of the matter was dan that it was president biden was going there. there wasn't any real need for gavin newsom to be there and a trip to scotland at this time. just wasn't the greatest thing for a four-day turnaround. so he said no to that but what really kicked things off was after he received a booster shot for a covid vaccine. he completely off the radar virtually and that led to speculation on the ever-growing internet that he must have had a bad reaction possibly and that they were covering it up. now you'd say okay, so it's on the internet, but it quickly grew when gavin newsom's wife put out a tweet that has since been put down basically telling those are questioning the governor's presence ought to quote, you know, stop hating and get a life the next thing, you know, it was a new story that was appearing from here to london. where's newsome i guess the guy is is a contender and very
6:21 pm
minimal more than we think boy, you know it's a field day on the internet for this obviously. what are you hearing from? the governor's office the staff? well, they were kind of taken aback then because i mean as i said, you know, they're used to trying to promote the cover instead. they started getting calls this morning saying where is he? what's he doing? what's this? does he have a bad reaction to covid? is there a family problem going on? they issued a statement? eventually that said no what he's been coming to the office regular he's been going home. he's being a dad he's going to work and but basically happened was that when he decided not to go to glasgow it created a week of unplanned time off. he just didn't have any events planned. he's going to change that but it's interesting to note. he did manage to make it down to these social events of the year so far in san francisco the wedding of getty oil eris ivy getty. it was at city hall that was transformed into a harry potter-type castle, but even
6:22 pm
there he couldn't get tweets out of the governor because everybody had to park their phones at the front because the entire affair was under contract to be photographed by magazine and they weren't allowing any cell phones or selfies to go out. no, no, that would hurt. thanks phil very much. they had. where's waldo now we have where's gavin? thank you phil. well the pandemic a number on a popular palo alto street tonight look at what it might this isn't our first flip. and sure, some renovations can require some compromise. but, there's no settling at floor & decor.
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business corridor to a failing street, california avenue, and palo alto has been hit hard during the covid-19 pandemic but as abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey found out residents and business owners still believe it. can thrive despite pandemic woes. closed shuttered empty not words usually used to describe businesses along, california avenue and palo alto. we counted nearly 10 for lease signs along just a few blocks of the street that seemingly has more storefronts closed than open. it's been really sad ever since the pandemic. we lost the cleaners. we lost the bakery the counter we've lost so many different different businesses on the street. it's really sad judy. okie owns leaf and petal and says there has been any reasons businesses have closed in the area a lack of staffing high cost of rent for the street less visitors due to covid but not necessarily the closure of the avenue.
6:26 pm
okie says despite challenges and may create for others the closed street helped her business survive because the restaurants have thrived if the restaurants survived it's better for us. we need our restaurants to survive they bring in customers to us and there are neighbors and we support each other and they would not have five different for the street closure as an example of the popularity of the area. even on a monday. there was no shortage of guests enjoying lunch in the restaurant parklets for many. it's hard to see the empty storefronts along the street, but hope remains that california avenue will continue to be a popular place in palo alto. we're starting to see things coming back kind of gradual, but but we're very hopeful about how things are going. there are oh, you know places for lease, but we're hoping that they'll come. back because i think people really love california avenue, california avenue will continue to be closed until june of next year and the city council is expected to discuss a permanent closure of the street this month
6:27 pm
in palo alto dustin dorsey abc 7 news. if it's not raining where you live now sit tight, you'll get an update on the storm. that's moving into the bay area next. despicable that one way to describe scammers who use zell to scare a local teenager out of 10 grand. i'm michael finney and i'll have that sto
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. storm that ranks two on the abc 7 news storm impact scale will be with us through tomorrow live doppler 7 shows you where it is right now. yeah, and it's just the beginning. so let's bring back spencer for an update on the rain and we're talking about spencer. okay, emma what we're talking about quite a bit. let's take a look at live doppler 7. once again, you can see the heaviest rain is still offshore, but some of the steady iranians moving into the north bay right now and lighter rain is hitting other parts of the bay area forecast anim. shows that for most of us the heaviest rain will occur after apm and up until maybe about 2 am and most locations apart from the south bay will probably get an inch of rain out of this storm. i'll have all the details coming
6:31 pm
up a little bit later with a complete forecast dad. okay spencer. thank you scammers have stooped to a new low relay to extort thousands of dollars from a san jose teenager 7 on your side's michael. says the culprits practically put a gun to the boy' head to get that cash and it is revolting. it is revolting. it's actually so grotesque. we can't even really show it to you and it's entirety what happened to him is just unbelievable. here's what we know the con artist carried out their scheme using the zell payment app for a reason here a discretion i've got to tell you is advised. the money disappeared from the account of 19 year old christian valdez as quickly as a threatening text and phone calls could come in if you don't pay this amount. i'll come to your house now. yourself the con artist first demanded small amounts that then the amounts demanded group bigger and bigger with his mother by his side christian broke down what?
6:32 pm
he kept texting me and harassing me about like i need this much. i need this much. i need another amount the text came with gruesome. so what would happen to christian if he didn't give in to the demands then he sent me a videos. of people getting shot and getting chopped up. i'm making a payment textured christian you promised to leave me and my family alone. i'm just scared for all the photos. i'm sorry that you showed me and i don't want that. yeah sergeant christian camarillo of the san jose police department says the best defense is to cut off communications immediately as simple as blocking someone's number from yourself on that solves 99.9% of these problems sounds simple now, but at the time christian says all he could think about was saving his family. i was just frozen in fear. i didn't know what what to do. it wasn't until he all his money in one week's time from his bank account.
6:33 pm
all $10,000 gone in one scam artist demanded. he turned over another 6,000. he finally told his mom i was upset. i was crying. i was frustrated she knew right away. her son had been scammed. he really thought his life was threat and he thought his family. he thought someone was gonna come knock on our door and you know kill us in the middle of the night if you were receiving a very direct threat saying hey, we're coming after you were going to kill you. please call 911 report that to your local. department let them do the investigating tracking down the phone number trying to find out who it is etc. christian is filed a police report and also submitted a fraud report to his bank chase chase told him there was nothing that could do to get his money back because he authorized the transaction the bank tells 7 on your side customers who received threatening messages should contract law enforcement and not engage. scammers to avoid losing funds
6:34 pm
jeff bliscoe is with consumer checkbook. this is the kind of the gray area between cash, you know, paper money and digital money. and you know some you know one digital money can be tracked easily cash cannot be tracked. that's why. criminals like to work in cash. he thinks it's time for congress and federal regulators to take a harder. look at all the technological advances in exchanging money these days electronic stuff moves faster than regulations and regulators and congress people. so these things take time to happen. but yeah, i would agree that they should be protections. the valdez family says they just want to warn the public these things are going on. so what happened to christian doesn't happen again, what a wonderful family to come forward with this, you know, this is happening all the time. we just don't hear about. yeah, they're great. people know by coming forward once you love to get your hands on these small. thanks, michael very much.
6:35 pm
all eight people killed in the astro world concert stampede in houston last friday night have been identified many others were injured during a concert featuring artist travis. scott investigators will focus on the design of safety barriers and what crowd control tactics were in place at the venue the mayhem started when crowds rush toward the stage crushing people in the front who are unable to escape on our three o'clock show getting answers a crowd control expert shared tips for survival if you ever find yourself in an astro world-style situation, don't yell and scream because nobody can hear you in past three feet and if they can they can't help you. you want to do is conserve your oxygen and the other thing is don't fight the crowd surge. it's a thousands of pounds of pressure. try to let pass through you. victims caught in the chaos have started filing a lawsuits against sky and the concert promoter live nation.
6:36 pm
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users with darker skin tones have complained about the pictures. they take not looking like them some see it as an issue of bias and smartphone technology now tech giant google recently released what it's calling the world's most inclusive camera to fix the issue abc 7 news race and culture reporter julian glover put the new pixel 6 to the test. we are all trying to snap that perfect picture to save memories or post to the gram, but it turns out all phones don't photograph all skin tones, equally. there's nothing worse than posing for picture taking the picture and then seeing something like this not good, right the photo on the left is from the iphone 8 the photo on the right the samsung 9. both smartphone models are several generations old but demonstrate the problems. we've seen with photographing darker skin complexions in tough light settings and even you try
6:40 pm
and fix the problem. it distorts the image quality delivering a gray almost ashy. look there's bias built-in whether it's film photography. definitely a digital photography and that that biases favorite people with lighter color. and patrick holland is a senior editor at technology and consumer electronic reviewer cnet agency. he says all smartphones have gotten better at taking pictures under most light settings in recent years. here's that selfie with the new iphone 13 pro on the left and the new samsung s21 on the right much better sensors, but patrick says google's latest the pixel 6 is a major improvement. this is being built as the most inclusive camera ever in your opinion. is it in short? yes, i think it is google's real tone technology packed inside of the pixel 6 in pixel 6 pro was developed to eliminate these long-standing biases towards lighter skin complexion a lot of that shows up in technology when you sit in a room of very creative very smart people and you see a lot of people who look my skin color.
6:41 pm
you have to wonder how much of that is affecting the things they program our cross products lorienced burger leads. google's image equity initiative and says the tech giants spent four years developing these new tools partnering. 18 cinematographers and colorists known for capturing images of people of color in their perfect shade the mission of our image equity work as ensuring that we deliver best-in-class cameron image experiences for people of color, especially with darker skin tones. so what does that really mean for you when it's time to snap a selfie in a moment. i want to take some of these phones and take some photos of you if that's okay three two, so with patrick playing photographer and abc 7 news executive producer muriel joining me is models we the latest smartphones to the test under a bunch of tough lighting conditions. it's finding jillian's face instantly. first up how well does the camera juggle dim lighting and balancing two different complexions. three two one. here's the picture from the pixel 6 nice even skin tones with few shadows and here are the pictures from the galaxy s21
6:42 pm
in iphone 13 pro. the s21 picture is slightly softer and bluer the iphone pick has deeper shadows and a slightly darker look to it. overall we prefer the pixel 6 here or our face detection models that see a face in a picture are now able to see a greater diversity of faces in more complex lighting situations next up. we wanted to see how the phones handled a variety of schemes about one picture while we stood in front of the same window. i snap that selfie at for a challenging to photograph backlit scenario. so here's how the pictures came out with videographer and producer jc joining us this time. let's start with the galaxy s21 picture jc and mariel. fine, but my face is covered in shadow and the iphone picture it cast a blue hue on all of us and washes out mariel trying to bring mike darker skin tone into focus and now the pixel 6 were all equally lit, but there is some of that straight light that removes some saturation from the photo this time. we all prefer different
6:43 pm
pictures. that's the pixel. yeah. i think this one looks sure this one just looks prettier now are perfect, but it is a work in progress. this work is never done. this is a first expression of this mission, but our teams are already back working on the next phone. it's a process centered around machine learning software that patrick says will continue to improve in all smart phones now no matter what phony having your pocket. it's taking multiple images combining different parts as phone cameras get better. i think that distance between something like a professional camera and something like a phone camera is going to shrink as you can see so much of this just comes down to personal. it's most photographers will even admit the best camera is the one you actually have on you. so you're able to capture the moment. we reached out to apple for comment. they told us they too are using machine learning working with photographers to make sure the pictures you snap on that iphone are is lifelike is possible. we also heard back from samsung. they told us that they are also using ai to make sure that the cameras inside of their galaxy
6:44 pm
phones are taking the best possible pictures, i'm julian glover abc 7 news all right, the worst of the storm is still ahead of a spencer is tracking it the rain as it moves in find out who is next to get wet. stay with us. and friday is disney plus tape the celebration of the disney plus global community. we're giving away 10 free annual subscriptions to new customers. just go to abc 7 to enter we will announce the winners 10 winners on friday disney plus day. remember disney is the parent co
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6:48 pm
the front half of the cabin has been stripped of seats and outfitted with racks of electronics for a crew of 10 flight engineers and component suppliers to study new technologies to make future jet liners more sustainable and fuel efficient and to reduce carbon emissions. looking at community noise. we're looking at how to use recycled material. we have just conducted tests on staining aviation boeing in alaska have been collaborating for two years this jet began its airborne research in july and will finish its work next month when we collect all the data on board. sometimes it goes to our design engineer. sometimes it's going to go to our suppliers that we're partnering with on some of these technologies. sometimes the data is going to go to outside agencies like with noah that we're working on the greenhouse submissions with two gopro cameras trained at the ground are helping to develop an algorithm to reduce aircraft
6:49 pm
turnaround time about 200 technologies have been tested by this and earlier experimental aircraft since 2012 about a third of them have been deployed including this distinctive split winglet that leads to half percent greater fuel efficiency, the ego demonstrator is making the rounds. this is the first time it's been to san francisco. it leaves here tonight and heads to dubai in the united arab emirates. it's also the focus of a field trip for middle school students from san francisco and mill valley david louie abc 7 news. it's beautiful. right. let's get a check on our weather if you like the rain, which we do. is looking pretty good out there. it is spencer's tracking a level 2 storm 4, that's true. we have a lot for you to like tonight. here's a look at live doppler 7 and you can see that the heavy train is still offshore, but it's beginning to get a bit heavier and steadier in the north bay. and now it's spreading to other parts of the bay area. well, here's the future radar starting at 8pm and you can see that between apm and about 1 am will get the most intense impact of the storm the heaviest rain
6:50 pm
and the strongest gusty winds. it'll continue raining even after the morning commute. so here's the accuweather 7-day forecast the level two storm winding down tomorrow partly cloudy and wednesday, they will get of sunny and dry and mild today is beginning on thursday which by the way is veterans day and i'm lovely. yeah. thanks spencer very all right. oh, look we have a resident chase center tonight. hi, chris. hi, how's it going guys a big night here at chase center the warriors community foundation with a big donation. we're gonna highlight that and the warriors are the best team in the nba the best record only one loss will previous a nice matchup and talk with jordan pool out of their game against people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food.
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we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. with chris alvarez the warriors have the best record in all basketball. eight the atlanta hawks on the back end of the back-to-back. the game's tipping off just a little bit. so here we go with your pregame report. there's jordan pool tonight see six game of a game homestand the worst sure have enjoyed the home cooking four wins in a row and i caught up with number three jordan pool before tip-off to talk about the dubs hot start. we have a lot of this, you know, obviously with the core that we have and a lot of young guys being able to kind of just mess everybody together the way we have is been decided. what's been the biggest key for you personally. just going out there every night going out there every night being. ready to play being excited. it's a big year. try to save life is possible. so long season 82 games.
6:54 pm
we feel really good about where we are. but we got a lot of work to do. and one of the main reasons we're here tonight a big night for the warriors community foundation 1.85 million dollars. are being donated across 51 bay area nonprofits. there's going to be a check present. in just a couple minutes ahead of the game. you're seeing some video of some of these zoom calls the warriors gave out and what a time to be involved in this program. we caught up with one of the beneficiaries. we were on the recipient of a sean livingston call two years ago for an award that i screamed which is a great story because i didn't recognize a number and i thought it was probably spam. so we almost didn't get the award in 2019, but 2021 thankfully email modern technology. we got it together, but we've had they've done a bunch of ways to connect its call us visit us. it's really been a great relationship. it with the words. the 49ers play a week from tonight right here on abc 7
6:55 pm
monday night football against the rams head coach kyle shanahan announcing today that right tackle mike mcglinchey out for the season. quadrg ktleinghere retne scored a touchdown, but too many mistakes in turnovers proving costly in a 3117 loss to arizona playing football's fun. losing is not fun. body was good. i think we had a really good energy coming out. like i said when i have a fumble and then the next drive we have another fumble. the ball i just kind of kills the team. so i mean that's completely on me. run game pass game. he brought that energy. like he always does i had to turn over to we all make mistakes. we have to correct them and minimize those mistakes or else, you know, it's not gonna be good for us. five weeks are practicing. i've got to carry ball more and i'll be on me and i'll have one on me 24/7 from here on out. to soccer now the san jose earthquakes naming chris leach as general manager and one of the big things he's going to have to do immediately. how do you replace chris wandalowski the legend who is now retiring, but in true wando
6:56 pm
fashion yesterday he finished his career by scoring his 171st career and final goal. he leads all of mls in that staff at danville native of five-time all-star and played for team usa any 2014 world cup, his retirement ceremony is tomorrow, but yesterday he addressed the home fans after the match. i told myself i would and i knew that the tears be coming but thank you guys. it's been it's been an amazing ride. again, thank you guys for this wonderful ride. thank you for being a partner with me pushing me on and i can't thank you guys enough. and a quick baseball note giants manager gabe kepler is one of three nominees for the nl manager of the year. they will get that award or that award will be announced next tuesday, but in my vote is in gabe the manager of the year the giants of course had a hundred and seven wins this season the most ever in giants history, but tonight it's all about the warriors. we'll have those highlights coming up tonight at 11. we'll send it back to you guys good stuff chris.
6:57 pm
thank you very much. all right coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8 stars followed by age pass countdown to the cma awards at 10 then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11 but that is going to do it for now. thank you so much. for joining us. i'm ahmed daves and i'm dan ashley for spencer. chris alvarez all of us here. we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice rest of the evening. it's going to get wet. remember. we'll see you tonight for abc 7 news at 11. [laughing and talking] at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected, so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention,
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