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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 2, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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have a good night. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. oh, please, relax. we have a lot to get to tonight. it's election day in a number of states. a guy cried about his jacket on “the bachelorette.” there's a lot of important news. and we will get into all of that, but first i'd like to take a moment to share something that
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has me puzzled and disturbed. the story goes like this. one of our producers, let's call her maggie, because that is her name, was at a wedding in greenwich, connecticut over the weekend. she was staying at a hyatt regency hotel and it was friday night. she got back from the rehearsal dinner and turned on our show. which, by the way, maggie, i appreciate. she tuned in to our local abc affiliate on the cable system in the room. and this is the description of me and our show. “chubby, cheeky comedian jimmy kimmel, late of cable tv's raunchy the man show, was launched in his own late-night abc talk-variety series on january 26, 2003.” really? nineteen years later, that's still what we're going with? why do i feel that will be worked into my obituary too? thanks, whoever the hell did that. we've got a chubby and cheeky show for you tonight. we could not ask for a better guest. sully sullenberger, jim lovell, captain phillips, and sheriff woody are all here in the body
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of one man. mr. tom hanks. i don't know about you, but for me, covid got serious when tom hanks and rita wilson got it. that's when i was like, “oh no! it got the gumps!” we're in trouble. but things are getting better. according to the white house, 70% of u.s. adults are now fully vaccinated against covid-19. and 80% are at least partially vaccinated against covid. the other 20% are awaiting the results of the clinical trials being conducted by kyrie irving of the brooklyn nets. i don't get it. this is the part of the story where peer pressure should kick in. a wave of popular opinion should prevail. like, remember a few years ago when everyone was doing the harlem shake? and at first you thought it was dumb, but then once 80% of your friends on social media were doing it, you thought, “well i guess i should do the harlem shake?” and then you shook. this is kinda like that, except in this case if you dance, you won't die on a ventilator. so why not? there is a new covid variant
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making the rounds, called delta plus. delta plus spreads faster, and has 40% more legroom. which is nice. these new names need to be catchier too. like hurricanes. we should start naming new variants after prominent anti-vaxxers. “i'm sorry sir, you tested positive for scott baio.” speaking of contagious viruses, we had a new episode of “the bachelorette” tonight. this might not be the most dramatic season ever, but it's definitely one of the dumbest. there was a showdown tonight between peter “the pizza-preneur” and his handsome arch enemy, will. >> you're not a man. you're a bully. you're going to crumble in life. hey, pizza boy. >> you call me a pizza boy, you'll be wishing you were a pizza boy. >> that money will bring you character. >> brings me class. >> brings you a big mouth. >> you hate my mouth because you wish you had it. >> jimmy: what?
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was that an insult or are they about to hook up? these two bros do not get along, bro. they had a “top gun” themed challenge date. will won the challenge and got a “top gun” bomber jacket as a prize. that did not sit well with pizza guy who accused will of stealing one of his ideas. so he decided to do the unthinkable. >> will's hysterical, he's irrational. he came at me, he started with me. the jacket is a symbol of the disrespect that i continue to get. so he's going to get a taste of his own medicine, and i had to put him in thinks place. >> jimmy: whoa, bro. bro. bro no. you can't drown another bro's jacket, bro. you can't do it. and even though that jacket was quite clearly water-resistant, its owner, the aforementioned will, was not.
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>> as long as you just kind of sit there, kick it, you will forever be regarded as the bigger man. >> i appreciate you, bro, but i'll be right back. i was hurt beyond words. i earned that jacket. that jacket was mine. not only because it was mine, it's the meaning behind it. it meant ultimately any obstacle that michelle and i go through in life i'm going to be there to overcome that, and peter had to ruin it. he really took it that far. >> that man's really bu buttons, man! >> jimmy: my jacket buttons! he went full mental jacket. and even though it would probably have taken two shakes to dry that jacket that he cried about, off, will got a rose. and the pizza jerk went home. he'll be back wetting jackets on “bachelor in paradise,” i'm sure. there were a number of elections
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today in several states. the big one being the race for governor in virginia where terry mcauliffe has set a new world record for most emails i've ever received from any human being i don't know in my life. i got eleven emails from this guy on halloween alone. he sent emails at 3:18. and 4:02 am. some were from his “personal” email. others from his “iphone.” and this might be the saddest email i've gotten from a candidate. “have to wonder, are you even reading this?” yes, i unfortunately am. now leave me alone. i'm trying to get my four-year-old into a t. rex costume. i got 11 emails yesterday from him, the day before the election, including "no regrets, folks," really? not even for emailing me 22 times in 48 hours? 2:44 am today. “need your eyes on this.” leave me alone, i am trying to sleep! he even sent an email. asking if he was sending too many emails! yes. you are. what part of “unsubscribe” are you not understanding?
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i get this constantly. i get it from the trump people. i get it from the democrats. at this point, i would pay to be left alone. donate $100. we won't email you for a month. $250, we won't email you for three months. $500? you can live your life for a year. president biden is headed home right now. he was in scotland for the u.n. climate change conference, during which more than 100 world leaders agreed to end deforestation by the year 2030. basically, they made a deal to save the amazon from amazon. at this conference. the queen of england addressed the summit in a video message asking leaders to act “for our children and our children's children.” all of which she's probably gonna outlive. what is that woman, like a thousand years old? she was around before the earth even had climate. the idea is that if we work together, we can save what's left of our planet's great forests. just in time for christmas tree season! the u.n. secretary general got things off to a fun start by telling the delegates we are, quote, “digging our own graves”"
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senator joe manchin was like, “yeah, but if we stop, we're gonna put a lot of grave diggers out of business!” what about them? i don't know if we have more, crazy people of below-average intelligence in congress now, or we're just noticing them more. but we have a lot. including this rocket scientist, the honorable louis gohmert of texas, who is trying to look at the bright side of catastrophic global warming. >> i've read where experts have said you got a choice between the temperature getting slightly warmer or slightly colder, you want warmer, because if it's getting slightly colder, that means there's less time for crops to grow. if it's slightly warmer, not too much warmer, then you got more time for crops to grow. you got more food. >> jimmy: right, but if there's no water, how do you -- oh, never mind. you big silly gohmert. “where i come from, when you get warmer, that means you're closer to finding where they done hid your birthday boots!” and then we have the genius from
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georgia, marjorie taylor green, was fined not one, but four more times yesterday for refusing to wear a mask on the house floor. klan mom's been fined 20 times now for not wearing a mask. she's racked up $48,000 in fines. which is a lot of truck nutz. can we please just fast forward to the part where she gets kicked out of congress, her husband leaves her for a man, and she starts dating pete davidson? please? marjorie, she's not the only one, by the way. her fellow whack job from colorado, lauren boebert, is sinking her rabid teeth into a baseless right-wing rumor that dr. fauci and the national institutes of health used taxpayer money- to torture dogs. >> we need accountability. fauci should be arrested for lying to congress. he should be fired from his position as nih director. we need a full investigation into just how many puppies were
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eaten alive on fauci's watch. >> jimmy: every time i see this woman speak, i expect to see it turn into stepmother porn. this country is getting crazier by the minute. in dallas today, hundreds of y qanon nuts gathered in dealey plaza to witness the triumphant return of john f. kennedy, jr. who you may recall, died, in a plane crash back in 1999. but these people believe he didn't actually die. he has been working as a secret agent of donald trump, to put him back in power. for real. this was the scene at 12:29 this afternoon when john-john was expected to arrive in dallas. >> it is almost 12:29. any minute now, the big reveal. >> jimmy: you're gonna find this hard to believe, but he didn't show.
11:46 pm
can you imagine how rude that is? all those people thought jfk jr. was coming to see them in dallas. and even if he did come, you think he would be on your side? some of these bananas were saying john f. kennedy senior was gonna show up, too. which, jfk was born in 1917. even if he was alive, he'd be 104! why not bring back lincoln too? neither jfk showed up at the appointed time. but rather than admit that they are wrong, this is crazy, they immediately came up with a new prediction, claiming the kennedys and other “deceased” celebrities would show themselves at a rolling stones concert in dallas later tonight. i guess charlie watts is back with the band, i don't know. this is like linus waiting for the great pumpkin. but without the charm. hundreds, maybe even thousands of americans believe this. it makes you wonder, where the hell do they come up with this
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stuff, and i think i may have come up with the answer here. >> looking for extreme conspiracy theories to believe? introducing maga libs. get ready for outrage. >> plural noun. >> croutons! >> okay, let's try it. those portly democrats are putting canadian microchips this the election croutons. >> i knew it! >> no, mama! why! >> from the makers of rubik's q and nazi. >> oh, my god, the fuzzy pedophiles are using robotic chipmunks to control our nipples? >> have to let the people know. >> they'll never get away with this. >> own the libs with maga libs. available at hobby lobby and wherever tiki torches are sold. >> jimmy: we have a great show
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♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi there. tonight - from the new movie “8-bit christmas” june diane raphael is here. tomorrow night, gal gadot and dwayne johnson will join us, with music from idles. and on thursday, serena williams and music from j balvin. so please join us for all that. our first guest is an award-winning actor, producer, writer, director, and the embodiment of everything america aspires to be. you can see him next in an r.v. with a dog and a home-made robot
11:53 pm
named jeff in the new movie “finch.” ♪ ♪ >> number five, live a little. go >> again, again. go again, go again. >> tornado detection. shelter advised. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: “finch” premieres friday on apple tv plus- please welcome tom hanks. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: how you doing? >> hey, everybody. hey, it's a talk show. >> jimmy: it's a talk show. >> talk shows again! this is great. we did the cards. i, i drove. there's swag. i got free stuff in the dressing room that all says, believe it or not, the jimmy kimmel show on it. i'm doing a talk show, everybody, live. >> jimmy: i'm very happy to hear it. >> it's funny, because this unique thing happened, jimmy, that i'd like to share with you. >> jimmy: please, go on. it does feel like a real talk show now that you're here. >> i was the one in the helmet speaking like this. and the robot was a great guy, caleb landry jones. >> jimmy: there was a real guy in the robot? >> caleb landry jones was there every single day, knowing he was going to be replaced by cgi.
11:55 pm
all the movements, that was him in a costume. he always wore stilts so i was lookg up at him. >> jimmy: did he do that just to make it easier for you? >> no, he did it because he was getting paid as an actor. he's an artist par excellence. i'm sorry you didn't get to see the dog. >> jimmy: i love this movie, and the dog is not a person. robot part is debatable. i thought it was just great. i thought it was an absolutely great movie. >> as a selfish actor, there's only three people? well, actually, there's only one person in this movie. i think i'm the man for that job. i can make that happen. then after that it's all just. >> jimmy: you seem to gravitate toward movies where there's
11:56 pm
nobody else around. >> inanimate objects or some cute animal that looks at me hike this aven like this every now and then. >> jimmy: was hooch jealous? >> dog lives are like this. he died long, long time ago. my life is still filled with hooch. his fur comes out of my mouth every once in a while. >> jimmy: was shamus a good dog? >> we got to scratch him, loved him, took naps with him. we were shooting one day out in the navajo nation, very historic place. and we were doing a scene where actually jeff, caleb landry jones and he, we were teaching him how to chase a tennis ball. and that's the only thing this doll will do truly with anybody on the planet. he will chase a tennis ball with you. loves it. so he was chasing the tennis
11:57 pm
ball. so we with out in the country, out in the desert, and far, far away we heard ow, ow, ow, it was the coyotes. and shamus was like ball, ball, tennis -- ow, ow, ow, ball, ball, yes, yes. ow, ow, ow. dude, you got to work with us here. and shamus was like, my people. >> jimmy: the enemy is coming. >> one more call and shamus was gone. he took off to say hi to the folks. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> and 19 grown-up people took off yelling, no, shamus, no! you come back here! shamus! shamus! and eventually he kind of like came back on his own, make this long, what, what? ball, ball, i'm here. >> jimmy: very >> jimmy: i have a terrible question for you. is there a replacement shamus
11:58 pm
r ready? >> shamus has the producers by the nuts. there's only one shamus. >> jimmy: is it true that were you asked to go to space by jeff bezos before william shatner? >> well e y, yes, provided i pa. i ain't paying 28 bucks. we could simulate the experience. it's about a 12-minute lean back like this and go, ooh, ooh, ooh. do you that for four minutes, all right? you do that for four minutes, and then you get up and you float, and you take off, take off your, take off your seat belt, whoa! whoa! this is fabulous!
11:59 pm
man, oh, oh! what, get back in? and another four minutes of. i don't need to spend $28 million to do that. >> jimmy: you can do that. even if it was free you wouldn't do that? >> no, i'd do it on occasion just in order to experience the joy. pretendsing i'm a billionaire. >> jimmy: i know you like manual typewriters, and i thought it was interesting that you are hosting a radio show. >> boss radio >> jimmy: a website, and boss radio is music format from '60s and '70s. >> from the '60s from all around the world that you've never heard before. and an 80-year-old song that you've never heard before is still brand-new music. i've been able to host a couple of. >> jimmy: these are not favorite songs from your youth or
12:00 am
anything. >> no, they tell me what they're going to play, and i look up interesting stuff about it, like rob mcewan, the poet. there were session musicians that went up and formed moby grape and stuff like that. so the history of it is fantastic. but it's that lucrative world of the radio, which you know a few things. >> jimmy: i was a radio disc jockey. >> how many of them were you fired from? >> jimmy: i was fired from about five radio stations. >> what was the genre? >> jimmy: different, >> "dot >> jimmy: that was a little before my time. >> welcome to the morning show! he's the big boy, look what we got in here!
12:01 am
hey, big boy, what you got to say? what is this movie about? what's the movie about. hello. star. there was one guy and every 90 seconds the co-host said hello, star. >> jimmy: what? >> i think it was the maim name of the radio stat and his job was to say "hello, star". hey, big boy, hello, star. slappy. >> jimmy: i was a slappy. >> every time i walked into one of these stewed gross at udio ai morning i saw a grown man with this look in his eyes. please, please, take me with ada adam corolla.
12:02 am
but boss radio 66, i love it. >> jimmy: i love that you make a little bit of time for something that is totally fun for you. >> nothing but, well, when we were growing up, didn't you all just grow up, hey, it's 24 past the hour. it's 4:05, look out if you're coming, going to slow down for the right three lanes, we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: tom hanks is here, we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimple live are brought to you by las vegas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ride of your life is closer than you think. for the first time ever, buy your new car, entierly from home with nissan at home. delivered direct from dealer to driveway.
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♪ ♪ >> jimmy: we are back with tom hanks. >> did you have a cuckoo name? were you like -- >> jimmy: i was on two -- >> like jimmy the nut or something like that? >> jimmy: no, i was jimmy the sports guy. i was at one point, vinnie, the sports punch, i was happy to play. every once in a while someone would be grumbly, what's the point, we're here every morning at 4:30. >> what's the prime slot? >> jimmy: morning. >> 4:00 to 6:00? >> jimmy: 4:30 to 10:00 a.m. fan you're upfortunate like me you have to do a shift on sunday morning as well. >> you got paid to say funny things to people who wore mike
12:08 am
phone. >> jimmy: i couldn't hear if they were laughing or not. >> i assume they weren't, but if they were, they were waiting for the next song. >> jimmy: on a serious note, if i may, as you know, i love the show "bosom buddies." and not only do i love tom hanks, peter scolari, who was your friend and co-star and the guy you starred with on television passed away. >> peter walked onto the set saying we have a guy that's going to be the other bosom buddy and has already done two fabulous shows that have already been canceled, and this we think could be the third. peter had, god bless him, i miss him every day. he had the body of a gymnast, i mean like a professional, cirque du soleil, he could do the iron triangle. he was a juggler. i don't know how many people truly change your lives when you
12:09 am
cross paths with them. we picked up the script and started screwing around, and i was like, this is it, this is how it works, a hand inside a glove, and for two year, onion lucky stage 25, we -- >> jimmy: is that where the shows went to die? >> yeah, yeah. and we were the only two guys on the show. wendy jo. telma hopkins. the women had their dressing rooms on the other side of the stage, and me and peter would be in our panty hose and lip gloss and hair nets over our, there you go. >> jimmy: if you didn't know the show "bosom buddies." >> that's me and and buffy. are you wanting to have more
12:10 am
kids? i'm beginning to think of where i want to settle down. we molecularly connected and we started speaking the same language. our show was not on film, it was on video to save money. we had cameras and our thursday rehearsals were dress rehearsals and camera blocking. we had to stay on the set and say every line over and over and over again. we started screwing around, monkeying around with the script and playing around with props and whatnot, and the directors were up in a booth doing their line cut, you know, where they're saying and tighten up on three, back to two, and oh, coming back to four, four wide please, wider, wider, and four. so they're trying to do this upstairs in a booth that we have no idea where they are and what they're doing, we're screwing around, so we'd always hear on the stewed quo taudio talk back.
12:11 am
guys, guys, are you going to say that? >> we might. >> it's not in the script. >> yeah, but we might say it. if it works, it works, right? >> can you give us a moment? can you give us a moment? >> yeah, sure go ahead, and we'd come one something else. >> we just figured out the one thing you're going to do. are you going to do that, too? >> we might, we might. one guy who lasted one week, all right, stop! he stop, p sstop, you guys, we' trying to figure out the shots up here. every time we come back you're saying something different. we're trying to figure this out, you guys got to help us. well figure it out. if you think you can do a better job, why don't you come up here and do this yourself, and peter would say, i'm on my way, i can do that job. and i'm like, dude, dude, i have
12:12 am
amou adhd. you have rage issues. we had two years of doing this, you'd shoot for three weeks and have one week off. every week was some brand of cuckoo adventure. can we show the clip? >> jimmy: this clip is unusual because you're not in the dresses. >> second season we were, we had our own commercial production company. all right. and henry, peter, was a writer and kip, myself, were an artist, so we went off to a cabin in the woods to write and paint and get in touch with our artistic self. what was unique about it, we remember it as a really fond show, because it was just us for one half of the episode. they were doing a scene with literally, a live tiger in the, and they shot that during the day, so we were the only ones who were working all week live
12:13 am
and at night. and so we were, we, we cut it up. but this will show the ease and the affection and just how much fun. >> jimmy: here it is. we go back in time, the way back machine here. >> i'm going to say this is 1981, so this is close 40 years ago. >> jimmy: bosom bud eyes. take a >> i feel great. >> i feel like hell. >> i can't believe how we fought, how base man is, how self-involved. >> henry, i'm hungry. i'd like to not discuss philosophy when i'm hung richlt i'm so hungry, last night i ate my albino snake! i've been spitting up wood chips all day long. henry, we have one can of soup left to last us for two more
12:14 am
days, and once that soup is gone, there is nothing left, henry, nothing, nothing to eat, except -- >> get out of here. >> let's make a pact, huh? let's make a pact that if i should be the first to go and you have this sudden protein. what are you doing, tenderizing me? kip kabob. >> who is joi . >> jimmy: that was great. >> peter has a lovely family.
12:15 am
his wife tracy, absolutely great kids. we lost him to the emperor of all malady. so thanks for letting us show that. >> jimmy: tom hanks, everybody. “finch” premieres friday on apple tv plus. we'll be back with june diane raphael. ♪ ♪ you know miller lite only has one more calorie, right? and more taste! mmmm, good choice!
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12:21 am
the greatest arena on earth, with so many exciting ways and places to watch sporting events. but as our amigo guillermo recently discovered it's the greatest place to pre-game too. >> what's that? a las vegas pregame party? oh, i'm ♪ ♪ >> all this exercise makes me hungry, i got to get some food. can i get some nachos, please? >> this is vegas. >> aye aye aye. i wish i had tickets for the game. >> what's that behind your ear,
12:22 am
guillermo? >> that tickles. what am i going to do with the other two? >> well. >> guillermos love vegas. >>. >> dicky: go to visit las
12:23 am
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>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. if you're getting together with your relatives on thanksgiving but really don't want to talk to them, our next guest has a great solution for you. her new movie, “8-bit christma”" premieres november 24th on hbo max. please say hello to june diane raphael. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ how you doin'? you look fantastic, how's it going? >> great, i feel like nobody's talking about the side effect of the vaccine, which it makes you hotter. i don't know why it's not being discussed of the. >> jimmy: it is funny, like if we found you could lose eight pounds by taking the vaccine, suddenly it would be up to 110%. people would be getting six,
12:28 am
seven, eight shots of the vaccine. did you see tom hanks? >> i didn't have the courage to tell him this, but i used to live next door to tom's son, colin hanks, and one halloween i opened my door and tom hanks was standing there. trick or treating with his grandchildren. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> and i thought, wow, that's an amazing tom hanks costume. that is really, because everybody's an art director and creative. i was like, that's good. take it off. >> jimmy: i understand he doesn't even reserve that for halloween. he would will around to people's houses and knock on the door. >> mess with them. squo >> jimmy: and they give him whatever he asks for, because he's tom hanks. >> can you take more than one. just you. >> jimmy: we were watching an
12:29 am
episode of "bosom buddies". you just finished with lily tomlin. >> yeah. >> jimmy: legend of everything, really. >> i've never done a good-bye like that on a show, that's lasted that many years, and i wanted a lot from my good-bye. >> jimmy: oh, you did. >> too much. >> jimmy: you didn't get enough? >> you know, jimmy, i just, i, you know, everybody gathered around. it was the last shot. and geena is wrapping tomorrow. it's been an every day we say good bye to someone, and i wanted to hug people very closely. >> jimmy: sure. >> too closely, probably. >> jimmy: oh, right. >> and i just wanted to make really long eye contact and just have a moment with each and every crew member. and it was the end of the day, and i see a woman walking toward me, and when i tell you i put my arms out, ready for an embrace, and to really acknowledge the
12:30 am
time we've spent together and connect with each other on a meaningful level, and i said, come here, you. and she said, she said i just need your microphone. that was tough. that was tough. and i realized, like, people are ready to go. say your good-byes, we're shooting in malibu, we want to get home. >> jimmy: and it was your last day, but not their last day. >> had to work today quite early. yeah. they were not happy. >> jimmy: that was bad timing. you probably should have just stopped by the set and been part of the real last day. you have this movie set in the '80s, is this correct or not, the best decade that we've experienced? >> i haven't seen a better one. >> jimmy: and it's a christmas movie. >> yes. >> jimmy: it feels weird to be talking about christmas because we just, we still have a sack of candy at our house. sbl o
12:31 am
>> oh, jimmy, i'm ready, as soon as the clock struck midnight on halloween, i set my sights on christmas. >> jimmy: you're one of those people? >> i'm one of those people. in the midst of a pandemic with everything we've been going through, i'm really going at christmas. ihave two girlfriend whose reported they're putting christmas trees in their living room and also their bedrooms. >> jimmy: wait a minute. >> and i've been subscribing to the laws of society that we all had to abide by, and you're telling me you can put another christmas tree in a different room? >> jimmy: let me ask you this. are they a couple? >> no. separate. >> jimmy: so separately, they've decided this. >> yes. >> jimmy: on their own, or they came together to make this plan? >> there were whispers on a group text that maybe this year we do two trees, and i said,
12:32 am
i've never heard of such a thing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i mean, call me grandma, but i'm one-treehouse hold. i didn't know it was possible. and they said expand your mind. expand your mind. i love christmas, why not put a tree in every room. >> jimmy: your husband is a very funny man, have you run this idea by him? >> no, sir. there's not a ton of space, but earlier today i saw his dresser with all of his clothes and thought, do we need it? >> jimmy: have you thought about this journey that i think especially men of a certain age take in the middle of the night to go to the restroom and whether he might walk into crash into the tree? >> listen, whatever happens to him and the tree on his own time, on his own dime is between him and that tree. >> jimmy: so you're going with this. >> reset it in the morning,
12:33 am
start a new day. >> jimmy: how does it work with gifts? do you tell paul what you want, or does he figure it out? >> so i don't tell -- he's actually a wonderful gift giver. >> jimmy: is he? >> now, unfortunately, i'm not a great gift giver. a few years ago -- and i'm still paying the price for what i did. you know very a number i have a agents, my ring just fell off. >> jimmy: well, i'm done with my christmas shopping for my wife. >> wait a second. thank you. i couldn't risk it. i couldn't risk bending down there. >> jimmy: that's got omen! don't get the christmas tree in the bedroom! god's telling you there's going to be a fire. >> i purchased a number of these backpacks that i thought were
12:34 am
really cool for my agents. i have multiple agents, i thought what a lovely gift. my husband saw that i was getting these backpacks, and i thought, wow, he really seems to like them, and i got the same one for him. and he opened it and he said you got me the same backpack you got your agent? like, as though they're the scum of the earth. these bottom feeders? i was like, i thought you liked it! so, yeah, i'm still recovering. he's a hard man to shop for. >> jimmy: if you need help, let me know. ki help y i can come up with something for you for paul. as he stumbles over the tree at night with an erection. “8 bit christmas” premieres november 24th on hbo max. we'll be right back.
12:35 am
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> jimmy: i want to thank tom hanks and june diane raphael. what a night. apologies to matt damon. we could not save time for private ryan tonight. tomorrow night, gal gadot and dwayne johnson, with music from
12:37 am
idles. “nightline” is next. thank you for watching, goodnight. this is "nightline." >> tonight, virginia decides. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing! >> republican glenn youngkin triumphs in a state president biden won by 10 points. >> i voted for glenn youngkin. early. as fast as i could. >> why the school debate helped motivate people to vote red in this blue state. >> what are the number one issues for you? >> education. >> education. >> education. >> was it really a referendum on the biden agenda? plus day of the dead. the mexican celebration of lives past, bringing comfort to those left behind. >> day of the dead, what does it mean to you? >> an opportunity that we set aside from all the drama in the world to have a moment to
12:38 am
rekindle our loved ones'


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