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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bay area moving forward find solutions, this is abc 7 news. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm on a date. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. one of san francisco's 24-hour grocery stores is now slashing its hours the castro safeway on marcus street will now close at 9 pm. safeway says it's due to the increasing amount of theft. it's a move that's becoming more common in san francisco abc 7 news reporter melanie. woodrow has the story. safeway supermarket is now joining other san francisco retailers in reducing its hours due to increasing theft the store on market street will now close at 9 pm instead of staying open 24 hours a day in an email statement safeway tells abc 7 news recent changes at the market street store were made to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience for customers and associates given the increasing amount of theft at the store. safeway isn't alone in reducing
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its hours. target has also reduced store hours to combat theft. christ rachel michelin is the president and ceo of the california retailers association. some of my members have said we'd rather give some job she says the los angeles has the most organized retail theft followed by san francisco. however, when it comes to the cost of doing business in order to combat that theft she says san francisco takes first place at some point it becomes unsustainable and we're starting to see that breaking point now san francisco supervisor rafael. gentlemen from safeway itself what they're saying is that it has reached a level in the last six months. it is unprecedented in their kind in their company's history and unprecedented for that location into lion abc 7 news viewer shared this video from the market street safeway of an entire isle of products locked up at the the safeway spokesperson told abc 7 news. the practice was a deterrent for theft stores like cvs and walgreens do the same though.
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the practice wasn't enough to stop the person in. viral video taken by abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez of a walgreens theft san francisco police arrested the suspect and he was charged supervisor. mandelman says safeway employees told him sfpd doesn't always show up. certainly. this is not everyone. departmental policy, but you know, they've heard two frequently from officers that there's nothing that can be done. it's not even worth writing a citation that's not acceptable and sapd spokesperson tells abc 7 news sfpd plans to work closely with supervisor mandelman and safeway to improve reporting and investigations in san francisco melanie woodrow abc 7 news. all right. we're back on storm watch today rain returned to cross parts of a bay area. this is video from this afternoon in san anselmo. you can see the wet roadways and windshield wipers are in action and let's take a live. look outside. this is how it looks right now from our camera at the exploratorium. looking toward the bay bridge.
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working back from the paper. all right. yes, it all makes sense in my head now. alright for more now on how long this wet weather is going to stick around. yeah what we can expect for the rest of the week. let's go to abc 7 meteorologist. sandy patel said, yeah, dan and alma as long as it makes sense to you alma. we're good live picture right now from our san rafael camera, and you will notice the raindrops are still falling on our lens. watch out roads are slippery as we look at live doppler 7, you will notice that some of the wet weather has moved into field right now cordelia road across 80 you will notice some scattered showers. also heading into the east bay around 680 crow canyon road. watch out there as well slippery roads around the santa cruz mountains, you know, if you're going across 17, it is dicey and accidents do happen there as we've seen before during stormy conditions winds right now at the higher elevations gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour at the lower elevations. it's a little breezy. it's a storm impact scale. it's a one on our storm impact scale tonight sc.
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showers were looking at slippery roadways breezy to gusty areas as you look at the hour by hour timeline those showers continue through the night and as we go into 11 pm still a few showers showing up. we have more rain and the accuweather 7-day forecast. i'll be back with that in just a few minutes. okay, sandy. thank you people who are now vaccinated can go mask free and most indoor public places in marin county the county lifted the mask requirement today at noon after meeting three criteria last week for limiting the spread of covid under state rules masks are still required in schools state government buildings and on public transit individual businesses can also enact their own mask mandates abc 7 news spoke with some people today who say can wait and see approach before actually taking off their masks. more mask changes this time in the east bay where rules ease today in alameda and contra costa counties both dropped the mask requirement inside jim's offices and at small religious gatherings. you'll still need to wear a mask
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at restaurants bars and retail stores a gym manager and walnut creek says the membership there was divided over wearing masks. he says now that they have a choice he expects business will increase people we talk to at the gym. welcome the change you got to work off the halloween candy. last night right so it's a balancing act between fitness and the risk of covid and being vaccinated i'm a little less worried about the risk of covid these days both counties continue to require masks on public transit in schools health care settings and nursing homes. the open enrollment period is now underway for covered california this year. you'll find lower premiums and increased financial help. time when you keep you see prices going up for other things. guess what the price of health care especially under places like covered california is actually going down. the american rescue plan will pay for an average of 90% of monthly health insurance premiums for consumers many of the 1 million californians who are uninsured could get coverage
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for free you can sign up online over the phone or in person at a certified enrollment center. if your hobby can endanger your family you start to have second thoughts about whether you want to do this at all. tonight to bay area amateur photographer is sharing is terrifying a story after he was followed all the way from san francisco. go to fremont and rob -- gunpoint. only on abc 7 news the chase that ensued after that photographer was hunted down was even more dramatic. it was caught in stunning surveillance from multiple angles as abc 7 news anchor dion limb discover. photographers are now banding together petitioning for safety changes. stunning landscapes, or hobby photographer lewis's specialty everyone know how crazy i am about taking pictures of the fog in late september his passion for fog led him to shoot the golden gate bridge with a friend, but the day ended at his home in fremont in scariest 20 seconds of his life it was over before you could have a rational thought while lewis who is asking we only use his first
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name notice something suspicious that the bridge there were two guys kind of looking at us. he didn't think much of it not realizing the men are close by following as lewis drops his friend off in union city. it wasn't until lewis pulled into his own driveway in fremont more than 40 miles from san francisco things. take a dramatic turn. saw two guys approach that okay something is happening. right. something is wrong captured in remarkable detail on his tesla and home surveillance cameras. you can see a man approach lewis's car when lewis hawks. i hear a big smash in the back of my windshield one man can be seen stealing a camera bag a second band with a gun is not far behind and that's kind of when like fight or flight mode has been already taken into. unsure what to do next lewis floors his tesla over cinder blocks chasing after the suspect who take off in a getaway vehicle shocked by the commotion. you see lewis's mom and several family members sprint out the front door. my mom was just completely
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petrified. tesla cameras show lewis crashing into the getaway car ripping off the car's bumper. then this the guy comes out, you know with a gun pointed on my face. he walks around my car. that's when i hear the gunshot go off. you can even see lewis's brother jump. the pair and and and and and photography community launched this petition asking cameramanufacturers to add more protections to their gear such as passcodes gps tracking and remote disabling this technology is in our phones. we see this technology every day. why can't we put it in a camera, so priority for us. we want to feel safe and our camera here. three month police say photographers are targeted all too often, but the tremendous amount of surveillance helped them arrest one of two in the case darren mcclin. who left his shoe behind on the getaway cars busted bumper? clinton was out on probation for other crimes targeting otraphers in san francisco
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while lewis isn't sure if he'll ever pick up a camera again if your hobby can endanger your family you start to have second thoughts about whether you want to do this at all and help change how camera makers build their products? in fremont dion limb abc 7 news knew at five people are on the move buying homes closer to their offices and driving up housing prices in the bay area our media partner the mercury news reports the latest real estate hot spots are alameda and santa clara counties single-family home sales were down in september and suburbs of contra costa and marin counties overall home prices have risen in all mine bay area counties since last september two, santa clara county supervisors want the county to figure out more locations for temporary and safe parking sites. at the end of the day i'll go is to take away all those tensors you see on the streets on the creek so that people have a true place to live for a better future for everybody in santa clara county supervisors otto lee and cindy chavez may be
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announcement at the casitas de esperanza. tiny home site in front of the old san jose city hall. it opened in february for families with children lee and chavez want to identify other vacant or underutilize county own sites in san jose for an interim housing development. the chancellor of the cal state system was greeted by protesting faculty members today during his visit to san jose state with a faculty wants him to know and some of their demands plus new details about a seal pup rescued near a busy roadway in marin county over the weekend. look at that face abc 7
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pittsburgh high school after a student dressed up in a kkk hood and robe today his classmates held a protest demanding justice. on wednesday and it just
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calling on the student to be expelled. we do want to warn you some viewers may find these images of the ku klux klan outfit disturbing pittsburgh high school's principal says the student admitted to wearing it on a dare during a costume contest at lunch he participate in a restorative justice process to learn how his actions have impacted and harmed others. at san jose state protesting faculty members greeted the chancellor of the california state university system today. they say they want to be compensated for the work. they've done throughout the pandemic but as abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains, the staff says they're contract does not reflect that. a rare rainy day at san jose state university monday, but not even the weather could drown out the calls for fairness by sjsu faculty. it's just been a year of hell. it really has given. everything that we put into our students everything we've all been through we've all been working hard without a race and people are struggling the california faculty association is asking for a 4% raise for
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2020 to 2022 after two years of negotiations have resulted in an impasse the sjsu chapter says the current contract offered across the california state university system only allows for a 2% raise for 2020 this while the csu presidents received a 10% retroactive raise last year. it's just a the face the faculty hopes csu chancellor, dr. joseph castro heard their message while he was on campus monday his office released a statement saying quote the csu values its faculty and is committed to reaching agreement on a successor contract in its negotiations with the cfa as it has with several other unions. the csu is committed to advocating for state funds to increase employees salaries in the next fiscal year. perhaps lost in this protest was the reason chancellor castro was at sjsu today. he met with several. campus groups as the university continues to search for an interim president sjsu cfa chapter president professor nicos mortos told chancellor castro what their group would like to see in a new president?
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they want someone willing to work with faculty to solve problems like their race was just hoping that we will had a new president who is willing to work with faculty someone who will honor share governors because so far our experience has not been one of sierra governors and as a result, you know, we've had a lot of problems in these campus orto says the meeting went well as a whole and he hopes chancellor castro will do what he can to help the faculty in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. an effort is underway in san francisco's presidio named at restoring habitat to attract more coyote and hawks. we're gonna tell you why local environment. group believes doing so could spark the return of a locally exti i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive
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going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. change this month and challenges and changes to our planet. it's encouraging to hear an environmental success story, which is what we have. this one is happening right here in the bay area. thanks to hard work by wildlife biologists at the san francisco presidio and a local
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environmental group. the groundwork is now being laid for the possible return of a locally extinct species. what you're hearing is a sound that's been silenced in san francisco ever since cities once thriving native quail population became locally extinct but now wildlife experts at the city's presidio believe the time could be right to bring them back what we have able to do is to build back the kinds of habitat, that would be needed in order for quail to survive in the presidio again, lou stringer and wildlife biologist jonathan young have been working to restore habitats like this site bordering the city's richmond district. it's now rich with dune scrub and underbrush that the birds thrive in but young says the effort is also getting help from another species that's already made its own comeback in the presidio coyote coyote is a during the food chain. it's presence promotes. environmental health through its
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consumption of smaller rodents such as rats in other words egg stealers and non-native species that pressure the quail they believe the resurgent coyotes and other predators like hawks have helped put the habitat back in a better balance and now a new study the san francisco estuary institute appears to confirm the progress erica spotswood and first author kelly ignine track data from areas where birds like quail thrive particularly with the presence of coyote. conditions that compare favorably to restore areas of the presidio. so the potential to bring them back siding can potential example of a charismatic species being reintroduced into a large urban park. they say the work provides a roadmap for a potential reintroduction while there's still a lot of study to be done bird conservation groups like point blue conservation science. say the return of quail to the presidio.
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a treat for vit sndss alsoll oear whe're when you're out on a hike and they sound like they're saying chicago but in a very special way it sounds more like chicago. and for local experts it would also be the sound of an environmental success story. which is a nice sound indeed now the point blue team has also been working with a presidio and other local bird counts on other local bird counts, i should say and they found evidence that the restoration work is helping those species as well. so it's all very encouraging. also encouraging wildfire season is over at least for santa rosa the cities fire department made the declaration today and said while other parts of the state are in a drought the city got the relief it needed in october santa rosa received nearly a foot of rain much of it coming from the major storm a couple of weekends ago that caused that flooding. all right, let's talk a little bit about more rain. that's right. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with how much
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we're gonna get this week. okay, alma. we're at another system similar to tonight's system and dan and then we have another opportunity later on this week. so let's talk about live doppler 7 first and we'll talk about what it looks like right now. we still have some light rain falling around the east bay lafayette to cross orinda 24, you will notice right around bear creek road. so hang on to those is as you look down towards the santa cruz mountains also wet around highway 17 9 through felton ben lomond rainfall totals have ranged anywhere from about a tenth of an inch to a half an inch, but some of our wettest locations like santa rosa 6/10 kentfield over an inch of rain alive picture right now golden gate bridge. well, it's visible but visibility, isn't that great right now just over two miles in napa and fairfield. so be careful two miles in half moon bay as you out those temperatures in the these 60s fairly uniform it's a level one system that we are tracking for tonight scattered showers slippery roadways. so remember just give yourself a
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little extra time to get to where you need to go breezy to gusty areas the hourly forecast six o'clock tonight. you will notice still showers across the region really light stuff as we go into 8pm spotty showers continue isolated by 10 pm and then tomorrow morning it switches over to a little bit of drizzle certainly will be poor visibility across the region as we do have some fog around for the morning commute between four five and eight am. here's a live picture looking at 80 from emeryville, and you can see just how socked in it is at this hour showers and areas of dense fog tonight drizzle tomorrow morning partly cloudy afternoon our next round of coming in wednesday night into thursday temperatures first thing in the morning in the 40s 50s once again, watch out for the fog and still some damp spots because of the drizzle for the afternoon temperatures will come up you're looking at lowe's 60s to low 70s partly cloudy skies expected for the afternoon now, we're going to fast forward to our next storm wednesday night. it starts to bring in some wet weather around 9 pm in the far
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northern end of our viewing area by 11 pm. it's crossing parts of san francisco and thursday morning. we'll still have some of that. around before it moves on out of here. so another quick shot of wet weather. we'll take it to the accuweather 7-day forecast looking like this morning fog and drizzle late night rain on wednesday. it's a level one with some showers and wet weather on thursday morning as we had into friday. it's dry and just a friendly reminder. don't forget daylight saving time ends sunday morning. you want to fall back one hour enjoy that extra hour of sleep and another level one storm as we had into monday and dan. we have more wet weather in the forecast. so we'll take it every few days. this is good true and we'll take that extra hour asleep you bet and thanks india well beware of sneaker waves if you're heading to the coast as sandia mentioned the national weather service is reminding people not to turn their backs to the ocean because of large swells. this was the scene in pacifica today experts say the danger of sneaker waves is that they can surge up the beach without
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warning knocking people to the ground and even dragging them into the enhance the name sneaker waves a seal pup is now being nursed back to health at the marine mammal center. was rescued from a busy road over the weekend experts say the pup is a male northern fur seal, which is an endangered species. he was rescued saturday by san rafael police after being spotted near east francisco boulevard. look at that face. yeah, they were worried. he might be hit by a car the veterinary team at marine mammal center examined the seal pup and says, he was extremely malnourished. they are now tube feeding him and monitoring his condition. he has been named ivy. oh so sweet. well, it's official the oakland a's are now searching for a new manager. as bob melvin is introduced as the san diego pad? newest skipper what he said ab
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♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief. bob. melvin was introduced today as the new skipper of the san diego padres. i was absolutely is fortunate as you could be to manage that team but comes a time where you know, it doesn't go forever. billy bean a's executive vice president of baseball operations issued a statement wishing melvin the best writing his passion for the a's on and off
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the field was brilliant and his brilliant mind for the game. and his professionalism in every situation made him the perfect manager for us over the last 11 years. well, finally tonight some winter decorations are going up in san francisco earlier today. we spotted workers installing snowflakes on light poles in front of city hall and if you're looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit the ice rink at union square opens on wednesday if you believe it wasn't open all at all last winter, of course because of a pandemic so this will be nice to see it back that always gets you in the spirit, too. i think the ice rink. you know what dan i think we're gonna do it this year. for that we've never done. she's old enough now that yeah. that'll be exciting winter, but don't forget thanksgiving thanksgiving is next. okay? all right world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for sandhya patel and all of us here. we appreciate your time. thank you for watching. we'll be back in half an hour for abc 7 news at 6.
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it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." president biden on the world stage here at the climate summit in glasgow. and the major setback for the president back home. the president addressing world leaders here, sounding the alarm on climate saying, quote, let this be the moment when we answer history's call. the president apologizing for president trump on climate and making the case here that the u.s. will lead on this, pointing to his domestic agenda back home. but tonight, that major blow to the president's agenda, the key senator, joe manchin, and what he declared today. also tonight, news coming in on vaccines for millions of children. some already shipped, in refrigerators, ready to go. one more step. and tonight in new york city, staying home in defiance.


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