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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 1, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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right now on jimmy kimmel live, tessa thompson. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, tessa thompson, mark rober and mrbeast, and music from lainey wilson, and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. i hope you had a happy halloween. we did something fun. we took the kids trick-or-treating. ever do this? and i had a revelation.
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if your kids don't say "thank you" when they get candy, you did a bad job. that's how you know. my dad was at the house yesterday. we had an interesting conversation. my father grew up in brooklyn. i was getting the kids ready. i was painting my daughter's face, and he said, "i miss what we used to do on halloween." i said, "what did you do?" he said, "we would go across the street to the apartment complex. ring the bells. you'd fill up your sack with cady. then we'd go out in the street and hit each other over the head with socks filled with chalk." what? you'd hit each other with socks filled with chalk? "yeah." why? to leave a chalk mark? "yeah, they were black socks. you were supposed to break up the chalk into little pieces, but nobody did." did it hurt? "it hurt like hell." and then he added, "but i really think it was the safest thing you could do." i didn't ask any follow-up questions.
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today, by the way, is that miraculous day when every spirit halloween store magically transforms into a spirit christmas store. hey, speaking of outdated pumpkins, donald trump was in atlanta on saturday night, for game four of the world series. and, except for the part where melania showed up, everything about that visit went exactly the way you might expect. first of all, trump claimed he was personally invited to the game by the commissioner of baseball, but a spokesperson for the commissioner of baseball says trump invited himself. gee, i wonder who we should believe there? the commissioner or the guy who it was interesting that trump wanted to go to the game in the first place, considering the fact that when the league moved the all-star game out of atlanta, he wrote, "baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans. and now they leave atlanta with their all-star game because they are afraid of the radical left
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democrats who do not want voter i.d., which is desperately needed, to have anything to do with our elections. boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with free and fair elections. are you listening coke, delta, and all?!" that was in april. six months later he's guzzling diet coke. and doing the tomahawk chop at a braves game in atlanta. he'll only exercise if it's somehow racist. people were wondering if he would do the tomahawk chop. of course he did the tomahawk chop. i give him two days before he starts telling people he invented it. trump has a lot of resentment towards native americans, because they know how to run successful casinos. but the star of the game, the top trump at the game was melissa who made her first public appearance since july. and she really seemed to have a great time.
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watch her closely here. >> come back, third inning of game number four. >> jimmy: let's look at that again in slow-venia motion. does the honeymoon ever end for these two lovebirds? if we could somehow harness the energy of melania's hatred for donald trump, we could power the world. speaking of energy, trump made another appearance saturday night with judge jeanine pirro. the conversation turned to gas prices, and once again, the former president lashed out at one of his least-explicable enemies. >> if you look at natural gas, natural gas is very clean. we've got windmills destroying our land scapes, killing the birds. energy is so expensive, and you know where the turbines are made? >> china. >> germany and china.
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>> jimmy: the way he pronounces them, both countries start with a "g." again with the wind mills. he is so anti-windmill. if trump hated windmills any more, he'd start calling them "don jr. and eric." judge jeanine also asked trump to grade the biden administration, and you'll never guess what grade he gave. >> what grade would you give them? >> it's probably the worst presidency in history. i can't imagine. i used to say jimmy carter. i think you have to say an "f" not afternon f plus. it's a disaster. i've never seen anything like it. >> jimmy: we have. we've actually seen much, much worse. one guy tried to get us to drink bleach! incidentally, f plus is his cup size. did you know that? thank you. president biden is in scotland for a u.n. conference on climate change. joe met with pope francis over the weekend in rome.
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there is the president with the pope on friday at the vatican. and here's -- this is all you need to know. there they are. two men who have never satisfied a woman. back here at home, people are being stranded at airports because there are not enough pilots or flight attendants. a pilot for southwest airlines is under investigation for reportedly saying "let's go brandon" over the intercom, during a flight from houston to albuquerque. "let's go brandon" has become code for "f joe biden." this has been a tough year for people named karen or brandon. if you're a karen or a brandon, my heart goes out to you. honestly, hearing your pilot say anything political is terrifying. imagine you're going over the atlantic and you hear, "this is your pilot speaking. it's about time we take care of the national debt!" i'd be like, "is he about to kill us?" what's going to happen? i tell you what though, this
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would never have happened on spirit airlines. not because the pilots are more respectful, because spirit planes don't have intercoms. the pilot uses a can attached to a string. here in hollywood, the rapper and actor known professionally as ice cube, has reportedly backed out of a film he was making with jack black because he refused to get vaccinated. and it is required. the movie is titled, "oh hell no," which, coincidentally, also what ice cube's wife said when she found out he just threw away $9 million, because he's too scared to get a vaccine. i love that ice cube seems okay with getting shot with bullets, but not the vaccine. we are learning more about who is most at risk of catching covid. they did a study in the netherlands. according to a recent study out of the netherlands, those who believe in covid conspiracy theories, are more likely to be infected by the coronavirus.
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wait, you mean to tell me the people who attend large gatherings of people claiming a virus spread at large gatherings is fake, are more likely to catch the virus spread through large gatherings? this might be the most shocking study since morgan spurlock told us eating mcdonald's every meal made him feel bad. speaking of which, as of today, the mcrib is back. the mcrib, which pops up somewhat randomly around this time of year, has returned on, of all days, world vegan day. this is the day they picked. which proves once and for all that ronald mcdonald has a very -- he's a sick clown. he's basically the joker, but with high cholesterol. here's another thing that's back by popular demand. we have a somewhat infamous halloween tradition here at the show that we put on hold during the pandemic. we did not invite parents to take part in our annual youtube halloween challenge, where they pretend to eat all their kids
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candy and record it. it just felt like kids have had it hard enough lately, so we decided to hold off this year. we did not ask parents to do this, but a lot of parents just went ahead and did it anyway. we got around 200 videos. and so, since the kids got pranked anyway, we decided to show just a couple of them. here is a tiny sample of the unauthorized, and unwanted, halloween youtube challenge for 2021. >> in the middle of the night, i went downstairs and i ate all of your halloween candy. >> i thought you were on a diet. >> guys, you know how we got candy last night? i woke up and i ate all of it.
11:45 pm
i'm sorry. i ate all your candy. >> you're a dick! >> you know who told me to do it? jimmy kimmel. >> is he a bad guy? [ laughter [ laughter ] >> he's going to get diarrhea. >> jimmy: well, what's a halloween without it? sorry, kids. when we come back, i have two exciting announcements, and one of them, could change your stomach forever, so stick around. we'll be right back. (vo) singing, or speaking.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tessa thompson, mark rober, mrbeast, and music from lainey wilson are coming up, but first, i have a very important announcement. on december 18th at sofi stadium, which is right here in los angeles, i will be hosting my very own college football bowl game. never before has a bowl game been named after a living human being. i think. i didn't check. but now it has. tickets for the "jimmy kimmel la bowl," presented by stee-ful,tickets are on sale now at i already don't like the url. and by the way, i will be suing entities who don't call it the "jimmy kimmel l.a. bowl." including my own company if i have to. this is going to be a lot of fun. i've been working on ways to
11:51 pm
make the experience exciting, and one of the most important parts of any game, is the food. eating is of utmost importance. and i didn't want to have just any typical football food. so guillermo and i got some expert help as we set out to make the perfect sandwich for my game. ♪ ♪ >> there they are. how are you? >> jimmy: so this is john and vinnie. they own john and vinnie's, named after them. they have a bunch of great restaurants here in l.a., and you guys make great stuff. to come up with the jimmy kimmel l.a. bowl sandwich than you. guillermo is really good at eating sandwiches. >> that's what i'm here for. >> jimmy: a sandwich that makes them feel as good when they eat it as i have having a college football game named after me. something when you bite into it will make a single tear stream down your face. >> the number one thing is the
11:52 pm
bread when it comes to a sandwich. >> we picked out three different breads to look at. this is if you want to get into sandwiches. >> tortas are good. >> jimmy: do you think i'm an alien? we live in l.a. this is going to be the one. >> you like the ciabatta? send this back. now, jimmy, i was thinking roast beef. it's very american. >> jimmy: can i tell you something? i was thinking roast beef, too. i'll tell you why. when i was in high school, i used to work in this pizza place in las vegas. i would get to work in the morning. i would put beef on a hotly baked roll, let the cheese melt a little bit, and then have this
11:53 pm
hot bread with cold roast beef in the center. >> mmm. >> sounds delicious. >> this is good as all the sexily definitely have. >> nothing else? >> jimmy: italian dressing and tomato. >> this is a pickled jalapeno. >> i love jalapenos. this is called momma sweet m peppers. how about cheese in swiss, american. >> jimmy: got to be provelone. maybe put the pickles on the side. >> this is the jalapeno pickle. >> jimmy: have you ever done a bris? i think i like the jalapeno. that will be nice, because you look a little like a pickle.
11:54 pm
so having that pickle right here on the side is like you and i being together. >> exactly. >> look at this. oh, my god. i would like to imagine people are watching this right now baked out of their minds raiding the ridge traitor. >> searching for their cheese. >> jimmy: the roast beef is the next move. >> where do go with the dressing? >> jimmy: put a little meat in here, then put the dressing on. >> i think that's a great idea. almost like a french dip without dipping the french. >> jimmy: yes, an italian french dip. that beef looks delicious. >> you can taste it. it's safe. >> jimmy: it's good. the perfect roast beef tastes like you bit your tongue while you're eating it.
11:55 pm
a little bit of blood in there. how much beef do you think? what do you think? >> generous. >> jimmy: i don't want my name on a sandwich that is skimpy. >> have you seen jimmy's skinny roast beef sandwich? >> people would say the jimmy kimmel sandwich sucks. >> jimmy: i don't want my name associated with something that sucks. >> i would put a little pep they are there. >> jimmy: a little black pepper, sure. i can see you like this a lot. >> i cannot wait to try this. >> jimmy: if this was a cartoon, there would be little hearts and birds flying around here. >> i don't think i've ever seen a sand witch liwich like this b. >> jimmy: you've got to go that extra step. i imagine people taking this
11:56 pm
sandwich and put it over their heart during the national afternoon them because it's so great. >> we need peppers, though. >> jimmy: let's go with the italian ones. >> did you try these? >> and those. >> jimmy: those are real good. it's like a christmastime type of look. >> it looks super good. >> it does look good. >> wow. come on, now. >> we're just going to eat. we're not going to drink anything? >> we can have beer. >> jimmy: when you eastern at the stadium, you want to find out what it tastes like with a beer. good thinking. that's why you're here. >> all right. let's go to the bar. >> jimmy: have you ever said no to that? >> i never say no to the bar. >> jimmy: this is the moment of truth. we've got the beer, the pickles, and the sandwich. let's try it. let's do it.
11:57 pm
look at that. >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: i think we have a winner here, guys. that's real good. >> this is fantastic. >> jimmy: i would like to say something now, but instead, i think we're just going to eat. thank you, jonathan and vinnie. even if the game stinks, this sandwich is going to be great. >> jimmy: thanks to jon and vinny. the "jimmy kimmel la bowl," presented by stiful, at sofi stadium december 18th. tickets are on sale now. we'll be right back with tessa thompson.
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>> jimmy: tonight, two of the most popular people on youtube are here. they are teaming up to save our oceans. mark rober and mrbeast. [ applause ] then later, making her late night tv debut, her album is called "sayin' what i'm thinkin'," lainey wilson from the mercedes-benz stage. this week, our guests include tom hanks, dwayne johnson, gal gadot, serena williams, with music from idles and j balvin. today we kick off the 1st day of the 11th month of the 21st year of the 21st century with a very talented actress you've seen fght to the death in both the marvel world and "westworld."
12:03 am
her newest movie is called "passing." it's in theaters now and on netflix a week from wednesday. please welcome tessa thompson. [ applause ] >> jimmy: how is it going? >> hello. pretty good. >> jimmy: are you a sandwich loveer? >> i do love sandwiches. yours looks very good. i don't eat beef, so i wouldn't eat it. i would maybe extract that and had beef flavoring, the cheese, which would be nice. >> jimmy: just flavor the beef with cheese. >> a beef flavored grilled cheese. >> jimmy: for you, i would marinate some porta bello mushrooms -- >> in beef. >> jimmy: no. i thought you don't eat beef.
12:04 am
>> i don't eat beef but i eat beef flavored things. >> jimmy: will you eat real beef flavoring? >> oh, yeah. it can be real. >> jimmy: okay, all right. so, wait, i don't understand. >> i'm what they call a flexitarian. just sort of whatever sounds and looks good. so i think sandwiches, it's sort of like, you know, what sandwich you eat is relative to what you're going to do after. that's kind of a heavy sandwich. i love tuna fish, but if i was going to be in company i wouldn't eat it. >> jimmy: tuna fish is your number one? >> i don't know if it's my number one, a plant parmesan will be my number one, if done right. >> jimmy: anything parmesan. >> cheese parmesan. >> jimmy: and you make it yourself? >> i, no, well, yes, i made made
12:05 am
eggplant sandwich. >> egg plants are hard. did you dress up for halloween? i know you did. >> i dressed up three times, actually. >> jimmy: three times? >> it's my favorite time of year. >> jimmy: actors love halloween, right? >> we do for a living. that's ault we do is dress up. >> jimmy: not only that, you dress up and if you go out in like the hallway, there's always free candy. >> that's true. just free food in general, which is nice. i like free things. so i like halloween, and october is my birthday month. so i just really like it. yes, thank you very much. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you celebrate all month? >> i do celebrate all month. and so i -- as much as i love halloween, i don't think i'm very good at it. i typically -- people ask me what i am. i don't know that i've nailed
12:06 am
getting a costume that people recogni recognize. one time i was prince and people knew who i was. >> jimmy: my son last night, he's only 4, but he was dressed as a t-rex, and people kept calling him an alligator and he was not happy. >> you wouldn't be. come on! that's so sweet. yeah, i -- >> jimmy: i have photographs from last night. >> my sister came down to be with me. she doesn't live here, but she also loves halloween. i am an alien at an award show. >> jimmy: this is inspired by erica -- did you have this on your head? >> i did, yes. and then i just sort of went from there. a really lovely makeup artist gave me those ears and painted me all alien-like. >> jimmy: this took a long time,
12:07 am
i get. >> just a couple of hours. i dress like i'm in halloween any ways, so a part of my costume i needed -- this guy stopped me and said i love your costume. island like, i'm not wearing one. thank you. >> jimmy: you went shopping walking around here on hollywood boulevard? says did. it was so fun. i went to adeles and hollywood toys and costumes. >> jimmy: really? there's craziness going on here. >> it's my favorite kind of crazy. i'm from l.a., born and raised, so i understand this craziness. it made me realize why people -- i don't know how many of you are from out of town, but why people gom to los angeles to go down hollywood boulevard. >> jimmy: people come here because they have this notion of the stars and the hand prints and the foot prints and whatever, and they show up and they're like, oh, my god, what the hell is going on here. it's like the end of the world. >> it's so true.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: they know. >> there was this woman who brought her own -- she had brought her name in gold letters, and she was with an empty star and taking photographs with her name. i was like, that's industrious. >> jimmy: and probably illegal. >> what isn't on hollywood boulevard? >> jimmy: last time you were on the show, we were talking on video chat and you were about to go to australia. at the time, we were all super locked down here, and you were going there, which was this pristine, germ-free bubble. and your family was -- what did we decide? >> people were giving me requests of what i could do for them while i was in a covid free place. >> jimmy: that's right, living vicariously. did you do any of that snuff >> i did all the stuff. i went to magic mike live. >> jimmy: oh. no one requested that.
12:09 am
and how was that? it was good? >> oh, it was a masterpiece. it's so good, it's so good. and i went wombat crawling where you look at wombats at night with a special light. i fed kangaroos. i did mountain biking. i went horse back riding. i saw -- what they call them, tasmanian devils. >> jimmy: did any work happen while you were there? >> no, no one requested it. >> jimmy: were you bummed out when you had to come back? >> i missed my family. but i feel like one thing covid has taught us all, we want to work less. >> jimmy: it sounds like you didn't work at all. >> no, i did. i made a movie. it comes out next year. >> jimmy: the new "thor" movie. and everyone will see it, of course. this movie is called "passing,"
12:10 am
and it's interesting. explain what it is. it's not about football. >> no. i'm aware many people don't know what the concept is. in fact, when the trailer came out, i saw a lot of people on twitter say it's rebecca hall's passing, and people thought she had died. we made a film, and it's about two women that are reunited, and this idea that light skin black americans would make a choice to pass for white if they could. and our film explores that and the way which we all pass. we pretend to be things we aren't. we sort of perform. and my character, irene, living as an upstanding black woman who isn't passing is arguably passing in more ways. >> jimmy: the movie is shot in black and white. >> it is. >> jimmy: and we have a clip from the film. do you need to set that up to
12:11 am
explain what's going on? >> i think i'm talking about this very thing that we pass in all sorts of ways. i'm talking to a friend of mine, hugh. we've gone to a dance and looking at claire dancing. >> jimmy: let's take a look. >> people pass all the time. >> it's easy for a negro to pass for a white. i'm not so sure if it would be so simple for a white person to pass as colored. >> never thought of that. >> no, why should you? >> sometimes i think you could. >> yes. >> and in a way if you can, why wouldn't you? i'm asking, why wouldn't you? >> who's to say i'm not? >> jimmy: "passing" is in theaters now and on netflix week from wednesday. thank you for being here. and happy halloween to you. tessa thompson, everybody. we'll be back with mark rober and mrbeast.
12:12 am
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lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive >> jimmy: welcome back. music from lainey wilson is on the way. our next guests are two of the most popular people in your house, whether you know it or not. they each have more youtube subscribers than the white house, the u.n., and kanye west combined. their new project is called "team seas." please welcome mark rober and mrbeast.
12:18 am
[ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? you know, when i talk about you guys, a lot of older people, adult also go, i don't know who that is. >> i bet their kits know who we are. >> jimmy: and every single time their kids know who they are. guillermo's son has never asked to come to the show, right, guillermo? >> that's right. he wanted to come today to meet those guys. >> jimmy: he came to meet you guys. and you guys, for those unfamiliar with your work, mark rober is a former nasa engineer. he applies these things that he's learned in a serious career to mostly nonsense on youtube.
12:19 am
and mrbeast, you are famous for -- you're kind of a stuntman, and not in the traditional sense. >> i want to hear how you describe this. >> jimmy: you do things -- you make yourself uncomfortable. you give people a lot of money. like one you had a pizza delivery guy who delivered the pizza and you game him the house. >> exactly. >> jimmy: you have a big pile of money, 1 wood milli$1 million a could take as much as they could carry. >> a lot of million dollar challenges. >> jimmy: i think you have people in a circle once which was particularly insane, and the last person to leave the circle. >> that one was just half a million. >> jimmy: and obviously, you got people to quit their job, you just walked in with a briefcase full of cash. some people didn't quit their -- >> surprisingly.
12:20 am
some of them were like -- after they thought about it. everyone said yes after thinking about it. then they were like no, but then wait a minute. this is like five years' pay. yeah, i'll take it. >> jimmy: for all you know, they doubled back and got the job back. now you have these huge followings, and you are cleaning up the ocean. explain how you plan to clean the ocean. this is a mammoth undertaking. >> indeed it is. mrbeast and i, we got all our friends together. our goal is to remove 30 million pounds of trash and plastic from the ocean. we got some nonprofits who were really good with association stuff to agree for every $1 we could raise, they'll remove one pound of plastic from the ocean and trash. so really -- [ applause ] we're trying to raise $30 million by the end of the year, which is just bonkers. >> jimmy: mark, you are great at
12:21 am
explaining in a simple way numbers and quantities and that sort of thing. show us what one pound of garbage is. >> i think we have this. this is a buck, people. >> jimmy: guillermo has ten pounds of trash. >> that's $10. that's a hamilton. >> jimmy: so if you donate $10 to this, we'll take that much trash off the beach and out of the oceans. >> exactly. >> jimmy: you guys want to raise $30 million. how much have you raise sd so f? >> we just crossed $10 million in like three days. >> jimmy: three days, $10 million. unheard of. you had a project called team trees in which the idea was you would grow a tree, each tree for $1. how many trees? >> 20 million. now 23 million. people still donated even afterwards.
12:22 am
we'll keep taking it and gaving it to the arbor day foundation. >> to this day, about 2600 days are planted on that website still. >> jimmy: that's crazy. now, there's some heavy hitters, like billionaires who have gotten involved in this. who has been involved in the first one? and who do you hope to get involved in this one? >> well, when we did team trees, the -- so our goal was 20 million, and we hit 6 million the first two days and it started to slow down. out of nowhere, elon musk replied to a tweet and said this looks interesting. and mark was like, yeah, this is cool. you should donate. he's like sure, why not. and he just donated a million dollars. now the world cares. >> the entirety was due diligence he did on a million dollar deal happened in a twitter comment. like this is cool.
12:23 am
>> we got an email, he said here, we're sending a million bucks. >> jimmy: no matter how much money you have, a million dollars is a lot of money. who do you want money from this time? jeff bezos certainly has a million dollars. >> we'll take it. what's you got, jimmy. >> jimmy: who else is rich? donald trump is a billionaire. he should give you a million dollars. >> yeah. >> reporter: he do >> jimmy: he doesn't have a million dollars. >> we did have someone reach out yesterday and they were like, i'll donate $1.3 million if i can -- if you can hang out with us for a day. >> jimmy: really? does he have the money? >> yeah, he has it. >> jimmy: he can have sex with me for $1 million. >> i'll babysit anyone for a million bucks. a million pounds of trash out of the ocean. >> jimmy: any of these guys donated a million to this particular project?
12:24 am
>> yeah. so that dude, and then -- he donated $1.2 million. and toby from shoppify donated $1 million. >> jimmy: it's one more bag of trash. why not? how do people do this? and are you selling these sweatshirts? >> we are. so is where you go to make a donation. this removes trash from the ocean, as well. i think we have one for you, actually. >> jimmy: thank you. >> we brought one for you. >> jimmy: how much would i pay for something like this? >> there is a price tag on it. >> jimmy: this one seems to be a typo of some kind. it says $5,000. >> so, we grabbed it from that pile. so if you look at that, see how it's a little black? i customized it with a sharpie. >> jimmy: so this is a one of a
12:25 am
kind item. i think i need to get two of these. i'll get one for [ applause ] it's not totally from shopify. >> you should be grateful, jimmy. the going rate for hanging out with us is $1.3 million. that's a discount. >> jimmy: that's a pretty sweet deal. i think the is fantastic what you guys are doing. so many people think, you know, people on youtube are -- it's and then you guys are focused on so many good things. >> i would like to add most creators, i messaged thousands and every single one of them was like yes, how can i help? thy are shocked. >> jimmy: you don't get the $10 million from people not pitching in. >> like the median donation is like $5. most of this is like tooth fairy
12:26 am
money and bake sales. that's the real magic of this. >> jimmy: pull your kid's teeth tonight and give your money to mrbeast and mark rober, everybody. thanks for being here. we'll be back with lainey wilson.
12:27 am
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the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: alright, it's music time. her album is called "sayin' what i'm thinkin'." making her late night television debut with the song, "things a man oughta know", lainey wilson! [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ i can hook a trailer
12:32 am
on a two-inch hitch i can shoot a shotgun i can catch a fish ♪ ♪ i can change a tire on the side of a road yeah i know a few things a man oughta know ♪ ♪ how to know when it's love how to stay when it's tough how to know you're messin' up a good thing ♪ ♪ and how to fix it 'fore it's too late and yeah i know a boy who gave up ♪ ♪ and got it wrong if you really love a woman you don't let her go yeah i know a few things ♪ ♪ a man oughta know if i can't have it i can do without
12:33 am
i can hang a picture same ♪ ♪ as i can take it down and how to keep it hidden when a heart gets broke yeah i know a few things ♪ ♪ a man oughta know how to know when it's love how to stay when it's tough how to know you're messin' up a good thing ♪ ♪ and how to fix it 'fore it's too late and yeah i know a boy who gave up ♪ ♪ and got it wrong if you really love a woman you don't let her go yeah i know a few things ♪ ♪ a man oughta know ♪ ♪ how to know when it's love
12:34 am
how to stay ♪ ♪ when it's tough how to chase forever down a driveway how to never let it ♪ ♪ get there in the first place and yeah i know a boy who gave up ♪ ♪ and got it wrong if you really love a woman you don't let her go well i know a few things ♪ ♪ a man oughta know yeah i know a few things a man oughta know ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:35 am
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12:37 am
tomorrow night tom hanks. "nightline" is next. leave your kids' candy alone. thanks for watching. goodnight. tonight, on a special edition of "nightline," the children of climate change. the dire emergency unfolding right now. the united nations saying we're on the brink of the first climate change famine. david muir, the only american network journalist, on the ground in southern madagascar. >> what have you seen change over the last couple of years? >> the u.n. warning tonight, more than a million people are in desperate need. so many on the edge of starvation. >> we're talking about saving children's lives. >> we are. >> there is no conflict, no terror. this is climate. >> is this the first time you've seen that, completely clifamine? >> unfortunately, yes. >> and the children are paying the price. >> david,


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