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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 6, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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create millions of jobs, modernize our infrastructure, roads, bridges, broadband, a whole rank of things to turn the climate crisis into an opportunity. and it puts us on a path to win the economic competition that we faced with china and other large countries and the rest of the world. it's going to create more jobs, good paying jobs, union jobs, can't be outsourced and they'll transform our transportation system with the most significant investments in passenger rail, the most significant investment in 50 years, in roads and bridges, the pose significant investment in 70 years and more investment in public transit than we've ever, ever made. period. it's going to modernize our ports and airports. i'll be going to some of the ports next week and freight rail, increasing that -- look, we have a bottleneck across the country. we're doing so much with this legislation. it's going to make it easier for
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companies to get goods to market more quickly reduce bottlenecks and now and for decades to come. according to economists this will ease inflationary pressure, not increase it. by lowering wases for working families and create jobs replacing lead water pipes so every american can drink clean water improving their health and putting plumbers and pipefitters to work. how long have we been talking about that? it's a gigantic issue. jobs making high-speed internet affordable and available everywhere in america. you heard me say this before, i apologize for repeating myself but no parent should have to sit in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant so their child can do their homework because they have no internet connection except the one from the fast food restaurant. it's going to make significant historic strides to take on the climate crisis.
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some of you were with me when i was recently in scotland. what did people keep asking me. are you going to fund this. are you going to do what you're saying? well, this this is a big step a the way. charging stations, 500,000 of them so you can make real and, you know, auto companies are made a commitment we'll make 50% of vehicles electric by 2030. so you'll be able to go across the whole darn country from east coast to west coast just like you stop at gas stations now, these charging stations will be available. we'll get america off the sidelines on ing, ing of solar panel, wind turbine, battery storage, energy and power for electric vehicles from school buses to automobiles. and we'll reward companies for paying good wages and for getting materials for their products from right here in
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america and america exporting and providing the rest of the world with these technologies generated here in the united states as we go green around the world. it also makes historic investments in environmental cleanup and remediation. it builds up our resi jens against superstorms and droughts and wildfires, hurricanes, you know, you've heard me say again, i apologize for repeating myself but $99 billion in losses last year because of climate crises. in america. $99 billion it cost the taxpayers of america. it represents a blinking red code out there for our nation. vice president harris and i look forward to having a formal signing ceremony for this bipartisan infrastructure soon because everybody -- i'm not doing it this weekend because i want people would work so hard to get this done, democrats and republicans to be here when we sign it. but we're looking more forward to having shovels in the ground
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to begin rebuilding america. and for all of you at home who feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that's changing so rapidly, this bill is for you. the vast majority of the thousands of jobs that will be created don't require a college degree. there will be jobs in every part of the country, red states, blue states, cities, small town, rural communities, tribal communities. this is a blue collar blueprint to rebuild america and it's long overdue. i'm also proud that the house took a big step toward to pass my build back better act which for the week of november 15th they're going to be taking it up. they went through the procedural mechanisms to assure that occurs. let me be clear, we will pass this in the house and we'll pass it in the senate. the build back better act will be a once in a generation investment in our people, getting america back to work by reducing the cost of child care
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and elder care and getting millions of women back on the job who have to stay home because they cannot afford the child care or the health care for their parents. providing universal pre-k for every 3 and 4-year-old child in america and increasing their academic achievement potential significantly, significantly. making health care more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs, the tax cuts for working people in the middle class so folks have a little -- i know you're tired of hearing me say my dad used to say as a middle class guy, we need a little breathing room. a little breathing room. it's going to reduce child poverty in the country by the way by 50%. we're already on track to do that with the child tax credit we passed in our last piece of legislation. and this bill is fiscally responsible. that's a fancy way of saying it's fully paid for. it doesn't raise the deficit by a single penny and it actually reduces the deficit according to the leading economists in this country over the long term.
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and it's paid for by making sure that the wealthiest americans, the biggest corporations begin to pay their fair share. why should 40 or 55 corporations made over $40 billion in the last couple of years, why should they pay zero tax? i'm a capitalist. i'm not a socialist but the bottom line is everybody should pay their fair share. zero in taxes? come on. and so and keep my campaign commitment, it does not raise a single penny in tax for anyone making less than $400,000 a year. say it again. folks, no matter what they tell you you'll find out this will not affect your taxes one little bit and having to pay a penny more if you make less than $400,000 a year. independent experts have concluded these bills are the highest value investments that we can make to grow the economy. it's going to create millions of jobs, increase productivity,
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wages and reduce costs and generate significant and historic economic growth. again, the press is here. the poor people have to follow me all the time. they've heard me say it a lot. a letter from 17 nobel prize winners in economics and determined that it will ease inflationary pressures, not create them, ease them. ease those pressures. and for the economy, it recognizes that we face an inflection point. we led the world by a significant margin. we invested in our people. we invested in ourselves. you've heard me say a thousand times, any country outeducates us will outcompete us. we invested in education and invested in health and invested in things that affect people's opportunities to succeed. we build an interstate highway system which led to the best roads, bridges, airports and transit systems in the world.
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these are the arteries of commerce that have moved goods from coast to coast quickly. that's why people decide to build facilities here in the united states. we empowered our companies to outcompete the world. and we created jobs and untold opportunities for our people to travel, to live and to work. but somewhere along the way, we stopped investing in ourselves, we stopped investing in our people. and we risk losing our edge as a nation. i don't even think it was conscious but this is what happened and china and the rest of the world are moving to catch up, in some cases move ahead. our infrastructure used to be rated the best in the world. today, today according to the orld economic forum 13th in the world. the united states of america ranks 13th in the world in infrastructure. come on. we used to lead in the world in education achievement. now the organization for economic cooperation and
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development, oecd, ranks america 35th out of 37 major companies when it comes to investing in early education for childhood education and care. think about that. those of you parents know you start kids early, you gave them the basis, you give them the material to be able to go on. simply unacceptable that we rank 35. we're now turning it around in a big way. any single element of this plan would be a fundamental change in america. but taken together they're truly consequential. again, i have more to say about this soon but when we have the bill signing i'll be able to thank everyone in the senate and house for their leadership. i hesitate to start now, i'll leave somebody out and want to make sure everyone who was a part of this gets credit for it. but for now i want to quickly thank members of the house would worked so hard to get some of this done. speaker pelosi, steny hoyer, jim
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clyburn, progressive leaders, moderate leaders, democrats, republicans, they, in fact, worked together. it was like as i saw someone told me my staff this morning that i'm one of the program -- on one of the programs they say the sausage is made. well, you know, it is a process. you all know it. you're all pros. you cover it. the american people have made clear one overwhelming thing, i think, and i really mean it. all the talk about the elections and what do they mean, they want us to deliver. they want us to deliver, democrats, they want us to deliver. last night we proved we can on one big item, we delivered. i want to close with this, for much too long working people and the middle class of this country have been dealt out of the promise of america. that sounds like hyperbole but i really mean it. some of you may remember when i ran i was legitimately, i mean
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as appropriate to be criticized. i'm not complaining about being criticized but when i said i was running for three reason, one to restore the soul of america, bring back some decency and honor and the way in which we dealt with one another. second reason was to rebuild the backbone of the country, the middle class, the wealthy are value added to the country but they didn't build the country. hard work and middle class folks are the ones that built this country. they're the ones that built the middle -- they're the ones that built the backbone of the country and what i decided to do was i said we have to begin to build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out. well, folks, that hadn't been the case. i'm so tired about trickle down economic theory that i'm trickled out. the idea that -- and i asked the rhetorical question. when the middle class has done well one of the wealthy have
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never -- when any time do the wealthy not done extremely well as well? i mean, come on. we got to give working folks a real chance, a chance and so folks, there's an awful lot more to say about this but today i think has just been a good day, you know, it's time to deal folks back in, you know, as you've heard me say again, i make no apologies for it. these bills, these bills, in fact, are our -- the two bills we're talking about, build back -- the build back better bill which we'll work on now and this bill are all designed to give ordinary people a fighting chance to begin to sort of level the playing field just a little bit. not punish anybody. i've long said it's never ever been a good bet to bet against the american people. never. and what it really means is bet on the american people, give them a shot. give them a shot. that's what these planks do.
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they bet on average americans. they believe in america. they believe in the limitless capacity of the american people. if you look at the history of the journey of this nation, what becomes crystal clear, not a joke, given half a chance, the american people never ever ever ever let their country down. we'll give them the full chance this time and when we do there's going to be no stopping us. i truly believe that 50 years from now folks are going to look back and say this was the moment, this was the period, this year and the next couple years when america decided to win the competition of the 21st century to get in the game full bore. so my message to all the american folks is let's get to work. let's get this done. god bless you all and may god protect the troops and i'll take a few questions.
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>> mr. president, the election re results, to the finish line and how were you able to bridge the gap between moderates and progressives. >> well, you know, i'm not being facetious with the answer i'm about to give you but i don't -- i'm not going to be a prognosticator and make a judgment on what -- how the election could or would have been different. each stage is different and i don't know but i think the one message that came across was get something done. it's time to get something done. stop talking. get something done. and so i think, again, that's what the american people are looking for. and i think it's a legitimate and when you ask how we're able to bring things together, well, you know, i -- look, all kidding aside, i have -- i believe
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everybody in the process is entitled to be treated with respect, and i've been doing this kind of thing -- doesn't mean it's not all me but doing this thing my entire life. i've been able in the senate to put things together when people said they couldn't be put together just by making the overwhelming point that you can't have all you want. it's a process. there's no one piece of legislation that is going to solve everybody's problems. so i spent a lot of time as you probably heard with a lot of people, both political parties and including my party saying, look, let's -- if we move on what's here in this bill, that is the infrastructure bill, it is a game changer in a half a dozen ways. the fact that it has too much of what you don't want and not enough of what you want, let's be reasonable. let's take a look at this.
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let's do what we all agree and a minimum is in the interest of the american people. if you want more we'll fight about it later or if you want to subtract something. i never voted for a major piece of legislation that i was for every piece of it. people say, how do i explain this? i said, well, you explain to your constituency and i'm not telling you how to do it but you go home and say this is what i did. it had one piece, there's not enough money for this or too much for that but overall this has been a gigantic benefit to my congressional district. so i spent a lot of time taking questions from both -- everybody at the end of the day, i have to admit, dealt with me fairly. i mean, they were -- we -- and part of the process, this is probably more than you need to know. part of the process is getting to know all the people
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personally again. i've been out of government for four years. i used to do this every day. i used to know about everybody's district i was working with when i was vice president. i know -- i know them and call up and say, charlie or harry or mary, and so it's getting to know a lot of these people, to build trust, because everything i say i'm going to try to do, i will try to do and i think that's also part of the process and so hopefully it can continue. >> mr. president, you just alluded to it there, two questions, you are arguably the most legislatively experienced president that we've ever seen but to get this first agenda item you need republican votes. >> sure. >> you won't have republican votes for your build back better agenda. isn't it doomed and my second question, mr. president, opec pause has snubbed your cause. when will you respond? >> well, first of all, i'm not
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anticipating that opec would respond, that russia and/or saudi arabia would respond. they're going to pump some more oil. whether they pump enough oil is a different thing. there are other tools in the arsenal that we have to deal and i'm dealing with other countries at an appropriate time. i will talk about it that we can get more energy in the pipeline, figuratively and literally speaking and i don't start off with any assumption that i can't get anybody to vote for -- so i mean this sincerely. i think what's going to happen is we're going to see what happens in the senate and whether or not i need only democratic votes which is likely, which is a likely outcome and the question is can i get all of those votes? this is a process. and all along, you told me i can't do any of it anyway from the very beginning, no, no, come on, be honest. you didn't believe we could do any of it and i don't blame you
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because you look at the facts, how is this going to get done? but i think, i think there's a -- i think there's a dawning on the part of a lot of people, whole elective office that if you get some of this done things are better for them as well as everybody else and i'm sure there's some calculations saying, well, biden gets this other bill then he's going to be moving too fast and it's going to hurt, you know, the democrats will be doing too well. that's why i think we have to try to figure out how to make the case across the board as to there's a lot of things we have to tackle yet, so -- >> mr. president, have you gotten assurances from moderate democrats in the house and senate that they are going to vote for your build back better plan now that what they really wanted, the infrastructure bill has passed? >> you know, i'm not going to answer that question for you because i'm not going to get into who, what made what
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commitments to me. i don't negotiate in public but i feel confident, i feel confident that we will have enough votes to pass the build back better plan. >> mr. president, what gives you that confidence? >> me. >> mr. president, you were forced to scrub paid family leave from your framework a couple of weeks ago. >> sorry? >> you were forced to pull paid family leave from the framework you released a couple of weeks ago, the house is putting back in. can you keep it in the bill when it makes its way to the senate. >> time will tell. >> i meant to ask real quick where do you stand? you said last week this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage. >> no, i didn't say that. get it straight. you said, everybody coming across the border gets $450,000. the number i was referring to. now, here's the thing. >> sure. >> if, in fact, because of the
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outrageous behavior the last administration, you coming across the border whether legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, gone. you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance. what that will be, i have no idea. i have no idea. yes. >> doj negotiating settlement -- >> mr. president, two questions, you referred to china twice in your comments and yet we haven't heard anything about the china bill which is really the third element of what you're hoping to do here. it's been through the senate. it's not yet come up to the house and it would seem that that is the one that is more key to our competitiveness so i was wondering, if you would talk a little about that and then also tell us how you're feeling right now about the iran deal since it looks like you're going to go
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back to discussion at the end of the month but the iranians have made it pretty clear at this point they plan to rip up most of what was done so far, so are you into your plan b at this point? >> i'm not going to comment on iran now and the china bill you're referring to, everything in good time. i got to get this through. we got to get this through. the next thing is build back better. >> when do you plan to do that. >> well, in order, i'm going to take one more question. >> mr. president, can i follow up on paid leave, mr. president. sir, may i follow up on paid leave? >> democratic congresswoman abigail -- said of your presidency nobody elected him to be fdr. they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos. how do you view your mandate after tuesday's election losses for democrats and is she wrong? >> well, abigail is a friend -- we had a long talk.
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she joked and said i have a picture, she said i have a picture of roosevelt hanging in my office, her office, okay. i don't intend to be anybody but joe biden. that's who i am. what i'm trying to do is do the things i ran on to do. and, look, people out there are ordinary hard working americans, are really, really put through the wringer starting with covid. covid has disrupted almost every family one way or another whether it's wearing a mask or losing a family member. you know, 750,000 plus americans dead. 750,000. and so people are worried. people are also worried about, you know, coming up -- they don't understandably why is the price of agricultural products and when i go to the store, why is it higher? like, for example, if i had -- if we were all going out and having lunch together and i
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said, let's ask whoever at the next table no matter what restaurant we're in, have them explain the supply chain to us. do you think they'd understand what we're talking about? they're smart people. but supply chain, well, why is everything backed up? well, it's backed up because the people that supply the materials that end up being on our kitchen table or in our -- in our family -- our life, guess what, they're closing those plants because they have covid. they're not -- so it's a complicated world. we've never faced anything like this before. i mean i'm not saying this is the worst of any time in american history but never faced anything this sort of defined of understanding and what's going on. you can understand why people are upset. whether you have a ph.d. or you're working, you know, in a restaurant, it's confusing. and so people are understandably
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worried. they're worried. and so all i can say is what i'm going to try to do is explain to the american people as best i can and by the way you all write for a living. i haven't seen anyone of you explain the supply chain very well. no, no, i'm not being critical. when your editor says explain the supply chain, okay. lots of luck in your senior years, my coach used to say but i sincerely mean it. this is a confusing time, confusing time. think of all those children, all those children who may have lost more than a year of education by only being out one semester. think of all that's going on in terms of access to everything from when you go back to college if you're in college, you go back to college, do you have to wear your mask? who is your roommate? i mean, this is a confusing moment. and it seems to me that my job
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as the president of the united states is to try to figure out myself as well what is most needed to put people at ease and let them know there's a way through this. there's a way through this. the world has never been here before. that sounds like hyperbole but think about it. think about it. this truly is one of those inflection points in history. all the pieces on the board are moving both in terms of the relationships among and between nations as well as the pieces of what employment future people have. how do we do this? and so this is a confusing time but i promise, i promise the american people i have one focus, how do we give you some breathing room? how do we get you to the point where we take pressure off you so you can begin to get back to
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a degree of normality and we move to a different place? and this time when we move, by the way, everybody internationally loses a build back better now. when i used the phrase initially they were like build back better, what it means we're the only country in the world gone through a crisis to go through a crisis and come out better than we were before the crisis occurred. that's building back better than it was before. this is a process. and i just, you know, we're going to see. take it every day every moment, you know, one moment at a time. i am going to get in real trouble. this is the last question i'm taking. you can decide who i'm pointing to. >> when will americans expect to see the bill and when do you think the build back better bill will be passed, by thanksgiving, christmas? >> i don't want to make your job easier. i know the answer exactly when it's going to be passed. and i know exactly how it's
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going -- see the effects of the bill, this bill probably starting within the next two to three months as we get things shovels in the ground and people told they'll working doing the following things. it is paid out over a number of years. and so but the biggest thing it does is give people -- you'll have people going, oh, okay. guess i'll be able to keep my job or i'm going to be able to get a job doing that or i'm moving so i can't tell you that with precision. if anybody can, then they ought to go foo fortune telling but it's going to be -- it's going to be a provision, a bill that is going to have a profound impact over time. it's a little like and i'll end with this, a little like when
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i -- we first came to office, a lot of this has to do with this lady right here, the vice president. it's not -- i didn't -- not all me. i feel -- i used to stand there and have to listen to the president. she's got to listen to the president but she deserves an enormous amount of the credit but here's the deal, when we came to office, we were told virtually by everybody, you can't get this economy moving. remember? remember when they told me there's no way i could get, you know, 2 million shots a day into people's arms in the beginning. there's no -- there's no way to get 00 million. no way to get the vaccine, no way, no way, no way. it's understandable. listen, i'm not criticizing people would said that because these things have never been done before. it's never happened before. and so we got to work. i agree, i am an optimist but it's because i mean this. i have enormous faith in the
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ingenuity and the integrity of the american people. i'm not joking. i have enormous faith this them because i'm convinced we're the most unique country in the world. not because we're also smart but because we're the only country that's organized based on an idea, we really mean it. we haven't lived up to it but we hold these truths to be self-evident. all men and women are created equal. basically give everybody a shot and i really have faith in the american people. i know we're divided. i know how mean it can get and i know there are extremes on both ends that make it more difficult than it's been in a long, long time but i'm convinced we let the american people know that we're committed to enhancing their ability to make their way all do better. thank you all so very much. >> president biden speaking right there at the white house about that $1 trillion
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bipartisan infrastructure bill. it passed the house overnight. now just needs the president's signature. president biden calling it a monumental step and a once in a generation investment that is going to create millions of job, also adding these plans bet on average americans, of course, this is just phase one, so to speak, phase two is the build back better act that's a much bigger sprawling bill that still needs to be hammered out on capitol hill. let's bring in our white house correspondent maryalice parks on the north lawn right now. maryalice, a bit of a victory lap but still a lot more ahead if he wants to complete his agenda. >> reporter: that's right but he is clearly in a good mood. you saw him laughing, joking with the press. he said he felt voters wanted them to deliver and was obviously proud they were able to deliver and wrap up the bill. that vote was a big deal for years we've heard republicans and democrats calling for a major investment in infrastructure to work on things like roads and rails and
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airports and ports and you heard the president list some of the other things in that bill, money for electric vehicle charging station, money for clean water, money to invest in high-speed internet. the president is clearly feeling good he was able to wrap up this portion of his agenda but you're right. this is just the beginning. we don't even know exactly when he's going to sign the bill. he said he wants to make sure he will have republicans and democrats who helped get it across the finish line there alongside and he's now turning his attention to figuring out the rest of that social spending package. he wouldn't say what makes him feel confident, but he'll be able to get that done except that he is confident. he's confident in his own ability to finish that big package too. whit. >> and the president, maryalice answering questions on a variety of topics. there was a fiery moment on a different subject with the president when he was asked about the reports of possible payments for migrants who were separated from their children. what's your take on that? he's been very defensive about
7:33 am
this over the past week. >> reporter: yeah, well, the white house had to play cleanup. earlier the president got a question about possible payments and seemed to dismiss them. there was questions about whether he was read in today like you said. he was very defensive and said it was the total dollar amount that he said might be garbage. we know the white house has been very careful to talk about this. these are ongoing settlements and negotiations that doj is trying to work out. but you heard the president take a moment and say that he thought it was right for a family who experienced that kind of family separation that had a child taken from them separated from them crossing the border deserved some kind of compensation. whit. >> maryalice at the white house, thank you so much. we appreciate it. of course, much more throughout the day on and you can get breaking news alerts on the abc news app. for now i'm whit in new york. we'll send you back to regular programming in some parts of the country. that's "gma." have a good day. >> announcer: this has been a special report from abc news. n.
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>> reporter: the nfl doesn't have a vaccine mandate for players and coaches but those who are unvaccinated must wear masks inside team facilities, be tested daily and follow social distancing guidelines and if they test positive, unvaccinated players face a mandatory ten-day wait to return to the team. >> everybody has their own story and their own issues and their own reasons for doing things, i made a choice that was in my best interest. you might respect it. you might hate. >> and the 37-year-old future hall of famer says that he felt some symptoms on tuesday, tested positive wednesday but is now feeling better. he's in a ten-day minimum quarantine that will keep him out of tomorrow's game against the kansas city chiefs. >> janai, thank you very much. >> joining us is medical contributor dr. john brownstein of boston children's hospital. dr. brownstein, so great to have you this morning.
7:35 am
there is a lot to unpack here so we want to make sure that people are getting the information they need. first aaron rodgers had previously said that he was immunized, but it turns out as he acknowledged in this interview that he wasn't vaccinated. distinction there. >> yeah, good morning, whit. i mean vaccinated is a much more straightforward term but what we're essentially talking about is the same thing. it's important to know that inducing immunity to covid can only happen through exposure to the virus or from one of the three fda vaccines and clearly we know benefits of vaccine far outweigh the risk of being infected. there is unfortunately no other scientifically proven treatment that would give you that protection that would give you that sort of immunized term. that's why the nfl ruled him as unvaccinated. >> so another thing that's getting a lot of attention here, he said that he was allergic to an ingredient in the mrna vaccine. do you have an idea of what that ingredient could be, and what do people need to know in general about allergies and vaccinations?
7:36 am
>> right, so allergies are a common concern for vaccinations. that's broadly true, but for mrna vaccines, it's really, really rare. it's a rare circumstance and applicable to only very few numbers of people. we actually don't know the ingredient he's referring to but, of course, if anybody has cncerns, these ingredients are listed on the fda and cdc websites. he also mentioned issues around j&j. there was a pause but that only lasted about ten days to review clotting concerns. fda resumed j&j and that is an available option for many people including aaron rodgers. >> rodgers confirmed he's used alternative treatments. what are the risks involved with that especially when it comes to drugs that are not authorized by federal regulators? >> yeah. there are actually a number of issues here. first taking unauthorized treatment could have major side effects and we've seen that treatments throughout the pandemic. treatments like ivermectine have real adverse events people have to be concerned about but secondly, no proven treatment, you know, for the prevention of covid is, you know, really a
7:37 am
concern, right, so you have this issue of taking a treatment that actually is not limiting your risk. we all know that vaccination is your key to preventing increased risk of severe illness and death and that's really why we're seeing the majority of risk really taking place in unvaccinated populations. and important to note this is not just about risk for him but risk for his teammates. if he's unvaccinated and not following protocols, this puts the team really in jeopardy and that's really a concern for the entire team and really to play the game they all wanted to play. >> an important point there. dr. brownstein, thanks for your time this morning. we always appreciate it. >> and he's also going to miss a game. >> exactly. >> amidst all of this as well. well, it's time for the weather and rob marciano who is in chili loving cincinnati. good morning again to you, rob. >> good morning. the deejay showed up. the hard hats are in place. you guys ready for "gameday"? there we go. all right. teddy the bearcat's got me all loaded up too. there are a lot of hard hats this week, but they'll go bananas today.
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university of tulsa coming. it's a golden hurricane against the bearcats. are you kidding me? and they are fired up. all right. quick check on some weather in florida, record rain in ft. lauderdale yesterday. outside of daytona, they got nine inches of rainfall. a coastal storm developing there so, i don't know, florida state might have a problem with rain. there's your surfline camera. some surf. this coastal low will go across the carolinas and eventually head out to sea. >> this weathercast has been sponsh. the suisoming up. the cheerleaders are here. the bearcats are pumped. "gameday" is here for the first
7:39 am
time ever, and we're here to join them. guys, back over to you. >> the crowd is going so wild it burned out the lights on his face. >> i'm still convinced they're rooting for you, rob. >> they put a hard hat on him. he's one of them now. >> we have so much coming up on "gma." stay with us. this is a serious question about the new high-speed 5g network for phones. why the rollout is being delayed. then inspiring stories from runners taking part in the new york city marathon. we'll be right back.
7:40 am
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and welcome back to "gma" and a potential safety alert. fears this morning from the federal aviation administration about the planned rollout of a new 5g high-speed phone service. the faa wants to know can 5g interfere with planes in the air? this morning, at&t and verizon hitting the pause button on their plans to launch a new high-speed 5g network next month after the faa expressed deep concern over the new technology and any potential impact on planes in the air right before the holidays. >> the faa doesn't really know
7:44 am
if using this part of the 5g spectrum will interfere in any way with the radar altimeters of commercial airliners. >> reporter: the radar altimeter is critical to flight especially when landing in bad weather telling pilots exactly how close the plane is to the ground. >> if a passenger airplane doesn't have a functioning radar altimeter, it's not going to go flying. >> reporter: at&t and verizon, two of the nation's biggest carriers, were to be the first to roll it out. >> i do want the fastest 5g network. >> i want the fastest 5g network. >> are we actually doing this again? >> reporter: verizon hoping to provide the service to 100 million americans by march. >> verizon launched the first 5g network, and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g. >> reporter: so this week the faa sent a bulletin to aircraft manufacturers and operators asking for any data that could help them understand if it's safe for planes. >> we're going to have to see what the faa will do working with not only the technology providers but the aviation industry to make sure that there's enough testing involved. >> reporter: other countries have already launched this 5g
7:45 am
technology, but the faa says so far it hasn't seen any evidence of harmful signals. still, canada made sure to keep the special sea band 5g towers away from airports. and you might be asking didn't we already have the 5g? >> yes. >> well, it's not quite there yet. your phones, they may have the ability for it but the towers do not, so really true 5g much faster and requires the kind of technology now in question. >> i was convinced i already had it. >> 5g. kind of like when we first went to hd but it wasn't quite hd. it's there now, we promise. well, we have a lot more coming up on "gma," not just talking about whit's phone, we promise. ready for that challenge, check it out. stories of strength as runners prepare for tomorrow's new york city marathon. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy,
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a and welcome back, everybody, to "gma." you know, the pandemic last year stopped new york city's marathon in its tracks, but this year it's back and runners are ready to race their way through the city's five boroughs just about 24 hours from now, and our own will reeve will be lacing up his running shoes. good morning, and good luck to you, will. >> good morning, juju. thank you so much. i hope to be here in as good spirits tomorrow at the finish line. it's going to be a great day. tens of thousands of runners getting back out on the course after that pandemic pause and running a marathon is not going to fix anything in the world on its own, but it is worth celebrating because it's a triumph of the human spirit. the new york city marathon is back, another mile marker on the course to post-pandemic normalcy.
7:50 am
this year as ever some athletes entering the race to inspire others and effect change. >> black lives matter. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: a running movement emerging after the killing of ahmaud arbery, the 25-year-old who was shot and killed while jogging last year. >> my reason for living today is to get justice for ahmaud. i have to keep on. i have to keep going. >> reporter: an espn plus documentary on the undefeated, "i run with maude" depicting the story of runners who pledged to run in arbery's memory. >> the race is never over. run as far as you can and pass the baton, justice for ahmaud. >> reporter: through racing on sunday these distance runners aim to highlight the dangers of being a black man in america. tatyana mcfadden offers her own inspiration to the course and everyone she passes on it. >> i love the challenges and being the first in a lot of things. >> reporter: competing in a wheelchair, she's the first athlete of any gender or ability
7:51 am
to win the grand slam of four major marathons three years in a row. >> there is a reason why people run, and they're having a goal in mind. they run for something. it means something to them. >> reporter: these are just a handful of the 33,000 runners out on the course ready for the 26.2-mile tour through throngs of new yorkers and tourists in all five boroughs of the city. race day a welcome celebration after the 2020 edition was canceled due to covid-19. >> people are so excited to be back. it's very emotional. i feel like people are going to be united by emotion, and i'm definitely going to see that, you know, on sunday. >> reporter: the organizers of this race, the new york road runners, call this a testament to the resiliency not only of the people running the race but the city itself. it truly is one of the best days of the year. typically around a million spectators throughout the five boroughs of the city. i personally am so excited to run. i'm running on behalf of the christopher and dana reeve
7:52 am
foundation, my parents. i'm so excited to be out there. if you are out there, please say hello wherever you are. track me on the new york city marathon app. my bib number, 4327, really excited, juju. going to be a great time. >> $55,000 raised. we'll be right back. >> that's right. >> $55,000 raised. we'll be right back. >> that's right. hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can show more with less eczema. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection.
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look at this. "gma" is two hours long and look who is back sort of. we'll be back. >> you call michael jordan selfish. >> announcer: the interview everyone will be talking about. >> you say you feel abc 7 mornings all news all morning. good morning everybody. i'm liz kreutz happening today the recreational dungeness crab season opens with some regulations and specified zones crabbers are free to use crab. apps hoop nets and snares from the organ border to the sonoma mendocino county line and south of monterey county due to potential entanglement of humpback whales and sea turtles
7:57 am
the use of crab traps are prohibited between the sonoma mendocino county line and lopez point in monterey county in addition health officials warn that they detected toxic levels of domoic acid in crabs caught between the sonoma mendocino county line and point reyes fresh crab will likely be to get for thanksgiving earlier this week the california department of fish and wildlife announced at the beginning of commercial. dungeness. crab season would be delayed. and happening today, you can get ready to hit the slopes the san francisco ski and snowboard. of all is kicking off at pier 35 on the embarcadero. there will be representatives from ski resorts and discounted skis snowboards and apparel. there's also going to be live yoga sessions and bmx shows the festival runs today from 10 am to 6 pm and tomorrow from 11 am to 5 pm tickets are free, but there are vip passes that come with free lift tickets and let's go check out the forecast now with lisa argen. hey lisa. hi liz, see that some behind
7:58 am
you, but we do have a lot of cloud cover around. to the north bay gorgeous view from mount tam where it is 55 in san francisco 55 in oakland, and this is a view as we look at mount diablo there so a little hazy, but we'll see mostly cloudy skies today as a weak front pushes through the bay area temperatures now are a little bit milder than they have been due to some of that cloud cover overnight. so looking at highs today in the mid and upper 60s and on for your sunday, liz. alright lisa. thank you and up next a sold out music festival in houst
7:59 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: eight people are dead after a stampede at a music festival. astroworld is now canceled. what investigators are saying moments before the incident. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, november 6. you are watching abc7news at 8:00 live on abc 7, hulu and a.m. wherever you stream. let's start with a quick look at the weather before we get back to that breaking news with lisa arjun. lisa: good morning. we have a weak system to the north that is arriving in the northbound, bringing some rain in the mountains. but we are looking at the possibility of some


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