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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ages five to 11. is the biggest vaccine expansion and months to protect the smallest members of society. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 live wherever you stream. >> one hour ago the director of the cdc gave the final not to pfizer's vaccine for kids ages five to 11. 28 million american children in that age group, including 3.5 million in california are eligible to be vaccinated against coronavirus. >> we have live team coverage tonight on the logistics involved in getting the vaccines to kids in the process we went through to get here. let's begin with abc 7 reporter who's in the newsroom. >> the first round of shots for five to 11-year-olds could begin rolling out across the bay area within a couple days. there's 3.5 million children within the age group in california. while getting to this point is a huge milestone, pediatricians
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aren't losing sight of concerns about vaccine hesitancy. >> zero knows, the motion passes. >> a boat marking a milestone parent across the country have been waiting for. pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for five to 11-year-olds is just one step away from being shipped out across the u.s. dr. george rutherfor rutherfor r the kids vaccine contains one third of pfizer's original dose. each shot will be and ministered with a smaller needle a few weeks apart. >> i expect it to be four weeks or more. that's one of the reasons we think pfizer's immunity has waned more rapidly was because the dosing was closer together than for the moderna. >> all the dosage is smaller, it does not mean it's less effective. advisors highlighted several studies indicating antibody responses among five to 11-year-olds were equally as robust for the smaller dose as they were with older age groups. >> there have been trials where
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they could calculate vaccine efficacy in its above 90%. >> with high efficacy, experts did lose sight of concerns over vaccine hesitancy. what would you tell parents concerned about long-term impacts of the vaccine, or concerns that could impact their child's fertility -- futility? >> the vaccine does not cause fertility problems today or in the future of the child -- child. the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh any potential risks. >> a kaiser foundation poll said 35% of parents were definitely not ready to get their kids vaccinated or only would've required. compared to 27% indicating they would right away. the good news, rutherford said our track record in the bay area gives us hope we may not have that problem. >> in many areas, 90% of 12 to 17-year-olds have gotten the vaccine. if we had that kind of performance, i think we will go a long way to blotting the winter surge.
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>> i hope that happens. there are 28,000,005 to 11-year-olds that will become eligible for the shot. rutherford says if we get a majority of the age group vaccinated, the country's total vaccination rate could increase from 58% to 66%, significantly reducing the chances of a winter surge, especially here in the bay area. >> i know you have been in touch with the state, how many doses will california receive this week? >> we are told more than 1.3 million doses have been ordered, that's enough to cover roughly one third of california's five to 11-year-old population. i do want to point out before children of that age group can be vaccinated in california, a collaborative called the western states scientific safety review workgroup must first away in, and we are told that is expected to happen quickly. >> today at 3:00 p.m. on getting answers, we asked the doctor from ucsf with today's move to
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authorize the vaccine for five to 11-year-olds could mandate schools. >> it probably won't be mandated until it's fully approved. and few months. because if the approval authorization came today, it six months between authorization and approval. >> california will require students to get the vaccine, but it will not be required until full approval, like mention. this state said january 1 and july 1 are possible dates, whatever comes first after full approval. shots will be available as early as friday in contra costa county for newly eligible kids. our abc 7 news reporter continues our coverage with what we know. >> we were parents expect as the vaccine rollout happens rapidly in the next couple of days. we took a look at contra costa county, which comprised of all
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the counties in the bay area. i was told by friday they expect the first pediatric doses of the pfizer vaccine for five to 11-year-olds to be available at places like a pharmacy and also add some medical clinics, doctors offices, larger practices, urgent care clinics, and a countywide clinic said they expect to be up and operational with pediatric doses by saturday. >> i think a lot of people will rush to get the vaccine and i think it's a good idea. >> this pediatrician has been immunizing children in the lafayette area for 30 years. she's fielding lots of calls from parents five to 11-year-olds as the vaccine rollout advances. what do you hear when parents call you? >> that they are afraid. they are afraid of covid, the vaccine, though there are some who can't wait. there are plenty of parents who are ready to doubt the number and sign their kid up.
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>> the contra costa county health department expects the vaccine rollout to happen rapidly once they get the doses. >> parents can get the vaccine for five to 11-year-olds at several location that includes health care providers and other community clinics. >> walk in school-based vaccine clinics are already getting scheduled for next week with the goal of immunizing children by the holiday season. parents are advised to look for a communication from their district in the coming days. >> some of them are the unified school district and mount diablo school district, and a few others. >> i think for people who are feeling more cautious, they can wait a little bit, not too long. i think time will help people who are really worried. next week or two, and may be a secondary wave after that as parents are reassured that it's
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all going smoothly. they should expect it to be like it has been for adults. that is, go to a drive-through clinic, walk-through clinic in many places will accept appointments although they are not a couple yet. i was told to add some reassurance that the pediatric doses will be shipped separately from adult doses and will be marked with different color lids on the vials to make it really clear which ones are for the kids and which are for the adults. >> that's good to know. kids get vaccines, they are used to getting a shot, but, like we heard, there is a lot of fear from parents, so there might be fear from kids getting the vaccine. did any medical experts you spoke with suggest ways to maybe prepare your child for getting the vaccine? >> obviously it will depend on the age of your child, but in general, for kids who don't like shots, it would be to kind of let them know the day of that
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they are going to be getting the vaccine, prepare them a few hours in advance, tell them they are being brave, tell them they are helping their community, and you know how that works, it's great to have an ice cream cone, toy or some special thing lined up after the shot to help them out. >> my kid just likes a good band-aid. i get a band-aid? >> while some parents may rush to get their kids vaccinated, there will be many who have questions first. this doctor is a member of the abc 7 news vaccine team and is pediatrician. we asked how he would respond to parents concerns. >> it was unanimous because they reviewed all the data in such detail, after the fda subcommittee did as well. they looked at where we were at in the pandemic and considered that the benefits still outweigh the risks, even that tiny risk of mild card-itis. >> if you have questions about
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covid-19 vaccines, ask our vaccine team. go to abc 7 vaccine and click on the big blue box. let's for the second time in san francisco history, and on-duty officer could be charged on homicide charges. the district attorneys office announced charges against the officer for shooting sean moore in 20. he died last year. our abc 7 news reporter has gathered reaction and joins us live with the case. >> there are big questions on why this is happening now, but this stems from sean moore's's death this past january and the subsequent autopsy that was done. one that found that those gunshots fired by the officer played a role in his eventual death. the family attorney general responded to today's action when i spoke with him early. >> i'm surprised and pleased that it taking place. it's very, very important for
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officers to know that if you wrongfully kill someone, you could be prosecuted. that there is no longer a free ride, if you will. just because you are a police officer you get a free one. >> this is body camera video that shows the interaction between the officer, his partner, and sean moore. officers originally responded to a neighbor's report that he violated a temporary restraining order, he denied that and told officers to leave. there was a back-and-forth and the district attorney said, in just eight minutes, the officer elevated a nonviolent encounter to one that took sean moore's life. the exact comments when the gunshots were fired cannot be seen through the video. but this was in 2017. he did not pass away until 2020 when he was in jail for a separate case. an autopsy found that his liver and: were injured during the shooting, contributing to his
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death. in the last 90 minutes, i received a statement from the attorney who says the facts of this case has never changed and he lawfully shot his firearm while defending himself and his partner against the dangerous and violent assault. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. was it a love triangle that turned into murder? what role does an active-duty air force member play in the crime? got our first hints about the case and a solano county sports room. >> -- courtroom. >> -- courtroom. >> we i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots.
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>> three people have been arrested for the murder of a young woman following a halloween party over the weekend. it happened in fairfield. our abc 7 reporter was in court today and explains the district attorney is calling a case a love triangle. >> today, the bay area woman charged with killing leilani over the holiday weekend in fairfield a her first appearance in solano county superior court, only still photos were allowed in the courtroom. >> we have a woman that's a shooter. leilani was first reported missing saturday. police say she was last seen at a halloween party in sacramento early that morning, leaving with two active-duty air force members. the group allegedly went back to this home on cascade lane in fairfield. that's where police and members of travers air force base office of special investigation believe 20 one-year-old jessica of
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pittsburgh shot and killed leilani. >> there is some indication of might have been a love triangle. >> her remains were found sunday in monterey county. the 27-year-old brother, who was also in court today, and the 20-year-old were both arrested for accessory to murder. he is an active u.s. air force airmen seen in this portrait taken at travis air force base. according to the charging documents obtained by abc 7 news, margo has been charged with having knowledge of the murder and helping his sister cover it up. the u.s. air force member has not yet been charged, and official tells us the county is still determining whether they plan to do so. the district attorney's office would not confirm if it's one of the two airport -- air force members that left saturday morning. a judge did not grant bail to her and set her brothers bail at $50,000. leilani is a beloved big sister and recent college graduate.
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family said in a statement they will miss her smile, laugh, caring demeanor, strong will and passion for life and the love she brought to their family. >> it's election bay area communities. there's no statewide race but there are several important issues in a number of city and school districts. sonoma county has a city council seat. partial taxes are at stake in santa clara county. there are races underway in san mateo county for a new town council member. polls close at 8:00 p.m., you could check results on the website, >> let's turn to the weather forecast. we really started the rainy season on a positive note. >> nice pattern we seem to be having. >> die spacing in between our storms. right now it's dry, but it won't remain that way for long. on a mainly clear evening with a
6:17 pm
few clouds route. 65 in the city. six he for across the bay. mid-60's to upper 60's. at mountain view in san jose. the coolest spot is half moon bay. as the golden gate were skies are clear. other temperature readings in a fairly narrow range, 65 in santa rosa and napa. mid 60's fairfield. here's a view from this camera capturing that afterglow of sunset, which has occurred already. we see areas of fog again tomorrow morning. showers arrived late tomorrow night with a stronger storm developing early next week. let's look at overnight conditions as low clouds develop along the coastline and push locally or across the bay and inland. low temperatures will be mainly in the low to mid 50's. chile in the north bay and lakeport will see lows in the mid to upper 40's. tomorrow, high temperatures under mainly study skies for mid
6:18 pm
60's at the coast to 70 around the bay shoreline to mainly low 70's inland. things were changed -- will change tomorrow night. we have a level 1 storm coming our way that will produce scattered showers. and then swinging southward and eastward. rainfall estimates, under three tons of an inch of rain for most locations. forecast starting tomorrow evening. by 10:00 tomorrow we see the wave of rain pushing to north bay. mainly light rain that spreads to other areas before the moon -- before the morning commute kicks in high gear. it will start to wind down by midmorning on thursday. it will be wide enough to produce significant rainfall. in north bay, two tons of an inch. more in the wettest locations. farther south and east you go you can see the lower the rainfall totals will be a couple hundreds of an inch on the peninsula south bay and inland east bay. atmospheric river developing next week, that will develop what weather into the bay area.
6:19 pm
has accuweather 7 a forecast. drying up on friday and cooler going into the weekend. don't forget we spring back -- fall back to standard time saturday night into sunday. and then on monday, a level two storm comes in and a stronger one is that atmospheric river will be flowing out us next week. >> great pattern, as we've said. the calendar says it's fall, that we know with the season really is, cold and flu season. how can you tell
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collect several coworkers planted these bright flowers in anticipation of saturday's walk to and alzheimer's. it's in memory of someone lost alzheimer's. yellow is for someone carrying with alzheimer's. the walk is very personal to one of our producers who lost his father to alzheimer's in 2004 and now his mom also has the disease. >> each state advances in in memory fades more and they don't even know who their loved ones are. my mother right now, i walked in and she told everyone i was her brother. >> saturday's walk begins at 10:00 in the morning. you can form your own team or donate to the abc 7 memory makers team by visiting al
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you can make a difference. neighbor groups turned out in force at kaiser's walnut creek facility today. it was a show of support for one union on strike. workers from the local 39 walked off the job seven weeks ago. they are the engineers that quite literally keep the lights on. kaiser recently cut workers benefits. the union said it asked kaiser to meet them at the negotiating table, but so far it hasn't gone anywhere. >> it's a slap in the face. these guys worked so hard throughout the pandemic, taking care of patients and buildings, and to have kaiser treat them in this manner is disrespectful and unconscionable. >> kaiser respondent in a statement saying, we are offering a reasonable wage increase and no takeaways but the union is demanding more. the kaiser facility is open and operating as normal. >> covid transmission is thankfully subsiding in the bay area, but there is a risk of catching it. if you come down with a cough or a headache, how can you tell if
6:24 pm
it's covid or the common cold. our reporter with our sister station in los angeles has some answers. >> as the weather starts to chill, doctors are seeing their practices start to fill. >> we have seen a number of individuals, kids as they go back to school, that are coming in with a runny nose, sneezing, slight cough. >> post-covid tests turn out to be negative. this doctor explains its difficult for parents to know the difference between the cold, flu and covid. >> the first day or two, if you have the capacity to stay home, do so. >> covid tests can't detect a virus until it replicates for three days. great to get tested and call your doctor. she says it's the common cold when her patient say. >> i don't feel good, but i can still go to school and work. >> common cold symptoms include a mild temperature of 99 degrees, a sore throat, runny nose, cough and thick mucus that
6:25 pm
changes color. people have a high fever, severe throat, 50, runny nose, dry cough, headache and body aches. >> the flu will knock you down. even though you are superman, you can't get up. >> covid symptoms are similar to flu. you can also have shortness of breath, immediate loss of smell and taste and diarrhea. >> when we are talking about covid, we have to distinguish between the immunized individual and the non-immunized. >> are most covid vaccinated people, a breakthrough infection will likely feel like a common cold. >> but a bit of a runny nose, kind of you don't feel good, but you can go on with your day. >> allergies can make you feel run down, but your mucus will usually run clear. the best advice, get plenty of rest, eat well and wear a mask. >> orange and san frange and san isn't just for the giants, it's
6:26 pm
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>> ling a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> president biden on his way back to washington after the cop 26 summit in scotland. experts call it the most important environmental summit in history. more than 100 heads of state made a pledge to slash methane emissions. >> we are working to cut our methane by 2030. it will improve health, reduce asthma, improve the food supply. >> leaders pledged to halt deforestation over the next decade. the u.n. intergovernmental panel said discretion -- destruction is a major force driving up gold -- global greenhouse gas emissions. >> great climate made the santa clara valley ideal for two
6:30 pm
generations. climate change and other issues have affected survival. cracks david louis spent time at an orchard to learn how a grower can't wait for the global climate summit to address warmer affecting his livelihood. >> we are reaching critical, quite honestly. i lost money last year. >> that is the lassie to remember. the second generation grower is facing the multiple challenges of higher labor, packaging, and shipping costs. andy's orchards is a 70 acre operation. his major crop is being cherries, the more susceptible to weather caused by global warming. >> they need some sleep. they have been shaken in the middle of the night. they don't know if they want to go back to sleep or whatever. they are confused. in that case, it usually translate to a poor crop.
6:31 pm
>> crop yield has suffered six out of the last eight years. are you suffering as the environment changes? >> in some cases, yes. >> to bolster agriculture, experts have been warning to buy local farm products. but expert believes it will shift what has grown. >> i think there will be a radical shift in the kinds of crops we grow. i don't think it will illuminate agriculture. we may be growing fresno. >> he's focused on feeding a niche market for tree ripened fruits and varieties not generally found in grocery stores. to survive climate change, farmers can't wait for world leaders to solve the problems, which can take decades. >> they may get it, but i don't think they understand completely. >> in morgan hill, david louis. >> abc 7 is dedicated to
6:32 pm
combating climate change to build a better bay area. see our full slate of climate watch coverage on the abcc bay avon -- abc seven bay area connected app. >> the accused gunman likely did not act alone at a shooting at a house party on the gilroy city council. luz pena has new information about the investigation. >> police officers are working around-the-clock revealing there is a second shooter responsible for the halloween weekend party shooting. >> we have someone willing to shoot somebody in a very busy party. the kind of person we need to identify and get off the streets. >> we got exclusive video of the moment the first suspect was arrested outside of his house sunday. tonight for the first time, police revealed who they believe he shot. he killed michael.
6:33 pm
>> that is why he is being charged with one count of murder. >> yesterday, we spoke to the grandmother of the victim, who said he was trying to protect a friend when he was shot. she asked for justice. >> she needed to make rules, be more responsible, have security. just taking care of him. >> the shooting happened on the property of rebecca armour doris. her second cousin might have done more than simply attend the party. >> based on the flyer, it is likely he was one of the organizers. >> the councilmember said she was not part of the halloween party that took place. she said there is a second home
6:34 pm
on the property. we asked gilroy's mayor what she thought the should do. >> i cannot answer what anyone should do. i'm waiting for the results of the investigation like everyone else. we act accordingly based on those results. cracks as police followed leads, gilroy's mayor has a message for the second shooter. >> shame on you. i hope justice is served. >> announced a new program to welcome visitors, employees, and residents back to the city. melanie woodrow has the story all about building a better bay area. >> these welcome ambassadors will be a new presence around san francisco. >> we want to make sure residents can enjoy san francisco. we want visitors to enjoy san francisco. >> the mayor admitting the city needs help. >> we sadly have challenges with crime. >> it is meant to be a friendly
6:35 pm
face to assist with everything from directions to perhaps a crime deterrent. something the co-owners says the city needs now more than ever. >> feels at the wild west. >> somebody stole from the fillmore street location after somebody talked with the salesperson, filling his arms with clothing and walking out. >> he takes his time, doesn't care who is watching. >> christina is so worried, she asked us not to use his last name -- her last name. the location was also hit over the summer. >> the situation in san francisco is not one person. >> they have three locations in one new york city locations. >> this is not happening in new york. >> police confirmed her report. >> the problem is there's no repercussions. >> once the program is operational, there will be 50 ambassadors around the city. as for whether or not christina believes the program will make a
6:36 pm
difference. >> i want to say i do, but i do not think it sounds strong enough. >> in san francisco, melanie woodrow. >> advocates and politicians discussed ways to public policy to discuss income equality. it highlighted programs like the abundant birth project. the first of its kind in the country providing people with supplemental income. the pediatrician led the initiative said they have been taking law -- the wrong approach. >> we want to teach moms to be more resilient, help them get programs that are undignified in, make them work hard to overcome racism. that has not been working. >> mayor michael tubbs also took part. >> more information on the scam.
6:37 pm
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i look and feel better. ask your dermatologist if cosentyx could help you move past the pain of psoriasis. >> an important update for you tonight. more bank customers saying imposters tricked them into transferring money through the cell. they usually tell customers banks are responsible for transactions, even if they get
6:40 pm
scammed. an oakland woman said she had never even used it until scammers tricked her into sending the money. michael finney has been on this and has more. >> you may have noticed it. many banks automatically add zel to their banking services. it is owned by seven major banks. yet the banks say it is not always irresponsibility, but they use the service to victimize bank customers. now some customers are pushing back. >> i felt violated. extremely violated. >> she was at work when the text popped up on her phone. it said bank of america. did you attempt a transaction for $3500? >> it said reply yes or no. i replied no. >> minutes later, her phone rang. >> he asked if i knew this person. it was a man's name, and it was
6:41 pm
like no. >> it said the person was transferring money. he can help her get it back. >> he said we had to reverse the transfer and i needed to transfer the money to myself. she said she was sending the $3500 back to her own account. >> he got me in the app and kept sending the codes. >> suddenly, the call dropped. >> i thought it was funny. >> the man was gone, so was her money. the scam was sweeping the country. imposters posing as bankers, tricking customers into sending the money. >> i was scared, because i thought he had access to other accounts. >> right away, she filed a claim. right away, bank of america denied it. >> they told me because it is a third-party company, they did not have control. >> i was like if you have contracted with this third-party company and used them, i don't see how my money isn't
6:42 pm
protected. >> bank of america tells customer it is a separate company. even though b of a and other banks own it and add it to their services. >> to the average consumer, it doesn't seem third-party. it seems part of bank of america. >> sony people never heard of it, and other money is gone. >> bob sullivan says banks should be using fraud filters to stop the crime. >> it is frustrating. i have my money in your bank to be protected and no one seems to be able to do that for me. >> they now display this warning every time customers use it to send to someone new. it says the bank would never ask them to transfer money, even to themselves. they also promised to consider each case individually. after we told them about katie, she got a call. >> i could not believe it. >> they refunded her money after all. >> thank you so much.
6:43 pm
the work you do is great. thank you for helping myself and others. >> we are happy for katie. b of a doesn't refund all victims of this scam. some customers say they are at fault for transactions. >> but it is easy to take the bait. >> it seems like an emergency. >> the scammers are good at it. >> terrain rule returned to the bay area. spencer shows you who will get wet first. the big issue for climate change isn't necessaril
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> president biden unveiled a major climate initiative at the cop 26 climate conference to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas methane by 30%. >> what does it mean for us? spencer is here with a closer look. >> according to the experts, many sources and solutions could be in plain sight. >> when president biden announced the plan of reducing methane emissions, it focused attention on a greenhouse gas
6:47 pm
that might not be as familiar to most people as the co2 associated with car exhaust. major methane contributors often have hoops instead of wheels. cows. >> the second most important source of methane. 26% of all of our methane comes from dairies. >> rebecca is a researcher at the university of california. she and her colleagues have experimented with the superheated substance made from agricultural surplus. the goal is to mix it with tons of manure composted into fertilizer across the central valley. in essence, changing the way it degrades. >> that also significantly affects. >> other groups are also zeroing in. both on commercial composting and the mass of landfills dotting the state. while some have programs to capture escaping methane, other industrial sites don't.
6:48 pm
areas surveyed -- an aerial survey captured images of escaping methane plumes while documenting the location of so-called super in meters. >> the light composting facility is one of the largest emitters in california. we need to get that addressed by collecting that gas instead of letting it go into the atmosphere. >> david lewis directs the environmental group save the bay. sites cracking down on super in meters. another solution is natural pollution catchers being improved. like marshes surrounding san francisco bay. >> the solidity and the water helps keep the methane in the plants. those wetlands really sequester carbon without a meeting methane. >> oil production and other industries are responsible for methane pollution. but rebecca riles's optimistic broad range of strategies to reduce or recapture medicine --
6:49 pm
>> even though we are thinking about reducing methane emissions from the agricultural sector or oil and gas sector, there is a wide range of solutions. >> solutions that will need to be put in place to meet the aggressive goal of rain house gases. >> methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases believed to be responsible for a third with the current global warming associated with human activity. from climate to the weather. a look at the nighttime conditions. an increase in low clouds and fog pushing across the bay. overnight the low to mid 50's. tomorrow, bright but mostly sunny. high temperatures from mid 60's at the coast to about 70 at the bay shoreline. low 70's inland. storm impact scale. ranking only one on the impact scale. expected to produce light rain, scattered showers into thursday morning. tomorrow evening at 7:00.
6:50 pm
rain pushing in late tomorrow night. it will go eastward and southward. morning commute will be wet. but it will wind down quickly on thursday. the forecast dries out on friday. cool going into the weekend. setting our clocks back to standard time. monday, even stronger storm followed by a level one on tuesday. off to a wet start. >> we like it. thanks. >> sports director larry beil here for the latest in the nfl. >> the trade deadline came and went. 49ers made one addition. a cuteness alert. dishing out assists at warriors practice. practice. want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep.
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>> abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> henry rex the third was just starting to emerge for the first-place raiders. his promising career took a tragic turn. he was involved in a car crash in las vegas. he can be facing serious jail time. police say he crashed his corvette into an suv at about 3:40 a.m. near the strip. the suv caught fire, killing the female passenger inside. the receiver is expected to be charged with felony dui. he can be facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted of
6:54 pm
driving while impaired. news on the field. the nfl trade deadline. 49ers did not send jimmy g. packing. happy birthday. his best game of the year sunday against the bears. first quarterback to throw more than 300 yards and have the rushing touchdowns. since jeff garcia 21 years ago. jimmy will remain the starter against arizona. the niners traded for houston, texas to offensive lineman for a sixth round pick in 2023. 49ers need a speedy receiver. just released desean jackson in the middle of the season. now 34 years old. still among the fastest players in the league. wasn't getting on the field much. every ball goes to cooper. jackson could provide a much-needed threat should they go in that direction. the first college football playoff rankings out. georgia number one. draymond green's undefeated
6:55 pm
michigan state spartans number three. the pac-12 in the mix. oregon is 12th. one loss in the defeat at stanford a few weeks ago. ohio state weighing heavily before the field is set. warriors resume their home stand against charlotte. jonathan coming to an moses moody. they will not have to travel far. they host the nba d-league 19. 1:30 preseason game tomorrow. captain klay thompson back on the water. commuting to practice at chase. the hat, the suit. full boating attire. stevestevestevestevestevestevese been incremental each week, showing progress with strength and explosive movements. one thing that never left, his
6:56 pm
ability to shoot the rock. >> still really good at shooting. >> -- warriors practice. draymond green and his son getting solid work. dream on junior had 10 assists at practice. so look out for the warriors tandem around the year 2038. imagine if they were on the warriors in 2038. it would be mind-boggling. looks like the braves might be popping bottles. game six of the world series. a few innings to go. the baseball season might come to a conclusion. >> coming up tonight, the bachelorette at 8:00. queens at 10:00. followed by abc 7 news at 11:00.
6:57 pm
that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a great evening. we will see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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