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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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for parents to celebrate. we now have a vaccine eligible for 28 million children. >> those first shots for children ages 5-11 already underway this morning. the process expected to intensify. > part of t > part ground already transformed into ap accurate vaccine site. one local doctor describing the light at the end of the tunnel. >> deadly dui crash. a now former- facing potentially years in prison. >> and the return of the skate rink. the opening celebration at the holiday spirit is setting in in san francisco. >> good morning, you are watching abc 7 live. >> we want to start with a check of our forecast with mike. mike: it is pretty foggy out there as we expected along the coast. look at livermore. through the old monitor pass,
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you are going to descend into a quarter-mile of visibility on 580, and also the cut through. the winds are calm this fog is kind of drifting a little bit to the west. it is going to be around for the entire morning commute. look how clean that is. we use it as the backdrop and talk about temperature that are definitely cooler this morning. low to mid 50's elsewhere by 7:00. 62-65 with a bright, sunny lunch. the warmest afternoon, mid-60's to low 70's. rain is on the way tonight. i will show you, next. >> a milestone this morning in the fight against covid. some of the first elementary-aged children have already received their first vaccine shots. moments after the cdc gave that emergency authorization. jobina is live where the rush for pediatric vaccines is only
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expected to intensify. jobina: those first shots were given to children just moments after the cdc director gave the green light. president biden is calling this a major step forward. this is video from wisconsin where tens of thousands of pediatric doses of the covid vaccine are coming off the production line. cdc advisors on tuesday gave unanimous emergency authorization for sots -- shots for children ages 5-11. doctors in connecticut administered some of the -- some of the first shots to the age group in the nation. she is on gma this morning. >> really done the due diligence, reviewed the science, make sure we had appropriate doses for the children and now we have parents who can have the peace of mind that when they get their kids vaccinated, they will be protected. >> the cdc set the transmission could be cut by 8% by vaccinating kids, up to 600,000 cases could be
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prevented. studies show that vaccine is safe and have the effective in children, 91% in preventing symptomatically illness, and only mild side effects. despite these reassurances, there is still a great deal of vaccine hesitancy among parents, according to one study. nearly two thirds of parents say they are going to hold off for now i giving their young kids the shots. kumasi: some kids in the bay area will be getting their vaccines as soon as this morning. amy hollyfield is live with more on this. amy: good morning. santa clara county is ready. they are going to start giving shots here at the fairgrounds in san jose at 8:30 this morning to kids 5-11. the decision to approve the vaccine for that age group only came to town this afternoon but santa clara already had kid-friendly decorations ready to go. some counties like san mateo don't have the pediatric shots yet, but santa clara county
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does, and they are wasting no time. >> i think there is a light that we are seeing at the end of the tunnel in this pandemic, i hope, and this is just one step closer to that. amy: san mateo and san francisco say they should be ready and have doses by the end of this week or saturday, when they would get their clinics up and running. if you are looking to get your child vaccinated today, check with the large pharmacy chains. many like cbs said they would be ready as soon as the cdc approval. santa clara county, 100 75,000 kids between the ages of 5-11. it will take a couple of weeks for them to get all of those kids inoculated, but they are ready to get going starting today. the exposition hall i believe will be giving out frisbees to those who get their shots, just to keep it kid-friendly. reggie: in the eas eas eas
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costa county is also getting ready to vaccinate kids ages 5-11. it could happen as soon as saturday. that is when county-run clinics are expected to have pfizer's pediatric vaccine ready to go. parents should also check with their child's doctor or local pharmacy as any mentioned about availability. the virtual town hall meeting will answer any questions you might have. kumasi: 54 san francisco police officers are on leave right now for not meeting the deadline to get vaccinated. the department has had nearly 2100 sworn officers, meaning just over 90% have to comply with the mandate. there are 700 27 non-sworn members and all but 16 of those are vaccinated. police officers have also been placed on leave and everyone who has been placed on leave could be fired. if you have any questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team.
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our site also has a guide on when and where you can get your kids vaccinated by county. reggie: there is a new gun-control ordinance that is meant to protect kids. it was approved by the city council last night. that ordinance requires all gun owners to either store guns in locked containers or keep an engaged trigger lock on firearms. other areas have enacted similar ordinances including dublin, palo alto, san jose. walnut creek banned the sale flavored tobacco products and vaping products. the band is aimed at keeping tobacco products out of the hands of younger people, especially teenagers. contra costa county has its own band for unincorporated products. kumasi: henry ruggs the third is expected in court today. he was arrested on to you why after a deadly crash. the raiders have announced that crash happened early yesterday
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morning in las vegas. police say that he was driving a corvette when it rear-ended an suv and as you saw in the previous video, it burst into lanes. the driver died. ruggs and a woman in his car were both hurt. >> i heard people yelling saying don't move them, don't touch him. i felt really helpless. i don't think there's really much you can do. kumasi: ruggs could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. he led the raiders and receiving yards. after the crash, the raiders have released a statement offering thoughts and prayers to the victims family. reggie: the trial for a list of homes resumes in san jose. it was briefly interrupted by a man who took a photo inside the federal court room, which is prohibited. years in prison.
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the jury heard testimony that theranos alternate document. -- altered a document. a sign at the beginning of the holiday season, a celebration will be held for the holiday ice rink in san francisco. the ice rink was closed last year because of the pandemic. festivities included performance from cast members of " dear san francisco: a highflying love story." after that, families will take to the ice to ring in the holiday season with skating. tickets are $19. mike: it is so nice to see that, but take the sunglasses today. the warmest day moving forward in the seven day forecast. look how much drier it is in the coliseum this morning. the fog is going to be an issue once again, especially in the north bay, along the coast. it is cooler this morning, but
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it will be warmer this afternoon if you taking mass transit. heading down to the south, 48 in stanford. everybody else, 50-50 four degrees under equal sky. 47 in danville right now. napa, 48. those are the coolest neighborhoods. 57 degrees elsewhere. a few clouds, a little bit of august morning. 66 at noon. low 70's this afternoon, which is exactly where we should be. 64 by 8:00. here is the next storm, it is off to the west. it will moveit will moveit willo southeast with the northwest seeing the greatest amount of rain. about one third of an inch. the southeast, if you will, see the least amount, hundreds. you can see a whole lot of sunshine today, always up to 6:00 this evening. starting to see the first signs
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of some showers move into the coast. light to moderate rain by the time and a lot of us are going to bed at 11:00. it is just about out of here by this time tomorrow. leaving some drizzle and some scattered showers behind. by the time we get to noon, it is just about over. a couple more days before more rain is coming up in the forecast. jobina: good morning, everyone. just in the last 30 seconds, we got some information on a hit and run crash coming in your redwood city. i will follow-up on that for you. until then, we are going to check out some live cameras. the chp just ran a traffic break, picking up some road work, so things are moving smoothly. walnut creek looking live at 680 right now. very light for people traveling northbound. again, things nicely moving. the usual slowdown is still in
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kumasi: take a look at this mess in los angeles. crews are going to start cleaning it up tomorrow. neighbors say the homeowner has been collecting items for years, and dumping them on his property. debris is piled up in the front of the yard and it is taller than the average person. >> this is what they do. they will send somebody, take a picture, and then when i call, they say because charge is on vacation for one month. kumasi:
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the neighbors described the homeowner as a friendly man who is in need of mental health treatment. we are totally fine they agreed to let the city start cleaning up the property tomorrow. reggie: a san francisco police officer has been charged for killing a man while on duty. the da announced to those rare charges for a shooting that happened back in 2017. jerrod stone explains recent development of change this case. >> this is a police body camera image from 2017 showing the late sean moore. he was shot minutes later by san francisco police officer kenneth cha during the scuffle. initially survived by three years later he died and now nearly two years after that, san francisco district attorney chase aberdeen has filed homicide charges against cha. an autopsy says moore died as a result of the bullet wounds. >> we think there is a clean link between the gunshots and the injury that he had and the time of his death. >> john's verse represents moore's mother and believes this
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is a step in the right direction toward officer accountability. the body camera video from 2017 shows the interaction with the officer, his partner, and sean moore. officers originally responded to a neighbors report that moore had violated a temporary restraining order. moore denied that and told officers to leave. the district attorney says in just eight minutes, officer cha elevated a nonviolent encounter to one that took sean moore' lifes. this wasn't 2017. moore didn't pass away until 2020 when he was in jail for a separate case. the autopsy later found that his liver and right colon were damaged, leading to health issues proving to be fatal. officer cha picture showing his facial injuries after the 2017 shooting and scuffle now faces voluntary manslaughter, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and at least two other charges. >> it's very, very important for officers to know that if you
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wrongfully kill someone, you can be prosecuted. >> officer cha's attorney issued a statement saying that his client lawfully shot his firearm while defending himself and his art in her against a dangerous and violent assault. kumasi: labor groups turned out in force at kaiser's walnut creek facility. it was a show of support for one union that is on strike. they are the engineers that keep the lights on. the union says it asked kaiser to meet them at the negotiating table but so far they have not gotten anywhere. >> it is a slap in the face. these guys work so hard taking care of the patients, and to have kaiser treat that in this manner is just disrespectful and unconscionable. kumasi: kaiser responded in a statement saying "we are offering a reasonable wage
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increase and no takeaways of a union is demanding much more." the kaiser facility to still open and operating. reggie:ford's newest electric vehicle may look awfully familiar. the automaker wants to bring back this classic. under the hood, this truck represents the future of automobiles. it is and all have an electric concept vehicle that ford is now thinking about. -- all-electric concept vehicle that ford is now thinking about. the company thinks it will fly with consumers who want that classic retro look but within eye to the future -- an eye to the future. no timeline on when this may go into production or if it may happen at all. but it is fun to look at. kumasi: that reminds me of my grandpa's truck. is it comfy inside? reggie: because you know grandpa's truck was not. kumasi: you just got in and held on. reggie: exactly. mike: there was no handle.
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kumasi: just got in and prayed. mike: i am sure this new one will have all the modern vanities on the inside. you know kumasi will be safe. reggie: that's what we care about. mike: let's talk about the weather today. happy hump day to you. absolutely gorgeous, stunning view of the golden gate bridge this morning. mostly sunny today. warm this afternoon, seven day forecast. rain tonight with a few showers this time tomorrow. it won't be quite as chilly as this morning. cooler highs for the weekend as we are between the storms. we've got 68 in san francisco, richmond, vallejo. napa, 67. 68 in santa cruz. everybody else, 70-74 degrees. tonight, you can see the clouds
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hanging around, a little bit of fog and a few scattered showers. even some drizzle possible and temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. let's jump ahead to friday evening. originally, this was going to go well north of us. the models are starting to bring this cold front and the closer. friday evening plans will be fine. it is just overnight, a scatter chance of a shower or two. monday, we are going into the evening hours, hopefully we can get both commutes in dry. then, you can see the heavier rain coming in toward the overnight hours. this one, looking pretty healthy. remember yesterday, we talked about we could up it from a1-2. more of a nuisance, nothing to change any plans. look at how much rain we could get by the time wednesday rolls around. that is why that storm is
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one for tuesday with some lingering showers. in between, we've got some dry weather for saturday afternoon and sunday. kumasi: this morning, atlanta sela reading the braves first world series crown. look at these two in the studio. last, the braves shut out the astros 7-08 easton to win the series 4-2. the braves came into the world series with 16 consecutive postseason appearances without a title, the longest streak of all time. the championship parade is going to be held in atlanta on friday. reggie:reggie: now the world series is over, the a's are set too narrow a list of potential sites in las vegas if their plan in oakland doesn't come through. on monday, they said they survey for fans of the aaa affiliate in las vegas. the a's are gauging interest and support level in the team moving and go into a stadium in seven
5:21 am
nevada. oakland expects to complete its environmental impact report for the project before the end of the year. after that, they hope officials can negotiate an agreement and get a final vote. kumasi: the seven things to know this morning. reggie: a local company making oprah's favorite things list. kumasi: and new details about a deadly shooting on the rust movie set.
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kumasi: if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, some kids already getting the covid-19 vaccine. the cdc gave the final go-ahead yesterday to vaccinate children ages 5-11. reggie: santa clara county is going to start giving shots to kids at 8:30 this morning at the expo hall. we have a list of every other bay area county plans at kumasi: former raiders wide receiver henry ruggs iii is due in court today. he was arrested in a deadly dui crash in las vegas yesterday. reggie: san francisco's school district is laying out a plan to deal with a $125 million budget deficit. it includes some difficult cuts
5:24 am
to staffing and changes to some class sizes. mike: after a sunny day, i'm tracking a chance of wet weather from the north bay to the south bay during the overnight hours. >> this time yesterday, we had so many issues on the roads. this morning, completely different story. it is clear out there, everything is at the limit. kumasi: and number seven, the holidays are here. starbucks just released this year's holiday-themed cups. wrapping paper and ribbons on a gift box. holiday lights and a candy cane. they are going to be in stores starting tomorrow. reggie: abc news has learned a" crew member on the movie set of "rust" who quit and left the production a day before the shooting that of halyna hutchins -- raised safety concerns. >> in this morning's gma first look, new details from the head of the camera department who
5:25 am
resigned the night before the fatal shooting cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> the director has been shot. >> emailing production managers, specifically expressing his concern for weapons safety onset, writing during the filming a gunfight on the job, things are often play very fast and loose, but overnight, alec baldwin reposting comments made by the costume designer who says concerns were heard and addressed. coming up atcoming up atcoming t behind the resignation letter will be live on gma for abc news exclusive interview, describing what he says he saw onset and why he says he feared for his own safety. hosting the american music awards right here on abc 7. the rapper says she is ready to bring her personality to the stage. the award show is being held at
5:26 am
microsoft theater in los angeles and it is the largest fan-determined music awards show in the world. of course, if you want to watch it, you can check out abc 7 on november 21. reggie: one automaker addressing an issue that caused cars to automatically hit the brakes for no reason. kumasi: pg&e rolling out a new program. reggie: combating climate change. then they focus right now for world leaders. the individual decisions you can make to fight the effects where you live. kumasi: taking a live look outside right now at 5:26. we will be right back.
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i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: a dry start of the day, but a storm hits again tonight. mike is tracking that next round of rain. kumasi: pandemic. these kids were the very first to get vaccines. and protecting children in the bay area s&s today. reggie: a stunning shift. republicans celebrating wins and high-stakes races across the country. the warning signs for democrats. kumasi: a sign of the season for coffee-drinkers. a first look at the starbucks holiday cups before they get into your hands tomorrow. reggie: good morning. live right now on abc 7 live
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wherever you stream. kumasi: mike, good morning. mike: a little bit of fog we are having to deal with. you can see the visibility down to one mile in oakland, you can see some of that fog started to move over toward the bay bridge. that is something jobina will definitely keep an ion. see and stop especially at interstate speeds. this will be around the entire morning commute. temperatures are cooler this morning, mid 40's to mid-50's. conditions across the board. 64-73. will show you future radar coming up next.
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reggie: vaccine for kids ages 57-11 will start happening today. the cdc officially recommended visors shot for that age group. distribution expected to kick into high gear on monday when the vaccines will be more widely available. some counties will start giving out shots today. amy hollyfield is laid at the santa clara fairgrounds where kids are going to get vaccinated in just a few hours. amy: they are ready. they even brought in kid-friendly decorations. they are going to be giving out frisbees. not every county is this prepared. they tell us tell us tell us t be waiting for their doses. they still need a few more days. people will be able to start
5:32 am
planning and within the first week or so, we want people to be able to have a plan for getting their child vaccinated. >> you could also check with major pharmacy chains. many like cvs had said they would be ready to go as soon as they got approval. it looks like that is going to vary by location. walgreens says they will be ready by friday. cvs, by sunday. the white house had said the doses were sent out before approval and shots could start as early as today, and that is the case in san jose where they have 170 5000 kids in this age group. they have a lot to do here. they need to get busy and they are going to start at 8:30 this morning here at the fairgrounds. what york county is doing for vaccine distribution for kids with the guide on our website, on the main page kumasi: the
5:33 am
entire bay area is back in the cdc orange or red tear for covid spread -- tier for covid spread. san francisco was in yellow. sonoma and solano are in the red tier, which means the rate of spread is high. on friday, masks will be required indoors again in monterey county. the county has seen a 168% increase in cases over the previous week. reggie: a landscape in america has shifted. in virginia, the republican candidate for governor has been elected, sending a stark message to democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm election. jobina, that is not the only race where democrats should be concerned. jobina: political analyst say tuesday's vote on key races will give us a taste of what we could expect next year during the midterm vote. so far, not good news for democrats. it is also a potential roadmap
5:34 am
for republicans. we are going to start in virginia where abc news is projecting republican claims of line young goveor of attate. he was locked in a statistical dead heat going into election day with terry mcauliffe. pulling rank jobs and education is the first and second priorities and second priorities in making their decision. the pandemic was fourth on the list. >> it's very clear that glenn youngkin has done significantly better than other republicans have, a state that no republican has won statewide in 12 years. jobina: governor phil murphy is locked any closer than expected race in new jersey with republican candidate jack to . murphy was heavily favored to win, but that race is stilted close to call. in new york city, eric adams has been elected the next mayor. he was heavily favored to win. in boston, michelle wu will become that city's first woman and asian mayor. and another note, voters in
5:35 am
minneapolis measure to replace its police department with a department of public safety. that comes after it was put forth following the murder of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police officers last year. kumasi: right now, lieutenant governor of california is taking part in a news conference with governors and special climate envoy john kerry. she has taken the part of governor newsom who is not there is a family obligations. last year they reached ambitious agreements to improve the health of our planet. >> i can't think of anything more that has been accomplished dealing with climate then these two days. there is a reason for people to be worried. i'm worried. kumasi: yesterday, more than 100 countries vowed to cut methane emissions by more than 10%. they also promised to protect earth's forests and help south africa wean itself off of coal.
5:36 am
the climate summit run through november 12. reggie: with climate issues front and center right now, you may be wondering how your actions could help. here is reena roy with how you can fight climate change in your daily life. reena: the impacts of climate change are happening all around us. life-threatening storms and wildfires are occurring more frequently and having a huge negative impact on the economy and the health of americans. dr. horton is a climate scientist at columbia university. >> i am disturbed by how quickly we are seeing the emergence of these unprecedented extreme weather events and seeing how large the impacts are. reena: climate change can seem almost too big for an individual to make a difference. so what can you do? you can start right in your own home. >> the temperature you set your thermostat to is very important. also, finding out if your
5:37 am
utility offers a renewable program. most do at this point. >> heating and air-conditioning account for almost half the energy you use in your home, so ceiling drafts and improving the installation -- installation can cut power use. -- insulation. >> smart appliances use less energy and overtime save money as well. you are not using or charging them. electronic devices use energy even when fully charged. another thing you can do is cut down on food waste. buy less food, eat less waste -- leftovers, and donate extra food to soup banks. use public transportation when you can, and when you drive, use less gas by keeping your tires properly in weighted and driving at a steady pace. talking with your friends and family about fighting climate change can help as well.
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the more people who join the fight, the bigger the impact will be. reggie: abc 7 is dedicated to combating climate change to help build a better bay area. you can see the full coverage on the abc 7 bay area connected tv mobile app and you can download that wherever you stream. kumasi: budget battle. the bay area's biggest district trying to find out a deficit. the changes we could see at schools. reggie: and the sign of the season at starbucks. a first look at the four cup designs and one new festive drink. first, a check the weather. mike: coming up on 5:39, and it is a little damp in some areas we have some dog forming. visibility down less than a quarter-mile. a little dangerous trip. temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. it is definitely cooler everywhere this morning, and
5:39 am
that is helping increase the rate of fog forming with 47% in santa rosa. ow to mid-50's for stf the let's take a look at just how much cooler is. you may want to grab a heavier jacket 71. we will drop down into the low to mid 60's by 8:00. if you are doing some errands today or any outdoor activities, just the fog is going to be a real issue. watch as the gray goes away. eventually, it will fade away and we will start to see some clouds gather heading toward sunset. we've got a one on the storm impact scale. you can see the rain coming into the north bay, light to moderate. then, it transitions over to scattered showers during the overnight hours. tomorrow morning we wake up to a few showers.
5:40 am
by noon tomorrow, this round of rain is over, leaving us with a couple of hundredths in the south bay, up to a third of an inch in the north bay. tamara's morning commute is going to be a little dicey. jobina: people should take advantage of the really nice ride today. i mean, lookit is so clear goine san rafael bridge right now headed in the westbound direction. if we look down in the south bay, san jose, very clear. no major blocking issues to report and hardly any roadwork. it is a really good time to head outdoors if you need to leave for work this morning. san rafael to san francisco, those drive times are right at the limit. just giving you an overall look at the map here, so you can point out where you live. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®.
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kumasi: the pittsburgh whom it is now charged with murder, prosecutors say was a love triangle she just made her first court appearance and is accused of shooting and killing a 19-year-old on saturday morning. her brother is charged with aiding in the murder. the das office since this was an unusual case. >> we don't normally see this. we have a woman that is a shooter. kumasi: beaucham was last seen leaving a halloween party in sacramento with two active-duty air force members early saturday. police say one of the airmen was --, and the group went to his home. her body was later found. prosecutors are still deciding if you will face charges. san francisco school district is laying out a plan to deal with a massive deficit. the district is front to avoid a state takeover.
5:44 am
education is a key part of building a better bay area. kate larsen is breaking down the changes that could be coming. >> the san francisco school board has been beset with challenges during the pandemic. an upcoming recall election for three of its members and they plan to rename schools that was criticized across the country. now, another difficult moment at the district deals with a $125 million for fall or next year. as a result, 10% and spending cuts. >> this would present -- they laid out a plan that involves cuts to special education staffing, staffing for multilingual programs, size reduction of classes, peer resources and enhanced social and emotional supports. families and staff like miss abrams expressed grave concern about the proposed changes. >> special education teachers all already overworked and overburdened by the school district. these cuts will negatively
5:45 am
affect our most vulnerable students while driving even more all of special education teachers away from their district. k: the school board must approve a plan by december 15 to avoid a state takeover. in the meantime, the state-appointed fiscal expert will oversee the process. >> the next steps become more severe. hiring freezes for certain positions increasing nonessential expenditures. of declining enrollment for much of its financial shortfall, but standard public policy director gigemnation says there's bigger problems. >> this over 1000 school district in california. >> lack of pension reform is to blame. >> generally, every school district today is paying about double or more than doubled what it paid for pensions about 6-8 years or so ago. >> there will be several more
5:46 am
meetings in the coming weeks before a final plan for the state. kumasi: pg&e ikumasi: pg&e new program where you can help a loved one pay off their energy bill. this gift payment program works like a gift card. you can decide how much of the energy bill you want to pay. the idea could be especially useful around the holidays when energy costs typically go up. you fill out a form, submit it, and check in that amount to pg&e. we have a length of the form on our website. reggie: in north bay business is booming since making oprah's favorite things list. sonoma lavender companies orders have increased tenfold since the list was revealed monday on gma. santa rosa company makes heated, huggable stuff animals. each contains a pouch. with sonoma valley lavender or eucalyptus. the stuff animals include teddy bears and bunnies. and i see a cute little monkey
5:47 am
as well. they sell for $39.95 on the website and amazon. starbucks just unveiled this year's holiday-themed cups. wrapping paper, ribbons on a gift box, holiday lights, and a candy cane. the unveiling means the festive drinks are also back, and they have a new one this year, the iced sugar cookie almond milk latte. kumasi: ok. reggie: it is their first holiday beverage made with nondairy milk. you will find the cups in stores tomorrow. kumasi: iced sugar cookie almond milk. reggie: which i'm sure you can substitute whatever you wish. mike: i like how they try to make it semi-safe at the end by putting almond milk in after the sugar cookie. kumasi: shall we try? reggie: we have to give it a shot, we always do. that is our holiday tradition.
5:48 am
kumasi: i still have my cup from last year. reggie: me, too. mike: i want in this year. we will get our unbiased opinion. we are not afraid. don't bring that unicorn back. let's look at what is going on where-wise. -- weather-wise. we have clear conditions this morning. enjoy warmer sunshine and dry weather today, because it will be wet and milder tonight. that chance of showers returns mainly for the north bay friday night. a little drizzle for the rest of us to start saturday morning and it bigger storms monday and tuesday. let's take a look at today's temperatures. spot on. average for this time of year from 68 in san francisco. san jose, 72. oakland and san mateo, 70 along with san rafael. santa rosa, about 67 today.
5:49 am
tonight, milder than average with clouds hanging around, below form. a few scattered showers in lower elevations. mid to upper 50's. jumping ahead to friday, here is the storm system that is going to just barely reach down and bring us that chance of showers friday night in the north bay and a little drizzle for the rest of us saturday morning. saturday afternoon and sunday will be dry. sunset daylight saving time. monday evening through tuesday morning, a much stronger storm coming in. let's take a look at the rainfall totals first for that week system that could possibly bring us a little -- nuisance i. the santa cruz mountains, the diablo range, the north bay, more than one inch of rain possibly in the east bay hills. as we talked about yesterday, the storm was definitely
5:50 am
trending stronger. could goose it up to a two, followed by a one on thursday. did put a strong impact scale friday night into saturday. notice after today, no more 70's in the forecast. reggie: coming up, the proposed mega-dorm on a uc campus that is suddenly horrifying the internet and architectural minds like. -- alike. kumasi: and of the moment a missing child was rescued from when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪
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kumasi: cleo smith was camp it with her family when she was reported missing in mid-october ended to put police to a home. officers ended up breaking in and found her in a room. after a visit to the hospital, she is now back with her parents and a 36-year-old man with no connection to the family is now in custody. reggie: tesla says it suspects a potential safety problem involving 12,000 cars could cause some of the electric vehicles to hit the brakes for no reason. tesla issued a recall notice for those affected vehicles. the automaker said the problem was with an automatic software update pushed out october 23. false collision warnings were issued to some drivers and that triggered the brakes. tesla says more than 99.8% of those cars have been upgraded to a newer version of software that fixes the issue. kumasi: a new deal reached in washington could become law. chuck schumer announced the
5:54 am
agreement. the agreement would allow medicare b and d to negotiate prices directly with drug manufacturers and would also cap out-of-pocket spending for seniors at $2000 per year. reggie: a special garden is now up in front of the offices here at abc 7. several of our coworkers planted these bright flowers in anticipation of saturday's walk to end alzheimer's in san francisco. the purple flowers are in memory of someone lost to alzheimer's. yellow honor those caring for someone with the disease. the walk is very personal to one of our producers who lost his father to alzheimer's in 2004. now, his mom also has the disease. >> each state it advances, their memory fades a little bit more until eventually, they don't even know who their loved ones are. my mother, she told everyone i was her brother. reggie: saturday's walk begins at 10:00 a.m. and you can form
5:55 am
your own team or donate to the abc 7 memory makers team visiting a i am going to be mc event. i just posted the flower picture that i had with mike and others and also that link in case you want to donate. i'm almost going to meet my goal, i'm so close. mike: you will definitely make it. if reggie makes his and you want to help reach my and my wife's, her mother passed away from alzheimer's, we would appreciate that also. i know alzheimer's is brutal, as randall was talking about. my mother-in-law recognized me more than her daughter and she actually fought my wife a couple of times because my wife was trying to help her and she is like, who is this stranger? that's how devastating it can get. it can get worse than that, but
5:56 am
that is an example. let's talk about tomorrow's commute. the heaviest rain, while that will be gone, there will be plenty of water on the road. we will need extra time and extra distance. when the clouds to open, we will have a little bit of fog form. there is potential for a moderate atmospheric river. healthier than any other one can the 70 forecast. we will definitely keep an ion that an nine to knit over the weekend with lisa and also drew and i will be here monday -- no, i won't be here monday. lisa will be here monday. i will be back tuesday. but somebody will keep you covered, that's for sure. kumasi: turkey trouble. thanksgiving day closures at many of the biggest retailers in the country. while you might not be able to get a bird the day of, there is an important reason for the change this year.
5:57 am
reggie: combating the homeless crisis in oakland. the laws getting more people a place to stay. kumasi: and the new neighbors in san francisco. the role
5:58 am
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children from covid. getting some of the first shots for their age in the country. >> this is a time for parents to celebrate. we now have a vaccine that is eligible for quality 8 million golden. -- 20 million children. >> the rush to get ready. >> a controversial college dorm design is drawing criticism at u.s. b. the social experiment that has an architect quitting and protest. can you imagine a dorm without windows? >> i cannot. >> i know that it looks like has windows. it is a lie. we will get into it. >> i visited a friend at the university of michigan. it encourage you to go outside and be part of the committee? >> and encouraged me to sleep in. >> this is worse than prison. >> is a


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