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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 4, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president biden's new federal deadline to vaccinate more than 100 million american workers. the biden administration giving businesses with 100 or more employees until january 4th now to require workers to be fully vaccinated or face weekly testing, to turn the corner in this pandemic. businesses facing fines if they don't help. republican leaders in 26 states vowing to sue. dr. anthony fauci defending the action tonight saying, quote, we know that vaccines absolutely save lives, and we know that mandates work. this as children 5 to 11 line up across the u.s. tonight to get their first shots. new york city, for one, offering children $100 to get vaccinated. also tonight, the scare for
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american tourists in mexico. the deadly shooting outside a resort. inside, those tourists and late today, reports of an active shooting at that hotel in cancun. guests and staff running for cover. some hiding in their rooms. tonight, the u.s. navy firing three top submarine leaders aboard the "uss connecticut," including the commander and executive officer. that sub crashing into an undersea mountain and martha raddatz standing by. pressure building tonight on house democrats to pass president biden's two bills. house speaker nancy pelosi pressed today, did failure to get at least the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed play into the republican victory on election night? and news tonight on paid family leave. rachel scott on the hill. also news this evening about the high profile trial of three white men charged with murdering ahmaud arbery in georgia. the jury with only one black juror. what the judge said about this today. alarming evidence revealed tonight of a white supremacist plot to incite a racial civil war here in the u.s.
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abc news now obtaining chilling video and audio of two members of a hate group accused of planning a deadly attack. pierre thomas standing by. tonight, police looking at these new images emerging of the moment nfl star henry ruggs and that deadly collision in vegas. the victim's car in flames. she did not survive. we are also tracking tonight the coldest temperatures of the season moving in this evening, from new mexico up into the northeast. frost and freeze alerts tonight from texas to new england. and after our reporting on the children of southern madagascar, what the world food program told us today. we are overwhelmed by what you've done. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. we have a lot to get to. that scare for american tourists, the deadly shooting outside a hotel in cancun.
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but we begin tonight with the new federal deadline for tens of millions of american workers to get vaccinated. businesses with 100 workers or more must have workers get vaccinated by january 4th now. all in an effort to try to get out of this pandemic. more than 100 million workers affected. two-thirds of the american work force. president biden first announcing this was coming many weeks ago, but tonight, the deadline now in clear focus. those businesses with 100 or more employees have until january 4th. workers must get the vaccination or be tested weekly and wear masks. and by january 4th, health care facilities that receive medicare or medicaid funding must require all workers to be vaccinated with no option for testing. 17 million people work at these facilities. tonight, some businesses pushing back. retailers fearing they will lose workers in a time when it's been difficult to find them. and during this upcoming critical holiday shopping season.
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tonight, the debate here on both sides and dr. anthony fauci defending the action. what he said today. and, of course, it all comes as thousands of children 5 to 11 now roll up their sleeves to be vaccinated. here in new york city tonight, offering children $100 each to get the shot. abc's whit johnson tonight leading us off. >> reporter: after weeks of protests against local vaccine mandates, tonight, a new federal deadline for two-thirds of the american workforce. the biden administration giving businesses with 100 or more employees until january 4th to require workers to be fully vaccinated or face weekly testing. the new rule also includes 17 million health care workers who do not have the option of testing. violators could face a $14,000 fine or potential loss of medicare and medicaid dollars. at a hearing on capitol hill today, dr. fauci defending the mandates.
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>> we know that vaccines absolutely save lives and we know that mandates work. >> reporter: in fact, in new york city just days ago, front line workers protesting a vaccine mandate. hundreds of firefighters calling out sick. but now, more than 92% of the city's workforce vaccinated. but with this new federal deadline impacting 100 million american workers, republican leaders in 26 states are vowing to fight in court. >> people should not be in a situation where they're faced with the jab or their jobs. >> reporter: ross mcgregor, who owns an auto manufacturing parts company in ohio says only half of his workers are vaccinated. >> we have some very highly skilled people that are working with us and, you know, to lose any of them would definitely put us at a competitive disadvantage. >> reporter: this, as kids 5 to 11 across the country are lining up to get their first shots. in new york city, nearly a quarter of a million doses now available at vaccination sites. the mayor even offering money. >> good news. kids are eligible for the $100 vaccine incentive. >> that got our attention today.
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whit with us tonight. what more do we know about this $100 offer for kids? and also, more on that new warning from the cdc director on the possibility of a tough flu season ahead? >> reporter: well, david, these are $100 debit cards that are being offered to kids 5 to 11 years old who get their first dose at city-run vaccination sites. it is similar to the incentives that have been offered to adults. and as you noted there, the cdc director said today that this flu season has the potential to be severe and is telling people it's very important to get vaccinated for covid and the seasonal flu. health experts say it is okay to do both at the same time. david? >> whit johnson leading us off tonight. thank you, whit. we're also following that developing headline out of mexico tonight. the scare for american tourists after a deadly shooting outside a hotel in cancun. late today, reports of an active shooter at that beachside hotel. guests and staff running for cover. some hiding in their rooms. abc's victor oquendo tonight with late reporting.
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>> reporter: the video shows terrified hotel guests and staff climbing stairs and looking for hiding places throughout the resort after reports of an active shooter at the hyatt ziva cancun in the heart of the popular tourist destination. the report opening approximately two months ago in september of this year. the man recording this video writing, "people are hugging each other and crying." jim is on vacation from atlanta. >> this is the pool that i was in when we heard the gunshots about 2:15 today. >> reporter: guests and employees eventually taken out of hiding. >> we are all safe at this time. >> reporter: all gathering in the hotel lobby. and tonight, local police say tat the shootout was between rival groups of drug dealers. two of them actually died on that beach. the hotel says that no guests or staff were injured. david? >> all right, victor, thank you. tonight, the u.s. navy has fired the top three leaders aboard the attack submarine the "uss connecticut," after that nuclear-powered sub collided with an underwater sea mountain. our chief global affairs
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correspondent martha raddatz back with us tonight. and martha, they clearly believe that this never should have happened. >> reporter: that's exactly right, david. it was the nuclear-powered fast attack submarine the "uss connecticut" that slammed into that uncharted sea mountain in the south china sea, injuring two sailors. but now, the three top leaders on that submarine have been relieved of duty, fired from command. the navy believed that even though the sea mountain was not on any charts, the accident was preventable. a u.s. official telling abc news that the submarine was going too fast in an area that was not well-charted. the three leaders will be reassigned within the navy, but david, their careers are essentially over. david? >> all right, martha raddatz live in washington tonight. martha, thank you. and now over to capitol hill and pressure building tonight on house democrats to pass president biden's two bills. house speaker nancy pelosi pressed today, did failure to get at least the bipartisan inf infrastructure bill passed play into that republican victory in
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virginia on election night? and this evening, we're also now learning paid family leave has been added back into that second bill. but will it survive? and when could there be a vote on either one? rachel scott on the hill again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a new sense of urgency from house leaders on capitol hill, scrambling to hold a vote on president biden's domestic agenda after tuesday's devastating election results. >> it was not a good night. >> reporter: house democrats under fire for failing to pass the popular bipartisan infrastructure bill. the president warning voters are looking for democrats to deliver. >> do you believe the house democrats in any way were partially responsible for what happened on tuesday? >> any sign of progress is always good for the public when they understand what it is, and i think they understand infrastructure pretty well. so it would've been better if we had. i don't know, because i haven't seen the data. i think there are other issues at work in that election. >> reporter: progressives have
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refused to pass the infrastructure bill without a vote on the president's sweeping economic package. but today, a growing number of house moderates pushing back, calling for a vote on the infrastructure bill first. they still have questions about the other bill. one key moderate senator insisting progressives have to face reality. >> we don't have the numbers that fdr had or that lyndon baines johnson had, in order to get some major, major legislation done. we don't have those. this is not a center-left or a left country. we are a center, if anything, a little center-right country, and that's being shown. and we ought to be able to recognize that. >> rachel scott back with us live on the hill tonight. rachel, there is also that news this evening on the proposal for paid family leave now back in the house bill. we know paid family leave is an issue that has support from democrats and in the past from some republicans, too. but there's been this debate among democrats on whether this should be included right now. >> reporter: that's right,
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david. and senator joe manchin, that key moderate holdout, he supports the issue, but he does not believe it should be included in this package. house speaker nancy pelosi made it clear to me tonight that she believes it should be in. democratic leadership was hoping for a vote on the president's economic agenda by the end of today, but right now, it's unclear if they're going to meet that deadline. david. >> rachel scott again tonight. rachel, thank you. in kenosha, wisconsin, tonight a juror in the trial of kyle rittenhouse dismissed after he told a court deputy a joke about the police shooting of jacob blake, which, of course, launched those protests. kyle rittenhouse on trial for killing two and wounding a third person during the protests that followed blake's shooting. before testimony today, the judge asking the juror if he would be comfortable repeating that joke. when he declined, he was dismissed. in georgia tonight, to another high profile racially charged case. three white men on trial for murder in the shooting death of unarmed black jogger ahmaud arbery. tonight, just one black juror now on that jury. and what the judge said about this today. here's abc's steve osunsami.
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>> reporter: there are people watching this tonight who say this is another example of what happens in south georgia. of the 12 jurors seated in this racially sensitive case, only one of them is african-american. and this is a county where nearly a third of the residents are black. the judge in this case blamed racism. >> this court has found that there appears to be intentional discrimination in the panel. but that doesn't mean that the court has the authority to reseat. >> reporter: there aren't many people who live down here, about 85,000 in the whole county, and they had a hard time finding potential jurors to choose from. so many were turned away because they personally knew either the defendants or the victim. and tonight, defense lawyers are accused of using their strikes to show all but one of the potential black jurors who were left the door. ahmaud arbery was killed last february after he was stopped by gregory mcmichael, his son travis mcmichael and their neighbor william roddie bryan
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jr. the three all face murder and other charges. they have pleaded not guilty. they told police they thought arbery was the person seen on surveillance videos visiting a home construction site in the neighborhood, but police report that he never stole anything. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> reporter: demonstrators rallied at the courthouse today. and the victim's family says they're not surprised the jury is mostly white. >> i wasn't surprised. that's just some of what we've already been facing in this case. just another part of the injustices that we see here in glynn county. >> reporter: the special prosecutor fought the removal of eight black potential jurors in this case, but she lost. this trial begins in earnest tomorrow morning. david? >> all right, steve osunsami from georgia tonight. steve, thank you. we're going to turn next here tonight to the alarming evidence now emerging in the case of two men accused of what could have been a deadly plot. a hate-filled plan that was set to unfold in virginia.
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authorities say the men belonged to an extremist group that espouses racial hatred and anti-semitism. and tonight, you're about to hear the fbi recordings right here. the two men are heard planning a deadly attack in the u.s. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: the fbi says these men, fueled by racist hate, plotted mass murder. >> the time for violent revolution is now. >> reporter: patrik jordan mathews and brian mark lemley jr. are admitted members of the white supremacist group, the base. here is mathews wearing a gas mask, calling for a race war. >> if you want the white race to survive, you're going to have to do your [ bleep ] part. >> reporter: abc news has obtained this newly released video, as well as audio evidence from the case. the men had been under investigation for possible domestic extremism, but in
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december 2019, the fbi obtained a court order, allowing them to secretly place a surveillance camera and microphone in the men's delaware home. >> we need to go back to the days of [ bleep ] decimating blacks and getting rid of them wherever they stand. >> reporter: the two were arrested in january 2020, just before the fbi claims they intended to launch their civil war by attacking a gun rally in richmond, virginia. >> while the virginia situation is happening, make other things happen. derail some rail lines, shut down the rest of the roads, you know? you can kick off the economic collapse of the u.s. within a week. >> reporter: the fbi believes the men, who both had military training, had the means to carry out the plot, discovering 1,500 rounds of ammunition, firearms and tactical gear. both men pleaded guilty to gun charges in june and were each sentenced to nine years in prison last week. david, the threat of white supremacy is rising. fbi director christopher wray testified this year that the number of domestic terrorism cases involving white supremacists have tripled since he became director in 2017. david? >> all right, pierre thomas reporting tonight. thank you, pierre. and when we come back on
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this busy night, the new and horrific video now emerging tonight in the case of that nfl star and that dui crash, allegedly at 156 miles per hour. the video of the other car erupting into flames. the driver did not survive. and then here tonight, the freeze warnings across several states, alerts actually from texas all the way up into the northeast tonight. st a hobby. it's your future. so you don't lose sight of the big picture, even when you're focused on what's happening right now. and thinkorswim trading™ is right there with you. to help you become a smarter investor. with an innovative trading platform full of customizable tools. dedicated trade desk pros and a passionate trader community sharing strategies right on the platform. because we take trading as seriously as you do. thinkorswim trading™ from td ameritrade. my auntie called me. because we take trading as seriously as you do. she said uncle's had a heart attack. i needed him to be here. your heart isn't just yours. protect it with bayer aspirin.
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tmz sports obtaining video showing the moments after authorities say he collided with another vehicle while allegedly speeding at 156 miles per hour. the victim killed in the crash. her car erupting in flames, as you can see. and you saw there a moment ago ruggs and his girlfriend seen crying on the pavement nearby. prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. tonight, our weather team tracking the coldest temperatures of the season, from new mexico right up into new england. temperatures in the 20s and 30s tomorrow. more than a dozen states tonight under frost and freeze alerts from texas to the northeast. the cold air in the northeast all weekend. temperatures in the 30s saturday and sunday. when we come back here tonight, dwayne "the rock" johnson promising to ban real guns from all of his movies. and then, after our reporting on the children of southern madagascar, what we learned today, what you've done.
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stop using real guns in movies produced by his company, after that deadly accident on that movie set in santa fe. johnson says from now on, he will only use rubber guns, adding special effects later. tonight, images of the moment that 4-year-old girl was found alive after more than two weeks missing. it's a story seen around the world. 4-year-old cleo smith seen for the first time there since being reunited with her family in western australia. police rescuing her 18 days after she was abducted from a campsite, now releasing audio of the moment they found her in the suspect's home. >> we've got her. we've got her. hey, bubby. >> bring the camera in. >> come here. come here. i've got you, bubby. >> what's your name? >> you're all right. >> what's your name? what's your name, sweetheart? >> my name is cleo. >> your name is cleo. >> hello, cleo. >> authorities say cleo is okay and she is recovering. when we come back here, after our reporting on the children of southern madagascar, the news tonight, what we learned from the world food
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of thanks. finally tonight here, a note of thanks. after our reporting on the children of southern madagascar, the hunger, what you've done. we traveled to so many remote villages in southern madagascar. the children, the families, in desperate need of help. the u.n. warning they're on the brink of the first climate change famine. the children and their resilience. the unexpected smile, the little girl in the dress. and the boy so many of you remember, quietly capturing the drops of water from a jug in his hand, not letting a drop go to waste. tonight, the world food program says after our reporting, they've received $1.8 million in donations. more than 11,000 donors and counting. a husband and wife saying, it was the little girl with the extended belly and the beautiful, soulful eyes that caught our attention. please use this gift to help the thirsty and hungry in
5:58 pm
madagascar. a mom and dad saying their 8-year-old saw a piece on abc news about the hardship in madagascar and begged to help. a granddaughter wrote of her late grandfather, saying, on the occasion of my granddad's death anniversary, i cannot think of a more meaningful way to honor his life's work and his angelic spirit. and one woman telling the world food program she was moved and inspired to ask her whole family to help. i was particularly moved to the point of tears at the young child attempting to get a few drops of water from a drying faucet and licking the remaining droplets off his tiny hand. i've since challenged my family to forgo inessentials like coffee for a month and consider making donations, as well. we all saw the need in the eyes of the children there and so many of you responded. we are so grateful for your generosity. to help, you can go to good night >> was it an accident waiting to
5:59 pm
happen? the abc 7 news i team looks at the history of the street where the alameda county supervisor was struck and killed by a car. kristen: beyond baseball. buster posey is leaving the game. but not his philanthropic efforts. dan: 7 on your side's michael finney is always fighting to get your money back. why is bank of america only refunding some customers will less money to scammers and not all of them? announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. i'm are flags fly in oakland to another work and life of wilma chan. just a small symbol of the appreciation of what she did to build a better bay area. that evening and thank you for joining us, i am ama daetz. dan: and i am dan ashley. you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 right here on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream.
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wilma chan died yesterday, struck and killed when taking her dog for a walk in alameda. tonight there is a vigil for her in oakland. cornell barnard is their lives were many people are remembering her amazing legacy tonight. cornell: dan, it has been a tough 24 hours. many still trying to process the sudden tragic death of supervisor wilma chan. a memorial has started about 30 minutes ago. friends and family gathering outside the county administration building, paying tribute to the politician who many described as a humble, selfless advocate and a quiet warrior. colleagues cried and hugged outside alameda county administration building, trying to process the sudden loss of supervisor wilma chan, who dedicated 30 years of her life to public service. >> i considered her not just a colleague, but a friend. cornell: the oakland mayor said she work safely with her


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