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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> it is just a shocking, devastating loss, not just to alameda county. she was a national leader when it came to health equity. >> flags at half-staff in in of an alameda county supervisor. those who knew her best remember her life and legacy. >> you're watching the news at 5:00. certainly and norma's sadness and shock across alameda county one day after a supervisor was hit and killed by a car while walking her dog. tonight, her public service. we are live with more on a woman who had a huge impact and was taken away so unexpectedly and suddenly.
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>> we are hearing from so so soo people that they are still trying to process the sudden and shocking passing of supervisor chan. her friends and colleagues now gathering at this administration building, talking about their friend, paying tribute to the politician who many described as a selfless advocate and quiet warrior. colleagues cried and hugged outside the alameda county administration building, trying to assess the sudden loss of supervisor chan. >> i considered her a colleague and a friend. >> the mayor of oakland said she worked closely with her on many issues, from promoting youth leadership to addressing racial disparities around covid. >> she was an amazing champion, a quiet champion, for the vulnerable, public health. >> she was tragically struck and
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killed wednesday while walking her dog in alameda. shesheshesheshesheshe asian-american woman to be on the county board of supervisors. she would go on to serve in the state assembly and will be later reelected to the board of supervisors. >> we will always remember. >> he says the bay an important advocate. >> her legacy is about how to make our county in working condition. so everyone who deserves help will get help. >> the oakland unity council credits are for supporting affordable housing projects. >> because of her advocacy and efforts, the unity council was able to build affordable housing units for families, especially
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immigrants. >> 20 years ago, when buildingug children's hospice was unheard of, she helped secure land in san leandro. >> she has been a proponent and advocate. one of our strongest supporters for the type of care and services we provide. that would have never happened. >> we have heard heard heard heh many places today. how she gave her time to make life better for so many. too many statements and tweets to read. rob bonta she was a no nonsense, roll up your sleeves politician who was inpatient for change and wanted social justice for all. >> thank you. the alameda intersection where she was hit and killed had been
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identified as a high injury intersection by the city. we are talking about this area of shoreline drive. we look at the dangers. >> there were enough high injury accidents at this intersection for the city to included in its vision zero action plan. >> it is on the docket for treatment. it is just not happening soon enough. >> she says with the beach just steps away, more needs to be done. >> it should be a really safe place for pedestrians. >> police say a driver hit and killed supervisor chan at the intersection while she was walking her dog. alameda added parking protected bike lanes and reduce the number of travel lanes on shoreline drive. but additional changes may not have come soon enough. >> we have a female on the ground bleeding. the dane -- driver of the
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vehicle is standing by. >> there in the process of going through witness statements and evidence. the driver who hit her was driving east. she tells of alameda roadways have been identified as high injury corridors. it was tier three or of the least dangerous. >> we have not had at every relevant intersection or oratory -- corridor. >> she says they will possibly reprioritize the intersection, but only after police get further along in their investigation, which could take up to six months. >> the drivers going through there never come to a complete stop. >> we flew over the intersection today as several cars went through a stop sign.
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she would not speculate on what improvement could help but suspected it would not be a traffic light. the alameda city council will consider the plan on december 7. >> let stepped doing the analysis and start making the improvements. >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed one person on a famous street. it happens this afternoon on haight street. a second person was injured in the shooting. a section of the road was shut down for most of the afternoon. >> a women's volleyball team from southern california is grateful to san francisco neighbors who helps them after a devastating smash and grab. we see the special moment when they were you reunited with their gear. >> this is not the type
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reaction you would expect. >> it was traumatizing. >> they were preparing for a tournament match when during a pit stop, nearly 10 sui were gone. >> i was surprised at how upbeat you were after this incident. >> we were just trying to lighten up the mood. >> little did the team no later that day, just a few blocks away , a woman would come across their discarded belongings. >> i zipped over there to the location, scooped it up, and started looking for clues to who it belonged to.
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>> a few phone calls team arrives to meet him and claim their belongings. he hopes by sharing the story, it will inspire others to lend a hand. >> i encourage other neighbors to do it. don't just walk by. >> even though they lost their game, their coach says they won in another life lesson. >> we could have easily started bickering and getting mad at each other. responding poorly. they kept turning toward one another. they were positive and cap fighting. -- cap fighting. >> there are also good people in this world. never forget that. >> it is the end of an
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san francisco. giants catcher buster posey announced his retirement today. he has been the face of the franchise and helped lead the team to three world series titles. we were at oracle part for today's emotional announcement. it was a great event but it was emotional. >> i would say bittersweet event. everyone was excited for buster posey. i even spoke with bruce bochy, his former manager, who went out of his way to make sure he was here for buster. with that being said, a sensitiveness knowing that buster posey will never suit up as a catcher on this field again. i do want to take you to the moment when he walked in today. it was not just buster posey. he was surrounded by his wife, two sets of twins. they were all smiles.
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when he started speaking tonight, above all else he thanked his wife were standing by him during the great times and during some of his low moments. he thanked the fans, players, organization. he was asked specifically why he was retiring. >> the reason i am retiring want to be able to do more stuff from february to november with my family. physically it is much harder now. it is hard to enjoy it as much when there is the physical pain you are dealing with on a daily basis. it was just getting to the point where things i was enjoying were not as joyful anymore. >> i think it was interesting, often times when players hold press conferences, they do it and get out of dodge. not the case today.
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buster posey was here until almost every single person left. at 1.i was able to have a brief conversation with his son, who told me he is a pitcher who loves baseball. knowing he will be able to watch his son play baseball sure is special. >> that is true. >> thank you. prime real estate just walking distance from san francisco's embarcadero. it is affordable housing. we will tell you about the new developments being celebrated. >> the first filter shown -- shown to treat covid.
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>> here are tonight's covid headlines. the biden administration
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announcing its federal mandate. it goes into effect on january 4. all employers with more than 100 employees must require the vaccine or do regular testing. modernity says -- moderna says less of its vaccine will be due in the next couple of months. the u.k. ok'd a new antiviral pill that has been found to reduce hospitalizations by half. the u.s. is expected to authorize it in coming months. >> now the children age five to 11 are able to get the vaccine, we are taking a deeper look at the issue. tomorrow afternoon we have a half-hour look at this. can send in your questions now. tomorrow you will be able to ask your questions live over facebook and youtube. that is right here. >> the embarcadero has been undergoing a noticeable transformation.
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it includes much-needed affordable housing. you can see some of the latest developments here. how this happened in an exclusive part of town testament to the changing nature of the city. >> where the embarcadero freeway offramp once curved onto broadway, 178 families are giving the area much-needed life. are called roadway cove and 735 davis. one is affordable housing and the other is apartments for seniors. location. >> legions of san franciscans of all incomes and ages are going to live here with dignity for a long time.
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>> that was the dream of the late developer. >> there are so many people to think along the way. let me start by thinking god for the loma prieta earthquake. [laughter] >> the freeway was demolished in 1991 as many things in san francisco, it took time to get here. 30 years to turn our space people space. >> it took an active god to get the city of san francisco to care more about its people than cars. >> he says 10 years ago, affordable housing did not enjoy the support it has right now. >> our country is finally taking notice. >> she gives her perspective onc what this development means.
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she moves here from low income housing. >> i have never had a dishwasher. i have seen them before, but i've never actually operated one. when i realized how simple it is to just put the dishes in the dishwasher and walked down the hallway and do a load of laundry , life cannot get any better than this. >> itttt claimed the life of a software engineer couple of years ago. the fate of th
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kicked him off a moving car, leading to him being fatally run over. >> tonight, dave chappelle chapl scheduled to be in san francisco as he faces criticism for his latest comedy special. he is screening a documentary at chase center. doors are expected to open in less than 10 minutes. the show is sold out even though the comedian says his film is being dropped by distributors. he says he is not going to let himself get canceled. he is taking matters into his own hands and bringing his documentary to 10 arenas across the united states. >> it has been another lovely day outside. >> it seems like the rain is returning. >> we will get some more rain, but not immediately.
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today turned out to be a nice sunny day after showers passed through. right now you can see beautiful blue skies mixing in with clouds. it was a weak system. showers have quieted down. we will take every drop. bay hills. you will notice a lovely view outside. 66 in livermore. we are seeing the sun shining.
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our next storm arrives monday night into tuesday. tomorrow we will have fog around. higher clouds increasing throughout the day. some raindrops could develop. this system could produce a weak shower or two. watch out for fog. friday. it will not get here and tell
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monday evening going into tuesday. that wet weather will wind down tuesday night. rainfall totals will be more than we saw in the last round. morning fog followed sunshine. we fall back on sunday morning. we gain an extra hour of sleep. who is not looking forward to that? we do have a little bit of a break. >> one of oakland's most renowned restaurants is closing its doors. it will shut down at the end of the year after 35 years in business on college avenue. the pandemic did not play a role
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in this decision. they plan to highlight some special dishes over the next few months to thank their customers. >> it is being called the future of food production.
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>> a fair area company is producing real meat without having a come from animals. >> we toured the new lab in emeryville. >> it is all futuristic at this lab. they are not harvesting it from animals. >> we are trying to make the same product people have loved their entire lives a different way. >> a company trying new ways to create the meat we eat. they take cells from animals and grow the meat right here. >> we take a small sample of cells from an animal. we bring it in this facility right behind you. we feed them just like they would be fed in an animal. we can create a lot of muscle tissue. then we feed it to other people. >> according to them, the food
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looks just like what we would already find in a grocery store. this way of food production is something scientists say they have been researching for several years. numbers that you will make a competitive? month of the process is it does not look very good. >> they say they are confident they can produce meat in high numbers. >> instead of growing 18 months we have the same beef on grocery store so that shells. -- shelves. >> we will see how it work.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president biden's new federal deadline to vaccinate more than 100 million american workers. the biden administration giving businesses with 100 or more employees until january 4th now to require workers to be fully vaccinated or face weekly testing, to turn the corner in this pandemic. businesses facing fines if they don't help. republican leaders in 26 states vowing to sue. dr. anthony fauci defending the action tonight saying, quote, we know that vaccines absolutely save lives, and we know that mandates work. this as children 5 to 11 line up across the u.s. tonight to get their first shots. new york city, for one, offering children $100 to get vaccinated. also tonight, the scare for


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