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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 4, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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dan: i am dan ashley. , serena williams. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- serena williams. and music from j balvin. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. thank you, everyone. thanks. thank you, thank you. hi, guys. well, that's very nice. thanks. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching and thank you for joining us here in -- wow, it was a beautiful day here in sunny southern california, where as of yesterday we started giving the vaccine to kids aged 5 and up. [ cheers ] finally, our kids will be able to go to bars and nightclubs again.
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[ laughter ] isn't that great? this has been a very bittersweet week for children. on sunday, you get a bag full of candy. three days later, you get a needle in your arm. [ laughter ] welcome to life, kids! the white house is doing their part to get shots in us. team biden today announced that more than 100 million american workers are required to be fully vaccinated by january 4th. and if i know my fellow american workers, everyone's going to be super chill about that. [ laughter ] like the drunkest friend at a bachelor party, joe biden's going to make sure everyone gets shots! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] a lot of people are wondering what it's going to be like at the office now with a vaccine mandate, how we will know who is vaccinated, who -- for those who are wondering that, this is what it's going to be like. >> guys, welcome to my vaccine status reveal party. now the moment of truth. am i vaccinated? let's see. ♪ >> yay! >> oh!
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>> i'm not vaccinated. >> idiot. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> where are you going? >> [ bleep ]. >> i take horse pills! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i miss those office parties, i really do. [ applause ] speaking of unvaccinated co-workers, there is some potentially good employment news for kyrie irving of the brooklyn nets. they have a new mayor in new york, eric adams, who says he's going to reconsider the city's vaccine mandate when he takes office in january. if that happens, it could mean kyrie will be back on the court. i hope he's able to finish his research first. [ laughter ] you know he's been doing his own research. what if he enjoys that so much he decides to become a researcher full-time? [ laughter ] green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is in quarantine. a-rodg tested positive yesterday for covid and will miss sunday's game against the chiefs. he will be watching from mahome. [ laughter ] [ moans ] no one seemed to know he wasn't vaccinated. he hasn't been wearing a mask, even where it's required.
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at one point he claimed he was "immunized." looking back when he said it, it should have been obvious that he was not. >> airplane, you said you like to learn as many things as you can, hang in any conversation. are you vaccinated and what's your stance on vaccinationed? >> yeah, i've been "immunized." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, did you notice the air quotes? that's how we know. we now know he's not vaxxed because unvaccinated players who test positive have to isolate for ten days. had he been vaccinated, he would have had a chance to play this weekend. aaron rodgers reportedly received a "homeopathic treatment" over the summer instead of the vaccine. you know, we should have known. nothing says "i heal myself with crystals" like this haircut. that little knot on top? [ laughter ] aaron is a karen. that's the fact of the matter. [ laughter and applause ] honestly, the only thing worse than not getting vaccinated when you're in close contact with other people is letting them think you're vaccinated when you're not.
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it's basically the covid equivalent of "the condom fell off." [ laughter ] it's funny that the companies who make the vaccine, we have no problem using their other stuff. no one worries about advil and robitussin. celebrex. whatever the hell that is. these pharmaceutical companies make a lot of stuff we take. for years and years. not just the vaccine. and one of them wants to remind us of that. >> times have been tough. but tough is what pfizer is all about. we're proud to have developed a life-saving vaccine in record time. protecting over 100 million americans from covid-19. allowing communities to come together again. and while we heal, we want to remind you -- we still make boner pills. [ laughter ] the original boner pills.
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[ cheers and applause ] the best boner pills. trust us to vaccinate your kids. if it wasn't for our boner pills, you might not even have kids. happy holidays from pfizer. the boner people. >> available at walgreens. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: puts it in perspective, you know? amazon just reached a settlement with drivers for amazon flex to pay back more than $60 million worth of tips that were illegally withheld. some amazon drivers were supposed to get an hourly wage plus 100% of their tips. but amazon lowered the hourly wage and used the tip money to make up the difference. so now they're giving the money back. there were complaints. it must have felt great to be an amazon driver. waiting months to get a few hundred dollars in tips while your boss takes an unnecessary trip to outer space, right? [ laughter ] meanwhile, facebook last week changed its name to "meta."
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as in "we all meta huge mistake when we signed up for facebook." [ laughter and applause ] it was surprising news to everybody, particularly for a computer company in arizona called "meta pc." they filed a trademark application for the name "meta" months ago. and now, their name has been swallowed up. but one of the owners of "meta pc" is doing his best to squeeze these legal lemons to make lemonade. >> to reflect who we are and what we hope to build, i'm proud to announce that we are now facebook. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like that. that's a pretty fine zuck-off if you ask me. [ laughter ] down in florida, governor ron desantis has an idea. he wants to create an "election police force" that would be tasked specifically with investigating election-related crimes. basically, he wants to form an entire law enforcement agency to solve a fake problem donald trump made up. paul blart ballot cops.
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[ laughter ] why would we need this? we already have a government force to fight imaginary foes. it's called the space force. [ laughter ] meanwhile, this is what our former president is up to. chunk e. cheese sent this email to supporters. [ laughter ] saying "friend, president trump asked us to personally reach out to you because he wants to make sure you get our new trump gift wrapping paper in time for christmas." "he requested that we give priority access to a small group of his best supporters, like you. we haven't released this to the general public yet -- just like his taxes. [ laughter ] "so for today only you can get our iconic trump gift wrapping paper before anyone else. please donate $35 or more immediately to claim your trump gift wrapping paper. and if you do, this is what you get. yeah. [ laughter ] there he is. ranta klaus, only $35. what an incredible privilege to spend 20 extra dollars on wrapping paper. of course he has wrapping paper. his specialty is covering things up.
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[ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] he should drape himself in wrapping paper. i thought there weren't going to be any presents anyway this year -- i thought joe biden's war on christmas had canceled it, what happened to that? [ laughter ] the next big marvel superhero movie is coming out tomorrow. "eternals" is expected to gross around $80 million this weekend. and whenever a major motion picture hits theaters, we call upon our in-house movie critic, yehya, to review it. i say "in-house" because he won't leave. [ laughter ] he comes, and he stands in the doorway -- but here he is now. this is yehya talking about the new movie "eternals." >> action! quiet, please! hi, it's me, yehya. i talk about the new movie today. the new movie behind me is called "untrance," like answer the door, action?
11:44 pm
action movie, also by hero, and that movie together -- >> eternals assemble. >> is like the marble movie, like on the floor mor bell, ire man oganda forever, the australian guy with the big hammer. also marble movie "the black window." also the guy make like fire, dr. dre. also this star, this woman right there, her name emmy chen. she in the movie "the crazy asian woman." the lady there with the hat, you know like a princess, she's salma hayek, she's so nice. she's also in the movie "frito." in the movie, engolina, she have good heart. i know her father. she in the movie, the lady that look like toro, the magic woman. also in the movie,
11:45 pm
she with brad "she try kill brad killer with the gun." also the guy, his name "kayman noka," comedian on tv, "working computer." takes his clothes off, he do exercise, because before he's a little fat, right? >> pretty impressive, right? >> is good movie, go watch the movie, trust me, okay? you don't like it, i give you the money back. >> if you do not like the movie, yehya will not give your money back. >> enjoy! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yehya, thank you. that's a guarantee. all right. and one more thing before we forge ahead. it's thursday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week. whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." [ cheers and applause ] >> the youngkin family -- would like to introduce you -- to a
11:46 pm
really tall man with a really big [ bleep ]. i love him. >> chris, you give good [ bleep ]. last time you [ bleep ]ed me, i was sore for a week. >> imagine heading outside to [ bleep ] your [ bleep ] and getting a face full of [ bleep ]. >> last thanksgiving, i [ bleep ]ed my wife. >> for more than 70 years, i have been lucky to meet and to [ bleep ] many of the world's great leaders. >> alex, i know you have a small [ bleep ] warning for us today. >> make sure you're holding on to those small [ bleep ]s. we're looking at very strong winds. >> america is not a racist [ bleep ]. >> thanks for all your important work. >> [ bleep ] you, walt. >> name something you've done to your man's behind. >> [ bleep ]. >> all right, now. [ bleep ].
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. we are going to take a quick break. when we come back, i will go outside and try to guess who's high on hollywood boulevard, so stick around for that! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi sabrina! hi jen! hi. so you're the scientist here. i just have to ask. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. really?! this nourishing prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. one day? for real! wow! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ i gotta say i'm still impressed. very impressed. new daily moisture for face. everything you love for your body now for your face. instantly clear everyday congestion ne with vicks sinex saline.. for fast drug free relief vicks sinex.
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so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back to the show. serena williams and music from j. balvin are coming up. but first this month, this is hard to believe, marks the fifth anniversary of weed being legalized for recreational use in the state of california. [ cheers and applause ] before five years ago, you had to pretend you had a back injury to get weed legally. [ laughter ]
11:52 pm
and to commemorate this important and historic anniversary, it's time to play one of our favorite games, "who's high?" [ cheers and applause ] that's right. this is the game in which we find out who's high and who isn't. and that is my cousin sal, who is not high. >> sal: what's happening? >> jimmy: sal doesn't even drink, in fact. >> sal: it's true, very true. >> jimmy: how are you doing tonight? >> sal: doing well. >> jimmy: good to have you with us on hollywood boulevard. how's the action tonight? >> sal: it might be easier to see who isn't high, maybe three or four people out here. >> jimmy: maybe another game for another night. for now we're going to play this game. sal is going to bring in three pedestrians, people we found on the street. one of those people is high, the other two people are not high. i'll have to use my weedar, which is very powerful -- >> sal: whoa. >> jimmy: i cannot use my sense of smell, which be the number one sense to use to guess. i'm going to do it using my ears, my eyes, maybe my tongue, who knows. [ laughter ] let's go out to the boulevard
11:53 pm
and say hi to some people who may be high. oh, wow. wait a minute. am i high and seeing double? what's going on? [ laughter ] >> maybe, jimmy. >> jimmy: look at this crew here. mark, matt, please tell me you've never met before. >> we've never met before. >> just today. >> jimmy: you're obviously twins, yeah? >> yeah. i would say so. >> you got it, jimmy. >> jimmy: are you on vacation together? >> we're always on vacation. >> jimmy: where do you live? >> los angeles. >> l.a. >> jimmy: here in town, great. >> they tried to sell me a condo in van nuys during the commercial breaks. >> did you buy it? >> sal: no, no. >> jimmy: do you always dress similarly? >> only when we're in hollywood. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you stop to take pictures with people or what's going on? >> we have no choice. >> yeah. >> jimmy: okay, i see, all right. when one of you gains a few pounds and the other one doesn't, is it prticularly difficult? >> to gain the pounds or lose the pounds? >> jimmy: no, just to look at your brother and say, oh, yeah -- >> i want to be like him. >> jimmy: all right, okay. see, i think you're better seen
11:54 pm
than heard what is we're learning here. [ laughter ] [ applause ] now let's meet our third contestant, henry. how you doing? >> aim great. >> jimmy: henry -- >> i'm platinum. >> jimmy: you're what? >> i'm platinum. >> jimmy: you're platinum. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's good, right? that's like the most expensive metal there is. >> hell, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, all right. [ laughter ] now just off the bat, henry, i'm going to say that you look like you were trapped in the trunk of snoop dogg's car. [ laughter ] but i don't want to be so quick to guess. because i do want to examine each of you. i'm going to ask mark and matt to remove their sunglasses because that is really the key to all of this. let's start with mark on the left. mark, and we'll look deep into mark's eyes. mark has beautiful blue eyes. seems to be no redness whatsoever. no dilation that i can see. okay. let's go to matt now. look into matt's eyes. matt -- [ laughter ]
11:55 pm
matt, this looks like a mugshot type of situation. [ laughter ] all right. now let's move to henry. and henry -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, henry. >> it's the cataracts. >> jimmy: let me ask you a question. what is your favorite snack? >> on what day? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: today. >> cereal. yep, cereal. hamburgers. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. >> i love cereal. >> jimmy: henry, i'm going to -- you know what the hell with it, i'm guessing henry. that's got to be the answer. henry, are you high? >> nah. >> jimmy: oh, come on. >> i mean -- i'm high up in the world. but -- >> come on, henry, be honest. >> yeah -- i'm a little baked. i'm a little stoned. >> jimmy: oh, you are the one, i was right, okay. [ cheers and applause ]
11:56 pm
there you go, a little something. thank you, matt, mark, and henry. we have some gifts for all of you. what are those gifts, sal? >> sal: a nice pumpkin spice basket. >> jimmy: all the stuff you like, yeah, great. thank you all for playing "who's high?" [ cheers and applause ] we'll release you back into the wild. all right. so yeah, i'm 1 for 1. let's see who else is out there. all right. here we go. all right. this is an interesting crew. let's start on the right side there. okay, who should we start with, sal? >> sal: well, i have my focus squarely on the boarded lady over here. >> jimmy: oh my god, can we zoom in a little bit? oh, you are a bearded lady. >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi. >> jessa. >> jimmy: happy halloween. >> happy halloween, jimmy. >> jimmy: wow. are you a working bearded lady? >> i am. >> jimmy: or a hobbyist? yes? >> i am a working bearded lady with the venice freak show.
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: you work with one of those freak shows. when did you realize that you could grow hair on your kin? >> let's see, i must have been at least 13. >> jimmy: 13 years old. you decided, hey, i'm going to spin this into a positive. >> sal: this is weird. >> everyone wants a beard. >> jimmy: all right. all right, maybe we should change this to "who's crazy" instead. [ laughter ] next up, we have paul -- >> sal: another bearded lady. >> hi, jimmy. >> he's pretty. >> jimmy: paul, you have a beard. you have a rugged-looking beard. >> why, thank you. >> jimmy: yet it's well styled, isn't it? yes, and paul what do you do for work? >> just -- here and there, just surviving l.a. >> jimmy: all right. okay. all right. i think -- i'm starting to form my answer already. [ laughter ] and finally, we have liliana. hi, liliana. >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: how are you, and where are you from? >> i'm from new jersey. >> jimmy: are you here on
11:58 pm
vacation? [ cheers and applause ] >> no, i live here. >> jimmy: you live here, okay, great. what do you do here for work? >> i'm a fashion designer. >> jimmy: okay, see, i'm thinking also maybe liliana might have something going on there. all right. let's see. liliana, where are you going after this when you're done with this? >> to zara next door. >> jimmy: the store, okay. paul, where are you going after this? >> back to the house to finish the floor. >> jimmy: okay. [ laughter ] what do you mean by that, finish the floor? you've been eating the floor? >> well, you got to redo it, you're restoring it, you've got to make it look pretty, you know. >> jimmy: okay, all right. jessa, what are you doing after this? >> well, jimmy, what can i say? i love sushi. >> jimmy: this is not "the dating game," jessa. [ laughter ] >> sal: she's going to zara, jimmy. >> oh god no. it's across the street, darling.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: watch out, kids, if you eat sushi it will make hair grow on your chin. >> sal: good lord. >> jimmy: let's take a look, pan across their eyes, let me have a look there and see if i can -- yeah, okay, all right, jessa. a little hard to focus, all right. and paul? paul has his eyes almost completely closed. [ laughter ] and liliana -- is from new jersey -- and i got to tell you something, i'm not sure why but i feel like it's liliana. liliana, are you high? >> i am not. but -- technically i always am too, though. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: see, now, that's the answer -- >> it comes natural. >> jimmy: that's the answer that someone is high would give, all right. [ laughter ] all right, it's really not you? >> no. >> jimmy: or did you just forget that you smoked? [ laughter ] >> no, it's natural. >> jimmy: it's not you, all right. my second-guess, which was my first guess, but i wish i'd gone with it, is paul. paul, are you high? >> sorry, jimmy.
12:00 am
>> sal: oh! >> jimmy: you're not? >> no, sir. >> jimmy: oh, it's jessa? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jessa, you're high? >> yes, jimmy, i am oh so high. >> jimmy: i should have guessed that, i guess. it seemed like it was all too much. [ laughter ] >> sal: it's not enough. >> well, either you haven't smoked enough when you see a bearded lady, but if you smoked enough, you might also see a bearded lady. >> jimmy: now i can see that you're high, yeah. [ laughter ] all right, all right, thank you very much. we have gifts for you, dreamcatchers for all of you. good luck with the floors, paul. "who's high?" we found out who. we'll be right back with serena williams, so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by las vegas. the greatest arena on earth. toe who was scared to fly. fly? ahhh, maybe next year.
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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there, we're back. tonight, his music has been streamed more than 25 billion times. his latest album is called "jose." j. balvin from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ] next week, we've got new shows with ryan reynolds, gwyneth paltrow, benedict cumberbatch, kal penn, kevin garnett, jamie dornan. we'll have music from maren morris, ryan hurd, hardy, dustin lynch featuring mackenzie porter, and the war on drugs. so please join us for all of those people.
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[ cheers and applause ] our guest tonight is the most dominant tennis player of all time. and, for some people, that would be enough. but she's also a fashion designer, business mogul, philanthropist, manicurist, and movie producer, too. "king richard," starring will smith opens in theatres november 19th. please welcome serena williams. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? you're walking, hamstring's good? >> hamstring's better. it took a long time. it took forever but it's much better now. >> jimmy: you hurt it, tore it at wimbledon? >> i tore it at wimbledon. i was actually, you know, winning. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> i went for a shot, i heard this noise. and i was like, oh, no. >> jimmy: you can hear it when
12:07 am
it happens? >> well, that particular one, you could. >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> i could hear it. and i felt it. but i felt like, okay, well -- let me just keep trying. it was bad. i was like, oh, man. >> jimmy: shouldn't they pave over those grass courts at wimbledon? isn't it time they put cement down? >> make it hard, right? no, i glove the grass, i really love it. there's something special, walking out in wimbledon, just wearing all white, and being on that green grass. it's super special but just wasn't for me this year. >> jimmy: you think you will be ready for the australian open in january? >> yeah, i'm definitely -- yeah. [ cheers and applause ] yeah, whoo! >> jimmy: you missed the u.s. open. when you miss a tournament like the u.s. open, do other players text you to say thanks? >> thanks, right? [ laughter ] no. not quite. >> jimmy: none of that, huh? >> it was sad to miss that one, really sad. but i had to really -- the most awesome outfit. i put in extra effort to make it but it didn't work out.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: can you wear that next year? >> that's what i was thinking, i've got to save this, i have to absolutely wear it. >> when you're in a tournament, you're in the locker room, there are other players there, obviously being the greatest tennis player of all time, do they -- are you ever in situations where they come up to you, they're in awe, they want to meet you? then you have to go out and destroy them? [ laughter ] >> you know, what started happening, i have to take pictures in the locker room. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and so i'm like, okay. is this okay? are you okay? she's like, can i take a picture? that's been happening a lot lately. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's kind of sweet, though. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's a whole different generation of kids that are coming up and are playing. they never thought they would have an opportunity to continue to play with me. i'm still on tour, like geez. [ laughter ] so it's like -- it's a cool moment, at the end of the day. >> jimmy: i saw pictures of you with your daughter, olympia, who's 4 years old. you guys are playing tennis together. >> she's so fun.
12:09 am
>> jimmy: how seriously does she take it? >> well -- she likes it enough, you know. she likes tennis. but -- i don't know. honestly, she likes playing piano. >> jimmy: oh. >> yeah. and when she was in my belly, i played a lot of piano music. even though, you know -- >> jimmy: does she take piano lessons? >> she doesn't, she's teaching me. >> jimmy: she is? >> i'm not kidding, baby mozart. every parent thinks they have a baby beethoven or whatever. >> jimmy: each night my wife and i would lay down, tell ourselves our carr was a genius. >> exactly. >> jimmy: we don't have that with the boy, though, no illusions. [ laughter ] >> oh, no. oh, no. >> jimmy: you -- boy, i enjoyed this movie. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was a -- how did you -- i mean, i guess you'd have to say one way or the other, but it must have been strange to watch your childhood in a movie theater.
12:10 am
>> you know, it was really surreal. because it's like, you're watching this -- i feel like i'm at an age where maybe i shouldn't be in a movie on the screen right now. >> jimmy: still playing. >> a few more decades where that should happen. but it's really interesting. it's so emotional. it's such a good movie. will smith does a fantastic job with playing my dad. it's just -- it's really genius. >> jimmy: do you know of any tennis stars who don't have or had a single-minded parent who really kind of carried the torch, as far as playing goes? >> no. and that's what the whole movie is about. we and will wanted to make a movie that really honored my dad. the film's called "king richard." it really tells a story about what he did, not only in tennis, but little did he know the impact it would have literally on the globe. and so it was -- it's a really interesting story. it's really emotional. when i first saw it, i was
12:11 am
honestly bawling the whole time. also because it's like, memories. oh, i remember that. oh my goodness, i forgot about that. so it was just some really incredible stuff. >> jimmy: can i is you about a couple of things specifically that i was thinking about? >> yeah, go for it. >> jimmy: you had this neighbor that like reported your parents. >> yeah. >> jimmy: who were doting parents by any definition. >> yeah. >> jimmy: reported them to child protective service. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you ever run into that neighbor? [ laughter ] i mean, after you -- >> you know what, if you watch the movie, my mom clearly scared her away. >> jimmy: yeah, okay. [ applause ] >> my mom's a tough woman, don't mess with her. >> jimmy: your dad has a meeting with a guy who wants to be your sister's agent. >> yes. >> jimmy: and he breaks wind in the middle of the meeting. [ laughter ] not in a -- not accidentally, it seemed. did that happen? >> my dad's going to kill me. why are you putting me in this situation? [ laughter ]
12:12 am
i plead the fifth. [ laughter and applause. >> jimmy: you plead the fifth, okay. i have one more question on that. you weren't at that meeting, your sister wasn't at that meeting, it was a meeting of adults only. how did you know that happened? >> well, you know. you grow and up you know your parents. you know what i mean? you kind of know your parents. no, my sister and my -- was a big part of the script, she's in the film too, there's a character that plays her. she was really a massive part of the script to make sure that the story was told in the right way. she was there every day for filming. it was just -- it was really the way that it ended up being was we were just so happy about the final product and everything, it was really amazing. >> jimmy: there's a scene, an important scene -- because most beginnings of your tennis career are about your sister, venus. >> yes. and that's what the film is about. because i was like, you know -- i wasn't supposed to be serena williams. i was like a kid that was trying to be like my sister. >> jimmy: yeah, you signed up for a tournament that she was
12:13 am
in. >> yeah. >> jimmy: your dad didn't even know. >> i'm like, dad, i want to play tennis, i want to play in this tournament. he's like, you're too young. i was small for my age at the time. so i literally fill out the form. i signed up. then i mailed it in. so i went to the tournament that venus was in, i was playing any own match. i waited till they went to go watch her match. this is in the movie. they went to watch venus play and i snuck away with my little racket, i play a match, and i won. [ cheers and applause ] clearly i was meant to play -- i was meant to play tennis, at that point. >> jimmy: i think you had an advantage in a way. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: having an older sister. because she didn't have that competition and that person to push her. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: like you did. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: i wonder about the scene where your dad, your sister becomes -- she got her first big match, playing the number one player in the world. and he turns to you.
12:14 am
this is will smith, by the way. who is not really your dad, right? >> i don't know anymore. [ laughter ] i think he is. i mean, he's a little too young to be my dad? but i think he is. >> jimmy: and he says to the little girl playing you, he says, your sister is the first, but you are going to be the best. something to that effect. you're going to be the best player of all time. did he really say that to you? >> that was a real moment. it's a moment that is -- you know how in life there's moments that happen? that's a moment i'll never forget. it's stuck with me. and that was -- i was like 8 years old at the time. and it was -- no, no, i was 12. however old i was, i can't remember. that happened. i just remember thinking, like, okay. well, how am i going to do this? how am i going to reach that goal? how am i going to get there? but there's absolutely no serena without venus. i love how the story is about my dad and about venus -- >> jimmy: and how close you were. >> not only us, the whole family. >> jimmy: always a rivalry between the siblings, it's just how we develop as human beings.
12:15 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: and if i was in that situation where my father said, she's great but you're going to be the best, i'd go right to her and tell her that he said that. [ laughter and applause ] did you do that? i would say it at dinner. i'd wait until we were at dinner, what are we having for dessert, mom? by the way, dad, why don't you mention that thing you said? [ laughter ] >> venus was so much better than me growing up. it was kind of -- my dad really just had this vision. and i guess he knew my personality and that i had to fight for everything, down to entering myself into the tournament. i had to fight harder because i was always smaller growing up. eventually i grew tall. but i had to fight so hard. so i think he saw that in me. and he knew that venus had also opened so many doors. all i had to do is walk through it. so, like i say, without venus, there wouldn't be me. i wouldn't be who i am. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: when we come back, we're going to see a clip from the movie. it's called "king richard."
12:16 am
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when i was your age, i used to have to fight every day. if it wasn't the ku klux klan or the police or the white boys from the next town, somebody was always beating on me for something. and i ain't had no daddy to stand in their way.
12:22 am
this world ain't never had no respect for richard williams. but they're going to respect y'all. they're going to respect y'all. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is "king richard." will smith playing serena williams' dad, richard. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and the fresh prince is playing king richard. [ laughter ] that's got to be a strange thing. >> growing up watching will smith as an actor, watching "the fresh prince," everything they did, "men in black," it was really an amazing moment to realize this was going to happen. and the job that he does portraying my dad. like i said, i'm like, okay, wait, are you my dad? [ laughter ] he did such an amazing job. >> jimmy: what does your dad think of his performance? >> you know, my dad -- he hasn't seen it yet. you know, he's really -- doesn't like looking at anything about himself. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, absolutely. >> jimmy: well, he's in -- in the movie he's doing interviews all the time. >> no, no, no. he's a total -- completely out
12:23 am
of camera kind of guy. >> jimmy: huh. >> he's completely -- he likes to be in the shadows now. and so he says he had his heyday, he's done. he's like, "i'm done, you guys do what you need to do." >> jimmy: really, wow, yeah. do you think he'll see it eventually? >> for sure he'll see it. you know, and honestly, maybe he's already seen it, but he hasn't told me that he's seen it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i see. one part of the story that i didn't know about was about how much your mom contributed, not just at home, which is obvious, but on the tennis court. >> yeah. >> jimmy: your mom really -- >> that was incredible. so in the movie you'll see that, you know, venus was way better than i was. i can't stress that. i kind of sucked. [ laughter ] so i had to work really hard to get better. but -- so all the coaches realized how amazing this girl, this black girl from compton, was, venus. and they were like, we want to take her on, not so sure about the sister, but we definitely want to take her on. it's a huge project, tennis takes a ton of money and a lot of dedication.
12:24 am
and so i wasn't able to go, but it was so interesting that i had to start working with my mom, and yeah it was -- it was not my favorite time. my mom is going to kill me. [ laughter ] i was like, mom, i hate being on your court, i hate this! i would cry. she's like, toughen up! she made me super tough, i'm so grateful. >> jimmy: was she a good player, your mom? >> yeah, my mom was a good player, yeah. >> jimmy: those little girls who play you and your sister -- >> oh my goodness. >> jimmy: first of all, adora adorable. secondly, really good. but also, they seem to be -- i don't know, maybe it was movie magic. they seem to be really good tennis players. >> tennis is one sport in the movies that you can't really fake. you can always tell. okay, they're not a real player. these girls, once they cast, they learned how to play tennis. and they learned how to play our technique of tennis. >> jimmy: wow. >> so it was senai who played venus, demi who played me. and they were -- you can't understand that they didn't play
12:25 am
tennis before. it seemed like they played their whole lives. >> jimmy: they're not just hitting the ball, they're hitting the hell out of the ball. >> they are, and they're doing a good job. i was thinking they should go pro, keep training and go pro. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, why not? >> the legacy continues. >> jimmy: and so on. >> my dad would somehow have two more champions so it would be really cool. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: your kids could play them in the next movie. >> exactly, exactly. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: did you ever play with them, the girls? did you get on the court with them? >> no, not yet. that's a good idea, we should do it. they're just so amazing, such cool girls. i was just watching them on set perform and do their work, do their art, and i felt honored to even be able to do that. >> jimmy: your mother, your real mother, looks just like the actress who played her. >> it's so insane. >> jimmy: there's great footage at the end of the movie of your real home movies that your dad shot. do you have all that footage still? >> well, my dad has a lot of that footage. so it's kind of cool to go back and see some of the footage, you
12:26 am
know, these real moments that happen in the movie, right? then the real footage that my dad actually captured growing up. so he was big into film and capturing moments and to saving, way before instagram came around. he was already into that. >> jimmy: he invented instagram too? >> he did in a way, right? >> jimmy: at the end of the movie, she mention also, we're sitting there, my wife and i are watching. and it's a new beyonce song. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: which is a big deal. >> yes. >> jimmy: did you ask beyonce to write that song? >> you know, when the film came out, there was no other person that could do the song. except for beyonce. because i feel like we've had a similar path in our lives. we trained from an early age to reach a goal. >> jimmy: that's true, yeah. her dad was really -- yeah. >> her dad was super involved in her career, as well as her mom. her mom -- my dad and my mom were super involved. >> jimmy: sisters. >> sisters, yeah. for us it was really only one answer. and she embraced that. she was -- there was this -- just no doubt in her mind that
12:27 am
belonged to her as well. so the original song is amazing and i love it. and it's just -- it all came together really so perfectly. >> jimmy: it did. the movie's great. it's called "king richard." it is the story of the williams family. it opens in theaters on november 19th. thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be back with j balvin! pumas feat. sofia reyes ♪o”k what the holidays give, is meant to be shared. it's the new traditions that lift us up, and the way our celebrations are prepared. it's making room for all... so that our world doesn't feel so small. it's when moments of light bring us closer than before... and illuminate those we do it for. what we value most, shouldn't cost more. [ music ends ] ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: this is his album called "jose." here with the song "una nota," j. balvin! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in a foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in a foreign language ]
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♪ [ singing in a foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in a foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in a foreign language ]
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click, call or visit a store today. >> jimmy: thanks to serena williams and j. balvin. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next. sleep tight. and if the bed bugs bite, bite those little bastards right back. thanks for watching, goodnight.
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, the informant next door. how one man risked his life to help the fbi stop a terror plot. >> i'd like to get ahold of some rpgs, blow every [ bleep ] in the building up right there, boom. >> meant to target new migrants in america's heartlands. >> they checked the prayer schedule when they thought the most people would be in there to kill the most people that they could. plus passing. a provocative new film which is anything but black and white. >> it's easy for a negro to pass for white, i'm not so sure it would be so simple for a white person to pass as colored. >> the story of one woman who chose to deny her own


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