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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a big step forward from marin county, masks no more. what you need to know about the lift and mandate. >> first responders rushing to rescue this baby animal from the dangerous bay area street. >> good morning on this monday, november 1. you are watching abc seven, who live, and wherever you stream. will start this morning with the meteorologist. >> good morning. everybody is back to gather. we have a solid start to the traditional work-week and also november. we are a 1. on the storm impact scale. rain in the north bay will become scattered showers for the rest of us. some slipperiness for your commute. breezy in no hills, but not expecting any damage. you're getting the tail end of this storm. this is the way it is raining right now on 101, from cloverdale north. the kia gets spotty in santa
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rosa. we had rain this morning on san rafael. 101 looks a little sleek and that will be the case. steady rain through 7:00 and then showers moving into the rest of our neighborhoods through the morning hours. scattered showers at 4:00 and less coverage by 7:00, temperatures below average in the upper 50's and only up in the mid 60's. >> leaders for nearly 200 countries are gathered to talk about and hopefully do something about climate change. president biden is arriving not long ago. he will speak any minute and as soon as that hav happens, we wil bring you the special report. let's bring roy, live in glasgoh the high-stakes meetings. good morning. reena: hey, good morning, reggie. you said it right, this is no
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doubt a very high-stakes meeting . this conference especially crucial in the fight against climate change. you said we are waiting for president biden to speak, we are standing by for the opening ceremony. the u.s. is prepared to step up to the plate, the president said. day two of cop26 is all about the world leaders from nearly 200 countries. they will be kicking off crucial negotiations by laying out their visions to tackle climate change. >> you will see that we have made significant progress and more has to be done, that it is going to require us to continue to focus on what china is not doing, what russia is not doing, and what saudi arabia is not doing. reena: annual summit is considered especially pivotal. experts say the clock is ticking, and nations need to act fast. >> i know we have an
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unprecedented negotiations agenda in front of us, but i believe that this international system can deliver. a: the goal of the t w-n agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, phasing out coal, and allocating the finances for that. >> we must make progress here in lascaux. reena: diplomats and experts will review progress on the paris climate accord to help prevent average annual temperature from rising more than 1.5 degrees celsius, compared with levels before the industrial revolution. but recent analysis the un showed that even if nations met their current targets, the plant could still see a temperature increase of two point seven degrees celsius by the end of the century. >> the rapidly changing climate is sounding alarm to step up arbitration, address the damage, and to act now. reena: now the u.s. is expected to release its long-term strategy on how exactly the country plans to achieve zero
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emissions by 2050. some experts are pretty skeptical about that happening. in glasgow, scotland, reena roy, abc 7 news. reggie: several california lawmakers are headed to scotland for cop26, including some from the bay area. state senator from menlo park is part of the california delegation. we will talk to him alive later this hour to see what he hopes to accomplish on this trip. abc 7 is committed to following the latest developments from cop26 and its impact from the bay area. you can find the latest in our website, kumasi: no more masks in marin county. you will be able to go to grocery stores and indoor places without a mask if you are fully vaccinated. . is the first bay area county to lift the mask mandate. reporter amy hollyfield joins us live. amy? amy: this includes restaurants. for lunch today, you could walk into this restaurant without a mask, grab a table, sit at the
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bar without a mask if you are vaccinated. businesses can still require masks if they like, but it is no longer going to be required by thee talkayhey are cid that this day is of their customers want to be able to dig up there masks starting today, you can shop, you can work out at a gene without a mask in marin county if you are fully vaccinated. and vaccinated people still need to wear masks. officials say the number of covid cases is low enough that the rate of red is now considered in a moderate category. >> vaccination rates are above 80% for all residents. hospitalizations have declined. in fact, today there are only 2 people with covid-19 in our hospitals, and not in the icu, a4 month-low. amy: masks are still required in hospitals and in schools, because it is part of the state mask requirement. that state mask requirement still in place, so you still
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need to follow the rules. and also, the unvaccinated still need to wear masks. but the county mask mandate requiring mask has been lifted. it will be lifted at noon today. it has been in place since august 2, but goes out the window today at noon. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: and a couple of other counties are changing their roles. contra costa and alameda counties are easing indoor mask mandates. this will apply to fully vaccinated people in places not open to the general public, so that means gyms, offices, and places of worship. businesses still have to make sure everyone is fully vaccinated, in the group has to be 100 people or fewer. this follows sonoma county doing the same thing last month. kumasi:. kumasi: today is the deadline for san francisco city employees to show they are vaccinated or risk being booted off the job. a union representing muni drivers says they are currently less than 90 vaccinated
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operators. as of friday, 60 police officers still not vaccinated. their deadline to show proof is november 12. for other city employees, today is the deadline, that fallout for those who are and is not clear. >> it is not going to be that you don't have the vaccine, you are fired immediately. it doesn't work like that. kumasi: the mayor says nearly 98% of city and county workers are vaccinated. reggie: muni is having possessed and four of its lines today because of a shortage of drivers, and this is related to the vaccine mandate. you can see the specific lines on your screen. they are known as a short-service lines, buses that run on a segment of a longer route to help with frequency. there is no timeline on when they will be restored. the service is currently hiring and training new operators. . if you have questions about covid-19 or the vaccine and masking policies, just go to, and click
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on the big box. kumasi: coming up next, centers stranded. the domino effect that left american airlines counseling thousands of flights, and what you can expect to see today. reggie: halloween just happened, and we are already getting a taste of christmas. where you can get a taste of the christmas tree in the bay area today. >>. >> we have a 1 thunderstorm impact scale. you can see raonic trying to move into the area right now. the rest of us will get scattered showers. scattered showers. we will show you the future welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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reggie: we are waiting for the president to speak this morning in scotland at the cop26 summit. as you can see, vince charles is at the lectern. as soon as president biden starts speaking, we will bring
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it to you live here on abc 7 and on mike: coming up on 6:10. clouds are increasing. and mild, 56 degrees. we an sanama d rt t wmeeventuale chance of rain b 10:00 dhe ehou. average high is 72, we will top out at 65 degrees. and very mature system, with the bulk of the energy north of us. that is why the system will weaken. you can see some moderate rain as it moves into the north bay in the morning hours. then the yellow goes away. that shield starts to develop a few holes in the afternoon and evening hours. that is the weakening that will happen. , a slight chance of some drizzle, even iraq shower or two in the senator cruz mountain, in
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the east bay tomorrow morning. by noon, it is all rainfall amounts, a 10th of an inch possible in the southbay. jobina: good morning. if you take part in the east bay, i have a little alert. bart is recovering from an earlier equipment problem. so you will experience a 10 minute delay between the macarthur and 19 streestations. a live look right now at the toll plaza where the metering lights came on at 5:45, the backup is not too bad. live picture from oakland at the coliseum camera. sticking with this crash we have been following since 5:00 this morning in fremont, still in place on southbound 680. speeds are around 24 miles per hour. kumasi: thank you, jobina. coming up next, today we will learn more about the jurors who convicted derek chauvin for the murder of george floyd. reggie: and the supreme court is taking a look at texas's controversial abortion ban.
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what this could mean for the future of the law. kumasi: as we head to break, a live look at salesfo
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i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kumasi: gilroy city councilmember is talking only to abc 7 about a deadly halloween shooting in her yard. it happened saturday morning at the home of rebeca armendariz. this video shows the moment that police arrested 19-year-old benjamin calderon yesterday. the councilman confirms he is her second cousin. she says she was home, but she was not a part of the party. it took place on a side yard because there is a second home in that >> i want to ask everyone to continue to pray for the families of everyone who has
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been affected and to continue to offer them their support. kumasi: one person died and three other people were hurt, two of those incredible condition. police say a fight broke out during the party. they have not announced a connection between calderon and the shooting. reggie: today that judge at the trial of derek chauvin will release the names of the jurors responsible for his conviction, six months after the jury found him guilty of the murder of george floyd. the questionnaires of all 109 to show jurors evaluated for the trial will also be made public. in august, prosecutors asked a judge to reject the request to release the jury's names saying that it will lead to harassment. derek chauvin filed an appeal to his conviction. kumasi: to the supreme court will hear a fast-track challenge to the texas abortion law. jobina: supreme court justices will look at whether the federal government can salute texas over the law, given how it was designed. the hearing comes two months after taxes proposed --
6:17 am
texas imposed a total ban on abortions. it allows perfect citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman to get an abortion. the reward for doing so is $10,000. the court will hear two cases, one brought by abortion providers, that either by the biden administration, insisting the law was designed to avoid review by federal courts. so at this in court takes up these challenges, the law in texas stays in effect, reggie. reggie: thank you. a bucket list item for many of you out there, check out that northern lights over alberta, canada over the weekend. if photographer caught the geomagnetic storm over sturgeon county. locals got a heads up from noaa. researchers issued a geomagnetic storm watch alert ahead of the
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aurora borealis. kumasi: the christmas tree at the u.s. capitol will make two stops today in the bay area. this is from the facebook page. the tree left the six rivers national forest in northern california yesterday afternoon and it will take three weeks to get across the country. today's stops include the sausalito side of the golden gate bridge, and the terminal. as the tree makes it stop at the vallejo family terminal, there will be a coat drive for one warm coat, and organization that provides codes for children and adults in need. for every clean and conditioned coat you donate, you will get a ticket to the park's holiday at the park event. it will also be a drop off location until january 2. reggie: all signs are pointing to christmas. kumasi: mhmm. reggie: not ready? kumasi: not ready yet. i am excited for thanksgiving. reggie: did you get a schedule yet? kumasi: mike, please go.
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[laughter] mike: i have been gone a week. he is out of control. . kumasi: you get a pass because you. kumasi: have been gone one week. [laughter] mike: 6:19. you and i will talk about the weather and how it is wet outside already. 0.0 four inches in san rafael. 101 is already wet. i looking down on us from salesforce tower. pretty ominous looking. it is staring right at us right now. what did we do? unsettled pattern today, rain and then showers. tonight showers will taper. that she drizzle and fog left over for tomorrow morning's commute. remember, daylight saving and. the sun will set at 5:04 p.m. sunday evening. 66 in palo alto and san jose. the lakeport is coolest at 56.
6:20 am
tonight, clouds open up just a bit, spotty showers around the santa cruz mountains, the diablo range and in the land east bay neighborhoods,, upper 50's. very mild. here is a look at wednesday. we are waking up in the morning pretty quiet, increasing clouds across the north bay. deeper into the forecast, it looks like we have a chance of showers wednesday evening into thursday morning, moving north to south. this system looked really robust last week. no it doesn't look so good. less than a 10th of one inch south of the dan burton bridge. after 1500 for the rest of us, a quarter inch for the north bay. so they won on the impact scale today. tomorrow and wednesday, a mix of sunshine and clouds in the afternoon. 70's away from the coast wednesday. back in the 60's thursday with the rain. even though we dry out and see
6:21 am
sunshine, we stay in the 60's through the weekend, reggie. reggie: now let's turn to a t.j. holmes with a look at what is coming up on gma. >> coming up, we are live from scotland and around the world, kicking off unprecedented coverage of the climate crisis as the high-stakes summit gets underway in glasgow. we are taking you from madagascar, to india showing you what is on the line at this meeting. last the future of clean energy, and how it can transfer our economy -- transform our economy. hey at&t customers... there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve, for only $19.99 a month for 12 months. and, for the first time ever, we'll give you 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile.
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reggie: a live look from glasgow. as you see, president biden is sitting attendance at the cop26 climate conference that is going on now. this is the second day, but this is really the first day that much of the world is watching because we expect leaders to be talking about what they plan to do to reduce greenhouse gases over the next couple of days.
6:24 am
president biden is expected to speak in a few minutes. as soon as that starts, we will have it for you live here. mike: we want to give you another heads up of what is going on with our 1 today on impact scale. and how the rain is starting to take over the 101 cover door in the north bay. with our reservoirs, hopefully orville keeps claiming. it is actually up to 28%. everyone else has been steady. we talked about standard time. beginning daylight savings ending. saturday night, set your clocks back. if you still have battery operated carbon monoxide detectors, make sure that you change the batteries. sunset last night -- 6:11. sunset this sunday, reggie: it is happening. mike, thank you. . 23 cafe, the site of the third annual halloween dog party. there they are, dogs and owners showed up to the event in
6:25 am
costume yesterday, the first time they have been able to do this since the pandemic. >> we are excited because we wanted to bring more joy and fun and smiles to the community. it really is happening here with all the dogs dressed up and all their costumes. it is really historical. reggie: jeffries natural pet food store cohosted the party and supplied halloween doggy treats. and look at this, a dog of a different kind. the toddlers, twins, got a lot of attention for their halloween costume. can you see what they are? are 18-month old between us vienna and briel, in a visit to the birmingham zoo. that is not the future characters in "toy story." the girls' grandmother made the costume, is an oversize slinky covered in fabric. [laughter] kumasi: if you thought carving a pumpkin on dry land was hard, how about doing it underwater? this is how a group of divers
6:26 am
spent halloween, in an underwater pumpkin carving contest. it happens every year off key largo, in the florida keys. they use knives and other tools. a chicago diver won using a toy shark and a strobe light. the prize was the free dive trip. i want to see the finished product. ok. reggie: that is a mess. [laughter] kumasi: i mean, if you are into it. you can't just regular-dive. and only regular-dive for so long. now you got to level up. reggie: i would afraid of the sharks. kumasi: that part. that one is cute. san rafael police responded to an unusual call for help. this is ivy, abb northern fur seal. they are endangered. officers say that ivy slapped across east francisco boulevard over the weekend, narrowly
6:27 am
avoiding being hit by several cars. these seals are typically found hundreds of miles off the coast in these, and their lives at sea. the marine normal center to occur in and they will care for her until she is ready to be put back in the water. reggie: i am glad they got her. we got to put her back. kumasi: how did she get over here in the middle of the street? reggie: she went on a journey. kumasi: she did. reggie: she has stories to tell. [laughter] next at 6:30, mariah carey says so long to halloween, the queen of christmas is welcoming her favorite season. kumasi: marin county is set to become the first bay area county to lift its mask mandate. we have a live report with
6:28 am
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julian: reggie: marin county is set to lift its mass mandate. kumasi: a new tool in the fight against covid-19, when young children could start to receive their shots. mike: the christmas season is upon us and mariah carey said it so it must be true. reggie: good morning on this monday, november 1. let's start with skinny mike nicco. mike: that's a lot to live up to. the stormy scale. that means we have steady rain moving into the north bay and it will turn to showers for the rest of us and it remains the rest of today.
6:31 am
that means we've got to deal with slick conditions. here is a look at 400 in san rafael. it's really the 101 corridor where we start to see the steady rain take hold and it will not let go for several hours. get ready as we look at our day planner. even some yellow at times. 57 to about everywhere by 4 p.m. and those will continue to staff reggie: marin county becomes the first bay area county to lift the current mask mandate. if you are fully vaccinated, you will no longer need to wear one indoors. >> good
6:32 am
can come down today as masks can come off and been a while. the mandate has been in place since august 2. starting today, you don't have to wear a mask indoor in marin county and many public places if you are fully vaccinated. you can shop at the store or go to a restaurant if you fully vaccinated. many business owners are happy but there are still some who aren't sure yet about taking off the mask. >> i'm excited about it ending but apprehensive for the customers. some don't want to sit inside s. >> are you going to take off your mask inside? >> i don't think so, i won't do it for a while. >> the county health officer says hospitalizations from covid in marin county at a formal flow
6:33 am
in the vaccination rate is over 80%. masks aremasks aremasks aremaske hospitals and schools and for the unvaccinated but in most pope -- public places, masks won't be required and that starts today at noon. reggie: contra costa and alameda county are not lifting the mask mandate but easing the rules. that means places like gyms, offices aces of worship, you won't have to wear a mask. businesses have to make sure everyone is fully vaccinated in the group has to be less than 100 people. kumasi: the pandemic, covid-19 has killed 5 million people globally in two years. as early as
6:34 am
could be a new tool in the fight against the virus in the u.s.. the pfizer covid vaccine for children ages 5-11 could get emergency authorization. they will vote on this tomorrow. the vaccine has already received an emergency use authorization from the fda and shots could go into the arms of children by wednesday but a survey finds there is some vexing hesitancy from parents who concerned could affect future fertility. >> there is nothing the data to suggest that happens with kids or adults. kumasi: the biden administration's as ready to ship millions of doses out immediately once the authorization is given. reggie: a special dia de muertes celebration is open to
6:35 am
anyone 12 and up and you had a chance to win travel vouchers for alaska. >> we want to keep this community healthy and safe for the holidays so maybe they can reunite with their families. they might not have seen them in two years. reggie: the event featured musical performances come a car show in a street soccer tournament post-up cleanup is underway in golden gate park because there is the three day so -- sold out celebration. ♪ the festival has happened in two years in two years and the first time it happened on halloween. there are more than 70,000 people there and it was a celebrated event for music
6:36 am
lovers and local businesses. many of them are still trying to recover from their losses from the pandemic. >> it's been going great. we literally sold out. it seems like a good thing. kumasi: the festival was closed out last night. reggie: shanghai disneyland shut down after a potential covid exposure to guests. everyone in the parka to undergo mandatory covid testing until they were allowed to leave the lockdown at the resort because a single guest who visited the park on saturday tested positive for covid after returning home to the nearby -- to a nearby city. china has adopted a national zero covid policy and visitors face a strict mandatory quarantine on arrival.
6:37 am
disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: and roma begins for covered california today. earlier this year will help to pay for an average of 90% of monthly premiums for california families. those not insured could be eligible for close to free coverage. and -- open enrollment ends january 31. reggie: coming up, alec baldwin speaking publicly about the shooting on his movie and what he says about the cinematographer killed in the incident. mike: we are taking a look at an active live doppler 7. on the peninsula, we are pretty dry through 8:00 but as we headed to the 10:00 hour, some
6:38 am
rain will move in and it will be steady at times with temperatures in the mid 60's this afternoon stop we are a little bit cooler than average and rain will taper off this evening. very mature system and when you get down to the southern end of it, it becomes rather frack meant to. the green will turn to yellow and rns with some moderate rain in the north day. the steadiest of the rain and heaviest will be this morning in the north bay while the rest of us will be dealing with showers throughout the midmorning.
6:39 am
there could be a few rogue showers left headed into tomorrow morning but by the time to get to noon tomorrow, it's over. rainfall amounts, up to 1/10 of an inch in the south bay. not quite as robust. one more storm in the 70 forecast with more on that coming up. jobyna: we are seeing a big backup on southbound 680 because of a crash we are following. the speeds are down to eight miles per hour and at least two lanes are blocked. the backup is thick at the neighbors told flaws of full earlier incident on the bridge has cleared but it has slowed things down.
6:40 am
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reggie: a live look from scotland and president biden is expected to speak in the next few minutes and we will bring it to you live. we are committed to building a better bay area and we are concentrating on the climate environment is a part of that coverage. several local leaders are on the world stage. the high-stakes summit kicked off in glasgow this weekend but today is a big day. part of the daily dacian -- part of the delegation is joining us live this morning. >> good to see you. reggie: president biden for starting off this conference in
6:43 am
a strange place because he has the promise of 555 billion dollars which is no small amount but it is not what he wanted to come to this conference with. what are you optimistic about? >> california's commitment to show how we done it and we've bled in electricity and electric vehicles. we want to get the best ideas and around the world and bring them back so we can show a lot of progress that we have made and show our commitment but also get ideas around things like offshore wind and what could be the future for california that could be perfectly matched with solar energy and onshore wind energy. it takes all of us. it takes the government setting
6:44 am
the policy, the private sector coming up with innovations and the rest of us adopting these innovations. reggie: california has been far ahead of where the federal government has been. we nate -- we made an announcement about cutting gas power vehicles before the federal government had the standard for that. >> i chair a subcommitteemmittee are taking this very serious in california. the hope is that we end this with a shared sense that we are doing it and we are out executing. we will not hit all the promises and they will not add up to where we need to be. i think would come out with a shared sense of momentum and a shared sense of ideas that we are leading in this way and
6:45 am
other people can follow we can get the best ideas in other rooms where we are not leading. it's about transforming every aspect of our economy. it's really about transforeallya every piece of the economy and there areas we are making a lot of progress. reggie: china's present is not there, brazil's present is not there and governor newsom is not there. would you have preferred if he was part of the california delegation? >> he had some family issues but he will participate remotely as well as others, our lieutenant governor. we will have a robust delegation. reggie: you've been working on this for a number of decades so is there one major thing that
6:46 am
california can do that would make an appreciable difference at this point? >> as we d carbon everyth everyy from transport tatian and moving to electric vehicles and decarbonizing our homes means we won't get the benefits until the grid gets to 100% and we need to commit to that. i think that's the area where we can make big strides on this year. we need to make sure government and california is using 100% us% clean energy and is 100% carbon neutral ahead of the state to set the example. reggie: what year are you talking about? >> i think 2035 for sure. reggie: which will come faster
6:47 am
than we expect. good luck at the conference this week. >> thank you very much. reggie: we are committed to following the latest developments. you can find the information on her website. when the president starts speaking, we will take you to that life. kumasi: jury selection begins in the trial of a juvenile that killed two protesters in kenosha, wisconsin stop if he's convicted in one of two homicide counts against him, he traveled from his home in illinois to wisconsin. the judge said he's believes jury selection will be done by the end of the trials expected to last up to three weeks. developing news about the deadly shooting on the movie set of rust. alec baldwin is speaking about the incident that killed the cinematographer we called a friend.
6:48 am
>> it was a very well oiled crew shooting a film together in this horrible event happened. kumasi: he spoke with paparazzi over the weekend outside is vermont home and says he's been in contact with the husband who is overwhelmed. >> if there is the the the the e this was a dangerous set and they had previous warnings, not just a single issue but multiple issues, then you would talk about the real possibility of criminal charges. kumasi: coming up, more on what baldwin is saying about hutchins and the ongoing investigation. reggie: if you are flying today, it could be another frustrating day especially if you on american airlines. they have canceled 250 flights. today's cancellations come after
6:49 am
them -- a massive meltdown over the weekend and american airlines said there was bad weather friday and short staffing of flight attendants across the system. \>> my flight was 12 hours ago and i have been able to get a hold of anybody. >> it's going to be a tough holiday travel season. if you're planning on traveling during the holidays, you are have land be in a plan c. reggie: more than 600 flights canceled sunday alone by american which is 12% of their schedule for the day step they have now canceled more than 2000 flights since friday. president biden up the g20 summit in rome with 14 world leaders. they try to tackle global supply chain problems in the president says his administration is work to identify bottlenecks and seeking the help of other
6:50 am
countries to make sure critical manufacturing continues in case of a covid flareup stop he says ending the pandemic is key to getting the supply chain back on track. >> now that we have seen how fragile these global lines of supplies are come we cannot go back to business as usual. reggie: others as president biden why the american workforce is not returning his fantasy hope and he says the economy is changing. kumasi: welcome to november and for many, it's mariah carey season. ♪ kumasi: the singer share this video in social media midnight with the ready, let's go. it featured her hit christmas song. she has been posting similar videos every year as we gear up
6:51 am
for the holidays and this video shows november 5 which is presumably the date for a new release. it could be new music or a tv special. reggie: before we get to christmas, what was the halloween turnout? what were you? kumasi: i wasn't here. reggie: there is no halloween celebration? kumasi: i wasn't here. i was at homecoming. mike killed your outfit. mike: i thought it came across pretty well. i was roy kent. reggie: that is something from ted lasso? mike: yes and what made it special is when barbara dressed up as keeley.
6:52 am
reggie: that something from ted lasso? reggie: did you know who i was? mike: you are harvey milk. reggie: i walked into this party and the first lady i met asked if i was from baywatch. mike: because of the white and red shirt? reggie: children are not being taught these days. mike: did you have the sunblock on your nose? i guess he was wearing the red trunks. that was good. let's take a look at our weather. it's about 6:53 a.m., the first day of the month. quiet until you look at the sale -- at the top of the salesforce tower.
6:53 am
this morning with an unsettled pattern in a steady rain. it will make for slippery commutes at times and showers will table tonight with patchy drizzle and seasonal temperatures with daylight saving where we get an hour extra sleep this weekend. temperatures will be the coolest around the upper 50's and lower 60's. we will have mid 60's to the south bay and inland. tonight, you can see some clouds so there could be patchy fog with temperatures mid to upper 50's. here is a wednesday as we wake up quiet with increasing clouds today. if you like showers near mendocino. a better chance of wet weather
6:54 am
and still staying in this area with yellow, moderate green light and after the evening commute through the morning thursday, that's when the rest of us get our wet weather. this was a nice-looking storm last week. less than 1/10 of an inch in the south bay. what a disappointment to see that this morning. it's still a chance of rain and anything we get, it's beneficial. we will have some 70's try to creep in land tomorrow. then we are flat out 60's friday, saturday and sunday ♪ stop ♪ reggie: the rock 'n' roll hall of fame induction ceremony. carole king is one of inductees and is only the third
6:55 am
female artist to be inducted twice, joining stevie nicks and tina turner. the class also includes the go-go's, jay-z, the foo fighters and ll cool j. kumasi: baywatch? reggie: you cou instagram and see if i look like something from baywatch. i also got, are you a luau guy? because harvey milk were a lei i in photos. i guess that came across as luau guy. kumasi: they should have got it together. up next, the seven things you need to know today.
6:56 am
welcome to this world.
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you have some big shoes to fill. lots of new introductions. ...4 ounces... so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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kumasi: president biden is in scotland attending you and climate change conference. this conference is considered to be one of the most important climate simonson years. reggie: marin county is easing its mask mandate today in public officials say hi vaccination rate and low hospitalizations and stable and action rates have gotten a county to that milestone. kumasi: contra costa and alameda counties will be easing indoor mask mandate today. philippe that i if people can go to gyms, offices and is of worship without a mask as long as everyone is vaccinated in the group is less than 100 people. reggie: we expect the cdc to off -- to authorize the pfizer vaccine as early as tomorrow and shots could going to young arms as early as wednesday. mike: get ready to get wet from this one flight storm.
6:59 am
storms will be more scattered for the rest of us. >> we jobyna: jobyna: are still looking at a large back up because of a crash on southbound 680. at least two lanes are blocked. kumasi: the christmas tree that will be up at the u.s. capitol make two stops today right here in the bay area. be on the south side of the golden gate ridge and the vallejo ferry terminal. reggie: i am ready. mike: i think i am, too. mariah carey. kumasi: i'm ready for a nice, beautiful meal. reggie: i had plenty of room on my plate for that. i wanted all this year. i finally get to see my parents for christmas for the first time
7:00 am
in four years. kumasi: you get a pass. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start a new week and new month with you, the eyes of the world on the high stakes climate summit. president biden on the world stage. leaders from around the globe gathering in scotland this morning to tte change. the president looking for a breakthrough agreement. grounded. why 2,000 flights were canceled over halloween weekend. american airlines with 200 more flights already off the board this morning. now what the company is doing to prevent more holiday travel chaos. ready to roll. pfizer shipping 15 million doses of vaccine for children. the white house urging parents to be patient as the final green light from the cdc could be 24 hours away. abortion rights fight. the supreme court set to hear arguments over that new texas law, the most restrictive in the


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