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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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connection with a deadly shooting at a city councilmember's home. it all happened early saturday morning during a halloween party. left three others hurt. including two in critical condition. the victims range in age from 17 to 19 years old. police arrested a 19-year-old. police have not said what is connection is to the victims or to the councilmember. she is cooperating with the investigation. we sent out word by our app just before 1:00 p.m. the app is just one way to stay on top of breaking news. tomorrow, three bay area counties will have new rules for wearing masks and doors --
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indoors. they are all easing their mandates to various degrees. a new day and another new set of guidelines to follow in the pandemic. we are live from san rafael to sort it all out. >> do you want to know what my halloween costume is? >> sure? >> yes what value? >> i am tomorrow. >> he has waited months to say that line. he owns this restaurant in downtown san rafael. starting monday, vaccinated customers and staff know longer need to mask up. >> i am excited about it ending. some still want to sit outside. >> marin county is the first of the bay area to lift its mask mandate. >> we are looking forward to it. >> we will watch it real close. if they ask us to start wear a mask in, we will do that. >> they hope things do not go
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backwards. numbers have now been achieved for advancing into the moderate category. >> vaccination rates are above 80% for all residents. hospitalizations have reclined. there are only two people with covid in marin county hospitals. none in the icu. >> he is still uncomfortable about ditching his match. -- mask. >> regardless of what happens, i will still wear a mask. i feel comfortable doing it. i will not do it for a while. >> contra costa and alameda counties will ease requirements on monday. for some indoor settings like gems as long as they >> i would are vaccinated. >> i would rather not wear a mask. i actually just got my booster recently. >> i know it will be a challenge. but i am open to it. >> i think it is a little too soon to be easing rules because of flu season.
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>> the return to normal life is looking brighter. >> people are going to find comfort in going to stores. we are all trying to get out of this. it is all welcome. >> masks still need to be worn in high-risk places like hospitals. private businesses can keep their mask policies if they wish. >> buses tomorrow. they're anticipating a driver shortage because of the mac -- vaccine mandate. they have had to suspend certain lines. these are the four lines that will be suspended. they are known as short service lines. there is no timeline for when they will be restored. the city of san francisco
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employs 35,000 people. they are required to partake in the city's mandate to be vaccinated. those who do not get vaccinated to be put on paid leave. depending on a hearing they , could be fired. the city says 800 employees have not met the requirements. that says about 90% of people are vaccinated. the last day of outside lands is underway. it wraps up a three-day celebration. ♪ >> because of the pandemic, this is the first time in a couple of years that the festival has taken place. it is the first time it has happened on halloween. they were expected to host over 75,000 people. it was a celebrated event for music lovers and local businesses, many still trying to
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recover. >> it has been going great. >> seems like a really good thing. >> closing down the festival tonight is tame impala. bart is extending its service. because of outside lands and halloween. trains will run until just before midnight tonight. it will run only once per hour. be sure to check the schedule. happening right now it has been , another frustrating weekend for passengers as american airline considers best continues to cancel flights. today they canceled over 900 flights because of weather issues and staff shortages. they expected more flight crews to return for the holiday season. season. they plan to increase hiring.
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a high-stakes summit that couldd dramatically alter our future. the warnings that are already coming if they do not take action. one person who will not be at the conference is jen psaki. she has tested positive for covid. >> dry skies out there t out evening for trick-or-treaters. but rain is returning tomorr ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country
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>> one of the most important climate conferences in years is underway in glasgow, scotland. we have what is on the line. >> this is all about the game plan and the fight against climate change. >> humanity faces stark but clear choices. >> you and members laying out the agenda for the next couple of weeks. activists arrive for one of the
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most important climate summit in years. >> this is the last chance saloon. we must now translate words into actions. >> world leaders will kickoff negotiations in hopes of coming to a written agreement on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. >> i think you will see we have made significant progress. more has to be done. it will require us to focus on what china is not doing and what russia is not doing and what saudi arabia is not doing. >> countries will also review progress on the paris climate accords. >> they want to prevent the average global temperature from rising. compared with levels before the industrial revolution. but a recent analysis showed even if they met their current targets, the planet could see an increase.
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there was a new report showing the next seven years are on track to be the warmest on record. president biden is expected to speak sometime this week. he will stress that the u.s. is back in the fight against climate change and committed to taking action. >> white house press secretary jen psaki did much -- not make the trip because some of her family members were infected with covid. she tested positive. she had been in quarantine since but had four consecutive days of wednesday. negative tests until today. she is vaccinated and says tuesday was the last time she was with the president, but they were distanced and wore masks. california is sending a delegation of lawmakers to the climate change conference. one of them is a state senator from santa cruz who has worked to curb pollution in california.
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he said dry conditions are part to blame for devastating wildfires. >> there was a fire with the same footprint in 1964. it took 2.5 days to make that trip from calistoga over to santa rosa. in that fire if you use ago, it took roughly six hours. that is a tribute to the changing conditions. >> he worked closely with calfire for nearly a decade as he served as secretary of the national -- natural resources agency. he said the conference will be a great opportunity for state leaders to learn what is working in other countries to combat climate change. we are now to celebrating halloween this weekend. dia de los muertos is happening as well. this year, a local hospital decided to add a little twist because of the pandemic.
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taking a live look outside. rain coming our way once again. we will see when it will arrive, next. >> the losing streak is over. look at jimmy garrotte below barely into the bears.
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>> thousands of kids trick-or-treating and took part in the costume parade. the night included a spooky disco and pumpkin decorating workshop. oakland today. it provided free covid vaccinations. kaiser permanente partnered with alaska airlines to assist areas disproportionately affected people 12 and up could receive by the virus. people 12 and up could receive doses. those who got a shot also had a chance to win travel vouchers from the airline. >> we want to keep this community healthy and safe for the holidays. so they can maybe reunite with their families.
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>> there were also musical performances, a car show, and a tournament. looking like a very nice day for trick-or-treating and really any celebration. they commemorated loved ones and community leaders. really a nice day for anything outdoors today. >> trick-or-treaters tonight are in good hands. we are dry. but rain will return to the forecast on monday. you see a canopy of cloud cover overhead. some sunshine earlier today. tonight we will thicken up the cloud cover. temperatures slowly dropping into the low 60's. 59 in the city. 62 in san jose. here is live doppler seven.
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you can see this storm very nicely. many of us seeing our first drops. it will be a level 1 light system. our slick roadways. we will find some coastal drizzle. outside of the north bay, dry. t rain heading south. move through.
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on and off scattered showers. showers will wind down as the day ends tomorrow. you see for a lot of us. mainly in the 50's. the rain will spread south. here is the accuweather forecast. light showers on your monday. some more drizzle tuesday afternoon. a lot of sunshine on wednesday.
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we set our clocks back one hour next weekend. >> >> four years ago today, the 49ers traded for jimmy garrotte below -- garoppolo. going deep for debo samuel. this led to a field goal. third and 20 and a quick pass. this is major yardage after the catch. he now has 819 receiving that led to this. jimmy g. is hungry for the end
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zone. the niners missed the pat. the whole team making sure he scores that touchdown. fourth quarter, fourth and one, the bears go for it. justin fields, 22 yards to the house. they missed the pat so the niners stay ahead. jimmy extends the lead with his legs. they stretch out that lead. bears down 11. no pass interference penalties in this game. josh norman with the game ceiling interception. they snap a four game losing streak. >> i think i team just needed a win. if to do something about it.
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i think we came ready today. when we are playing like that it is going to be dangerous. >> that was the goal the entire week. we just need one. that is the mindset going forward through the rest of the season. >> tom brady and the bucs in new orleans. jameis winston hurts his knee and did not return. they fear it is a significant injury. backup trevor semien taking over, he throws his first touchdown since 2016. tom brady is never out of the game. the saints retook the lead on a field goal. brady needs to push the ball down the field. he is picked off. saints win the game. tampa bay falls to 6-2 this year.
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kuminga made his nba debut.-1. can you imagine the nerves for the young man? he was all smiles in the pregame. he got a chance to check in and the fourth quarter. he will never forget this. a three-pointer pointer, his first nba bucket. here he is on the milestone moment. >> it felt great. i was waiting for this moment. i saw the crowd going crazy. >> good to see him get out there. knocked a three down. had a couple of tough ones but he knocked that down. looking forward to continuing to watch him grow. >> i told him to just appreciate the moment. get your first bucket. get it out the way. >> pretty cool to be having your dream job at 19 and having those
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guys giving you encouragement. >> he is in pretty good hands. halloween definitely feels like it is back this year. bay area zoos e bring it.
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>> new vaccine rules go into effect in san francisco tomorrow. coming up at 11:00, a new mandate for city workers and what is going to happen to those who do not get the shot. in the city services that could be impacted by staffing shortages. the sites and frights are back. pups and paren and paren on the halloween fun. those story and much more coming up on the news at 11:00. oakland decided to embrace national candy corn day. they fed some treats to an elephant. he approves of this halloween staple. it was trick-or-treat time at the san francisco zoo. these meerkats were wired up. they had all kinds of goodies to
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choose from in the very well decorated enclosure. i made the mistake of checking out what they actually eat. insects and eggs and not halloween treats. but it looks like a lot of fun. thank you so much for joining us. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. sending you off with that beautiful sunset across san francisco. [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin.
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