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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area. >> they deadly shooting in a halloween party at the home of the gilroy council member. now word of break in a case. all of this happened house. left three others hurt.
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there is council member. she is investigating with investigation. we sent out word by our app just before 1 p.m.. tomorrow, three bay area counties will have new rules for wearing masks and doors -- indoors. a new day and another new new nw guidelines to follow in the pandemic. we are live from san rafael to sort it all out. it is a little confusing.
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coming down. the mask mandate is ending. >> he owns this restaurant. >> i am excited about mask mandate for most spaces. >> we will watch it real close t >> they hope things do not go backwards.
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80% for all residents. >> about ditching his match. -- mask. i feel comfortable doing it. >> counties will ease requirements on monday. >> i would rather not wear a mask. >> i know it will be abe abe aba challenge. but i am open to it. >> i think it is a little too soon to be easing rules because of flu season. >> we are not seeing mask.
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need to be worn in high-risk places like hospitals. >> you may notice fewer buses tomorrow. will be suspended. they are known as short service lines. employs 35,000 people. they are required to partake in
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the city's mandate to be vaccinated. the last underway. it wraps up a three-day celebration. ♪ >> because of the pandemic, this is the first time in a couple of years that the festival has taken place. music lovers and local businesses, many still trying to recover. >> it has been going great.
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thing. >> closing down the festival tonight is tame impala. bart is extending its service. weekend for passengers as american airline considers best continues to cancel flights. expected more flight clues -- crews to return.
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tomorrow, the supreme court will hear a fast track challenge to the texas abortion law. the law deputize high-stakes summit that could alter our future. tackling climate change. the warnings that are already coming if they do not take action. jen psaki will not benot benot o she has tested positive for covid. >> we have dry skies for all the trigger treaters out there.
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>> one of the most important climate conferences in years is underway in glasgow, scotland. >> plan and the fight against climate change. >> humanity faces stark b starkb clear choices.
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we must now transla tra actions. >> they hope to come come come e written agreement on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. >> i think you will see we have made significant progress. more has to be done. it will require us to focus on what china is not doing and what russia is not doing and what saudi arabia is not doing. >> they want to prevent the average global temperature from rising. but a recent analysis even if they met their current
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targets, the planet could see an increase. there was a new report the next seven years are on track to be the warmest on record. president biden is expected to speak sometime this week. >> white house press secretary jen psaki did much -- not make the trip because some of her family members were infected with covid. she tested positive. but had four consecutive days of negative tests until today. we are halloween this weekend. dia de los muertos is
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>> a special celebration in oakland today. it provided free covid vaccinations. people 12 and up could doses. community healthy and safe for the holidays. >>
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there were also musical performances, a car show, and a tournament. trick-or-treating and really any celebration. >> the cloud is thickening. we will find increasing clouds. beneficial light rain. beneficial light rain.
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here is live doppler seven. a little bit of sunshine earlier today. clouds are moving back in. this will move in here monday morning. we are are are are are are are e away. found in the north bay. slick roads will be our biggest concern. bay.
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rest of the bay area. some scattered downpours out there. scattered light showers. they will wind down. rainfall estimates highest in the north bay. strongest along the close -- coastline. overnight tonight, clouds continue to thicken. monday throughout the day it is a level 1 light system.
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numbers barely topping this system. a little bit of over. weekend. >> already? cannot believe it. now i look at sports. >> i do like the ext like sleep. coming up in sports, 49ers fans can finally exhale. jimmy garoppolo returns home.
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>> four years ago today, the 49ers traded for jimmy grau below. he returned to his hometown of chicago try to snap a four-game losing streak. essentially a must win game for the 49ers. major yards after catch.
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stopped line. what a play that was. rookie. there goes the football. they are scratching out their lead.
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losing streak. when we are playing like that it is going to be dangerous. >> forward through the rest of the season. >> the warriors approved -- improved to 5-1. kuminga made his nba debut. he was smiling in the pregame. he got a chance to check in and the fourth quarter. he will never forget this. here he is on the milestone moment. >> itself great. i was asking -- waiting for this moment. >> good to see him get out
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there. he had a couple of tough ones but he knocked that down. looking forward to continuing to watch him grow. difference in the rookies and the veterans. do you remember your first ever newscast? how nervous you were going on television? i was so calm, everything was perfect. >> there was a disaster. halloween definitely feels like it is back this year. do elephants like candy corn?
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>> zoos are getting in on the fun. oakland decided to embrace national candy corn day. thisthisthisthisthisthisthisthis halloween staple. these meerkatsese meerkatsese ms they are that is all the time we have.
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air, president biden on the world stage, confronting climate change ahead of the high stakes un summit in scotland. the president answering a wide range of questions just a short time ago at the close of the g20 conference. the biggest questions on climate change, did the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies accomplish enough? president biden insists america is a global leader during what he calls an inflection point in history. his message for russia and china. what he says about the future of his build back better plan stalled in congress at home. cecilia vega standing by in rome with what the president told her about his meeting with the pope. and maggie rulli is in scotland ahead of that consequential summit beginning tomorrow.


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