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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 8, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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devastation. people were killed at a houston show. the chief legal analyst for abc ways and about what crosses the line into criminal conduct. a strict vaccine mandate going into effect in southern california today. the percentage of americans now fully vaccinated and the legal challenge to the biden administration's rule work. u.s. travel ban is now lifted for more than 30 countries. the first flights headed for new york right now. where life at sfo with this major develop and. good morning on this monday, november 8. you're watching abc seven mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. good morning. start with the clouds. they will continue to increase throughout the day. looking at a level two system
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later today. we have the radar in present mode. ow aidenot looking at any rain things out, you will see that there is a system offshore. that is going to be moving in. we will be 45 in mountain view, looking at 52 in santa clara and san francisco. there is a look outside. cloudy skies and we will continue to see rain developed in the north bay throughout the afternoon. we have a wind advisory to talk about in this level two system last seen in the overnight hours. we are waking up this morning to major news for travelers. the travel ban has been lifted for more than 30 countries. this is a video of two u.s. bound flights. amy hollyfield is alive at sfo with more on this update means for families waiting to see loved ones and even our local economy. good morning. amy: good morning. we need those flights from new
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york to go ahead and come here to san francisco. international travelers make up a big part of the tourism economy here in the city. this is very important with the travel industry. experts say that international travelers make up 60% of the tourism dollars spent here in san francisco. when they come, they spend money. travel experts say they're not expecting all of them to show up here overnight, but they are expecting -- they are excited for when they get here. >> this is not going to be overnight. we will see hordes of international visitors starting tomorrow, but it is a really important step forward in our economic recovery. amy: international travelers will be allowed here if they are fully vaccinated and they have to show a negative covid test that they have taken within three days of travel u.s. officials are saying airlines will be responsible for checking the vaccine cards or proof and
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comparing it against travelers ids, and the cdc representatives will be out spot checking to make sure travelers are complying. if the airlines are not checking, they could face steep fines, up to $35,000 for each infraction. officials say they are serious with these new regulations, but they are going to ease this and let international travelers come visit. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: there was a deadly head on crash at whipple road and central avenue just before 6:00 last night. one driver died at that scene, the other later at the hospital. the intersection was closed for several hours while police investigated. we're learning more about the stampede at the music festival in houston that left eight people dead. the first lawsuit have been filed against called certain organizers, as well as travis scott and drake. the mayor there is promising a
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thorough investigation. here are the details. reporter: overnight, a prayer vigil for victims of the music festival tragedy in houston. the church is just miles from an r.g. stadium, where a performance by robert travis scott turned deadly friday night. ♪ reporter: an estimated 50,000 people were at the concert when authorities say the crowd surged toward the stage, pushing fans to the ground and trembling them. people died in the chaos, including a 14-year-old. there was a man who died trying to save his fiancée. >> horrible. devastated. reporter: one family is now grappling with his death. >> whenever believed that anything like this would happen. not to my little brother. he had a big heart. reporter: multiple lawsuits have already been filed against scott and drake, and the concert giant
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life nation. it was supposedly a predictable and preventable devastation. apple music livestream shows scott stopping his performance several times. >> we need somebody to help him. somebody passed out right here. reporter: the show stopped about 40 minutes after reports of fans in distress. >> i was screaming for help and try to reach for people's hands, but nobody could see me. reporter: he fell to the ground and suffered a heart attack. travis scott issued a statement saying he is devastated and will help all those impacted. drake did not immediately comment. live nation is pledging to support the investigation. reggie: -- kumasi: this this ths a petition has been signed to
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remove -- broke multiple bones at the festival. travis scott events >> with chaos is not a. > this has happened before. we hope by filing this lawsuit and the many others that are guaranteed to follow, the -- that travis scott and other artists i can understand that concertgoers want to be safe. kumasi: our abc 7 news chief legal analyst says what stands out to him the most is the signs of previous concerts. >> in order to cross line into criminal conduct, you're still going to need a level of recklessness on his part at the concert itself or in the planning of it. there are comments he makes at the concert about rage on, i want to see some rages. it depends on when that was being said and in what context. kumasi: you can watch the entire interview coming up at 7:00 right after abc seven mornings. reggie: now to the pandemic.
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a strict medic goes into effect in l.a. today. people must show proof of vaccination to enter most businesses, including malls, salons, and theaters. 70% of americans over 18 years old are fully vaccinated. vaccinations could to be required for 100 million workers. the biden administration announced new federal rules, calling covid-19 an occupational hazard. -- that rule was constitutionality. many states have filed lawsuits against the mandate. >> it's important we take every measure possible to make our workplaces safer. it is good for health and the economy. that is why these minutes makes much sense. reggie: if the mandate goes into effect, employers must show vaccination by january 4, with some options for testing. kumasi: --
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>> with to think of it in terms of the other workers. it's not just your right not to get vaccinated, it's not your right to somehow end up impacting others and causing them to get sick. kumasi: the rule does allow employees to remain unvaccinated, but they must test on a weekly basis and wear a mask in the workplace. reggie: today, the first lady is kicking off a nationwide locating -- program for vaccinations for children fibers old to 11. first up, virginia. an elementary school there was the first to administer the polio vaccine in 1954. earlier this year, the first lady traveled across the country with dr. ouchi to answer questions and concerns about scenes. kumasi: children ages five to 11 can now receive vaccines. online appointments for young
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children have been accepted, following the green light from the cdc. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, he can always reach out to our vaccine team. they are dedicated to getting you answers, just head over to and click on the big blue box. lisa: good monday morning. mike has the day off and you can see all the cloud cover offshore. this is our next storm system. it is a level two arriving tonight, with wind and allowing for the rainfall totals to add up in the north bay. south bay, not so much. we will get to that in a moment. 46 in san mateo, 41 in napa. certainly getting cool in the north bay with those temperatures dropping into the 30's. our level two system into tonight and tomorrow with heavy showers through the overnight hours. strong, gusty winds and the highbay.our wind advisoryus u45.
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with the heavy downpours, we are going to see some pretty windy conditions, certainly not like what we saw in october, but we will be looking at conditions to slowly go downhill for the evening commute. here it is 6:00 and you can see it light rain over the bay area. it gets heavier by 9:00. it begins to push on out by 9:00, but still some left over showers into tuesday. we're looking at rainfall amounts favoring the north bay at about 1.5 inches or better. oakland, over three quarters of an inch. maybe one third of an inch for mt. view and san jose. lots of cloud cover. >> good morning, everyone. get ready for a messy evening commute. we have a few problems on the roads. east bay, southbound 880, an accident has been reported blocking possibly the three left lanes. we have slow speeds heading to
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the crash. the results of an accident reported in the northbound or action at the same spot, but i don't see any slowing in the area. in san jose, 101 at 880. northbound 880 goes from left to right across your screen. there should be a car off to the right hand side or on the connect ramp. if you're considering 87, here is a look at northbound traffic on the right-hand side. a great alternate there, although 101 looks good as well. a live shot of the san mateo bridge shows traffic is trouble-free elsewhere around the bay area. jobina: san francisco bay ferry is ringing back a popular ferry. the route was suspended during the pandemic. the water transit authority is also launching a weekday short hop very service, connecting main street ferry terminal and alameda to jaclyn square. reggie: coming up, a
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♪ this was a cold call! ♪ kumasi: -- jobina: a 24-year-old woman is under arrest after killing a teen she tried to rob. police say thursday, a 19-year-old went to meet the owner of a used bmw in fairfield. his parents say he had been working several jobs and planned to buy it with $7,000 cash. officers ended up responding to a neighborhood after getting calls about a man down. police describe what happened as a robbery gone wrong. >> they walked up and felt his hand and it was cold. for some reason, it was comforting. i don't even know why. it was comforting that someone
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was there with him for a period of time. jobina: the victim just graduated from high school spring. the suspect, a 24-year-old, is being held at solano county jail without bail. a 22-year-old man is in custody in a quadruple shooting in oakley. police say it happened during a fight at a family party saturday night. a 28-year-old man and a 44-year-old man were killed. two others were hospitalized. police are still actively investigating, but say there is no threat to public safety. reggie: fresh off a big legislative victory, president biden will hit the road to talk about his bipartisan infrastructure package. it was passed friday night. as a reporter explained, there still work to be done for his larger social spending package. reporter: this morning, a message -- massive legislative victory. after months of back-and-forth, friday night, the house passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, one half of president
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biden's build back better agenda. >> we took a money metal step forward as a nation. we are just getting started. reporter: the legislation calls for the single largest investment in the nations roads and kate -- airports in decades. $110 billion billion dollars for electric vehicle charging stations, coupled with $65 billion to upgrade the nation's power grids. $55 billion for clean drinking water and $65 billion in high-speed internet, among other initiatives. the president traveling to baltimore wednesday to promote the package. he will hold a formal signing ceremony when congress returns the week of november 15. >> is the first time in 50 years we've made this kind of investment. >> this bill is probably starting within the next two to three months, as we get things
5:17 am
centigram. it is paid out over a number of years. reporter: the bill is strong support from 13 republican members of congress, against six progressive democrats who oppose the bill, because it wasn't tied to the larger social spinning package. immigrants still arguing what should be included in the other $1.75 trillion plan. addressing universal preschool, childcare, home health care for the elderly, and efforts to combat on a change. >> we are going to get a very strong version of this bill through the house, the senate, to the president's desk. reporter: moderates have agreed to vote on the larger social spending package by november 15 however, it is still unclear what will happen when it reaches the senate. reggie: if you need an extra jolt this morning, he may want to grab a cappuccino. today is national cappuccino day. it is made of espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth. you can tell right by going to your favorite coffee shop, giving them a shout out on
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social media i believe jobina and i recently had this conversation. cappuccino is the better choice to go with if you are comparing it to a latte or flat white, when compared to calories. jobina: you got that right. i'm on board. >> i see that you brought the cookie sugar or whatever. how was that? reggie: we actually enjoyed it. jobina: he is that guy. reggie: are you saying you would like a cappuccino delivered this morning by yours truly? i will do it. all right, lisa, you are on my list this morning. i've got you. lisa: that was a subtle hint, wasn't it? that does sound good. we're looking at cloud cover that is going to bring in heavy rain overnight tonight. it is a quick mover and we do categorize this as a moderate atmospheric river, meaning that plume of moisture aimed at the bay area. we will break it down for you.
5:19 am
right now, it is 48 and oakland, 39 in santa rosa temperatures are certainly cool out there. this level two system out there is a culmination of gusty winds and heavy rain at times overnight, putting this at a level two. we will look at the highest impacts in the north bay. we do have those storm drains that are cleared out or if wind brings down a tree branch, that could be an issue for the tuesday morning commute. by tonight, it will be wet in the north bay. this is 5:00, some scattered showers over to the east. you conceive the heaviest rain still offshore. the rain is coming down pretty good, maybe one half inch an hour. there is that heavy line that we are going to be watching through about midnight. behind that, the showers become more widely scattered as we get into the day tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover out there today, rainfall over one inch, possibly upwards of two inches
5:20 am
along the coastal hills. the south bay, that bay, that bt into account with only one quarter inch of rain. here are gusty winds around 11:00 tonight at 46 mph. about 40 mph along the coast. it will be pretty windy out there. do be careful. the snow level is very high, anywhere from two inch to eight inches above 7000 feet. today, a sloppy start tuesday. jobina: thank you. coming up, the seven things you need to know this morning. reggie: is another covid search approaching he echo what we might see for the holidays. jobina: an nba legend going one-on-one. the candid interview. reggie:
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jobina: if you draw us -- if you're just joining us, here the seven things you need to know. lawsuits have been filed against a concert and performers after a crowd of 50,000 searched toward the stage and hurt a people. reggie: a search for an person
5:23 am
who shot a 23 month old baby. the family is asking those response will to surrender. jobina: number three, america's pandemic travel ban on international visitors is over. the u.s. is now allowing travelers for more than 30 countries to enter the u.s.. visitors must be fully vaccinated and have a negative covid-19 test within three days of travel. reggie: number four, former president barack obama in cop 26 today. later, he will host a roundtable with youth leaders. lisa: number five, a level two system on the way tonight. this will bring heavy downpours at times to the overnight hours and gusty winds, but it is a cloudy day for your monday. frances: number six, there is a hotspot in fremont. two left lanes are blocked and traffic is backing up. jobina: number 7, 4 restaurants are due to splashdown of the coast of florida after a six month stay at the international
5:24 am
space station. the dragon capsule began its journey back to earth yesterday. splashdown is expected early this evening. reggie: in today's gma first look, scottie pippen is out with a new book, or he calls michael jordan selfish. here is our reporter. reporter: first look, nba legend scottie pippen goes one-on-one with michael straight hand. he has written a revealing new memoir and he is about to share his thoughts on fellow chicago bulls start michael jordan. >> watching you with michael on the court, it was like two best friends out there, crushing everybody. what was your relationship like off the court? >> it wasn't what you saw on the court. we always will have that respect for each other, but our friendship is not what people see on tv and think it is. >> d think michael jordan would be as successful without you? >> no. i don't think i would be
5:25 am
successful without him. reporter: we will have much more the interview coming up a.m. with your gma first look. jobina: can't wait for that. reggie:. -- t. jobina: star announced his retirement after the game against fc dallas yesterday. while he has scored the most goals in mls history, reaching 171 yesterday. >> this is the last drive. i told myself i would cry and i knew the tears will be coming, but think you guys. it has been an amazing ride. again, thank you guys for this wonderful ride. thank you for being a part of it with me, pushing me on, and i can't thank you enough. jobina: he played 17 seasons, including 14 with the quakers.
5:26 am
netflix is now planning to release mobile games on ios. they were initially offered only on android devices, but bloomberg reports netflix will release games through apple's app store as individual titles, in order to work with apple's rules. reggie: i'm still trying to get over the scottie pippen interview. jobina: i'm so glad you brought that back up because while. reggie: i did not know that there was beef. jobina: this beef to me is like that sex and the city beef. reggie: with samantha. yeah. where it kind of comes out many years later. it was always there, but they shut up about it, but now it comes out. i am here for it. jobina: me too. reggie: coming up at 5:30, a bunch of bears, camera in the central valley. the unusual thing one was seen doing. jobina: also this morning, ensuring safety at concerts. the questions you may ask ahead of time. >> i was thought november would
5:27 am
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i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. oakland. a toddler struck and killed by a stray bullet.
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the heartbreak, outrage, and search for the shooter this morning. jobina: the eight lives lost in houston. some of the victims are just children. a closer look how parents can ensure safety when it comes to large concerts and questions ask ahead of time. reggie: u.s. reopening the doors to travelers from more than 30 countries this morning. the big relief for cities like san francisco that rely on tourism. lisa: strong wind and heavy -- jobina: strong wind and heavy rain heading into the bay area. lisa timing it out. reggie: wherever you stream. jobina: we're going to get a check on the forecast with lisa. lisa: good morning. with partly cloudy skies out there, so we will be dry for the bulk of the day today. that level two system is offshore and part of it moves in tonight for north bay community. otherwise, the winds will be kicking up later. 46 and berkeley, looking at numbers much colder in the north bay.
5:31 am
39, the atmosphere is really dry right now. we will be getting into a change. take a look at how it is going to unfold by 10:00 or 11:00. the clouds continue to increase, get thicker by 3:00. we have some rain, 5:00 you can see the rain in the north bay, perhaps into the east bay. 7:00, it is heavy rain from sonoma to petaluma. it is the overnight hours that we are going to see more heavy rain and those winds kick out. we will time it out for the rest of the overnight hours and the wind, how that will factor in, if human it's. reggie: thank you. the chp wants to find the shooter response both for the death of a little boy just weeks away from his second birthday. the 23-month-old was killed when people into cars started shooting at each other. this happened saturday afternoon on i-8 80 as the boy's family was driving near 7th street. harris our reporter. >> it's just so devastating. reporter: shock and disbelief
5:32 am
over the death of the toddler. his neighbor was stunned to hear the sad news. >> i can't believe it. i see the family always in the front of the house with her little kids. reporter: relatives say the kid was asleep in his car seat, writing in his mother's lexus on i-8 80 when the car was struck by gunfire saturday afternoon. >> there are two people shooting at each other on the freeway. >> a child is bleeding from the head. reporter: the child was rushed to children's oakland hospital, where he died from his injuries. this was taken after the shooting. it shows police on the freeway invest getting the chaotic scene. >> we heard there was a shooting and that was maybe an hour later. when we heard a child was involved, it was heartbreaking. reporter: the child was likely caught in the crossfire of a freeway gunbattle. evidence collected on the northbound side of the freeway may indicate the victims were not targeted and the child
5:33 am
passenger was struck by a stray bullet. the family was too upset to be interviewed, but told us off camera they want those responsible to surrender. oakland city councilmember said he was outraged over an innocent life lost. >> the reality is, this is insanity. i see it every morning, the gang activity, especially when it comes to the little ones, the young ones. family members, that's just on except of all. reporter: the chp is now requesting tips from the public to catch those involved. and east bay family mourns the loss of an energetic little boy with a big smile. reggie: in san francisco, police are looking for the person who shot at two kids in the middle of the afternoon. this happened at one bautista circle just after 1:00 yesterday. the juveniles were hurt when they were trying to get away. investigators say they are still trying to determine what led up to the gunfire, which happened
5:34 am
not too far away from the sf state campus. jobina: developing news out of houston, the first lawsuit has been filed after a people died during the music festival. the youngest victim was just 14 years old. a crowd of 50,000 surged toward the stage as travis scott performed friday night. some say he and his team did not stop the show, even as people tried to get their attention. he did pause at times to ask for help, saying he saw someone passed out. >> i'm honestly just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this happening. jobina: his girlfriend released a statement saying they weren't aware of any fatalities until after the show. she said scott would not have continued performing if he had known. many of those who were hurt our young and in their early teens. five people under the age of 18%
5:35 am
to the hospital after the incident, including a 10-year-old in critical condition. experts say parents should do their research before sending their underage children to the large concerts and events. >> make sure they have assigned seats and are not in that standing room only area, where there is that risk of there being a rush to the stage or stampede, or even being squished at a crowd. jobina: experts also say if your child attends an event, make sure they have a meeting point and an exit strategy. they also suggest doing research about previous performances by the artist and look out to see if there have been any safety issues. reggie: international travelers, you are now free to move about our country. today is the first day the u.s. is easing covid restrictions and visitors from overseas, as long as they jump through a couple of hoops. our reporter amy hollyfield is live at sfo, where the international terminal has been a bit of a ghost town. amy: that's right, but it's going to start picking up,
5:36 am
because travelers can now start coming here from other countries. they must be fully vaccinated. they must show proof of a negative covid test within the last three days. they do have to get through those hurdles before they're are allowed to come here. san francisco travel experts say this is great news for the city, which really relies on international visitors, saying they make up 60% of tourism spending. >> they buy more souvenirs, close, they got to eat. they really want to experience the whole dynamic with a trip to san francisco and california. amy: the airlines are expected to check for vaccine records and match them with travelers ids. if that doesn't happen, they could face a $35,000 fine per infraction. cdc workers will also be out spot checking to make sure travelers are complying, but this all starts today. international travelers, welcome
5:37 am
back after a year and a half of not being allowed to come here. porting life at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: happening for the first time since the march of 2020, fully vaccinated canadians can now enter the u.s. through land borders and ferry terminals. border strip shins and today for non-essential traveling. canadians are welcomed -- canadians welcomed fully vaccinated americans back in august. jobina: coming up, the next few weeks to be could for covid. will the next few weeks set us back or will be a turning point in the pandemic? reggie: a very inquisitive bear wondering through the valley. what unusual thing happens when he walks up to the valley. lisa: our system is offshore. it is a level two system arriving overnight, ending into your tuesday morning. we are in the upper 30's to upper 40's across the area. dry air throughout the day today. increasing high clouds to
5:38 am
mid-level clouds. here comes the rain at 5:00 in the north bay. heavy rain is slightly -- slated to move in and push across the bay area. the east bay, peninsula, you will see a time when you get those heavy downpours by about 9:00 or 10:00. even into the south bay, we are expecting some rain, not as much is in the north bay. the wind will accompany the system, but by around 9:00 in the morning, things will have settled down in the showers become more widely scattered into tuesday. rainfall amounts about 1.5 inches or better inset arose. -- in santa rosa. over three quarters of an inch in oakland. fremont, one half inch or so. the north bay is looking at the highest impacts here. wins along the coast at 40 to 50 mph. we do have a wind advisory everywhere except in san jose. you'll notice by the afternoon tomorrow, things really begin to
5:39 am
taper off. 63 in oakland, with cloud cover increasing throughout the day. a mixup around fremont. frances: they have turned it into a traffic alert. avoid the spot if you can. it is on southbound 880. the two left lanes have been blocked and now for almost one hour. traffic is backed up to fremont boulevard. no estimated time of reopening. we could see this backup grow significantly and we will keep an ion you -- and i on it for you. no major trouble as you come off the carquinez bridge. major lights were just turn on a few minutes ago. we will check out the north bay 101 on the southbound side. looking good right now. no major problems on the no major problems on the peni smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪
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reggie: we are tracking every angle of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on your health. it is part of our commitment to building a better bay area. with covid-19 cases taking up slightly in california right now, experts believe another search could be just around the corner. our reporter spoke with ucf about what can be done ahead of the holidays. reporter: one year ago, california's covid-19 cases surged in the winter. now, a ucf we may be on the verge of another search. despite six to 1% of californians being fully vaccinated, the doctor says the winter months hold a significant risk, as indoor gatherings increase for the holidays. the latest data has given this expert a flashback of less november. >> where for seeing and increase. we are up about between percent from where they were two weeks
5:43 am
ago with the hospitalizations up about 6%. to me, that is worrisome. it could also go right back the founder of a company focused on covid testing and vaccinations across the bay area began noticing and increasing positive covid tests in the last two weeks. >> about 2% to 3% positivity rate. reporter: when was the last time you notice an increase like this? >> similar to last year. from last year to this year, it is similar. reporter: there are several factors that could mitigate a winter search. booster shots and an increase in testing. this weekend, the latino task force tested over 200 people at their neighborhood mission site. >> now that we had halloween and it dia de los muertos, we have -- it is important that you come get tested and make sure you didn't get exposed and are now carrying the virus to somebody else. reporter: with 3.5 million
5:44 am
californians ages five result to 11 years old able to get vaccinated, and winter search could also be prevented. >> while we may have a winter surge, anday reggie: any memorial in san mateo county is paying tribute to those who lost allies to covid-19. ♪ in foster city will be up next week, the memorial inspired by a similar one at the national mall , where 700,000 white flags were planted to represent covid deaths in the country. 620 six san mateo residents have died of the virus. cities across the bay area providing free vaccines for kids ages five to 11. in san francisco, the clinic for children was held in the excelsior neighborhood over the weekend. the city is planning to eventually require five-year-old
5:45 am
to 11-year-old to show proof of vaccination to get into indoor businesses. jobina: about 1000 kids got their shots at this clinic this weekend. there was a nonprofit outreach for low income and immigrant families. if you have questions about cover 19 vaccines, you can always ask our team. they are dedicated to answering your questions. just head over to and click on the big blue box. reggie: there was a mountain lining -- mount land citing after an officer hit an animal on highway 92. the officer was driving east just past the hillsdale boulevard exit. the animal darted across the road, but the officer wasn't able to stop in time. the mountain lion apparently ran off. the officer was not able to find after the crash. the car was damaged, but the officer was not hurt. jobina: we have seen all kinds of animals making a surprise
5:46 am
appearance is on traffic cameras and nature cameras. now, a family says a curious bear did something they did not expect. take a look at these three bears just making their way around a lake in fresno county. one of them sticks its face right on the camera. there we go. and then likes it. -- licks it. they appear to be a mother and two young bears. they visit the area behind a families deck one to two times a week. i don't know about that last part. like, do you know their schedule? are you out there? are you sitting on the roll up echo -- up echo reggie: very country. jobina: a little to comfort will for me. -- a little too comfortable for me. reggie: they are saying, i see your surveillance, mind your business. we live out here, so stop
5:47 am
watching us. [laughter] lisa: we are looking a looking o rain, which is some good news. we had that big system in october. this one offshore is not like that. this could be anywhere from a light to a moderate atmospheric river, whereas the last one was up to a level five, which is almost maximum. that plume of moisture headed toward the bay area, but the north bay in particular. temperatures right now, ranging from the 30's to 40's. some dry air in place, so it will take a while to see the rain. allies look outside, we have some clear skies. the high clouds will be increasing through out the day. the evening commute will be impacted in the north bay and then it will spread onto the peninsula and east bay by about 7:00. this is our level two system.
5:48 am
we have heavyownpours for late evening hours, overnight hours, accompanying -- accompanied with gusty winds. this goes even down around san mateo, perhaps around el cerrito. here comes the heavy rain band. at :00 through the 10:00 hour as it pushes across the bay, into 11:00 for the south bay. heim that, scattered showers, but remember the winds will gush anywhere from 20 to 40 mph. the rain will come down down don third to one half inch per hour. there may not be even one quarter of an inch with the rain shadow effect in certain areas. no winds down tomorrow. low 60's today with increasing clouds. the accuweather 7 day forecast. it lasts into tuesday, then, th
5:49 am
increasing sunshine and mulder temperatures in the weekend. reggie: in the east bay, a young girls which came true when her mural was unveiled in oakland. the 11-year-old is living with severe aplastic anemia. yesterday, she got her wish to create a mirror with her own original artwork. make-a-wish did this possible. the mural reads, it doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. jobina: i love that. i need to go see it. i love that. reggie: that's really sweet. new at 6:00, learn it, know it, look for it. a missing teenage girl was just rescued from adduction using a hand just are that they fully went viral on social media. jobina: it's an incredible story. reggie: reducing greenhouse
5:50 am
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription.
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jobina: this morning, former president obama is taking the stage atheonference in glasgow, scotland. his first event was about improving the resilience of island nations. >> u.s. islands like hawaii, guam, and puerto rico will connect with island nations and islands around the world. as they take the lead in pursuing sustainable development and adapting to climate change. initiatives like these help provide badly needed resources, but they also forge connections. jobina: obama will also host a youth roundtable later today. he will give another speech this morning about the paris agreement and leadership of young people. the conference ends on friday. reggie: last week at the summit, more than one hunter countries signed a pledge to limit eight
5:53 am
emissions of methane. it is a leading cause of climate change. we can all play a little part in this effort by thinking twice before putting food scraps in the trash. here is our reporter. reporter: when you think of climate change, you think of things like cars, industrial and power plants, but justin green is focused on the food from your fridge. >> some egg shells. here's the pit from a peach. reporter: he runs and bar mental nonprofit in new york city that helps divert food and yard waste away from landfills, into mounds of compost. >> when we put our food scraps in the garbage or yard waste in the garbage, it ends up in landfills or incinerators. it generates methane, which is a major climate chanccorngo mental protection agency, landfills are the third-largest ortho of human methane emissions in the u.s. >> that is a bigger number than
5:54 am
heavy hitters like the aviation industry. reporter: as much as 40% of the food supply in the u.s. is goint ending up in a landfill, releasing emissions to -- equal to 3.4 million vehicles. it is a big problem, one that green says composting can help cataract. >> when you compost, your adding oxygen, so it feeds the bacteria and they don't generate methane. reporter: greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we don't -- if we stop wasting food. next time you go to throw food in the garbage, think again. >> it's pretty easy to compost in your backyard. if you live in a place like newark city, we collect in food markets and bring it back here. all this can be composted at these arched -- large-scale systems. the amount of waste we generate,
5:55 am
if one third of it could be turned into compost and given back to soils -- farms in our community. reggie: san francisco can ask for a compost pail for your kitchen. we have an event returning to san francisco to get people returning to outside spaces, following over 19 enclosures. 's the city's parks and rec department are planning more events for next spring. lisa: good morning. a nice day in san jose today. the clouds will thicken for the afternoon and tonight, we have our level two system bringing in showers heavy at times, accompanied by some strong gusty winds. north bay looking at the highest impacts. over one inch of rain for most. concord at .44, livermore at
5:56 am
about .5 inches of rain. that rain shadow comes into pl'd rainmaker. as a somewhat run-of-the-mill storm, but it has been so long with big breaks of dry weather, we are happy to see this rain arrive. it will be impacting part of the evening commute tonight in the north bay and pre-much everyone for the morning commute on tuesday. the out there. jobina: new at 6:00, uber drivers have a solution, but the idea looks especially familiar. reggie: the vaccine campaign for kids. the first lady kicked off a nationwide effort today. the first will she is visiting comes with significant meaning. first, alive look at sfo, where we are tracking the end of covid-19 at travel restrictions for more than 30 countries. one of the first flights to arrive and america is touching down as we speak. we are
5:57 am
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> concert stampede in houston, texas. the first lawsuit is now filed for the chaos erecting at travis scott's astroworld -- erupting at travis scott's astroworld show. >> former president obama speaking at the cop26 climate summit in scotland. >> a big welcome back to the bay
6:00 am
area. you're going to be looking live in a moment at sfo, the u.s. lifting its international travel ban while you were sleeping. amy hollyfield is there live with the kind of boost this will have on reggie: our local economy. reggie:it is monday, november 8. we are going to first get started with a look at your weather because it is going to be raining tonight. lisa: we have a system coming in tonight. it will be a level two. we are looking at partly cloudy conditions. there are a lot of clouds offshore. this will be moving in and time for the evening commute in the north bay, then spreading south. in the north bay, upper 30's. we will look at a gorgeous view of mount tam.


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