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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ask your dermatologist if cosentyx could help you move past the pain of psoriasis. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: it began over a decade ago, when he was injured on the job. tonight we learn new details about the secret drug addiction of the san francisco police sergeant accused of robbing a bay area pharmacy. ama: at 5:00, live on abc seven, hewlett -- hulu live in wherever you scream -- stream. abc 7 news i team reporter has the story. reporter: san francisco police sergeant devin cole has been with the department 27 years. he is known as a dedicated officer, a husband and father.
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which is why his attorney says those who know him are stunned at the allegations he is facing. >> everyone is shocked. reporter: a spokesperson said while off duty, surgical robs this right aid then resisted arrest. >> is my understanding that surgical walked -- sergeant cole walked in, armed with a weapon, that was not his duty weapon. with a note demanding he be given scription medications, the ones that are the basis of his addiction. upon leaving the store, he was tackled to the ground by two san mateo sheriff's or police officers. reporter: cole kept his addiction hidden. it began in 2010 after prescribed for a canine bite. sfp pd spokesperson says he was assigned to the field operations bureau in spain on unpaid leave
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ending internal investigation. he was involved in the healthy streets outreach command, a diversion program where you help those with substance abuse issues get off the streets. >> he was probably a sympathetic ear to a lot of addicts. while not being able to overcome the struggle himself. reporter: cole posted a bail. his arraignment is scheduled for november 18. >> they have sworn to uphold the law and they preach that, the line becomes paramount. reporter: we asked the san francisco attorney district office if they would be reviewing any of his cases. a spokesperson said we are looking into this. brass said cole is now in rehab. dan: this this this district attorney's office is offering more transparency into how many criminal cases are being prosecuted. a new website comes two weeks after group file petitions to
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the district attorney. critics have complained he has a low prosecution rate. now users can see how many arrests have led to criminal prosecutions, for everything from homicide to prostitution, dating back to 2011. two -- ama: two people are dead after a this morning. they save the red chevy truck drifted into the eastbound lane and slammed into a bmw. the driver of the truck and his female passenger died. the bmw driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the coroner's office has not released identity of the victims. dan: highway 47 just reopened after a nasty crash. you can see it there, sky seven was over it this afternoon. traffic was shutdown in both directions near highway 121. we sop a tanker truck, a coca-cola truck and at least one car involved. the white car appeared to be sandwiched between the trucks, you see it crashed.
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furs worked to free a man who was inside. he was wheeled to a waiting chp helicopter to be taken to get treated. ama: wet weather's back in our forecast. dan: spencer christian is here with the details. spencer: we can expect a little tonight, their break and a lot more big. starting this evening at 7:00, it is only the northbay in the picture right now. maybe apache dribbled -- patchy drizzle, early tomorrow morning, a patch of light showers will sling through the north bay. that is it for rainfall for tomorrow. we get a break sunday. let's restart monday afternoon, a wave of widespread steadier, heavier rain sweeping into the bay area monday afternoon and evening, overnight, continuing terrain in the bay area through tuesday and into tuesday night. by the end of the storm, we have rainfall totals that will
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probably range from just under0.9 inch to over one inch in the wettest locations. i will have the complete forecast later. ama: kids in contra costa county are lining up to get their covered vaccinations. officials say they already have 400 appointments booked. the doses are being administered at three of the county's public health clinics, starting today. >> so i won't get sick or anything. >> it has been hard, protecting them, just using masks. now we have the vaccine. >> excited, my mom says i can go to chucky cheese -- chop e cheese. ama: there are an estimated the vaccination rates among other eligible residents is already high. dan: t s franccouto
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pants of younger children to get vaccinated. school district says there are many reasons why students ages five through 11 should get the shot. but will they be successful in changing minds? it is not easy. senior education reporter is on the story. reporter: having a dialogue with young kids is how the district things can change their perception of the vaccine. this was last tuesday at malcolm x academy, where the superintendent answered their questions. >> the 12th or 17 euros have led the way, now we want the five through 11-year-olds to lead the way. reporter: dr. woolridge, a pediatrician spoke about the vaccine's safety records. >> this is one of the most technologically advanced and effective vaccines in history. >> i think it is too early to make a decision like that. >> millions of people have gotten the vaccine, and are
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fine. reporter: the district is urging parents to sign up through their pharmacy, doctor or the health department. the school district also having four clinics. the superintendent is telling kids and parents that a vaccine will pretty much guarantee they won't have to miss school. >> i know that has been a concern appearance, they've had 214 are both home even though they haven't had covid, i have been in close contact. that is not the case if you have been vaccinated. reporter: the health department will keep track of how my students in that age group get vaccinated and report back to sf usd. as more students in the district get the vaccine, some are wondering if the mask mandate will go away anytime soon. the superintendent said today that the state wants to keep t mandate in place for the remainder of the school year. dan: are coming to light in a homicide that happened in the
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san francisco neighborhood popular among tourists. anchor -- the haight street and said at that not only left one man dead but another badly injured. >> it was a nice day. reporter: this growing memorial along haight street is where dramatic shooting happened thursday afternoon. >> prepare yourself to reporter: lockdown. reporter:multiple sources tell me the man who was shot and killed his 21-year-old samuel jessup balenciaga know by his friends and family is sammy. he and another man tried to rob someone else. a struggle ensued and the would-be victim was able to wrangle a gun from that man a shook him in the face. the person who is being robbed was injured, he was pronounced dead.
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>> i spoke to those who spoke -- you knew him and were adding flowers to his memorial. they said they did not want to comment and requested privacy. i have been a number of high-profile shootings in the area in recent weeks. >> this is been going on the last couple months, i don't know what is going on. i suspect the worst. reporter: including a gunfight that broke out along haight central walks away. -- blocks away. police say it was gang related. sources say this man was a gang member with extensive criminal history, including multiple burglary and gun charges as recent as late october. residents in the community are worried about the future of their neighborhood. >> they don't have good reputations. ama: climate change and rising sea levels, the new report out today that outlines just how
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much san francisco's embarcadero needs to be elevated in preparation. dan: harvey milk sent to be honored by the u.s. navy 66 years after being discharged. the ceremony scheduled my auntie called me. she said uncle's had a heart attack.
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ama: new at 5:00, software security company mcafee is set to itself suffer more than $10 million. they are discussing a cell to equity -- the potential sale comes as the demand for digital security software is five, with people continuing to work remotely, the number of cyber attacks is increased. dan: it is holiday hiring season, today ups hosted its annual brown friday event. this year, applicants have the upper hand in many ways. the company put its best foot forward, hoping to put itself
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aside from others. ups is looking tired 2000 people in the bay area and about hundred thousand around the country. >> having a hiring event like this enables us to get personal one-on-one contact, a lot of applications happen online. gives him a chance to see the facility, meet the people, not just online interaction. dan: ups is touting its wages, offering $21 to $38 an hour. about 40 of the 100 applicants invited, turned out for this event. ama: today, officials with the golden gate ridge district defended the fare structure for its proposed fare to angel island. it would offer round trips from the peer -- it would replace a service bloom bold offered for years but now wants to discontinue. round-trip frame on a clipper card would be between one
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dollars, clipper cardholders would pay $18 plus the park fee. >> them plume bold. there's certainly a lot more flexibility within the regional transit system by using the clipper app. ama: the proposed fares are the same as the tiburon service, if approved, golden gate could begin service to angel island by the end of the air. dan: the navy will christen the u.s. ns harvey milk, it is named in honor of the late politician and civil-rights activist who served in the navy during the war is that diving officer. becoming the first openly gay elected official in california. he was assassinated on november 27, 1978. his nephew will deliver the
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dan: a technology we've been tracking for several years is on display for the world at the cop26 summit in glasgow. it was developed at uc berkeley by researcher who believes it could be a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. reporter: for university of california researcher ron cohen, you could say the fight against climate change began on rooftops , like the observatory. it is part of our large network of sensors the plaintiff the east and parts of san francisco. over much of the last decade, ron has tracked levels of carbon dioxide and other missions along major bay area highways and neighborhoods. the kind of data that could help cities monitor the aggressive carbon reduction goals being set
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up at the cop26 conference in glasgow. >> especially cities are making big claims and ambitious targets . we want to help them understand if they are on track. reporter: ron began installing the sensors where they could get noticed by a worldwide audience, the city of glasgow itself. >> we started in august, deploying the sensors, we've had 10 operating since the first of august. we have a three-month record. reporter: the low cost sensors are able to detect trends on a micro scale. recently, the team was able to dramatic -- document the dramatic drop in emissions when roads emptied out during the initial covid shutdown. the beacon is up and running in los angeles with talks underway on the east coast and with at least one city in the u.k.. >> is fabulous to see it coming
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to fruition, in ways i think will be helpful to cities as they try to manage their greenhouse gas emissions. reporter: and perhaps play an important role in documenting our progress in the worldwide campaign against climate change. dan: interesting. even after cop26 ends, the sensor system will remain in glasgow, monitoring and house gases as well as other pollutants. there is a fun fact, we have one sensor located across from our studio along the embarcadero. ama: embarcadero may need to be raised as much as seven feet. according to a new report from the port of san francisco. it cites rising waters in the bay because of climate change but did not give a firm date as to when this will happen. the report lists a number of upgrades that should be done and put the price tag at $2.5 million on the high side. dan: let's turn back to the forecast for the weekend. we have daylight saving time ending and rain coming back. ama: i forgot about that, don't
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let me forget about that on sunday or late saturday night. dan: we have time to get to work on monday? sandhya: you're thinking of getting out of the bay area, here's a look at weather conditions tomorrow. mostly cloudy tomorrow, breezy and cool, high temperatures will range from low to mid 60's at bay area airports, if you are going to honolulu, you will encounter morning showers with sun in the afternoon, new york city and chicago, both sunny tomorrow, highs in the mid 50's. los angeles, mostly sign, a few passing plots of the hive 74. it is a bit cooler now than this time yesterday, 54 to six degrees in most air -- most locations. -- by four to to to to to six degrees.
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here's the view at the gate, where was a bit cloudy earlier. now we are seeing if he breaks a blue sky the probably won't last long as it is getting increasingly cloudy of the region. 60 degrees right now in santa rosa, napa, livermore. here is the view of the western sky from the east bay hills. nice and colorful, these are forecast features. cloudy overnight, some patchy north bay terrace may develop during the late night and overnight hours and continue into early tomorrow morning, limited to the north bay. otherwise, clouds will linger tomorrow, a break in the clouds in the afternoon hours, places south and east of the golden gate may see some sunshine. dry on sunday with widespread rain returning monday and tuesday. clouds passing by, maybe a spotty showers or two in the north bay, same picture tomorrow morning. by midday, we will see the clouds clearing out and we will get partial clearing in the afternoon. as we look at conditions
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tonight, low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50's. northbay a bit chillier, low in the mid to upper 40's, highs tomorrow will range from 60 at the coast to mid 60's everywhere else. skipping ahead to monday afternoon, as the next wave of rain comes through. it is going to be steady and continue through the day tuesday into tuesday evening before tapers off and we will be left with rainfall totals from just under 0.9 and she near san jose, and well over an inch in both -- most northbay locations. level 1 storm on monday, level two on tuesday, partial clearing on wednesday, structuring out -- start drying out later in the week. dan: the a's are asking fans to weigh in on a move to vegas. today, oakland fans received an
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email asking for their input on relocating the team and building a new ball park in the las vegas valley. last week they voted to move forward, it was a nonbinding vote but does allow the project to proceed. either this month, they will announce the site for potential las vegas ballpark. ama: after the break, helping the children of the world one community at a time. the project responsible for building classrooms in underdeveloped countries that all started at a south bay high school. >> i'm reggie from mornings, alzheimer's exhaust families finances and futures. we stormy at the walk and alzheimer's this saturday or walk from home in your neighborhood. your eyes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: it started with an idea to change the world 14 years ago at a south bay high school. the result has been over 170 classrooms, science labs and other educational facilities tilt in poor countries. ama: education is part of our commitment to building a better bay area and a better world. now abc 7 news reporter shows us how local kiwanis clubs are helping the project expand.
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classrooms, medical planks and other projects in kenya, malawi, nepal, indonesia and south africa dealt as a result of a group of los osos teenagers who went dell people in underdeveloped countries. >> we raised $9,000 as teenagers, one dollar at a time. we built a classroom in kenya. reporter: that was 14 years ago, social size teacher, now retired is now at it. this is the newest project, in nicaragua. they're not tapping into surge -- service organizations. 12 south bay qantas clubs are close to raising the $15,000 needed. >> if it's perfectly into our concept of helping the children of the world. reporter: the work on the school is well underway. >> the foundation is complete, the framework is up, including the work.
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they are ready to start paying on roof and wall panels. reporter: this bay area project is now completing schools, playgrounds and other projects at one a week. parents, students take chin local -- manual labor. >> we evaluate these one country against another. which will have the biggest impact on humanity. reporter: this this this this existing classroom is too small and overcrowded and uncomfortable. that will soon change. >> these children are going to be proud to go to school, because they have a facility they built, that they can be proud of. same with the parents and teachers. reporter: the global outreach project continues to expand, one hundred percent of the my going forward -- 100% the money going toward construction costs. dan: outstandi
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talk about an impact. ama: definitely. dan: world news tonight is next. ama: for ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief.
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tonight, breaking news on the west from capitol hill. the high stakes. president biden and the late push for a vote. nancy pelosi urging democrats to vote yes on this tonight. on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that would create hundreds of thousands of jobs. build roads and bridges, and broadband. already passed by democrats and republicans in the senate. would they follow their lead, or block this? how this is playing out. also this evening, the major headline in the fight against covid. tonight pfizer announcing its own new pill. taken within days of getting symptoms they say it cuts down the risk of hospitalization or death by nearly 90%. also tonight for parents who want to get their children
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vaccinated this weekend, important news t


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