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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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halloween shooting and have the teenage victim is being remembered. >> ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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ama: a vigil for the teen shot and killed at a halloween party in gilroy. knight, please believe there could be a second suspect. dan: in oakland father shot in the face. i will tell you how they are doing tonight, what the family is hoping for. ama: a longtime pantry pantry dealing with storm damage after the severe storm. sandhya: starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i started screaming, call 911. dan: a father shot in the face
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in his oakland home while holding his five week old baby. his has been speaking only to abc 7 news tonight. ama: abc 7 news reports as the family is living in be a. reporter: this oakland family of four is recovering after at least 10 gunshots were fired into their home saturday night, before dinner. >> i started shoot -- screaming, get down. our four-year-old daughter was moving -- crawling for me. i moved her into the kitchen. he put the baby on the floor. reporter: jimmy was describin what was happening after the shots rang out. >> i saw blood on the floor, i was trying to get him to turn over so i could see what had happened. he would allow me to turn him over. reporter: jimmy's husband was holding their five week old baby.
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miraculously, he survived after taking a bullet to the face. the five week old has minor abrasions on her face. >> he could make noises, his jaw is fractured and his teeth were blown out, from what i understand, his tongue was not damaged. we don't talk to anybody, aside from our immediate neighbors. i'm trying to figure out, is it because we are gay? i can't believe this is random. oh reporter: oakland police will only say there is a shooting, they are not even saying if they're investigating the case as a hate crime. he is hopeful that someone comes forward with information about who would shoot into a home with children in it. >> it is hard for me to believe nobody saw anything. even someone was in the cart that did not pull the trigger -- in the car, the did not pull the
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trigger. you can't do this to people. dan: you on tonight, this one in south bay. ama: investigators now say they think two people opened fire at a halloween party in gilroy saturday morning. dan: we have more on the teenager killed and how he is being remembered. reporter: candles and quiet moments mark a vigil for 18-year-old daniel michael in the gut. -- zuniga. bowers and balloons left for the brave boy who family members say rand to break up a fight when a bullet hit him in the night -- hit him in the neck. >> michael wanted to defend his friend. he got in the way. he was a brave boy. he was trying to do something good, he didn't have to go like that.
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nobody helped him. reporter: his 17 year-old brother jeremiah recalled screaming for help as michael blood in his arms. at the vigil, openmic'saunt ref. she said he was always laughing, a high school senior was one of four shots at a weekend halloween party, posted in the side yard of councilmember, doris is home. her seat was empty. but she was home, there is the vigil grew outside the property. she declined an interview and would not take her questions. investigators believe there were at least two shooting suspects, including benjamin david calderon, the second cousin of the councilwoman. we are told to firearms were recovered, additional evidence was found on scene. ama: you can see our complete
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exclusive interview with his family on our website, as the investigation continues you can check the site or our app for updates from fleas. dan: developing news, covid shots for children ages five to 11 could get the ok from the cdc as soon as tomorrow. they are reviewing pfizer at's version, which is the lower dose than that given to adult's. 15 million doses of over a shift -- have already shipped. the government will send them vaccine supply for younger children later this week. shots will be available at all vaccine sites, and at some schools in the county. >> we know that holiday season is coming up, that is that is tt planning efforts have been focusing on. dan: pharmacies are also preparing, cvs as it is working to provide younger children shots as soon as they get final approval. right said they -- rite aid said
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they could provide them shortly after wednesday. ama: the county lifted the mask requirement today at noon after meeting three criteria last week for limiting the spread of covid. under state rules, masks are still required in schools, state government buildings and on public transit. individual businesses can enact their own past mandate. marine is the only county without the mask will. dan: the santa rosa fire department is declaring fire season over as of today. the city received close to a foot of rain in october, primarily from that monster storm a couple weekends ago that caused flooding. ama: let's check now on our weather. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the rain. sandhya: it was nice to see the rain. let me show you alive picture. this is what you're going to face tomorrow morning, some slippery roads, a little drizzle out there. on live doppler 7, still a few showers in the south bay right
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around gilroy, highway 101. as we look at street is getting light rain. how much valley? san jose, .6 two over an inch in kentfield. as you take a look at the wider perspective, already tracking our next system. that is going to be here before you know it. i will be back with the timeline. dan: people across the bay area are contending with damage from last week's storm, including this community center in san rafael that flooded. they are dealing with a lot of repairs. just as they enter their busiest season. kate larsen has the story. reporter: last week's superstorm may be the past. but the damage is still part of the present, particularly at san rafael's center where they are unable to feed their clients. low income families and those experiencing homelessness. tonight's rain is draining
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normally, during last night's storm, downtown flooded. this area looked like a lake. which means inside, more than a foot of water destroyed much of the pantry operation. >> it is hard for the families that come here, 350 families a week, it helps them to be able to stretch their limited income. they may need to pay for things like gas and transportation and rent. reporter: the water destroyed most of the food supplies. $10,000 worth of office furniture, equipment, computers. >> it is important for us to get this up and running so we can help people who have challenges in the world. >> if it had not been for the center, i would've died. they got a do doctors, to treatment, -- reporter: ritter client is referring to that center's health clinic. along with most of the outdoor covid tense.
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mcmillion, who used to be homeless, hopes people help ritter for the same reason it helped her. >> it made me feel like a human. the first time, i felt someone cared. reporter: they hope to be fully reopened by thanksgiving to make sure families in need receive their turkeys. they accept donations on their website. ama: an air force force under arrest in connection with the murder. the investigation that led them to it woman's remains. dan: protesting after a classmate one -- were a kkk costume. ama: leaders from around the world desperate for change. the climate summit kicks off. dan: here's a look at what's on jimmy kimmel live tonight. jimmy: thanks for flying withthh us. we didn't ask pants to do this, allowed parents went ahead and
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did it anyway. [laughter] >> we ate your halloween candy. >> i thought you were on a diet? [laughter]
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how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. dan: three people are under arrest, including an active air force member, accused of killing a woman in fairfield lowering a halloween party. 19-year-old lonnie was last seen leaving the party in sacramento with two men. police say both men are active air force members from travis air force base. remains are found yesterday afternoon in monterey county, south of salinas. that scares say she was killed at home on cascade lane. a toy one-year-old woman --
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21-year-old woman is charged with murder, it is clear how she is connected to the victim or airman. ama: students at pittsburg high school demanding punishment for a student who dressed up in kkk hood and robe. >> we felt like what happened was not ok. it felt like the consequences was not the proper consequences. ama: dozens of students held to protest this afternoon. some viewers may find images of the student in the hood disturbing. people -- he will participate in a restorative justice practice. the high school principal said the student admitted to wearing it on a dare. dan: iconic civil-rights leader jesse jackson is in the hospital after falling and hitting his head. he was injured at howard university where he was helping students protesting campus
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living conditions. as ct scan came back normal. he has parkinson's disease, made worse by case of breakthrough covid earlier this year. ama: and that north bay, a day of the dead lighting -- people were encouraged to add the mentos to an altar. there was a performance with audience participation. they the dead originated thousands of years ago with the astec people, who considered morning the dead disrespectful. dan: leaders who nearly 200 countries have convened in glasgow, scotland for the climate change summit. abc news reporter rena roy explains why many believe there's no time to raise -- no time to waste. >> reporter: desperate pleas from all corners of the world. >> over 2 million of my fellow kenyans are facing climate
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related starvation. reporter: thousands of diplomats, activists, world leaders bringing the global climate crisis to the center stage. expanding how it is already affecting them directly. >> indigenous peoples are on the front line of the climate crisis. we must be at the center of the decisions happening here. reporter: key questions at the two-week conference, how can the world work together to slow global warming, how will establish stations help bring current -- developing countries. >> failure to provide the critical finance and that of loss and damage is measured in lives and livelihoods in our communities. reporter: president biden vowing to help. >> we want to do more to help countries around the world. accelerate the clean energy transition, address pollution and assure the world we all must share a cleaner, safer healthier
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planet. reporter: also reinforcing his commitment for the u.s. to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. >> there is an incredible opportunity, not just for the united states, up or of us. we are standing at an inflection point. we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build and equitable clean energy future. reporter: experts say that is very ambitious for the second most polluting country in the world. ama: the bay area crab season is being delayed this year to protect migrating whales. it was scheduled to open november 15 but is now on hold, which likely means no crab on the table for thanksgiving. they did say that this is could start a week later. they found dozens of humpback whales off the coast from sonoma to san mateo county, along with endangered leatherback sea turtles. dan: a northern fur seal being
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nursed back to health. officers took the pup to the marine mammal center where the veterinary team found him to be extremely malnourished. poor thing. there now feed tubing him -- to feeding him and monitoring his condition. he has been named ivy, they are endangered. hopefully they can bring this pup back to full health. ama: we do hope that. we hope for rain. i think we are starting to get more of it. dan: we are in a pattern. sandhya: we've a couple more systems coming our way. which means more rain in the seven-day forecast. live doppler 7, the system is on its way out. we still have a couple of light showers ground balls arose, cross highway 101. we did get some rain earlier from her san rafael camera, we had the wet roadways for the evening commute. it was a welcome rainfall. how much rain do we get in
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november? take a look at some the averages, 2.5 inches in san francisco. 3.5 inches santa rosa, 2.44 in oakland. let's hope we pick that up. we are concerned about visibility, just over to 1.5 miles in the bay. haywood reporting for mild visibility. though visibility, some pockets near zero as we headed to the wee hours of the morning. 5:00 commute, visibility will be between one and four miles in the worst spots. that continues to 8:00 before you start to notice things improve. most of you, 12 miles, seven miles by noontime. here's a view of that fog, areas of dense fog and plot -- patchy drizzle in the morning. partly cloudy and mild are the afternoon. next round of rain wednesday night into thursday. we have this moist flow, as you
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check out this temperatures in the morning, not very cold, 40's and 50's out the door. fog and drizzle are two things to watch out for. tomorrow afternoon, milder day, low 60's to low 70's, partly cloudy skies. you will see some sunshine. right to bring those umbrellas back out, wednesday night you start to see the rain at 9:00 p.m. in the north bay. crossing the central bay around 2:00 thursday, heading into south bay 4:00. scattered showers will remain. morning commute on thursday will be impacted if you're commuting early. in terms of rainfall totals, this is awkward to bring us a lot, anywhere from morning fog and drizzle, late-night rain with the level 1 system wednesday into thursday. we get a brief break before or wet weather returns to the
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forecast, a level 1 on monday. daylight savings time and -- ends sunday morning. ama: after 19 month closure, a san francisco spot where the whole family can get there workouts reopens. we take inside the renovated jewish community center. >> tis the season for [inaudible] [indiscernible] i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor,
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. ama: some lessons are back at the jewish community center. abc 7 news was there as the pool reopened for the first time. for the pandemic, about 1300 children a week received some lessons. jc cc says it has a lot more to offer. >> we are open for business, people are coming back, swimming, working out in the fitness are, playing basketball. we welcome everyone want to see people back. ama: the jcc did some renovating by upgrading its filtration system. live performances are also returning, the first one set for this thursday. dan: that's exciting.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. reporter: bob melvin was officially introduced as a manager of the san diego padres. the second winningest manager in a's history. he says he is ready for the next chapter. >> i grew up in the bay area, i was a hometown team of mine. it is fortunate as you can be to
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manage that team. there comes a time where you know it doesn't go forever. i think bill and david were nice enough to realize that, too. understanding the opportunity i had here. >> chiefs hosting the giants on monday night football. patrick mahomes, doing his thing. finding tyreek hill in the end zone, fourth quarter, giants down 14-10. giants take their first lead, 1714. titus 17, harrison -- she -- she to win 20-17. 49ers coach announced the team is expecting to open practice window. kibble could return as sir soon as sunday against arizona. to best ball, warriors unveiled thnerss today.
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highlights include bold, and water drop logo for the splash of bers. his been cleared to fully participate in practice as he rehabs from a meniscus tear in his right knee. no timetable on his return to game action, a rehab -- rehab stint in santa cruz could be possible. >> i would like to be there at sica be sharp physically. whatever happens, i'm down for that. >> we are not just throw him out onto the court. without really getting him up and down, getting him some game action. >> some great halloween costumes to share. brandon crawford and his family, former 49er all smith, their family went dodgeball mode. the curries went with eight part theme -- a pirate theme.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> joan aha excited i was. >> my money is back. i couldn't be any more thankful to 7 on your side. >> life-affirming. >> we will all be ok, thanks to you. ama: that is it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. dan: for all of us, we
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appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel live, tessa thompson. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, tessa thompson, mark rober and mrbeast, and music from lainey wilson, and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. i hope you had a happy halloween. we did something fun. we took the kids trick-or-treating. ever do this? and i had a revelation.


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