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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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come as it is 9:00. laydown. good morning, america to our viewers in the west. after a consequential election night we'll break it all down this wednesday morning. breaking overnight, stunning shift. republican glenn youngkin wins the closely watched governor's race in virginia and the race in new jersey too close to call a year after president biden won both states. what the big night for the gop means for the president and next year's midterm elections. another milestone in the fight against covid. the first vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds already going into arms this morning after getting the final green light from the cdc overnight. the government shipping out millions of doses across the country. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joins us this morning. the trial of kyle rittenhouse underway. the teen charged with killing
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two and wounding one at police protests in wisconsin. what his friend who bought him the gun said on the stand. abc news exclusive. the former first camera assistant on the film "rust" who walked off the set with his gear hours before that fatal shooting, quitting over claims about delays in pay, alleged lax covid policies and concern for weapons safety on the set. he speaks out in his first tv interview this morning only on “gma.” from the race to save new york city to the "city of hope" in paradise. this morning, our team is showing you the bold new projects on the horizon to combat climate change from the fears of more catastrophic flooding in our backyard and across the world. ♪ we are the champions ♪ and the braves blasting their way to a world series title. atlanta shutting out the astros for the team's first championship in 26 years. >> the braves are world champions! >> sending their fans into a
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frenzy and no doubt t.j. and this morning, the mvp is saying -- >> good morning, america! ♪ no time for losers 'cause we are the champions of the world ♪ good morning and what a night for the atlanta braves. jorge soler the mvp. what a night for him. what a night for you and for t.j. >> did you ever make that bet with t.j.? >> nope, we never made the bet so what a fight for me. >> we'll see. i'm sure t.j. is going to want to collect whatever it is. it is a milestone morning in the fight against the pandemic. we'll take a live look at a children's hospital in connecticut where kids are -- ages 5 to 11 are getting vaccinated after the cdc signed off on the pfizer shot for them. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky is standing by and we'll talk to her about her decision in just a few moments. we begin with that breaking news overnight, two critical races for governor in virginia and new jersey.
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we're live in both states this morning tracking the results. it's too close to call right now in new jersey and in virginia, republican glenn youngkin has defeated democrat terry mcauliffe. a big night for the gop and an alarm bell for president biden and the democrats heading into next year's midterm elections. stephanie ramos starts us off in fairfax, virginia. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: george, good morning. republican glenn youngkin has never held elected office, but he sold himself as a political outsider while trying to rally suburban voters around hot button issues like how to handle the discussion of racism in schools and mask mandates and it worked. this morning, republicans celebrating a huge win in virginia. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing! [ cheers ] >> reporter: republican gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin declaring victory overnight becoming the first republican to win a virginia statewide race in 12 years. >> my fellow virginians, this is
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our moment. >> reporter: the race between democrat terry mcauliffe and youngkin widely seen as a referendum on president biden's first year in office with youngkin keeping donald trump at arm's length and focusing on voter fears concerning jobs and education. >> together we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth. >> reporter: youngkin's speech starting at almost the exact moment air force one touched down. biden returning from an international climate summit, ignoring reporters' questions on democrat terry mcauliffe's loss. youngkin's win likely aided by voters' negative views of president biden's performance. exit polls showing 54% of voters disapprove of his work in office even though biden won the state by ten percentage points just last year. overnight mcauliffe leaving his campaign headquarters before the winner was declared. >> we still got a lot of votes to count so we'll continue to
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count the votes because every single virginian deserves to have their vote counted. >> reporter: mcauliffe's defeat a stinging blow for democrats and providing a road map for the republican party as they aim to regain control of congress in next year's midterm elections. we were at the youngkin campaign headquarters last night. youngkin and his crowd of supporters celebrating up until about 2:00 this morning and youngkin calling his victory a defining moment. robin? >> all right, stephanie, thank you. we turn now to janai norman who is in south orange, new jersey, tracking the latest on the race for governor there. still too close to call. good morning, janai. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it has been a long night here in new jersey. the election night parties went on as planned, but no one able to declare victory just yet in this hotly contested race for new jersey governor.
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way closer than expected. there's still quite a bit of the vote that needs to be counted but a massive upset could be brewing with republican challenger jack ciattarelli hanging on to a less than 1% lead over heavily favored democratic incumbent phil murphy. now, registered democrats out number registered republicans in the state of new jersey by over 1 million. voter turnout, we know, looks to be low especially compared with virginia. murphy who campaigned on a progressive platform is fighting to become the first democratic governor to win re-election in this state in more than four decades. that hasn't happened in new jersey since 1977 and ciattarelli who never led in any public opinion poll painted murphy as out of touch with the average voter and criticized his handling of the covid-19 crisis and that may have worked pretty well for him because at this point the race is still too close to call. george? >> janai, thanks very much. let's bring in jon karl. what a night for the republicans hre. it seems like the suburbs have swung in both key states. >> reporter: george, this is a sonic boom of a wake-up call for democrats. biden won virginia by ten points just a year ago.
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he won new jersey by 16 points and the big factor is the one you mentioned, republicans vastly outperformed in the suburbs. that is precisely where the battle for control of congress will be waged next year in the midterm elections. and, george, the democrats tried relentlessly to tie both of these candidates to donald trump and this strategy failed miserably. it failed in virginia and, again, the fact that new jersey -- we don't know the results here, murphy may still pull it out but the fact that that state is so close is really something that nobody anticipated and perhaps even a bigger wake-up call for democrats. >> yeah, that's the real surprise right there. although murphy camp is pointing out that the vote is still out in largely democratic areas. so is tonight -- is last night a win for donald trump? >> reporter: well, i think the lesson for republicans here is the way to win elections now is to run away from donald trump. in virginia glenn youngkin had
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trump's endorsement but, george, he didn't campaign with him, not even once. he barely mentioned donald trump except when he was ridiculing terry mcauliffe for trying so relentlessly to tie him to donald trump. and in new jersey, jack ciattarelli didn't even vote for donald trump in 2016 and won the republican primary by defeating pro-trump candidates. so not a win for donald trump. it was a win for republicans who stayed away from donald trump. >> jon karl, thanks very much. michael? >> george, thank you. we turn now to pfizer getting that final green light from the cdc overnight. millions of doses are being shipped across the country for kids age 5 to 11. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky is standing by for us. first let's go to whit johnson at a children's hospital in connecticut. good morning, whit. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. we're here at connecticut children's. you can see some of the first shots about to be administered. those doses are going to cross the country, about 15 million of them for kids 5 to 11. the administration acknowledges
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though they won't kick into high gear until next week but as you can see this morning some kids are already rolling up their sleeves. overnight, the first shots of the pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11 going into arms in connecticut. >> did that hurt? >> no. >> okay. >> reporter: a line of children eagerly waiting for their turn. >> they were talking about going to school tomorrow and telling their friends they got it. so really kind of ready to get out there and get protected. >> reporter: the doses coming just moments after the cdc director gave the final green light following an advisory panel's unanimous vote yesterday to recommend the shots. >> we have a total of 14 yeses, 0 noes. so the motion passes. >> reporter: kids will get a third of the adult dose. early studies found the vaccine to be 91% effective in preventing symptomatic illness in young children with only mild side effects like a sore arm,
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headaches or fever, and no cases of myocarditis, that rare heart inflammation seen in some young men and pointing to cdc modeling which suggests vaccinating children could reduce covid transmission overall in the u.s. by 8% between now and next march. an estimated reduction of about 600,000 potential cases. >> children are going to be able to get their lives back and get back to school, back to in-person learning and around their friends. this is a huge win not only for public health but mental health as well. >> reporter: the federal government already shipping out millions of doses across the country. >> a thousand doses of the pediatric vaccine. >> reporter: this children's hospital in columbus, ohio, stocking their freezers, planning to administer shots today. with about 28 million children now eligible for the vaccine, some parents are eager to get their kids in line? we feel that is part of being part of the community keeping everyone safe. >> reporter: despite promising trial results a recent poll shows 63% of parents either refuse to get their kids vaccinated or plan to wait.
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>> it's very concerning, especially for 5-year-olds, especially elementary school the immune system is still developing. >> reporter: and once again we're back here at connecticut's children's. you can see some of the brave kiddos ready to go. john, 10 years old is in the chair. you ready? okay, thumb's up. we'll be with john as he goes through the process. john says he a football player so he's not too worried about it. there you go and there it is. nice and easy, john. you feel good? thumb's up? all right. thumb's up from john. so the process continues here and one more thing to note across the country. some of the major pharmacies and doctor's offices say it might take a day or so just to get their websites updated before you can make an appointment so you want to make sure you are patient and go ahead and plan ahead. robin? >> all right, whit, thank you very much. joining us now is the
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director of the cdc, dr. rochelle walensky. so can you please take us into your thought process as you considered all of the available data? >> good morning, robin. thanks for having me. this is really just a time for parents to celebrate. we now have vaccine that's eligible for 28 million children between the ages of 5 to 11 and we saw the deliberations yesterday at the advisory committee meeting demonstrating the risk of children to covid and the real efficacy and safety of these vaccines working in 91% of children, the efficacy of 91%. and importantly we've taken the time to get this right, to do the science to have a kid's dosing schedule. the dose is about a third of the adult dose and really, you know, it's taken us almost a year compared to when we had vaccine for adults.
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so really have done the due diligence, reviewed the science, made sure we had the appropriate doses for our children and really now we have parents who can have the peace of mind that when they get their kids vaccinated they will be protected. >> but you know that still there are very many parents who are concerned about their children receiving the vaccine. as we just heard in whit's report, 63% of parents are hesitant. so what would you say to them tis morning? >> well, we review the evidence. we review the safety profile which was really extraordinary and what i would say to them is, you know, these are new and you may have questions and we are here to answer your questions. we are now beginning to roll out, to distribute the vaccine, to give parents information that they need. go talk to your pediatrician, your trusted health care provider, your pharmacist and get the information that you need as we start scaling up vaccine across this country. >> as you know, we are approaching the thanksgiving holiday. so what is your advice for families who will be gathering? >> reporter: first advice is to
7:14 am
make sure that adults and all eligible people in the household are vaccinated because that will absolutely be among the safest things you can do is get everyone eligible vaccinated. then, of course, for those young children who are now newly eligible we can get them vaccinated too and as more and more people around the table are vaccinated, it will be safer not just for those vaccinated, but those who are unable to be vaccinated, our children under 5 or potentially those who are immunocompromised and might not get as much protection from the vaccine themselves. >> dr. walensky, as always, appreciate you spending time with us this morning. >> thanks so much, robin. >> take care. robin, now to the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the case of the teenager who killed two people and injured a third during protests after the police shooting of a black man last summer. alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse standing trial for murder, at times yawning in court. the defense playing videos of the night of the shooting telling jurors that rittenhouse
7:15 am
was the one threatened by protesters leading him to open fire. >> they shoot him. >> what this case will come down to, it isn't a whodunit. it is was kyle rittenhouse's actions privileged under the law of self-defense? >> reporter: prosecutors arguing the teenager intended to kill. >> hundreds of people were out in the street and the only person who killed anyone was the defendant. >> reporter: august 2020 rittenhouse, 17 then, armed with a semiautomatic rifle travelled from nearby illinois, he says to help protect businesses in kenosha, the city clouded in protests at the time after a white police officer shot jacob blake. rittenhouse talked before the shooting. >> we don't have nonlethal. >> reporter: he is accused of shooting and killing joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber and injuring gaige grosskreutz. friend dominic black who bought
7:16 am
rittenhouse the rifle testified monday. >> he was scared. he wasn't really talking. he said he had to do it. >> reporter: testimony resumes later this morning. if convicted rittenhouse could face life in prison. robin? >> thank you. now to the world series, braves waking up world series champs beating the houston astros. we know someone very happy about that. t.j. holmes. >> happy about that, what do you mean, robin? yes, look, after what this team has been through, the atlanta braves last night not just got a story book but an improbable ending. >> left side, swanson. to first. the braves are world champions. >> reporter: the atlanta braves finally world series champions again and in dominating fashion. >> swanson touches one off. >> i live and die in the city of atlanta and there is no place that deserves it more. >> reporter: it's been 26 years since the braves have won the championship. >> flies into left center field. >> we've had so many ups and
7:17 am
downs this year, and for us to be world champions, that is awesome. >> reporter: atlanta battered the houston astros 7-0 in game six and in front of the home crowd. braves fans were back at the braves home stadium in atlanta and could barely contain themselves. atlanta pulled off the first shutout in a final world series game since 2005. jorge soler who defected from cuba in 2011 now the world series mvp, only the second cuban to win the honor. >> soler with a monster blast into left. >> reporter: and then there's team manager brian snitker who's been with the braves organization for 44 years. >> this is everything. this is what we worked for. >> reporter: this world series was about the baseball diamond and pearls. fans have been enamored with braves outfielder joc pederson's pearl necklace. he started wearing them late in the season touted as his good luck charm. everybody asked me what's the story behind the pearls?
7:18 am
why would he wear pearls? other guys have gold chains and diamond pendants. he asked his jeweler to make him a set of pearls. he likes pearls. hank aaron, maybe one of the most beloved baseball players of all time, atlanta braves legend passed in january. they win the championship this year. >> what a year. >> thank you, t.j. a lot coming up on abc including an exclusive with the first camera assistant who walked off hours before the shooting. and the race to save the big apple. first, good morning, america, ginger. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. second morning of the week with a hard hat on on a beautiful cold sunrise. i'll tell you why i'm here coming up but for now the chilly cities sponsored by ancestry.
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have the sun rising over new york city right there. we'll have more on the race to save it this morning. we'll be right back. ♪ my name is monique, i'm 41, and i'm a federal contract investigator. as a single parent, i would run from football games to work
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laptops and more. with new deals starting thursday at target. [ music ends ] >> building a better bay area, moving forward, building a better future. reggie: contra costa county is getting ready to vaccinate kids ages five 511 this weekend and it could happen as soon as saturday. clinics are expected to have the pfizer pediatric vaccine ready to go. health officials are telling parents to make sure they check with their pediatricians are local pharmacies about their availability. the county is hosting a virtual town hall meeting tomorrow at six to answer russians you may have an abc 7 is your place to find out what people are doing county by county. jobyna: good morning, in the south bay, we are looking at a sig alert underway in milpitas. a car flipped over on southbound
7:24 am
880 at 237 and injuries are involved in two lanes are blocked. a big slow stretch and walnut creek at 680. creek at 680. creek at 680. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ]
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the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. mike: 7:26 a.m. on this foggy morning. this will be around throughout the morning collude and will eventually date away and we will watch this move into the north bay during the evening hours and's red across all of our neighborhoods overnight. today is our warmest day as many of us will reach 70 degrees, cooler tomorrow with a slight chance of wet weather friday night/saturday morning. reggie: coming up, and exclusive with the rust camera operator who quit before the fatal
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shooting over safety concern claims. he is talking in his
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live above new york city. this morning rob and ginger are across the big apple on the latest on the ground breaking new projects to protect the city from rising seawater and damaging floods. >> looking forward to seeing more of that. we're following a lot of headlines including the two races for governor in new jersey and virginia. too close to call in new jersey and in virginia glenn youngkin has defeated terry mcauliffe. a big night for the gop and an alarm bell for president biden and the democrats heading into next year's midterm elections. also right now, it's a milestone morning in the fight against the pandemic. vaccinations under way at children's hospitals like this one across the country.
7:31 am
kids ages 5 to 11 are getting the shot after the cdc signed off overnight. the supreme court is set to hear its biggest gun rights case in years. a group of gun owners is asking the court to overturn a new york state law and recognize a broad right to carry a weapon outside the home. now, if they are successful, it would lift restrictions on carrying a gun in public places in states across the country. now, those mysterious sightings of a person flying around l.a. with a jet pack. apparently it's been solved this morning. the fbi saying it was likely a balloon, possibly of the jack skellington character from the film "the nightmare before christmas." >> all right, mystery solved. >> there you have it. >> all right. thank you, robin. now we turn to the latest on the fatal film set shooting involving alec baldwin. in just a moment we will speak exclusively with an assistant on the film "rust" who resigned one day before the shooting, in
7:32 am
part over safety concerns. but first kaylee hartung has the latest. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. every cast and crew member of "rust" who we've spoken to in the past nearly two weeks has asking to remain anonymous citing the ongoing investigation, until now. lane luper speaking out. the night before on the set of the movie "rust" the head of the camera department, lane luper, emailed production managers a resignation letter, the reasons he was quitting, delays in pay, complaints about housing and safety concerns. luper writing in my ten years as a camera assistant i've never worked on a show that cared so little for the safety of its crew. luper alleging lax covid policies and also specifically expressing his concern for weapons safety on set writing, during the filming of gunfights on this job things are often played very fast and loose and saying when he raised concerns about the lack of safety meetings with production, we are usually met with the same answers about not having enough
7:33 am
time to complete the day if we rehearse. but other crew members paint a different picture. overnight alec baldwin reposting comments made by the film's costume designer who says concerns were heard and addressed and we had several safety meetings, sometimes multiple per day. producers of "rust" telling abc news luper's allegations around safety are patently false and saying he had absolutely nothing to do with or knowledge of safety protocols. >> need some help. >> reporter: authorities have identified the film's armorer hannah gutierrez reed seen in these "daily mail" images, an assistant director dave halls as the last two crew members who handled the colt .45 revolver before it was given to alec baldwin. loaded with a bullet. something neither they nor baldwin knew. halls' lawing saying checking the gun wasn't his responsibility redirecting blame towards the 24-year-old armorer. >> the armorer brought the firearm into the scene. the armorer's responsible to make sure the firearm is safe.
7:34 am
my client didn't point the firearm at anyone and my client didn't pull the trigger. >> reporter: the sheriff acknowledging their investigation is far from over. >> it's so important that mr. halls and reed gutierrez and baldwin keep cooperating in the investigation and come in for follow-up interviews to clarify some questions we have and discrepancies that may be in the statements. >> reporter: the sheriff says they're still trying to determine all the facts here and answer the biggest question. how did live ammunition get on that set and loaded into alec baldwin's gun? now 200 hollywood cinematographers are calling for a ban on all functional firearms on movie sets in george? >> let's bring in lane luper, the former first camera assistant on the film. thanks for joining us. you actually weren't on set the day of the shooting. you resigned the day before for several reasons including safety
7:35 am
concerns, specify what those safety concerns were. >> well, what i put in my resignation letter was lax covid policies, the housing situation driving to and from albuquerque and specifically gun safety, a lack of rehearsals, a lack of preparing the crew for what we were doing that day. >> you know, your claims there have been disputed by terese davis who was a costume designer. she made a posting on facebook. i want to put it on screen. after a couple of accidental discharges she said the guns were checked immediately afterwards. the discharges were announced on set and apologized for. she said i was right there. we had several safety meetings, she said, sometimes multiple per day. >> even the producers have said they only had three safety meetings by the time i left the show and that included the day of the shooting. i only personally remember two safety meetings that involved the entire crew. if there was a safety meeting, i was left out of it if there were any more than the two. >> the producers also said your claims are patently false and say you had nothing to do with
7:36 am
or knowledge of safety protocols and conclude it's truly awful to see some using this tragedy for personal gain. how do you respond to that? >> yeah, so there's no personal gain in this for me. i'm kind of sticking my neck out here. i don't want to be on camera. i have a pretty unique perspective in that it's important that i be a part of safety as the head of the camera department for protecting the camera, protecting the camera operators, knowing what the shot is. you know, it's very important that i play a role in safety. i actually had to take classes in los angeles in order to get my union card. >> so where was the breakdown here in your mind? was it the assistant director? was it the armorer? >> i think -- i think with "rust" it was a perfect storm of, you know, the armorer, the assistant director, the culture on set, the rushing. it was -- it was everything.
7:37 am
it wasn't just one individual. everything had to fall into place perfectly for this one in a trillion thing to happen. >> so it really was still one in a trillion in your mind? >> it's a very rare thing to happen. in the film industry we have these things called safety bulletins that basically are an owner's manual for how to run a safe set. they were ignored and not attached to the call sheets which they're supposed to be, and unfortunately that's what led to a breakdown here. >> again, the producers do dispute that part of it. what do you know about this claim there was target practice on the set? i know you said you sometimes heard some distant gunfire during the production. >> i don't personally have any experience with that. i don't know about those claims beyond what was reported in the media. i did hear distant gunfire on the property but there is a nearby national guard armory so all of us would chalk it up to
7:38 am
that, but in hindsight it could have been. >> you've been on a lot of movie sets. how is it even possible a live round could possibly get into a gun on a movie set? >> a lot of things have to go wrong. the very first sentence in the very first safety bulletin about firearm safety is there shall never be a live -- live rounds anywhere on a studio lot or stage or set. it's just -- it's so unheard of. >> how will you remember halyna? >> as a very special person that i really miss working with. she -- she was -- she genuinely was something special and this business as a whole is worse off without her. >> lane luper, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, george. >> in our next hour the attorney
7:39 am
for hannah gutierrez reed, the on set armorer will join us live. robin? coming up next the race to save new york and danger from rising waters as climate change worsens. rob and ginger, you saw them there, they'll be reporting on the epic projects that could save the city. people, with quickbooks live someone else will do your books for you. they'll even pair you with an expert bookkeeper like me, who knows your business. knows... your...
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it may not be music to your ears, but as long as it's music to theirs. bring the volume back to the venue with exclusive ticket access to unmissable events. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." we have been telling you about climate change and this morning, it's a race against time right here in new york.
7:43 am
both of our meteorologists are spread across the city to show us the efforts under way to protect the area from sea level rise. ginger is off the coast of staten island and rob joins us from downtown manhattan. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hi, good rning, it's a beautiful day here in lower manhattan to start things off. we're at the east side coastal resiliency project. it was commissioned after hurricane sandy, all the devastating effects from that storm and you can see it's an active construction site and our drone will show you how big it is. this big crane here is dropping in huge steel beams which in some cases go -- pile driven down over a hundred feet all part of a 2.5-mile wall par a 2 of a plan to battle back the increasing impacts of climate change. nearly 20 years ago scenes like this from "the day after
7:44 am
tomorrow" seem like products of hollywood's imagination. >> a wall of water coming towards new york city. >> reporter: but then came hurricane sandy in 2012. battering new york city's coastline in a way that the big apple has never seen. and now just months after hurricane ida, and tropical storm henri devastated parts of new york and new jersey with catastrophic flooding caused by torrential rain. experts say catastrophic flooding could start happening every five years in new york city by 2030 thanks to climate change amplifying rising global sea level. so the city is taking aggressive action with several projects in the works to combat storm surges including a possible $119 billion seawall similar to this one in the netherlands which would create a series of man-made islands with retractible gates. another project already under way is the east side coastal resiliency project.
7:45 am
>> this is really exciting, the largest urban climate adaptation project in north america probably in the world. >> reporter: the $1.5 billion initiative will raise parkland, install floodwalls and movable gates while also enhancing open spaces for resident. >> because the foundations are deep into the ground, the wall will hold and will protect this whole neighborhood from flooding in the future. >> reporter: the wall will stretch over 2.4 miles of manhattan. >> we have the imagination to do this, to envision transformative solutions that actually improve quality of life while protecting our residents and our neighborhoods. >> reporter: all right. brilliant sunshine to warm up the workers. they've been going since 7:00 a.m. this 2.4-mile-long wall will be done in 2024 and after that they'll be starting to work on the drainage system under the city streets. we all know what rainwater can do as well. weather impacts from this are multi-tiered so we need a
7:46 am
multi-facetted solution and know climate change is happening. we need to act now to curb it and in this case to adapt to it. let's kick it over to ginger now, live near staten island with another project there. hey, good morning, ginger. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, rob. yes, our solution is underwater but let me set it up here. that's staten island behind me specifically tottenville. it's known as the town that the oyster made because this bay used to be full of oyster beds but we overharvested and polluted. our natural barriers were gone and it was clear after sandy we needed help. so this -- you can see it probably on the drone here -- a barge and part of the living breakwaters project where they are taking giant mattresses, they call them like steel holders of rock and i'll point it out. there is a diver on top that is about to set this. the rocks go down and become not just habitat for marine life but actual walls underwater that absorb a lot of the energy and protect us from sea level rise. staten island right now, one to three feet of erosion a year and so these are going to help big time.
7:47 am
i also, of course, traveled to the maldives where they have solutions and an even more vulnerable problem. >> yeah, and we'll see you in the maldives in just a little bit. thank you so much. >> stay right there. we'll be right back. >> stay right there. we'll be right back.
7:48 am
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moving forward, finding solutions. >> jobina is taking a look at your commute. jobina: good morning pr traffic has picked up out there. you're going to start with the newest one. this is on southbound 101 past san antonio road. injuries have been reported here and are involved. multiple lanes are blocked on southbound 880 at 237. mike: some of our thicker fog is building down to a quarter mile there. about the same toward mountain view. tonight, we are going to have rain role in and turn to showers by this time tomorrow morning. more chances of rain saturday morning, a little light rain.
7:57 am
a week to moderate atmospheric river coming at us. reggie: coming up, saving paradise. ginger zee's extraordinary report from maldives. we
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news. after a big election night, republican glenn youngkin wins the closely watched governor's race in virginia and the race in new jersey too close to call. a year after president biden won both states. what the gop's success means for the president and for the nation. shot of hope. the first vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds already going into arms this morning after getting the final green light from the cdc overnight. new details in the fatal movie set shooting investigation. what the armorer responsible for the guns on the set of alec baldwin's new film, "rust," says happened before that tragic accident. this morning, her attorney joins us live. racing to protect paradise. what the exotic tropical paradise is doing right now to combat climate change and the
8:01 am
rapidly rising sea levels. this morning, ginger takes us across the world and what they're calling their city of hope. ♪ and just like that. what's really happening to samantha jones. >> i'll think about it. >> the secrets from the highly anticipated "sex and the city" reboot. ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge ♪ from "the walking dead" to running at super speed and pushing boundaries in "eternals," lauren ridloff is live in times square on being the fastest woman in the mcu. and with thanksgiving three weeks away, we are counting down with jamie oliver. the epic recipe if you can't find a turkey and what he's saying about the great stuffing debate as we say, good morning, america. ♪ this is "gma." glad that you're starting your day with us.thankshere
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be wknow i a cntinthsh.iv. the >> goo >> hmaberishe rican holiday solutions and dishes. look at that. delicious family feasts. come and cook for me. make it easy. >> we're looking forward to that. but we'll start with breaking news overnight, two critical races for governor in virginia and new jersey. republican glenn youngkin has defeated terry mcauliffe in virginia. it was a big night for the gop and an alarm bell for president biden and the democrats heading into next year's midterm elections. want to go back to stephanie ramos in fairfax, virginia. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, republicans are celebrating a huge win here in virginia. republican gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin declaring a victory overnight
8:03 am
becoming the first republican to win a virginia statewide race in 12 years. the race between former virginia governor terry mcauliffe, a democrat, and youngkin widely seen as a referendum on president biden's first year in office with youngkin keeping donald trump at a distance and focusing on voter fears concerning jobs and education. mcauliffe's defeat, a stinging blow for democrats and providing a road map for the republican party as they aim to regain control of congress in next year's midterm elections. michael. >> all right, stephanie, thank you. now, let's go to janai norman in south orange, new jersey, as she's tracking the latest on the very close race for governor there. good morning, again, janai. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. votes are still being counted this morning in this nail-biter of a race between democratic incumbent phil murphy and republican challenger jack ciattarelli. this race way closer than expected. ciattarelli never led in any public opinion poll but is now hanging on to a less than 1% lead and he painted murphy as
8:04 am
out of touch with average voters and criticized his handling of the covid-19 crisis. murphy is fighting to become the first democratic governor to win re-election in new jersey since 1977, but this morning, the race still too close to call and given how blue this state has become president biden winning here by double digits just a year ago, the fact that the race is so close is certainly a concern for democrats. robin. >> all right, janai, thank you. we're going to turn now to a big day for the covid vaccine. children ages 5 to 11 are already getting the pfizer shot after the cdc gave it the green light overnight. so let's go back to whit johnson there at a children's hospital in connecticut. good morning again, whit. >> reporter: hey, robin. good morning once again. as you can see here at connecticut children's some of the first brave children are rolling up sleeves getting in line here for the shots to be administered. about 15 million doses are being shipped out across the country but the administration acknowledges that they won't really kick into high gear until next week.
8:05 am
overnight, the first shots of the pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11 going into arms in connecticut. >> did it hurt? >> no. >> okay. >> reporter: a line of children eagerly waiting for their turn. >> they were talking about going to school tomorrow and telling their friends that they got it, so really kind of ready to get out there and get protected. >> reporter: the doses coming just moments after the cdc director gave the final green light, dr. rochelle walensky speaking with robin earlier this morning. >> this is really just a time for parents to celebrate. we now have vaccine that's eligible for 28 million children between the ages of 5 to 11. >> reporter: with about 28 million children now eligible for the vaccine, some parents are eager to get their kids in line. >> we feel it's part of being part of a community keeping everyone safe. >> reporter: but despite promising trial results, a recent poll shows 63% of parents either refuse to get their kids vaccinated or plan to wait. >> it's very concerning, cilyol
8:06 am
especially the immune system is still developing. >> reporter: and so our brave friend ellie here is getting her vaccine today but once again even though it's authorized you can't just walk into a vaccination site today. you should probably check ahead of time. that's because they're only available at select sites. good job, ellie. but major pharmacies and doctors' offices tell us they hope to in the next day or so get all their websites up and running and updated so you can actually schedule those appointments, guys. >> all right, whit. you saw that she had to look down. she couldn't see herself getting the shot, but she did it. >> she did it. coming up, the attorney for hannah gutierrez reed, the "rust" armorer who handled the guns on set now speaking out. what reed says about the gun that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. and ginger is taking us to the maldives threatened by rising waters from climate change, she's telling us about the country's extraordinary plan to survive.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
we are back now with our "gma" cover story and more on the deadly shooting on the set of the alec baldwin film "rust." joining us now is jason bowles, the attorney for hannah gutierrez reed, the armorer for the production and, mr. bowles, thank you so much for joining us this morning. i want to start with the chain
8:12 am
of command on the gun that was used in the fatal shooting. when the crew broke for lunch your client told investigators that the guns were locked away but ammunition was on the cart. who handled the gun and gave it to baldwin. >> thank you and good morning and thank you for having me on. at that point at 11:00 a.m. this morning, the gun was loaded with dummy rounds, those are inert rounds incapable of firing on the cart. when hannah came back from lunch, approximately ten minutes after that 12 something, she then showed that firearm to mr. halls, the assistant director. she spun the cylinder, showed him each of the rounds in that firearm and then she gave the firearm to mr. halls. at that point he had the gun. he went into the church. he said he was going to hold it. at that point hannah, there was no scene going on, there was no rehearsal, there was tech prep with the camera. they were trying to set up, figure out where they were going to be so with nothing going on,
8:13 am
hannah left the church to resume her duties on her prop job. >> and by saying that she picked up the gun and spun the cylinder, are you saying she re-checked it before it was given to alec baldwin? >> she did spin the cylinder. she showed mr. halls each of the rounds, there were six dummy rounds that she had loaded into that firearm that she believed had been dummy rounds. she did spin it. she did check it. she did by spinning it, by showing it to mr. halls gave it to mr. halls. we then know he had the firearm in the church and that firearm then ended up with mr. baldwin. it was not given to mr. baldwin by hannah. i believe it went to him through mr. halls and that was the chain of custody of that weapon. >> and does hannah know how a live bullet got into that weapon? >> no, and i appreciate you asking that. that's going to be the biggest question in this case and
8:14 am
that's something we're very on and looking at. we're going to work closely with law enforcement, do anything we can to cooperate. the fbi is running forensic testing, dna, fingerprint -- multiple live rounds were recovered and why? because the other interesting fact about this, there was a box labeled dummy rounds that hannah had been pulling from. she knew were dummy rounds, somebody put that live round or live rounds in that box. when you do that, you can only have bad intentions because you're going to confuse the rounds if you're the armorer and they appear very similarly. the dummy rounds look like a regular live round. >> so you're saying it could have been purposely done? >> we are looking at that possibility. we're afraid that could have been what happened here, that somebody intended to sabotage this set with a live round intentionally placed in a box of dummies.
8:15 am
otherwise, first of all, you wouldn't bring a live round on the set but second of all, why do you place that in the box labeled dummies that the armorer is going to be pulling from. everybody knows they're going to be getting them from there. why would you do that other than to try to cause some incident on the set. we're not saying anybody had any intent there was going to be a tragedy, a homicide, but they wanted to do something to cause a safety incident on set. that's what we believe happened. >> and that's a very, very serious allegation. do you have any evidence to support that? >> well, the biggest evidence we have is that there is a box of dummies and live rounds within that box. we know hannah did not put the live rounds in that box. we know the live rounds shouldn't have been in that box but they were. so there can be very, very few explanations for why live rounds end up in a box of dummy prop ammunition on a movie set and
8:16 am
one of them is that somebody wants that to go into a firearm and wants there to be an incident on the set. there is no other reason to mix a live round with the dummies. just none. >> you said hannah handed the a.d. the gun and she left the church so the gun was in the church without hannah. >> it was in the church without hannah. that is correct. and she didn't believe there was anything happening at that point. there was no rehearsal. there was no scene going on. it was a tech prep where the cameras were setting up, positioning so there was not supposed to be happening. had they called her in and usually they do, they call hannah in and they say we're about to do a scene involving a firearm. she'll go in and she'll reinstruct mr. baldwin on the safety features and she'll go through the gun again and inspect it again and that's how it worked on the set. well, she wasn't called back because there wasn't a scene. there wasn't a shot in terms of the movie. >> well, you know, investigators
8:17 am
say they found 500 rounds of ammunition on set including blanks as you said, dummy rounds and live rounds. why were there live rounds on the set in the first place? >> and that's the biggest question in the whole case. the blanks as you know, michael, they are designed to -- they're crimped at the end. they don't resemble a live bullet. they fire off powder and the look of the powder coming out. the dummy rounds resemble a live round with a projectile tip. that's what their purpose is when the camera looks at them it looks like a live round. there is no purpose for a live round on this set, zero, and hannah made that -- there was no reason for there to be live rounds. she didn't have live rounds. she didn't purchase any of this ammunition. this ammunition was purchased by other people, production, so whoever brought these live rounds on set was wrong and i think they had a bad intention. that's what we believe. >> there are reports that crew members used prop guns from the
8:18 am
set for live target practice. does your client have any knowledge of that? >> she never saw anything like that. she doesn't believe that happened. i don't know who is saying that but we don't believe that happened. she certainly never saw it. she was extremely safety conscious on this set. she did her best to train people. she was given limited training days. she trained alec baldwin one-on-one on a day and did her best to ensure nobody ever pointed a firearm at anybody on the set and that was one of her things, don't point it at a human being. but she did her best on that. she never saw anybody target practicing. >> who else on set would have access to the guns and why? >> there were three people that had access to those guns in the prop truck and that was hannah, sara, who was the prop master and another assistant. they had the code to the safe. the firearm would be locked in the safe.
8:19 am
now, the ammunition was not locked up. the ammunition was out because it was dummy rounds, everybody believed, and blanks. neither of which was locked up or secured. so that box of dummy rounds, it was capable of being tampered with and we believe that's what occurred. >> and in your statement you said hannah was hired for two jobs by made it hard for her to focus on her armorer duties. since she only worked on one feature film before this was she too inexperienced to handle the work. >> i would say no. yes, sir, no, i would say no and the reason is her father, longtime person in the industry, very well respected, he taught her literally from the age of 10 taking her on sets. teaching her about firearm safety. she is actually very experienced. we talked to her at length yesterday. she knows firearms. she knows safety. she knows the principles. this is not about her being inexperienced.
8:20 am
it's about a production set where they didn't give the resources, they didn't have -- she wasn't a full-time armorer. they didn't pay her for that. they didn't have they are on that and the way they wanted to allocate resources and emphasis on profitability over safety. that's really what the case is. >> mr. bowles, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you, sir. now, let's go to ginger. hey, ginger. >> hey, michael. cold this morning, i'm taking you somewhere so much warmer but also so much more at risk for sea level rise. you'll see that in a moment. but let's get a check a little
8:21 am
now to the race against time to save paradise. the maldives are home to 500,000 people. rising water caused by climate change is now threatening the nation's existence. ginger recently spent goodorning, ai gger. >> good morning, robin. sea level rise can seem so abstract. it can seem like, well, hey, we have a long time to protect ourselves. well, in the maldives they don't. it is an urgent issue. according to nasa, if we continue with this current rate of global warming, they will have 80% of their islands uninhabitable in the next 30 years. the maldives, a tropical paradise but a whole lot more than the luxury bungalows over aqua water. located in the indian ocean, the world's lowest lying nation is
8:22 am
home to more than 500,000 people facing an existential threat, rapidly rising seas. you know who goes down first, it's not the luxury hotels like that island over there that has the ability and money to protect themselves, it's the 1300 people who live on this island where they deal with massive plastic pollution, deep erosion, they tell us that this island and ea just five years ago. so when you look out here, how does it make you feel? >> really desperate. >> reporter: ibrahim and his daughter sara are witnessing the dramatic change. so five years of sara's life and all she knows is floods every -- all she knows is floods every -- >> floods every -- twice a month. >> wow. and the water will go in your home, maybe up to here? >> two feet, yeah. >> reporter: it's not just land they're losing to the rising seas. it's fresh water. the well contaminated by saltwater like 97% of the country, they no longer have
8:23 am
fresh groundwater. now it's only whatever falls from the sky. >> from the sky. >> and do you have enough? >> no, we don't have enough. >> things that we thought would happen towards the end of the century we are experiencing now. >> what do you do when sea level is rising and your islands are going under? you make your own island. we visited an artificial island commissioned first to address overcrowding, the island was built twice as high above sea level than the nation's natural islands. they call it their city of hope but hope is waning. fast forward to 2050, what is the reality in the maldives? >> are you willing to take the maldives as climate refugees. >> reporter: the former president of the maldives is eager to see what comes out of the climate conference in glasgow. you warned us in 2009 loudly in copenhagen that there would be dire consequences for the maldives if the rest of the developed nations did not take action and reduce emissions. it's been 12 years. >> the waves are stronger. the wind is stronger.
8:24 am
the rain is more. the summer is longer and it's hotter. the reefs have breached and they have died. >> reporter: when the reefs die the islands are defenseless. this man started a project called save the beach helping maldivians protect themselves especially the kids. your hope and dream is for them to take it back. >> i'm hoping they will take it to the island. >> reporter: a healthy coral reef can absorb 97% of wave energy protecting it against erosion, even if it's made by a 3d printer. if we can't grow coral naturally or it's dying rapidly we print it? >> we print the base, we attach coral fragments and we make them grow. >> reporter: coral reefs buy time. >> the best defense an island can have is its natural
8:25 am
protection which are the corals. we don't want to have to build walls around us. and keep building it up. >> reporter: from 3d printed coral to what looks like a 3d printed city. the world's first true floating city will begin construction. that's right. this is going to be a city that never has to worry about sea level rise because they're always going to be on top of the sea. the sustainable floating city designed by a company called dutch docklands will include hospitals, schools and 5,000 homes. >> we call this renting space from nature. these are water-cooled cities for which we take the cool water outside the lagoon and pump it through the roads and also activating the air-conditioning systems. >> reporter: if maldivians are going to keep their homes floating cities may be the necessary hail mary. >> i'm sure we can't live anymore here. >> reporter: here beyond the
8:26 am
luxury resorts, the very water that makes them is taking them. the maldives spends more than half their national budget on just adapting to climate change. mostly desalinating water and getting drinking water to their people. it's an ugly twist. the levels rise so quickly because we warm so quickly because of the developed nations. it's us, china, india creating the most emissions. the maldives' emissions are negligible. they need us to stay at 1.5 degrees celsius. the difference between 1.5 and 2 is a death sentence for the maldives. the u.s. would have to cut our emissions, guys, in half, each of us can make that change as the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. >> ginger, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. coming up, jamie oliver is here to help us with thanksgiving.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. let's get a lot of look at traffic. >> two big issues out there. in the north bay with the first siginjuries iinji speeds are improving but also slow. milpitas, a sig alert, a car has flipped over on 880. multiple lanes are blocked. >> thank you.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> live with kelly and ryan is coming up. paula patton will talk about starring in the series "sacrifice." >> look at the fog, how low it is. less than a quarter mile visibility. sunny day today for the most part. then look at the rain coming in, turning to showers by tomorrow morning. heavier rain coming monday and tuesday. . >> we will have another update
8:30 am
in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on our news app and on ♪ ain't no mountain high ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ not only times square but look at that right there, you're seeing city climb, the highest outdoor building climb in the world. >> wow. >> amy and t.j. getting ready to do it themselves tomorrow on "gma" and take us to the new heights, over 1200 feet over the big apple. a front row seat on all that. >> amy and t.j. are in. >> they are in. >> let's go to michael. all right, george, we are so excited to have one of our favorite chefs, jamie oliver, here to kick off our countdown to thanksgiving. it is just three weeks from tomorrow and jamie has a new cookbook out called "together: memorable meals made easy" and this morning, he's bringing us some holiday solutions. jamie, good morning to you. >> yes, i will. >> this studio smells so good
8:31 am
right now. for thanksgiving we always think about turkey but it may be hard to get a bird this year. >> yes. >> so you have something you call the epic mixed roast. >> what's going on with turkeys? in the uk they're saying the same thing. covid has lost turkeys but it's always nice to try new things. this is a play on an italian dish, a mixed roast and i love that whole thing. so let's just look over here at this tray. >> that looks delicious. >> these are meats that america will be able to get for any roast but particularly thanksgiving or christmas. we have the beautiful chicken, get the best you can. that's a three-pound chicken. we have a 2 1/2-pound piece of top side of beef and belly of pork. you need a stuffing. let's talk about that. >> you like -- >> this is a hack. it's a hack. so if you want to take your roast up a notch, fry onions off and look at the color of this.
8:32 am
get the color. if you can pick some herbs, sage, thyme, whatever you can get hold of. that's cool. let's flavor it up and make it festive. first up, the panettone has spices and fruit and tender and delicious. you can get it into those sweated off onions and it gives it a most amazing texture. takes off the juices from the meat. i have seasoning, dried fruit and butter. if you want to put minced pork in, you can. if you want to keep it meat-free, you can. i put a little bit of brandy in there which is delicious. cool it down, put an egg in and then we can stuff it. now, i'm going to do the stuffing because i've heard -- i've heard, brother, you don't like putting rubber gloves on and for me -- or was it touching raw meat? >> never mind. i won't go there. but, there's a debate, jamie. there's a debate. do you cook the stuffing in the bird or out the side? >> this is an important debate. now, i like both, right?
8:33 am
don't have to choose one. what's nice about putting the stuffing in the bird just put it up the neck, what you do is you get the bird flavoring the stuffing and stuffing flavoring the bird but not only that you get it flavoring the tray that makes the best gravy in the world so stuff your bird. i've also put it in the middle of the pork belly but also the dish, flatten it down, sorry about the rubber glove, this is ridiculous. i couldn't put them on properly and you roast that and crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle. here's the good news, get your oven to 375, 400 degree, go in with the pork first, 15 minutes, right, and then go in with the chicken for 15 minutes, then go in with the beef and you finish it off for an hour. everything beautifully cooks, gorgeously, together. have a look at this. we have the beautiful top side of beef, now, we want to cook this so it's blushing and gorgeous. as soon as you've sliced up that beautiful meat what we want to do is season it and get salt and
8:34 am
deal with that crazy guy on the internet, lay out that meat, season it like that. give it some of -- you know the drill. slice up the pork. let's use a serrated knife for the pork. so the mixed roast allows everyone to have a little bit of everything. look at that. look at that. and then with the chicken we can just -- you're getting this. you're getting this. i'm going to serve you. now, to go with this -- i mean, just look at the colors. this is christmas. this is festive. this is the holiday season. this is about excitement. now, in the book i wanted to write the best cookbook in 25 years i've ever written. these are solutions for all kinds of different meals, dinner parties and it's all about getting ahead. >> you have sides too. potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts. how do you make them pop? >> parboil those brussels sprouts and roast them. there's a couple things you can do to make it amazing. so, over there, we're on the sprouts, brother. so once they're parboiled dress them like a salad, olive oil or butter, citrus.
8:35 am
this is the flavor of christmas, right? clementines and that will roast away and become delicious. nutmeg, look at it in the supermarket. that's the seasoning and a little of cinnamon set fire to an open candle, throw it in and roast it up. the color, the charring gives it amazing flavor. >> and then you did a little peppers. >> carrots, parboil, toss them with a whole chili. marmalade. glaze it with marmalade and mustard seed, delicious. >> we got to wrap it. >> last but not least the potatoes. two spoon, slice them down and look at that. right? that is flavor. that's the best roasted potato ever and we wrap a sausage in bacon and we put a little over the top, crunch, deliciousness with a little bit of gravy. that is going to be the most incredible roast dinner. >> jamie, our crew is so happy. they're going to eat good for lunch today. and jamie is going to be
8:36 am
back with us tomorrow. his new cookbook, "together: memorable meals made easy" is out now. make sure you go get it. get these delicious recipes on and coming up, we have trailblazing "eternals" star lauren ridloff is going to join us live in times square. oh, it's going to be a good one. that looks so good.
8:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:38 am
back here on "gma." frankie, got you some hot coffee there.
8:39 am
>> thanks, frankie. >> did you bring us a plate? >> later. i saved it upstairs for you. >> okay, good. how about a little "pop news"? let's do it and begin with some inside information about the "sex and the city" reboot. new details have emerged about kim cattrall's beloved character samantha and how her absence will be explained on the series. is exclusively reporting that art is imitating life. in the reboot with the characters, wait for it, having a falling out. that's what's happening. it's good news for fans of cattrall's character, though, because it leaves the door open for a return to the franchise should the series go on to a second season which most people believe it absolutely will. an insider on the set tells the daily mail as the series progresses we willarri missing her friend and wanting to repair the relationship. and that kim has been missed by everyone. the cast and crew love her and hope she returns to the set and
8:40 am
just like that, it hits hbo max this december. >> i hope she returns. >> yes. >> big part of the show. >> all will be right in the world. also speaking of sarah jessica parker she is part of a reunion the fans have been asking for for years. the three all officially back on board for "hocus pocus 2." almost 30 years after someone lit that black flame candle the sanderson sisters are back for revenge. this time they'll have a little help from some familiar faces. "veeps'" tony hale and sam richardson and "ted lasso's" hannah waddingham will all join the cast. the black flame candle is the light to the sanderson sisters' delight. looking forward to wreaking havoc is what she says. "hocus pocus 2" set to premiere on disney plus fall 2022. so many people love that movie. excited about that. this morning, it really is a wonderful life for jason sudeikis. fresh off his emmy win for "ted lasso" he will take on the role of another kind soul.
8:41 am
he will play george bailey in a table read of the 1946 frank capra classic, "it's a wonderful life." the star-studded charity event will benefit the late ed asner's family charity center and it's set to feature sudeikis in the role jimmy stewart made famous joined by martin sheen, mandy patinkin and his real-life uncle "cheers" uncle george wendt. i just found that out. that's just to name a few as you can see. the one-night benefit will also pay tribute to ed asner and have a live cast q&a, all proceeds supporting neurodivergent and special needs family. the tickets start at $25 and the read airs december 5th. >> i love those. >> they're super entertaining. i'm sure we'll cover it once it happens but do consider checking it out and making a donation. and finally this morning, one of these cats is living his best life and the other one is
8:42 am
having a hard time accepting it. >> that's not -- that's a real cat? >> they're both real cats. >> they're both real cats? >> the one getting a head massage. the other one going, hey, what about me? i found this on instagram. it made me laugh out loud. happy wednesday, everybody. >> that really -- >> they're both real. >> mary enjoyed it. camera one. >> i do a lot of dog stories, equal time. thought that was cute. >> that is cute. now let's get back to ginger. equally cute, ginger. >> yes, robin, back here at the living breakwaters project, i have a rock in my hand from upstate new york. what they do is take this rock, they put them into what they call these mattresses and then they lift those mattresses into the bay to protect staten island. you can see it on the drone. that is that crane putting in the living barrier that will also make for marine habitat. let's get a check closer to
8:43 am
we'll turn to one of the newest members of the marvel universe, lauren ridloff is a tony-nominated actress, now starring in "eternals." take a look. ♪ >> a lot going on right there. lauren, welcome to "gma." thank you for joining us this morning. >> translator: oh, well, thank you. i'm so excited to be here and having a conversation with you. >> we're excited to have you. it's your first time ever on "good morning america." >> translator: yes, exactly. i have to say it's so nice to be back home in new york city. i live here and so it's such -- so fabulous to be here and talk
8:44 am
about "eternals." >> it's great. your character, makkari, is also making history, the first deaf superhero in a marvel movie. what does this role mean to you? >> well, this role means to me -- i'm still actually processing it. i just now on the way here, we passed -- we were going through times square and saw the trailer and it just happened to be that exact same scene we just saw and let's just say, i had to have some retouches on my makeup. >> when it's 40 feet high. >> translator: exactly. it's massive and so it was really overwhelming at the time. so overwhelming and at first when i started to realize the impact that this film is going to have, i started to think, you know, i'm just overwhelmed -- how do i represent the deaf community and how do i represent deaf and hard of hearing people? how do i represent the black and mexican community. i mean, can i do it and then i realized at that moment the best way that i could actually do is
8:45 am
just tell my own story and hope that that story, you know, putting that out there, people will be able to connect to whether they're deaf, hard of hearing, black, mexican, women, whatever it might be, and it's such an honor to be a part of the film like this where there's ten of us and, you know, we're so diverse and i think that a lot of people will feel seen. >> you're carrying so much on your shoulders with such a big smile on your face. and i was reading this morning about a concept i never heard of before that you helped to teach your cast members. it's called deaf gain. explain what it is. >> translator: most definitely. i'm so happy that word is actually out there in the mainstream. deaf gain means basically at times where it's just a benefit of being deaf. it's not always a challenge and sometimes it can be helpful. you know, for example, like the scene you just saw it made me think about the time we actually were getting ready to just shoot that scene, the fight scene, and
8:46 am
the assistant director had to hand out earplugs for everybody because the director wanted to make that boom the sonic boom when i actually made that impact really loud and the a.d. came to me with earplugs and i was like, i don't need them. that's a perfect moment of deaf gain. >> not bad at all. you have a lot of speed in this movie. how did you train? >> translator: well, i've been always been a runner. i've been a runner for many years and it's really funny because when i started training for this film, the first thing they told me to stop doing is running. i was like, wait, wait. seriously, stop running? but, you know, i'm playing a runner, a speedster so instead they wanted me to focus on my core work because in my running literally you see what i'm doing there, it's all in wire work so i'm attached to wires so i had to definitely work on my core and i looked at videos of speedskaters and olympic sprinters and to emulate their
8:47 am
form and their attitude. >> turned out pretty great. thank you so much for coming on "gma" this morning. >> translator: well, thank you. it's been a pleasure having a conversation with you, george, and don't forget to watch the movie. >> i will not forget that. "eternals" will be in theaters on friday. lara. >> that was great, george, thank you. now to an exclusive world premiere for the trailer of "a journal for jordan" sponsored by sony. the movie telling the story of how one serviceman stayed connected to his family during wartime that opens christmas day and here's the star of the movie. >> hey, what's going on, everybody. it's michael b. jordan bringing you the new trailer from my upcoming movie "a journal for jordan," it's an amazing true storu directed by denzel washington about the sacrifices we make for the ones we love. be sure to check it out in theaters this holiday season. ♪ when you try your best but you don't succeed ♪ >> i think you are beautiful. ♪ when you get what you want but not what you need ♪ >> what's this? >> it's a journal so you can
8:48 am
write to your son. >> what do i write? >> tell him you love him. >> dear jordan, the moment i met your mother, i knew she was the one. then you came into our lives and you were a blessing. >> how come you barely ever talk about him. >> i think about him all the time. >> real love takes sacrifice. never be afraid to cry. ♪ ♪ i will try ♪ >> i pray i don't run out of time. ♪ to fix you ♪ >> exclusively in movie theaters ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
8:49 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> good morning. >> thank let up. signal alert, southbound 237. serious injuries here, multiple cars involved and at least two lanes blocked. >> still a lot of fog out there. visibility start improving until 10:00. look what happens overnight. we will wake up tomorrow morning to slick street, slick spots possible friday morning but good rain, monday. >> notice time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we hope to see you back for mi >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actress paula patton. and a performance from broadway's freestyle love supreme. plus, we will take your questions and comments as we open up the "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: good morning. morning, deja. may i? >> kelly: yes, thank you. thank you. >> ryan: morning, guys. it is made week. wednesday, november 3rd. >> kelly: do you ever feel like you know that it is only half


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