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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> it looks like the car two vehicles shooting. >> bullets go flying on the rstd caught in the crossfire a mother now mourning the death of her child. fight on the field a high school football coach is under investigation for a mascot may lay. we'll have a lot to get to this morning. good morning. sunday november 7th. live on abc 7. wherever you stream. before we get to those big stories let's start with a quick look at the weather. rain on e>> y we have a dry and sunday. it's certainly a cold start out
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there. and an earlier sun rise at 6:4r so we're already looking at clear conditions, chilly numbers, and that sun right there from our camera. so it looks nice. 51 downtown, 50 in oakland. towards the coast with the low 40's here's our beach shot looking at upper 30s in the north bay from napa to santa rosa and probably bottoming out at 36 or so in santa rosa. or 37 in the next hour or two. 11 degrees colder there as well as the delta concord 10 degrees colder. so looking at a lot of sunshine it's going to warm us up in the 60s but we will be below average again today and looking at that sunset with increasing clouds leading to our level two system we'll track it for you coming up. >> thank you. developing news out of contra costa county. police are investigating a shooting that left two dead and two others injured.
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officers responded to a family disturbance last night. they say that two people injured have extensive injuries but their conditions are not known at this time. it's unclear if any of the victims are related. plees are investigating exactly what led up to the shooting. we've been sending out push alerts since this story broke. you can stay up to date by downloading the app. it's available on all your connected tv devices wherever you stream. developing news in oakland. a toddler was shot and killed by what investigators believe was a stray bullet. the california highway patrol says this happened yesterday during a shootout on interstate 880 near seventh street not far from the oakland police department. the boy killed was just 23 months old. abc 7 news reporter spoke to the devastated family who says this happened during their drive home. the boy's mother was behind the wheel. >> a mother is mourning the
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loss of her 23 month old son. around 2 deln 10 p.m. saturday a 911 cler report ter interstate 880 in the city of oakland. >> it looks like the car is two vehicles shooting. >> one of the bullets entered this white lexus. inside a family with three children including a 23 month old boy in his car seat. his family identified him as jasper a boy who was smart and full of life. and his mother's only child. >> this is audio recording of chp officers arriving on scene. according to his family he was sleeping in his car seat when he was struck in the head by a bullet. his aunt said he was struggling to open his eyes. chp confirmed he was rushed to oakland's children hospital where he was pronounced dead. california high with a protroll
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deeke detectives saying this family was in the cross fire. evidence collected on the northbound side may indicate the victims were not targeted and the child passenger was struck by a stray bullet. chp officers are requesting assistance from the public regarding this shooting. at the hospital his family asking off camera for those responsible to turn themselves in. meanwhile the boy's grandfather left the hospital holding a plastic bag with small shoes inside. while his mother was consoled by the rest of the family. >> just horrific. hopefully we will find some more information on ways that we can help this family. in the meantime an investigation is under way after a football coach appeared to attack the mascot. according to witnesses the trojan mascot you can see this video here ran with his team's flag to the opposing team's
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side of the field. the mascot then began to taunt the san ra fall side. shortly after the head coach began to aggressively shove and hit the mascot before he was stopped. the cheer leading program who had members of the game sent a statement regarding the incident. it reads in part the high school also sent a statement. they say the school is aware and taking it seriously. the school says an investigation is ongoing in collaboration with police. >> a federal appeals court temporarily blocked a biden administration covid vaccine rule for companies with more than 100 workers.
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republican-led states and some small private businesses are challenging the rule. it requires workers be fully vaccinated by january 4 or provide a negative test at least weekly. a court in louisiana cited, grave statutory and constitutional issues with the rule. the government has been ordered to respond to the court by monday evening. abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area and part includes tracking the pandemic and your health. this weekend thousands of young kids are rolling up their sleeves for a covid vaccine clinics held for children 5-11 just days after the c.d.c. gave emergency use authorization to the shot. >> nine-year-old aiden just got his first covid-19 shot. he says it didn't hurt a bit. >> it felt a slight poke and it was kind of nice i guess to know that i'm almost safe from
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covid. >> the whole family one step closer to being fully vaccinated. >> it's a big sigh of relief. not the end but at least we're finally feeling we have something to fight with. >> organizers say thisliic is g about 1,000 shots to kids ages 5-11 this weekend. >> i wasn't really nervous or scared because everyone's telling me it hurts hurts less than a flu shot. >> i'm a nurse as well so i've been dealing on the front lines and now finally feel like they're going to be safe. >> nurses wore funny head bands played cartoons even light sabres to make kids feel safe. lots of brave faces and a few tears and teddy bears offering support. >> a goal to vaccinated 75% by the first of the year. that's about 15,000 kids. >> that's going to be a game changer for us. the virus is going to have a
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harder and harder time finding susceptible people. >> the vaccine clinic was also happening at can al alliance an outreach for low income and fam do u beere today? >> yes because i don't want to spread the sickness around the world. >> about 300 shots were given here saturday. >> it means protection and safety and keeping our loved ones and our friends safe. >> most clinic appointments booked up fast. county officials say new shipments of kid-sizeed doses are arriving. >> if children can't find appointments now they should continue to look because there are more appointments opening up. >> playland clinic opened this weekend the kid friendly vaccination site held at the
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center was designated for children 5-11. 300 doses were distributed yesterday. the site features tvs games snacks and stickers to allow children to feel a ltlor ta wn> they gave us stickers and we got to watch a movie. >> should other kids do this? >> yep. it's safe and it's fun. at the end at least. >> very good advice. every appointment yesterday was booked and since the county does limited number of doses they are advising parents not to come by unless they've set up an appointment first. the next clinic is scheduled for wednesday. in san francisco a vaccination clinic for children was held in the excelsier neighborhood much like the others there was a large turnout as parents rushed to get their kids vaccinated. a special guest to keep them entertained.
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giants mascot right there. one youngster explained the importance of getting vaccinated. >> because if we get sick it won't be fun because then everybody in our house if we have siblings they're not going to be able to go to school and they'll be able to help -- they won't be able to be in school for that. and we might expose our parents to it even if they're vaccinatedstill can get sick.ti one thing that's different in san francisco the city is planning to require 5-11-year-olds to present proof of vaccination to get into indoor businesses. coming up, surgeon general will talk about vaccine mandates for nearly 100 million workers and pfizer's new antiviral pill. you can watch the full interview on this week atcal this morning right here on abc 7. if you're planning to take the train to the 49ers game today you may experience longer wait times heading home.
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nearly half of the light rail train cars are out of commission for preventative maintenance. the agency says getting replacement parts for trains has been a challenge because of the global supply chain slowdown. about 30 cars will be in service for today's game against the cardinals and fans are being told they should expect to wait until double the amount of time that they're used to. >> let's gheck outside. nice and clear with 41 degrees on top of mount tam. it is certainly chilly and you're noticing that earlier sun rise at 6:41 sunset at 5:04 but a lot of sunshine in between. we'll talk about the numbers and the rain headed our way next. >> also ahead we're learning more about the victims of the deadly crowd surge at a music festival in houston and the message this morning from rapper and festival organizer travis scott. fallout for aaron rodgers the star facing consequences over his comments about the covid
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>> developing news on the tragic incident. two teenagers are among the dead at astro world. the crowd of 50,000 rushed forward just as travis scott took the stage. >> i'm honestly just devastated. i i could never imagine anything like this. >> travis scott is reacting after a stampede. >> i just want to send out prayers to the ones that were
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lost. >> scott a houston native was performing when the crowd suddenly started moving toward the stage. crushing people. and am music live stream showed him stopping his performance several times after spotting fans in distress. >> we need to help him. >> an estimated 50,000 people were there, eight people died including a ninth deprade student. >> talking about innocent people who were 14, 16, 21, 23, 27. that's painful on any front. >> another 300 people were hurt. witnesses describing a chaotic scene. >> felt almost as if you were under an elevater and the elevater was coming down and nothing you could do about it. >> we saw a couple people pass out. it was scary but that's something you expect. >> the organizer of the event canceled the event for saturday
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and offered condolences. it's still not clear what caused the stampede. >> we're committed to work with our partners police department and everybody else involved enshuring this is a complete and full investigation into the cause of this tragedy. >> starting tomorrow international travelers are going to be welcomed into the united states after an 18-month travel ban. passengers must show prove of covid vaccination and a negative test taken no more than three days before they board their flight. for those not fully vaccinated must take a covid test no more than one day before their flight. the land borders with canada and mexico will also open tomorrow. new details in the drama surrounding green bay packers quarterback aaron previa health has terminated its relationship with rodgers, a chico native. rodgers served as a spokesperson for the green bay health organization since 2012.
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last week he tested positive for covid and at that time it was revealed that he is not vaccinated. that comes after he told members of theedia that he was immunized in august. i for one am very happy to have that extra hour of sleep. >> makes a world of difference. good morning everyone. it is a chilly start out there with temperatures dropping through the 30s in the north bay the skies are clear a lot of sunshine on the way. so if you want to enjoy some blue sky you'll be able to today even though the temperatures will be a little bit shy of average. live doppler 7 noting the clear condition. there's the weak frontal boundry that went through yesterday and it brought a couple 100th up in sonoma county. there's the next storm queuing up. the system will last through tuesday arriving tomorrow night. here's a look where you can see
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the sun brightening things up. 50 in the city as well as oakland. 47 in san jose with 48 in morgan hill. half moon bay 41 and the view from pier 15 looks purple there with 39 santa rosa 38 in napa 42 by the delta. so the calm winds clear sky that radiational cooling allowing for certainly a cold start out there. and a look at the city looking bright. rainy and windy at night but for some of you in the late afternoon in the north bay tomorrow and then we will look for the conditions to improve by late tuesday. so it is progressive going to move along but dump a decent amount of rain around here level 2 system gusty winds accompanying this and will look for the clouds to begin to increase tomorrow even some rain up in the north bay by the afternoon. so there's a look at the cloud cover as it increases through the overnight hours and then as we get into your monday here's a look at the rain.
6:19 am
so late afternoon up in santa rosa, parts of marine and as we get towards the evening commute looks a little sloppy as we get towards 9:00 that first rain band has moved through but we're looking at heavier rain arriving late on monday into tuesday and so this is why the north bay looking at highest totals here upwards of 2 and 3 inches by noontime on tuesday we're clearing and looks to be a better afternoon. but look at the totals here. three quarters of an inch to an inch. two to three inches with over two inches in fairfield. our east bay doing good at three quarters of an inch. maybe an upwards of an inch-and-a-half in concord but the rain shadow in the south bay from san jose to mountain view about a third of an inch and picking up two inches of rain. so monday afternoon it's getting breezy by monday night
6:20 am
20 to 40 mile an hour winds so probably a wind advisory going into effect tomorrow. the gusty winds will just take us through the overnight hours as into tuesday the winds will be calmer and we'll wake up to some improving conditions by mid morning. sunday then today low to mid 60s with sunny skies so a little cooler than average. seven day forecast we're looking at that early sunset tonight after 5:00, that's about 10 hours and 23 minutes of daylight level two system monday into tuesday rainy and windy and by wednesday a few clouds around but sunnier and milder the rest of the week. so we desperately need that rain. >> thank you. what started as an idea to change the world 14 years ago at a south bay high school has resulted in the construction of more than 170 classrooms, science labs and other educational facilities in underdeveloped countries. education is part of the commitment to building a better
6:21 am
bay area and world. and now abc 7 news reporter david shows us how local clubs are helping the project expand even more. >> today there are 174 classrooms medical clinics and other projects in kenya mall ahie and south africa built as a group of teenagers who wanted to help people in underdeveloped countries. >> we raised $9,000 from teenagers one dollar at a time and we built a classroom in kenya. >> that was 14 years ago. social studies teacher now retired is still at it. this is the newest project in nicaragua a. the global uplift project is now tapping into service organizations, the 12 south bay quanice clubs are close to raising the $15,000 needed. >> i think it fits perfectly into the concept of hing the children of the world. >> the work is well under way. >> the foundation's complete
6:22 am
the framework is up including the roof and they're ready to start putting on roof and wall panels. so it's going very quickly. >> this bay area based project is now completing schools playgrounds and other projects at a clip of one per week. local communities must cover 20 to 25% of the cost. >> we evaluate these one country against another which will have the biggest impact on humidity. >> -- humanity. >> her existing classroom is too small overcrowded and uncomfortable. that will soon change. >> these children are now going to be proud to go to school because they have a facility that they built, that they can be proud of. the same thing with the parents and the teachers. >> the global uplift project continues to expand with 100% of the money going towards construction costs and from their experience they believe that their participation will expand too going beyond bay area clubs.
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>> just ahead a volleyball team who lost their gear during a gb ishankin redes how theyeir gear back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after vaccination with shingrix. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. >> what's coming up at company on good morning america. >> coming up here, criminal investigations are under way after the deadly crowd surge at a houston music festival. rapper travis scott now speaking out as we learn more about those who lost their lives. plus the battle over vaccine mandates heating up as a federal appeals court puts a temporary hold on a vaccine requirement for two thirds of the american workforce. and with the biggest holidays
6:26 am
of the year weeks away some important travel tips to help you plan your get aways. >> a woman's volleyball team from southern california is very grateful to san francisco neighbors who helped them after a devastating smash and grab. abc 7 news anchor dei don't know shows us the special moment when they meet the good samaritan who helped reunite them with their gear. >> this isn't the kind of celebration you would expect from the providence christian college women's volleyball team the day their belongings were stolen. >> it was traumatizing. >> the team was reprirg for a match when during a pit stop in san francisco. >> both windows had been smashed. >> nearly ten suit cases belonging to team members were gone. glass and debris scattered. but for this team whose core values are gratitude, ownership hue millty and heart a few women started to dance and rap about their misfortune. >> break the window and clear it up.
6:27 am
>> i was surprised how upbeat you were. >> just trying to, as a team trying to cheer each other up. >> little did the team know late thear day a few blocks away a woman would come across their discarded belongings. she called on her neighbor to help. >> i zipped over to the location scooped it up and began looking for clues. luckily in this case there was a college volleyball team training notebook that had the girls phone numbers in it. >> a few phone calls later and hours of hassle and waiting to get their new vance the team artrives meet mark at his richmond district home and claim their belongings. mark hopes that by sharing his story it will inspire others to lend a hand and take the burden off sfpd. >> doing it to motivate and inspire and encourage others. don't just walk by.
6:28 am
>> as for the even though they lost their game their coach says they won at another life lesson. >> i felt we could have easily started bickering getting mad at each other responding poorly. but they're being positive, kept fighting. >> one player's final message. >> people in this world there's also good people in the world. so never forget that. >> a happy ending. still to come, new life for a locally extinct species. the effort under way a right now to spark the return of the native quail population. and the space x crew heading back to earth facing quite the dilemma though how they're dealing with a broken toilet this morning. we'll have those stories a
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>> good morning thanks again for joining us here live on abc 7 and wherever you stream. we're going to start this half hour with oods look at the weather. it's pretty nice. >> it's certainly chilly numbers dropping tot 30s in the protected valleys of our north bay clear sky light winds maximum rationalal cooling. 50 san francisco and oakland 47 in san jose cold start 45 in mountain view and as we look at the golden gate bridge temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. looking at 9:00 temperatures under sunny conditions mainly in the low 50s by about 11:00 we're still pretty chilly despite the bright skies and by 3:00 we've got low 60s maybe mid 60s cooler than average and
6:32 am
looking at a few high clouds tonight nice start to the workweek tomorrow the rain's going to hold off for most of us until the evening commute. details on that and the amounts coming up. >> a 19-year-old man is dead and a suspect has been arrested in what police are calling a robbery gone wrong. michael graduated in the spring his parents say that he was working multiple jobs to save up for his dream car. on thursday he went to meet someone from the site to buy a car that was for sale. he agreed to pay 7,000 in cash for a bmw when he was shot. his father went back to the neighborhood where his son was found dead and met with the person who called 911. >> they walked up and felt his hand and his hand was cold. for some reason it was comforting. i don't really know why but it was comforting that somebody was there with him for a period
6:33 am
of time. >> officers arrested 24 -year-old strange of san pablo being held at the jail right now without bail. kizer permanent is warning patients to fill their prescriptions due to an impending strike. pharmacists plan to walk out for a week starting on november 15. kizer expects the strike to affect all of its outpatient pharmacies in northern california. contract negotiations are ongoing and health officials hope to reach a deal before the strike date. they say its hospitals and emergency rooms will remain open. governor is praising the passage of president biden's $1 trillion infrastructure package. california is expected to receive tens of billions of dollars from this bill over a five-year period. according to the governor's office 9.4 billion will go toward improving public transportation, 4.2 billion will be spent on replacing or
6:34 am
repairing bridges. 3.5 billion will go toward the water infrastructure. and funds for broad band coverage. 84 million to protect against wild fires. >> a success story. thanks to hard work by biologists at the san francisco presid yo and local environmental group the g now b possible return of a locally extinct species. dan has the story. >> what you're hearing is the sound that's been silenced in san francisco ever since the city's once thriving native population became locally extimbingt but now experts at believe the time could be right to bring them back. >> what we have been able to do is to build back the kinds of habitat that would be needed in order for quail to survive
6:35 am
again. >> lou and jonathan have been working to e retore habitats like this site. it's now rich with dune scrub and underbrush that the birds thrive in. but young says the effort is also getting help from another species that's already made its own comeback. coyote. >> coyote's a predator in the food chain. its presence promotes environmental health through its consumption of smaller rodents such as bats. >> in other words, egg stealers and nonnative species that pressure the quail. they believe the resurgent coyotes and other predators like hawks have helped put the habitat back in a better balance. a new study appears to confirm the progress. erica and first author kelly tracked data from areas where birds like quail thrive particularly with the presence of coyote. condition that is compare favorably to restore areas.
6:36 am
>> so the potential to bring them back to parts of san francisco really exciting an example of species being reintroduced to a large urban park. >> the work provides a road map for potential reintroduction while there's still a lot of study bird conservation groups say the return of quail would be a treat for visitors. >> their sound is also really nice to hear when you're out on a hike. they sound like they're saying chicago but in a very special way it sounds more like tchig. >> and for local experts it would also be the sound of an environmental success story. >> that was dan reporting. the point blue team has also been working with the other local bird counts they found evidence that the rest ration
6:37 am
work is helping those species as well. a bear was spotted roming a neighborhood and took a dip in a backyard pool this happened friday. and in this video the bear is seen scaling walls and walking through backyards. the homeowner got quite a surprise when he then noticed the bear going for a swim in their pool. that looks like an enticing pool. the sheriff's department was tracking the animal warning people to stay in their homes. animal controlled steered it toward a nearby mountain. still ahead, a holiday tradition in jeopardy. why the el of could be a lot harder to get on the shelf this year. and the advice to parents hoping to get their hands on the popular christmas doll. you can tell the time change lighter this morning at 6:37 we'll check in with lisa when we get back. [ sfx: ding ding ding ]
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>> today space x crew 2 will leave the space a station a head back to earth but will have to use diapers on the way home. that is because the toilet in their capsule is broken. they say the situation is in their words suboptimal to put it mildly but manageable. they will be in a capsule for 20 hours from the time the hatches are closed this morning until tomorrow morning's splashdown in florida. space x is hoping to launch another crew to the space a station on wednesday. american airlines is offering holiday bonuses to flight attendents to prevent an operational meltdown due to staff shortages. flight attendents working during the upcoming holiday season will receive a 150% premium those with zero absences between november 15 and january 2nd will receive a bigger premium at 300%. this comes after american airlines furloughed 8,000
6:41 am
flight attendents during the covid-19 outbreak. an if you or your family is hoping to get an el of on the shelf this holiday season you'd better start shoppings for it now. the company behind the popular doll plames supply chain issues for delays. executives say they knew back in january there were going to be problems so they're trying to get their products obairplanes instead of ships. only 70% has made it into stores so far. a bay area company is producing meat in a way you might not have seen before. the new lab at upside foods. it is a place they say is the future of food production. >> gauges meters flashing lights. it's all futuristic at this lab. and it's all designed to make real meat. the main difference they're not harvesting it from animals. >> we're trying to make the same product people have loved their entire lives a different way. >> the vice president harris of upside foods, a company trying
6:42 am
new ways to create products. they let us inside for a look at their new lab. they take cells from animals and grow the meat. >> we take a small sample of cells from an animal, muscle tissue, and bring it into the facility behind me and we grow and feed them just like they would be if he had in an animal and produce a lot of muscle tissue from a small amount of cells and then feed it to other people. >> the food looks just like what we would already find in the grocery store. this is footage they provided us from a recent cooking segment. this way of food production something scientists say they've been researching for several years. specializing in this type of production he says he doesn't think what they're doing will work long term. >> can you grow them at scale in such numbers that it will make it competitive with beef or any other fish or poultry? and our answer to that based
6:43 am
just on well-known principles of technology, it doesn't look very good. >> however, they say they are confident they can produce meat at high numbers. >> so that instead of growing for 18 months to make a cow, in 14-21 days we've got the same beef on grocery store shelves. >> nice to see the sun up early this morning. >> beautiful view from mount tam about 40 degrees upper 30s in the valleys, 50 in san francisco. lots of sunshine on the way. but we're talking about a messy monday. i'll explain. >> also next a covid outbreak has a major impact on cal's football team in their game against arizona. against arizona. all the details coming up in i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive
6:44 am
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>> thousands of runners are taking part in the new york city marathon. a running movement emerged after the killing of arbery the 25-year-old who was shot and killed while jogging last year. also mcfadden is competing in a wheelchair the first athlete of any gender or ability to win the grand slam affour major marathons three years in a row. warriors now have the best record in the nba eight games into the season tonight the dubs take on the houston rockets looking to extend their three game winning streak. tipoff at 5:30 this afternoon george kittle set to return from his injury for the 49ers when they battle the cardinals. kickoff is at 1:25. cal hopes to have most of their players back next saturday when they face usc. yesterday the golden bears were without seven starters because of covid. the highlights in this
6:47 am
morning's sports. >> good morning. the cal football team traveled to arizona but not everyone made the trip. a covid outbreak resulted in 24 players and five coaches left behind in berkeley the biggest loss with you quarterback, so ryan making the start first quarter third and goal. the pass deflected. evan with the pick. cal had three interceptions in this game. so the defense held tough. down 3-0. this is the only time they made it into arizona territory. glover to crawford 30 yards later on the drive backup kicker lopez 34 yarder is good. tied at 3. here's the game's only touchdown. ten yards and in 10-3 wildcats. last chance for cal fourth and 12 glover out of the shotgun scrambling. and this pass ends up being incomplete. arizona ends a 20-game losing streak as the kids storm the field. first victory in 763 days after
6:48 am
the game head coach obviously frustrated. >> this is a city of berkeley and the campus so they're the ones that rea lay the information to me looking forward to sharing more at a later time. i don't think this moment is the time to discuss that. >> san jose state trying to snap a nine-game losing streak to nevada and become bowl eligible at the same time. look who's back at quarterback. late third down 10, to miller, 49 yards spartans within 3 they tie on a field goal to make it 17-17. strong to roam dwhro, what a play. 24-17. pack under 2 minutes to go fourth and goal for san jose state. the tying touchdown tied at 24. he had three touchdowns. seven seconds to go nevada kicker tarlton missed three
6:49 am
field goals but makes this for the win. nevada wins 27-24. they have now lost ten straight to nevada. like cal football the san jose sharks have been dealing with cofede issues and a depleting issues hosting new jersey. ready for the game sharks get on the board. what a pass. his second of the year. jersey would tie it up but in the third on the power play jonathan blasts it home for his fifth of the year 2-1 sharks. new jersey ties it up late as the rookies excited a scoreless overtime so a shootout. he had a fine game but the shootout 3-2 devil win. >> all right and now lets get a check of the forecast. certainly happy to have that extra hour of sleep. >> fantastic. and hope you enjoyed it too. here's a look at that weak system that went through yesterday brought a lot of cloud cover.
6:50 am
a couple hundredths in sonoma. looking at a rainy afternoon. here's the view from our camera. 50 in san francisco as well as oakland. 41 half moon bay. nice view where numbers have dropped into the upper 30s around santa rosa, napa, low 40's in liver more and at zever cove in the sierra nevada. highs today will be in the 40's. and dramatic clouds there. unfortunately the snow levels will be quite high with this system that pass level four to eight inches. we'll get snow accumulation but otherwise it looks like it will be rain. clear and cool, sunny skies. rain and wind on the way for your monday. it's a level 2 system monday night into tuesday for most of us the wind will accompany the frontal passage and then rain behind the front. here's a look at today clear
6:51 am
conditions with high clouds increasing at times throughout the afternoon and then as we get into your monday it's dry. 10:00 is partly to mostly cloudy. then by 7:00 so the afternoon commute should see some rain. 7:00 it's raining everywhere heavy rain from the north bay pushing on shore across the bay through about 9:00, 10:00, and then looking at heavier downpours through the overnight hours. 3:00 in the morning the focus of another wave of energy in the north bay so that's why north bay rainfall totals will be much higher than the south bay. east bay doing ok and then dry out by about tuesday afternoon. so here's a look at that two to three inch total from santa rosa up through parts of the north bay there over an inch in oakland looking at a third of an inch perhaps in mountain view. these have been updated scaling back on the rainfall along the coast here because we were looking at about an inch of rain. as it gets closer things will considerably change as it does
6:52 am
and as it moves quicker through the bay area we'll look at less rainfall accumulation. so if it's stalled out we would see more rain and more problems but as we go through the next several hours it's the winds will be accompanying the rain late on sunday. so you can see winds from 20-40 miles an hour and as that front pushes through we still have the rain but we do have the lighter winds. so looking at highs today underneath a sunny start high clouds in the afternoon with low of 0s. look for about 64. the game today down in santa clara featuring sunny skies with mid 60s, gets kind of warm there in the stadium. should be a nice day. the forecast looking at slightly cooler than average temperatures that sun set after 5:00 level two system throughout the late afternoon into the north bay. the evening hours, and then level two system with the rain overnight into tuesday morning. it all ends and looking at the
6:53 am
dry conditions after that. so we're talking about a half inch to an inch most locations except the south bay maybe two inches in the north bay. >> downside of getting that extra hour of sleep is it's going to get dark early. we'll have to prepare for that. next people laced up their shoes this weekend to help fight a disease that impacts millions of americans. we're taking you to the walk to end alzheimer's' after the br ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ once upon a time there was a reindeer named tiptoe who was scared to fly. fly? ahhh, maybe next year. so her friends gave her the greatest gift of all. it's a flying machine! ♪ ♪ oh no! ♪ ♪ i just have to believe! ...the gift of believing in herself. so you ready to fly to grandma's? okay ♪ ♪
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> happening today a free celebration at the history museum in redwood city on the courthouse square there will be music food and a processional. activities start at 4:00. the festival inside the museum will be on display from 10:00 to 6:00. the walk to end alzheimer's' took place in san francisco. proud sponsor of the fund raiser and anchor emseed the walk to kick off the event. over 2,000 people participated everyone carried a large flower. >> they have lost people to alzheimer's' or they are supporting family members or friends who currently have alzheimer's'. and sadly that is becoming more of a reality for more of us every day. today i just have a lot of optimism that wear going to change that for the next
6:57 am
generation. >> fund raiser, there's our justin there. it came close to the goal of $1 million. there is still time to make a donation. you can visit and they have clear weather for in terms of no rain but rain on the way. >> we have a dry sunday starting out on the chilly side with temperatures this afternoon a little cooler than average low to mid 60s sunshine with high clouds and as we get into your monday morning commute it's dry late in the day showers in the north bay level two system late monday into the overnight hours. tuesday morning looks messy with rain and wind and then dry for the rest of the week and warmer. >> thank you. and thank you all for joining us. abc 7 news will continue at 9:00 a.m. we hope to see you then. have a great day.
6:58 am
>> i'm hearing their bank accounts were drained in sbickeds the bank would not refund their money. until. >> my money's back. >> so happy i want to cry. >> i just couldn't be any more thankful to 7 on your side. >> good instead of bad. really life affirming. >> we will all be ok than
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. concert chaos. what we're learning about the tragedy in houston that led to the deaths of eight people at the astroworld festival while travis scott was on stage. ♪ the young concertgoers who lost their lives, and the harrowing stories of those who survived, being caught in the crush. >> i could feel myself, like, i was drowning under water. criminal investigation. officials now looking into what safety measures were taken for the soldout festival attended by 50,000 fans. overnight, travis scott speaking out after learning about the chaos. >> i'm honestly just devastated, and i could never imagine anything like this just happening. >> what's next for the grammy award-winning artist? on hold.


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