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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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made by 15 other states. >> -- the county holding clinics at schools. >> medical providers are doing everything they can to encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated. doctors were answering questions today. with 5 to 11 year olds, it is understandable parents may have safety concerns. doctors pointed to the data as a reason to get the shot. >> we know that the vaccines are safe. those -- no steps were skipped in the development of the vaccine and we now have enough data to know that the benefits far away the risks. the clinical trial show the vaccines are 91% effective in preventing covid. >> the team also touched on the side effects saying they tend not to be as severe as in adults because of the smaller dose. >> san francisco unified is going all out to convince parents of younger kids to get vaccinated.
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the school district says there are a lot of reasons why students 5 to 11 should get the vaccine but would they successful at changing minds? >> have a dialogue with young kids is how the district thinks it can change their perception of the vaccine. this was last tuesday at malcolm x academy where the superintendent and -- answer their questions. >> the 12 through 17-year-olds have led the way. >> dr. daniel woodridge, pediatrician spoke about safety. >> this vaccine is one of the most texted -- tested vaccines in history in history and one of the most effective. >> some parents have already signed up while others are on the fence. >> i think it is too early to make a decision like that. >> milons of people have gotten the vaccine. and are fine. >> the district is urging parents to sign up through their
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pharmacy, dr. or the health department. the school district also has four clinics. dr. vincent matthews is telling kids and their parents that a vaccine will pretty much guarantee that they will not have to miss school. >> that has been a concern appearance that their students have had to quarantine or go home even though they have not had covid, but they have been in close contact. that is not the case if you have been vaccinated. >> the health department will keep track of how many students in that age group get vaccinated and will report back to sf usd. as more students in the district of the vaccine some are wondering if the mask mandate will go anytime soon. the superintendent said today that the state wants to keep the mandate in place for the remainder of the school year. >> but vaccine has been able to get one. many clinics are booked solid. we are live in san rafael where
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the biggest clinic site is getting ready for kids. >> about 1000 kids will be vaccinated here, get their first dose at miller creek middle school starting this weekend. lots of preparation and folding chairs. everything being done to welcome kids and their parents to try to make it a fun experience, but many parents say getting an appointment is like getting the golden ticket. they have yet to find a spot. pediatric doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine in cold storage ready for this weekend clinics across marin county. >> these are the syringes that come with the pfizer pediatric dose. it allows us to get the .2 cc's. >> this public health nurse says the county has received 2700 doses this week. she tells parents the vaccine is safe. >> it's very safe. the risks of covid-19 disease
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are much much greater than any risk that the vaccine would present to the children. >> she says parents interest in the shot has been overwhelming. most clinic appointment's booked within 15 minutes. now completely full. she has spent this week trying to get his sons vaccinated. >> we went online for the past few days and everything was booked. i was try to come here -- >> we feel like happy that we are going to get vaccinated. but because, you know, because we will not have to like go everywhere with a mask. >> more kids vaccinated will mean a safer haircut experience at snips. >> i am looking forward to children being vaccinated because i think the comfort level of people coming out will see more of our clients back. >> this parents says she is not ready for kids to get the shot yet. >> we have had some reactions with the other vaccines we have
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given. we're just holding out and seeing how this goes and we have to make the decision we will. >> the largest clinic this week and will be at miller creek school. the same site where teenagers got vaxed earlier but this clinical be different. >> we're going to play music and we have finally had bands with feathers and bouncing stars and hearts. while the kids know they will get a shot at least it will be entertaining and fun. >> we're seeing signs like these posted all over the gym. things to make kids feel better because they are really brave to be here. the goal is to get 75% of all 5 to 11 year olds vaccinated before the holidays. the county urges parents who could not get an appointment to keep trying and keep looking on the county website, because more vaccine doses are expected next week. >> hop hop
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soon. if you have questions about vaccines for your kids you can ask us today. we have a half hour dedicated to getting answers for you starting at 4:30. send in your questions now at >> the football team will take the field tomorrow against arizona without several players who have tested positive for covid-19. the university is not disclosing names or how many players had tested positive, but they have a 99% vaccination rate. the athletic director says all players will be tested before leaving for arizona and only those who test negative will be allowed to travel. >> developing news in the north bay, nasty crashes closed highway 37 in both directions near highway 21, make that 121 in sonoma county. we saw a tanker truck, a coca-cola truck and one car involved in the pilot. a white -- in the pile up.c
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crews did pull a man out of the car and he was taken to a helicopter. no word yet when the high we will reopen. >> a hairstylist facing possible blindness after being shot with a paintball after -- >> we talked to the victim in the story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> i was on the bench like this and then stephen my partner was in front of me. >> she's describing the exact moment her life changed. it happened early last saturday morning after outside -- ended. she was sitting on this bench waiting for a ride when someone drove by and shot at them with paintballs. her boyfriend was hit in the back, but she was facing traffic and was hit head-on. >> i was hit in my leg and in my eye and my hand. i felt my hand sting. and i was peeling something off my face. >> the paintball hitter in the lower eyelid.
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within seconds, she realized that wasn't the worst of it. >> the second i realized and came to i'm blind. i cannot see because everything was very dark. >> the paintball likely damage the lens of yhere -- eye. doctors do not know if the blindness in her left eye is permanent. police have not said how serious problem paintball attacks are. four people were hit by paintball attacks last year. in the same time they arrested in 19-year-old who shot at a pregnant woman with paintballs. she things it may have been people carried away during halloween. but she wants them to know the injury they caused is no joke. >> it is just kids, whatever, but i'm potentially losing my eye. i don't have vision. it's very frustrating. >> the entry has left her unable
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to work as a colorist as a salon. her boyfriend set up a go-fund-me account to pay for her medical bills. >> more details are are are now about the san francisco police officer accused of robbing a right a drugstore in san mateo at gunpoint. his lawyer says he was just trying to get prescription drugs. devan cole's lawyer said his client got injured in 2010 while training a canine and he was prescribed pain killers. the lawyer adds that cole was a part of a police program to get addicts off the street and into rehab. cole was arrested on wednesday and currently out on bail. >> th officials defended the proposed ferry service to angel island. it would replace the service blue and gold offered but now
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wants to discontinue. a round-trip ticket for anyone without a clipper card would be $31. that includes a state park entry fee. clipper card holders will pay $18 along with the park fee. seniors and people with disabilities and children 5 to 17 will pay $17. >> our fares are more reasonable than blue and gold. and there is a lot more flexibility within the original transit -- by using the clipper app or card. >> if approved, golden gate could begin its service to angel island before the end of the year. >> daylight saving time. despite a vote get rid of it it is still here. it happens to be this weekend. climate anxiety. forget poster medic center. it is now pre-traumatic syndrome. the climate crisis making people nervous. a job fair for holiday workers but the turnout not what was expected. >> daylight is getting shorter.
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click, call or visit a store today. ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan. >> report says the embarcadero
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needs to be raised by seven feet because it expects the bay waters rto rise due to climate change. the report is a broad assessment of the issues along the waterfront. the port put the price tag at $2.5 billion. >> 70% of americans are now very or somewhat worried about global warming. as leslie brinkley explains, more and more are showing signs of anxiety or depression as a result. leslie: some take action, some worry -- bottom-line -- more young people are reporting depression or anxiety when it comes to global warming. >> the house is on fire. it's time to panic. the world is not the way it used to be. it's very depressing. >> you may have heard of ptsd. a psychiatrist came up with this concept of pre-tsd because it is
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not a trauma that has occurred. it's fear of a future trauma. this new idea. it involves anxiety and depression. >> this east bay psychologist is seeing more and more people bringing up global warming and therapy citing feelings of sadness and despair. he says in california the wildfires and smoke are a trigger. >> 50% said they were planning to have fewer children and one of the reasons stated was their fears around climate change. it is very new and the field of psychology is not that prepared for it. >> some therapists are connecting on the website climate psychology alliance. the new field is dubbed climate grief or eco-anxiety. climate where psychologists are pushing for training, new education for clinicians. >> the fear is rational response but we know it's not -- if we're going to
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solve this crisis we need to get engaged. i think engagement is the best antidote to anxiety that we have. >> others suggest reconnecting with nature and the present by going or imagining going to the woods or the beach to see the positive in the environment. >> well, it is time to fall back and return to standard time. americans living in all but two u.s. states will be moving their clocks back one hour officially at 2 a.m. sunday morning. there has been a move to end this practice. 19 states including california have taken action towards a year-round daylight savings time. it's daylight saving time. i always at the "s." citing the impact on our sleep patterns. daylight saving time. who's in favor? >> i'm in favor of staying on daylight saving. >> i am, too. i sort of like the longer period
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of daylight in the evening. it feels a little depressing when it starts to get dark at 4:40. on the other hand, there is the argument for the farmers, they want the early morning light. they don't want to be so dark in the morning. >> we are in the minority. more people would like to stay on standard time. >> it seems that way. >> it has shifted the past few years. i'm with you, spencer. i find, when you start to see it is getting darker and darker earlier -- just kind depresses one. so, it's unanimous. this panel has ruled that daylight saving time should be all year round. >> who else needs to weigh in? >> we've all done our own research on this. >> speaking of our own research i want to show you the graphic relating to falling backk. you can see how much daylight we will lose at the end of the day. we turn our clock back one hour.
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and, tomorrow, saturday, sunset while still on daylight saving time, 6:05. but sunday sunset will occur at 5:04. not only are the days getting shorter by the daylight time is getting shorter. breezy across the bay area with most locations experiencing service wind speeds of 15to 20 miles an hour. another cool down. you can see most locations right now are experiencing temperatures thare are -- that are 2 to 4 to 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. under increasingly cloudy skies, 59 degrees, low to mid 60's in san jose and morgan hill. 59 at half moon bay. the golden gate shows clouds getting lower at 61 degrees. north of santa rosa, low to mid 60's. napa fairfield and concord and livermore. from the eastern hills, we see bright skies.
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but a lot of clouds. and they are going to increase tonight. a chance of some patching north bay terrace. probably -- northbay drizzle. even that the chance of so a few sprinkle tomorrow morning. clouds linger tomorrow. sunday will be dry but we expect widespread rain. could be heavy at times. turning late monday into tuesday. the forecast animation looks like this. sprinkles dancing to the northbay and the overnight hours. then again in the midmorning and then they will move out and we will see partly sunny skies for much of the bay area tomorrow. rainfall totals from the system tonight .011 -- one inch. highs tomorrow, about 61, half moon bay. mid-60's around the bay. not much milder than the mid
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60's in the inland areas. starting at 1 p.m. monday, notice the rain surges in monday evening. snow over the sierra, mixture of rain and snow and rain continues overnight monday through the day tuesday can into tuesday. before it tapers off leaving us with a generous list of rainfall totals anywhere from .85 in san jose to an inch in many northbay locations. the seven day forecast set our clocks back sunday morning. a level 1 storm on monday will intensify to level 2 on tuesday but we can expect mainly dry conditions for the remainder of the week starting midweek next week. >> thank you, spencer. a final tribute to a former secretary of state and joint chiefs of commander colin powell. ♪ a large crowd, including president biden and former presidents obama and bush attended the funeral at the national cathedral in washington.
4:21 pm
powell's son delivered delivered emotional eulogy focusing on his father's character. colin powell died october 18 from complications from covid-19. he was 84. >> in the early 2000's rodney floyd which -- rod blojavic's rise in politics looked inevitable. but then he fell hard. our sister station and chicago are bringing us a candace look inside the former illinois governor's life. >> i want the people of illinois to know, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> i got this thing. >> he is arrested in the middle of what we hear can only describe as a political corruption -- >> the sentence is 168 months almost 14 years in prison. >> he went from eight years of nothing to 24/7 together.
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>> he jokes about writing a boo. >> what i am back on top, you come and see me. >> here are some birthday advice -- stay out of politics. >>the streaming on hulu. >> buster posey put down his equipment for good. we get reaction from a former teammate hundred pence. >> and a surprising add to the first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse.
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>> the tributes keep posing in -- keep coming in as buster posey retired yesterday. >> today we heard from hunter pence. pence join the giants for the 2012 world series run and was with them for another one in 2014 and got to see buster's greatness up close and join just this afternoon on getting answers. he says the road took its toll on posey. >> he took the road trips so hard. he missed his family he is such a family, community guy. his kids are getting older and he wants to be there for his wife and kids. he missed so much on the road. posey had a huge influence on the clubhouse and said if it was not for buster he likely would not have gotten the two world
4:26 pm
series rings. he also bet on five years hall of fame. it's holiday hiring season and ups held its annual event. this year, applicants have the upper hand. today the company hope to set itself apart from others competing for workers during a national labor shortage. ups is looking to hire 2000 people in the bay area and some 100,000 workers nationwide. >> having a hiring event enables us to get personal one-on-one contacts and a lot of applications happen online. gives them an opportunity to see the facility and meet the people and not just purely online. >> ups is also touting its wages, offering $21 to $38 an hour. 40 of the 100 applicants invited turnout for the event. >> new toys were inducted into the national toy hall of fame in
4:27 pm
one of them is pretty interesting. the toys are the american girl doll, risk and sand. yes, sand. like bae-- beach sand. sand made the list for being the most universal toy in the world. water is next, larry. >> that is it for the first half of abc 7 news. >> a special half-hour dedicated for answering your questions about vaccines and your children. kate larson and our doctor join a panel of i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable.
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ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> abc 7 news presents vaccine
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watch, kids in the covid-19 vaccine. >> we've taken a giant step forward to celebrate our path out of this pandemic. >> can take a collective sigh of relief. and say they are able to provide that same protective factor to your children. >> she's like, i'm so excited. let's do this. >> now i know my body is strong enough because i have the shot now. without worrying. >> and parents are ready to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11, but amid the excitement many families have questions about safety. good afternoon. because of those concerns we are dedicating the next half hour to answering your questions about vaccines and your children. i'm part of the abc 7 news vaccine team and we continue to focus on getting answers about all covid vaccines.
4:31 pm
joining the is another vaccine team member. contributor dr. patel. along with dr. patel, the director of alameda county public health and licensed marriage and family therapist anne parsons. thank you all so much for joining us. we'll hear from our experts in a moment. some important numbers. since the pandemic began in march 2020 there have been 1.9 million covid cases among children 5 to 11. according to the cdc, 8300 have been hospitalized and at least 94 have died, making covid the eighth leading cause of death for that age group last year. in the last few months we are seeing an uptick in cases among that group. as of last month these children made up just over 10% of new cases. the highest percentage for that age group since the pandemic began. we know you have a lot of questions about the vaccine. let's get right to our panel. as alarming as those pediatric
4:32 pm
case numbers may seem, children 5 to 11 only represent 4% of total u.s. cases, which represents a much lower risk compared to other groups. given that lower risk, do you feel and advise that parents get their kids vaccinated as soon as they can? >> kate, i do. i understand there are two big metrics that a lot of people focus on a number one is the death number around 100 and the 4%. two numbers i try to remind parents about when we have these conversations is number one the unknown number of harmony cases have been transmitted from this age group because they can still transmit it. even if they have no symptoms are mild symptoms but also the undocumented cases out there. kids who may persist have things like fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath for a long time after the initial infection. i have to be honest. they can have an asymptomatic
4:33 pm
positive test and then develop long covid. it is a multiple -- a multitude of reason that i implore all the cars to get their kids vaccinated. ask those questions, being empowered parents and make sure that you get all your information from a credible source. kate: that is a great point about long-haul covid. nobody wants to see their kids sick, much less sick for the long haul. i want to ask the next question of the director of alameda county public health. when it comes to availability, what are you seeing in alameda county? we have really high uptake of vaccines in the bay area. how is it looking for this age group? >> so, we're really getting off to a great start here in alameda county. many of our pediatricians already have started with their vaccines for the county sponsored vaccine clinics, we are expanding our services. we're partnering with the alameda county office of education in order to establish
4:34 pm
stable siteiteiteiteite priority school do six as well as we will be expanding our mobile vaccination effort. that will have vaccine clinics in and around school sites at the neighborhood level. our aim is to make sure that families and parents, they have access to vaccine wherever they need access to be. we are also really encouraging families to use their normal health care provider to also get vaccine. kate: do you know if there actually appointment available right now? we just heard in marin the clinics set up to the schools are totally booked this weekend. >> right. so, it really depends on the provider. all of us are getting off to a relatively good start, but each provider is really different. in the county sponsored sites,
4:35 pm
we won't be ready until november 18 but there are some appointment available with medical providers. but you have to go to your medical provider to see if you can get a vaccine, an appointment there. kate: anne, who's a family therapist, what you want to say to parents who are worried about the vaccine for young children or children who are worried about getting the shot? >> sure. the first thing i would want to tell parents who might feel worried is that it makes sense. it makes perfect sense for parents to feel concerned. people worry about the things that we value the most. the things that are most important in our lives. we have the mom-- most worry about. and what is more important to parents and their children south? i -- the children's health. parents are ready.
4:36 pm
but, thematically, what is also important is that parents worry whenever they have to make an important health-related decision for their children. so, i would acknowledge that parents are probably having very mixed feelings. and if they continue to have thoughts or questions that get a little more insight into what they might want to ask their pediatricians to get more clarity on that. kate: we still have much more ahead. and we want you to join the conversation. go to facebook or youtube to to get your questions answered. we will take a quick break on tv only, but we why hide your skin if dupixent
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>> i want to get the vaccine for everybody. >> i want to protect myself. >> i feel excited because now that i am one step closer to getting fully vaccinated, -- >> i felt very nervous but now it's over. now we're vaccinated, that is a big step into making the world normal again. >> courage, reaction of the first 5 to 11 year olds to get vaccinated. we are back with our panel and i want to go right to ann since we head -- heard from
4:40 pm
kids. at one point you have to give your kids a bear hug? >> it's really heartwarming to hear those children react to vaccines. first and foremost, parents need to talk to their children. i've heard questions, should i not tell them. plan ahead. talk to your kids, ask if they have questions or any fears. sometimes kids can have fears that parents do not anticipate. like is my arm going to be sore and i won't be able to throw baseball? hopefully parents have language established of why we have the vaccine. they've had experience with early childhood vaccines and flu vaccines. i think parents can assess and see what children are thinking about it and -- listen to it , also. it will not last long. there will probably be a lollipop after. >> thanks so much.
4:41 pm
dr. patel, this is a question we have been talking about for kids on the cusp of 11 or about to turn 12, what about the second dose? if your child is 11 and you get than the pediatric dose, and for the second shot do they get the adult todose? >> this is a good one. there is that shade of gray. according to the american academy of pediatrics, if your child is their first dose at age 11 and will turn 12, stick with the earlier dose, the smaller on e. if their birthdays coming up soon within a few days or week, wiait or talk to your pediatrician about getting the higher dose. if your kid is going to be 12 six months stick with a smaller dose. this test was done between kids age 5 to 11. that 10 micrograms dose showed a robust response. they got as many antibodies as
4:42 pm
those kids that are age 12. as always, when in doubt, chat with your pediatrician and pharmacist or nurse practitioner about this. >> ask your doctor always. the last time you and i spoke about vaccine equity with black women organized for political action. parents are of course making the ones making the vaccine decisions for their children. how in places like oakland with existing health and vaccine disparities do you plan to make sure everyone has not only access to the shop but the best possible information to make an informed decision? >> as you mentioned, we have been really concerned about vaccine equity and the disparities here in our county. we will continue the strategy that we have been using all along. that is to partner very deeply with organizations and grassroots organizations. residents, trusted messengers to help us to get the word out and
4:43 pm
help us to engage parents, help us to encourage parents to ask the questions they actually have right now about getting the vaccine. we are also hoping to partner more with medical providers to encourage parents to ask questions and to get the information they need from those physicians or mid-level practitioners that they have trusted with their children's health pre-covid. that part is really important. in addition, we are starting in alameda county some talks where we are working with our partners at children's hospital to engage in conversation with parents about the vaccine, to get those questions answered. >> thanks so much. i know you guys will be working hard to make sure everyone has equal access. such an important point. . we do have a question from a few
4:44 pm
who is curious about when the moderna vaccine might be available for children 5 to 11. there are few weeks and months behind pfizer through all of these trials. >> we don't have an exact time yet of when moderna's will submit the data to the fda. the good news on the 25th of october is moderna did release in early cherry, saying that child and those kids age six to 11 showed a great immune response. the early data notched only showed a good response but it presumably was safe. there is nothing else we can say about this. pfizer relisted an initial statement like this as well. but the underlying thought is it might be a couple of months away before moderna submits that in the process is gone through again. in areas where there is a supply issue or parents want more options, but i think the important thing goes back to making sure we have equitable distribution and distribution
4:45 pm
for all parents, all kids right now. including worldwide distribution. we talked about this a lot over the last year regarding the vaccine rollout that has to be a priority for younger children as well. >> one more question. we spoke about this during the break but i think it is important. a lot of the questions i get from parents are, but i don't know because we don't know how this might affect my child 10 years down the road? what do you say to parents asking those questions? >> the first thing i do is i have to acknowledge it is a real concern. i understand why parents habit and we walk backwards. we talk about the way the vaccine works the pfizer vaccine you will get that mrna blue print that makes a spike protein. so that can recognize sars co v2. unlike whatever misinformation says it does not alter your dna. it cannot go into the nucleus of your cell.
4:46 pm
there is no actual evidence to back the fact that this vaccine can affect a child's fertility, long-term growth or anything in that sense but unfortunately, we don't know what the long-term effects from covid-19 itself. if parents want to protect their kids, protect them against the actual virus, covid-19. >> great information to our hold panel. we are going to take a quick break on tv. but we will be on
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
the trials for kids under five have been underway and we anticipate in early 22 is when we may see the vaccine available to kids in that age group that is the surgeon general on the next vaccine stage shots for children under five. what are you hearing about the trials for kids five and under? that's exactly what i'm hearing. also what you mentioned that a lot of parents alike my gosh. my kid's three. two things to address. number one, i hope some reassurance and how systematic this process is. this is the most studied vaccine in history. they are doing separate trials for different age groups because children are not just smaller adult. this is not just based on body
4:50 pm
weight. this is based on the immune response. we're using a 10 micrograms vaccine for the eight 5 to 11. even smaller, 3 micrograms aree being tested because they want to make sure this vaccine will not be -- not only be effective in this age group but community will be favorable. i understand why parents are concerned because guess what? even though cases are coming down we do not know they will disappear. there could very well be another surge after the current one. >> do you feel like there is more anxiety for parents the younger their kids get? what i often hear from parents with kids under five, i want to get my kid vaccinated but i don't want to be first in line. >> that might be the case. what i can speak to more is parents who have had their kids
4:51 pm
vaccinated, the 12 and older group, have reported that mood thast lifted -- last lifted. engagement in the social circles have improved and overall i have heard that everyone has been really pleased with the lifestyles their kids have gotten back. >> what do you think? what are you hearing in the alameda county from folks who live there? >> some of the same questions. people have very logistical questions around is it one or two doses? how far apart? how much vaccine? if i have a child who is 11 about to turn 12, these are the questions we are hearing. we're also hearing questions from families who themselves have not yet gotten vaccinated that they are u they will take the next step to vaccinate their entire family. we still have relatively large numbers of 12 to 17-year-old in
4:52 pm
the african-american community, adults in the african-american community who are still on vaccinated. and so we will be working very closely with community partners and pediatricians who serve large numbers of african-americans to really in vite african-americans into asking more questions. to turn that corner and to get comfortable with the questions answered that we have. and to turn that corner because i do worry that the numbers of 5 to 11-year-old in the african-american community might be smaller. if we can't get african-american families comfortable with this. kate: absolutely. we do have more viewer questions. for kids with special such as autism or cerebral palsy, how are they able to get
4:53 pm
the vaccine if they're unable to go to clinics or pharmacies if they are homebound? anyone answer that question. >> here in alameda count a provide vaccines in the home. so, we would love to serve anyone who is either homebound or just prefers to receive the vaccine in their home. we do prioritize those individuals who can't physically get to a clinic or their doctor's office. so we would love to be able to serve anyone who wants the vaccination in their home that cannot leave. kate: we're going to take a quick break on tv, but we will continue on facebook and youtube. please join us there during the
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
data, there can be a different level of concern when it comes to their kids. what i do know is every medical perspective professional i have spoken to ae- are eager to ease that anxiety related to covid and the vaccine so call your pediatrician or family doctor or someone you trust to help make the best decision for your child and family. if you missed some of today's conversations you can watch it again on our app, roku, apple tv, fire tv and android tv. if you have any questions about covid vaccines. or policies, ask our vaccine team got -- go to /vaccine and click on the big blue box. that's it for our special edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. we appreciate your watching. abc 7 news at 5:00 is next.
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