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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 6, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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now from abc 7 live breaking news good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb right away that breaking news coming out of oakley first responders have been called to a home on mallacoat avenue where there are reports for people have been shot. that's where we find abc 7 news reporter. tim johns joining us live tim. act of scene behind you yeah, dion, like you said we're here at the inters. main street and mallacoat avenue in oakley, and as you can see it is a very active scene here with police and other first assaunders present gonna step aside here give you guys a better look at what you're seeing, you know just from my account. here we have two three four five six seven eight nine 10 officer cars just here at the very end of the intersection here on molly coat street, and you know, i can tell you we don't have a lot of information at this time confirmed to us, but we do know
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that two people are confirmed to be dead at this hour and two others have also been injured and now if you also look, i left hand side here. i don't know if you could see at the angle that we are at but there is a group of people who are gathered watching everything going on. i have heard several people say they are waiting for information for their loved ones. they do not know what they're whereabouts are and they're asking for police assistance in figuring out what is going on with some of their family members and friends. like i said, we don't have a lot of formation at this time. we are going to stay out here though and continue to track the story for you and bring you the very latest deon back to you. alright much appre. little bit later on to developing news now in oakland. a toddler was shot and killed today by what investigators believe was a stray bullet the california highway patrol says it happened during a shootout on interstate 880 near 7th street. not far from the oakland police department. the boy killed was just 23
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months old abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to the devastated family who says this happened during their drive home. the boy's mother was behind the wheel. tonight a mother is mourning the loss of her. month old son around 2:10 pmm saturday a 911 caller reported a gunfight between two drivers on interst. 880 in the city of oakland a second color is important to the vehicle shooting and center on the freeway one of the bullets entered this white lexus inside a family with three children including a 23 month old boy in his car seat his family identified him as jasper. woo a boy who was smart and full of life and his mother's only child. this is audio recording of chv officers arriving on scene. from the head according to his family jasper. leaping at his car seat when he was struck in the head by a
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bullet. he's aunt who was sitting next to him said he was struggling to open his eyes. chi confirmed he was rushed to oakland's. hospital where he was pronounced dead, california highway patrol detectives revealing. this family was in the crossfire saying in part evidence collected on the northbound side of the freeway may indicate the victims were not targeted and the child passenger was struck by a stray bullet chp officers are requesting assistance from the public regarding this shooting at oakland children's hospital. jasper's family also asking off-camera for those responsible to turn. selves in meanwhile, the voice grandfather left the hospital holding a plastic bag with small shoes inside while jasper's mother was consoled by the rest of the family in auckland loose peña abc 7 news. it is hard to comprehend. we have been sending out push alerts since the story broke. you can't stay up to date by
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downloading the abc 7 news bay area app. it is available on all of your connected tv devices wherever you happen to stream. you at 11 now an investigation is underway after a san rafael high school football coach appeared to attack the mascot of terra linda high school now according to witnesses the terra linda trojan mascot ran with his team's flag to the opposing team side of the field at last night's game the mascot then began to taunt the san rafael side shortly after witnesses. say the head coach of the san rafael football team began to aggressively shove and hit the mascot before he was eventually stopped a into cheerleading program who had members at the game sent a statement to abc 7 news regarding the incident it reads in part on behalf of our students parents and coaches are cheer program is deeply shocked by the events of this year's bell game. our program has worked extremely hard to promote great sportsmanship and foster a safe place for not just cheerleaders to thrive but for all athletes we do not condone excessive
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execution of force from any party for any reason. san rafael high school also sent a statement they say the school is aware of the incident and is taking it very seriously. the school says an investigation is ongoing in collaboration with san rafael police. well abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and part of that includes tracking the pandemic and your health this weekend thousands of young kids are rolling up their sleeves for a covid. vaccine clinics are being held for children 5 to 11 years old just days after the cdc gave emergency youth authorization to the kids size shot abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story now from the north. bay 9 year old aidan bonfante from larkspur just got his first covid-19 vaccine shot. he says it didn't hurt a bit. it felt a slight poke and it was kind of nice. i guess to know that i'm almost safe from covid dad. terry says the whole family one
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step closer to being fully vaccinated. it's the big sky of relief. i guess. i mean it's not the end, but at least we're finally feeling of something to fight with organizers say this county run clinic at miller creek middle school in san rafael is giving about a thousand shots to kids ages 5 to 11 this get like sierra guest bar. lines and now i'm finally feel like they're gonna be safe nurses were funny headbands played cartoons even brandished lightsabers to make kids. safe, there were lots of brave faces and a few tears and teddy bears offering their support. marin county has an ambitious goal to vaccinate 75% of all five to 11 year olds by the first of the year. that's about 15,000 kids and that's really going to be a game changer for us. the virus is going to have a harder and harder time finding susceptible people.
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a vaccine clinic was also happening at canal alliance a nonprofit outreach for low-income and immigrant families as to bond azul and cousin angel were in line for a shot with their moms. you want to be here today? yes, because i don't want to spread sickness around the world about 300 shots were given here saturday. it means protection and safety and keeping our loved ones and our friends safe. most vaccine clinic appointments booked up fast county officials say new shipments of kids size doses of the pfizer vaccine will arrive next week. so if parents are to get their children vaccinated and can't find appointments now, they should continue to look because there will be more appointments opening up all done in marin county cornell barnard abc 7 news san mateo county's playland clinic open today the kid-friendly vaccination site held the event center in san mateo held at that center was designated for children's ages 5 to 11 300 doses of pfizer's
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child version of the vaccine were distributed the kid-friendly site features tvs and games along with snacks and snickers to allow children to feel more comfortable when getting vaccinated they gave us a lollipop. they gave us snacks they gave us they gave us stickers and we gotta like the movie so should other kids do this. why? well, it's safe and it's i mean the important things right stickers and -- now every appointment was booked today since the county has a limited. of doses. it is advising parents not to come up by unless they have set up an appointment first. the next pediatric clinic is scheduled for wednesday and abc 7 news was in san francisco. where a vaccination clinic for children was held in the excelsior neighborhood much like the others we saw today. there was a large turnout as parents rushed to get their kids vaccinated kids. had a special guest to keep them entertained while they waited san francisco giants mascot
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lucille one youngster explained the importance of getting needed because if we get sick, it won't be fun because then everybody in our house if we have siblings. they're not gonna be able to go to school and though and they'll be able to help they won't be able to be in school for that and we might expose our pants to it. even if they're vaccinated. they still can get sick. he was very right one thing that is different in san francisco. the city is planning to require five to 11 year olds to present proof of vaccination to get into indoor businesses. speaking of a fourth covid vaccine could become available in the us. novavax is planning to send its data to the fda before the end of the year and seek emergency authorization. if approved the company says it has 100 million doses ready to ship. the novavax vaccine is different from the vaccine's currently available in that it is protein-based clinical trials elsewhere have shown it to have an efficacy rate of above 90% a
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federal appeals court today temporarily blocked a biden administration vaccine rule for companies with more than 100 workers republican led states and some private businesses are challenging it the rule requires workers be fully vaccinated by january 4th or provide a negative test at least weekly according louisiana cited quote grave statutory and constitutional issues with the rule. the government has been ordered to respond to the by monday night alright moving on get ready to grab your umbrella this coming week. things are looking pretty calm right now as we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco the abc 7 news weather team tracking the return of rain to start the next week drew tuma is looking at the timeline he drew. ah, yeah, we're tracking that rain returning on monday that will come with some gusty winds and some downpours tonight though. you saw that image. it's pretty calm out there had some showers in the north bay. today some light sprinkles that week ripple of energy has pushed
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off to the east what we're waiting. there's our next storm. it's out there in the pacific right now, and it will arrive in the second half of our day on monday, but tonight it's all about falling back standard time begins at 2 am on your sunday morning. this clocks. go back one hour. it's also a good idea this time of year change the batteries. smoke detectors as we can see that clock go back one hour first thing tomorrow morning overnight tonight. it's chilly out there partly cloudy skies some 30s in the north bay low to mid 40s for the bay shoreline, so we'll be a chilly start first thing tomorrow morning. so grab the winter jacket. you don't need the umbrella on your sunday. you do need it starting monday night into tuesday morning to level two moderate storm. we are tracking the highest impacts look to be found in the north bay, but we all get some rain out of the storm. we'll go hour by hour d on time it out for you in the full act of cast in a few minutes. okay. sounds good. true. thanks, and don't forget you can always keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7 anytime you can find it on our abc 7 bay area app available on
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roku, amazon fire android tv and apple tv. i'll still head on abc 7 news at 11:00 the lasting impact of this year's. kaldor fire the wildfire potentially hurting business for winemakers the big decision that lies ahead plus a vta service slowdown and it may affect 49ers fans for tomorrow's game. what is to blame for f
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introducing the all-new nissan frontier. in el dorado county are trying to decide what to do with this year's harvest some not so delicious flavors are being produced due to the smoke from the kaldore fire after the wildfire burned more than thousand acres winemakers are some variants are more impacted than others because of the way
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the grapes. or the smoke some winemakers are choosing not to harvest the grapes at all limiting their production by 15 to even 20% you can definitely taste the smoke and it's got a high tenants in the back of your tongue. i never had to deal with a problem like this. we're going to come up with a solution for it if there's eye solution. it will be a few more months before decision is made on what to do with the 2021 harvest. la barre was spotted roaming a neighborhood in los angeles county and even took a dip in a backyard check it out. it all happened. last night in san dimas in the video the bear has seen scaling walls even walking through back yards. the homeowner got quite a surprise when he noticed the bear taking a dip in the pool the county sheriff department was checking the wild animal warning people to stay inside. the bear was last seen when animal control steered it toward a nearby mountain and drew. maybe the weather was just warm. i mean do you blame the guy?
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yeah, you really can't our weather though. it's turning wet d on by monday night into tuesday morning. that's where tracking our next round of rain, which looks like a week to moderate atmospheric river event like this next week. we'll talk about what's happening out there right now live look at sfo. think mostly cloudy skies out there. it's quiet. we're dry. we had a couple of light showers in the north bay, but all in all it was a pretty nice start to our weekend tomorrow much brighter of a day to finish the weekend right now a couple of 40s in ukiah and clear lake but elsewhere we're mainly in the mid 50s 56 in san francisco the same in oakland 57 in san jose, right 56 right now in conc. pretty uniform temperatures right now the fair amount of cloud cover. we're going to find some that cloud. hover breaking down over the next couple of hours. so we'll find clearing skies throughout the night. it gets chilly in parts of the north bay 38 in santa rosa the same in lakeport around the bay shoreline mid to upper 40. so first thing tomorrow morning if you're out and about early on the heavier jackets certainly needed but the afternoon it's really shaping up. to be a beautiful end to the weekend a lot more sunshine compared to today and
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temperatures just slightly warmer than we were earlier this afternoon. a lot of mid 60s on the board 64 for high in oakland tomorrow 62 in the city 64 and san jose up to about 63 for the afternoon high in rosa then the rain returns starting monday night and lingering into tuesday morning on the storm in back scale does a level 2 moderate system. we are tracking we'll find showers some heavy at times so scattered downpours as well. a wins do turn rather gusty especially monday afternoon and monday evening, and it looks like currently the highest impacts will be felt north bay in terms of rainfall and those wind gusts. so future weather monday those clouds will thicken back up again by 4 pm. we're starting just to see some light showers begin to move into the north bay as the sun goes down those showers look to intensify, but you can really see the action is focused in the north bay for monday evening those pops of yellow and orange on your screen. the scattered downpours will lacking and we'll find those downpours trying to slide south throughout the later portion of our monday into early, tuesday morning by tuesday morning again
11:19 pm
that heaviest rain really focused in the north bay and those showers will continue for the tuesday morning commute before moving out if you're by midday lunchtime, we should be gonna dry out on tuesday afternoon rainfall. there will be a wide range of rainfall not as uniform as you saw with our soaking storm last month high totals in the north bay. you can see anywhere from about and a half to two and a half inches in the north bay. then those numbers really fall off. we're talking about areas in the south bay a lot less rain could see that rain shadow will affect take hold recent mountain view fremont, san jose later amounts of rainfall as you work towards the south the winds will pick. monday afternoon and monday evening strongest along the coastline but still by early tuesday morning, we're finding wind gust 25 to 45 miles per hour as the storm moves through here. about the 74 cast the next seven days for you tomorrow. it's all about getting dark earlier that sunset just after 5 pm on your sunday. i know but then monday night to tuesday dion will track that level two storm and after that things really quiet down the
11:20 pm
rest of the week or dry. we're brighter by the weekend morning fog to afternoon sunshine, but nonetheless monday night will watch very closely for the strong winds in those rain showers moving through, you know, there are parallels with daylight savings things getting brighter from here. yeah, they're going and you know, if you like the sunrise it's up there a little bit earlier. normal, so true also true. i will not be awake. neither. thanks. yeah, stay with us. we ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the drama surrounding green bay packers quarterback, aaron rodgers, previa health has terminated its partnership with the chico native roger served as a spokesperson for the green bay health organization since 2012 earlier this week rogers tested positive for covid-19. it was also revealed that he is not vaccinated after telling members of the media. was immunized back in august if you're planning on taking the train to the 49ers game tomorrow, you may experience longer wait times when heading
11:24 pm
home nearly half of the vta's light rail train cars are currently out of commission for preventative maintenance. the agency says getting replacement parts for trains has been a challenge because of the global. supply chain slowdown about 30 cars will be in service for tomorrow's game against the arizona cardinals fans are being told they should expect to wait up to double the amount of time. time. they are used to salvarez joining us now with the preview of sports. i have a feeling sports fans will get to the game. just fine. no matter what? yes, they always find a way coming up in sports the sharks hit the ice at home, san jose state travels to nevada and how a covid outbreak had a major impact on the cal football team will show you those
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sponsored by river rock casino the cal football team traveled to arizona, but not everyone made the trip a covid outbreak resulted in 24 players and five coaches left behind in berkeley. obviously had a huge impact on the game the biggest loss of all quarterback chase garbers. so ryan glover making the start at quarterback first quarter third and goal for arizona will plumbers pass deflected and evan tattersall with the intercept. and cal had three interceptions in the game. so good job from the defense third quarter cow down three nothing. this is the only time they made it into arizona territory glover to cocoa crawford 30 yards later on the drive backup kicker nick lopez 34 an in-tied at three here's the game's only touchdown michael wiley ten yards to the house 10-3 wildcats. so last chance for cal it's fourth and 12. just over a minute and a half to go and glover scrambling in the past is incomplete. arizona ends a 20-game losing streak the kids storm the field
11:29 pm
first wildcat victory in 763 days after the game head coach justin wilcox, obviously frustrated. this is a city of berkeley. and the campus and so they're the ones that relay the information to me. looking forward to sharing more at a later time. i don't think this moment the time to discuss that but it's san jose state trying to snap a nine-game losing streak to and become bull eligible at the same. i'm brent brennan fired up. look who's back quarterbacks. nick starkel late third down 10 starkville to malachi miller 48 yards spartans within three they tied on a field will to make it 17. all nevada retakes the lead in the fourth carson strong to romeo dubs. what a play 24/17 packed under two minutes ago fourth and goal for san jose state. charcoal to derek dies for the tying touchdown tied at 24. he had three touchdowns seven seconds ago though, nevada kicker brandon tarletonsed thred
11:30 pm
goals, but makes this one from 45 yards out for the win nevada wins 27-24 this spartans have now lost 10 straight. to nevada like cal football the san jose sharks have also been dealing with covid issues and a depleted roster hosting new jersey tonight dad and daughter ready for the game sharks get on the board in the second period what a pass from mario ferraro rudolph's bowser's his second of the year lights the lamp jersey ties it up and now third period on the power play rookie jonathan dahlin blasted home his of the year to unsharkey's new jersey ties it up late and a scoreless overtime. so we go to a shootout james reimer had a fine game in net but damon severson scores to win the shootout in its 3-2 devils at the tank abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion chris. thank you much more to come on abc 7 news at 11 a music festival in houston takes a wrong turn more details from police and music. sounds on how a night of fun turned into tragedy and kaiser
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live breaking news. we continue following that breaking news. we first brought you at the top of the newscast two people are dead after shooting in oakley. there is a large police presence there and abc 7 news reporter tim johns once again joining us with more tim. what can you tell us? yet again, that's right. we're still here on molly code avenue where there is a police presence. i'm actually joined by oakley lieutenant paul beard who is going to do a live interview with us lieutenant. what can you tell us so far earlier this evening? we were called to a family
11:35 pm
gathering where four people were shot. we had a lot of help from the contra costa sheriff's office and brentwood police department. unfortunately two people have passed away two people are in the hospital right now. we have detectives on scene and we have the county crime unit crime scene unit coming out. helps investigate and you know the extent of the injuries of those two who are in hospital i do not right now and what was the nature of what happened? was it a family dispute that erupted or what caused the shots to be fired still under investigation? we're still trying to figure all that out. and how on you how long do you think that might take? we should know something by been boarding mid-morning? yeah, and you know, what time were you guys called out this evening? i don't have that exact information, but about an hour and a half ago. and have you guys notified any family, you know when we are at the other side of the police line, we did notice that there were folks who were you know distressed asking about their loved ones family friends. have you notified nets of ken at this point in time due to the nature of the incident a lot of
11:36 pm
family, they do know and they know what happened. lieutenant, thank you so much for your time dion. we're gonna stay out here and continue to attract this the latest developments for the story but for anonymous and i bet you in studio. all right. much of a live with the lieutenant giving us the very latest tim johns many. thanks now. leading to other stories in tonight's newscast a toddler has died after being shot in the head on interstate 880 in oakland according to the family. the child was sleeping in his car seat when he was struck by the stray bullet that came from a car on the opposite side of the freeway. he was rushed to oakland's children's hospital where he later died. this weekend thousands of young kids are rolling up their sleeves for a covid-19 vaccine clinics are being held for children 5 to 11 years old just days after the cdc gave emergency use authorization to the kids size shot. most vaccine clinics booked up quickly distributionsize vaccinp we are getting a better sense
11:37 pm
tonight of the chaos panic and the moments that led up to a deadly rush towards the stage at a music festival in houston. where eight people died abc news reporter. tom abrams has witnesses account what they saw. the search for answers is underway after a deadly stampede at a concert in houston. we're talking about in people who were 14 16 21 23 27. that's that's painful on any front. used to native travis scott was performing at the astroworld music festival when the crowd suddenly surged an apple music live stream showed him stopping his performance several times after spotting fans in distressed out right here an estimated 50,000 people were since the plan included two separate stages to try to subdivide those crowds. but again, it's the it was a crowd control at the at the point of the of the stage. that was the issue that caused
11:38 pm
the issue almost two dozen people arrested most for trespassing witnesses describing a chaotic scene. so almost as if you were under an elevator in the elevator was coming down and there was nothing you could do about it. we did see a couple of people passed out. it was a little area, but that's something that you kind of expect that festival scott one of music's biggest young stars founded the astroworld festival in 2018. i just want to send out prayers to the so the ones that was lost last night. i mean, i'm honestly just devastated and i could never imagine anything like this just happening tom abrams abc news, houston the house of representatives has passed a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan after months of deliberations. the bipartisan deal comes as a victory for president joe biden and the democratic party this legislation will provide money for the nation's roads rail
11:39 pm
systems electric car charging stations safe, drinking water and high-speed internet. i'll go see the effects of the bill. this bill probably starting within the next two to three months things are going to move it is a build is paid out over a number of years. the new law is expected to create jobs and bring necessary improvements to the nation's roads. it is the single largest investment in the country's infrastructure in decades. california is expecting to receive tens of billions of dollars from that bill over a five-year period that's according to the governor's office. 9.4 billion will go toward improving public transportation. 4.2 billion will be spent on replacing and repairing bridges three and a half billion would go toward upgrading the water infrastructure and at least 100 million dollars will be spent to expand broadband internet coverage across the state 84 million is being dedicated to protect against wildfires. american airlines is offering holiday bonuses to flight
11:40 pm
attendants to prevent an operational meltdown due to staff shortages flight attendants working during the upcoming holiday season will receive a 150% premium those with zero absences between november 15th and january 2nd will receive an even bigger premium at 300 percent all of this comes after american airlines furloughed 8,000 flight during the covid outbreak. guys are permanente is warning patients to fill their prescriptions due to an impending strike. pharmacists plan to walk out for a week starting on november 15 kaiser expects the strike to affect all of its outpatient pharmacies in northern, california. contract negotiations are ongoing and health officials do hope to reach a deal before the strike date. kaiser says it's hospitals and emergency rooms will remain open. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. love it or hate it. we doing it this weekend. just like we have every year what would happen though if we
11:41 pm
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it well before you head to bed tonight. don't forget to set back your clocks daylight saving time ends at 2 am and we will turn the clocks back one hour. it's a hundred year old practice and the debate rages on about whether changing time is a good thing abc 7 news reporter. dustin dorsey takes a look at the pros and cons for both sides of the argument. sunday at 2 am we will roll back our clocks one hour as daylight saving time ends. it's a highly contested topic. so we asked five people their thoughts. do you like daylight saving time? no, i don't. i just feel like it gets dark too early and i miss the sunshine when i go home from work, i do. yes, i do. no, i do not like it. yes, i do because i get that
11:45 pm
extra hour of sleeping. i wouldn't consider our survey the end of the debate, but many other groups agree. they like it the department of transportation. overseas daylight saving time and supports it because they say it saves energy and results in fewer traffic fatalities many california school officials are also for it. to and that message that parents work schedule. it messes up the school starting time. so it's just not good overall without daylight saving time changes clocks would stay the same year round, but when the sun rises would change for example under our current system sunrise is at 7 am on january 1st and 541 am on july 1st if changed it would be dark until 8 am in january and sunrise would be at 4:41 am in july despite that weird reality some doctors believe not having a time change is better for our bodies when we set our clock.
11:46 pm
s then we get this. and that good after some of our time changes, but also to long-term health effects like increased risk of cardiovascular disease stroke even cancer. you may be thinking didn't we vote on this already yes in 2018 california's voted to get rid of daylight saving time, but that's been held up by the federal government. still need to decide if the springing forward or falling back time is the one we all set our watches to but there's no sense of time as to when that may happen in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. this debate is going to rage on forever drew it is at least this round you gain an extra hour of sleep. yes, not too bad. right? it's in the springtime when you wear that out and everything just kind of like all out of whack in your brain. but at least tomorrow when sun gets up here, send me a bright end to the weekend a lot of sunshine on our sunday and then rain comes back on monday, especially at night overnight tonight.
11:47 pm
we'll find clearing skies temperatures chilly upper 30s to upper 40s first thing on our sunday sunday afternoon. very bright tons of sunshine. low to mid 60s just slightly below average for this time of the year, but it is a dry finish to the weekend. the storm impact scale will come back monday night into tuesday morning to level two moderate storm. we have showers with some downpours gusty winds. it looks like the north bay will feature the highest impact. so monday afternoon, we'll just beginning to see some light rain move into the north bay, but it's after sunset into the evening on monday. you find those downpours becoming more widespread with those yellows and oranges you see on your screen as in a morning. it looks like the heaviest rain will be focused in the north bay before this thing all wraps up. midday on tuesday the north they could easily see more than an inch and a half of rain around the bayshore line. i think a good estimate is a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain after this thing is all said and done. here's the accuweather 78 forecast getting dark earlier tomorrow rain at night on monday with morning rain and wind on tuesday and then once the storm
11:48 pm
exits dion it gets really quiet around here some leftover clouds wednesday, but we'll brighten up those guys for the holiday and all in all it's mild for the weekend. our 60s and 70s on the board by saturday okay looks nice and thanks. well, get ready to hit the slopes the san francisco ski and snowboard festival continues tomorrow at pier 35 on the embarcadero the festival runs from 11am to 5 pm. there will be representatives from ski resorts and discounted skis snowboards and apparel. there will be live yoga sessions and bmx shows and speaking of someone who knows a thing or two about all of that. let's get to chris alvarez with a preview of sports. deon coming up in sports we go around the country for all the top plays and games in college football. plus. he's back george kittle returns to the niners as they get ready for a huge divisional showdown against the cardina
11:49 pm
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but warriors are off to a surprising seven to one start in the biggest surprise of them all just might be the play a 15th man. gary payton the second it came down to peyton or avery bradley for the final roster spot steph and draymond reportedly. lobby for bradley, but the front office chose peyton and also a great decision peyton a tenacious defender had 17 points in 18 minutes last night and it's easy to see this team loves gp2. it doesn't matter how long how many seconds i get how many minutes i get just go out there make a play for my team, you know still be a great teammate on a bench, you know, my numbers not to call that night, but you know when it's called be ready. i just try to stay ready. i've been doing that for about five years now just staying ready and when opportunity to present you know just take full advantage he is. just an electric athlete. it's hard to stand out on an nba floor athletically because all those guys i mean, it's the world's greatest athletes. and he jumps off the page when you see him out there couldn't
11:53 pm
be happier for gary. you think about how hard he's worked to get to this point? just clawing his way to a roster spot. it's taking him about five years of bouncing around the vegan i'm just we're all just thrilled for him. he deserves this. only one play you need to see from dallas tied at 104 final seconds and luca donchic fade away three at the buzzer bang and the mavs go wild. look at this shot. dallas wins. 107 104. well, the 49ers offense has not been the juggernaut. we've seen in years past a big reason the absence of all pro tight end george. know who's been out for over a month with a calf injury kittle. not only a great receiver but is blocking spring so many long runs having him back in the field. really. opens up the playbook for kyle shanahan niners host. cardinals tomorrow the rams the following week big games is the niners try to stay in position for the nfc west and wild card spots kittel. he's ready to go hit some
11:54 pm
people. feel good. i don't have a can to be prepared for sunday, you know not practicing since green bay week. definitely a little bit of rust out there, but just gotta get back out there. and this is her riding a bike. i guess just go out there and catch the ball run some routes hit some people. football college football michigan state ranked number three phone that come back went over michigan last week on the road against purdue and the boilermakers getting tricky aiden o'connell gets it back and he'll throw the screen pass to jackson anthrop and watch jackson. this is a long 39 yards weaving in and out of traffic and purdue 21-7 lead they call him the spoilermaker spartans with tied up but in the third king daru punches it in and let's storm the feel purdue with a upset win 40 to 29. got right here on abc 7 number for oregon and washington huskies head coach jimmy lake breaking up the pre-game scuffle rainy night in seattle anthony brown finds devon williams 31
11:55 pm
yard score 10-9, oregon at the break third quarter now brown to call his own number out of the shotgun. he's going to get in 179. too wet even for the actual husky mascot. it's got a ring himself dry late in the game washington down eight pun in from their own end zone and the ball sails over everyone's head and that'll do it ducks win 2616. they're now eight and one upset alert undefeated at number six cincinnati hosting tulsa 42 seconds ago tul 18 4th and goal stephen anderson reaching for the goal line, but he fumbles the football and cincinnati survives 28-20. they are now nine and oh wake forest still undefeated and ranked number nine sam hartman and the demon deacons at north carolina deeks led by 14 late in the third hartman to at perry who makes and it grab he threw five touchdowns perry caught two of them, but carolina scored 24 in the fourth ty chandler 50 yard run with just over a minute
11:56 pm
ago and the heels they have a 10-point lead wake scored and now need the onside kick with 37 seconds to go. and a smart play right here get it out of bounds. carolina wins at 58-55 wait force first loss of the season abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. finally tonight the walk to and alzheimer's took place along the embarcadero in san francisco. abc 7 news is a proud sponsor of the fundraiser our abc 7 mornings. anchor regent key, mc. today's walk to kick off the event over 2,000 people participated everyone carried a large flower to represent their connection to alzheimer's disease. they have lost people to alzheimer's or they are supporting family members their friends who currently have alzheimer's and sadly that it's becoming more of a reality for more of us every day. and today. i just have a lot of optimism that we're going to change that for the next generation. yeah, nice to see that turn out and a lot of friendly and
11:57 pm
familiar faces in the crowd there not to mention little furry ones. today's fundraiser came close to the goal of 1 million dollars. there is still time to make donations to the abc 7 memory makers. all you have to do is visit and with that, that's all we have for this edition of abc 7 news at 11. i'm dion limb abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us. thank you for joining us. have a great night, and we will see you. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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(john a.) tonight, 24 americans lay it all on the line. their whole lives have been leading up to this one moment of glory. (boinging) aah! aah! (john h.) oh, boy. (john a.) ooh. let's hope they have a plan "b." (john a.) they've come from all over the country


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