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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 5, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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finally, tonight's dewaiwal the festival lighting up the sky. a five-day festival, a ceremony of joy celebrated by millions across many faiths. it's the biggest holiday in india for adults and children alike. streets and temples filling the night sky with lights. the name coming from a row of clay lamps symbolizes inner light that protects against spiritual darkness. and that's "nightline" for tonight. you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see
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>> a special afternoon at oracle park as buster posey officially announces his retirement. >> vaccine refusals and vaccine
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deadlines. tonight, the impact on companies for jobs around the bay area. >> a big controversy over dave chappelle's comments on the transgender committee. critics are responding. >> when you will need umbrellas again. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> dave chappelle performed to a sold-out crowd at chase center tonight, weeks after protests in the bay area over remarks he made about the transgender committee. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. ama: i am ama daetz. both fans and critics responded to the event tonight. >> the walkouts and netflix several weeks ago over his comments regarding transgender people in a comedy special. he was at san francisco's chase center thursday night. the community and is in the bay
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area, kicking off a new tour promoting a separate documentary. while some were expecting protest amid the controversy, that has garnered national attention, outside the arena, the atmosphere was relatively calm but that has not stopped some local lgbtq advocates from making their voices heard. >> trans people are telling him that this is offending us and why and he is saying i don't care. >> chapelle says some film history bidders have already dropped his new documentary as a result of his remarks. in the netflix battle, he jokes about transgender rights and identity. words that critics say are dangerous and can lead to physical violence in a community that already suffers from it disproportionately. cripes there are so many members of our community who are still being the victim of violence, who are still being discriminated against because of their gender presentation. >> but not everyone feels that way. many fans at the chase center say they support chapelle and don't think he meant any harm.
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thursday's show was sold out and fans told us they were excited to see chapelle live. >> i am here to support him and i would not miss it for the world. >> when asked how they felt, many stressed that they believe chapelle is just a comedian. >> i don't think people should be that sensitive. >> people are trying to maybe talk down on his message or maybe not understand that they are just jokes. >> thursday's event is the first out of a tent city tour across the country. in san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news. >> developing news, devin cole is accused of robbing the pharmacy at a san mateo right aid yesterday on -- drive. police say he resisted a recipe or he is a 27 year veteran had his linkedin page said he worked numerous assignments including the gang unit, k-9 handler, and homeless outreach. dan: it was certainly an emotional afternoon for buster
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posey and all of his many fans had posey announced his retirement for baseball today with his family by his side. j.r. stone was at oracle park for the big announcement. >> people love this guy because he's real. he has not changed a bit since he came up in 2010 and he is the same guy since he was a young kid. >> descriptions of buster posey, who with his family by his side made this announcement thursday. >> i am here today announcing i'm retiring. >> news of the three-time world series champion and seven-time all-star saying goodbye after 12 seasons has hit many giants fans hard. >> i'm trying not to cry right now. i cried yesterday a lot. >> we were devastated. >> it gives me chills when i think about buster and the fans because it was a love affair. >> i am humbled to have been able to help create great memories for our fan base.
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it goes both ways because i got to play in this ballpark in front of 42,000 plus most nights and i fulfilled a childhood dream. >> a dream full of moments, plays, and games we will remember and ones that buster wilber member. >> when sergio romo stood on the mound, shook me off from throwing a slider which still scares me to this day. or when madison bumgarner came out of the bullpen in game seven. 45,000 people went deathly silent. >> as emotional as this press conference was, there were some light moments. >> i don't know if this is the right time for it but i wanted to ask, is this a definite for sure thing? >> with all the posies in attendance, buster made it clear on why now is the time for him to walk away. >> reason i am retiring is i want to be able to do more stuff from february to november.
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with my family. physically, much harder now. to be honest, it's hard to enjoy it as much when there is the physical pain you are dealing with on a daily basis. >> in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: posies legacy goes beyond baseball. he is also a big advocate for pediatric cancer research and often visits patients. a 15-year-old just received an autographed baseball hat and other goodies from posey and other giants players he had he recently underwent a bone marrow transplant at the children's hospital. in 2016, posey and his wife started a foundation to raise money cancer research. for more on that and the impact it made for families, head to our website at dan: announced a deadline for tens of millions of workers to get vaccinated. it comes as experts say we are already in a so-called great resignation. the intersection of the economy and our health is something we are focused on as we work to
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build a better bay area and tonight, amanda del castillo looks intoble im of the vaccine mandate on local businesses. amanda: vaccine refusal, the, te 10th highest reason for job cuts in 2021 according to a firm. >> roughly 5000 people w their jobs over the last month due to covid vaccine refusal made up actually 22% of the total number of people we track to being let go across the country. amanda: the senior vp says since vaccines became widely available to adults in june, more than 68 hundred workers have been cut or left their jobs because of vaccine mandates. he says that will grow. businesses with at least 100 employees have until january 4 to require workers be fully vaccinated or face weekly testing. cripes i'm talking to vinnie's -- >> i'm talking to companies
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and there is a lot of turmoil within their organizations across just about every sector. amanda: back in the bay area, peter with the silicon valley leadership group says it is 350 plus member companies which have consistently supported vaccine mandates. >> that is a credit really to the forward thinking of our region. it served us well. amanda: he says the news is important for economic recovery and the return to practices. >> it allows for things like greater in-person collaboration. it allows for visiting different worksites. amanda: for the one checkout platform, it says it's team is already in line with federal requirements. >> if you want to come into the office and travel for work, if you want to meet client, you have to be vaccinated. amanda: elsewhere, the biden administration's vaccine rules for businesses will impact 100 million workers around the u.s.. i am amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. ama: santa clara county is
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taking its mobile vaccine fan on the road. the goal is to get 75% of younger children vaccinated by the new year. the county is bringing it to dozens of schools and communities that need it most to set up free clinics. it's first stop was at kathryn smith elementary in san jose with music and costumed vaccine workers, the goal of the clinic is to keep the process fun and stress free for everyone. >> how does it feel to be one of the first kids in your school vaccinated? >> it is awesome. i like it. cripes it was easier than i thought it would be. it did not hurt as much as i thought it would. >> to find a location to get your kids vaccinated, visit we have a half-hour dedicated to getting answers to your questions about vaccines and your children. do not miss it friday from a: 30 to 5:00 p.m. on abc 7 and everywhere you stream. you can send in your questions now. tomorrow, you will be able to ask them over facebook and
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youtube. dan: san francisco police are investigating a shooting around 1:30 this afternoon. this map shows you the spot near mae sonic avenue pier 1 person was killed and a second person wounded. heavy police activity affected traffic and uni-routes were effective for quite some time. police have not released information on what led up to this shooting. there have been two other shootings on the street in the last month. ama: firefighters rescued a man at devils slide this morning after his car went over a cliff and into the ocean p you can see here rescuers pull him up the cliff ropes. cal fire says the man is in stable condition. no other passengers were in the vehicle. chp is investigating the cause of the crash. look at that. they say speed and wet road conditions may have been factors. dan: tonight, a vigil for a long time alameda county supervisor. people from politics, business, and nonprofit sectors. ama: after 35 years, it is
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closing its oakland doors. how the owner is expanding the decision. dan: a very special buster posey fans sending off her favorite player tonight. how they forged a bond after a fire destroyed her baseball card collection. sandhya: a few sprinkles and then a storm is coming. i will let you know exactly when in the accuweather 7 forecast. ama: a look at jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: the tv is already on. when you are in a tournament with other players, are you ever in situations where they come up to you in awe and they want to meet you and then you have to go out and destroy them? [laughter]
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ama: a double shooting on a beach sent tourists running for cover this afternoon. mexican officials say a group of gang members stormed the beach and assassinated two drug dealers from a rival gang. it happened near azul beach resort. hotel guests were shaken up. cellphone video shows people hugging and crowding in the lobby. state police chief tweeted no tourists were injured or kidnapped in the attack. dan: vigil was held this evening for the alameda supervisor struck and killed while walking her dog yesterday. members of the community honored her work and legacy. >> i think today the lesson for us is we are going to get
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through this together. we are going to do it hand-in-hand. we are going to remember her forever. dan: cornell barnard has more. cornell: they cried and hugged outside the administration building, trying to process the sudden loss of the supervisor who dedicated 30 years of her life to public service. >> i considered her not just a colleague but a friend. cornell: the oakland mayor says she worked closely with her on many issues from promoting youth leadership to addressing racial disparities around the covid-19 pandemic. >> and she was an amazing champion, a quiet champion for the vulnerable, for public health. cornell: chan was publicly struck and killed wednesday while walking her dog in alameda. first elected to the county board of supervisors in 1994, becoming the first asian-american woman to hold that host, chan would go on to
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serve at the california state assembly and would be reelected in 2010. >> we will always remember her. cornell: the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce president says the bay area has lost and an advocate. >> for legacy is about how to make our county -- her legacy is about how to make our county and working condition so that everyone who deserves help will get help. cornell: oaklands unity council credits chan for affordable housing projects like casa arabella. >> we were able to build affordable housing units for families, low income families, especially immigrants. cornell: 20 years ago, at a time when building a children's hospice in the east bay was unheard of, wilma chan helped the founders of secure land in
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san leandro. >> she has been an advocate. and one of our strongest supporters. for the kind of care and services we provide. cornell: cornell barnard, abc 7 news. ama: one of oaklands most pronounced restaurants -- renowned restaurants is closing its doors. it will shut down at the end of the year after 30 years -- 35 years in business on college avenue. the co-owner tells abc 7 news that the pandemic did not play a role in the decision, saying it just came time to retire. he says they plan to highlight show dishes over the next two months as a way to think their customers. dan: today, vice president kamala harris extended her warmest wishes to everyone celebrating diwali, also known as the festival of light. the holiday symbolizes new beginnings and light over dark is. vice president harris is the first indian-american to be elected into office. vp harris: let's remember to
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honor the light within one another from our family to yours. i wish you a joyous to wally. dan: -- diwali. dan: the second gentleman a photo filled with bright lights. happy to wally -- happy diwali. ama: i think another storm is here? sandhya: another storm. happy diwali to all of you who celebrate. thank you. there was an earthquake just before 10:00 tonight in the east bay. it was north of berkeley pit let me show you where it was and what time. it was at 9:40 six. magnitude 2.7. the depth was three miles, likely on the hayward fall. there were people that were reporting this. here is the shaking intensity map. most of it concentrated in the
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east bay. there were parts that felt it. let's talk about rain, rainfall, and percent of normal. sfo over six inches of rain since october 1. 622% of where you should. oakland, 530%. enter rosa, san jose, san francisco. everybody up. this is a short time when we start looking at the entire rainy season. we are way behind. as we take a look, live doppler 7 tracking a system that is going to go into the pacific northwest but we will get a few spring close in the northway tomorrow night into saturday. five miles in petaluma so watch out in the morning.perature thin the 40's and the 50's. live look from sfo camera.
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a few spring close friday night into saturday with widespread rain and gusty winds coming your way monday night into tuesday. friendly reminder, fall back to :00 a.m. sunday, turn your clocks back an hour. sunday, it goes -- 2:00 a.m. sunday, turn back your clocks an hour. look at this kid at 11:00 p.m., might see a sprinkle in the north bay or isolated shower and the same thing on saturday. a lot of cloud cover over the next couple of days. morning temperatures on the cool side in the north bay. 40's and 50's. you will need that light jacket and then the afternoon highs rain from the low 60's to the upper 60's. monday night is when that storm gets here and right now, it's looking like we can get some decent rain out of this system going into tuesday. a rain/snow mix in the sierra in terms of how much rain this is going to change. but at this point, looking anywhere from 2/10 to about one inch of rain for the wettest
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locations. accuweather seven-day forecast dry other than a few sprinkles in the north bay, fall back one hour, and then level 1 monday into tuesday. we will be right back right after the break. ama: thanks very much. in the early 2000, the rise of rod to the top tier of american politics looks inevitable but then he fell hard all the way to a 14 year prison sentence. ama: we are bringing you the fos governor's life. >> i want the people of illinois to know you ain't seen nothing yet. >> i got this thing. >> he has been arrested in the middle of what we can only describe as a political corruption crime spree. >> the sentence is 168 months and that would be almost 14 years in person. >> he went from eight years of
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nothing to 24/7. >> jokes about writing a book and calling it thanks president trump, for nothing. >>, and see me. >> i will see you guys downtown. >> here is some birthday advice. stay out of politics. >> i cannot run for anything. >> if it is only you, we can challenge it. >> i will see it. ama: the docuseries hits hulu tomorrow and it can also be found wherever you stream.
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. dan: something good just happen for the giants and those hogs will be among the many memories of buster posey. the giants catcher retiring after 12 years as the rock of the franchise. there's too many signature moments to show what the grand slam and the 2012 division series, pretty special. part of a hall of fame resume. but buster did mention pain today. countless foul balls off the mask like that right there. paint chips flying off. they take their toll after a while and despite the pain, posey hit .30 4, 18 homers, for a team that won 107 games, numbers that make you want more. he now has to find a new catcher. >> i don't know if this is the right time for it, but it kinda just wanted to ask, is this a definite for sure thing? [laughter] >> i kind of went into this last season feeling like it might be
1:36 am
my last. just give myself some space in my mind to be ok with decidinged otherwise if i wanted to keep playing. and i just really never wavered. >> i will be honest, i was a little surprised but at the same time, i was happy for him going through it a couple years ago, i know some emotions are going through his head. dan: among those fighting back tears today, young reese auster berg, who lost her prized baseball card collection in the creek fire in 2020. buster surprised her by joining us. she is a huge posey fan. today, she went to school in full buster gear and while she struggled to find the words, her mom amy talked about her favorite player. >> so she gets anything -- it was super exciting when we got to meet him. and he provided us during a yucky time.
1:37 am
if you know her and know how much she loves baseball, you would think we were personal friends. dan: to the ice we go. sharks and blues in the tank. ravaged by covid but with a rare 53, first of the year for brent burns and they are on the board 1-0. sharks short-handed off the turnover. logan couture. it is 2-1. brandon saad had the three goals in the second to take the lead. sharks lose 5-3.
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ama: that is going to do it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. i am on the dates. dan: i am dan ashley -- ama daetz. dan: i am dan ashley. , serena willi
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from any of the big chains, so i would say go in and ask. >> and just get a doughnut. >> get a doughnut anyway. >> it's like your excuse to indulge. and treat yourself. i wasn't going to eat this when he was trying to buy affection. >> doughnuts are good any day of the year. doughnuts every day on this overnight shift. all right, coming up, the growing effort to keep daylight saving time all year round. >> exactly. plus we hear from the truck driver with no political experience beating the second-most-powerful politician in new jersey. and the story of these five siblings hoping to all be adopted together. you're watching "world news now."
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