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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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is going on now through november 9th at your local grocery outlet. >> alameda county supervisor wilma chan was killed wednesday morning. now the community is speaking out to honor her legacy. >> groups of kids target a south bay high school. the community effort to crack down on bad behavior. >> rain moving in. if it will impact your commute. >> the last member of the giants to play on all three series world title teams. buster posey ready to call it a career. we have reaction. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> neighbors, the bay area community, and state leaders remembering one of their own. longtime alameda county supervisor wilma chan was killed while walking her dog. thank you for joining us. she was 72 and is is
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two children and grandchildren. >> tim johns shows how her political legacy is being remembered and honored. >> she was walking her dog when she was struck by a car near the intersection of shoreline drive and grand avenue in alameda. the driver stayed at the scene after the incident. she suffered a head injury and shortly died a highland hospital. with flowers lining the street, the community she served for many years is speaking of her legacy. >> people don't even know how much they will miss her. they miss her now, but they will not even realize how much she did for our community for many years to come. >> pauline cutter said she worked tirelessly for the causes she believed in. this past week, she made numerous public appearances, including advocating for vaccines with governor newsom and discussing the future of the possible new oakland a's stadium. >> she wanted to hear directly from what people were feeling,
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experiencing, struggles they were going through, and how she could help. >> andrew park is the cofounder of tribe. he says she was instrumental in their success and helping those most in need, and advocating tirelessly to secure federal money for alameda county when the coronavirus emerged. >> we have spent -- fed thousands of people. we still are. over 220,000 people a month because of her courageous acts. >> her career in politics spent 30 years. she was elected to the board of supervisors first in 1994, and again in 2010. she served as california state assembly, including as majority leader. beyond her accomplishments, she is seen by many as a leader for the asian american and pacific islander community, breaking glass ceilings and addressing issues that matter most to the group. >> she was a very strong voice, fearless, and very astute
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politically. she was able to get things done. >> in alameda, tim johns. >> we sent this push alert on our news app when we learned of her sad passing. if you want alerts like this, it is free to download in the app store. >> rain hitting some parts of the bay area right now. we want to get to abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> a welcome sight once again. let's go to doppler seven. in the north bay right now. you will notice where the rain drops are falling. around gender, for ross road. widening out the picture. the storm system, the energy dumping on the pacific northwest. a light level one system. we are getting the backend of it. the northern portion of this estate, crescent city reporting heavy rain. they will continue to see the brunt of the energy. in the bay area while you are
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sleeping, light showers at 4:00 a.m. plan for a bit of a longer travel time because of the wet weather. this isn't our only chance of rain. i will be back with more wet weather in the forecast. >> new details about vandalism on halloween night. some of the destruction homophobic and racist slurs painted on walls and windows. some aimed at specific teachers. amanda del castillo has more on the community effort to crack down on the bed behavior. >> a look at the vandalism left behind at the high school halloween night. a prize-winning 529 pound pumpkin smashed to the ground by one group. another taking part in schoolwide egging. it is the actions of a third being the most disappointing. >> they spray-painted racist and homophobic slurs across campus. in some cases, targeting specific teachers by name on their classroom walls and
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windows. >> the principal took office july 1. he was made aware of what he called challenges, after some instances of bad behavior beyond the high school. >> the schools have a great deal of responsibility for shaping behavior of students, but parents are often involved. >> at tuesday's town council meeting, members and the school district discussed underaged drinking, drug use, and parties. harsher punishment for parents who host parties and provide alcohol to those under age, and cop breaking the rules. currently an ongoing conversation, an effort that relies on the entire community. >> it is just that, we all hold up our end. >> with a father's permission, i spoke with a student. >> parents should help kids understand what the right is from wrong. i believe some people do go to parties really just to be in that kind of environment with
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those kind of people without the drugs and alcohol. >> she is convinced any effort to crack down on the known culture will take time. >> i don't think it will be this instant overnight change. personally, i don't think it will be fixed before i graduate. >> in the oakland tech students walked out of class upset over the school's response to reports of sexual harassment. >> we need them to be active and supporting students who are victims of these kind of crimes, and to take this issue more seriously. >> they staged a protest over oakland unified school district's sexual harassment policies. they marched from oakland tech to district headquarters. some students confronting the spokesperson. he says the district is taking action. >> one of the things we are doing today is making sure every teacher at every step knows exactly how to handle each
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situation right. how to address a problem. >> oakland unified will start class next week to teach students about consent and appropriate sexual behavior. transportation authority's celebrated a new class of 27 bus operators. a group of men and women graduated the nine week training course. the graduating class bringing them closer to reaching the goal of returning to full-service. after experiencing a shortage for more than two years. >> what an emotional day d francisco giants fans as news broke all-star catcher and three-time world series champion buster posey is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. j.r. stone was at chase center, where many fans were remembering their favorite moments. >> giants fans showing their
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love for buster posey in the form of the jerseys they wore. number 28 expected to announce his retirement thursday. >> it was a shocker. even my daughters were like daddy, posey is retiring. they were shocked. cracks the all-star and three-time world series champion was more than just a baseball player to many we spoke with. he was one of us. >> he was like family. the family. >> he is an amazing player. i'm 27. i remember seeing that when i was in eighth grade, high school. it kind of inspired me more to root for our local teams. >> he will leave the major leagues. but roberts says posey is there with the best of the best to ever play the game. >> one thing i will remember most about him is he was cool on
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the fire. i would always -- when he was in the box, what is going on. calling him by his first name. but i just enjoy h >> fans will remember two things. his resilience after the filing collision -- violent collision. >> back then, we thought he was done. he came back and gave us many years. >> and the certain grand slam in the 2012 an lds. >> game five cincinnati grand slam was pretty emotional for all of us fans. he has been here for 12 years. the heart and soul of the giants. we will miss him. >> j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> tributes pouring in. the san francisco chronicle releasing this sneak peek of the front page of their sports section. normally green, but tomorrow will be orange.
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a news conference with buster posey expected tomorrow. we will have the updates for you. >> kids lined up in santa clara county to get the covid vaccine. other plans to start distribution. >> after high-profile safety incidents, doordash unveiled a new feature designed to keep drivers safe. >> the time of year the ice skating rink is open with some new special events. >> all of that coming up. here is a look at jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news. >> thank you. tonight show might have too many stars. cracks -- >> i sure do. >> please stop stealing my guests. you already stole ryan. we don't need it happening again. >> stop trying to steal my toddler.
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>> here are the covid headlines. cdc encouraging parents to vaccinate children ages five to 11 now that it has been approved. they updated the website with resources to help families make the decision. in california, the scientific safety review work group gave the final green light to vaccines for that age group. the group of scientists concluded it is safe and effective for younger children. san francisco health officials say five to 11-year-olds will have to show proof of vaccine in order to access and some of the same areas as adults. >> bay area. hundreds of families lined up to get their shots at the fairgrounds. for every parent excited about their child getting the vaccine, there are also parents with reservations.
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liz k saw the two sides of the issue. >> at marin county, preparations are underway to get vaccinating young children. kathy taylor works at you cfs medical center and is a founder. she and fellow moms have spent the past weeks gathering donations to purchase these large cut out posters, colorful band-aids, anything to make the vaccination sites more kid friendly. >> we have 10,000 stickers. >> they have received 2700 doses of the pfizer vaccine for children ages five to 11. the first site will open saturday at miller creek elementary school. they held this clinic earlier this year for teenagers. they will then rotate to different public schools each weekend this month. the hope is these decorations and distractions will make it less scary. >> when you put something for them to look at, or hold, or
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bubbles toisact,thg. >>.a group of parents gathered n protest today, part of the world walkout against vaccine mandates. >> i don't want our government playing russian roulette with my child's life. >> i appreciate having the choice, but i don't appreciate being told it is something i would have to do. >> this protest is representative of how divisive these vaccines have become. while the parents here did not want kids to get the covid shot, the county tells us phones have been ringing off the hook with parents eager to get kids the vaccine. >> there has been strong support from our parent community all along. >> can is the supervisor for marin county schools. he says even though they have the highest vaccination rate, he understands there are parents who have concerns. >> this is a very big decision. we don't minimize it.
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we are also so clear it is the right thing to do. >> on friday, we have a half-hour dedicated to getting your questions answered. don't miss it. here on abc 7 and everywhere you stream. >> education is an issue we focus on in building a better bay area regularly. a big change to the enrollment process is in the works in the san francisco unified school district. the financially struggling district wants to scrap the current lottery based system in an effort to increase enrollment . officials are working to create a zone-based process that will begin in 2024. >> families will have a choice amongst a small group of schools to be close to their home, predictable they will get one of them, and they will be more diverse, because the families are attending neighborhood schools. >> it will also hold in person workshops for parents and go
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door to door knocking at home to help parents fill out applications. 3500 students left the district during the pandemic. >> doordash launched a security feature to make drivers feel more safe. it is powered by adt and allows them to reach out to an agent when they feel in danger. if the agent feels an incident escalating, or they are unresponsive, the agent will call 911. the feature is available in chicago, detroit, los angeles, new york, philadelphia, and san francisco. >> a holiday tradition has returned to union square. the safeway holiday ice rink. the open celebration after the one-year hiatus because of the pandemic. people were excited to see the ice rink back. >> i'm super excited for the holidays. the lights are all around. i'm super excited. >> this ice rink is the only one
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in san francisco and will host a number of special events like flashback fridays, drag queens on ice, and more. it is open every day from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. tickets must be purchased online and you need proof of vaccination to get in. >> annoys data open. it wasn't raining. >> the rain pulled back. but it is making a comeback. >> absolutely raid -- absolutely. rain making it feel like the holidays. i want to show you live doppler 7. some rain falling in the north bay. exactly where we expected. light rain reported right now. south state street. street-level showing the wet weather. highway 101. old redwood highway getting some rain drops right now. winds picking up. mount st. helena gusting 34 miles per hour.
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we do expect it to continue to remain breezy. tomorrow morning, spotty showers with slippery roads and pockets of low visibility. commuting tomorrow morning, you need extra time. temperatures in the 50's, 60's. visibility just fine right now. showers through tomorrow morning. don't forget to fall back to standard time. another storm early next week. current one is level one. overnight through tomorrow morning. expecting scatter to light showers. breezy at times, as well. hourly forecast showing the rain shifting south and east. by 4:00 a.m., and the ease bay. those are the general areas he will see showers. showers to the north, as well. i would give yourself extra time. it may take longer to get to where you need to go. 7:00 a.m., isolated showers.
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it is at least done for us. a fast mover. totals around .10 inches in brentwood, .24 in cloverdale. tomorrow morning, grab your umbrella. temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow afternoon you need the shades, the sun will break through. unlike today, mid-60's to upper 70's. a warmer day. tomorrow cooler, low 60's to the low 70's. early next week, latest information indicating the atmospheric river is not going to be aimed at us. it is weak, it will be up to northern california. monday, rain going into tuesday. in terms of rainfall totals, anywhere from .10 inches to three quarters of an inch. we will take any rain. level one spotty morning showers. dry on friday. saturday, morning drizzle.
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>> starting tomorrow, starbucks will be stuffed with holiday cups. the designs are wrapping paper, ribbons on a gift box, holiday lights, and a candy cane. the festive drinks are back. the iced sugar cookie almond milk latte. it is their first holiday beverage made with nondairy milk. >> sugar cookie almond. we talked about it earlier. big surprise from the giants. >> larry beil is here. cracks buster posey has taken off his gear for the final time. retirement calling. gary payton the second putting on
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>> bc seven sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> we expected steph curry versus lamella ball. we did not expect jordan poole and gary pay into takeover. let's start with klay thompson working out this afternoon. one step closer to returning. throwing it down with authority. said he got his hops from mom. the 15th guy on this roster. jordan poole smoking hot. the hornets were hanging a lamella ball, one of his eight assists. dishing to miles bridges. curry got it going late. only 15 points on 3-15 from downtown. the laub. flying into the slam. gary payton so disruptive. this is why they kept him on the roster. three steals.
11:30 pm
31. warriors 114-19. buster posey has cut pitches, but for 12 years as a giant, he has caught his last pitch. expected to announce retirement tomorrow. the m.v.p. in 2012, rookie of the year, silver slugger to time comeback player of the year, has done it all. he was tremendous. age 34, looking refreshed and energized. racked up 107 wins. carrie crowley says his legacy is up there with the greatest giants of all time. >> buster posey winning in a way that they did not. he will be remembered for his three rings and the celebrations when the giants won. notustheneviblde down market street, it was the legacy he leaves and the giants
11:31 pm
greatest moments. you can count on him going to the mound, and it was something that tugged at the heartstrings of the fan base. >> here comes the calvary. george kittle, jeff wilson jr., robbie gould all packed -- practiced. they need as many healthy bodies as possible. aaron rodgers going to miss this sunday's game. he's got covid. said in august he was immunized, but never got the shot. the earliest he can return
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>> that is it for tonight, thank you for watching.
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>> we appreciate your time. right now jimmy kimmel, the rock. >> dicky: tonight -- gal gadot. and dwayne johnson. plus music from idles. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you very much. very nice. welcome. thanks. hi. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching and thanks for joining us on, i don't know if you know, today's a notable day. today marks one year since the presidential election. can you believe that? it only seems like ten. [ laughter ] remember a year ago, we wondered how long plumpty trumpty could keep being a sore loser? [ laughter ]


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