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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i have little ones and it's just so said. anchor: an undeniably senseless and emotional crime, a young life cut short, caught in the crossfire of a freeway shooting. people looking for the wheel and the gun that claimed the life of a child. thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. developing news tonight about that shooting, it all help and -- happened yesterday afternoon in oakland when two people inside two cars exchanged gunfire. cornell barnard says investigators are searching for the suspects in this tragedy. >> just so devastating, so sad. cornell: shock and disbelief over the sudden death of a fremont toddler. his family's neighbor was stunned to hear the news. >> i can't believe it.
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i see the family always in the front of the house with the little kids. cornell: the 23 month old was asleep in his car seat, riding and his mother's white lexus in oakland when the car was struck by gunfire saturday afternoon. >> reporting an illegal shooting on the freeway. >> there's a child that's bleeding from the head. cornell: little jasper was rushed to oakland children's hospital, where he died from his injuries. this video was taken after the shooting. it shows police on the freeway investigating the chaotic scene. >> we heard there was a shooting, and that was maybe an hour later. when we heard it was a child involved, it was heartbreaking. cornell: the child was likely caught in the crossfire of a freeway gun battle, saying in a statement evidence collected on the northbound side may indicate the victims were not targeted and the child passenger was struck by a stray bullet. the family was too upset to be interviewed, but told us off-camera they want those responsible to surrender. open city councilmember noble
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gile was outraged over an innocent life lost. >> this is insanity. i see it every morning. the gang activity has risen, especially when it comes to young ones family members. it's on except double. cornell: the chp requesting tips from the public to help those -- catch those involved in the gunfight while they mourn an energetic little boy with a big smile. pournelle bernard, abc 7 news. dion: gone so soon. heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe. fremont police tweeted condolences to the family, saying they are saddened by this tragic event. the department says its chief has been in contact with oakland's police chief, and they mutually share concern and outrage. moving on to new detai oncle upd at 22-year-old man is in custody and a 28-year-old man and a 44-year-old man were killed,
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with two other shooting victims, a man and a woman, who were hospitalized. night when they responded to a report of gunshots and screaming at a home. police are still investigating, but say there is no threat to public safety. developing news now out of houston, where the first lawsuit has been filed against rapper travis scott and live nation after eight people died during the astral world music festival. a memorial has been set up outside energy part, where the festival was held. several of the victims were identified today. the youngest was 14 years old. the crowd of 50,000 surged towards the stage as scott performed friday night. some have said scott and his team didn't stop the show even as people tried to get their attention. scott did pause at times to ask for help, saying he saw someone passed out. >> i'm honestly just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this happening. dion: scott's girlfriend, kylie
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jenner, released a statement, saying they weren't aware of any fatalities until after the show. she said scott wouldn't have continued performing if he had known. a new memorial in san mateo county is paying tribute to people who have lost their lives to covid. ♪ unveiled the exhibit today. it will be up for the next week. the memorial is inspired by a similar one on the national mall in washington, where 700,000 white flags represent covid deaths in the u.s. 626 san mateo county residents have died from the virus. congresswoman spear also talked to us about the federal appeals court talking about blocking the biden's covid vaccine rule. it requires employees to be
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fully vaccinated by january 4 or test weekly. >> we have to think of it in terms of the other workers. it's not just your right not to get vaccinated. it's not your right to somehow end up impacting others and causing them to get sick. dion: at least 27 states have filed lawsuits against the rule, calling it unconstitutional. cvs pharmacies across california began giving covid vaccine shots today to children ages 5-11. walgreens, walmart, and cvs started accepting online appointments for young children following the green light from the cdc on tuesday. walgreens started administrating pediatric doses at thousands of stores yesterday. and cities across the bay area are providing free vaccines to kids ages 5-11. francisco, a vaccination clinic for children was held this weekend in the excelsior neighborhood. the city is planning to require 5-11-year-olds to present proof
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of document -- vaccination to get to indoor businesses. to the north bay now were in -- organizers say this clinic is giving about 1000 shots to kids, ages 5-11 this weekend. a vaccine clinic was also allowed at canal and i ain't -- canal alliance. santa clara county launched the first of many on-campus vaccination clinics on thursday. it's also using a vax van as part of an effort to get 75% of children ages 5-11 in the county vaccinated by january. meantime, alameda county says clinics there will begin vaccinating children by mid-november. not all parents are convinced vaccination is the right choice for their young children. 30% said they will definitely not get the vaccine for their 5-11-year-olds. that is according to a nationwide survey last month by the kaiser family foundation.
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it also shows 27% of parents are eager to get a vaccine for their child. a full third of people who responded said they will wait a while to see how the vaccine is working. and if you have vaccine questions, you can also ask our vaccine team. they're dedicated to getting your answers. all you have to do is had to and click on that big blue box. alright, get ready for that raingear. drew tuma standing by on the timing of those showers heading our way. drew: you start the new week tomorrow, rain returns. but today, a gorgeous end to the week. lots of sunshine on sunday. the sun has set. tomorrow, we're tracking that rain returning at night. all the details coming up. dion: and he thought he was about to fulfill a dream. instead, a young man responding to an online ad offering a car for sale is shot and killed. plus, a pilot in the bay area makes ahe rig moves when
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dion: the young men in the north bay was shot and killed while trying to buy a car he found online. michael graduated in the spring. his parents say he was working several jobs to buy his dream car. police say on thursday, he went to meet someone from the site offer up to buy a car for $7,000 in cash. his father went back to the neighborhood where his son died and met with the person who called 911. >> they walked up and felt his hand and his hand was cold. for some reason, it was comforting. i don't really know why.
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but it was comforting that someone was there with him for a period of time. dion: so much pain. officers arrested 24-year-old strange of san pablo. she is held without bond. in the south bay, patrol vehicle hit a mountain lion on san mateo. it happened yesterday as a police officer was driving east on highway 92, just past the hillsdale boulevard exit. police say the officer hit the brakes as the animal darted across the road, but did hit the plume. the officer was unable to find the mountain lion after the impact. the car was damaged, but the officer was not hurt. a fuel leak is suspected to have caused this small plane to make an emergency landing near the stanford university campus today. the plane took off from the palo alto airport. the pilot then put the plane down in a wide-open field at an equestrian facility around noon.
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neither the pilot nor the passenger was hurt and the plane wasn't damaged. well, once shunned by the military, harvey milk is now being embraced for his courage and activism. the military honor in his memory that supporters say send a message of inclusion around the globe. drew: and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it was a dry end of the weekend, but tomorrow things will change. next storm arrives tomorrow night and it will bring some soaking showers and some strong gusty winds. we'll
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dion: more than a half-century after he was kicked out of the service for being gay, the u.s. navy honored harvey milk in a big way. the navy chris into one of its vessels named after the slain civil rights pioneer.
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u.s. naval ship harvey milk is a supply ship that has been under construction in san diego for the last two years. the late supervisor served in the navy during the korean war. supporters say the ship will send a strong message of inclusion to everybody that believes in freedom and justice and liberty. well, elon musk has turned to his twitter followers to make a multibillion-dollar financial decision. this is the poll he conducted through a tweet. should he sell 10% of his tesla stock? more than half of the responses were yes. the world's richest person said he could face a massive tax bill this year, and he said the only way to pay it is to sell stock. musk has been criticized by a proposal by democrats -- has criticized a proposal to enact a billionaires tax. it would be one of the several hundred billionaires taxed under that plan. to east bay,'where a youngs yous
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where a young girl's wish came true, using her own artwork to inspire others in the oakland community. make-a-wish greater bay area made this day possible. the mural reads, "it easier. you just get stronger." what a great message, drew, and all sun for this event. i wish it would say -- stay. drew: we are tracking the rain after the sun goes down on monday, and it will come with heavier showers especially as we approach midnight tomorrow night. this evening, a lot of sunshine. the sun has already set, back to standard time. a live look at santa cruz. nice conditions along the coast at this hour. numbers currently in the 50's to low 60's 60's, 57 in the city, 59 in oakland, 58 in san jose, 60 in concorde.
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live doppler seven showing you the active suite, and we are really dry right now. things are going to change. the wider picture, our next storm, we'll show you some cloud cover. that's going to push in the next 24 hours and bring us that wet weather. overnight tonight, it's chilly out there, 30's to upper 40's. so grab the heavier jacket as you step out the door tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, you don't need the reindeer quite yet. the rain arrives monday night into tuesday morning. on the storm impact scale, it is a level to moderate storm. we are tracking showers, heavy at times, strong gusty winds, with the highest impact felt in the north bay. let's go hour by hour for you, future weather starting this morning, we're dry. the clouds will thicken throughout the day. light showers begin to move into the north bay. monday evening, that's where we're finding heavier showers in the north, possibly yellow or orange on your screen, showing you heavier showers pushing
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through by 11:00 p.m. that's in the thick of this late tomorrow night with gusty winds, heavier showers. things start to taper tuesday morning. this is all wrapped up by midday tuesday. total rainfall, highest amounts will be found in the north bay, likely exceeding an inch in a lot of north bay communities. outside of the north bay, the numbers drop off quickly. you had to the south bay, we'll be lucky to pick up a quarter of an inch of rain. we will all feel the winds tomorrow evening. future trak or wind gust will likely see winds 30-45 miles per hour. it's for that fact a wind advisory will be in effect tomorrow evening for these gusty winds out of the south that could blow unsecured objects around, even bring down some tree limbs. good idea tomorrow night, try not to park under any trees. highs on your monday were dry, temperatures mainly in the 60's at nht, trackingsnow in the sierra. ereath advisortty highnoigchtravel impacts are ve.
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next seven days, rain and wind at night on monday, worst in, the morning on tuesday out of here midday, and that begins a dry streak thursday and friday. back to sunshine and temperatures into the 60's and 70's. dion: just got to get there monday and tuesday. drew, thanks. getting it over to chris alvarez in sports. are you doing ok with daylight saving? chris: i'm all screwed up. we'll talk about that later. sunday means football and the 49ers. niners wishing they can turn back the clock on this game. niners and cardinals, where it went wrong. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things.
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chris: the 49ers got some reinforcements today against the cardinals. the most notable, tony kettleman, was back. nothing is ever easy in the nfl, as we learned again today. bryant young inducted into the 49ers hall of fame, looks really good in that red jacket. fired back on the field. the right here as he strained to get those extra yards, the ball pops loose and arizona recovers. frustrated on the sideline. that turned into points for arizona. nine play drive, 13 yard score, 7-0 arizona. more from connor later in this highlight. garoppolo finds kittle! san francisco trail 17-7 at the break. kittle spike. james had himself a day.
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niners couldn't stop him on the ground, a little swing pass from colt mccoy. there he goes to the house, 173l touchdowns, 24-7 cards. niners trying to stay in it. amazing catch by 85 here, biggest connection on the day, six catches, 101 yards for george. later on the drive, third and goal, big man's strength right here, touchdown, 31-14. he was sacked five times, threw an interception, add in three turnovers, niners now 3-5. they haven't won a home game in over a year. the coach was asked to wear this franchise is going. >> to make a big statement after that game, to me, that's unnecessary. we didn't play a very good game today. we're going to play a lot better. i know our fans are disappointed. i'm disappointed, too.
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we got to make surwe nek.rif issues, love making the start. the kid from bakersfield is going to remember this one forever, alan lazar. first career touchdown right there, glad to get that one. see the fist pump there. you have to help that phone has a really good zoom on it. patrick mahomes finds tyreek hill for the game ceiling first down. chiefs win, 13-7, snapping green bay's seven game win streak. the warriors 7-1. they hosted the rockets. we all know staff can splash, but he had not one, but two blocks over new orleans, dubs in the middle of an eight-game home stand and beating the teams you should. >> there is something to take care of things you supposed to take care of. you got to finish out the home stretch and continue to have the right mindset in terms of not looking at record, but looking at how we're playing. >> it's a long home stand.
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some teams with not great records, but we're taking care of business. eventually you play everybody. i like where we're at right now. chris: obviously a struggle for the 49ers. they really wanted to get this win today. it didn't happen. the warriors off to a good start. the niners will be right here on abc 7, a huge game against the rams. they've got to get things turned around in a hurry if you're a 49ers fans. dion: we will see. thanks. the mayor of san jose wants people to get outside. up [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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dion: and a quick reminder that you can always get our live newscast and breaking news, along with weather and much more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, android tb, fire tv, and roku. just search abc 7 bay and download it for free. finally tonight in the southbay, viva calle returned to san jose today. event is part of a citywide program to get people outside to enjoy parks and outdoor spaces after covid-19 closures. several miles of san jose streets were closed to cars. residents could walk and bike, along with skate and play in the street, and activity hubs were also set up. the city's parks and wrecked apartment or planning two more for next spring. looks like fun. that's time we have for
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this edition of abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm dion lim. for all of us here, thank you so tonight, the horror in houston. the massive crowd of 50,000 people erupting into deadly chaos. eight people killed, dozens more injured at the astroworld festival. fans surging toward the stage when rapper travis scott began. concertgoers overcome with fear, pushed to the ground by the crowd. some people trampled. others crushed against each other while standing, hardly able to breathe. those killed ranging in age from 14 to 27 years old. several still hospitalized. what we're learning tonight about the victims and the criminal investigation. also in the news tonight, the victory lap for democrats after that $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed the house with bipartisan support.


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